Public Program, God’s Love, Parmatma Ka Prem

Balmohan Vidyamandir, Mumbai (India)

1975-12-23 Public Program, Parmatma Ka Prem, Bal Mohan Mandir, Mumbai Hindi, 40'
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God’s Love, Mumbai, India 23-12-1975

[English translation from Hindi]

I bow to you all who are seekers of truth. Yesterday, you were present in large numbers at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. Today, I am going to talk about things that follow from yesterday’s lecture.

The topic was, “Experiences of divine love.” In today’s age of science, it seems almost comical to talk about God and then to talk about His love seems even more comical. Especially in India, as I told yesterday, scientists here have not yet reached that limit where they can think about God. This is a sad thing. But in other countries, scientists have reached that point where they concede that they don’t know what is beyond. They also say, “What we have known comes through science, that is true, but this is nothing. The source of all these things is a strange thing which we are unable to understand.” For example, great scientists of chemistry say that they are not able to understand how these periodic laws (of elements) have been made. Such a unique and beautiful creation has been made where every atom contains a universe that the scientists are unable to understand how it has come about. They say that this work of creation cannot be done by them. Not only that but also we cannot tell how this has been created. This earth is rotating so fast and how is it able to do so and how this gravity works on it. We can say that, “This is working”, but science cannot tell us how exactly it is working. A great scientist like Einstein said repeatedly that there is some unknown land from where we are getting this knowledge.

Those countries that have reached the frontiers of science have every possible amenity. Food shortage is not a problem there. People say that the country has affluence and that affluence has given them a lot of money. So, their children have left their houses and are roaming around like ascetics. Some are coming to India, some are running to Nepal. They are saying, “Leave all this. Our parents have collected all stones and bricks and we are not going to follow them.” But after leaving all that, they have become hippies and are smoking drugs.

But all these things cannot prove the existence of God. Only after arguing, debating and rationalizing, a person reaches a position where he says that there is definitely something beyond all this. But I am not going to tell you this. I am going to tell you about the actualization of the experience. For many years, forget our Scriptures, but in other countries too, great psychologists and philosophers have enquired about how to enter that subtle state from this gross one. Mind and thoughts are gross so how to enter that thoughtless state with the help of these thoughts, how to enter the Infinite with this finitude and how to enter the Boundless using these bondages has been a great problem for mankind since the beginning. And I have now brought the solution to this problem. The solution is not only in words but also in action and it can happen to you also. This is because the time has come for it to happen. Its chance has come and it has to take place in this Kali Yuga. Until the Kali Yuga had not developed completely, man had not reached that balance which he had to reach. God’s work would not have come into action until man had not developed completely like this mike was not put to the mains until it was developed completely.

Only in the fire of this Kali Yuga that seems to be extremely terrifying, painful and frightening will you become what you had to become. But there is only one question, one request to you that what do you accept, what do you wish for – whether you wish for the truth or the untruth?

Man is uneasy, more so in those countries where there is a surplus of food and water. People are going mad. There is a great crisis going on and you don’t know how unhappy those people are who have much more food than you. There are so many suicides in those places. You still feel that you have to earn money. Those people don’t want to do anything of the sort. So what will they do next? They have gone mad trying to understand why they have come on this earth. They are like people in a closed, dark room and are crashing into various things. You people are also walking the path of so-called development and you are taking that road which they have already taken. The only difference is that those things that are important for them are not important for you. But do you also want to take that road or do you want to take a shortcut if you get one?

You should know that this land of India is a land of Yoga. Most of the incarnations came on this land. You have taken birth on a great land and this choice of yours is a great thing. However, there is some problem of food and water and some people are great cheats. Despite that, your choice to enter the courtyard of the vibrations of this country is a great one and you don’t know how God has blessed you. Today, your children are sitting with you and your parents are standing by you. This why Sahaja Yoga has sprouted in India first. Only through this India is going to rule the world.

Now it is not a topic of debate whether God’s love exists or not or whether God exists or not. Firstly some great people have taken birth in this country. Take Adi Shankaracharya for example who has given us a prior understanding of Chaitanya Lahari [waves of vibrations] and other things. We have so many Scriptures in which the form and manifestation of God has been discussed a lot. But why should we believe them? Why should we accept it just because Shankaracharya has said it? One gentleman was asking me yesterday that, “What madness possessed a pundit like Gyaneshawar to sing the praise of Shri Ganesha?” It is surprising that you consider Gyaneshwar as a great pundit. Do you consider him a pundit because he has made skilful use of words? These Scriptures have been written by people who were born on a very high level. Their consciousness was much higher than ours and their vision was directed at something else altogether. Think of a personality born on the tenth floor and the ordinary society was born at the lowest level. There was nothing to connect them both except the fact that society below tortured such personalities while they were alive and made money by means of temples and other institutions in their name after their death. This is quite clear. They were quite active in trying to explain such things to the people but were unable to reach anywhere with it. Until the people below are not lifted a little higher, until their human awareness is not lifted higher, they won’t be able to understand that there is something above this level also. So, you cannot blame such people also. If they don’t believe this, then too there is no need to blame them. If they don’t believe in God then too there is no need to blame them. This is because man has been made in this manner itself.

Man was created in this way that for some time, he was separated from and deprived of God’s love. He was separated from the all-pervading love of God which he can know and in which he can live. Man was separated like a drop from the ocean. This was done in a special manner. I have talked about this many times how the Kundalini enters a person and how the ego and super-ego come together and make a cage in his head because of which he asserts his own identity by getting separated from this all-pervading light of God, “I am different, you are different and you are different.” In this way, this special creation is placed in man because of his triangular head.

Three powers enter him which, according to the Scriptures, are known as Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati and Mahakali. Of these three powers, Mahasaraswati is that power which creates, Mahakali is that power by which we exist and because of Mahalakshmi power we have become men from stones, we have evolved. Gold has its own dharma that it does not get tarnished. Its yellow colour is not its dharma but its dharma is that it does not tarnish. In the same way, man has a dharma. It is Mahalakshmi’s job to change the dharmas. It is also Shri Vishnu’s job who finally becomes Virata.

Now, you will be surprised at how beautifully God has made arrangements within man. You are unaware of it. Some doctors know about it but they simply say, “We cannot explain the mode of action.” God has made a beautiful arrangement within man. You can say that He has made an office from man’s brain to the bottom of the spinal cord. Now you will ask, “Who is Shri Ganesha? How do we believe whether Shri Ganesha exists or not?” It is a pertinent question. You have not seen Shri Ganesha, you have not known Him so you should not believe in Him. But it is a strange thing that unless you come inside you cannot see and as long as you are standing outside you will not believe. For example, you are standing outside and you are saying, “We have not seen Mataji so how should we believe that She is there?” Then I would say, “Come inside and have a look.” But you would say, “Show us outside itself.” When His governance is inside, then you have to come inside isn’t it? Unless you go inside you won’t be able to see it.

So, before creating this Creation, before creating the Adi Kundalini, before creating this universe, Shri Ganesha was established. Today, being Tuesday, is an auspicious day. He is in reality the incarnation of purity. He resides within us but you don’t have the eyes to see Him. In the centre called ‘Mooladhara’ which is surrounded by the prostate gland [in men] and which is called as pelvic plexus, He is reflected within every person. He might be asleep but He resides there. This Deity is such that He never falls asleep completely. When a person becomes a complete devil, then He disappears from there. But He is present within everyone. This is the first centre within us which is called as Mooladhara chakra.

You are Sanskrit pundits so you know that ‘mool’ means ‘root’ and ‘adhara’ means ‘support.’ So it is the support of the root, root of this creation. He sits at the support of the root of this creation and that’s why He was created before anything else. This was done so that the whole universe is filled with purity and remains immersed in purity and innocence. Many people say, “Mataji, is not right to be so innocent, you have no practical sense. You should have practical sense.” Nothing is more practical than God. He is the source of all the intelligence that you have. The only difference is that He is source of wisdom, not foolishness. What you call ‘practical’ is actually a great foolishness. In the end you are proved to be a big fool but the real mark of foolishness is when you don’t return from there. You live in the world while considering yourself to be very intelligent but just one movement of Shri Ganesha’s trunk, all your schemes turn upon yourself in such a way that you end up straight in hell. You cannot be clever with God!

I am a Mother, so I forgive even if you tell many lies but Shri Ganesha is very clever though He is the symbol of eternal childhood. The meaning of this is that when you think of your ascent, when you think of God, He becomes like a small child. The meaning of His being present in the pelvic plexus itself means that there is no connection between God and sex. There is no need to fall into the trap of those who are teaching you all sorts of such wrong things. They are all demons incarnate. 16 rakshasas have taken their birth in this world and are roaming around in the garb of mahagurus. They are all doing a business of making money. Each one has his own traps and they have fallen into those traps but they want to make one final swipe at all those fools who are enticed by them. There is absolutely no relation, no relation, no relation between God and sex!

To prove this point, Shri Ganesha is sitting there to protect His Mother who is sitting in Her house which is the triangular bone at the bottom of the spine present within every person. He is guarding that house, which is the house of your Mother whose name is ‘Kundalini’ who is of the form of Gauri. The person who prays to Shri Ganesha understands this fact that the position of the Mother is very high and has absolutely no relation with sex. An Indian understands this very well. The person who does such a thing is punished so badly by Shri Ganesha when their Kundalini is about to rise that they get burnt. Their Kundalini does not rise, She is not mad enough to do that, but the heat generated by Shri Ganesha at that time burns them off completely. A person starts hopping like a frog, starts screaming, removes his clothes and these are signs of those who are condemned. They are goblins who are spreading sin in this world. What is sin is sin and what is dharma is dharma. The two cannot be mixed. These people are turning dharma to adharma and merits into sin.

These people are so successful because you people justify your weaknesses in such actions. If there is sex in God’s name then, “There is nothing better. “They smoke marijuana in the name of God. What can be said now? ‘Confusion’ is the name of Kali Yuga. There was a small mistake done in the past that some people understood the trunk of Shri Ganesha in the Mooladhara Chakra to be the Kundalini. This was a mistake but this mistake was extrapolated to new heights. Because the pelvic plexus governs sex they related sex to Kundalini. Thus they became tantriks and mantriks and are nothing else but demons. They are devils in the garb of men and protect yourselves and your children from them. There are many such people in Dadar also, I know. I have worked a lot in Dadar. These people take money and use their tantra vidya and mantra vidya on others. In reality, unless a person is extremely pure, he cannot reach even the feet of Shri Ganesha.

These people keep Shri Ganesha in front and worship Him, you will be surprised, and call dead spirits [bhoots]. How does this work? When there is an an-adhikar-cheshta [unauthorized attempt], when an impure person repeatedly calls on God, then Shri Ganesha sleeps off over there. All these deities are very sensitive. As soon as He sleeps off, the demons arrive over there and start making the sound ‘hoo-hoo’ and show some magic tricks by conjuring some stone or a ring. There Shri Ganesha has slept off. First, Shri Ganesha is made to sleep with the help of their un-godliness and dirty behaviour. After putting Him in a state of absolute sleep, they call the demons over there and do their work. Tantriks and mantriks of this kind should know that you will earn money in this country but along with it you are purchasing a ticket to hell and you will remain in hell permanently and won’t return from there. Be careful of this money.

In reality, even if man falls to this depth, God is so compassionate. I had gone to Pune and there was a big mantrik over there. He came to Me and I was staying at the DIG’s [Deputy Inspector General] place. The DIG told Me that this mantrik had helped them a lot by catching many thieves and asked Me to help him out. This mantrik came to My feet and started crying desperately saying, “Mother release me from their grip, they are eating me up. You understand all these things.” I asked, “Why did you take the help of these bhoots? Why did you wreak such devilry with the help of these demons?” He said, “I did not do any evil, I have always used them for good.” I said, “Whether it is good or bad, why did you do something that was unauthorized?” He said, “Alright forgive me. I just ask for one thing that give me the Supreme.” I said, “Say three times that, ‘I want the Supreme’.” Then I prayed to God and immediately he got his Realization. How boundless He is and His love cannot be expressed in words. Although he had worshipped only gross things throughout his life when he finally asked Me, God rained down upon him. As he was leaving, he told the DIG, “I have been practicing this for 25 years in the cemeteries and how Mataji can say that all my powers have gone away?” So, the DIG said, “Alright, say your mantras let’s see whether someone comes or not.” He went on saying the mantras for half an hour but nothing happened. Then he came and fell at My feet saying, “Mother, all that has finished.” I said, “Those who were responsible for those powers within you, they have disappeared, so how can those powers work? Now those are awakened within you who will bring about your powers.” As soon as they are awakened within a person, all his bad qualities fall off, “All the demons sitting in your head who were using you, all of them were destroyed.” When these deities are awakened within you, you become divine. That is why it is said, “Nar jaise karni kare, nar ka Narayan ho” [if a man does the right thing, he can become divine]. The ‘right thing’ means that the person should take his realization, the deities within him should get awakened.

Shri Ganesha always brings balance within us. Now I will tell you the psychology because people of science always go towards psychology. What science calls ‘the Id’ is Shri Ganesha. They say that the Unconscious is built in such a way that through the symbols in our dreams we can know that there is some effort to bring us into balance and to correct us. Something is being taught to us. There are many such things. Even Freud, although he too was a rakshasa, and many of his students, and the extent to which psychology has reached today, has concluded this thing saying that the Unconscious is some great thing with intelligence. It keeps us on the right track. It is Shri Ganesha. Psychologists have not yet been able to reach Shri Ganesha because they don’t know that to reach Shri Ganesha, our life has to be pure. How can people who drink alcohol day and night, reach Shri Ganesha? One who has not made his life pure, one whose life is not in balance, one who runs behind other women leaving his wife cannot reach Shri Ganesha who is in reality the Incarnation of Purity.

But the miracles of purity are so many that recently I had gone to an agricultural university in Rahuri. Some professors there are My disciples and they said, “Give us some vibrated water by which our yield will increase.” I said, “Alright take it.” I moved My hand like this and gave them some water. They came yesterday and they were telling their stories. They said that they put that water in a well and the yield of crops irrigated with that water was hundred times the normal yield. They said, “Mother, we knew already that this would happen with the vibrations because this has happened earlier. But the greatest surprise was this that earlier rats would spoil around 250 sacks of grain and it would rot. But this time, in the go down in which this grain was kept rats did not even touch the grain though there were holes in the sacks. Also, beside these sacks there was some other grain which is called ‘pen’ and rats never eat this but this time around the rats ate that and spared the vibrated grain.” Now you will ask, “How is this possible?” Scientists will say that they cannot believe this but this is in front of you. Now see, he is a scientist, a professor at that university, Mr. Chavan and he said, “Mother we were amazed at what we saw.” But when we tell this in the university, other scientists say, “No, no it must be a coincidence.” They said, “But how can it be such a big coincidence that no rat even touched it?” When it is about God, it is coincidence and when it is about science then it is sure-shot.

This is because to accept God is very difficult for man’s ego. Ego has covered his head so much. If the ego is pulled a little on this side, a place is created in the middle for Sahaja Yoga. Because of this ego, they do not want to know how it happened. You know that cancer has been treated in many people through Sahaja Yoga. In Delhi too, many people were cured of cancer. So much so, the Delhi government said that they wanted to know how cancer was cured with Sahaja Yoga. So, I sent a disciple of mine who is a doctor to explain to them. The secretary there wrote to Me saying that this was beyond his understanding. When I was in London, I got someone’s letter who was suffering from colour blindness. The next day, I went in meditation and the same day his colour blindness was cured. He was Government Servant, a Director and he had lost his job. But no one was willing to believe that his colour blindness had gone away. Then I wrote a letter to a Secretary asking him to at least conduct a test for this person. When the examination was done then they were surprised at how his colour blindness had been cured. Here too, many people are sitting who have got their second birth. Ask them and they will give you their testimony. Then they said that, “Send some doctor and we will test it out in a medical college.” That doctor then wrote to Me saying, “Initially, I got tired of fighting with these scientists.” In that time, emergency was declared and the discussion has been suspended.

But they say that, “This won’t happen here.” I said that, “Sahaja Yoga is a gift of India and if I have found a way to cure cancer, why can’t you take a look at this?” No doctor is ready to take a look. There is a disciple of Mine in America, called Dr. Langevar, who is a good doctor, and he asked Me, “Mother give me a blessing such that I can spread Sahaja Yoga to the whole world.” Just before arriving here from London, I got a letter from him saying that he has become the Chairman of the Association of all the Doctors of New York. Now he has asked Me to come there and, “We will present to them in a conference that we have now been able to control the parasympathetic nervous system.” Now I am telling the doctors here that if they don’t want to accept this then let it come from America, what can be done? When we borrow all things from America, then what can I do about it?

In this manner, many diseases can be cured through Sahaja Yoga. The seven centres within you, the beautiful arrangement made within you by God get enlightened with the light of Kundalini through Sahaja Yoga and these deities put it into balance after getting awakened. They organize the working of the whole body and give energy to the whole body which flows within us from above. To understand this, think of a car whose petrol is being consumed and if the petrol decreases below a level, there is a tension created within us. But if there is an arrangement that you have petrol all the time with you then there is no question of tiring, of spending. The same thing happens within us. This is called as parasympathetic nervous system. Now, you will be surprised to know that all this is being said by doctors that parasympathetic nervous system cannot be controlled. They are also saying that if psycho-synthesis has to take place, that is if all the parts of the mind and body have to be integrated then that is possible only through the parasympathetic. This stage has been constructed for us by them. What they are saying is the same thing as what we are doing but if I say that you jump up on the stage then no scholar is ready to do that. (Recording ends.)