Lalita Panchami Puja

Mumbai (India)

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1976-02-05 Lalita Panchami, Beneficence, Wit, Intelligence, Mumbai

[Translation for 1976-0205 Upkar-Buddhi Lalita Panchami, Version 1, Part 1 (Talk in Hindi) ]

Even after having all this lot of people ask me how have we been benefited? Inherent in this question there is a very small thing hidden that whatever we have towards that we do not have a sense of gratitude. We lack this sense of gratitude and think that what did we gain by being a Sahaja Yogi. This upkar Budhi or sense of gratitude as it is called in English until we have that, our understanding of everything will be opposite.

Today is a very auspicious day. It is Lalitha Panchami. ‘Lalith’ means ‘beautiful’, ‘very beautiful’ and Lalitha is Shri Gauri’s name and because tomorrow is Shri Ganesha’s birthday that is why today is celebrated for Shri Gauri. Anyways you also know that my Kundalini means ‘Kundali’ and its name is ‘Lalitha’. Lalitya is a name for beauty. Human beings are that beauty, that person who has a sense of gratitude is the most beautiful. The person who does not have a sense of gratitude is equal to an animal. Animals also have it. Dogs also have it. If you take care of a dog for a few days you will be surprised that it will be loyal to you. Once you have this sense of gratitude awakened in you, then you will see love coming from within you. Lot of people say that, “Mother we are surrendered to you.” I laugh at them. What will you surrender to me? I never asked you for anything. I am here to give and I have no part in it. But Lord Almighty watches you whether you have that sense of gratitude or not. When you do not have that then all my recommendations for you to him are ignored. That is why lot of people who think they have received self-realization, they have evolved, are at the same place. They are walking the same. It is very important to awaken the sense of gratitude in you. Without that everything is ugly. Lalitya ends with that. Such people cannot achieve lalitya / beauty who do not have a sense of gratitude. This sense of gratitude is very important.

People are weird, they compromise with themselves, do not recognize the lalitya / beauty in their own Selves and live with their ugliness all the time. And they think that living with this ugliness they are huge people. Watch from the beginning, from your birth, see what all God did for you. Lord made you a human from animal. The whole creation is in so captivating, so beautiful and so organized, it is all done for us and we have no sense of gratitude for it. We take it all for granted. We feel entitled to all this as though we have the right to all this, so what people think. When man lives in such false thoughts, he cannot see his own dirt, truth is not visible to him. Truth is that you are living with your own dirt. You are living off of the bad things in you. Man fails to understand it because he is blind and he thinks it is great to have this blindness, he compromises. We can call this as bhoots / troubles or anything. All Sahaja Yogis should make it a habit that they will cleanse their own dirt. Like we wash our hands when they get dirty. This man knows. Animals do not wash their hands. Man takes a bath, washes his hands, will clean his body quickly. But all this dirt accumulated in our mind [actual word used is ‘mann’ means ‘virtual mind’ / ‘thoughts’] with which we live and will continue to live for many more lives, if you think this will end in this lifetime, that is incorrect. This dirt inside will go around for many lifetimes and will take you to a place which is very bad which we call ‘hell’.

Today is such a beautiful day that I do not want to talk about this place. But you are making such a bad place in yourself with this dirt. Of course Mother gave you self-realization but then what? Those who think that, “Mother has done us a great favor!” sarcastically how can such people evolve?

Today we are going to perform a havan for Shri Vishnu. We need to understand what this havan is. Those who are here with a pure heart will benefit from it and those who are here with an impure heart there will be no impact. For such people this is a waste: havan or puja, prayer, Namaz, chanting the mantras, tantras [‘tantra’ means’ the mechanism inside us’], etc. ‘Tantra’ does not mean ‘the bad stuff in us’ but ‘the Kundalini itself’. All these things show us the path on which we need to ascend, that which enlightens us, that which is triggered, that things trigger in our life as though we jump in it; from this limited life we just jump into the unlimited.

Shri Vishnu’s havan is beneficial to entire Bombay because I am going to perform it with my hands. Shri Vishnu’s havan means that Shri Vishnu is the collaborator in our evolution. He incarnated as Shri Krishna. We are triggering this ritual of Shri Vishnu in the whole world, we are putting shine in it. We can raise new waves in it, with which man can look towards his evolution, by which man can be free of the bondage of the three dimensions, these three entanglements. But you also need to understand that Lord cannot achieve anything with servants. What will a servant bow down in reverence to the Lord? I know that you still do not have the capacity to detach yourself from all these ties, things. But nevertheless, be prepared, be ready to give up everything false, be prepared that, “I will give up all the lies that I am holding on to”.

You cannot do good for Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga can do good for you. If you think you are here for the benefit of Sahaja Yoga you are mistaken because Sahaja Yoga is really a way of audience with the Lord Almighty. Those who are willing to take, those who are willing to grow, only those can move forward and those who are here to give, they cannot achieve anything here. Giving is far away, you just need to be thankful for it that you have received self-realization and been enlightened. We can feel our Kundalini on our fingertips and we can give realization to others by moving our hands. No one dare do this. You have perhaps seen lot of people talk about this, but all of you capable of raising others Kundalinis who are sitting here should be thankful to the Lord that, “Lord what is my speciality that you bestowed upon me this capability? You have been so merciful. What is my limited personality? What great punya [good deed] did we do to be blessed with this knowledge of the Kundalini?” You all now have the subtle knowledge of this inner working. Forget about the fools’ talk. You are talking about great fools who think they are great. Remember whether you came here to be fooled or to be smart. I do not fool or entice you. In reality, you have to climb that ladder. There is only one way out, do not come half-hearted. With complete surrender tell the Lord that, “He has given you so much, what do we need to do?” We sometimes ask for worldly things, power, money; you are still entangled in little things. The supreme Self that I am talking of is all seeing. Yogakshemam vahamyaham: prosperity and welfare [Yoga and Ksema] are looked after by Him. See now there is nothing superior to Him in this world. What in this world can stand in comparison to the Lord? The entire world is functioning because of this superior entity.

After being submerged in that supreme, after receiving that nectar what are you talking of drinking bath water etc? You are unaware of His blessings on you because you are still dipping and emerging on the shores of that. Remember that this Shri Vishnu’s havan being performed today is for your own evolution. I do not need this. Not only this today in Bombay these vibrations will shine. With these vibrations, today in Bombay, these sparks full of Shri Vishnu’s evolution will be lighted. You should understand that this is what is important. Maybe only 5-10 of you are here today but be here with your full attention. Concentrate here. Do not look here or there. If anyone comes in, your attention goes there. Keep your attention here. Surrender yourself completely. You should ask for it and then only it will happen. Until you ask it won’t happen. Nothing can happen with my actions. Incarnations also happen because of people’s prayers. Incarnations come to answer people’s prayers, without that they do not happen. But the people who desire for incarnations are incomplete, why? Bring your complete attention here and our havan today can be great. Lot can happen with the havan. We did a havan in London too. Lot of difference came about in London. The climate changed. You need to change the climate. With this the atmosphere will be awakened. Sometimes such a lot of vibrations flow from my body that they cannot go into the atmosphere. Atmosphere cannot absorb it. You all need to be awakened and fix your vibrations. With complete devotion invite. And when they arrive, when they are awakened, then absorb them. With the offering of everything that is here you are expressing your sense of gratitude. “You have done us a lot of favor”. We show that to the Gods, “Here is the offering of wood that you gave us, we are expressing our gratitude.” This is the meaning of havan. With that all the dirt in your heart, let it burn in this fire.

This fire can purify you if you offer the items with that feeling. It is not difficult. I am here with you to see everything, to know everything. Sometimes I explain to you, sometimes I scold you, sometimes I love you, just like a Mother should. Children need to understand that if a Mother says something for their good then only a Mother can do that, none else. You should think that this is a great blessing to you and be thankful for it. You need to recognize that your Mother’s love is behind all this. If you fail to recognize love then Sahaja Yoga is not for you because all of this is a display of love. With each other you need to see this love. But until you cleanse yourself completely and cannot see yourself in the mirror of others, until then you cannot see yourself, you cannot recognize that love. You see this distorted image of yourself in others and think others are distorted.

I hope that with this havan our hearts will be cleansed and it will help our evolution. And go, rest on the shore of that infinite such that there is no talk of returning from there. Today is a very auspicious day and you need to understand this about Shri Ganesha. Shri Ganesha does not know anything in this world except His Mother and this is why He is at the highest seat. Completely surrendered to His Mother. Because His Mother did not scold Him? Don’t you think His Mother never explained to Him? So, let us remember Shri Ganesha now who takes up everything on His head and finish this havan. Participate in this havan completely and do not carry any doubts. Lot of you are self-realized. Those who aren’t self-realized too, they will also be benefited for sure. Eternal blessings to you all!