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Balmohan Vidyamandir, Mumbai (India)

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1975-1226 Program at Bal Mohan Vidya Mandir

I bow to all the seekers of truth!

Yesterday, in large number you were present in Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan. [unclear] and post that whatever has to be said, today I shall be speaking to you.

The topic was – experiences of Divine love – Parmatma ke prem ke anubhav. In today’s era of science first even talking about God is a matter of joke and after that talking about his love is all the more a matter of joke. Specially in India, as I had told yesterday, the scientists here have not yet reached the point where they can think about God. This is really sad thing.  However in foreign countries, scientists have reached to the point where they give up and say that beyond this point they have no idea what is there. And they also say that all these – whatever they are getting to know – this does falls in the purview of science – this is true, but this is just nothing. From where all this is coming it is a strange thing, which we have not understood. Like the great scientists of chemistry say that these periodic laws which have been made they don’t understand how they would have been made. A strange kind of creation done so beautifully – How each and every molecule has been beautifully created – how in each and every molecule an entire universe is present – this is beyond their understanding. They say that this work of creation cannot be done by them. Even, how this creation has been done this also we cannot explain. This earth is moving at the speed how it is moving? On it how the gravity is working – This we can tell that it is working but how it is working on this science cannot tell anything. Great scientists like Einstein have many times repeatedly told that there is some unknown land from where this knowledge has come to us.

And those countries which have reached the [boundary] of science, there exists every kind of facilities, everyone have abundance of food and drink [well being], they have got wisdom and people say they have got affluence, the country have got a lot of affluence, a lot of money – and their kids: they have left the house and have run away from the house, they are living like ascetic – some are running to India, some are running to Nepal. They are saying leave all these things. These parents of ours don’t know what all stones they have collected we are not going to sit after them. But even after leaving those now they have become hippies are taking drugs – Charas, Ganja. But by these things God cannot be proved. By all these arguments, by this intelligence, by rationalizing – the human reaches a stage and admits that beyond this there definitely is a power.

No, I am not telling you this thing. I am going to tell you about [sakshat] – actualization of the experience. Which from many years, leave our Yog Shastra, etc. even the big philosophers and psychologists of the foreign countries have also talked about how to go from this gross [rigid/ conditioned] state to that subtle state – the mind is also gross [rigid] [jad] these thoughts are also gross [rigid] [jad] – How through these thoughts can we reach to the thought less, how through this finite can we reach the infinite. This question which has been there from the ancient times in front of humans, today I have got the answer to this. This answer is not only in the words, it is in action – this can happen to you too. Because the time has come for it’s happening. The time for this has come – it had to happen in this Kalyug only. Till the time this Kalyug had not matured completely, the human had not reached that balance where he had to reach, till the time the human was not ready for the divine [parmatama], this work could not have happened. The way you can see until this mike was ready it was not put to the mains.

In this Kalyug only, which looks to be extremely atrocious [ghor] and painful, extremely fierce [bheeshan] and terrifying [bhayankar] in its appearance; by burning in the fire of this kalyug only you will become what you had to become. There is only one question, there is only one request in front of you – that what do you accept, of whose [sat karya] you do, What do you want – whether you want truth or you want untruth. Human is stupid [bekal]. More than you, in those countries where they have more than to enough to eat and drink, people are getting mad. There is so much trouble. You are not aware how much unhappy those people are who have plenty to eat and drink. How many suicides are happening there! To you – it is still that you have to earn, they don’t have to do that. Then what will they do ahead. They have become mad, they are not able to understand that why they have come to this world? Like someone finds himself in a locked room and are colliding here and there.

You people are also going in the path of progress, which you call progress, and you too are also going through that path from which they have already gone. The difference is only that the importance they have for certain things, you do not have. But would you also want to go from that path or if you get some shortcut then accept that shortcut. You should know that this land of India [Bharat Bhoomi] is a land of Yog [Yog Bhoomi]. Most of the [Avatar] incarnations had been born on this land. You have been born on this great land and this choice of yours is very rare [unclear – vanchit??]. Although there is some scarcity of food and drink [well being], there are some people who are cunning to a great extent, still you have come to yard of vibrations of this county [is desh ke chaitanya ke prangan mein] – this is a great choice you have made and you are not aware what a great blessing of the divine is on you.

Today your kids are [sitting] with you, your parents are [standing] with you; and thus even sahajyog which has blossomed in India and will blossom first here  in India only and in this India will lead [agwa hone wala hai] in the whole world.

Now if there is love of god or not or if there is god or not, this is not a matter of debate. In this country such great people have been there; take for example Adi Shankaracharya – who has already explained us about about Chaitanya Lahri and many such things. We have various scriptures which have told a lot about the Nature of God. But why should they be believed – after all why should it be believed just because Shankaracharya has said about it? One gentleman was telling me yesterday that what stupidity made a saint like Gyaneshwar write praise [stuti] about Lord Ganesha. You consider Gyaneshwarji a Saint this in itself iis a big surprise. Do you consider him a saint because of his quality of writing [shabda  chaturya]?

In these scriptures whatever is written, it has been written by those people who were born at a very high state, whose vibratory level was very high, whose vision [chakshu] was something different. Take for example that someone was born at the 10th level and common society people were born at the very low base level. There was nothing in between to connect them except that the lower society tortured them completely until they were alive and when they died, they made temples etc in their name and earned money out of it.  This is a simple calculation.

Because anyone made efforts [prayatnasheel] to explain but they could not reach anywhere. Until the people of this level are raised little higher, until their limited consciousness, which is the human consciousness, is raised higher – It is not their mistake, because how will they understand that above it there is something, there is some consciousness. If they do not have faith then also there is nothing to blame them. If they do not have faith in God then in that also there is no need to blame the human being. Because human has been made like this – the creation of human has become like this that for some time he has been deprived from the love of the God, removed / separated [hataya gaya hai]. The [ubiquitous] [omnipresent] love of the God which he can know, in which we can live, from it he has been removed/ separated – like a drop has been removed from the ocean – this is done in a special way.  About this I have told many time, how the Kundalini enters into human being and how the ego and superego accumulates in his head and make one kind of cage in his head due to which he gets separated [gets detached] from the omnipresent light of God and makes his own separate identity – I am different, you are different, you are different. One his different kind of creation happens in the triangular head of the human being.

In him enters three types of power. These three powers, according to the scriptures we know by the name of Maha Saraswati, Maha Kali and Maha Laxmi. But out of these powers, one power does the creation – which we call Maha Saraswati. Maha Kali makes [gives] our state by which we exist. And by the power of Maha Lakshmi we have today become human being from the stone, we had our evolution. In gold also there is a [dharma], its [dharma] you know is that it never gets spoiled. It’s yellow colour is not it’s [dharma]. It’s [dharma] is that it never gets spoiled, it does not tarnish. Likewise human being also has a [dharma]. This work of changing the Dharma is of Maha Lakshmiji and of Shri Vishnu who at the end appear/ manifest [pragatit hote hein] in the ginormous form [virat swaroop].

In human being, you would be surprised, that God has made such a beautiful arrangement, you are unaware of it, some doctors know it but they only say – we cannot explain the mode of action.  In the human being, God has made a beautiful creation from his brain till down to the bone structure [majja tantra]. It’s like an office has been opened. Now you will say who is Shri Ganesha, whether Shri Ganesh is there or not how should we believe. Alright – You have not seen Shri Ganesha, you have not known him, you should not believe. But there is some strange thing – that until you come inside you will not be able to see it and until you stand out you do not accept it. This is like you are standing out and you have not seen me, and you say how should I believe that Shri Mataji is there. Then I will say that you come inside and see, and you will say no you come out and show me. When their power [kingdom] [satta] is inside only then you only will have to come inside. Until you go inside and see, until then this thing will not be visible to you.

So first of all – before making the whole universe, before making Aadi Kundalini, before making the whole world, Shri Ganesh was established.  Today is such an auspicious day of Tuesday. He himself is the complete incarnation of purity. He is situated within us but to see him you don’t have the eyes. Inside us in the centre called Mooladhar, where the prostate gland surrounds, which we know by the name of pelvic plexus – in this in every human being he is reflected. He may not be awakened, he may be in dormant state – but he is present there. This deity is such that it never gets in a completely dormant state until human being becomes devil [rakshas], becomes a complete devil – then he will vanish [disappear] from there, otherwise in every human being Shri Ganesha resides. This is the first centre in us which is called Mooladhar Chakra. Mooladhar – you all are scholastic [pandit] in Sanskrit – Mool means root and Aadhar means support – Support of the root – root of this creation. In the support of it is sitting Shri Ganesha until that is why he was made before everything else so that the whole world gets engulfed in purity, remains immersed in purity, innocence and simplicity. Many people say that Mataji it is not good to be so simple you don’t have practical sense. You should have practical sense! Nobody is more practical than God. Whatever intelligence has come to you, he is the source of it. The only difference is that he is the source of wisdom and not of foolishness. What you call the most practical thing that actually is a thing of great foolishness. In the end you are proved to be a great fool, but you are proved to be a great fool at that time when you cannot return back. You deal in this world [you roam in this world] thinking yourself to be very intelligent person. By one movement of the trunk of Shri Ganesha all your cunningness [fraud ways] falls reverse in such a way that you end up in hell.  No kind of cunningness can be worked with God. Once, many times – you say lie to me, I am a mother and I forgive. But Shri Ganesha, is a very clever person although he is just like a child – eternal childhood – he is symbol of eternal childhood. This means at that time when you think about your ascend, when you think about God then you should become just like a child. Especially with regard to sex. The meaning of the symbol of Shri Ganesha to come in the pelvic plexus is that sex and God does not have any connection at all. Do not fall into the trap of the people who are teaching you these wrong senseless [ulti seedhi] things – they are all incarnation of devils. 16 devils have taken birth in this world and are roaming portraying themselves as Maha Gurus. These are all tricks [business] of earning money. [inke apne apne chakkar hein, in chakkaro mein khud fasenge lekin apna aakhri haath aakhri daaw lagana chahte hein] But they want to play their last bet that how many great fools are going to fall for their talks. Sex and God have nowhere nowhere nowhere any connection at all. To [suggest, demonstrate] emphasize this Shri Ganesha is sitting there, to protect his mother – who inside her house, in you, in every human being – in the triangular bone which is at the base of the spinal cord; in front of that house he is sitting, that house is of your mother – Whose name is Kundalini, who is like goddess Gauri [Gauri Swarupa].

The human being who worships Ganesh ji understands this thing that how high is the position of mother and in no way has any connection with sex.  An Indian understands this thing very well. And a person who does any act like this to him Shri Ganesha gives such punishment – that when the Kundalini of such persons awakens then all of them get burnt.  Their Kundalini does not awaken – is Kundalini mad to awaken?  but the heat of Shri Ganesha which moves, that heat which moves – that burns them completely – human being jumped like a frog, starts shouting, remove clothes, starts screaming –  such symptoms are of extremely disgusting people, who are themselves demons [bhoot pishach] who have come to this world to spread sin. What is sin is sin only and what is righteous [dharma] is righteous [dharma]. There cannot be a mixture of the both. To make righteous [dharma] unrighteous [adharma], to make virtue [punya] sin [paap], this is the work these people are doing. And that work is fructifying [saphalibhut] because you people can also nicely uphold your weaknesses – If in the name of god there is sex then what else is needed – it is a good thing! They are having drugs [ganja] in the name of God. What to say. Confusion of such type, choas, this is the name of Kalyug.

A small mistake was done – in Aadikal some people had understood the trunk of Shri Ganesha in Mooladhar Chakra as Kundalini – Such mistake had happened by them, but this mistake was stretched to what extent by the people that the connection of pelvic plexus is with sex, they associated the connection of sex with Kundalini. By it they became [tantrik] [mantrik], all these are devils. In the human form all of these are devils – Be protected from them; protect your children from them. There are such people in Dadar [a place in Mumbai] also, I have worked a lot in Dadar – These people take money, they do [Tantra Vidya and Mantra Vidya] on others. The truth is unless the human being is pure he cannot even go up to the feet of Shri Ganesha. These people put Ganesha in front and worship Ganesha – you will be surprised – and call bhoots. How it is – When unauthorised effort is done, when a unchaste human being defrauds God like this and calls him again and again then Shri Ganesha himself get dormant there. They are very sensitive, all the deities who are there. As soon as they get dormant all the devils come there and the devils who come there do [hu hu], show some miracles [magic] also – take out some ring from above, some stone from above, take out this, take out that – There Ganesha is asleep. Ganesha was made to sleep, was made to sleep completely by atheism, by their unchaste things he was made to go in complete dormant state first and after  putting him in completely dormant state all the devil were called and their work they are fully doing. Such kind of [tantrik mantrik] should also know that they may make on money in this country but along with it they are getting themselves a ticket to go to hell and after going to the hell permanently you are going to stay there and shall not return back. You should be careful from this money.

This if you want [to see for obvious] [sakshat aapko chahiye] – then i will tell you that even if human being becomes such horrible [unclear – agham] even then the god is so kind. I had gone to Pune, there was a big mantrik there and he came to me. There I was staying with DIG Sahab, DIG Sahab said that this Mantrik has helped us a lot, has got lot of thieves arrested and has helped us a lot; you please help him a little. He came and fell on the feet and cried in grief [bilbilake rone laga] Mother please help me get rid of these, they are eating me, you are understanding everything. I asked him why did you help these Bhoots. Why did you take help from these devils and did so much evil things. He said I never did Evil things I only did good things. I told him whether it is good or bad why did you do unauthorised things.  He said OK, you please forgive me, I ask you for one time please give me supreme [param].  I said say 3 times that give me supreme, then I prayed to the Almighty and he got realized immediately. He is so limitless, there is no way we can define the love of God. Although all his life he prayed for gross things but in the end he only told me, the Divine blessed him [parmatma uspe dhar aaye] and he got realized. And when he went out he told DIG Sahib that how is it possible – Mataji is saying that all your knowledge [vidhya] has gone, I did penance for 25 years going to cemetery how can it go? He said OK say your Mantra let’s see if you know any of them. He kept saying mantras for half an hour but nothing happened. He came and fell at my feet and said mother all that is over. I told that because of whom that power was within you they only have gone away now then how it will happen. Now they have awakened who will show your powers.

If they would have awakened, as soon as they get awakened in human being then all these evil conduct drops off. All of these evil beings which were there in your head, which were making use of you, all of them get destroyed. On awakening of these deities you yourself become like a deity. That is why it is said [nar jaise karni kare, nar ka narayan ho] – Meaning of [karni] is that the way human gets realised, when the deities within him get awakened, Shri Ganesh always bring balance within us. Now if I tell this in terms of psychology, because those who are into science always go for psychology. In science what is called [id – I D … id] – that only is Sri Ganesh. They say that unconscious is such that from it in the dream itself, some such kind of symbols come from which it can be known that within us there is an effort being made to bring balance in us, there is some effort being made to make some correction in us, something is being explained to us. Many things like this – even [Freid] – although he was a devil himself, [Freid] also pointed at this but his followers/ disciples, today was science has reached, psychology has reached, all of them have [accepted this??] [Unclear – anudan/ anuman? lagaya hai] that the unconscious is a very great intelligent thing. It keeps us on the right path.

That Shri Ganesh  –  psychologists have not yet  been able to reach to [identify] Shri Ganesh because they do not know this that to reach Shri Ganesh first we have to make our lives pure. Day and night those human beings who drink alcohol how will they we reach Shri Ganesha? Those who have not made their lives pure, those who have no balance in their lives, those who leave their wife and are interested in other women –  for such felonious people will Shri Ganesha give [Darshan] – the one who is himself an incarnation of purity.

But the miracles of purity are so many – recently, I had been to a university – an agri university in [Rauri], some professor there are my followers/ disciples,  they said to me that mother please give us some vibrated water by which the yield of crops increase. I said OK, and I moved my hand just like this on the water and gave them. Yesterday only they had come and were telling their tales. They told that they had put that water into the well and whatever crop that was grown from that water of the well that was hundredfold. They said Mother this we knew that it will surely happen from the vibrations, as it had happened in the past also, but we were surprised to see that a lot of crop [250 – 250 potiyan ka anaaz] was eaten away by rats, used to get rotten, majorly was eaten away by rats and the godowns in which this crop was kept – we were surprised that there were holes in it in those sacks but the rats had not even touched it by their teeth. And near it a [pend] was kept, there is another kind of thing which is called [pend], that was of some other place, all of it was eaten away by them which the rats never ever eat and wheat – they didn’t even touch, they were kept as it is. Now you would say how this is possible? Scientist are not ready to believe this that how is it possible, how can it happen.  But this thing is there right in front of them. Now he is a scientist only of there who told me this – professor of rauri, Chauhan – he told me that mother we were astonished to see this. Now we say this thing in the university then our scientists say no this must have happened by coincidence. He said how can there be such a coincidence that not even a single rat touched it. When this was in context of God, it was a coincidence but if it is about science then it is sure shot. Because to accept God is a very difficult thing for the human Ego. Ego has clouded the head in such a way, that you pull ego a little to the side then there is a space created in the centre for my Sahaja Yoga. Because of this Ego they do not want to think that how is it possible.

You know that by Sahaja Yoga the disease of cancer has been cured of many people. In [Delhi] also a lot of Cancer disease has been cured. Such that their government said that we want to know that how by Sahaja Yoga has a disease of cancer been cured? So I sent a doctor sahib, who is my follower/ disciple, that you go and tell there. Their secretary wrote me a letter that this we are unable to understand. Colour blindness of one person, I was in Bombay..  London, I got a letter from him, next day when I went into meditation, the same day his colour blindness was cured. He was a government servant, he was a [director], he lost his job, but nobody was able to believe about his colour blindness. At the end, with great difficulty, I wrote a letter to a secretary saheb, that get the examination done. When the examination was done then they were taken by surprise that how his colour blindness was cured. Here also such people are sitting who have been born again, there are many people, they shall vouch for themselves you can hear them out. Then they sent the news that you send some doctor we want to get it known in Medical College. That doctor Sahib wrote me a letter that first I got tired fighting with these scientists and then an emergency happened and the matter is on hold. But he says that this is not likely that it would happen here. I told everybody that sahaja yoga has been given by India [Hindustan ki den] I have found the cure for cancer why don’t you look at it? None of the doctor is ready to look at it.

You see in America there is one doctor [lajenwar??] who is the very good doctor, he is my follower/ disciple, and one day he said to me that mother please give me a special blessing that I can spread Sahaja Yoga in this world. A few days before coming from London I got a call from him that I have become the chairman of association of all the doctors of New York. And he said that now you come there and we will get a conference done there we shall put in front of them about cancer and other things and that we have now controlled the parasympathetic nervous system.  Now I am saying this in front of you, but if it doctors here do not want to accept it then let it come from America, if we want to take everything from America only then what is that I can do about it.

Like these there are many diseases which get cured from Sahaja Yoga. By Sahaja Yoga, the seven centres which are there in you, the beautiful system which God has created in you, that gets awakened in the light of Kundalini; and these deities, after getting fully awakened, bring complete balance, and operate the entire body and they provide energy to the entire body which is flowing towards us from above [from cosmos]. Take it like this; If we are using petrol of a motor car and it is getting finished, then we get a kind of tension. But if there is such arrangement that all the time the petrol keeps getting refilled then there is no need to get tired, then there is nothing to get expended. If an arrangement is there like this, it is only called the parasympathetic nervous system. Now you will be surprised to hear even this that the doctors are now telling all this that it is very difficult to get hold of the parasympathetic nervous system We cannot control it. They also say this that if we have to do psychosynthesis – if we have to bring together [assemble] all the [nodes] [granthiyan] of the body, mind, intelligence, ego, etc then we have to do it through parasympathetic only. All these stage they have made for us. They are telling all of this which we are doing. But if we say that you jump and come to the stage then none of these intellectuals are ready to do that.