Seminar Day 1, Questions and Answers, Advice to Realised Souls Bordi (India)

Advice to Realised Souls, Bordi (India), 26 January 1977.

I’ll try to cover most of the points that you have asked but I must say that I was very happy to hear most of the questions because that shows that your enquiry is getting subtler and subtler; that you already know about the gross side of chakras and now you want to know the subtler forms.

Now the first question, which should be taken up first, […]

Collectivity and Responsibility Bordi (India)

Talk on Attention, Bordi, 26-01-1977

How they work it out. This is the reason why when Mohammad Sahib came in, he preached that you should not bow to anyone, whatsoever. Because bowing he knew that when the real person will come, you will recognize him in any case. But there was a general view, even Nanak Sahib could not change. And Nanak Sahib organized [UNCLEAR a book] just a symbol of wisdom of many great souls that you can only go and bow to that and not to anybody else. […]