Mumbai (India)


Talk to Sahaja Yogis

[Hindi-Marathi to English Translation]

You people will feel bad, so let me speak in Marathi only. I am saying, whatever question you have in front of you, leave those questions in unconsciousness, it is flowing in my feet.

That means if you have any questions let us say about your daughter then nothing is going to happen by using your mind. Whatever the question is, leave it here, you will get the answer.

Now if you think this thing will benefit, that’s not the point. What God thinks beneficial for you it will happen. You can’t even do that. So, leave it to the divine. Why are you interfering? Why are you getting disturbed? You don’t have to get disturbed if you leave it to Him. Leave to those who are sitting on the committee to solve all your questions. That’s what is amazing in Sahaja Yoga! [that you can leave the burden of your head to the divine].

Leave and watch and you will be amazed by the miracles. But it becomes a matter of human self-respect, till the end, he keeps thinking that, “I have to do, I have to do.” In the end, you will find that you reached nowhere and you will go to a mental asylum.

There is a huge committee sitting around to solve your questions. The ruler of the five elements is sitting in it [Brahma dev], those who make the whole religion are sitting [Vishnu], taking the position and rhythm of the whole world, [Shiva] is sitting there.

Give them the chance too. Or will you fix all the questions? And the moment from when you start to remain in thoughtless awareness, you will see that all these three powers will come inside you, will resolve on its own [Religion, Meaning and Work].

It will sit in the right places. By remaining thoughtless, you will see a cosmic change in your questions.

(An internal event occurs. Event occurs at its source.)

E.g.: A man is drinking. He comes to me for getting rid of this. By awakening his Kundalini, the condition inside him becomes such that whenever he drinks alcohol, he vomits. Then it can also happen that the alcoholic power of alcohol can also be destroyed, all the destructive power is destroyed!

But by solving these questions from your little mind, it gets messed up. Absolutely thoughtless!

The people on my feet, yet they keep thinking. I am so surprised. At least give up your thoughts to my feet. I am trying so hard. Tandav dance is going on and even then, you are thinking like this. At least you should know to leave the thoughts to my feet. And then gradually this habit will be formed [to remain in thoughtless awareness]. But the only small thing is there, trying to be thoughtless, any question is there. Then remain thoughtless.

Although I give small suggestions time to time that what is this chakra, why it catches, you should understand it.

Keep your body fit. Keep your hearts alright. There are many diseases of “Maan” also. Women have the problem. Keep your attention there. Be thoughtless.

By doing the small thing, there is a self-sitting in your heart, its light will start spreading. And that is the light which is spreading as vibrations through you.

The divine part that is settled inside you is the Self. It goes into the whole world and comes back to you [in a parabola]. Its waves move and come round to you in your heart. Put your lamps alright [keep awaken your Kundalini]. Keep your body alright. Don’t destroy the Shakti within you [which is the oil of lamp] in mundane thoughts. Keep the flame straight. Stick the upper part of the flame with Mother’s feet. Straight flame burns fearlessly in thoughtlessness. And if such a person stands somewhere then people will ask that, “Who is your Guru? Who did you get this from?”

This is what you have to do for Sahaja Yoga, to be nirvichara [thoughtless] as far as possible.

I am pushing your Kundalini; you also try yourself. There should not be any thoughts. And do not bow your forehead to anyone. Whoever is there.

Many people are Sahaja Yogis bowing their heads in front of Sahaja Yogis. I have seen. There is no need to do such unnecessary things. Even look at the idols, whose vibrations are fine. You are very big idols; you are a temple yourself. Does that idol know your vibrations?

From those idols only the vibrations are coming while you can move your hands, you can give realization to others. If there is any problem in the chakras of somebody you can even correct it. Idol, on the other hand, is just giving the vibrations.

In Sahaja Yoga, there is a lot of work done in the Bombay centre no doubt. And people have lifted themselves very high. And, a lot of work has happened in a small village in Maharashtra. The deeper you go, the deeper the divine work will occur. We don’t require a large number of people but whatever they are they should be strong or deep.

Rajkaran should be like Shri Krishna. The rajkaran from which the world is benefited, that rajkaran should be adopted by the Sahaja Yogi.

It should be done like you get out the benefit of the person beautifully, taking out the goodness in him intelligently. As you are not going to take by hand directly, so by wrapping up the chocolate, we can give.

No one is more rajkarni than me. Be saved, I am very rajkarni. And if someone is more negative then I give him a negative man to fight among themselves. Fight and die. But my rajkaran is for your benefit. Directly they don’t come and then I have to play the rajkaran, and at the end, they come.

But what is the wisdom? It is in good thinking, thinking the hita of ourselves. This is hita’s Ganga which is flowing.

How does the second negativity come in a man? Keep an eye on yourself. In this negativity who do we like to meet more? Stop meeting. If somebody is of more than 50 years of age, they will form the group. It does not take a human being to form a group. Did God make you in a group?

It is a matter of landing at the international level, then at the universal level. (40:07)

The biggest enemy we have is rajkaran [without hita]. It’s a very big enemy inside us.

Besides these Kama [lust], Krodh [anger], Maad [drunkenness], Matsar [jealousy], is a different enemy within us which is Rajakarni [manipulation] nature inside us.

So, say to yourself, “Oh Mr Rajkarni shut up. Don’t tell us.” Big thief is sitting in. Take care of him.

How does the second negativity come?

This is due to misidentification! That we are Hindustani. You are no more Hindustani; you are a human being. And that’s the truth!


Now whose name should I suggest? That we are from the village, from where the mud of Ganpati comes?

These kinds of misidentification people always have. When you have faith in different janmas [births] then how can you believe in such misidentifications? If today you are Brahmin [sage], then you can be chamar [fly swatter] tomorrow. And it can be possible that from Muslim now you have become Brahmin.

Do you know about your past? And if you by chance see the past and analyse then you will realize that from where I have gathered this mud of foolishness. It’s all rubbish.

In one janma I was Muslim, then king, and in these times, I am beggar. And then you should think that, “How I have gathered this mud of foolishness?”

You should see tatwa. And that tatwa is the tatwa of Mahakali. All this past is due to our foolishness and we should understand the Mahakali Principle.

“I was the daughter of Shivaji Maharaj.” Where is he? And where you are? Will they come on the horse? “We have come from here; we have come from there, we are the pope of there, etc, etc.” All these are misidentification of this age also [this janma also]. What are you at this time?

Only one thing is the truth that you all are my son; nothing is truth beside that. I have given birth to all of you from the Sahasrara. Besides this, there is no truth.

Receive it. This who doesn’t understand this truth never progresses. He will always pull others. He will pull others from his negativity howsoever intelligent he thinks about himself. But he should understand that neither he is rising nor he is letting others rise.

You all are children of one mother and not only this, you are the chakra that settles in the same body.

Do you know this? There are many cells inside the Virata, small, small muscles. From these ones you are enlightened ones or awake ones. You all are enlightened. Some of you are in the heart, some of you are in the brain, some of you are in lungs, some are in the stomach. All those muscles! You are very important.

This kind of identification tadatmya [sameness of nature] is not in you. Although you say, “We are this and we are that “, but for us, you are what just like a dust particle. But in relation to Sahaja Yoga only, you are important. Otherwise, there is no relation with God. Understand this. Otherwise, you are just like 1000’s of them who are dust particles only. Your greatness is only in relation to Sahaja Yoga.

The state of mind of Hindustani man and Chinese man, British man are different. Everyone has built their matka [pot] of different shapes. There should be no harm in this. But the spices are also unique in it. Now, this misidentification is also so big that we all are different.

There is same fragrance in all of us. This, one should realize.

First truth is that you all are Sahaja Yogis, means you all have taken birth from Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

And the other truth is that you can be identified with the truth only not with the untruth [false]. The moment you do so your vibrations will stop that moment.

So whatever wrong ideas are there within you [because my mother has taught me this, because I have studied in the school, etc, etc.], get rid of them. Then only you can rise.

There should be a union with God. Add friendship with God Almighty. Must be united in His all-powerful form.

When you will understand this, you should identify it with yourself, as truth is known by all of us, and there are many who can give a lecture on this. But after knowing this truth, you are not sitting there, you are sitting here. Your side is changed [you are transformed].

You are not looking at the sun but now you yourself have become the sun. Now you have just faced towards the sun sometime, later you will be sun yourself. Look your chastity. Measure your holes.

I want all of you to be like sun. Instead of this, I don’t want anything. Those people who are unable to understand this, are short-sighted people. There is no abundance/vastness in them.

But you all should try to become huge/vast/bountiful. Even if the other person gets smaller, you still make yourself huge /bountiful in different ways.

By this abundance within you, all this smallness will vanish. Don’t condemn yourself while looking at your faults. Because that is also a way of not correcting yourself [or running from yourself]. It is the very best way the human has made to run from himself.

This I have understood now. The way is like this: if someone has said, “You are very bad” then that person will say, “Shri Mataji I am very bad.” That is, you become shameless now. Just like it is said that there should be no hypocrisy in the world. I think hypocrites are more better from shameless people.

Like shameless people saying that, “I am naughty [bad mash], devil, I don’t get afraid from anybody”, then all the people will become naughty and evil people. By this, there would be an increase in shamelessness. By hypocrisy, at least the number will not increase [number of shameless people].

The middle path or the central path is to see your faults and wipe them off by looking at them. Don’t even try to describe it. It’s your own, internal matter. You improve yourself; this is your private matter.

I don’t say anything for a long time. I just observe and don’t say anything to you, even by knowing that there is a fault in you, by looking at the fault. But yes, when it crosses the limit, when it affects the Sahaja Yogis and when it affects the others, then I say that, “See, you can’t do this!”

Don’t try to confess for anything, by coming to me. Uplift yourself high. You cleanse yourself, welcome yourself, respect yourself, keep your prestige, uplift yourself.

Become such that you can have pride in yourself [dignified person]. Everybody understands this that whatever he is doing is good or bad for him [or the thing he is doing will give pride to him or will give a bad name to him].

Everyone can understand. But don’t do anything with which you have to leave your dignity. In the darkness of this Kali Yuga, you have to shine like stars. You are going to guide people [pathfinders].

How can I find a path for anyone because I have neither walked any path nor I have reached anywhere! I am where I am, I live where I live. But you people have found the path. You have been uplifted from darkness [ignorance]. People will see you. For me, people say that, “She is holiest of holy. She is saint.” So, it is you only who has to shine like stars [it is you only who have to uplift yourself].

It is very bad to criticize the other Sahaja Yogi. It’s very bad. Because every Sahaja Yogi is part and parcel of me. And what would be more stupid than that, that one hand is cutting the fingers of the other hand?

If there is any problem in Sahaja Yogi then give bandhan to him silently, do shoe beating, try correcting but shoe beat for yourself also after that. Although you are improving and rectifying yourself from the previous years. And before 5-6 years, slowly and gradually the progress is going on.

Nobody is falling. Some are those who fall down, get out, but still, they will rise. If the attention is towards yourself and me then it is possible to work out.