Sahajyog Sagalyana Samgra Karto

Mumbai (India)

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Sahaja Yoga Integrates Everyone -May 29th 1976, Mumbai Seminar

[English translation from Marathi]

You are realized yogis now by Sahaja yoga, and some are going to get their realization now. Many of you know what is Kundalini, what is Kundalini yoga, Different chakras are now working in us. Chakras names and their deities I have given information of all that to all. Not only that but you have taken experiences of it then new seekers if they take information from old yogis then that would be great.

Now the question is after getting a realization of what we have to do, this question they ask me all the time. This question is like the, “Mother we have earned money and what do we have to do?”

After earning you have to start spending. When you start earning and save the money, or in a bank account you start putting money, and save the money for your future. Now how to spend that I will tell you. Some people use that money in a very nice way. Some people asked, “If we don’t use this account then what will happen?”

God has chosen us with love and this is a very big work of the world. Now God has selected us with this great work, and has given us vibrations because of some reason. And we know that because of this Vibration we can bring others into the Kingdom of God, and they can also feel the joy of peace. Not only that but we can be connected with the all-pervading power of God Almighty.

Now the question is, “This power is flowing from our hands. If it’s not used then it should not get over. That is the people to insist. Now what we think? That this, the thing has to be done or that thing should not be done?”

Those things are not in God’s Kingdom. God’s Kingdom is very at the very highest level. We can’t order that you do this and do that. His Kingdom [Power] is the highest of all. His [God] work is done with Love, depth, and efficient way.

Now after receiving vibrations, if you sit nicely with relax and say, “Shri Mataji has given us this great experience, now we feel joyful.” If you keep doing that and when I come after 3 or 4 months then you will say, “Shri Mataji we lost our Vibrations” or “We feel burning on our palms. Are there any mistakes have we committed? Have you taken our vibrations?” That’s what they start asking.

I want to tell that if you don’t use your Vibrations for people then He [God Almighty] will take Vibrations back. That’s why after receiving vibrations it has to be used.

That means people think that Mataji wants us to give everything to Sahaja Yoga, I want to say that you cannot give anything to Sahaja Yoga. What you will give? What do you have, stone and sand? You don’t give anything to Sahaja Yoga.

If you give then He [God Almighty] gives you more. From your hand great power is flowing by His Grace and once that power starts flowing then you will know how far you are great. He has made you so capable [abilities] and for that, you don’t receive any Ego.

Now we have so many people who have cured others in large numbers, but in their mind, they don’t think that they cured people. If they cured or not, they don’t think if it’s done or not done. Something is going from hand [vibrations]. No one says that, “I have done this and that.” Now, whoever is saying that then he will be gone. Whoever is saying that, “It’s happening by me” then he will come down.

Then some people ask, “Mataji we have cured so many people, how come our vibrations are gone?”

The reason is that you started feeling that you are doing it. Since you are here and with I-ness, with the mindset of Ego and Superego, this was not there because of your realization, it’s taken away.

That’s why you felt oneness with God Almighty.

Now you are here. Now what you are, you are not that one that you started feeling from beginning. Now you have taken birth at one place [house]. To begin with this are my parents. Secondly, this is my name, then this is my country, then this is my house, then this is our community, this is my caste, etc. These are the misidentifications, which you are not that one.

 What you are? You are great power of God Almighty, that is a fact. Still, if you are outside thinking that, “I am this and that”, then the power of God Almighty won’t get enlightened within you completely.

That’s why, “I am not that but I am that”, you think in your heart [of higher personality], it means after realization, not before, so

There is no point if you say before your realization. That means you are still outside. When you go inside and say, “I am that and other things are nothing”, then it will start happening, and whoever will say, that person will get God’s realization. Inside the power is flowing, not only that it flows with tremendous power, then you will receive answers to all your questions.

Now, most people ask Mataji, “We came to you and our poverty did not go away.” There are so many like that.

Now you have come to me, that is not that you are doing a favour to me or God. We have to change our thinking. You and I came here out of our busy schedule. You are not doing any favour to me but you are doing a favour to yourself. You came here and you are benefited greatly. This big thing you have received it, this joy is entered within you. That is the great thing itself that you received it. In that you have not done any favour to God, He blessed you very highly and has given you the wealth of Love.

This has not happened in previous lives of anyone, and today these people are sitting in front of me. They are all saints. And these saints were wandering. Now they are having families and now they have settled down and immersed in the supreme. And that’s why this is possible, it looks sahaj.

But how come this is happening? It requires big penance from so many past lives! There is a reason that I am also here. How come that you ask these Yogis? I don’t want to say anything but it’s happening!

God is ready to give you blessings, ready to give you all the things. He is doing a big favour to you. If come to Him with your wisdom, He will open the doors and say, “Come, come.” But still, some people will not go to him.

Nothing less for Him, He is ready to give you whatever you ask, but for that, you should deserve that. [It means you have to have a bag to fill it and it has to have that capacity to fill it.] Your thought of taking from Him is different [means it’s different of that, “If I have come to God then I have to get gold bracelet”, means thinking of getting material things from God]. For God He doesn’t have any importance of gold. For Him gold is just like stones or rocks.

He wants to give Nectar to His children; He is the storehouse of Nectar. Would He give you stones or rocks? [Mother is comparing stones with gold or material things.] Nobody received real joy out of material things, it will be of no use. That doesn’t mean that He will give you poverty, it’s not like that. That means what you have you don’t enjoy; what you have, they are their consumable intellect, not yours.

Now see, a rich person is crying and poor is also crying. Do we have the power to consume [enjoy] anything small that we have? No! Means when we look at the thing of another person then we think, “Oh, he has a nice thing and I don’t have it.” What we have that we don’t see but what he has that we see.

Why did you receive [earn] this great thing if you can’t enjoy it? We keep on looking to get one thing, then another one. There is no end to it.

The idea of Happiness is coming from God Almighty. He gives you that Joy or Happiness. After that you don’t ask for anything. Your demands are fulfilled. Here His part is over, nothing is seen beyond that.

He brings you into such a midpoint. You don’t see anything when you stand on your midpoint that is outside. But when you are under His blessings you are diving in the ocean of Joy. Everything is for Happiness, isn’t it? But do we receive that Happiness? So, when we receive an ocean of Happiness [Joy] from that thing then why would you go to another one?

We are asking for only Joy. Whatever we ask that is only thinking of getting Joy. It doesn’t look subtle but it is. Then once you receive that Joy, why you want to look for other things?

What a great thing of Sahaja Yoga. I have talked about it a day before yesterday that the power of Sahaja Yoga is tremendous. Once you receive this power of God Almighty then you enter into new Kingdom, and God is the king of that Kingdom himself. You don’t have to say this later that, “Don’t speak in Marathi, don’t speak in Hindi, don’t speak in ten languages [many languages].” You only speak one language, have one kingdom. Unify the whole country!

There should be only one United Nations. It happens that way because you all are one, that you have only taken in a way that we are different, or you think it’s given by this form by God. We are different, you are different, and you are all one from inside. That is, it has the power to connect, it is inside to connect. Even the word ‘connected’ is not right. You are one from inside. You are the only one in infinity, means the power to show that you all are one is awakened. It means Sahaja Yoga is unified and bringing everyone together. This means it integrates everyone, it brings integration to each other.

Everyone seems to be doing well. It’s good in this culture, it’s good in that culture. Someone is better in that and the other one is better in another. And that way whatever is good in them it gets integrated. This means there are quarrels around the nations that go away. And person comes and stands at that point where he doesn’t find any difference with others.

Now we are all one, means say that this is Self-Actualization. That is one experience, it’s not like lectures. You all are brothers and sisters.

How can a mother say like this, how it’s possible? “That’s not right”, means you are brothers and sisters think artificially there is no meaning on this. There is no point if it says that forcefully that you are brothers and sisters. You will ask how that can be a possible mother.

But after getting into this, you become brothers and sisters. Those relationships are different because now you are not different anymore. Once when this power starts flowing through your hand then you will understand the Sahaja Yoga, where is this and that. Whole attention is on Kundalini. You will not pay attention outside or, what he has, what kind of clothes he wears.

Where their Kundalini stops, that they will tell you immediately. Whether he is a child or an adult, when a person is realized then he can see the Kundalini.

There are two methods, we have to pay attention to it.

On your left side, there is one type of arrangement. And the right side is having other arrangements. Another word: ‘left side’ is called ‘a collective subconscious’ or you can say ‘collective latent consciousness’. And the ‘right side’ is called ‘supra-conscious’ or you can call it as ‘super consciousness’.

What is the word in Marathi that doesn’t know about the right side?

So ‘left’ is ‘dead sub consciousness’ and ‘right’ is ‘dead super consciousness’. There is a reason for that. Those who are dead, they also want the place, means people who were lazy and not good for anything, they go on the left side. People who were overworking or ambitious, they go to the right side.

People who have gone afterlife, they slowly become small and waiting for the day to their rebirth. Some of them decide on their own, “Where should I take birth, when and who will be my parents?” I am not going to say much about it. But there are some people like that.

Some people were insatiable. Those kinds of souls [insatiable] are more here in Kali Yuga. There is a big queue for them. This kind of people are among you and they are close to you.

That’s why a person if he goes on the extreme side of both or crosses the limit, it might happen that’s why some gurus are doing these kinds of wrong things. They will push you here or another side. If he goes on extreme then he will be gone completely another side. That’s why that kind of person is among one of you. For example, Mahesh Yogi he takes to the right side.

Now what happens if you go too much on the right side? Dead people who were right-sided or insatiable [those desires did not get fulfilled] they enter into you. They have the kept their names from God’s name. Now see their cunningness. They will tell you to take Shiva’s name, Rama’s name. You will think, “I am taking God’s name.” But you have to think that God is not your servant, that you will call him like this.

What right [authority] do you have to call Him? You are not authorized to call God. If you call like this then some servant kind of people only will come to you. They might be on top of you or they are like learning from you.

So, this kind of people who have come are of supra-conscious people.

With their entry [supra conscious people] everything will be changed for you. Your blood count will change, your lifestyle will change, the reason that they have taken yours in charge. Your body will feel different, you become dynamic, you will start getting thoughts of different nature, and you will be surprised where these thoughts are coming.

For example, one person is there, he doesn’t know anything of Sanskrit and one scholar of Sanskrit comes and he started saying Shlokas of Sanskrit. One lady has come. She was a very ordinary lady, she was washing the dishes at people’s homes and she started speaking in Sanskrit, many of having heard her.

That means this kind of incident takes place and they think, “We have become now big people. Something has come in us.” But after 4, 5 years their legs and hands start shaking. Their lives are very short, and then for them, it’s hard for them to live. And even their body keeps on moving on bed. [They get badly sick.]

The reason is everywhere here is a kingdom of God, they can’t do wrong things. Once that bad spirit [bhoot] has gone from the body, then it’s done.

Even if the bad spirits are there in the body, they lose their powers. Then they don’t care about anything. This kind of situation happens. They just see the money.

Now look at the other side.

This kind of people are lazier, dirty, they do dirty work and they put them [bad spirits] in your body.

They teach you bad work, means smuggling, etc. And then you will be surprised and think, “Wow getting more money, God is helping me.” Got money from here and there. Even troubling others, hold their neck and do killing also. These kinds of bad works they do.

But these kinds of gurus don’t get angry at you, “You all are saints, its ok if you do smuggling. Give me some share of that money then its ok.” Even if a lady is a prostitute, that’s ok. “You are a goddess. Whatever you have earned, bring that money and offer at my feet as per your faith.” Once you give the money your guru [false guru] will be happy. “Then I will garland you. Yours and my relations are only one that means you are a saint and I am a guru. Our main relation is whatever you have earned. Give us the income tax. Why you want to pay to Government?”

Because of these kinds of crimes that a person gets arrested. Then people come to me and tell me, “Mataji please save us.” Then I will tell them, “How come it’s possible? He was your guru. Why did you believe in him, why did you accept him as a guru? For what work you have kept him. He flatters you. How come he becomes guru? He did not tell you that, ‘Don’t do these kinds of work [smuggling and other bad work]?’ A person who never tells you anything, why you want to keep him as a guru?” Then you will say, “Because other people believed him as guru then we also kept him as a guru. We have not done anything other than going to his feet.”

Now, this head has been created by God. How important is this head, do you know that? This head how it’s evolved from the animal stage to the human stage? That I don’t have to tell, that head has been raised. That head if you bow to wrong and dirty people then God will not forgive you.

But in Sahaja Yoga, all your sins are forgiven, that I have seen. In front of me so many people get realization. People used to tell some people, “Oh he was like this and that”. I forgive, everything is forgiven. God is great!

But a person comes from the wrong guru, God doesn’t forgive him. That person I will tell him, “Please you go to your guru, forgive me, I am not ready to work very hard for 3 to 4 years.” He is not ready to leave that guru.

What did that guru give you? Nothing. “We have kept the photo of that guru.” Ok, now after keeping the photo have you find any difference?

‘Guru’ means ‘one out of so many’ [lacs of people]. In Maharashtra, some great Gurus have taken birth, which means we are some special people, that’s what I have to say. Land of Maharashtra has something extraordinary. Or you can say that because of that soil, lotus bloomed.

Those Gurus were very great. Before some years back we had great Guru of Shirdi Sai Nath. No doubt about it, He was an incarnation of Shri Dattatreya. There is no doubt about his incarnation. He was a Muslim. You recognized him, that is important.

But there now you have built temples, big priests have come there. How they would do Puja for him or worship him? What authority they have, who are they? And in front of them you put the money. Means what is going on, what he taught, what he said? Only going to temple and sitting there, you will say, “Sai Baba has fulfilled our wishes”, means he has done our work. He does that because he is very kind. Once you surrender to Him, he will do your work. But what you have done for him?

He is angry because you are taking his name. I have seen so many of his devotees. I have to tell him, “Forgive them they don’t know.” We are not qualified to take his name. He is very great, for me.

I am ok if you have taken my name for so many times, there is no problem. I will not get angry; I am your Mother. But for him to take his name, or to see him with big eyes is a big thing.

These kinds of great saints we had. When they were alive, then they were tortured, that you have to accept. Now they are not here. Whatever happened it happened. But now also how you are behaving! Are we behaving as per them?

In Maharashtra so many saints were there. There is one group Shiva Sena [Hindu national political party] is created. Some others are also created. This kind of dirty things we are doing now. I want to say it means what it’s not a political thing, but to envy someone or think bad about others or seeing someone less than you or big than you, etc. These things should not happen by devotees of Shirdi Sainath.

Let other people do that. Keeping Sai’s [Sainath’s] photo at home and say that Hindus, Muslims are different! That kind of thing you can’t spread, admitted that Muslims are bad that they have done something wrong or harassed someone, admitted Hindus are bad they have harassed someone! But when you are keeping his [Sai’s] photo where you stand, you are at his feet. But if you are a disciple of anyone, fine. But if you are a disciple of Sai then you are all one. Then you don’t have to have different feelings.

This is a simple fact that he (Sai) said that to condemn any religion is a big sin. How many people are like that? Fine! Where have all come from? What you have understood about religion? Building temple of Ganesha! Have you become righteous [religious]? Ganesha is not there. Do you understand that? That’s why what is Dharma, understand through sahaja way!

What you have to understand about Dharma [Religion], what is Dharma? What human beings receive through Dharma? Through Dharma how to know where are we?

Shirdi Sainath was great. I have seen today’s Shankaracharya. None of them are realized. It’s different about Adi Shankaracharya, he and Shirdi Sainath are one. Great pope is not realized at all, what we can do about him? You make him pope, but he’s not realized, that’s what I can say after seeing him. Christ said, “Those who are not against me are with me.” How greatly he said that before. Do these Christians will understand this? They will say, “No.” Means those who are Christians, who made them Christians, what right do they have? Christ is angry at them to compare to you.

These are all the confusions of religions. On the name of Religion [Dharma] there are some misunderstandings [confusions]. But if today if you have Sahaja Dharma then you will understand that it is eternal and residing in everyone. It’s there in everyone.

Not only is that but Its Kingdom is there in the whole world. For that, you have to go beyond Dharma. And that state is very sahaj. In that there is no need to say anything or do anything that has been given by God Almighty to you very spontaneously. How far this is a big thing.

We talk about big things, about international. But it has to happen inside us. Which is a great thing like you all. I have many children in London. In America too I have more children. They will come now, you will meet them

Everyone’s language is of Vibrations, not necessary to know other languages. Moreshwar knows this language, one English boy from England also knows this language. Americans also know this language. They will, “This finger Mother”, they will say accurately which one is blocked. That is their Science.

If you ask them, “What is Love?”, then they will not understand that. “Hay [desire] is good?” they will not understand. The word ‘Lajja‘ [shame], will not understand. That’s why they only know other things, like stones. It’s very difficult to tell or explain people.

Now the disease called cancer is there. I am telling you again that without Sahaja, cancer will not get cured. Not Possible. Then they will come. That’s why God has given cancer, now you take to Sahaja. Without that people will not understand. Now what are the benefits of Sahaja? You only understand. I have explained to you everything very well.

Now we will go into Meditation. New People have come, give them realization and then you see.

In Sahaja it’s not like that today is done, not we will go next time. It is not like that. You have to come to the Kingdom of God. You have to enjoy it and it should be marketed in fun. It’s like when you come to Mumbai and not going to stay here. Then how would you know what is the joy or fun in Mumbai? It’s like that in this you have to get into it. Here most people have progressed well and ordinary people also progressed well.

Now the things have come like some people said that, “How would rich people come among ordinary people?” People who are feeling very successful or great, for them there is no Sahaja Yoga. If you want to come then come and sit at this place. If anyone person or king is there or a very ordinary person or big officer is there, if everyone wants to become one in front of God, then only they will get into Sahaja. We are not sitting here idle. If you have a big ego then we are not ready even to come to your bungalow to give you realization. Then they said they will not come to Sahaja.

I said we don’t want these kinds of people. If they have these kinds of low understanding or thoughts [‘shudra people’ means ‘those who are very low category people’, who is shudra]. These people with low understanding will come to you for Sahaja. I told you very clearly that they will not be benefited from Sahaja. You can stay in your big house or car.

That means I am not against rich people. So many rich people are there, they come and sit with us and they ask for their realization. But if you think, “I am the great or rich”, they come with these kinds of strange ideas. You have to develop some understanding and wisdom. Wisdom is hard to come by. Foolishness is most people do. So better to have wisdom.

I am Mother so whatever is foolishness or bad things are there, then I will tell you that you don’t do. This is for your benevolence. I am not Guru; I don’t want anything from you. I only want your betterment and wellbeing. It’s good for you, that’s why I am telling you, so don’t feel bad.

Now new people have come, I will tell them too. Whoever feels bad then their vibrations will go away.

Many people come here with weird ideas. So, you keep to wisdom.

To get wisdom is a difficult thing. It’s easy to be crazy. Thus, you keep to wisdom. I am your Mother. If you do anything silly, anything wrong, I will have to tell you do not do this, it’s for your benevolence. I am not like Gurus; I do not want anything from you. I only want your benevolence. Whatever is good for you, I will tell you, so please do not feel bad about it.

There are some new people here, I also tell for them. If you feel bad about it, if you feel guilty, then it’s of no use, vibrations will disappear, on its own.

(Some lines not easy to hear.)

Are you feeling cool in your hands? Nice! Let doctors know that this is control of the parasympathetic. Did you feel cool?

Now you doctors have to come out. Doctors have their brains lost, no one wants to listen. What I can I do? I do not understand. They may keep a photo of a Deity at home, but if I say I will show connection between a Deity and cancer, then they do not want to listen. Then how can I talk to them? It’s a problem.

Those who have not got realization keep your hands like this. And those who are sitting in meditation, watch like this. Are you feeling cool? See if you are feeling cool in your hands. Nice, very good. See with hands like this, see.


The sound which you heard just now, is similar to the sound of ‘Aum’ as we call it.

Please understand that this energy is flowing. While the energy is flowing, but it’s not fully channelized yet then you get such sound. Once it starts channelizing then you get the sound like this, like Aum. Sometimes you may feel this noise in ears, sometime in your head, which means that the energy is not fully adjusted and channelized, that’s why you are hearing this noise.

So, if you hear this noise, you need to know that the energy is not fully established. You need to fix it, and that cannot be done by a regular screw, has to be fixed by the screws of a mind if you are able to fix this, using screws of your mind, as this machine is different.

So, if you manage to fix the screws of your mind, then the wastage of this energy which today you are hearing in your ears, in your head, will disappear and it will become pure silence, complete silence.

This is a best position, where the energy is in complete silence, then you will understand that you are at that stage, then you can use this energy. Do you understand that?

Now, Aum, people say you get sound of Aum. Seven types of sounds, they get it. But that’s not correct, you should not get any sound from the energy.

There are different sounds. So, if you are getting sounds, mean this machine is not properly set, the energy is not adjusted correctly. Same like that, if you hear the sound of Aum, people say, “We achieved something great”, they actually have half knowledge. That’s why they do not understand that actually they are wrong. Actually, you should not get any noise.

In the beginning if you get the noise, its ok. You are hearing a noise, which means energy is flowing, but then you have to adjust. What is happening? Once you get adjusted, you should know. Now this is fine. Now, you have to use this energy to receive and to give, both.

For example, this microphone, if this has other noise, then how it can project my sound?

So, if you need adjustments in your energy then how can you reflect God’s voice through you? How can His energy flow through you? That’s why this machine should be fully silent. Similarly, your inner energy should be completely silent inside. To get to the complete silence is the best activity. The energy should be every subtle delicate level fully silent, that’s the best. Then what comes from above [from the Divine], comes in your speech.

So, let me tell you one thing. Other day, I was reading a book on Hata Yoga, just wanted to see what they wrote. They explained in the book what is the meaning if you hear a noise. This means the machine is damaged.

I made this machine; thus, I know it’s ruined. Do not keep hearing the machine, which is damaged, that’s not good. You hear the noise, because machine is not adjusted. You will experience this. If you are sick or you have problem, you may hear a noise in your head. Because you have problem you will hear the noise. If you are completely relaxed, you will be in complete silence, and at peace. Then these two things will be established within you, i.e. Silence and Peace.

Other thing I wanted to say, is that today we have short time. Once you all start coming to my feet, you break those. So, I request you, I need my feet. I have not insured those, so I request you, “Please do not now touch my feet. It has lot of energy, but these are delicate. So, delicately if you can bow down will be good. You need not press my feet strongly, do not show your Marathi strength.”

Other day, people pressed my feet so badly that my daughter asked me, “Why these are so many blues on your feet?”

I understand that it’s out of love, but you should not go the extremes out of love. Rather you can show this love, with delicacy, with faith, with care. That’s what I would like to request.

Finally, Mother is a mother. Even if She is Goddess, She feels leaving Her children.