Mahashivaratri Puja, Utpatti – Adi Shakti aur Shiva ka Swaroop

Mumbai (India)


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1976-02-29 Mahashivaratri Puja: Utpatti – Adi Shakti aur Shiva ka Swaroop, Mumbai

[Talk in Hindi Version 1]

I have told you about the origin before. Because on the day of Mahashivratri, when there is a talk about Shivji then it has to begin with origin. How much He is primordial, means when there is a first manifestation of form of God almighty.

He is called as Sadashiva when He is enlightened from Bramha. That is why the one who is Shivji is called as Adi (primordial).
You see, before the complete manifestation of any tree its seed has to be seen first and that is why it has to be called ‘Beej Swaroopa’- form of the seed. That is why the glory of Shiva is very important. After that, after his manifestation, the power within him gets her form and is called as Adishakti.

The same Adishakti enlightens the three forms of the God differently which you know as Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh i.e. Shivshankar.
It means that Adishakti holds the three aspects of a diamond.
And when in the dooms day the whole created universe, whole manifested world gets dissolved and the same is incarnated in the form of Brahma, then also Sadashiva remains there.
And his connection to the part of God is always maintained which is never manifested and which is a non-being.
The powers of the God which are manifested come from being and those which are non-manifested are always remained in non-being. In that the place of Sadashiva is that of a diamond. Even if a diamond is broken, scattered, however much is erased, even it is broken into many pieces then also it keeps on shining. Its shining is never destroyed.

In the same way there is a place of Sadashiva. Existence comes from Sadashiva and unless and until there develops a condition for the creation of the world no creativity will take place.
First the condition is made.
Existence of anything has to be brought up. Existence comes from the power of Sadashiva.
Therefore, his role in creation is just like a foundation of a very big building or mansion. It is not seen, a foundation is never seen but without that no building can stand.

In the same way Sadashiva being Atmaswaroopa – in the form of spirit, resides in our heart. Our existence in this world continues till he is there in our heart in the form of spirit.

The day he closes his eyes, we are finished, very same day. We move out of this world and we start continuing in Paraloka (next world).

Shivji you know resides in our Chandra nadi and while sitting on Chandra nadi he continues to do all work of the existence but he also continues to run our life.

Without Shivji we cannot continue to exist. Now these are very lengthy talks which I have described quite openly in my book.

The form of Shivji, he is an absolute Sanyasi-ascetic. As there is a form of God which is ascetic within, he does not create out of any reason, there is no reason. He does it on his own; it is his whim, his pleasure.
If he wants then he creates otherwise he destroys it. He is a symbol of all those people who are ascetic in the world. You all know that by asceticism I do not mean to be what it is considered in the world. The one who has become a witness after reaching a state of being self realized is to be called a Sanyastha-ascetic.
He is ascetic from inside. Even when living outside in the whole world he is greatest sanyasi. In this case, he does not need to tell anybody that I am a sanyasi, I have taken sanyasa. But the mind who takes sanyasa (asceticism) from within, which becomes sanyastha (ascetic) from within, that form is of Shri Shiva.
And while we reside in this world and do the worldly work and whatever we enjoy, is a bhokta (enjoyer) form of God, is his form as Vishnu. That is why in the form of Vishnu he is the enjoyer, he is ascetic in the form of Shiva and is creator in the form of Brahma, the creator.
While looking at this ascetic (sanyasi) a strange thing is seen, his body of blue pigment, because he is residing in the line of moon, snakes are entangled around his throat and on hands, all his ornamentation is arranged from snakes. Snakes are cool, are peaceful and drink combustion and he is sustaining the snakes on him.

Means whatever the evil of the world, whatever is anti, whatever is the sting, whatever are the tremendous things that are destroying the world, he is containing them all in his body.

While drinking the poison of the whole world, you all know this that he drank the whole poison in the beginning and whatever is the poison of the world drinking that he keeps this world cool and give happiness to the world.
Whatever thing that becomes dead, finished, all that is resided in his kingdom and those who are greatest evil, there prison get closed from the dust of his feet.
By the blessing of Shivji they are imprisoned. There is a kingdom of moon on his forehead. Moon is spontaneous brother of Laxmi and that’s why it is called that he has kept his brother-in-law on his forehead.
The poets have made a very strange kind of his description and he has taken the burden of Ganga on his head very beautifully.
As if he is the remover of the ego of all the beings. He has contained in his jatas(tress), egoist as Ganga, so much tremendous are his jatas. He also drinks ego which is there in human beings and that is how he protects this world from egoist people.

He is incomparable; he cannot be described in words. But he has a very big; a very extraordinary power which is not there in any deity and that is the power of forgiveness. He can also forgive greatest of evils, to whom Ganeshji cannot forgive, to whom Jesus cannot forgive, even these can be forgiven by Sadashiva.
That is why always whenever there is forgiveness to be asked (here Shri Mataji says in Marathi to somebody – don’t talk during meditation) then it has to be asked from him.
Because of there are some things that Ganesha cannot forgive, which we call as sin against the mother. Whatsoever are sex sins – Ganesha never forgive them, cannot forgive. It is very difficult to convince him, also Jesus Christ cannot forgive, just cannot.

For them there is only Mahadeva, Shri Shankar is capable. His order cannot be disobeyed by them .That is why he is to be worshipped.

It is very surprising why people fast on the Mahashivratri day. I am not able to understand on which basis this ritual has been made. Either it has been written by some mischievous people in the Shastra (scriptures).
Today he drank the poison, so you are also permitted to eat anything! And you have made out; you are also permitted to eat anything that we may take poison and do fast today.

Today there is a heavy pressure getting in my heart, the sahaja yogi who has taken fast today is pulling my heart. Sahaja yogis should not follow anything blind fondly.
They should think that the day when he achieved victory by drinking poison is the day of celebration. In the world who has told to die fasting when there is so big festival of the same Shivji? Human beings eat a little more on day when they are happy.
Today is the day of eating two more rotis (bread). Today everyone is on fast and that is why Shivji is very angry with all. And this is the thing even Shivji cannot forgive. Now how will you get your wellbeing. That is why so many shiv bhaktas gets heart attack early.

Today is the day of celebrating happiness because he drank all the poison of the world, whatever was non-benevolent, whatever was sin, whatever was evil spread in the world he consumed all of them. We should not do this kind of unauspicious job on this great celebrating day of such Shivji.
If we fast on someone’s birthday then, what will we do on his death? All the opposite business continues here, when someone is dead then the Brahmins eat sitting together, when someone is born then all the people of family fast sitting together!
How to convince, on which Shastras (scriptures) there is basis of this? And also in shastras greatest of fools have filled this kind of things.
Whomever you see, he has filled in his Shastra all the atrocities. This thought should be kept in mind that what is the meaning of fasting on this day. All should eat sweets because all the people in the temple want to eat sweet. So sweets should be offered.

Now they will have Bhang (Indian intoxicating leafy drug) and Charas (Indian intoxicant like tobacco) all the night and would say that Shivji also used to take it so we will also have it. Shivji takes Charas and Bhang for the reason of going to sub-conscious. He may eat anything he want, what does it matter to him. For example to understand that you have to go somewhere on aeroplane, then you should be pilot first.

Then they cannot be Shivji by eating Charas and Bhang. It is the Shivji who draw the poison and he is the one who is exploiting all the type of Bhang by drinking all the Bhang of the entire world.
So, that where this bhang is to be dumped? That is why it is dumped within him requesting to him, that you are Shivji please drink it. Kindly drink poison, kindly drink bhang.

All the people have gone to drink bhang today to become Shivji! How many of you are equal to the dust of feet of Shivji?
He drinks bhang because the store of bhang is kept within him. There is bhang in the world, there are devils also, and evils are also there, where to put them all?
In your house if there is such a thing to keep it, then there has to be some arrangement.
Shivji told ‘let me drink the poison of the whole world.’ That is why these things are stored in him that please you keep it with you.

Therefore, all of you who drink bhang and charas in his name, there is no other greatest fool in the whole world than you.
There is a thought for sahaja yogis that you have never felt vibrations, you have not yet known that what a thing is this, what is that flowing through you, what is that happening inside you? Something new, something very great, something is of a special form.
Then your own thoughts should be changed, your habits also need to be changed.
Why we always do adversarial things I just cannot understand.

And every adversarial thing turn out to be such adversarial that Shivji has got up from this world and it is very difficult to make him sit again and if he stands for long time then he start dancing Tandava, he has no limits.

Therefore everyone should behave in a thoughtful way. Today is his very, very great day. Promise today that by next Mahashivratri there will be a big celebration, he will be praised.
May be he does not like ornaments like those of Vishnuji; his ornaments are of different kind. For him you may apply babhut – ashes of incense stick, you may offer the whole of ashes to him, he is agreed to all, but has he ever talked of fast? I just do not know this fact.

Fasting word has been changed. Fasting has become the meaning of determination.
Fasting should be done on the time when Shri Ram went for exile then you should fast. When there is a matter of repentance, occasion of fasting is understandable. Now are you repenting that he has drunk poison?
This is an issue of consideration.

Calamity of the whole world, troubles of the whole world, the poison of the whole world he drank on this great day.
Therefore today is called as Mahashivratri. He has taken the whole of night, the whole of darkness, he consumed within himself.
I do not force on you, but try to do it.
You should determine now that you will not do fast at all on Mahashivratri and see how tremendously vibrations come and ask for forgiveness.

[Talk in Hindi Version 2]

I told you about creation first because on the day of Shivratri when we have to talk about Shiv ji, then it begins with creation therefore He is the beginning. When the first form of God Almighty manifests when He become resplendent with Brahma, He is called Sada Shiva. That’s why Shiv is considered to be the beginning. One can understand that before a tree take its complete form, one has to look at it in its form as a seed. Therefore Shiv ji has great importance. After His manifestation, His own Shakti assumes its form and is then known as Adi Shakti. Then this Adi Shakti enlightens the three forms of the God Almighty (Parmatma) separately, that you know of. They are Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh meaning Shiv Shankar…that is the 3 aspects of the same diamond. Adi Shakti knows this. During the time of ultimate destruction, when all the created creation, all the manufactured world dissolves and incarnates as the Brahma, even then Sada Shiva remains unaffected. He is related to that part of God Almighty that never incarnates, that who is a non-being. All the powers of God that incarnate are from His being, the ones that don’t, are from the non-being that stay with Him. In all this, the postion of Sada Shiv is the same as that of a diamond that even when broken into many small pieces, remains resplendent, whose sheen never diminishes. This is what Sada Shiv’s state is.
Sada Shiva gives the ‘sthiti’ -preservation or state, and in the world, if there is no presevation, there can be no creation. First the sustenance has to be developed. Existence has to be strengthened. Everything exists because of the shakti of Sada Shiv. Due to this, in the creation His contribution is the same as that of a foundation in a huge palace or house, which can’t be seen. The foundation doesn’t show but without it, no building can stand. In the same way, Sada Shiv resides in our heart in the form of our spirit. Till He resides in our hearts as spirit, only till then our lives continue in this world. The day He closes his eyes, that day we cease to exist. We leave this world and our state passes on to the other world (Paraloka).
Shiv ji, as you know resides in our Chandra nadi (moon channel), and whilst sitting in our Chandra nadi, He performs the task of our preservation within us. He also maintains the state of our ‘pran’ (life). Our lives can’t continue without Shiv ji. These are all detailed conversations. I have clarified in my book in a detailed way. By nature, Shiv ji is a great ascetic (sanyasi). Like its an aspect of the God Almighty, that from within He is an ascetic. He doesn’t create for a reason. There is a no reason. He does it from His whim, for His joy. If He wants, He creates, otherwise He destroys.
He is symbolic of an ascetic man who lives in the world. I donot mean asceticism to be the way it’s considered in the world. You all know asceticism should be where a man has reached a state where he is in a witness state (sakshi). He is an ascetic from within. From outside, he lives in the world, but from within he can be a great ascetic. He doesn’t have to say that I am an ascetic, ‘sanyasi’, I have taken ‘sanyaas’ but he has taken ‘sanyaas’ from within. The one who takes ‘sanyaas’ from within, is a manifestation of Shiv. The world we live in and work in, the world that we enjoy, that enjoyment comes from the Vishnu form of the God Almightly, that’s why in the form of Vishnu, He is the enjoyer; in the form of Shiv, He is the ascetic, and in the form of Brahma, He is the creator that creates.
Looking at this ascetic, one sees this strange thing that His body is blue in colour. Thats because He is sitting on the line of ‘Chandrama’, the moon. There are snakes around His neck and arms. His whole decoration is with snakes. Snakes are cooling and peaceful. They drink away any heat. He keeps all these snakes on his body symbolising that all the wicked, horrible, poisonous and powerful things that are trying to destroy this world, He is holding them all on His being. He has drunk all the poison of the world. You know he has already drunk the poison in the beginning. He drinks all the poison that is in the world to keep the world cool and give joy to the creation. All that dies, gets destroyed, goes and settles down in His kingdom. By the dust of His feet, the prisons of all the useless people, evil people get shut down. By Shiv ji’s grace, they become prisoners. On His head, resides ‘Chandrama’, the moon. Chandrama Himself is the brother is Lakshmi, that’s why it’s said that He is got his brother in law on His head. The poets have descibed Him in a weird way, and some time very beautifully. He has got the load of Ganga on His head as if He removes the pride of all beings. He has tied even the proud Ganga in His dredlocks. His high dredlocks are tremendous. He sucks away all the ego from human beings, and this way He protects the people from egostical people. He is incomparable, He can’t be described in words, but He has a very remarkable, extraordinary power which no other god has, is the power of forgiveness. He can forgive even the most evil. Those who can’t be forgiven even by Shri Ganesh or Yeshu, Sada Shiva can forgive even them. That’s why, when one has to ask for forgiveness, one has to ask Him because there are some things that Shri Ganesh can not forgive at all such as sin against the Mother. Shri Ganesh can never forgive all sex related sins. It’s very difficult to pacify Him. Jesus Christ also can’t forgive…ever. Only Mahadev is capable of forgiving. Even these two can’t understand him, therefore He must be worshipped.
It’s a strange thing that people fast on this day. I don’t understand on what basis this custom was made. May be some crooked people have written this in the ‘shastras’ (old religious texts). On this day, he drank the poison. Today you are allowed to eat anything…even if you drink poison. You have started fasting on this day. I can feel such a strain on my heart chakra today. Any sahajyogi who has fasted today, is straining my heart chakra today. Sahaj yogis should not act blindly. One should understand that this is a day of celebration when Shiv ji drank all the poison to become victorious in this world. It is a such a grand occasion today…who said one has to starve to death on this day? When a person is happy, he eats more on such a day. Today is a day to eat two extra chapatis and everyone’s fasting! That’s why Shiv ji is cross with everyone as He can also not forgive such a thing. So now you people will be emancipated? That’s why all these big devotees of Shiva, get heart attacks.

Today is a day of rejoicing. He drank all the poison of the world. All that was not benevolent, all the sins, all the evil that was spread in the world, he sucked it all. On this day of this great festival, we should not do something so inauspicious. If we fast on the day of someone’s birthday, so will we eat on the day he dies? All this reverse business happens here. When someone dies, all the brahmins sit down and eat. When some one is born, all the family sit down and fast. How can this be explained? Which shastra says so? And even in the shastras, the idiotic people have filled in such things. Wherever you see, they have filled all the religious texts with all sorts of wrong stuff. One must keep some sense. What is the sense in fasting today? Everyone should eat sweets because in the temples all the people want to eat sweets, so sweets should be offered. Now throughout the night, they will consume ‘bhang’ (an intoxicating drink) and ‘charas’ and then they will say Shiv ji used to have it, so we are having ‘charas’ and ‘bhang’.
Shiv ji used to have ‘charas’ and ‘bhang’, because if one has to go into the sub-conscious, one has to eat it. He can eat anything, it doesn’t mean anything to Him. You can understand if there is an aeroplane and you have to go somewhere, then you have to be a pilot first. Lips that have drunk ‘bhang’, eaten ‘charas’, can’t become Shiv ji. It is only Shiv ji, who has drunk the bhang from all over the world and is consuming it, otherwise, how else can it be finished? All these things were filled inside Him because He is the state (sthiti) Himself. Now everyone is trying to copy Him by drinking ‘bhang’. You think you are becoming Shivji by drinking bhang? How many of you here are even worth the dust of Shiv ji’s feet? He drinks it because all the store is inside Him. There is bhang in this world. There are rakshasas and evil people. Where can they be kept? Inside the house? If you have something like this, then you also have to make arrangements to store it. Shiv ji said ‘ ok bring me, I will drink the poison of the world’. Thats why these things are stored in Him. You people, who are consuming charas and bhang in His name are the greatest morons.
Sahaj yogis should think that we haven’t felt vibrations yet. You don’t know what this ‘kumbha’ is? What is this flowing from inside you? What is thing inside you that is so new, tremendous and remarkable? Then the thoughts should change, habits should change. I don’t understand why we make everything the opposite of what it should be and with every such thing, Shiv ji will leave this world and then it will be very difficult to make him settle down and if he stays standing for too long, he will start his ‘taandav’ (dance of destruction). He is unpredictable. So you should be thoguhtful of this.
Today is His very great day. You must promise me today that the next Shiv Ratri will be a huge celebration. He will be praised. He doesn’t like ornaments like Vishnu ji. He has different decorations. Get ‘babhoot’ for him. You can offer him ashes from across the world. He is ready for all this. But if you try to fast for Him, then I am not sure. The word ‘vrat’ has changed. It now has become fasting. You should fast when, for example, Shri Ram Chandra ji went into exile in the forests. When there is a repentance, then its understandable. What are you repenting for? Because He has drunk poison? One must think. All the hardships of the world, all bad habits, all the poison of the world, He drank on this great day, that’s why its called Maha Shiv Ratri. He took the whole dark night into Himself. He has absorbed all the darkness of the world inside Him. I can’t force you, but you should try it out. You should decide that at the next Maha Shiv Ratri, we will not fast and see how strongly the vibrations flow. And ask for forgiveness.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi