Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai (India)

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1977-01-03 Samarpan: Kuch bhi nahi karnahai (Surrender)

When you say how we should do it, you are thinking, that is not Sahaj. You cannot go back saying I that I don’t do anything. You are all the time forward, moving forward saying how?

How do you go forward? Accepting it that this incident is towards consciousness and that consciousness makes it happen, we should stop trying to do things. When we are in inaction / akarm then only this consciousness happens. That means you don’t have to do anything. This is very difficult for human being. If nothing else man keeps thinking. But when this happens your thoughts dissolve because till now whatever sadhana (daily spiritual practice / effort) you have seen involved action from you, it took you outward. All such practices took you out of yourself. Sahaja Yoga happens inside. When people ask how do you surrender, it is simple, you do not have to do anything, you are surrendered.

Human beings have never walked on this path so it is new for man. Man does not have to do anything in this. Things happen on their own because man has done a lot and has gone very far away from inner self. That is why it is very difficult to pull a person inward. That is why some people get self-realization in a minute and for some Kundalini rises and falls down again. Not having to do anything that is surrender. If you reach that point where you are speechless, thoughtless then that is it. But to human beings this also is an action. So leave it all to the one who will do it. You do not have to do anything. Just leave it.

So if someone new comes and says what do we need to do, then just open your palms then it will happen. For those for whom this does not happen, these people here will help you afterward. There are so many Sahaja Yogis here who have achieved their self-realization. Not only that they have a very good knowledge of the science of Kundalini. Each person seated here is proficient in the science of Kundalini and can give self-realization to thousands of people using their hand and finger movements. Then you ask why don’t they do it?

The reason is that people do not come to Sahaja Yoga with ease. It is very difficult for a human being to to come to something which is free where a person does not have to do anything and just have to be in silence. But when they are sinking then they come. That is why Sahaja Yoga does not spread fast because you have to give up some things in Sahaja Yoga. Meaning that leave the thought that you have to think or you have to do something or have to stand on our head or you have to perform some dravidi pranayam or you have to read books or epics to be memorized or say some mantras, just forget all of it. Then after getting your self-realization you become deserving. Then whatever you need to do happens.

Inaction comes into action, karm rath (karm = action, rath = chariot) happens. How? See your yourself. Whatever has to happen will happen and whatever should not will not. No compulsion, no arguments. Whoever needs to get self-realization will get it. If someone has blockages in chakras preventing self-realization so be it. These chakra blockages can be cleared but not argued. People have various kinds of issues. People say we did not do it. But if they have issues then they do. These issues have to be cleared. Now look at the selfishness / swarth. Swa means self and arth means meaning, so know yourself.

This does not benefit me, It benefits you, understand that and open your palms. When it happens, when your kundalini raised and you get self-realization, your kundalini crosses the agnya chakra. When this happens you become thoughtless. Nirvichar (thoughtless) Samadhi, but Samadhi does not mean being unconscious, going into trance. Then you are totally conscious. You are thoughtless and totally aware, alert. You know everything around you but there are no thought waves from your ego or superego. You are in peace and joy. In such a state this kundalini energy flows from you. Shankaracharya spoke about it. It is a simple equation. Like one lit lamp can light another, and takes the lamp from a finite to the infinite this happens in the same way. There is no intelligence here.

Everyone keep your hands open and sit comfortably. Those who have not felt the cool breeze can keep their eyes open for some time. If you have a problem sitting down, you can sit on chair. If someone’s hands are shaking then keeps eyes open. If eyes are moving when closed, keep eyes open. Those who can swim they will teach you to swim. Sit peacefully. They will come and teach you. Close your eyes.