God’s Love

Balmohan Vidyamandir, Mumbai (India)

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God’s Love (Parmatma ka Pyaar), Public Program, Bal Mohan Mandir, Mumbai (India)

[Hindi to English Translation]

I bow to all of you, seekers of truth. Yesterday you were present in big numbers at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan. And in continuation, whatever needs to be told further, I am going to talk to you today. The topic was “Experiences Of Divine Love’.

In today’s times when science is more prevalent, talking about God is laughable, and talking about God’s love is all the more laughable. Like I had mentioned yesterday, especially in India, the scientists here have not reached a state where they can think about God, it is sad to know. Whereas, in foreign countries, scientists have reached a state where they are unable to scientifically explain what’s next and they also say that, it is correct that whatever we know is falling in the parameters of science but what we know is nothing. The source of this knowledge is some weird thing that we are unable to understand. Like big scientists of Chemistry say that these periodic laws are beyond our understanding. It is a unique invention done so beautifully. The way each atom and molecule is designed. The way each atom contains a whole universe, this is beyond our understanding. They say that we can never invent something like this. We even can’t explain how this was invented. This earth is rotating at a particular speed and how and how the gravity is working on it? We can tell that it is working but how is it working, science cannot tell. Great scientist like Einstein, has repeatedly said that there is some unknown land from where we are receiving all this love. And the countries which have achieved great heights in science, they have all the facilities, they all have sufficient food, they are prospering. People say they are affluent, they have a lot of money but their children have left homes and ran away. They all are roaming like sanyasis (ascetics). Some are running to India, some to Nepal. They are saying that leave all this. We don’t know what our parents have collected all bricks and stones we are not going to sit behind them (follow them). But despite leaving all this, these children now have become hippies, taking all kinds of drugs. But you cannot achieve God by all this. Man tries to rationalize all this through his intelligence and reaches a point where he says there is some Power beyond this.

No I am not going to tell you this. I am going to tell you what is living. The actualization of the experience. For so many years, leave aside our Yog Shastras (scriptures), but even big psychologists and philosophers from foreign countries, what they have spoken is how to achieve the subtle state from this gross state. Our brain is gross, our thoughts are gross. How to achieve the thoughtlessness through the thoughts, how to achieve the infinite through the finite? Since ancient times this big question has been facing mankind. Today, I have brought those answers to you.

The answer is not just in words but in action. It can be experienced by you because the time for it to happen has come. The opportunity has arrived. This is supposed to take place in Kaliyuga only. Till the time Kaliyuga had not manifested completely, mankind had not achieved the right balance, till the time man was not ready towards the divine, this work would not have been completed. The way you can see, till the time this microphone was not ready completely it was not connected to the mains. In Kaliyuga only, which appears to be grievous and painful, appears to be gruesome and dangerous, you will become what you were supposed to become only after you burn in this fire of Kaliyuga. Only one question, only one request I have for you, that what do you accept, what do you respect, what do you want, do you want the truth or the untruth. Man is restless, more than you in those countries where there is ample to eat. People are going crazy, these are disastrous times. You don’t know how unhappy are those people who have so much more than you to eat. There are so many suicides happening there. You people still have an aim that you have to earn money, they don’t even have that, so now what would they do further? They have just gone mad, they are unable to understand why have they come on this earth. They find themselves as if, stuck in a closed room and banging here and there.

You all are also going on the path of development, what you call development. And you all are also going through the same path, which they have already walked. The only difference is what they consider important, you don’t. But, would you like to go through the same path? Or if you find a short cut, will you take the short cut? You should be aware that this land of Bharat (India) is the land of Yog (Yogbhumi). Most incarnations have taken birth on this land. You have been elected to take birth on this Holy land, it is a very big thing. Though there is a little bit of crisis of food. People are a little sly, despite that, you have elected to come to the courtyard of this country which is full of vibrations. This is a very big decision on your side and you don’t know how much you are blessed by the Divine. Today your children are sitting with you, your parents are standing with you in support. This is the reason why Sahaja Yoga has grown so beautifully in India. It will first grow in India only. And this is the reason why India will soon be leading the world.

Now, whether God’s love exists or God exists or not, it is beyond any debate. First of all, so many great souls have been born in this country, like Shri Aadishankaracharya, who has explained about vibrations etc., to us much in advance. We have so many scriptures, wherein there have been mentions about the Divine existence. But why should we believe them? Why should we agree because Shankaracharya has written it? Yesterday, someone was telling me that Sant Gyaneshwar was such an intelligent man, and what foolishness that he used to praise Lord Ganesha. You think that Gyaneshwar Ji was intelligent, this, itself is surprising. Do you consider him intelligent because of his knowledge of words? Whatever is written in the scriptures is written by those who were born as higher beings. Their attention was much higher. They had a different eye to see things. Think that someone was born on a very high, 10th floor and other ordinary people in the society took birth at a very low level, on the 1st floor. There was no connection between the two except for the fact that till they were alive the society which was born at a low level kept harassing them and when they died, the society made temples and whatnot for them and started earning money in their name. This is a straight thing, because though they worked hard to explain (the truth) but couldn’t reach the point. Till the time this (low) level of people are not lifted high, till the time their limited attention, which is the attention of human beings, is not lifted higher, it’s not their (human being’s) fault either, otherwise, how will they ever understand that there exists something which is higher, a higher level of attention. If they do not have faith, still they shouldn’t be blamed. If they do not have faith in the Divine, even then they shouldn’t be blamed. Because human beings have been created this way that he has been deprived of the Divine Love for some time. The Divine love which has been flowing all around, which he can recognize and enjoy, the human being has been taken away from that. As a drop of the ocean has been taken away from the Ocean. It has been done in a uniquely. I have spoken about this many times, how Mother Kundalini enters the human body and how Ego and Super Ego get together in the brain and convert it into some kind of prison. Because of this, human being gets away from the all-embracing light of the divine and makes his personality like I am different, you are different and you are different too. There is a special creation in each human being’s triangular brain. Three powers that enter this. According to the scriptures, we know these three powers as MahaSaraswati, MahaKaali, and Mahalakshmi. Out of these, MahaSaraswati’s power creates, MahaKaali’s power creates memory, because of which we exist and with Power of Mahalakshmi today we have become human beings from a stone. We were uplifted, our evolution took place. There is Dharma (property) in Gold also. You know the Dharma of Gold is that it never gets spoilt. Gold’s dharma is not in the colour yellow, but its dharma is that it does not tarnish. The same way human beings also have Dharma. The work of changing the Dharma is of Shri Mahalakshmi and Shri Vishnu, who appears in the end in His Viraat form. Now, you will be surprised to know, the Divine has made such a beautiful arrangement in human beings. You all are unaware, some doctors know but they also say that “we cannot explain the mode of action”. In the human body, The Divine has created a beautiful design from his brain until the end of the spinal cord bone. It’s like an office that has been opened by the Divine. Now you will ask who is Shri Ganesha? Does Shri Ganesha exist or no.. how should we believe? You are right, you haven’t seen Shri Ganesha, you haven’t known Him, you should not believe. But it is a strange arrangement that unless you go inside, you cannot see Him and till you are standing outside, you do not recognize Him. Suppose you are standing outside of this room, and you haven’t seen me but you say how do we believe that Mother is there. Then I will say, you come inside and see and then you say no you show me from the outside. When His kingdom is inside then you only will have to come inside, isn’t it? Unless you go inside, you won’t be able to see this thing. So, first of all before Mother Nature was created before Aadi Kundalini was created before the entire universe was created, Shri Ganesha was established. Today, it’s an auspicious day, Tuesday. He is the complete incarnation of purity. He resides within us but you don’t have the eyes to see Him. His reflection is within each one of us in a centre called Mooladhara, which is surrounded by the prostate gland, which we all know as the pelvic plexus. Though He is dormant, not active, however, He is there. This deity is such that He never becomes completely dormant unless human beings become a demon. If a man completely becomes a demon, then He disappears from there. Otherwise, Shri Ganesha resides in every human being. This is the first centre within us, which is called The Mooladhar. Mooladhar, you all are great scholars of Sanskrit, Mool means and Aadhar means to support. Support of the root. The root of this creation. Shri Ganesha is sitting to support the root, which is why He was created first. So, the entire universe is filled with purity. So, the universe is immersed in purity and innocence. Many people tell me, “Mother, it’s not good to be so innocent. You don’t have any practical sense. You should have practical sense.” There is no one more practical than God. Whatever wisdom you have, the source of that is God only. The only difference is that He is the source of wisdom, not of foolishness. What you call “being practical” is in reality, foolishness. In the end, you prove yourself to be foolish but at that time, it’s difficult for you to return. You move in this world thinking you are very intelligent. Only once if Shri Ganesha moves His trunk, all your thievery is turned around and you land yourself in hell. You can’t show your cleverness in front of God. Once, you lie to me, I may forgive you because I am The Mother, but, Shri Ganesha is very wise. Though he is like a little child. Eternal childhood, He is the symbol of eternal childhood. This means that, when you think of your ascent when you think of God, you should be childlike, especially regarding sex. The entire reason behind the symbol of Shri Ganesha being present at pelvic plexus is to prove that there is no connection between the Divine and sex. Those who try to teach you all these nonsensical things. Please don’t be wooed by them. They are all demons. Sixteen demons have taken birth on this earth and roaming around posing to be the great Spiritual Gurus. They are all behind money. They have their issues in which they are going to be strangled themselves, but they want to play their last card and watch how many fools get caught by them. There is no connection, no connection between sex and God. To prove this Shri Ganesha is sitting there, to protect His Mother, who is sitting in Her house, which is the triangular bone inside human beings. He is sitting in front of that house. And that house belongs to your Mother too. Your Mother is called Kundalini, who is another form of Shri Gauri. The person, who worships Shri Ganesha, knows that the Mother’s place is at a very high level and is nowhere connected with sex. An Indian understands this very well. And the person who does anything against this, he is troubled so badly by Shri Ganesha that when such a person’s kundalini rises, everyone gets burnt. No, kundalini does not rise, Kundalini is not foolish to rise but the heat that Shri Ganesha produces. It burns everything. The man starts jumping like a frog, starts shouting, removes his clothes. All these signs come from disgusting kind of people. They are ghosts themselves. They have come on this earth and are spreading sinful negativity. What is Sin, is Sin and what is Dharma is Dharma. Both cannot be mixed. Converting dharma (righteousness) into adharma (wrongdoings), converting what is holy into sins, this is what they are doing. And they are becoming successful in this cause you people are supporting as your weaknesses are being taken care of. If there is sex in the name of God then what else you need? Very good. Taking drugs in the name of God, very nice. This kind of confusion, is what Kaliyuga is all about. There was a little mistake in the ancient times, some people considered Shri Ganesha’s trunk as Kundalini. It was a mistake. But people are stretching that mistake like how. Just because pelvic plexus is related to sex, they considered that sex is related to Kundalini. They became tantric out of it. They are all demons. They are all demons in human form. Be safe from them and save your kids from them. There are such people in Dadar I know, I have worked a lot in Dadar. They take the money and do some tantric activities on others. In reality, unless a man is extremely pure, he cannot even reach the feet of Shri Ganesha. And these people keep Shri Ganesha in front and worship Shri Ganesha, you will be shocked, and call ghosts, how is this possible. When there is an undeserving activity. When an impure person tries to cheat God like this and troubles Him again and again, so Shri Ganesha Himself becomes dormant. All these deities are very sensitive. The moment the deities become dormant, all demons come there and these demons fool you. They try to woo you with some miracles like removing some ring or some stone, this and that. And here Shri Ganesha sleeps. Put Shri Ganesha to sleep with all the Atheism and disgusting habits. After putting Shri Ganesha in a completely dormant state, they call the demons and complete their work. These kinds of tantriks should also know, that in this country, though you are earning money, you are also getting yourself a ticket to hell. And you will stay permanently in hell and never return. Please be safe from such money.

Let me tell you, despite human beings becoming Adharmi, the Divine is so compassionate. I had gone to Pune. A very big tantrik from there came to me. I was staying at the DIG’s (Deputy Inspector General of Police) house at that time. Mr DIG told me that this tantric has helped us a lot, got so many thieves caught. Please help him.

He came running, fell on to my feet and started crying and pleading that “Mother, Please save me. All these are eating me up. You understand everything.”

I asked him why did you help these ghosts? Why were you being such an evil and helping these demons?

He said I was not being evil, I have always done good deeds”

I said, whether it is a good deed or a bad deed, why you did an undeserving activity.

He said, “Ok Mother, Please forgive me. I just pray to you to give me the Ultimate (Param)”

I said, Ask for the Ultimate (Param) three times. I prayed to the Divine, and he received his self-realization.

Such unlimited compassion of the Divine. One cannot define His Love. Though all his life, the tantrik was worshipping all the gross things. Only in the end he asked me for it and The Divine bestowed His blessings on him and he achieved self-realization.

And when he went out he told Mr DIG, “Mother is saying all your knowledge is lost. How is it possible? I have been in penance for the last 25 years in the crematorium. How can it go?”

He asked, “Ok say your mantras. Let’s see if any of your ghosts come?”

He kept chanting his mantras for half an hour but nothing happened.

He again fell at my feet and asked, “Mother, is everything over?”

I said, the reason for those powers in you has disappeared, so how will anything happen. Now, your powers have been awakened.

When the Divine awakens in human beings all the negative knowledge falls apart. All those negative ghosts who were residing in your head, using you, all of them get destroyed. Once the deities are awakened in you, you become like a deity. That’s why they say “as per his actions, a human being can become a deity.” Here your actions mean awakening the deities within.

Shri Ganesha always brings in a balance within us. If, I tell you psychologically because scientists always rely on psychology. What they call “It” in science, He is no one but Shri Ganesha himself. They say that the unconscious mind is such that in our dreams, we get such signs n symbols that we come to know that someone is trying to bring in a balance within us. Someone is trying to correct us. We are being explained something. These kinds of many findings have been made like in the case of Freud. Though, he was a demon. But Freud indicated towards this study and today many of his followers and also all other psychologists and scientists have concluded that “The Unconscious is something really wise and great. It guides us in the right direction.” The psychologists have not yet reached Shri Ganesha because they are unaware that to reach Shri Ganesha first you have to lead a pure life. Those who consume alcohol, how can they reach Shri Ganesha? Those who don’t lead a pure lifestyle, those who have no balance in their life, those who leave their wives and get involved with other women, will Shri Ganesha appear for such sinful people? He is an incarnation of purity and auspiciousness. But there are so many miracles of purity. I had recently visited a University in Rahuri. Some professors there are my disciples. They asked me, “Mother please give us some vibrated water so that our agricultural yield is increased.” So I just moved my hand on the water and gave them. Yesterday they had come and told their stories. They said that they put that water in the well and whatever yields were produced from that water, it was 100 times more. But they said, “Mother we knew that it would happen so with vibrations as it happened earlier too. But the most surprising thing was that a lot of produce, almost 250 big gunny bags were eaten by mice. Though the bags were kept in the same warehouse and those gunny bags even had small holes but still the mice did not touch their teeth. And nearby there was another produce kept from another place, the mice ate all of that which they never used to eat. And they didn’t touch the wheat. It was kept as it is. Now you will ask me, how is it possible? Scientists will never agree to this but this has happened. This has been told to me by a scientist only from there. He is a professor, Mr Chavan, he told me, “Mother we were amazed to see this. Now when we inform this in the university, the other scientists there say, that it must be a coincidence.”

But how can this be a coincidence that not a single mouse touched a single bag? When it is concerning God, it is a coincidence, and when it is concerning Science, we say, that it has happened for “sure shot”? Because to understand the Divine is a tough thing for a human being’s ego. The ego has covered the brains of human beings in such a way. If you just pull the curtain of this ego from your brain a bit, you will make someplace for my Sahaja Yoga in between. Only because of this Ego people don’t want to understand.

Many people have been cured of Cancer through Sahaja Yoga, you are aware. In Delhi also, many people suffering from cancer have been cured. To the extent that their Government wanted to know how we have cured cancer through Sahaja Yoga. So I asked one of my disciples who is also a doctor to tell them how it has been cured. Their secretary wrote to us, that we are unable to understand this. Once, I was in London, I received a letter from a man who was colour blind. The next day I went into meditation and that man was cured of his colour blindness. He was a Government Servant at the post of a Director. He had lost his job. But nobody believed his colour blindness was cured. When I wrote a letter to the secretary saying at least get him examined, they examined him and they were astonished to know that his colour blindness was cured. There are many sitting here also, who have been blessed with a rebirth, many people are there who can be a witness to such incidents, and they can tell you. So then, the government officials asked us to send a doctor. They wanted to get it checked in a medical college. That doctor then wrote a letter to me that initially I got tired of arguing with these scientists and then there was some emergency that’s why the discussion has been postponed. But they say that this won’t happen here. I told everyone that Sahaja Yoga is India’s gift to mankind. I have already figured out the cure of cancer, why you don’t look into it. But no doctor is ready to look into it.

Now you see, there is a very renowned doctor in America named Dr Lanjewar. He is my disciple. He had once asked me, “Mother please bless me so that I can spread Sahaja Yoga in the world.” Just before coming from London, I received a phone call from him informing me that he has become the chairman of the Association of all the doctors in New York. So he asked me to come to New York so that he can arrange a conference for all the doctors and we can put forth the case studies of cancer and everything else. We can tell them that we have controlled the parasympathetic system.

Now I am telling you all openly. If the intellectuals present here do not want to accept this then it’s fine, let it come from America. When all the things we want to take from America, then how can I help it.

In this way, many diseases have been healed through Sahaja Yoga. With the help of Sahaja Yoga, the seven centres present inside you, the beautiful creation that the divine has made inside you that gets enlightened with the light of Kundalini. All the deities get awakened and keep the entire system in balance, run the activities of the entire body and provide the energy to the entire body that flows from the cosmos, towards us. Like, if we are utilizing the petrol of a car and if the tank is getting empty, so {inaudible}. But if there is an arrangement that throughout the petrol gets filled in you, then there is no question of getting tired of the tank becoming empty. This is what is called The Parasympathetic Nervous System. Now you will be amazed to know that, on one hand doctors say that Parasympathetic Nervous System cannot be controlled and on the other hand they say that in case psychosynthesis needs to be conducted, in case you have to connect the brain, intelligence, ego, etc. Then you have to go to the Parasympathetic system. So they have created the entire stage for us. They are telling the same thing about what we are doing. But if we ask them to jump and come up on the stage, no intellectual is ready for that.