Sahajayoga Baddal Sarvanna Sangayche, Responsibility of Sahaja Yoga

Mumbai (India)

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Advices. Bombay (India), 27 May 1976.

One Sahaja yogi said on Sahaja yoga that “Shri Mataji, you make the first summit and then make the foundation, first you make our summit” and this is really a true fact. That means for entrancement (Samadhi state), whatever people have done till now, hard work, etc,etc., Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, whatever they would have done, means among them some true and some false, all this together whatever those people have done, that method means Dravida Pranayam ( In yoga- the regulation of the breath through certain techniques and exercises which is done by difficult way and not by simple way) there is a lot more suffering than that and if at all to say all these things then its need one Purana (antique). This means one book is such a big as Patanjali Yoga Shastra (Scripture). Like that many scripture and Puranas have been written so that people know how they can grow spiritually and can achieve great heights in their spirituality. But among them some are true and some are false, some are scams and some simply stupidity. The reason for all this is the blindness of the seekers. But while searching when they found the truth then they have a real vision, this way they achieved the sight through the darkness. In this manner, you all have to achieve this.

Now it is like that if someone daily travelling in a bullock cart then how such a person can even imagine travelling in an aeroplane. Whatever they can do, but how can they imagine like that? Our Sahaja yogis are in the same situation as this. In spirituality, those who have broken their legs, those who stood on their head years after years, through their breathing process whatever they have imagined, for them, it is very difficult to even imagine that in Sahaja yoga, how can Shri Mataji just on her finger’s tips raises people to that higher level of spirituality? (By giving self-realization) if you are surprised at this then no need to feel bad about it.

They proclaimed there are three types of Samadhi (state of oneness with the divine). They say, not me, that firstly there is a Salokya (harmony/ union) Samadhi. In this Samadhi one can see. Now how can you see? A human being is saying one can see. Means, in reality, you see Shri Ganesha, later once you go ahead you can see Kundalini and if you go more ahead then you can see even Shri Vishnu Laxmiji. This is reality, when a person in a Salokya Samadhi, he can see all these.

The day before yesterday I told you that one man was walking, putting his legs on two ladders with great efforts, in fact, his one leg on the one side of a wall and other on the other side of wall and during this process he can see in between but physically he does not exist in between. Meaning the thing which you see, you are physically not in that thing. For example, a person can see this building from outside but if you are inside the building then how can you see the building? Then with great efforts, you go up then you become tired and feel that you come so close to those people and that point you are in Samipya (near-ness) Samadhi. Means you feel that Shri Krishna is here, near you. Sometimes you feel Shri Radha near you and even you feel Shri Saibaba sitting before you. But still, you are not there, where they are. In Samipya state also, you are not there where they all are. So you think that they come to us and they (all gods) have done our work. You may say that our cow dunk work (a kind of work done in the village with cow dunk) has done by Shri Vithal. That’s true and a false thing. But you have yet not gone in the heart of Shri Vithala. You have still not seen that beauty of him. Had he done the work of cow dunks so what? But that time the situation is such that the cow dunk work has to be done so he did it. At that point, the situation was not like that we should give him a place in our hearts. That’s true that he appeared before you in reality. But that time he would have not appeared before you people then how would have believed in God. Now the time has changed, that time is over now and this time what must have done? Now people should get their state of Nirvikalpa (union with God), if he does not get that state then his whole belief on God gets collapsed and for that reason, God means someone exists somewhere so he appears before you, that’s true.

As mentioned above, in Salokya Samadhi and Samipya Samadhi, a person feels a special type of awareness or consciousness. But in both situations, he cannot progress, he will be at the same place where he was, first he could not see, now he can see, first, he could not feel but now he can feel that they are near to him. But they are not progressing from inside either their evolution happening, and then the question arises that how can one achieve his evolution? That happens with Tadatmya ( Nirvikalpa state- union with God). That is the third state. In this state, you have to be Nirvikalpa.

Now, what is the state of Nirvikalpa (union with God – Tadatmya)? Tadatmya means the one who gave the proper ways to all these powers, they are the big incarnations on the earth which were incarnated as a fraction of the god or in fact, they are the aspects of god. So the one you can see the form of Shri Vishnu or Shri Ganesha or Shri Christ, they all are forms of motivating the power of God, the other way you can say, they are giving an outlet to that powers. But if the power itself accommodates you then it becomes a form of Nirvikalpa (there is no doubt about God in this state), they are the driving force of that power of expressionless (Nirvikar) and formless (Nirakar), in which exists all-pervading power. To whom we can say infinite into finite and say them as an incarnation. But in that, which is infinite power, I want to drown you all in that power and Sahaja yoga means union you all in that ocean.

Now there are several methods to this, drawn by people. Like them from time to time, people found out different types of methods and systems to achieve God whatever the way they could think and could do. The first method is worshipping all gods by praising them so that they become happy also saying mantras, keeping awake themselves in the name of god (Jagaran), they used to think that God loves praises. Whatever their brains could permit they have done but God did not feel bad about it as that time people were neither educated nor even knowledgeable and they did not have any sense to understand anything about it. Many incarnations came on this earth and some of them have given realization to some people as well but to very fewer people. And then those who got their realization, they started giving realization to other people.

We can say that this story started with Shri Parshurama. When Shri Parshurama was incarnated at that time was the beginning of personal spirituality. People started learning spiritually by going individually in the forest. But Shri Parshurama was the incarnation and with Shri Parshurama Shri Adiguru Dattatraya also incarnated much time on this earth. And with the collaboration of these two incarnations, one or two used to get their realization in crores and lakhs. And those who used to get their realization, they also used to go to the forest for their spirituality. People used to think that visiting those incarnations and by doing Namaskar to them, we can get cured, etc. etc. These incarnations have done one or two big jobs that in whichever stone they found vibration; there they gave divinity to that stone. Like Shri Ganeshji, Shri Ashtavinayaka, they found them and started worshipping them and later people have built temples there. That time true big gurus also existed and they thought we need to give something to the common people and some people became their disciple then they made their disciples. But they used to speak on spirituality and we are in this material world. Then this was continued of becoming disciples after disciples but in all this, whatever was true that has been disappeared and which has not existed that started.

In reality, one must surrender oneself to the god by devotion as Ananya (selfsame or not any other one but you) that means you have to ask God that please give me your blessing, your love and let me be one with you and not that give job to my son, but human being gradually becoming materialistic. And as he becomes materialistic he related God with two things, how he did? When did he do? In that one, I know but another that I do not know when he did? Where did he do?

First, he related God with the sex but there is no relation between God and sex, not at all. Still, they related to God because some of the people decided that Shri Ganeshji means Shri Kundalini. One can see only a trunk of Shri Ganapati so you can say that it is a form of Shri Kundalini because it is on the sex, that’s why they related that with the sex. Many people say that Shri Kundalini is in the scapula (Skanda in Marathi) but no, she is not there at all and I am showing you all where it is and where you are claiming Shri Kundalini, there, in reality, situated Shri Ganesha and not Shri Kundalini. But in the beginning, they mess-up saying that there is a relationship between sex and God, which is the greatest mistake you can say which they have done in their naivety or innocence. And now see what the consequence of that is? And to add to that effect, I am going to write a big article on it. But in short, you can say that all these Tantrik, Mantrik (false guru) comes up where there is a relation with sex. Then some people are like such that today I heard a new thing that when a daughter in law comes to the house then first she must go to the palace of a king. What you can say these people now. In the name of God, they are making adulterous business. Only a human being can think of a relation of adulterous with a God and not an animal. Means how a human being head has been turned upside down, God has fixed them properly but see how they are using their head upside down, the way they are using their brains. They related adulterous with God so much that they related Ashwamedha Yagya (a horse sacrifice ritual) with an expression of sex. Even they say that Shri Shiva & Shri Parvati are also the expression of Sex, it means eye, means if someone becomes blind in Monsoon (End of July till 3rd week of August where everywhere is greenery) then he thinks everything in green because that time everywhere is green. In short, their thoughts and minds always think about that one thing, then Shri Shiva Parvati has done. This means all these incarnations you have related to sex and till now people are talking openly about it, they don’t feel shame about it and on top they publish in the newspapers as well. They know that Shri Kundalini is on Mooladhara chakra, she is sitting in Mooladhara chakra. Now, what you can say on this, that they are keeping their Mother on Mooladhar chakra. Do you have any motherhood; like stupid, this is not at all wisdom but stupidity.

Another effect of that, I don’t know from where they brought it that they related God even with money. Really human beings are great! Has God made money? You have made money. Was a thing like money has existed in the world before? Then how can you relate money with God? Really human being has a great brain, means it’s like a business, whoever person comes, he wants palace, he wants motors. So far, such religions exist in the world that whatever happiness you will give to your Guru (Master) the same happiness you will get in return. And which is that happiness that if you give him women then he has to get married to the English women, otherwise he may get married to the French women, and you will get that in your next birth, and then you measure these gurus in pearls and diamonds. You don’t know that now if you can even measure them in brass also. These kinds of things are going on openly everywhere and nobody has an objection to that, which means some rhythm has to be there. And if I say something about these gurus then these people say “why you are saying these things to our gurus?” because these are gurus or what? They are so dirty that I cannot even desire to beat them with my shoes, and with a big pride, you call them as your Guru and if I say that through all these gurus in the sea then you retrograde me. They broke all your kundalinis and for lifelong they have thrown you in the hell. But still, you are praising them, praise them more. These gurus are an eater of your money, womanized and drinking alcohol sitting there.

It seems one Guru Maharaj came and one woman was massaging his feet and he was drinking alcohol. She does not have any common sense. She is in a big position and very educated but she does not have that common sense that he is drinking and she is massaging his feet. And if you surrender him then surely you will get a hell. Do you have any brains? A human being doesn’t think at all? How they are so stupid? This is one side, then do other, now these things they have started in the temple. Keeping Shri Ganesha’s idol in the temple and doing all kind of filthiness before him. He is like, we say an eternal child. You do not have even dare to say any filthy word in front of him and you do all filthiness before him then he gets furious. Then you say that we will trouble ourselves, we are doing our sacrifices. Even though he gets furious but we will do filthiness. Then he goes away from there and once Shri Ganesha goes away from that temple then all kinds of incest/malpractice starts, saying we are Tantriks! Do not have words for them but a human being is so stupid that he likes all these things. Doing all these filthy things he will have his entertainment.

And regarding money the same thing, if you go to the temple then give some money to them(one and a quarter rupees), there they have kept their hired people for worshipping who’s bellies are coming out. These people come and take the money and then you say that your religion is good and you say we offered them money in lakhs, this has been done then Havan and all, then worshipping part as well. This has no meaning as you do not have the right to do all these things, you still do not have the right to even take the name of Havan and Worship then why you do the Havans and worshipping and even if you start that then lots of confusions in it. Therefore in our country, many revolutions took place. They say them religious but I would say them intellectual revolutions. They said that you have to leave all these things and have to stay in a formless god. So there is Arya religion, this and that but after making so many religions, same stupidity! Just like only change the name. Changing outside overcoat, does anything change inside? You have changed outside but inside the same situation. Talking about formless, you can achieve that formless state. In that also money comes, first work is money, organizations but what you are doing all these? Has any one person got transformed? Means you do smuggling, that too properly, then say we are Arya Samaji! (A noble society – monotheistic Indian Hindu reform movement) Then never mind doing smuggling. We mind. Only what? Only you cannot go to the temple, then you real Arya Samaji. You are smuggler? Never mind. You cut the throat of your brother. Never mind. We will support you. We will fight your case, never mind. You are beating your mother in law, alright, never mind. You can do whatever you can but only you have to do one thing that you don’t go to the temple and if you agree on this then fantastic! In Arya Samaj, if you get a license of doing all these kinds then never mind and here you become religious and you get one certificate. Then you go to a club. Arya Samaj is a club. Then even if you do smuggling, never mind. Doing filthiness, never mind, if women do not have self-respect and shame, never mind. Only you have to give them a donation, you just give money to these gurus. In this way, they have described religions in a very beautiful manner. And seeing all these things, God must be thinking that why I have made these kinds of monkeys? Doing so much hard work, where I have brought these monkeys? Why they have no brains? Why they all have mortgaged their brains when it comes to religion? Done, this is like one type.

After this, one wave came of science from fundamentalist people. They are trying to bring even god in science. The one who created whole science and where you are taking him into science! What is a science or each particle of this world, everything is at his lotus feet! Then people say that shows us, God! To show you god, what is your earning? Who are you? You are a scientist! Then for you, bombs, hydrogen bombs, etc., are ready. Stay before them shaking. Why you want to see god then and why God will stand before you! If you are so much believer of God then first surrender yourself before him. You show that you are a big scientist! Then before such people, God will never come. Does he sit for your Puja? And even if you believe or not believe, is it going to end which is eternal? Instead, you are going to disappear. God will not disappear. You are not doing any favour on God that you believe in him. This means you believe that you are a big stupid. He exists in reality and who made this world, all-stars, sun, earth and us? Then who are you, Sir to believe in him? Is this the only ego of a human being? All human beings have a big ego, bigger than Himalaya. Now, these are all like nicely grown-up fruits in the Kaliyuga. Then you see. Now Sahaja yoga! In this situation, if I would have put you all in spirituality, then would anyone of you have stayed back? To think this way, because these people first see your head by hitting Chimta (clip or one instrument) on it, then they hang you upside down, then they give you smoke from down. That’s the case if anyone stays back in it.

Like this don’t want! These children are mine! No matter how crazy they are but they are mine. No matter how they behave but they are ignorant. Then there is no cure rather than showering love on them. Thinking that I came in this world and so I am showering this love on you people. And I also made you such a way so that you can take that love. You should give this love some special place within you and make yourself beautiful and distribute this love to others as well. And these pearls of love you should spread all over. And all should get benefited out of this. However, you will not have the value of this unachievable thing that you got so easily. For that, you should ask those people who are stumbling everywhere and then they will tell you as they are still stumbling, breaking their legs for the value which you have achieved so easily. They know that they are sitting on the shore but you are only going there, again going down. Then at least sit with holding tightly and with pride as I made you sit on the summit. And right there only I gave you everything in bundles. You just sit there. Sitting there you keep on giving other people which is flowing inside you. Another way round you should think that you don’t keep down such lighted lamp but on the top of the temple because from there the lamp can nicely guide people, if I have lighted your lamps, then those for the guidance and to overcome from the darkest night. On the road, these people are stumbling so to illuminate their ways and not to waste like this, and not for burning other’s houses. But for Sahaja yoga do not require so much exercise or efforts, all people are saying that Shri Mataji, your publicity is very less, etc, etc. Let it be. Slowly and slowly publicity of these people will decrease because their reality is coming before people. People are seeing everything and realizing it. Slowly they will also come but then you keep on working on those beaten up people. I just tired of doing that. Firstly to say that this world is full of stupidity that if I say someone not to go to that person, then he runs to beat me. So there is a big responsibility for you.

The main thing means each one should speak openly to the people, fearlessly! About that one should not have any fear. Use my name. You will meet these hypocrites in the temples and wherever you see this type of gurus then you should return from there only by beating them with your shoes. And at that very moment, you need to tell him, Hey Hypocrite, just leave from here. Today as well one program is going on in Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, 15-20 people should go there and should ask, what are you doing here? What you will get doing this? Do you benefit from this? You are catching of so many of your chakras (plexus), what you are saying? You will send all these people to the mental-assailant. This movement will not happen unless and until everyone starts saying this way. In each house, your neighbours and to all the people, you must say clearly that you all their relatives and we will not let you go to the dung. We will not let you destroyed. Each person must determine this. You should tell everyone because you have already experienced this and you are knowledgeable. In this way, the sparks burns and gives shines everywhere and this way the task gets accomplished. But you all say, Shri Mataji, we already received it, then how we can say. This is not a system of Sahaja yoga. It should not be that I am only shouting alone sitting here. You must call everyone. Wherever you see these types of people then you must say, that you are a thief and you are eating everyone’s money. This is your responsibility. Rather I can say, this is the responsibility of all Sahaja yogis. Any of your relatives if you find going to these dirty and thieves people, then you should not eat food in their house. You should ostracize him. Your Nabhi will catch if you have food there. I will not do anything but your Nabhi will catch. Go have food there. “How we can say Shri Mataji? They are our real relatives of our cousin-mother-in-law, real, etc.” Out of these reals, even if three comes then you go there. Your reals are here, here they are sitting. These are your brothers and these are your sisters and if people beyond this do not come into it then no one is yours. Keep this in mind! People who are sitting in the kingdom of God should not have food at the places of these types of low-level people. We also have some self-respect and should live with that honours. And again you should not keep your head to anyone’s feet. And you should go out fearlessly telling about Sahaja yoga. These liars keep on saying, then why can’t you tell! You can’t speak being so many of you! In Sahaja Yoga, by nature, human beings become very soft but it should not be like this. When the time comes then you should be able to hold a sword in your hand and if necessary then also should be able to hold lotus in your hand. This is the speciality of Sahaja yoga. The sword should be taken wherever you needed. And you are glorious people. A long time ago you also fought and even you worshipped by taking lotuses. Hence those who have come to Sahaja yoga should not leave their bravery. Which is wrong is wrong. Its 100 per cent wrong and it should not be done, not by yourself and you should not allow others also to do it. Until and unless it is done, Sahaja yoga will not reach its ultimate goal. Sahaja yoga has so much power of truth that you get quick results. In spite of having everything still Sahaja yoga blossoming very slowly because you are not spreading it that intensely. You all must think that what all things you can do for Sahaja yoga? How can we spread it? You have ten neighbours; let’s invite them for food, for tea. Then speak about Sahaja yoga, no matter what? People should know, what is Sahaja yoga?

This is not a simple thing and Sahajayogi means a special type of citizen. A special type of creature and he is like almighty as Shri Ganesha. No need to tell anything to Ganapati, so we kept his name as Flicker (Dhumdhadaka Udedgo – an unsteady movement of a flame or light causing rapid variations in brightness, a great bustle, a violent and very quick impact), need to tell him, stop, stop, where are you going? And I made you all on his pattern. Of course, these big monks do not understand that Shri Mataji is up to what? What has she started? But I considered as Shri Ganesha Chaturdashi (the day Shri Ganesha born) for all of you. You all should become like Shri Ganesha. He does not afraid of anyone in this world. This is true, he stands on that truth and he does not afraid of anyone for that truth. You all must make a list of those all people you know, and I should see more when I come next time. More people should come to this.

Next time we kept the program on Saturday in Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan. Try and come with people. Two-four days try to find out such people and on the evening of Saturday take them all in Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan. After this, maybe no program will take place. This is the last program and on Monday will be in Matunga. If you come there then it will be good. All should come. But in Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, the program will be for Sahaja yogis and in Matunga, I will speak other things because there, still they have not received their self-realization. Now, what should be done for Sahaja yoga? Only by asking God, then he will give you several thoughts, what should be done? If we want to go ahead then what should be done? And see what enjoyment you get there. Otherwise, what have you achieved in this world? Eat only the same vegetable and Chapati daily, and die again leaving some money for your children behind you. Beyond this wheel of life, did you get anything? But by this Sahaja yoga, you become such a personality that even soil can become fragrant. Wherever you will touch your feet there the fragrance will flow. Such powerful magic you have. Make the full use of it; you should not waste even a single moment in it. Earnings, money, this will keep going, and doing whatever in it, what will you do? What you have achieved by earnings? You should live happily and simple manner. Oh God, whatever we got is more than enough. In a satisfied mind, living in satisfaction, satisfaction is a real crown of the Sahaja yoga. We need to pay our attention to living satisfactory and making our life purer. First of all, we should leave lying, cheating everywhere, stealing, hurting others, rudely and badly speaking with others. You should always pay attention to you. If you have committed any mistake then you should ask forgiveness from God. You should have beauty in you. That does not mean that you roam dressing like a ghost. Human beings should live cleanly. In your home, everywhere it should be pleasant and beautiful. You should also have some kind of beauty while talking to others. Human beings should have one kind of beauty while behaving or doing any kind of work. One should have honesty and no need of doing any kind of Dravida Pranayam (an act of holding your breath and Hassling your body). No need to shouting and screaming. Being on the central path, you should see all drama in the witness state. If you achieve this then only you can achieve Sahaja yoga. Your life will change absolutely. Your values, your priorities will change absolutely and you will have a different outline, the whole table will change. Once this is done than the things will drop off which do not have any value.

Now see this small thing like our glassware vessel is with you. Then that vessel you did not return to us. Now see such a small thing. In our Maharashtra, this is a common thing in women. So I am telling to you. Now see, how is it? Then while going to the temple, you say that “Your vessel was with us, they have not sent yet.” “We have returned it”. Then they tell this to the third person. Means your whole life wasting in such types of stupid things, as in my opinion, you should better give up such life. Should have little generosity, little big-heartedness! Without these things, there is no glory in Sahaja yoga. Its glory should be seen on your faces. If you see with the vibrations then even fruits become glorified, then how much glory should have in human beings. The person likes this, if he gets delicious food or not, if you get good clothes or not, and still you are sitting in satisfaction, then this will surely have an impact on others. And these other people will say that we saw one person, he is a real saint! But when it comes to injustice and if someone stands against God with some false thing then you should stand there with your swords and that time you should not be afraid at all. But should not waste your attention for such nasty things because this attention we offered at the lotus feet of God and he showered on us the nectar which is flowing from his lotus feet and we are flowing into it. So we will not waste our attention to such nasty things. Then you stand in your glory and self-respect.

Now we will meet again on Saturday and these people are thinking of making arrangements for puja. If you have any questions then please ask. And then we will go to meditation in some time.