Sahajayoga Baddal Sarvanna Sangayche, Responsibility of Sahaja Yoga

Mumbai (India)


Sahajyoga Sahajyoga Baddal Sarvanna Sangayche Mumbai 27-05-1976

[English translation from Marathi]

One Sahaj yogi said on Sahaj Yoga that “Mataji, you make first summit and then make the foundation. First you make our summit.” And this is really true. That means for entrancement (Samadhi) whatever people have done till now, hard work etc.etc. yoga , hat yoga, raja yoga whatever they have done , means among them some true and some false, all this together, whatever those people have done or achieved, is like Dravidi Paranayam or even more cumbersome that that. To correct this it will need a thick compendium. For example the book on Patanjali Yoga shastra (scripture) is itself so large. Of course it is one of them. There are many other old scriptures(shastras) written to guide people how to achieve spirituality and how to grow spiritually and  attain heights. There are quite a few ancient sacred writings (puranas) that have been written. But among them some are true and some are false, some are scams and some simply stupidity. The reason for all this is that the seekers were basically blind. But while seeking they found the truth, they became enlightened.

After enlightenment, they took a position that, we have achieved all this in blindness so everyone should seek it the same way or they will get it the same way. It is right. From their perspective it is right.

It is like this. A person who always travels in bullock cart cannot imagine what it is to travel in aeroplane. However hard he may try, how can he imagine? It is quite similar in Sahaj Yoga too. While seeking spirituality, people tortured their limbs, stood on their heads for years, practised breathing and contemplated , for them it is very difficult to even imagine that in Sahaj Yoga how can Shri Mataji,  just on fingertips raises people to that higher levels of spirituality. If people feel dismayed, no need to feel bad about it.

They proclaimed that there are three types of Samadhi (state of oneness with Divine). Of these, the first one they say. All of them say, not me, at first there is Salokhya (harmony- Union) Samadhi. In this state, people have visions. Now how can you see? You see. Means you can actually see Shri Ganesha. As you proceed you see Kundalini. Beyond that you see the deity of Shri Vishnu and Lakshmiji. It is true that one who attains Salokhya Samadhi, he sees all this. Two days back I told you that a man was walking placing his legs on two ladders with great efforts. Its not ladder, its more like walls. His one leg is on one wall and other on the second wall. And during this process, he can see what is in between. But he does not exist in between. Meaning you are not part of the thing you see. A person can see  this building from outside. But if you are inside the building then how can you see the building? Then as you climb up with great efforts, you reach a stage , reach a state when you are utterly exhausted and collapse. And after you collapse there, you feel as if you are very close to them. At this point you are in Samipya (Nearness, proximity) Samadhi. Means you feel that Shri Krishna is standing next to you. Sometimes you feel that Radha is here. Sometimes you see that Shri Sai Baba is sitting in person. But still you are not there where they are. In Samipya state also, you are not there where they all are.

So you think that they came to us and they (the Gods) did our work. Made dung cakes for us.  Shri Vitthal made. It’s true, not false. But you have not reached Lord Vitthala’s heart; you have not seen the beauty of it. So what’s the big deal about making dung cakes? What is so special? But that time the need of the hour was to make the dung cakes and understand that he made it. That time the condition was not such to give place in heart. You had the visions, agreed. Visions were necessary. If HE would not have appeared that time in front of people, they would not have faith in God. Hence the visions were shown. 

Those days are over and times have changed. And what should happen now? The Human should achieve Tadatmya (congruence, oneness with God). If he is not able to achieve Tadatmya, then his complete faith in God is shaken. He should believe that there is an entity called God. So there are visions. Agree. 

In Salokhya Samadhi and Samipya Samadhi, one feels a special type of consciousness. But in both, he does not progress. He will see from the same place where he was. First he could not see, now he can see. Earlier he could not feel, now he feels. But he cannot progress from within, cannot evolve. So now the question is how the evolution will take place. This can be achieved with Tadatmya (Congruence, oneness with God).  This is the third state. In this you should achieve Tadatmya (the state of oneness). Now what is the meaning of Tadatmya? Tadatmya means all those incarnations which manifest these powers should be construed as elements of God or I will call them aspects of God. So the one you see in the form of Shri Vishnu, Shri Ganesha or Christ, they are all forms activating the power of God or giving outlet to that Power. But if you are accommodated in that Power itself, you become one with the Power (Tadatmya). If you become the Power then you achieve Tadatmya. 

All God Goddesses are the activating forces of that Nirvikar, Nirakar (Faultless, Formless) Power. The all pervading Power is encompassed in all of these. Thus we can say that the Infinite has become Finite. Means limitless has become limited. Such a person is called as avatar (the incarnation). But whatever boundless power they have, I would like to immerse you in that. I would like to make you one with this power. To amalgamate you with this ocean of power is Sahaj Yoga.  

There are several methods made by people for this. From time to time people found out these methods. Some were effective some were not. The first method devised for this consisted of worshipping all deities by describing them and pleasing them. 

To stay awake chanting mantras, to awaken them by mantras. To please them. Praise them. Deities love praises is what people believe. They did what came to their mind, they praised HIM. That time, due to their ignorance or say due to their limited knowledge or as they did not have any sense to know about worshipping HIM, God did not mind their unauthorized way of remembering HIM. And after many incarnations on this earth, they gave realization to some people, but very few. And then these people later on started giving realization to others. 

We can say that this all started with Parshurama. When Parshurama was incarnated it was the beginning of individual spirituality. People started learning spirituality by going individually to the forest. But Parshurama was incarnation. And with Parshurama Shri Adiguru Dattatreya had also many incarnations. But due to Shri Dattatreya’s collaboration in Shri Parshurama’s incarnation, one in crores or lakhs used to get his realization. And after this, he also used to sit in the forest. He was next to the incarnation. People used to get cured by going to him in case of need. They thought he is a saint, we should pay our respects to him. One or two significant achievements of these individuals were that in whichever stone they found vibrations, they gave divinity to that stone, built temples. As we say this is Lord Ganesha, this is Ashtavinayaka, these are real things. But these were identified by the very few people who had achieved realization. They said that they are here. They started worshipping them and later built temples there. Some big Gurus also existed, really Big. They thought that we should give something to the common man. They spoke about things out there and we are here. Some people became their disciples and they made their disciples. But in this process what was true was lost and unwanted things started. 

The truth is that, by surrendering to HIM  in total devotion one should remember HIM. One should ask HIM “Please give me your blessings means your love and let me be one with you (Tadrup)”. This is what you should beseech of Him and not that give job to my son. Thus human gradually became very materialistic. As he became materialistic he related God with two things. How and where don’t know. I know one of these but don’t know about the other. Where and when he related.

First he related God with sex. But there is no relation between God and sex, not at all. Still they related. The reason was that some people decided that Shri Ganesha is Kundalini. One saw only the trunk of Ganapati and said that it is the form of Kundalini. Because it is on sex that’s why they related it to sex. Many people say that Kundalini is in the skandha (shoulder) but she is not there at all. See it with your own eyes. I will show it to you here. It has no relation to Skandha (shoulder). Shri Ganesha is situated here. But because of the early misunderstandings, they related God with sex. My God, such a big mistake. Should I call it mistake or a colossal mistake I don’t know? They might have committed this mistake in their naivety. But now see the result of that. To assess the effect I am going to write a big article. In short once you relate that with sex, then came the Tantriks, Mantriks(false gurus ).  After that another type of people….. 

Today I heard a new thing. Whenever a new daughter-in-law comes home she must first go to the religious head’s (maharaj) place. What should we call these people? In the name of God, these adulterous affairs. To relate adultery with God, only human being can think like this.  Not even an animal can think this way. Don’t know if a Human being’s head is fixed upside down. While God had fixed it the right way but see how you are using it in a wrong way. They have related adultery with God. They even said that Ashwamedha YAgnya (Holy fire ceremony or hawan) is also an expression of sex. Shiva and Parvati too are an expression of sex. It is something similar to what is said that a man who gets blind in the month of rainy season would see everything green. It’s like that. It is like the mind that is all thoughts in your head revolve around the same thing. Fine. So now that everything is done, Shiva Parvati also done. This way you have brought all spiritual things on the plain of sex. And still people talk openly about it. Aren’t they ashamed of it? They print it in the news paper too. They know that Kundalini is on Muladhara Chakra. She is sitting there. Now what should I say? You place your Mother on sex. Some sense you fools. Do you have any respect for motherhood? This is one colossal stupidity.

And I don’t know from where the other connotation came. And that is linking of God with monetary matters. This is very strange of humans. Really strange. God has not created money. You created. Money did not exist earlier in the world. How can money be connected to God? Really humans have a great brain, very special. They are hell bent on doing business. Everybody desires mansions, automobiles. There are such religious beliefs in the world that whatever you offer to your guru, the same you will get in return and what is that pleasure? If you offer him women, the guru marries French or English women and you will get them in your next birth. Then you weigh these gurus in diamonds and pearls. Now you don’t know if you can measure them even in brass. These types of things are going on openly everywhere and no one has any objection to that. It should have some reason or rhyme. If I say something about those gurus, people say why you are criticizing our gurus. These gurus do not deserve any respect. They are so uncouth that I cannot even desire to beat them with shoes. You call such people your guru and if I say that these gurus should be thrown in the sea, you get upset with me. They destroyed your Kundalinis and they have thrown you in hell for life. But they are still being praised. Keep praising them. These are money thieves, womanizers and alcoholics.

It seems that one guru (religious head) had come and a woman was massaging his feet while he was drinking alcohol. She does not have any sense. She is in a big position and very educated. But she does not have sense that he is drinking and she is massaging his feet. And if you surrender to him, are you not sure to get hell? Is this a brain or what? How can they not think? How can they be so stupid. This is one side. Now it has started even in temples. Keep Lord Ganesha’s idol in the temple and commit all sorts of filthy things before him. He is like an eternal child. Don’t you even dare to say any obscene words in front of HIM. And when you do all base things before him, he gets furious. Then you say we will punish ourselves. Keep on doing our sacrifices. However upset HE may be, we will continue doing filthiness. Then once HE (Shri Ganesha) goes away from the temple then all types of malpractices start.  And they call themselves Tantrik. Don’t have words for them. But a human being is so stupid that he likes these things and he derives pleasure out of these dirty things.

Regarding money the same thing. If you go to the temple, give the temple priest a rupee and a quarter. There they have kept potbellied people on hire to worship. Once these people come and take money, then religion is fulfilled. People boast that they have contributed so many lakhs of rupees. This is done. Then havan and poojan (worship) etc. This has no meaning. Because you have no right. Not only havan and poojan you have no right even to mention them. So why this havan, poojan. Once you do havan and poojan then again there is corruption. Therefore in our country many revolutions took place. They call them religious but I will say these are intellectual revolutions. They said that you need to leave everything and believe in Nirakara (Formless God). So they established Arya religion etc. In spite of doing all this same stupidity repeats. Only change the name.   By changing the coat does anything change inside? Change is on the outside, inside it is the same. By merely talking about Nirakara (Formless existence) you cannot imbibe the Nirakara doctrine. Here again money comes first then organizations. But what are you doing? Has anyone got transformed? You indulge in smuggling like a proper Arya Samaji person; it is quite Ok to indulge in smuggling. We don’t have any objection. The only thing is that you should not visit the temple. Then you are a true Arya Samaji. You are a smuggler, right, then no issue. You cut the throat of your brother, never mind. We will support you. We will fight the case for you, no problem. You beat your mother-in-law, that’s fine. You can do whatever you want. You do only one thing, don’t go to temple. Agreed? Fantastic.

When one gets license to do all these things then why shouldn’t you become an Arya Samaji? On one side you become religious, you get a certificate. You belong to a club. Arya Samaj club. Fine. Then even if you do smuggling never mind. Doing filthiness, never mind. If women do not have self respect and shame, never mind. Only you need to give donations and money to gurus. In this was they have portrayed a very beautiful image of religion to the world. And to see this God must be aghast and must be thinking why I have created these monkeys. In spite of my hard work, where have I brought these monkeys? Why they don’t have any brains, why they are so naïve about religion. So, this is one type.

After this a wave came, all fundamentalists saying science science science.  They are trying to bring even God in science. Why are you pulling the creator of science in all this? Whether it is science or each particle of this world, everything is at His feet.  Then people say show us God. To show you God, what are your achievements? Who are you? You belong to science fraternity, right? Then for you atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs etc. are ready. Stand trembling in front of them. Why you want to see God and why should God present himself before you. If you have faith in God then surrender before HIM. If you are so proud of science then God will not appear before you at all. He is not at your beck and call. Even if you believe or otherwise, whatever that is eternal or perpetual, is it going to end? You will get destroyed, not God. You are not doing any favour to God by having faith in him. Then we are stupid fools. What if you have faith, He exists in reality. Who made all these in the universe, the planets, the sun, the earth and you and me? And sir, who are you to appreciate HIM? . This is nothing but man’s arrogance, really. Every person has ego larger than Himalaya. Now these are excellent fruits grown in Kaliyuga. You only decide.

Now Sahaj Yoga. In this situation had I put you in spirituality, then would any one of you stayed back? Think about it. In that people hit you on the head by tongs, then they hang you upside down, then they smoke you up from below. And if you survive this ordeal, this is the state?  I do not wish this. You are my children however spoilt or bad you are still mine. Your behavior is because of ignorance. There is no cure other than showering love. With this thought, I came in this world and so I am showering love on you. And I have made you ready to accept this love. You should give this love a special place within you and make yourself beautiful. And you should distribute this love to others as well.  You should splurge these pearls of love everywhere and everyone should benefit from this. You will not appreciate the value of the unattainable things that you would get. Just ask the people who are struggling. They will tell you. They are still struggling, breaking their limbs. They know they are sitting on the shore but you still go to them. Again going down. So just sit tight. I have placed you at the summit. You have received all that needs to be in one single bundle. You just sit there. Sitting there you keep on giving other people what is flowing inside you. We must understand that nobody keeps a lighted lamp at the base of the temple. It is kept at the top of the temple as it can guide people from the top. If I have lighted your lamps then they are for guidance, to overcome the darkness.  To brighten the path of the people who are struggling. They are not to be wasted. Definitely not to burn houses of others. 

But Sahaj Yoga does not need  a big circus. Everyone says that Mataji, you have very little publicity. Let it be. Slowly the publicity of these people will diminish. As it is coming right in the open. The reason is people are seeing everything and realizing it. People will come gradually. But these people have failed; you need to work on them later. To tell you frankly, I am just fed up. There is so much stupidity in the world that if I tell someone not to go to that person, he is ready to assault me. So there is a big responsibility on you. The important thing is that each of you must openly tell people, without hesitation. You should not be afraid to express. Use my name. You would meet these hypocrites in the temples. And wherever you see these types of gurus you should depart only after hitting them with shoes. You should tell them then and there that you hypocrites go away from here, and ask questions.

Today there is a useless program in Bharatiya Vidyabhawan. 15-20 people should go there. And ask what are you doing here? What will you gain by doing this? Will you benefit from this? So many of your chakras have been affected, what you are telling us. You will send all these people to mental asylum. Unless everyone starts questioning this way, this movement will not commence. In your home, to people in your neighborhood you must say clearly, listen, we are your relatives and we will not let you get into filth. We will not let you be destroyed. Each individual must decide and tell others because you have experience and you are knowledgeable. This is the way sparks are generated and brightness is created. This is how tasks are accomplished. But you all say we have received it. How can we say?  Sahaj Yoga does not work this way. Only I shouting won’t work. All of you must speak. Wherever you see such people, tell them, you are thief and corrupt. This is your responsibility. This is the responsibility of all Sahaj Yogis. If any of your relatives approaches such dirty and fraud individuals then you should not eat food at their place. You should ostracize him. Your Nabhi will catch if you have food there. I will not do anything but your Nabhi will catch. Go and have food there. “How can we say no Mataji, they are our relatives. Some close, some related through cousin, mother-in-law etc.” When three of your close relatives come together, then you go there. These are your true relatives who are sitting here. These are your brothers, these are your sisters. Other than these, who do not follow Sahaj Yoga, are not yours. Keep this in mind. People who belong to the kingdom of God should not have food at such fraudulent people’s place. We also have some self respect and should protect our dignity. You should not bow down to any Tom Dick and Harry. Tell them fearlessly about Sahaj Yoga. They propagate their beliefs, these liars. Then why can’t you speak being so many of you. In Sahaj Yoga human being becomes very soft. It should not be like that. When needed you should be able to wield a sword or a bouquet of lotus with equal ease. This is the characteristics of Sahaj Yoga. Wherever needed you should be able to wield the sword as you have done it earlier. In the past you have fought with swords and have also worshipped by offering lotuses. Hence those who have come to Sahaj Yoga should not relinquish their bravery. What is wrong is wrong, hundred times wrong. You should not do it and should not allow others to do it. Until and unless this is done Sahaj Yoga will not reach its ultimate goal.

There is so much truth in Sahaj Yoga. Despite Sahaj Yoga fetching quick results, it is blossoming very slowly. Because you are not propagating it fervently. Each of you must think what one could do for Sahaj Yoga. How can we propagate it. If you have ten neighbours, invite them for food , tea. Then have discourse on Sahaj Yoga. Get started. No issues. People should know what Sahaj Yoga is. This is not a simple thing. Sahaj Yogi is a special type of citizen. He is a special type of creature. Like Shri Ganesha, he is Almighty. No need to tell anything to Shri Ganesha. This is why we call HIM the boisterous potbellied one. Need to tell HIM, stop, stop, where are you going? You are made like him. It is a pity that the sadhus wonder what Mataji is doing. What has she started?  I have invoked Ganesh Chaturthi for all. Be like Shri Ganesha. He is not afraid of anybody in the world. He stands for truth. He defends the truth fearlessly. Draw out a list of people whom you know and heard about. Next time I wish to see more people joining us.

Now, next program is on Saturday at Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan. Bring people along. Scout for a couple of days to find such people and on Saturday evening bring them all to Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan. Perhaps we will not have any more programs and this may be the last one. We shall have a program at Matunga on Monday. It will be good if you come there. All of you should come. But Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan program will be for Sahaj Yogis and in Matunga I will speak on other things as these people have not yet received self realization. Now what should we do for Sahaj Yoga? By merely asking God, HE will give you several ideas on what should be done. What should be done?  If you wish to progress what needs to be done? And see the fun. What else one would like to achieve in this world. Eat the same vegetables and chapatti daily and then die leaving some inheritance for kids after you. Beyond this have you got anything in this stereotyped life? But due to Sahaj Yoga you become such a person that even soil can become fragrant. Wherever you touch your feet, fragrance will flow. You have such powerful magic in you. Make full use of it. Do not waste even a single moment. Earning, money will continue. What more can you do about it? What significant achievement you have made by earning. In general, you should lead a satisfied life. Whatever we got O Lord, is more than enough. With a satisfied mind, one should lead a content life. Satisfaction is the crown of Sahaj Yoga.

Living in content, we need to pay attention to lead a very pious life. First of all, lying, cheating, stealing, hurting others and speaking rudely with others should be stopped. One should pay attention to oneself. If you have committed a mistake, you should ask forgiveness from God. You should have an intrinsic beauty. You should not have a ghostlike appearance. Maintain cleanliness. It should be pleasant and beautiful in your home everywhere. There must be beauty in your speech as well. While behaving or doing any work you should be graceful. You should be honest and no need to take special efforts. No need to shout. With a balanced outlook of life one should objectively witness drama around you. If you achieve this you have achieved Sahaj Yoga. Your life will change totally. Your values your priorities will change entirely and you will have a different matrix. The complete table will change. Once this happens all unnecessary things with no value will drop off.

Now look at this small incident. “Our glass vessel was with you. But you have not returned it.” Now consider this which is very common with ladies in Maharashtra.” What to say about them?” then this goes to the temple.” Your vessel was with them but they have not yet returned.” “We have returned it”. Then they tell this to a third person. Means instead of wasting your life in discussing such stupid things, you should put an end to it. One should have a little generosity, a little big heartedness. Without these things there will be no prestige for Sahaj Yoga. Its glory should be seen on your faces. You have seen even the fruits become glorified with vibrations. Then how much glory should the human beings acquire. If such person gets delicious food or not, gets good clothes or not, is still sitting in satisfaction, then it surely have an impact on others. These other people will say that we saw one person and he is real saint! But when it comes to injustice, when someone stands against God with false allegations, then he draws his sword and at that time you should not be afraid at all. You should not disturb your attention due to such useless things because you have offered your attention at the lotus feet of God. And He has showered on us the nector which is flowing from His lotus feet. We are flooded( floating) in it. So we will not waste our attention on such nasty things. So stand in glory and self respect.

We will again meet on Saturday and these people are thinking of making arrangements for pooja. If you have any questions then please ask. And then let us meditate for some time.