London (England)


Those who are real seekers of truth do not give up their seeking by their frustrating finding of untruth.

There are plastic flowers. That does not mean there are no real flowers.

The religions manifested as real flowers on the tree of religion but people removed the flowers from the tree and made them dead flowers, as their own property.

Once you know the reality, you can know all the incarnations of divine manifestation and their functions

To know the reality, you have to be born again. You have to know the unconscious. Your attention has to jump in the unconscious. In the human state you cannot know the unconscious. Hence it should not be discarded but should be accepted as unknown.

When you jump into your unconscious, as you have seen, you become collectively conscious.

You “become”! But not that you think or feel, but you are endowed with awareness. That knows about the other people’s Kundalini and chakras on your fingers, spontaneously.

From you heart, like a mild electric current, the Divine Power [Shakti] starts flowing. They are the divine vibrations [chaitanya lahari].