Sahajayogyanmadhe Dharma Stapna Aur Sahajayog, Dharma has to be established Within

Mumbai (India)

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Sahajyogyan Madhe Dharma Sthapna Zali Pahije 18th December 1976 Place Mumbai Seminar

Sahaja Yoga work is very special. I told you earlier that I have created you all of a new model like Ganpati [Shri Ganesha]. This is a new method. You took it especially because you deserve that to accept it. I did not give an improper donation. I know your worthiness step by step. All that can be said is that due to the love of the mother, very gently, lovingly, very carefully, this work has been done, but if we did not have that ability, it would not have happened. 

Today, thousands of people are running from one place to another. People are crazy. Do not think that what has been said in the scriptures to this day is a testimony to the great philosophers, and great Lord Krishna, from time immemorial. Why don’t these people think about it? In any scripture, whether it is written by Muhammad or recited by Christians or recited by Lord Krishna in the Gita, the principle is that you should know the Self’ within yourself and you gain its power.

But with that being said, people are reluctant to do this because people don’t understand the truth. If it is untrue, it will be understood immediately and it will be accepted because of the habit of walking on the path of untruth. 

What is the last step that human beings have reached by holding on to more lies? They are moving towards the hell. Hell is in a state of desperation. You can see it in Kali Yuga. The father does not trust the child, the child does not trust the mother. The whole world is in turmoil. In such a situation, people are hesitant, to tell the truth. It is as if someone is suddenly brought out of the darkness and his eyes light up and he does not want to go back as light. 

Then in Sahaja Yoga, many people will not come at once and whatever comes will fall and collapse. Even if I put them in place, they will run back. 

This condition will continue for some time to come, but the only cure for it is to do what Sahaja Yoga is.

Called permanence or world-famous, no matter what we are, we don’t have any features or we don’t get anything. We have been what we are from birth. So, we have nothing to give or take.

If we were then, people would only say that Mataji was Adishakti. Since they are Adishakti themselves, what do you tell us about them?

Then, people will look at you all and see what has changed in Sahaja Yoga, “Was their religion established? Because Dharmasthapana [establishment of Dharma] was not the first time. Did Mataji establish Dharma for the first time in Kali Yuga? Where will she do it? In your navel chakra? Whether it is a religion from you or not, whether you are religious or not, if this is proved first?” Some people should look at you and say what has changed between them, “What a man! He has a wonderful glow.”

If we have a lamp, people will say, “It has been a lamp in the sky for many days. What is his greatness? Many came and went. The lamp we [had to] lit was never lit. [In Marathi: the lights went on.]”

So, it shouldn’t happen. People should understand from your light that we decorated Diwali with lamps and there can be no bigger public news than this. Tomorrow we’ll appear in the newspaper, the photo came. Then what Mataji’s photo is there! It is real. Of course! 

So, what’s next ‘No matter how much you say that, “Adishakti, but what about us?” So why do you go to that false guru? “So, I want to go to the false guru that he is just showing his best, his tricks.” He is glad if you give him some money!

But they say to Mataji, “You show the maximum.” That’s where Mataji misses. They want to do what they want to do, but they expect us to do it, “If you want money, we will give it.”

Let’s do hard work, but we should establish Dharma. We should see love. People in the world should say, ‘What a shining man” This is a very difficult task, then how can Sahaja Yoga come together because, “We will continue to do the business we want to do.”?

I told you yesterday, I had gone to Singapore, where a Guru Baba was fleeing. Because he told everyone to smuggle, do anything, keep as many wives, keep men, but give money here. Eventually, all their smuggled goods were seized. 

That’s when they came to me, said, “Now go and ask them.” So this thing doesn’t appeal to a man at all. Take anyone now, I say, “I saw so many realized monks. Saw a lot.”!

He was from Ambernath, he was our Maharaj. Some don’t do anything to anyone. And said, “Maharaj, why don’t you say something?” “Let them die because they say that they have no merit. Why give them?”

I do not say so. I have already said that you deserve it. It is said that there is merit and it is true that it is given. No one, no one among you, doubts that. So that’s how different it is inside. We have to look inside to see how far he has come and look at the mistakes we have made or the side and see our weaknesses. 

A Sahaja Yogi is like a lighthouse. Tell me why I have to work so hard after establishing so many Ganeshas? What do I need to break the straps, if I have one like your fit? Kundalini you can lift. People can cross. Millions of rupees will come to your feet if you sit in a monastery. Why should I work so hard? 

The only thing missing is that you still don’t understand what you have got! 

Ah, even those who did not have domestic awareness built the ashram of the ashram. “We are ordinary people, we are householders.” It happened on the outside. What are you from the inside? 

Obstacles will run from where the feet fall. I know, if you have the power to separate water, if it doesn’t come out of the milk, then I don’t know what to say to him first. What is Chakra Dharatay [imbalance of Chakra]?

You don’t have to work so hard. Just standing as a witness in absolute neutrality will break the whole cycle. Because everything is a lie. Just look at why everything falls apart as soon as you stand where you are! Just stick it there. I want to take a little bit of attention inside. You are standing there.

The clothes are the same. Behavior is the same. There is a husband, there is a wife, there are children, there is the whole world, there is society. But if you go inside the mind, you have to remember that the devotion of the whole world is behind you. 

This is your Mother earth standing up for your protection. All the stars are there for your protection, whatever you want. But to put it bluntly, you are ashamed like a new bride. I have said hundreds of times that there is no Sahaja Yoga for half-people. If you are strong and brave, then come. If there are some then also works, but they should be brave. I gave him a horse, put him on a horse, taught him how to ride a horse, but still crying people! Then tell me what to do? Now shall I stick you to a horse? 

Your chakras should not catch. Truly your chakras don’t catch. Now, look at this. If you understand how Maya is in this, you will know you are an instrument. You are an instrument like a computer. You tell the news you get. 

Now suppose if one’s Agnya is catching, then that information of Agnya catching comes to you. But he is your brother, then Mataji should remove his Agnya problem! That is, you became obedient. “This is my brother, this is my cousin, this is my aunt, this is my son”, what to do? I mean, hold on. Who is yours? You wander in your own, monotonous, within you, in your joy, in your state. And what is there is yours. And will always be? It should be left a little on the outside so that the chakras do not catch. Only information is coming. Some will get more, some will get less. Then you will feel that chakras will not catch. Then your attention is there. 

You said, “Mother, this chakra is blocked.” Why? How is that you have been caught? Because you have been caught by a neighbour? It is a lie to know. What is his fear? I mean, as we call bagulbuwa, you’re just holding on. You really can’t hold anything in it. 

Many people now say that if someone was a guru, if they gave something to someone, they would get the disease, “He was cured by tobacco, he got sick.” Many of you have cured these people by giving them vibrations. Do you know who got a sickness?

In reality, here Ganga washes your feet, from morning till evening. And you stood here saying, “This one catching that one is catching.” People sitting on thrones should not do that. That is to say, the behavior on the outside is due to the inner cowardice, the inner cowardice. Must live like a king.

A day before yesterday met a gentleman in Delhi. He said to me, “I am very simple. Live simply. Mataji, don’t you mind?” You are a king. So, if the first thought of personality stands up, it should feel like someone is standing up, like a decent person. So, if we stand up easily, it seems that these people have come from some prison. Remember how much power you have, that Mataji has given you something special. It’s very special,

I said, “I also learned the alchemy of this. Because of your scams, it’s all stuck in your Kundalini.” How to solve them and get you on this path? All the hard work on how to get you here has been done first and then you have been saved.

We must first establish our religion. Religion is very important. If a person has his religion, then Sahaja Yoga is not possible. Religion is a very simple task. Extremely forbidden.

The first thing to do is to give up whatever is excessive, not to come in the middle! Don’t overdo it. 

There should be no excess in anything. Don’t be stubborn. It should not be like following someone like crazy. Easy even laughing-playing.

Ati Varjayate is now a simple thing in Dharma. Do not drink alcohol. Don’t smoke. Such are these monstrous plants. Alcohol is a kind of monstrous alcoholic beverage. There are such. There are monstrous things in the world. Don’t use that. Don’t overdo it. 

This is especially a problem for householders. When it comes to eating, there is a bit too much curiosity about eating. How much cooking do they know? “Let’s make some different dishes [recipe]!”Then the women sat on the men’s heads, after spoiling their tongue. 

So too much to eat, like from morning to evening. Eating spoils children. It is also a madness for a wife to spoil her husband and then the liver is spoiled. ‘Too taboo. If not fasting. No eating at all, fasting!  Don’t want to eat it, don’t want to eat that. Seven days a week do fasting and just eat fruits. Don’t overdo and overthink about food. 

Even the clothes. Whether stay without clothes or change clothes three times a day. Whether something works in the centre or not? Wear clean, neat, well-fitting clothes. Don’t pay too much attention to it either. 

The householder is very much in need. And the only advantage they have is that they can’t overdo it because they have a baby. After all, the kids draw well. If there is such a lunatic in the house, people laugh when he was overwhelmed. 

What to do? We should not be overly concerned about the things that are in Satan’s kingdom. 

Now, what is the greatest religion of man? If someone asks me, “Mataji, what is the religion of man?”, now seeing so many people, the only thing I think is very important is that this is your head don’t bend to anyone. Once this head bent then difficult to get your realization. All false gurus have come, don’t bend your head in front of them. There is no need Sahaja Yogis to bend to anyone, even no need to bend to Sahaja Yogi or Yogi. Are you less than others?

Once Agnya gets blocked then it’s difficult to get over with that blockage. If you are in form of Shri Ganesha, then Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh [Lord Shiva] even can’t go ahead of you. You can see with this law. See and check on vibrations what I am saying, is that right or wrong.

Only as my name is Nirmala that way you keep yourself nirmal [pure]. This only the word, Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh [Lord Shiva] even can’t touch you. You don’t have to bow down your head to anyone. So many Gurubaba [Gurus] can’t touch my head. Even River Ganga can’t climb on my head. But you can touch my head. Did you understand?

You are in a good position, sitting on a higher level. If you don’t image good about yourself, that is not sahaj. Means no need to be egoistic, means someone will ask, “You are Adishakti, are you proud yourself?”, means, “I am that, why would I feel egoistic?” It means there is no special about this, means what I am, I am that only, like that if you are a Sahaja Yogi, you are that.

For that why to have an ego? If, for example, one diamond is there, then it will shine. For that diamond, would diamond feel ego? Ego comes to them who is not a diamond, putting more on their head. It’s opposite in Western countries. Over there so much ego is there in people. They believe themselves demons. That is why they went there from here, to cheat them, sent people [exported from here], some bad people went there.

Their ego has to break it. No need to say anything. Carrying big cigarettes and moving like the donkey. They are foolish, more than foolish. I can’t describe their foolishness, will tell you sometime later.

Now there are kids and children. No need to say anything. They have received awards of foolishness in their ego. This means no need to give any other awards that much they are foolish. They do whatever they like in their foolishness. It means here even mad people will not do that.

One way, and yours is another way. How much it will be said but you will stay like that; how much I have said, “Be humble, keep your heads down”, but it will not happen that way. These two kinds of people where we are a little bit of space. We have got it because of Sahaja Yogis, in the centre little space, that has to increase. Then you see our work.

Now what Sahaja Yogis have to do, establish the Dharma. Then work, have to know in this matter and bring the auspiciousness, look at the other ladies other than your wife in the form of Mother. Not difficult, it’s a very easy thing.

But in Kali Yuga so much inauspiciousness is spread which goes in nose, eyes. In the olden days, our parents used to say everyone has to walk with eyes down on mother earth. If anyone walked with her eyes up, the neighbours would immediately go to her mother and tell her, “Your daughter was walking with her eyes up.”

Well. Then we committed many crimes and then the mother would shout at the girls. If someone said to the father, “Hey, your grandfather was walking on his eyes up”, then there will be a problem. No food and water for him to eat and drink. “Why were you staring up, where was your attention?’” The first question used to be, “Where the attention is?”

This is the story I am telling of twenty-five years ago. Now, that you have become independent, you have to keep your eyes on the ground. She is your grandmother. Always keep your eyes on the ground. To live in her blessings, we must humble ourselves and remember the earth. 

The third thing is the meaning, in terms of money; how a person should behave in terms of money. He does not get money by greed for money like that or he does not get money by looking around like another person has more than two things and he does not get money by cutting his throat because he has money. And you have seen that even those who get money do not get happiness and joy.

Now with wisdom, you can perpetuate the idea that money does not bring happiness. So, what does it bring? Money is a part, so what is the part of the money? At that time, I had mentioned the form of Lakshmi before, the form should be satisfied, satisfied attitude. Man becomes a king in accepting what he gets. Ah, the satisfied one is the king. He who is not satisfied is a beggar.

There is a simple calculation. He who is not satisfied, no matter how great he may be, is a beggar no matter how great he may be, and he who is satisfied, even if he looks poor, is a king. So, satisfaction should be considered and not difficult for you. We have given it to you in Sahaja Yoga, satisfaction.

Now I will tell you a little bit about how to assume and how to do it because all these questions come to a person because of thoughts. Thoughts don’t come, then questions will not come.

So, if you start thinking too much about anything, if you go too far, you will pick up the thought and throw it at the feet of Mataji, which we call unconscious mind. Unconscious mind, it is there. He used to throw all his thoughts there. Then we pick it up.

If you have a question about tomorrow’s income tax, then don’t think. He would bring it and throw it at our feet. It’s not going to be the way you want it to be but what is good for you will happen, it will be beneficial. And that is what is beneficial!