Dhyan Kaise Karein, How to Meditate

Mumbai (India)

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Dhyan Kaise Karein, “How to Meditate”, Bombay 29 May 1976.

I told you at Dadar how, in Sahaj Yoga, you first go into the state of tadatmya (oneness with the Divine). After the tadatmya one can attain the stage of samipya (Nearness to God) and then salokya (Companionship with God).

But on achieving tadatmya, a person’s interest itself changes. On achieving the state of tadatmya, due to his experiences, a person immediately doesn’t desire to go down into the state of salokya and samipya.

That means, when vibrations start flowing into your hands and when you feel the Kundalini of others and can raise their Kundalini, then your attention goes towards watching the Kundalini of others and understanding your own. You want to be alert about your chakras and understand other’s chakras also.

If you look up towards the sky, even if there are clouds, you will see many types of Kundalinis, because now your attention has gone to Kundalini. Whatever you want to know about Kundalini, whatever you want to see, whatever desires you have, these will be revealed to you. Your interest in Kundalini grows and all other interests disappear by themselves.

You can understand it like this: as you enter into adulthood, leaving behind the childhood, you have the interests of your adult life: your job, business, wife, family; you take interest only in these and all other interests drop off, old experiences fade away and your attention goes towards new experiences. Or you can understand it this way: a person who was not interested in music, and somehow he has become interested in classical music, then he is not going to enjoy any other non-classical music concert. Your condition in Sahaj Yoga should also be similar.

Your other habits and interests are acquired gradually and intentionally developed and thus those interests become deeply imbibed in you. Sahaj Yoga has brought about a complete transformation in you. You have come into a state of new awareness. You can now feel the vibrations and the Kundalini of others. You can give Realisation to many people. You have cured thousands of people. You have entered into a new power and you are nourished by it. But, in doing all this, there is only one shortcoming, and that is that you have not made any effort and everything has happened by itself, effortlessly. Perhaps that’s the reason why, even though many people receive vibrations in Sahaj Yoga and also rise to a very high state, their attention never stabilises on Paramatma, Atma, or Kundalini and it repeatedly goes towards wrong things.

You asked me, “What is to be done after getting Realisation?”

After Realisation you have to give.

It is absolutely necessary to give after receiving your Realisation, otherwise it has no meaning. And while giving, only one small point, must be kept in mind that – with this body, this mind (manas), this intellect (buddhi), that means the whole personality, with which you are giving such an unrivalled thing, that itself should be very beautiful. Your body should be very clean. There should be no disease in it.

Perhaps there may be many Sahaj Yogis having diseases. Before coming to Sahaj Yoga they must be getting worried and wishing that the disease should be somehow cured. But after Realisation the attention does not go onto your sickness and you start saying, “It will be alright, does not matter.” But this is wrong.

Whatever may be your problem, even if it’s very minor, you can cure yourself by placing your hand on that spot. You can keep your physical side very clean. There is not much to be done: just meditate and keep yourself clean, keep your physical side clean.

However, for you I have told you one important thing. As it is said that everyone must go to bathroom and clean oneself after getting up in the morning, similarly, for Sahaj Yogis, it is extremely important to do footsoaking for at least five minutes before going to bed.

However highly evolved you may be, and even if you may not be getting caught, but it doesn’t matter: you must do footsoaking for at least five minutes.

Even I do footsoaking sometimes, so that my Sahaj Yogis will imbibe this habit. It’s a very good habit. All Sahaj Yogis must do footsoaking for at least for five minutes every day. All Sahaj Yogis should light a lamp before the photograph, apply sindur, put your hands dip their feet in the water and sit in this fashion, opening out both the palms towards the photograph. If you do this, more than half of your problems would be solved automatically. Whatever happens, it is not difficult to spare five minutes. All should sit like this before going to sleep. That will stop more than half of your catches.

We must also get up early in the morning. Our Sahaj Yoga is a daytime activity, not of night. So one must sleep early at night. I am not asking you to sleep at 6pm, but by 10pm all must go to sleep. You should not stay awake after 10.

You must get up early in the morning. In the morning, after getting up early and taking your bath, one must sit for meditation. In the morning one must sit for meditation. Like, in our country, we have been getting up early in the morning and washing our mouths since ages and have been doing it all our lives. In the same way all Sahaj Yogis must get up early and meditate in the morning. It is a question forming a habit.

But I have seen that, for many, it is very difficult to get up early at 4am or 5am. There is reason for that. I have done in-depth study about human beings. It is very joyful to study them. It is very interesting to see how a human being runs away from himself and argues against himself. It is quite interesting to see how he gives explanations about himself and makes himself an object of ridicule.

Some people tell me, “Mother we cannot get up early in the morning.” I say, “When did you go to sleep last night?” “at midnight. But I had decided Mother, that I would get up at 4 o’clock.” That is impossible! You must somehow sleep early one day to get up early next morning. Then you will also fall asleep early that day, you will not be able to keep awake . You do that for two or three days and your body will get used to it.

When you get up early in the morning your receptivity is more. Not only that, at that early hour in the world also extremely beautiful….(sound of the tape recorder – So Mother says in Marathi « This is a machine so it is normal. But it happens sometimes to human beings also. Suddenly he gets flare up without any reason »)…So from the point of view of the body I have told you. And also that one must meditate in the morning.

Now how to meditate? Think about it. How to meditate early in the morning?

First, bow down in your heart; humble down yourself. If someone thinks that he has achieved a lot or, “I am a very big saint,” then know that he is a gone case; he is about to go out of Sahaj Yoga.

One should ask permission and sit peacefully before the photograph with palms spread out and with great humility one must bow towards one’s heart. One has to ask for forgiveness repeatedly. So, even at that time, one must ask for forgiveness that, “O God, if we have committed any mistake, please forgive us and take us into meditation.” Then we pray. We should forgive all those who have done any harm to us and if we had harmed anyone then, “Please forgive us Lord.”

At this point bring very holy feelings in your heart and then go into meditation and meditate with your eyes closed. Now, one should not ask, “For how many minutes?” It is very wrong to ask such questions.

Whether you meditate for five minutes or ten minutes, for those five or ten minutes one must meditate with complete concentration. Humbly bow down and meditate. But before meditation, try to understand it very carefully.

Before meditating give a bandhan to the place where you are going to sit for meditation. Give yourself a bandhan. Give your body a bandhan. Seven times give your body a bandhan. Give that place a bandhan. Give bandhan to my photograph. This is not be done in a mechanical way, like many people do, but with full concentration and shraddha (faith) one must give bandhan in complete silence, as if one is doing a puja. It should not happen like in a puja where people say « bring this, bring that….. »

After that, give your mana (mind) a bandhan. Now where is the mana? You have never asked me, “Mother, where is the mana?” Mana is here, it starts from here. Meaning you must give a good bandhan to Vishuddhi and Agnya chakras. Mana has to be given a bandhan. While giving bandhan one must have this thought that, “O Lord, let us remain in your bandhan and nothing untoward may happen to us.” Bow down with great humility. At that time, just assume that you are in the witness state and detached from everything. We are Nirmal pure (Nirmal). Just make yourself detached from everything and meditate.

If you try this daily, it will become a habit. With deep faith one must meditate early in the morning: maybe for ten minutes or half an hour, it does not matter. While meditating, do not move your hands. Just watch the photograph and slowly close your eyes while meditating, and do not move your hands or feet. At that time, whichever chakra is having an imbalance, it can be corrected by just watching it because, as I have said, Divine vibrations are more in the morning.

Now, after having purified your chakras, meditate on your Atma tattwa (essence of spirit). Take your attention to your Spirit.

Nobody has ever asked me, “Mother where is Atma ?” Atma is in our heart but its seat is on our Sahasrara. That is why I had said that: bow down to your heart and take your attention to your Sahasrara and be surrendered to your Spirit.

With thought, be surrendered towards the Spirit. What is the essence of Atma tattwa? Atma tattwa is purity. One should say, complete, nirmal, purity. Take your attention towards that. That is completely detached. It is not attached to anything. Because you are clinging on to certain things, you are away from your Spirit. Meditate on Atma tattwa. And this Atma tattwa is love. Meditate on this. It is a very Great thought – Atma tattwa is love.

Many religions have established in this world, but nobody has been able to describe love in any of those religions. Because of this there have been many inversions in them.

Love cannot be defined, but love is that power that is flowing from your hands. This is the chetana that people know as awareness, but they do not know that this is love. They comprehend ‘awareness’ as any other power like electricity. But, no, Atma tattwa is love. By saying one word, ‘love’, you are liberated from many bondages. Whatever is false, untruth, is against love.

Even if you are scolding someone and telling them about Truth, you are loving him. You yourself have become love, that’s why by just meditating on Prem tattwa you can get into Atma tattwa.

While meditating do not get stuck into any one thought. But now you can say that, “I am that Prem tattwa. I am that Atma tattwa. I am that power of God Almighty.” You can say like that. This way, by just saying two or three times you will feel blessed. Because you are saying the Truth, vibrations start flowing from your being with great force.

Now what should be done in day to day life?

In your daily life, you must know that the power within you is of Prem tattwa. Whatever you do, are you doing it in love or you are just trying to show off that you are a great Sahaj Yogi?

If I say something to anybody or if I get angry with someone, then I notice that he speaks against me to other Sahaj Yogis and then he asks me, “Why have I lost my vibrations?” If you are indulging in such foolishness then it is better that you leave Sahaj Yoga. Only those who are desirous of getting something can stay in Sahaj Yoga. He does not have the right to give anything. He only has to accept it from me. If he wants to give then, when his powers are developed then it would be very good. But you can give only when you are able to absorb. Therefore first learn to absorb. Try to see your shortcomings.

In our day to day activities we should see what are we giving ? Are we giving love. Are we standing in love? We fight with everyone, we argue with everyone, we trouble others and we think we are Sahaj Yogis. We should not live with this false impression.

We should live with ourselves like a mirror, meaning we should watch ourselves all the time. Like, if something is sticking on to my forehead and you inform me about that, I can wipe it. In the same way you should watch yourself and wipe off anything that is sticking to you.

In your day to day life, you should live a brighter life. There should be radiance on your face. Your behaviour has to be beautiful. Love should flow from you. If you are an individual without love then you are not a Sahaj Yogi, you should know this.

You have become a Sahaj Yogi without any desire for it and without proving your worth and I am tolerating you and you are sitting here today. If you cannot improve then please forgive me and stop coming to Sahaj Yoga. Such people will themselves go out of Sahaj Yoga in a few days time. Those who are devoid of love, those who think they are highly evolved, are useless for Sahaj Yoga. Such people should go to other kugurus (false gurus) and get kicked by them and stay with them.

Here in Sahaj Yoga you have come to become the instrument of God Almighty. You should be extremely humble, extremely humble. You should give up ego completely.

Others say that one has to take sanyasa (renunciation), I say first take sanyas from your ego, your anger. By taking out your clothes you have not renounced anything. Renunciation means giving up anger, lust, attachment, pride, greed, jealousy etc.; giving up these shadripus (six enemies) is called sanyasa – sanyast. We are not talking about superficial renunciation.

You should be extremely loving and peaceful while dealing with others. You should be talking about Sahaj Yoga with your family, children and friends. Change your friends and acquaintances. Sahaj Yogis are your real relations. You should talk to them. They will tell you that we have entered into a new world, we have new vibratory awareness. Whenever you travel anywhere – like someone was telling me that he has come from Rahuri – just as we carry our personal items while travelling, we also carry teertha. The water vibrated by my feet is called teertha, also other vibrated items like kumkum etc. If we find any sick person on the way, we give him teertha to drink. If someone talks about religion we show him Mother’s photograph and tell him about Mother and that She can give you your Self-realisation.

Whoever they meet on the way they talk about Sahaj Yoga. They apply kumkum to some and ask them how they feel, they show them my photo and talk about me and tell them that they can get their Realisation from this photograph. All the time they only talk of Sahaj Yoga and only think how they can manifest Sahaj Yoga. By doing this you shall find your depth.

There are also some people who come to Sahaj Yoga like they visit a temple and going away , and because of this they get adverse results. You see people sitting here, who used to be very sick earlier, but ever since they have received their Realisation they have never fallen ill. They have never visited a doctor after their Realisation, they have never taken any medicine either and there are some old people too, who always used to visit doctors and hospitals that have stopped doing so since taking to Sahaj Yoga. There are many such examples. Not only this, but they have also helped others. The reason is that whatever is required to be done as a Sahaj Yogi for one’s health, they kept on doing that and got cured.

You should all meet each other. Among yourselves, you are all doctors and are all patients. Just as doctors do not take fees from one another, in the same way, you also do not take any fees when you help one another. You should treat (cure) each other and discuss among yourself and you should not mind.

If someone tells you that your Sahasrara is caught up then it is a matter of shame because getting caught at Sahasrara means being against me; then you should ask others to correct you and try to find out how you got caught up. You should never have anything to do with any person who is criticising Sahaj Yoga. If you do that your Sahasrara will catch. You must tell such a person to stay away and should close your ears. Do not talk to him and advise him not to talk to you. Tell him that you have met him because of Mother and that he should shut up. If you keep talking to such a person then your Sahasrara gets caught up followed by other chakras and after a few days you will come to me and say, “Mother I have got cancer.” One or two persons had it, but now they are cured.

You must know that cancer is a disease of the Sahasrara. If you have to be free from cancer then keep your Sahasrara pure. If your Sahasrara starts getting caught up then know that it is the beginning of cancer. You should always keep your Sahasrara clean because if you do not do so then after a few years you will come and say that you have developed cancer. Then why not keep yourself clean from now?

Not only that, why not work for Sahaj Yoga for which we are in the Kingdom of God? Tomorrow, when such people are chosen from this world who belong to God’s kingdom, then you shall be the chosen ones. Why not put our efforts in this direction ? We are just wasting our time meeting friends, having food with relations, criticising others. Let’s leave all that and improve our ways. We should lead a life that will be remembered for that. Let’s think like that.

Nobody should think that he is left with very few years in life and it is difficult to achieve it now. You do not die. When you die you are then reborn and this goes on. The why not come out of this cycle (of births) in a year’s time – or if you desire you can do that in a week’s time – you only have to decide should do something special with your live once, just once so that you can be immensely benefited by Sahaj Yoga

You should be surrendered completely. It is not necessary that you touch my feet but should be surrendered to me from your heart. Some people touch my feet but are not surrendered in their heart. One has to be completely surrendered to me from within. If you are completely surrendered from within your Kundalini remains established on your Atma tattwa just like the flame of a lamp, without any flickering. But one must remain surrendered for that. In the surrendered state one experiences Joy, Bliss and God-realisation.

Sahaj Yoga is an incomparable, unique & special thing. Please try to understand this and be committed to it. The more you identify yourself with it , the more your Atma tattwa shines. Nothing is important, except that you yourself become the Light.

Those who are indulging in nonsensensical activities all the time are suggested to leave us These things are not for them. I am telling you one last time. Please take note of it and act on it thoughtfully.

Within us lie many evil tendencies, and within us lies much negativity. They influence us to do evil deeds. To act under their influence is like becoming a Satan yourself. Now it is up to you to either become a Satan or become God. Now if you wish to become Satan then it is a different thing and I am not your Guru for that. But if you wish to become God then I am your Guru. But you should save yourself from becoming Satan.

First thing to note is that on the night of new-moon and full-moon always there are dangers on your left and right sides. Especially on these two days, the nights of new moon and full moon, you should sleep very early at night. After singing bhajans, bow down before the photograph, meditate, and keep your attention on Sahasrara and go to sleep after taking bandhan. That means you go into the Unconscious the moment your attention is at your Sahasrara. There, give yourself a bandhan and you are saved. During these two nights it should be observed particularly.

The night of new moon, you should meditate especially on Shri Shiva. You should sleep after meditating on Shri Shiva, that is the Spirit, and completely surrender yourself to Him. On the night of full moon, you should meditate on Shri Rama and surrender yourself to Him for protection. The meaning of the word Ramchandra is ‘creativity’. You should completely dedicate your creative powers to Him. Thus you have to take special care of yourself on these two days.

However, on the seventh day (saptami) and ninth day (navami) of the Lunar fortnights you have my special blessings. Remember that you are specially blessed by me on these two days. Make some special arrangements so that you can have proper meditation on these days. You must do collective meditation only at those places which have been purified by my feet (where I have physically visited). You should not be doing collective meditation at your home by inviting someone. Even with your relations also you should not be doing collective meditation. You should be doing collective meditation only wherever I have told you to do so.

You should also not be discussing about Sahaj Yoga for a very long time at such a place where I have not put my feet because at such places, bhoots start talking through you and you start fighting amongst yourselves. I am saying this because even now you are not free from the clutches of bhoots. You are not able to know when the bhoot enters into your being and takes over.

This is how you should protect yourself. And whenever you are going out, leaving your home, give yourself a bandhan. Always be in the bandhan.

If you come across someone having a catch on Agnya, give him a bandhan, even with your attention it can be done. Never argue with a person who’s caught on Agnya; it is foolishness to do so. Can you ever argue with a person who is a bhoot who is caught on Agnya? Do not argue with a person who is caught on Agnya, never. Just agree with him for whatever he says. Go on saying, “Yes, yes, you are correct.” Because whenever we have a mad person we say, “Yes, yes whatever you are saying is correct.” You should neither argue with a person who is caught on Vishuddhi.

You should also not be arguing with a person who is caught on Vishuddhi. And never go near a person who is caught on Sahasrara! Have no contact with him. Tell him to improve his Sahasrara first. You should not be hesitant in telling him, “Your Sahasrara is caught. Put it right.”

Sahasrara should be kept clean. If anyone has started catching on Sahasrara, then he should immediately take help from other Sahaj Yogis, “Do something and clear my Sahasrara!”

If someone who is caught on Sahasrara talks to you, you should tell him, “You are my enemy.” Never talk to him as long as he is caught on Sahasrara.

As regards a person caught on Heart, you should help that person, as far as possible. Put bandhan on his heart, put your hand on your heart and take him to the photograph of Shri Mataji. You must take care of the Heart Chakra. Perhaps sometimes one may get a problem on the Heart Chakra. You must also help others to clear their Heart Chakra. But many people have no heart, they are very dry personalities, and you cannot do anything for such dry persons even if you wish to, so you should leave them alone.

However, if they come to you and ask for your help then advise them to first leave Hatha Yoga, and then ask them to leave other unimportant things in life. They should be asked to learn to love others and if they cannot love human beings then they should at least start loving dogs or cats.

Love everyone, love children. Never be aggressive to children. In fact one should never be aggressive to anyone. Never hurt anyone. Nobody should beat the children. No Sahaj Yogi should ever beat their children with their hands. Never beat others with your hands, never. Never get angry with anyone. Particularly Sahaj Yogis should never get angry. Instead of getting annoyed they should improve everything tactfully and intelligently. Never get angry. You must pray for how the day to day life of a Sahaj Yogi should be. One should think about it. I have told you in many ways.

Similarly this organisation that we have of Anant Jeevan (Life Eternal Trust), for which eight to ten people should get together and consider what should be done. You must all contribute to it and should give your services for it. All those who still haven’t given their names should give them to Mr. Pradhan. And we are going to start a quarterly publication in which all my letters, messages, lectures will be printed and, apart from that, if you have any experiences to be shared then do it so that these can also be printed in it. Whatever experiences we get from all over India, some of them would be printed in that. Therefore if you have any experiences keep writing to them.

Apart from that if you can write an article on Sahaj Yoga please write and send it for printing. This way there shall be a quarterly in which there will be some articles in Hindi, some in Marathi, some in English, and some in Gujarati. So we shall be starting printing either together in all these languages or one by one. Everything happens slowly in Sahaj Yoga. For that you must contribute, give your subscription and take advantage of it.

If you have any questions on this then raise them and I shall answer all of them together. We are first starting a quarterly which later be a monthly and then weekly and finally daily. But for now it shall be a quarterly publication. If you have questions, any problems then please send a letter in my name to Mr Pradhan. Please don’t write many letters to me as I do not have time. After that, do not say, “Mother has written to him and not to me.” Do not talk in such foolish ways. Sahaj Yoga is not for such people. You know that your Mother loves you all equally.

For some reasons I may not write to some people. Sometimes She writes to you and sometimes not. Sometimes I cannot write to some persons though I wish very much to write to them. But they never mind. And now I am not going to care about those who feel bad if I don’t write to them. I have cared enough for such people and the result is that those evil people have remained that way and never improved and we have been troubled.

All those with whom I have been patient thinking that one day they shall improve, have not shown any progress and have remained wicked. They have not transformed even a wee bit and we have been troubled because I had decided that no human being shall be destroyed in this Kali Yuga. I shall not torture any human being. I have given him complete freedom to go either to hell or towards God. I have given you complete freedom. If someone wants to go to hell then I say, “Take faster steps towards it,” so that I will be freed from you. That arrangement also I have done. If you wish to go to hell then I have made arrangements for that also. But if you wish to go to the feet of God, that also is arranged for you.

So I am telling all those who have troubled me, disturbed me or tormented me, that I have been patient enough and now if anyone troubles me or disturbs me then I have to say very clearly to such persons that, “Now we have no relation with you and that you should leave Sahaj Yoga.” Such people, while going out of Sahaj Yoga, show their true colours and disturb us again. Their true nature is exposed.

But I have to tell you that you should think about your own benevolence. There is no need to follow them and go to hell. They have met you in Sahaja yoga and now it is time to seperate from them. Think about your own well-being. There is no need to argue with anyone. They shall remain as they were earlier. They are very difficult to get transformed because they are evil. Those who are good, they may commit mistakes but get transformed very easily. Those who are evil are impossible to transform, I have discovered. I have tried enough but such people shall remain as they were. You can never transform them. They shall never have wisdom. That’s why there is no need to argue with such people. I have to request you, not to have any kind of relationship with such people. Slowly they shall be out of Sahaj Yoga. They are here because they want to destroy whatever spiritual accent you have accomplished. You should save yourself from such people. In Sahaja yoga you have received your vibrations.

There was a person who wanted to sell us a house, I went to his house and gave him realisation. Afterwards another person who went to him and told him that in the group of Shri Mataji (Sahaja yoga) there are all dishonest people. I had given him realisation and he felt the vibrations but he did not want to believe me. He told me « Mataji I cannot sell you the house because I was told (bad things about your group) ». So I said you can sell it to the person who gave you this information. Now nobody is ready to buy his house and he is incurring a loss. He calls me everyday asking me to buy the house and that he is sorry. I said now you sell it to the other person only. Finished. You have the complete freedom. He feels that I am unhappy with him. For me it’s not the question of being unhappy. I told him you sell the house who (mis)informed you.

So all those who think they are very intelligent, if they want to go to hell I can issue them a ticket to hell. It is all under my control. All those desirous of going to hell can have the ticket from me and I am willing to give it. Those who want to go the Kingdom of God I can also issue their ticket. A ticket clerk can issue ticket for any destination, but the ticket clerk will inform you that if you go this way there will be a derailment and immediately on reaching there your train will break.

There is no return from there. You cannot come back from there. A return ticket is not available from there. That’s why I am informing you. But I do not have to say much about hell, as you know all about it.

I have told you all this so that you can keep your own instrument clean and always keep your gaze upward. You should not gaze downwards but upward. You have to rise higher. Never look down. You have to rise higher. I am with you at every step, at every place, everywhere. Wherever you are, at whichever place you are, I am with you, completely: in person, in Spirit, and by my word, completely. This is my promise to you. But those who wish to go to hell will also be sucked down. That is also arranged so be careful. Take to the higher life.

Now I am going to London and when I come back I want to see that each one of you should have given Realisation to at least ten persons. Call others, talk to them about Sahaj Yoga openly. Don’t feel shy. Tell them about Sahaj Yoga how truthful it is. It is the religion of Truth. It is real. Gather people, talk to them wherever you find them. Every one of you should take the photograph and each one should give photo in ten homes. It is a very good way that each person contributes to take ten photographs. Give these photos to ten such homes where there will be respect towards the photo, where it will be worshipped and where Sahaj Yoga can be accepted. By this way, only, we can spread Sahaj Yoga. We do not want to have much publicity because whenever we do publicity then dirty people are also attracted and the good people do not come. Therefore it is better to serve Sahaj Yoga all the time and make yourself (spiritually) wealthy by it.

May God bless you!

My complete blessings are with you. My heart, mind, body are always engaged in your service. I am not away from you even for a moment. Whenever you will remember me anywhere just by closing your eyes , at that moment I shall come to you with all my powers, “Shankha, chakra, gada, padma, Garuda lay siddhari”. It’ll not take even a moment, but you will have to be mine. This is very important. If you are mine then it’ll not take even a moment to be with you.

May God bless you all and give you wisdom.