Letter, Diwali

(Location Unknown)

Translation of a Hindi letter, 21 October 1976.

My dear Sahaja Yogis, my dear children,

Let this Diwali enlighten you with light of love. You yourself are the lamps which burn high and don’t get pressed by the cover. They become much more powerful than the cover. It is their own asset.

When they are hit upon, they are disturbed and extinguished. Why are our lamps disturbed? You should think over it. Is there no transparent sheath around them? Have you forgotten your Mother’s love and therefore you are so disturbed? As the glass protects the lamp, in the same way my love will protect you.

But the glass should be kept clean. How can I explain? Have I to say like Shri Krishna, “Leave all religions and surrender to me” or as Shri Jesus, “I am the way, I am the door”?

I want to tell that I am that destination. But will you people accept it? Will this fact go to your hearts? Although what I say is distorted, the Truth will always stand. You cannot change what It is. Only you will remain ignorant and backward. I am unhappy because of that.

Diwali is the day of real aspirations. Invoke the whole universe. Many lamps have to be lit and looked after. Add the oil of love. Kundalini is the wick and awaken the Kundalini of others with light of the Spirit within you. This flame of Kundalini will be kindled and once within you will become the torch. Torch is not extinguished. Then there will be spotless sheath of my love. It will neither have any limits nor any end. I will be watching you.

My love for you is showering as many, many blessings.

Yours always loving Mother


(Here is another translation.)

Dear Sahaja Yogis, my children,

May this Diwali enlighten you all with its light! You are the lamps yourself. The lamps that are lit, can’t be suppressed by covering over. On the contrary, they will get more powerful. This is their own treasure [quality]. When there is an attack on them, they get unstable [flicker] and extinguish.

Why do your lamps [flames] get unstable? This must be given some thought. Isn’t there a conspicuous armour on them? Have you forgotten your Mother’s love? Is that the reason that you are unstable? Just as a glass shields the lamp, my love is going to protect you.

But you must keep this glass clean. How do I explain? Would I have to say like Krishna, “Give up all your dharmas, and take refuge with only One” [that’s I, Krishna] or like Jesus Christ must have said, “I’m the path, I am the door”?

I want to tell you that I am the destination. But can you accept this and can the concept be assimilated? Whatever I say, even if it would be portrayed as the opposite, whatever is the truth will remain so. You can’t change its form. [If you try] you will stay ignorant and backward. That’s what makes me sad.

Diwali is the day of new invocation. Go invoke the whole world. Many lamps are to be lit. We’ve to decorate them. Put the oil of love in these, the wick [for the flame] is the Kundalini and using the light within you, awaken the Kundalini within others.

As the flames of the Kundalini light up, torches will light up within. Torches don’t extinguish. And my pure love will provide a spotless veil, which will have no limit or end. I will keep watching you. My love for you is coming out in form of many blessings [ashirwad]. These are the greetings for Diwali.

Your forever loving Mother,