2nd Talk

Mumbai (India)


2nd Talk, Mumbai, India 1976-12-18

I have come to Khare village today to meet all of you. These coincidences are predestined from our earlier lives. We’ll not understand easily why they happen because we do not know our previous lives. But as these meetings are predestined, it is the right time to meet all of you in this life time also.

Sahajayoga will prosper in rural areas .I know that. Because the people living in the city consider themselves very wise. Most of them are book worms. If they do not think that way, then they consider themselves something special on the basis of money and power. They think that they have created the whole world. He also created the sky. And they are the lords of the world. And there is no such thing as God in the world. Whenever they do any unrighteous thing they do not fear of displeasing  God and they never think that they  are doing this unrighteous deed. The rural population of our country or rural Mumbai still remembers God. Our India is a land of yoga. And Ram and Sita have sanctified all the land by travelling on foot. They have made it sacred. In the rural society there is  simplicity, innocence and devotion to the Lord. (not clear) people do but many people extract money by telling lies.

Money is extracted from innocent people by telling them some lies about God and creating strange feelings in them. It is happening in every village. This is very sad. But Lord Shankara is behind  the innocent people  and protects them.  Lord is enticed by  simple people, and he always stands by them. But faith in the Lord must not be lost even for a moment. You have to remember simple things that  Lord cannot be bought in the market .Or a person who represents the Lord cannot take any money from you. If he robs money from you, he is not a man of the Lord. So if he is asking for money for any reason, you have to tell him straight away that we have nothing to do with you. Secondly in the cities there are more diseases than in the rural areas. It is quite surprising. It is because of the clean air environment as well as the sacred work. People’s minds are pure. But our Sahajayogis have also done a great job in eradicating the disease, and once you have attained the degree of enlightenment in Sahaja yoga, you don’t need anything like a doctor, and all diseases, mental or physical, are gone forever. You don’t have to pay any money for Sahaja yoga, you don’t have to do any special work for it, there is no hard work, just like a seed grows by itself, the seed in you sprouts. There is a sprout in you, and that sprout is called Kundalini by [UNCLEAR]. As every seed has a seedling, in the same manner there is a seedling in each one of you but if one seed is not (inaudible) or the seed is not fully grown, then the sprouting takes time. We just pour the water of our love on that seed or that bud and do nothing else. Anyway one cannot do much about it since the seed grows automatically. In the same way, the bud that the Lord has placed in you will come up automatically.  Only difference is that, even if you have a lamp that you have decorated, it does not burn automatically, it should be brought near a burning lamp. In the same way, even in Sahaja yoga, the lamp that is lit can light the unlit lamp. But when other lamps are lit, they can also light other lamps. So that’s the process. If the wick of a lamp has slipped down, a lamp is broken, or when there is a shortage of oil in a lamp, these things can be rectified beforehand easily in Sahaja yoga. Kundalini is your mother. And she accompanies you in each of your previous lives  and you know how sacred a mother is. This holiness is your mother and she is waiting for the right moment. Whenever she encounters someone who is so overwhelmed with love she arises and you are realised.

Today we are going to experiment a bit here. And I hope, for many of you, it will happen so easily that no one will believe that you got it so quickly because you have to fast for it, you have to do this and that (to obtain it). Also he should go to the forest and do penance. It’s like if someone does not know the way to Kalwa he would have to come on foot from Mumbai in search of the place. About fifty years ago, it would have taken him many hours. But if we came by car today, it did not  take us that long. It would have even taken hours or days. But we started from there and reached here.

In the same way, the progress that we have made in modern times in the material world is like a growth of a tree. If it is grown outside then the roots have definitely grown. Thus this (what I am talking about) is the growth of the roots thus it is not very easy to understand.

Because the outside progress of the tree is noticed, the progress  of the root cannot be noticed without seeing it first .This is the work of the roots. If the root is able to find the source (of water) or a spring then there is no question of the tree dying or suffering in any way. It can get the water even if it grows a lot. In the same way Sahaja yoga is found in this modern Kali Yuga. And everyone should use it.          Only it is not meant for very shallow minded (unmatured) people . If there are people who make fun of others and are very superficial, even if they have vibrations, they will lose them easily. Faith is needed towards God. If you have no faith in Him why should he do good to you. You say heal our son, but Mataji, we don’t have faith in you, so why should I heal him? Just think, even if I say it out of love that I will heal you, there are many Gods involved who will do it. They must agree. Hanuman should agree, Ganesha should agree, Shankara should agree, Krishna should agree that this man is right, otherwise they say there is no need to help him. They are just shallow minded people who have come here for their selfish purposes and there is no point in helping them. 

Thousands of people have been healed through Sahaja yoga. The diseases are cured. Apart from that, thousands of people who have been realised are also curing other people. In Sahaja yoga, it should be kept in mind that man does not know everything about himself, he does not understand what happens to us after we die. Who we were before we were born? What will happen in the future? When he doesn’t know all these things about himself, he has to follow some rules of Sahaja yoga. I mean, it’s a small thing that you don’t allow to put kumkum on you except from a realised person. You should not allow others to touch your forehead. So usually you will ask the question, Mataji, why is that?

(Inaudible) waves are flowing. As we say, someone has a good hand or someone’s hand is not good, his hand is good for agriculture, his hand is good for medicine. It is because these waves (vibrations) are flowing from your hands. If the person from whose hand the bad vibrations flow touch your forehead, you may start having bad thoughts . So you should be very careful with your forehead. This is a rule in Sahaja yoga that the foreheads of men are made by God after giving it a lot of thought. That is why we should think twice before  bowing to anyone. If you walk around bowing your head in front of everyone and one of them is a monster then the vices in him will easily come to you.

These are some of the rules, if you follow them, you will be able to settle in Sahaja yoga. And Sahaja yoga is a great gift. You may be surprised if some people here tell you about the experiences of Sahaja yoga. Once a Sahaja yogi was travelling by a train and the train met with an accident. The whole train was upside down but not one person was injured. There was a small child who was thrown far away but nothing happened to him. People were surprised. How did it happen?  Accidents like this are avoided. You might say how does this happen? Now we have a lot of faith in Hanuman.  Every now and then we ask him for his help. There is  also a Hanumana temple in the village. But we do not realise that he is everywhere. We are not connected to him otherwise as soon as we ask for his help he immediately available. Not only that but a Sahaja yogi’s connection is established with God and he is always protected. Ganapati is also everywhere. We have an impression that Ganapati is only found in the temples. But he is everywhere helping everyone. If a Sahaja yogi is in trouble then Ganapati helps him out. We believe in  Ganapati, Maruti, we have to celebrate Dattatraya Jayanti, Shankar is also there. We can see our body which is visible. But these deities are everywhere and keeping a guard. We’ll not be able to realise this unless we are connected to God and meet (feel) him. It’s like this mike. Unless and until it is connected to the mains you will not hear anything. In the same way, unless and until you are united with God or get your realisation, whenever you take His name He cannot hear you. But we continuously take his name and call him day and night (inaudible) as if he is our servant. We always ask Him to do some things. Do this do that. Help my father, help my son but do we have any right on Him? What have we done for God? Are we connected with God?

It’s like we have a president of India. If you want to meet him then you have to send him a letter, take his permission. But instead if you go and sit before him (office/house) and ask him to come and do your work, then won’t the police come and arrest you? 

So one should have a right and the proof of the right (authority) is that you should feel the vibrations as Shankaracharya has said. And this is exactly what is happening today. It’s not just talk about God. We can prove the existence of God. Even you can do it. But it is not meant for Tom, Dick and Harry (Yerya gabalache kaam nohe). One should have devotion. If you are a simple and an innocent person with an urge to realise God then you can attain great heights.

(Inaudible) We do not become saints by simply wearing saffron clothes or shaving off the hair. Otherwise a sheep is shaved daily. Does it become a saint? We do not become saints by changing clothes. Changing outside attire do not make you a saint. We (in Maharashtra) have known a lot of saints. We had Saint Tukaram. He had not taken an ascetic life. No saint requires to take to asceticism as he is an ascetic from inside. From inside he is changed so he does not require to make a show outside. Whatever has to happen, happens inside and we feel it inside. 

It’s possible that some persons might feel that we have felt the vibrations for some time. Maybe ten persons might feel them and four persons might not feel. So these four persons who have not felt will start speaking with hatred that it is all falsehood, this and that. So that these ten persons who have felt will also start following those four persons because a human being’s brain is partial. This is a very new experience. And one should establish in this experience. You can say that it should happen in a split of a second or in a minute. It happens quickly but to be established in this new state you should steady yourself. Some efforts are needed. Thus you should do it (efforts) after realisation, not before.

Today they have called me to Kalwa. But I do not know what is the further programme. I wish that everyone should go into meditation and if you can get your realisation in the meditation it will be a good thing. Later on I can also see some persons who are not well. But if you have any questions you can ask. I’ll be glad to answer them.

Do you have any questions? Yes you can come forward and ask

In Hindi:

Question: With your grace I received my realisation but………

Shri Mataji: OK

This thought does not come to us that this is a cemetery. Cemeteries must be always outside the village. But some people try to occupy them even if it a cemetery. In Mumbai there is a cemetery near my house and they have built a playing ground for small children. So these children will certainly be affected because there are all the graveyards. Human beings do not take into consideration these things. Modern man does not have this wisdom. In the same way there are buildings constructed (colonies). Thus both of you should take some Kumkum with you to protect you. Later on when you will know, you will realise that you have been protected from a big trouble. People become mad, go to a (mad) asylum, get sick and die but they do not realise how did it happen in our house? Even small children (are affected). Since you do not  know about yourself how can you know about others? What happened to this person? Who is he?

Just take a small example. You go to the temple. God is in the temple thus we have to bow before him. Having temple is necessary. But if the priest in the temple is a thief and is doing all sorts of bad things, doing black magic and he gives you a prasad. Will it not go in your stomach? If you are a simple person you will not know but if you are a Sahaja yogi, as soon as you eat such things you will vomit and throw it out. They cannot stay in your stomach. Otherwise you come home have a stomach-ache which may become worse and thus have to be admitted to the hospital and you die. We did not understand what happened Shri Mataji? All these things can be understood once you start understanding yourself and thus others also. Because you have not known yourself. You have to first realise the strength of the power you have within yourself. As soon as you realise that you will understand what is the wrong with this person or that person. If his defect is causing you a problem then you can even protect yourself from him after identifying the problem.

Hindi: (Inaudible)

Shri Mataji: You also try come there (to the centers). They will make you a master of the kundalini. Those who are sitting here are masters in the knowledge of kundalini. They have cured thousands of people. This person is from Dhulia, She opened a center and has cured thousands of people. Her son is also a doctor and another son is a big landlord. When they opened a center they could cure thousands of people. Those who are cured told that, now they do not take medicine even of one paisa. Their children are realised and everyone is realised.

Now in your Kalwa you should all do it (open a center), put your mind to it and get it. In Sahaja yoga that you get your realisation on one day and you forget it the next day. You should understand that if I give you electricity but not tell you how to put it on then how will you know (the benefits of it)? You should learn a few things. There are only 2 to 4 things to be remembered. If you remember these things then you will not have any problems. You should give bandhan to yourself, foot soak. Only doing a few things can make you alright. It is not necessary to do many things. But you should do it otherwise it does not work. It’s the work of God so you have to learn some things. For a small thing like electricity people take years to learn. But this is the work of God so you have to learn certain things. Even you have to learn which finger to use during the puja, which sort of flower to offer. There is a meaning to all these small things which you should try to learn.

Shri Mataji: You can ask questions. Do you have any questions?


Like drinking alcohol. I do not forbid to drink alcohol but after being in Sahaja yoga you cannot drink alcohol. If you drink alcohol immediately you will vomit. It cannot stay inside you. It will be difficult. You will have problems if you smoke. After Sahaja yoga if you try to smoke then you will have problems. Then your mind will say I will not smoke and quit smoking. With us (Sahaja yogis) nobody smokes. They quit smoking by themselves- automatically. I do not tell them not to smoke but they quit smoking by themselves. There was a gentleman in Singapore. He used to drink (alcohol) a lot. His wife brought him to me so that he quits smoking. He got his realisation. Afterwards, it so happened that whenever he tried to drink, he used to have a  fragrance. The fragrance was so strong that he quit drinking and started inhaling only the fragrance.