Letter (Location Unknown)

Letter Human beings take for granted all the miraculous divine happenings. This is part of Maya for I do not want all of you to get startled and shocked. The veil has to be lifted in such a smooth movement that you should not loose even a ripple of Joy that is beaming through the drama of your ascent. Perhaps you were short sighted about yourself. You did not know your capabilities and hence you were struggling. This made the simple thing so complicated and difficult. Just think about it. After all, what sins can overcome the Divine Love? What human foolishness of destruction can bring forth the destruction of the Creation or its Creator that resides within you? So, arise and awake yourself to the great advent of Satya Yuga. All your fatigue and impatience would disappear if you feel the morning breeze of blossoming bliss of God Almighty. Your most loving Mother, Nirmala http://www.sakshi.org/River/kathman.htm