Talk on Attention

Bordi (India)

Talk on Attention, Bordi , India, 1977-0126

How they work it out. This is the reason why when Mohammad Sahib came in, he preached that you should not bow to anyone, whatsoever. Because bowing he knew that when the real person will come, you will recognize him in any case. But there was a general view, even Nanak Sahib could not change. And Nanak Sahib organized [UNCLEAR a book] just a symbol of wisdom of many great souls that you can only go and bow to that and not to anybody else. But the followers as usual have committed such blunders that it appears that they are not the followers, but they are the enemies of these great incarnations.
It is nice that in Sahaja Yoga when you get self-realization, in the beginning, may not be but little later, you start yourself feeling the pangs of sin, and also of the sinful people. So you avoid the company of sinful people. You have to. If you remain in the company of sinful people then you know you get headaches, you get agnya catching, you get all kinds of complications and you want to run away from such a place. And nobody tells you that you run away but you just run away you can’t bear it, your body has become different.

But the best way to strengthen yourself is to be together as Sahaja Yogis. You must attend the programs when there is a collective, aarti or puja or meditation. You are seeing that when you collect together something happens to you. If you sit at home and do something, nothing works out much. Anywhere, when there are people sitting together in meditation, Sahaja Yoga itself manifests, because it is a collective phenomenon. It is such a collective phenomenon. I will give an example of Gregoire, one day he was sitting with me and he was not feeling any vibrations and he was very much worried about it. I was looking out from the window and he was just facing me, and another Sahaja Yogi was coming up the hill to my house. Immediately he said I am getting the vibrations. He said how is it suddenly the vibrations have started? I said look back and see who is coming. And he saw another Sahaja Yogi plodding up the hill. His presence there, his coming only, added to his vibrations. It is a collective phenomenon.

How it works out collectively, why it works out collectively, is again a question which is my job, it’s not yours. But I can say there’s a mathematics about it. There is a mathematics about it! You must know that for everything there is a Mathematics. Everything works out in a mathematics. Why it is so? It is being made like that. And Sahaja Yoga works out after, actually, there are more than seven people. [Talks in Marathi].

You have to understand that how a collective phenomenon works out. If there is a realized soul, then he is surrounded by at least [UNCLEAR 2 or 3] divine [UNCLEAR beings], at least. But in certain cases when there is a realized soul and he is not yet, say that good, say for example if he smokes, take an example. And let’s say there is only one following such a man. If all his chakras are bad and despite he smokes also and he also drinks and things like that. Then maybe there is only one, maybe with him or may not be even one sometimes. But mostly there’s at least one, minimum one you can put it. So every realized soul has got some people with them. And if somebody does some sinful act for a short time say for example, he does something bad, actually very bad. Then all of them might depart for the time being but they again come back to him. Now when such a man is struggling to have a, an experience, if there is another positive person, a very positive person comes in, he may be having more people with him, so he may be able to spare some of his people to prop up this man.

So it acts like a, just like the valencies of the atoms. But the only difference is between the two is that human beings can accumulate as much as they want, they can change, but the atoms cannot change. Those people who just innocently commit some mistakes and something like that and they are very active in Sahaja Yoga and good people, they also find it difficult, hard, sometimes to overcome their habits, it is so. So they must know if at that time if they go to another Sahaja Yogi who does not have this habit, a particular habit, say of eating the snuff, snuff taking. Another person does not have this habit of snuff taking. Then the other person’s guides who are hovering on him can help this man much more than the another person who is about to take a snuff and if you go next to him, then he’s already occupied and he’ll take away all the three that you had. So you both will have a nice snuff taking. See. But they do not enter into your psyche, the difference is this. They do not enter into your psyche, but they bring about a cosmic change around.

But supposing a person is suffering from bhoot badha (negativity), or he has been to some gurus, so the guru will also fix certain entities with that fellow. They tell us like that. Now, when this one is trying to do something bad then he will be supported by another bhoot badha wala (a negative person). The fraternity works very hard. You have seen the example of that in our groups. You see, if there is one person who has a bhoot badha, you must ask Pradhan because his son is suffering from that. He is so much interested in people who have got bhoot badha. So, what happens such a person when he goes and talks about his bhoot badha, the another one will come immediately to support him. He will be forced up. There will be no freedom in it. He will just go, just like a magnet he will be attracted towards that person who has a bhoot badha, immediately. And he becomes weak. Not only that, it can be that a person who has a stronger bhoot badha will attract a person of a smaller bhoot badha and will influence and spoil that person.

Now what is the difference? In first case you have to choose to be in the company of a Sahaja Yogi who does not have these habits. Say for example somebody is a hot- tempered fellow. Such a man when he gets into hot-temper, if he can think of somebody who is a very silent by temperament, immediately he will be surprised, his temper will go away. If a man who is so silent that he does not even mind his Mother being insulted and he feels bad about it that I can’t say anything about it then such a man, if he thinks of someone who would not tolerate stuff like this then immediately he gets the power. But the difference is very big. There is tremendous difference between the two. One you have to choose with freedom, another you have forced it. But you’ll find so many Sahaja Yogis also, they get attracted to negativity just like this. They don’t know how they get interested into that, but to positivity they have to exert themselves. This is a thing and it is a system which works out sometimes. That’s why I tell people that do not keep combinations of the people who have the same weakness. When I say that people feel hurt sometimes. But you’ll find always, friendship is there.

Say there are two Sahaja Yogis who talk ill of Sahaja Yoga, morning till evening finding faults with Sahaja Yoga. They will combine together because they keep a good company, you see. It is better to have diverse company so that you supplement each other better than to be attracted towards people who are of the same nature especially from one family. Supposing they are people of one family, so you don’t discuss Sahaja Yoga among them. Either they will fight or they will combine together in Sahaja Yoga.
So best thing to do in Sahaja Yoga is to first find out your faults, sitting down. Write it down what are my faults? These are my defects. Somebody is a show off, he shows off all the time. You see he must say something to show off, now another show off should run away from him. He should sit with a person who is a shy person. And this is another style which is very different from that of the negative people, because in negativity, two negatives must join together nicely to become real negative. But in Sahaja Yoga two opposites must meet to be good Sahaja Yogis. But this must be done in complete freedom, in complete understanding. [talks in Marathi].

What is the realm of being good Sahaja Yogis? In one word you can understand. Only one small thing is to be responsible. If you are a responsible Sahaja Yogi, you will find your own way. If you are not, you will go to doom. Because if you are responsible then only God is going to give you more. If you behave irresponsibly, you talk irresponsibly, if you do not think what you can do for Sahaja Yoga, you just come to Sahaja Yoga as a sort of a liability on Sahaja Yoga, and you always go like those are responsible… [talks in Marathi]. She should have done it, why should I? What can I do? I mean who is he, who are you? He is a Sahaja Yogi, you are also a Sahaja Yogi. The people who are responsible in every way, in their behaviour.

Mohammad Sahib has been very very particular on this and he did say very clearly that while doing Namaz in the presence of the divine you should not budge even from where you are sitting, you should not move, your eyes should not rove about, you should not yawn. There are so many things if you ask me I can’t even tell you how many things he has said it. To all the details in behaviour he has said great things. Once you start feeling responsible you yourself will know how to behave, what to do, what not to do. Then, when you are responsible you will be amazed you will drop out most of your habits, automatically, any habit. Supposing somebody is a very talkative person. That habit will drop out because you will find out that by talking too much sometimes you are committing mistakes. So it comes to a balance. If somebody doesn’t talk at all, he will find being responsible that it doesn’t help, you have to talk. He starts talking. Only one word is to be responsible.

Once you take the responsibility of Sahaja yoga on your shoulders, immediately all the dimensions of your new life will open out. Knowledge will pour into you. You will get related to life in a new way. And a new style of understanding will develop. The subtleties of life will open out before you. The joy will pour onto you, when you will sleep, you feel as if the Ganges (a holy river) is flowing over your Sahasrara, the Jamuna (a holy river) is washing your feet. You really feel that. But you have to be responsible. I see very young people also being very… our Moresco is a very responsible boy, he is so young. Whatever is possible he would like to do for Sahaja Yogis, he is so very young, he is so responsible. For that you don’t have to have money, don’t have to have anything but to be responsible. That doesn’t mean that if you come to my house ten times and if you are with me, next to my room, then you are responsible. This is a wrong idea.

Responsible also means that others should be given chance, others should be there, why should I? And when you start leading a responsible Sahaja Yogi life, thousands of evolved souls will hover around you. You will have a different light on your face. You will be amazed when you speak you will be amazed that how you are speaking. How things are happening, how at every moment how things are working out. As it is you know how things are Sahaja, how it works out, you know that every moment it is working.

Only you are for a simple to be responsible on the stage, otherwise there will be thousands of them working for you. There are very few people on the stage. Behind the stage, there are thousands. The example is of these three people in Rahuri (India). How responsible they are and how responsibly they have behaved. And when you start thinking on those lines that I am responsible for this, just find out ways and methods. If you think you are responsible for your family, you will find out all the ways and methods for running your family. But now you are responsible for Sahaja Yoga.

The sense of responsibility can only come through your freedom, this is the problem of Sahaja Yoga. But for a negative person it comes to him automatically jolly well. Everyone I have seen these guru is negatively charged, he just starts talking about it. He may not have seen his guru at all, he may not have got one pie worth of things of, but he will be talking about it. You ask him what has happened, what is he good at and nothing. Because he is negatively charged, there is no freedom. Does that mean that in freedom human beings cannot be responsible? Is it that human beings are not yet evolved to be responsible? They must be dominated by somebody or driven by somebody otherwise they cannot do something responsibly. So in Sahaja Yoga when we think of our own development and our own emancipation…