Public Program, The Experience Of God’s Love, Prabhu ke Prem ka Anubhav

Mumbai (India)

1975-12-25 Prabhu Ke Prem Ka Anubhav Mumbai NITL HD, 70'
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1975-1227 Public Program, The Experience Of God’s Love, Prabhu ke Prem ka Anubhav

Our respected Justice Vaidya is My son and a mother feels proud to see her son at such a high position. Among you, the residents of Mumbai, there are many who are blessed by Sahaja Yoga and there are those who have come here for the first time to accept God’s love. I welcome all of them.

Whatever Justice Vaidya has said, he is an extremely learned man. I have not read anything in the form of books in My life. Despite reading everything and searching through all books, his vision has a devotion like that of Hanuman that ‘it is not there in this too’, ‘it is not there in these words’, ‘this has only signs’, ‘I have not got that thing yet’ and as soon as he got it, he recognized it. This is a special kind of devotion.

Most educated people never accepted God. You will be surprised to know that it was a judge who sentenced Jesus to crucifixion. Look at the greatness of this Kali Yuga that a judge has not only accepted that God but also has described Him beautifully. He has been a great personage through many of his previous births but he does not know so much about himself as of now. This was the reason that the seeking was present within him and this is the reason the seeking is present within many people.

If you read all the philosophers from the beginning, I haven’t read but My disciples tell Me. Recently, a great, learned Frenchman arrived in London and he too got what I call ‘Realization’. In a letter, he wrote to me that since the beginning of time, every philosopher had indicated towards one fact that we are material and how can our mind which is also material and finite enter into That which is subtle. How can it enter into this Infinite? The question is simple. We are made of matter and are finite and if God is infinite, then how can it (mind) enter into That and how can it know That? If we use our mind to know God, then we will read and write. Books will be opened in front of us. But how can we jump into That which is our source?

The whole question stops here. The whole problem is just this one that how can we enter into that Consciousness from this material body. How will that Consciousness be known through this materiality? That is why, till today, if anyone talks about God at any time, people laugh at him. Many say, “Alright, he has said something, that’s why God definitely exists.” If some other things are said like, “Look how the world works, how the earth is moving and despite such a great speed of the earth, none of us are falling off”, and using many such arguments even if we believe intellectually that there is a great power behind all this which is running this world, still how can that power be known and understood through the human intellect?

Bhajans [devotional songs] were sung in temples, people stood on their heads, necks were broken, yoga’s were done, people lived in jungles and God was thought of. But there was always a wall. Something has to take place for this by which man drowns in that Infinite. Indian scientists have not yet reached those shores which western scientists have reached. This is unfortunate. They have reached that shore, that point from which they are telling – like there are psychologists and they are now saying that psycho-synthesis should take place by some means. That is, this mind, which is divided into so many parts, should become integrated. In fact, they have started talking about Higher Self because they get many patients who say, “We have seen some higher Self, we have had a strange experience.” They call them ‘patients’. Everywhere, people are intent upon finding out about this. But they say repeatedly that we cannot enter into that Infinite from this materiality.

Due to this reason, we should not make any efforts in this direction. The reason is that as soon as we start making efforts, all the dormant material forces within us start working. Now, in Russia they did a lot of experiments, in America they did a lot of experiments. As a result of these experiments they saw that wheat and rice started flowing through them. Some saw that objects started rising, a table rose from here and went there. But their brains got extremely afraid. People have done such experiments especially in Russia and their books have been published which if you read sometime, you can also understand. They say that they did not get peace through this. They got some strange experiences. What are these forces that are coming into us? They don’t know this fact that these are the forces of our subconscious which is placed within us in a collective form.

Whatever is dead is also placed within us. That those dead people are helping us is not known by them [scientists]. Some scientists had come to me and they were great scientists from a great country, some of whom had reached the moon. They came and told me, “Mother, we want to know how to fly in the sky.” They have done experiments on this. You will be surprised that an Indian scientist has not reached that limit where he can think of such a thing. It is good that we are a bit behind in science. I said, “Son, why do you want to fly? You have already reached the moon, now what do you want?” They said, “We want to fly in the sky without anybody’s help.” I said, “If I say that bhoots [dead spirits] help you with this, then will you do it?” They said, “Yes, we will do it because some other country is also doing the same thing.” I said, “If they are being helped by bhoots then why do you wish to fall into the hands of these bhoots, my son? Stand up on your own power.” It was not so necessary to go to the moon.

Today, the world has developed a lot. There are a few problems with our country too, but they will be solved. Problems of food have been solved in those countries. Many such problems in these countries have been solved. But the people of those nations are sadder than you. Every home is being torn apart. Fathers are torturing children, children are torturing fathers, there is no news about mothers and sisters – a terrifying Kali Yuga has developed there. Their experiences are so saddening that let alone God, they don’t even believe in happiness, that there is something called ‘happiness’ in the world. They are troubled by such internal pain.

Science cannot discover that thing because science separates everything into parts, that is, it analyses. The power that integrates them is the Kundalini. You will be surprised that those who have read a lot about Kundalini, I don’t have to explain about Kundalini to them. In our country, educated people don’t know about Kundalini, except you people. Now they accept that without Kundalini’s awakening, a person cannot reach that Infinite. But there are thousands of discussions in this world that the person who raises the Kundalini [Shri Mataji probably means the one whose Kundalini is raised], experiences this and that. I have read descriptions that people start to shout, jump and scream. It is strange to think that the awakening of Kundalini, who is your Mother, can lead to such things. It should be understood that instead of being Kundalini awakening, it is an awakening of an evil nature.

Now, about Me. If everyone has accepted that Kundalini is the only means to enter into this Infinite, you people have not accepted because the scientists here don’t read about it at all. What can I do? Then one has to think that what arrangements God has made for the awakening of Kundalini.

Today’s topic is “The experience of God’s Love.” The experience of God’s love has been described in many books of ours but nobody believes in them. For example, when Prahlad, in whose presence Narasimha incarnated, was asked, “What do you want?” he replied, “Tawa charana-arvinde preeti [the love of your lotus feet]” that is, “O God, give me the love of your lotus feet.” Such a Prahlad is not there in the world nowadays nor is there any chance of a Narasimha incarnation. That is why all that feels like a lie. It feels that all that is a lie and has no meaning, the concept of incarnations and other things is false and have been said simply to fool people.

Alright, it is good in a way that man has considered himself to be so intelligent. But when you say that Kali Yuga has come and that a great and terrible Kali Yuga has come when every person is suffering from its sting, diseases like cancer are consuming the body, mountains of suffering are crashing on men, nobody can be trusted, nobody is a brother, nobody is a sister and no relationship in the world remains firm, at such a time who can accept a talk about God’s love? But it is not about talking. During these times, the love of God is raining down from all directions in a way that never happened before in this world.

I accept that you cannot see it and you cannot know it. That is because you were made in a way that the Unconscious which psychologists are talking about today, which has been described totally that there is an Unconscious mind, is helping us in certain ways but we are not connected to it. It has its connections and its protective grace but we are not able to achieve it. It is helping you out in many ways.

For the first time, He is helping you in such a manner that in the whole of mankind there is a thought, “We must save time, we must save time, we must save time, time is being wasted, time is being wasted.” But at this point, man’s foolishness also comes into play in that he saves his time to waste it elsewhere. If he thinks even for an instant, “This time that I am saving, where have I to use it?” he comes into balance. To obtain that torrential rain of God falling on the people of this Kali Yuga, only a little balance is required. He [Justice Vaidya] just told that Kundalini is described in Yoga. It is written in Patanjali’s Yoga Shastra that this can be achieved only after practicing six techniques, living in forests and serving a guru with complete dedication.

Now, there was a great saint of Gagangad who said, “Mataji, after a penance of 21,000 years, the vibrations started flowing in my hands and you are giving it simply to these people.” If you have read Shankaracharya, then he too has written a lot of verses on Chaitanya lahari [the waves of Chaitanya]. Either he was a liar or if he was not then where did those waves go about which he had described?

God, who is in the Unconscious form in the whole world, actually nothing is more conscious than Him but we are not conscious of Him. It is another thing that we were not able to know Him and feel Him. We have to achieve Him. This has to manifest in this Kali Yuga irrespective of which religion, organisation, race or country you may belong to. Kali Yuga should end from 1979 and this has begun. (Applause.) And it is a fact that Satya Yuga will begin in 1999. (Applause.) But this should not remain simply as a fact. This can remain simply as a fact if you people do not accept the truth.

There are a thousand ways by which you can accept untruth. Man can adhere to any untruth with an immeasurable force but does not stay with truth for long. One can ask that why man had to take up so much suffering and pain. Such things tear a mother’s heart apart. But what to do? Without them man won’t accept that [the truth], he won’t think about that. Man is very stubborn. He is very proud and egoistic. Also, he is always surrendered to untruth. If he sees some magic tricks, he runs towards it. If someone gives him two rupees, he runs towards that. Whatever untruth exists like if there is hatred towards someone in your mind – for example if I say, “You are all Indians and you should hate the whole world”, all the Indians would unite. If I say that you are citizens of a Yoga-bhoomi [Land of Yoga] and you should love the whole world, then people start lecturing Me saying, “Mataji, you are teaching us about love but they do not love us.” Man is holding onto untruth so much that truth is moving out but he does not accept it. He is so stubborn that he is holding onto untruth, does not leave it and believes that to be everything.

Man was given a special freedom by God, the Unconscious, and by God’s Love which we call as Pranav which is the Light of God. Purposely, it gave you freedom. If you have listened to my earlier lectures then you would know how it was worked out in our brain to separate us from that Unconscious Power that exists in all directions. We were separated from that Infinite and bound into the finite and each person became different. Why was it done this way? It was done because you want to become an instrument in God’s hands and the responsibility to put that instrument into balance was left to you. Man is such a great thing. Among all the creations in the whole world and the whole universe till today, among people living on this earth today, the common man who is a householder is the highest. Nothing else in the world can achieve as much as he can. There was a need for a great balance.

In our brain, there are two packets, two curtains called the super-ego and the ego. They were created purposely. One increases from one side and the other increases from the other side. The one who is in the centre, the one who comes into balance, the one who comes into temperance and the one who does not go to extremes can get Realization. Within such a one only, the Kundalini rises through the centre and nourishes him. His attention is placed on the Kundalini within him and takes him into the Unconscious. As soon as this takes place, this Unconscious starts flowing into you from above. You become one with that ocean like a drop becomes the ocean when it falls into it. It rises and falls with the ocean’s waves. If someone asks it, “What are you doing?” it replies, “What am I doing? This is going and coming.” The waves start flowing through him. His inner being becomes absolutely silent. The waves of silence start gently flowing from above. This is the truth. This is not a cock-and-bull story. It is the truth, a great truth and you can experience it. It has to be made stable after getting it. But some people do not need it [stability]. For example, he [Justice Vaidya] does not need it because he has reached that height as soon as he achieved it. But in some people that stability has to be brought about. No problem. You have obtained that thing, you recognized it, you reached there and there is a complete arrangement for bringing stability. As soon as that stability is achieved, in absolute peace and joy, you achieve that witness state described by Shri Krishna, by Jesus, by all the scriptures whether by Zoroaster, Socrates, Confucius or any of Dattatreya’s incarnations.

Till today, these people who were of a higher state, who would take birth in a higher state, would talk in a manner that others were unable to understand. They could see matters of the tenth floor, and others would remain on the first floor and they would just not understand what was being talked about. Sahaja Yoga has always been there. You have become humans from animals through Sahaja Yoga only. But you enter from the finite and become one with the Infinite through the Sahaja Yoga of this Kali Yuga. The respect that you have shown Me in inviting Me here is representative of the respect that you should show to God who is standing at your door. This thing takes place in a moment and then joy is obtained.

But many people have this misunderstanding that by doing things of this sort, one will leave all worldly matters and it won’t be practical. People talk a lot about practical things, “Mataji will say, ‘Keep telling the truth always’ but how will our business work then?” Many people also ask me this, “Mataji, I go to work and how will by job go on?” Such questions arise as long as you are not Realized. As soon as you get Realization, when you enter into God’s kingdom, then you understand, “Oh, He is anyways doing everything!” For example, in Sahaja Yoga, if a person is Realized, he cannot die before the age of 70 years. Those people, about whom it was said that their lives would end after so many years, they would die in 20 years, also came to Me. After Sahaja Yoga, they are still alive and kicking. Recently it so happened that we got some news by mistake that a Sahaja Yogi who was around 40-45 years of age had died. Those people wrote a letter to Me and I said, “Impossible. This cannot happen.” Then I checked the vibrations and found out that he was alive. Then I wrote a letter and asked My disciples in London about him. They said, “No Mother, he is alive.” That’s because, when a person dies, vibrations of a different sort start flowing in your hands. When these people got the letter, they immediately sent a telegram saying, “He is hale and hearty.” So, it is impossible. What greater experience can I tell you about?

You know that we have cured many cases of cancer. But I must tell you beforehand that this is not our job. That’s because as soon as I tell this, everyone brings cancer patients to Me. The same thing happened with Christ. He cured only 21 people but My disciples have cured 500 people each. Now, a gentleman has come from Rahuri, he is from a university in Rahuri and he cured a patient of brain cancer. Yes, cancer cannot be cured by anything apart from Sahaja Yoga. I have told this before and I am telling it now as well. Also, we will be going to the Health Ministry. But the problem is this that as soon as we tell that we can cure cancer, we won’t be able to make any doctors by the time we cure all cases of cancer. We have to give Realization to people and when they get their Realization, their cancer has to get cured. Every kind of disease can be cured. You will look younger by at least 20 years because the responsibilities which you have taken on your head that, “I have to do this and that” and which you are searching all come to an end while everything works out. Everything keeps working out. It does not mean that things will work out the way we want them to. What He [God] desires, works out and what He desires is the best for us. I will give you an example from My life itself. You know that My husband was formerly the chairman of the Shipping Corporation and he was offered a big job in England. But, due to some reasons, some political things, he was not appointed there and he got some lower kind of job. So, he thought it better to not go there. But I was in My own enjoyment and he asked, “Does it not bother you?” and I said, “Wherever I am, I am. I am not bothered by this, why do you bother? I have lots of joy.” Also, whatever happens, happens for our good. We should think like this only. In everything, there is some sign or the other from God. I said, “If you consider a job to be so important then that too must have some sign from God.” The next year, there was a big election and 176 nations chose him to such a high position which was higher than the previous position he had wanted. He was very surprised at that. But I said, “Even if they had not given that position, I would have thought that it is alright.”

So, when we left India and went to foreign countries, people said, “Mataji, you say that your field of work is in India which is a yoga-bhoomi. “ I said, “It is a yoga-bhoomi but what can I do if all the yogis are born here [in the other countries]?” This is a fact. You will be surprised to know that all the yogis of India are taking their birth in those countries nowadays, not here. I feel that this place is like a bog. Forgive me, but it is. If you see those people, you will be surprised to see how each one is such a great personality, how great a thing God is for them and how much truth and depth is present in their seeking. They wish to sacrifice everything and remain in this [union with the Divine] every moment. Now, a gentleman had come here who is a big officer in the United Nations who met our people. They were surprised because he said, “Teach me the puja of Ganapati [another name of Shri Ganesha].” People asked him, “You will do the puja of Ganapati? But you are a Christian.” He said, “No, I am not a Christian nor do I belong to any religion. I am a Sahaja Yogi. Nothing can work out without Ganapati!”

What is puja? Puja is also a means to enter into that Infinite. What is Namaz [Muslim prayer]? It is a mantra to enter that Infinite. What is prayer? It is a rendition to enter into that Infinite. But, without permission, without connection there is no meaning to these. You can do as much puja as you wish, it is worthless. Only today a lady came to Me saying, “Mataji, I have a lot of heart problems.” I said, “What mantra do you take?” She said, “I say, ‘Om Namah Shivaya’.” Now see, the name of Shiva who resides in the heart, it is impossible for a person’s heart to be troubled if he has attained Shri Shiva. Now she is chanting ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ and her heart is having problems. How is this possible? I just thought of Him once and her heart became alright, Shri Shiva was awakened over there. What is the difference? The only difference between her and Me is that I am connected to Shri Shiva. I have taken permission from Him. If you have to go to someone’s house then you have to take permission from them. Now, if you have to go to Justice Vaidya’s place and if you go and bang at his door then he will get you arrested. But if you go to him with protocol, then he will welcome you saying: “Come, have a seat.” Without connection whatever puja and worship takes place, that too when it goes into extremes and out of balance, becomes harmful.

He talked about Hatha Yoga also. It is very surprising that till today my experience with Hatha Yogis – there are many Hatha Yogis in America also – has been that all of them have heart troubles. It is very surprising. Hatha Yogis are especially great worshippers of Shri Shiva. The reason is that Hatha Yoga is not for people leading a worldly life but for those living in the jungles, like Parashurama. It is another thing to do a little within balance but Hatha Yoga is not meant for you people. If you do it in extreme then your heart will suffer from problems.

Now, you are seeing that in this world there are people chanting ‘Hare Rama, hare Krishna’. In London, so many of their disciples come to Me and they have cancer here. This is a fact that I am sharing with you. I am your Mother and I have to tell you what is false. They have cancer here. You will be surprised that in this throat resides Shri Krishna. When anyone faces a problem in the throat or in the cervical plexus then the name of Radha-Krishna has to be taken in the science of Kundalini. Now look at their Kundalinis which are not awakened and Shri Krishna is sitting angrily at this point. He has disappeared from there. What is the reason? We think, “Oh they are spreading our culture!” though they don’t spread any culture. I have seen their ponytails falling off, their dhotis [lower garment worn traditionally in India] falling off and it looks so ugly. But forget that. How did cancer come in the Vishuddhi chakra, the residence of Shri Krishna, of these people who are jumping and shouting in the name of God? The reason is the same. But otherwise also, it is enough to think of Him just once. What is the need of thinking of Him so much? Those who wish to go to Him just need to say, “Krishna” once. Then, with the Sudarshan Chakra [‘chakra’ meaning ‘discus’ here] – Shankha chakra gadaa Padma, garuda layi sidhaari [He took off on the eagle bearing with Him the conch, discus, mace and lotus]. Why do you need to torment yourself so much for Him? What is the need to cause so much trouble? What is the need to make such an exhibition? He is in reality present within you every moment. But you are so stubborn. If you really believe in God then be surrendered to Him. In silence, know Him and it will definitely actualize within you. Think of it, the God who has made this universe, who has made this Creation, will He destroy this Creation? God’s Love has come into action especially in Kali Yuga.

With regards to diseases you know that many have been cured by the disciples themselves, many mental diseases of people have also been cured. This is not something special. This has to happen. The temple of God is being cleaned by everyone from Bhairava to Hanuman ji. Whether they exist or not is to be seen by coming into this kingdom. If you stand outside and say that I should show you then how can I do it? How can a blind man who wishes to understand colour be told about it? If an ant wants to learn about our politics and political institutions, how can we explain such things to it? Come into the Kingdom of God and it is completely free of cost. You don’t need to do anything. It is man who thinks that he can purchase God, it is man’s intellect that makes him think that he can own God. No, you have to become one with Him, you have to surrender to Him. Come into this Kingdom by being surrendered in the Kingdom of God’s Love. Now there are many Sahaja Yogis here and if I wish to write their experiences down then I don’t know how many books will be written.

But a Sahaja Yogi is made gradually. Now, the population of bhoots is great. If someone gives a speech then thousands will become his disciples because he will put a mohini-mantra [enchantment spell] on you and you will listen to him in that enchantment and you won’t know when the speech ended. You will go insane and will start doing strange acts seeing which your family will ask, “Now what kind of a sadhu [sage] is he a disciple of?” The whole day he hits the wife and then will sit next to that “sadhu”. He will ask money from you and you will keep giving it to him. What can I do about this intellect of man? Gradually, a Sahaja Yogi is made. Truth always evolves gradually. If I have to make plastic flowers then I can make thousands of them in one hour using a machine. But if I have to blossom real roses then some time has to be spent.

Despite all this, the specialty of this Kali Yuga is that God’s Love is bubbling so much, His compassion is flowing so much that I have tried these things in many births but only in this birth, in this Kali Yuga’s special courtyard, many people get their Realization in a moment – the most ordinary people. Even Krishna, and in His time, I too worked very hard to give Realization to the cowherds, but it didn’t work so well. None of Christ’s disciples could get Realization though He worked so hard and tried so much. In that era, he [Justice Vaidya] was also there and some among you people were also there. Today, those same people are sitting amongst you. You are not of today but you are seekers of many births together. You used to roam in the jungles in the early ages and you used to run after gurus. If you have come today to achieve the fruition of all those thousands of years of seeking in a moment then why do you doubt it? This was promised a long time ago that in the Kali Yuga only such a time would come and it is being fulfilled now. Why are you so surprised at this? Why is there so much doubt, so much argument and so much delay in this?

In coming to Sahaja Yoga, you know that it is a play of seven chakras. Especially, you people are worried about Lakshmi ji (She represents wealth) here in India. This is not the case in other countries. In other countries, people roam around dressed like beggars. They are fed up with the grace of Lakshmi ji and don’t want any more. Recently I had been to Mombasa and they said, “Mataji, Lakshmi ji’s grace is there but now give us peace because our wives have gone crazy, our homes are disturbed, all the children have gone crazy, there is mental derangement and the most number of suicides are taking place here.” The situation in America is the same. Wherever you go, wherever there is money in excess, there the people are more insane. But in Sahaja Yoga, Lakshmi ji’s grace also rains down upon you. Even that balance comes in. You go into that Kingdom and enter into that special blessing which makes everything such that your path becomes easy and sahaj. We have many people who can bear witness to this. You see, the Mother has to give the temptation of everything to Her children that, “My child, eat this now. If not then I will give you this thing and then you eat it. I will give you two paise (Indian currency) but you eat it please.” If he doesn’t accept that then She says, “Alright, I will build you a palace but you eat it. This is my condition.” I am trying to please you in every way and I am giving everything. I am giving you a lot of love also. But I ask for only one thing that, “My child, know yourself, establish yourself in that power which is within you and ask for that. Ask for that which is Reality and don’t go after what is artificial.” Despite the wealth, property, prosperity, power or position you have, you might be kings and queens but you won’t get joy unless you stand in the kingdom of joy. When you stand in the kingdom of joy then in any case you become kings and queens. No one can purchase you or conquer you. You conquer everything. You become kings. Such great kings have come and gone in this country. In this Maharashtra, a great personage took birth who lived in a small village in Shirdi. People never understood his kingship, in what enjoyment he used to live. In this India, there was another king in Guru Nanak. Another was Kabir. Did they enjoy any royal comforts? Today, the whole world lies at their feet. I am present before you today only to bring fulfilment to all their teachings and their work. Nothing they said was false. What Jesus said, what Krishna said, what is written in the Gita, what is written in the Bible, what is written in the Quran will be proved by Me. In looks, I am just an ordinary lady. Alright, the power flowing through Me will prove how the Unconscious is working.

When you get your Realization, then that power tells you through the chakras on the fingertips about the problems of a person. It does not tell you in words but it tells you by burning, by cooling. Like, if it is flowing as a cool breeze then it is a blessing that is flowing as if from the Himalayas. This is a subjective knowledge which means that the doer knows it. You become the doer, you get the knowledge of the doer, that is you become what you really are. There is no need to read about it outside. There is no need to look into books, the whole library is here. If some learned people come to Me, they say, “Mataji, what you are talking about is written in Gheranda Samhita.” Let alone this Samhita, I have never read the Upanishads, never read the Gita. Then how did I know about this? The source of knowledge is inside, in My brain. If there is a library inside you, you can read whatever book you want. You become replete with knowledge. Then what you say is the truth, you become replete with truth. Whatever you say, you can manifest.

The Kundalini will rise just by the movement of your hands. Leave My case alone. There are many people present here, who look just like you but the Kundalini rises just by their gestures. Sometimes they can raise the Kundalinis of thousands. Don’t believe me blindly but experience it. In London, I was surprised, a gentleman gave Realization to six people only using My photograph. They just sat with their hands towards the photograph and the six of them transformed completely. I was quite surprised and when I saw that I said, “Ahahaha, what great personalities of time immemorial have come in this world! I don’t know whether to touch their feet or embrace them with all My heart. Where should I keep them? What more can be said about you who got Realization just by looking at the photograph?”

Another great blessing that is taking effect in this world – perhaps this is not known to you – many children below the age of 8, I have seen some 12 year-olds also; they are there in America, there are many in London and they are here too; they are great personalities who have taken their birth and are expert in the science of Kundalini. Today, there was a five-year-old boy who was hitting his father’s Nabhi and Agnya chakras and he knew what was catching in his father. Nothing was told to the boy but he continued to hit his father until the chakras cleared out. Such people are Knowledge in reality. Every gesture, every movement, every word they speak is full of knowledge. I too have a granddaughter, both my granddaughters are quite great and they were born this way. We went to the airport and they started moving their hands this way and I asked, “What are you doing?” They said, “Grandmother, I am tying everyone up. So many dark people are here.” For them, ‘dark’ means ‘negative’. When she was three years old, she used to tell Sahaja Yogis, “See, our mind is a horse. Sit on the horse and don’t let the horse sit on you. Always sit on the white horse.” Now see, it is said that in the Kali Yuga the rider will sit on a white horse. A three-year-old child said this. I have seen many children like this; in your India, I have seen at least 300 children.

No matter how terrible the Kali Yuga is, these people will take birth. They have come. Apart from this, demons are also taking their birth. Otherwise, how will the Kali Yuga show its colours? Also, many animals are taking birth. Ordinary people hesitate a bit to take birth because they know that the conditions are bad. So many animals are taking birth that the population is also increasing rapidly. The day Satya Yuga arrives, this number will reduce by itself. Ordinary man will take birth. If a person sees this terrifying state of affairs, why will he take birth? Why should he come into this menace where fathers are no longer fathers, sisters are no longer sisters? Who will wish to trap himself in this menace? Many such great personages are anyways taking birth but other powers are also taking birth along with them.

In your India, 16 rakshasas have taken birth. If there was one, he could have been given Realization. Now, there is no point in killing them because one of them died and as a bhoot he has become more potent. How will you people understand from where have such evil characters come into this world and what is their source? How will you people solve this problem? Let the scientists tell how this is happening. Can you tell through science?

Now the state of the scientists is this. In America, many people have started smoking marijuana and other drugs. So, a committee of 5 scientists was formed to find out what are the effects of taking these drugs. When they went to find out, they got possessed by bhoots. As a result, the scientists themselves started smoking drugs and resigned from their jobs. If they were such great scientists then why did they start smoking marijuana? Why do they drink so much alcohol? Mohammed Sahib told that alcohol should be avoided and Nanak Sahib told that alcohol should be avoided. But if they can do the same through science then I will accept that science is great.

Are these people happy? At least you people have some happiness. But those people who have advanced so much with science are in great unhappiness. Do you know that there is a great problem facing the United Nations? The problem is in deciding whether to trap the developing countries in the mess that the developed countries are trapped in. People reported that especially in Nepal, people are poor but they are very happy and satisfied. They are enjoying their lives. So why do you want to spoil it all? Looking at you people too, many say that Indians are quite well-balanced and alright. “They are yet to fall in the trap of unhappiness so why do you want to develop them and put them into the mess that we are in?” Now, we have to think whether we can short-circuit the whole thing and reduce this advancement. You can surely do it.

Only you have the right to attain that Infinite that is doing everything, that is the collection of all sciences and that is everything. You have to attain that and reach the central point. Sahaja Yoga is the invention of God’s Love. Until today, you people were not aware of God’s Love because you were not connected. Once the connection is established, things will work out. Now, only those who are sitting in this hall can listen to My speech. In the same way, only those who enter the Kingdom of God can see the principle of His all-pervading form being present in every particle. There will be no doubt. What a great thing it is! What a miracle it is!

Now in London, anyways, churches are being sold. What can be done? Sell the churches! Just as they were bought, they are being sold. Ashrams are being sold in India. Unless a living thing is seen in this world, God’s name itself cannot be there, isn’t it? But God is Living and the only thing you have to do is to attain Him. Now, you people are on the stage. Only through you, only because of you this is going to work out because all of you people are on the stage. It all depends on your ability to do the work and show the world. If the world is destroyed, then the responsibility is yours and not anybody else’s. It sounds fantastic. Today’s humans cannot believe how this can happen. They say, “All this cannot be believed, Mataji is just cooking up some story.”

Just think of this that you are going to get an invaluable diamond in a moment and you have to take it. Please put your hands towards Me for some time. Please don’t look at the watch for some time. This [Realization] is important, is the most important thing.

(Sahaja Yogis take the mantra of Shri Kalki Swarupini repeatedly.)

Close your eyes and see if there is thoughtless awareness. Some people might be getting some coolness on their hands but thoughtless awareness comes first. Please don’t get up in between for some time, please sit down for five minutes. Keep both your feet straight. If you are unable to close your eyes and your eyelids are flickering then keep your eyes open.

Many people among you have become thoughtlessly aware. I know this. It means that upon closing your eyes if you look at your mind then there is no thought. If there is only thoughtless awareness then you should know that the Kundalini has crossed the Agnya Chakra and has spread in the Sahasrara Chakra but has not pierced through here. But if someone is getting a cool breeze in their hands then they should know that the Brahmarandhra has been opened.

In any case, our program will once again be in Bal Mohan and you will get photos outside which you can take. You should also try out experiments on the photo. First sit with your hands towards the photo and if you get the cool breeze then you should know that it is alright. If there is any disease, then you can use the photo but take care that the photo is respected. Don’t throw the photo here and there because many things come along with it.

If a cool breeze starts flowing from it, then there is no problem, everything is alright. But if you get a hot breeze it means that your health is not alright. There is some problem or discomfort within you. Especially if this hand gets the heat then keep that hand towards the photo and keep the other hand pointed outwards. But if there is some trembling in your hands or if your eyes are flickering then it shows that there is a very bad nervous tension upon you. So, you should point both hands towards the photo and light a candle or lamp in front of it and keep both your feet in water. As soon as you do that, the vibrations from the photo will come and go through you into the water. It is a great thing that in the photo itself the vibrations are flowing. See what a great thing God has done! The vibrations flow from the photo and in great force but not as great as from Me. But that is enough. You should take the photo from outside and take the vibrations from it. Any disease or problem you have, you will see that it will go away. If you have problems of sleep, if there is a lot of discomfort in your body, if there is some mental problem or if someone in your house is insane, any problem you have, you can try it out on the photo. But if the cool breeze is flowing through you, you can cure any disease yourself. Keep one hand towards the photo and the other towards that person. The vibrations will flow through you because you have become hollow from within. You should try it out and do come to Bal Mohan where I will be able to tell you more in detail about how to proceed further with this. If within seven days, the cool breeze does not flow through you, then you should keep both hands towards the photo and keep your feet in water and light a lamp. It might be that you have a serious disease that you don’t know about. It might also be that you are possessed. You should keep both hands towards the photo and both your feet in a basin of water with some salt. Try it out and see how much it benefits you. When you come to Bal Mohan then I shall tell you more about it. It is true that this science is very difficult, the engineering is very complex but its working is very simple and sahaj. It’s like if you wish to have light, you just have to switch it on. It’s very simple and you should see that with the photo, you will benefit from it.

All I want to say is that, believe Me, God exists in reality. He exists everywhere. Also, if you have tremendous love, this love of Mine that you are seeing is His love only. He loves you so much that today it is you who have been made the king and only through you, this great play of His is going to manifest in this world. Many thanks to you and I hope to meet you again.