Heart Chakra (extract) and Talk About Gandhi from 1979



The Heart Chakra and Omkara

February 1977.  This talk was given in India during the western yogis’ first India tour (Jan-March 1977). Precise location unknown.

Transcript from Audio

Now this left-hand side of the heart is concerned with your Mother and with Shiva, the existence. You get your existence through your mother. And Shiva and Parvati, they are your parents, both of them are your parents as far as your existence is concerned.
And it is such a beautiful centre is your, heart centre. You want somebody to do something for your first, you want that somebody should yield or something, you find somebody very obstinate, well I have told you that you can beat them with shoes, do all those things. But there’s a very simple way if you know how to do it. You see, you just think of their hridaya [center heart], their heart and put a bandhan to that. And you can do it so beautifully, you can melt a person without any difficulties if you know how to handle their heart. You have to appeal to their heart and that’s the best attraction I tell you and the best secret method by which you can bring good in them when you are talking to somebody.
Supposing I now, intellectually if I start quarrelling with you, you will give Me up in no time, but I have to use your heart power and I have to enter into your heart and that is how it works.
So always when you want to do something like that, just humble down yourself in your heart, that is first. First of all you must humble down yourself in your heart and from there, work on the heart of others, just put a bandhan and you will see, a person will melt away. We melt our intelligence, our ego, everything, even your superego, in your heart. So it’s a very easy thing if you know how to approach people through their heart.
And that is only possible if you are genuine because genuineness is something that a heart recognizes. You can befool a person with your cunning methods but the heart will recognize it later on and the person will hate you. Even if you talk to someone: “Oh, very nice, oh, very good, thank you very much, very nice” … and the heart knows: “Oh he’s trying to befool me and he’s very cunning”, the heart’s going to hate such a person. And heart has the attitude to see and feels the person.
So if you could appeal to somebody’s heart and put a bandhan on the heart you can melt that person. And if you love someone and if you want that person should be corrected -supposing such a person is a drunkard or a person who beats you and is torturing you because he’s under the spell of some drugs or some sort of a foreign thing – then you just put bandhan to his heart and you will see, they’ll be changing. They will be changing very fast.
And that’s why you say ‘change of heart’. Everywhere you find. In every scripture it is written : change of heart is needed, not the change of clothes. So it’s not an intellectual changing but a rational changing, but it is the change of heart.
And that is brought about by moving the heart chakra, on the right hand side, in the clockwise manner. That is the heart itself in the clockwise manner. If you can do that, you can really do marvels.

And that’s how on a collective basis, the heart is sort of the innermost, innermost string of the collective, one string that is passing through all of us. So if you could strike at the innermost – because in a three and a half circle that’s the innermost point – if you touch there, it passes over this. Supposing you touch somewhere else then it might break, but at the beginning if you start striking it, it goes very nicely and passes into complete circumference.
Now the centre one I’ve told you is the heart plexus which we call as cardiac plexus and it has got ten sub-plexuses and the English names for that I will – again I’m going to give you the complete list. I don’t know when we’ll have time to go through the medical journal but I’ll find out all, all of them, and I’m going to tell you what they call it in, in the medical terminology. But they know that there are ten sub-plexuses which are supplying to the muscles of the heart, to the lungs and to the right side lungs and that’s how they divide it – But they do not know that it is already three parts and then there are ten petals which are working it out – I’m sorry, twelve petals, that are working it out.

So three divided into twelve is four each side. But actually it is not so. It is the twelve petals are together in the centre, and the centre one is known as the “sacred heart.” In the Bible it is called as “sacred heart” and this is the sacredness of that heart in the abstract form is the motherly love of God. That’s why the Jagadamba, Mother of the Universe, resides there. And these, those twelve petals act according to the Mother of the heart and that’s why we cannot allow them to this side or that side, because it is ‘She’ who actually makes them pulsate. So here ‘She’ becomes a dominant person and not the heart.
There are the Spirit rules. So Spirit rules by Itself and it is ruled with the help of the reflection of God Almighty Himself. It is on its own, it is arbitrary. It sees, it watches, it is the witness. It watches the play of these ten petals, 12 petals here, but if it finds that there’s too much of strain on the centre one, it just switches off, and when it’s switched off, the whole thing stops, you see. So you must understand the difference between the other chakras and this one, is that there is the Spirit on one side and the Mother, on the other side is a human, perfect personality [Shri Rama], three things are all together. Now, if you reduce them to our three powers, you’d understand.

On one side is the instrument or you can say the nucleus for the left hand side working. In the centre it is – Or you can say left hand side working you can say the Mahakali’s working. In the centre you can say it is for the Mahalakshmi working. And the nucleus for the working of the right hand side is in the heart, on the right hand side, where Rama resides. Because we can call it a nucleus, the reason is because He was active, He was active without feeling, without feeling the witness state. Now they combined here where Krishna came and ‘He’ felt the witnessed state and ‘He’ called it as Leela, is the whole play. Rama never called it as play but He called it as play. So that’s why Krishna here is completed and that’s why we call Him as Sampoorna, is a complete incarnation, Adi.

Do you know that Christ was here and I’ve told you about Christ in that book. I’ve read it out to you, the Devi Mahatmyam, what they have described about Him, how He was created and how is that he was brought here, He was Mahavishnu and how He was put there. But that is not – just now we are discussing, we are just now discussing about these three parts of the heart.

Now what is the connection of these three parts? Why should they be placed at that time? Because at this juncture, we have three nucleus working together in, on three different channels and they are to be connected somehow.. They are to be connected, otherwise, you see, in a human being, there is not so much of connection established because there’s no Kundalini awakening. There is parasympathetic is halfway hanging, dangling and how are they to connect between the heart which is existence, between the heart which is evolution, between the heart which is activity?
So at this juncture which is kept connected, once the heart stops, everything stops simultaneously.

But when you are on this then your horoscope works out. Horoscope can work out only up to this point because if you predict a person is going to die according to a horoscope – Now say, they say, “He’s going to die”, say “tomorrow.” But he receives his Realization today, he is not going to die tomorrow, he will die much later. Or he’ll die whenever he feels like possibly, it has happened. Because he goes beyond this limit, where these three things are connected. So you see, they say that you have got limited number of heart beats, you have got limited number of breathing. When the breathing becomes so slow after Realization, the rate of breathing is so slow that, as it is realized, it is much elongated and the connection becomes very much different. Because the heart stops once you stop it, it cannot stop because other activities are stilled. So first of all, when a Realized soul dies, the Kundalini has to pass out from here and then the heart stops. It’s a different phenomena. And that’s why when a Realized soul dies, they find out that the prana, the life, has not passed through the mouth or from the nose, but it passes through here, and you find a clot of blood over here. But that is the sign that a person was Realized of a very high height. But those [realized] who die, even before such an achievement, they do not die with their eyes open, neither with nose bleeding or with their mouth open, but there is just no bleeding at all from the nose or from the mouth, no bleeding at all. And it could be they have to take pressure tests from them. Otherwise, in every other death, there is a bleeding. Eyes in some people may be opened, but if they are fully Realized then they’ll be closed. So this is the difference is. But at this level everything works out your [personality?], because here you are still at a level where you have not reached the witness state and that is the reason your horoscopes are working out your, all material things are working out at this level. And that’s how you become miraculously different.
I’ll give another example of that, how you become miraculous. For example, a Realized soul is travelling by a train. We have got this example, a concrete example in India. There was a Realized soul travelling by a train and the train collided and not a single person was killed in that and there was – it has taken so many somersaults and nobody could explain.

There was one car accident where one Realized soul was going by that car. It was a very big car and many boys were there and some of them were caught up together and they were all drunk and they were singing and he didn’t know what to do. But he was there somehow or other and not a single person died in that when this happened, which people were surprised how it had happened.
Even if a Realized person is walking and if there is an accident that is going to come up, he’ll find suddenly something will happen that the accident will be averted. If you could put a bandhan at that time, you can immediately avert that accident.
So you see, such a person who is Realized, who has gone beyond this state and has become in a witness state, such a person not only saves himself but saves others.

So all your horoscopes and all these things you see, go into in different categories for a Realized soul because the whole thing changes. The whole thing changes, absolutely changes and he becomes a different person. His hands changes, his lines changes and people start saying, “Oh you must have been this and you must have been that” and then you see, those people who are not Realized, if they see your hand they might depict the spiritual change that has come into it. But still they stick onto certain things and they say some things, you see, that they cannot see. But if it is a Realized soul, he can tell you immediately that at what age you will get your full Realization, what will happen, all sorts of things, if he’s a fully Realized person. But actually, people after realization have no interest left in all these things, so seldom are. I’ve not know anyone who’s a Realized soul and still busy telling hands and some things like that. He has no interest left.

But now this coming back to the heart again. On the right hand side we have got Rama’s place. Now Rama was known for His obedience to Swaddha, if you know his story. His father was in Ayodhya. He was ruling there and he had three wives. The third wife had no- I mean he had two children, sons, but she could not see Rama getting the throne. She [Kaikeyi]- was a very nice mother but somebody you see, some lady went and told something to her and she listened to her and she told her husband that, “If you want to give me my boon, the promised boon, you have to make Rama go into the jungle for 14 years, and give the throne to my son Bharata.” And when the Dasharatha heard this, he fainted, he fainted with this request but Rama was there. He heard it and He immediately told her that, “I am going to the forest and I’ve accepted it and your point your son has developed for Me. It’s all right.” And that’s how He went, see. Just to obey the order of His father, because father had not even ordered but because he was compelled. He had given his wife two boons, that once you see in the war she saved his life, so he said that whenever you want you can ask for these two boons and they were. She never knew that she would use them in such a funny way. Later on she repented because Bharata came and he refused to accept the throne and he put only Rama’s slippers there and ruled there, and everything was different. But Dasharatha died, because when Rama went away, he just died.
So, you see, Rama’s life shows how He was obedient to His parents. He suffered so much.

Anyone who has not been respectful to His parents – you see, [End of audio of sound track]
You see, if your parents have been unkind, you have every right to tell them that they should not be unkind to you and that you feel hurt, but you have no business to answer them back and you have to be respectful. You have to be respectful because they represent your Primordial Parents. You are not to shout at them and misbehave. You have to be respectful to them.
They may be bad people you could not have being born to God, you have really chosen them and you said: “These are going to be my parents.” So if they are your parents, they are there because of certain reasons, because you have been seeking them into your previous lives and that’s how you are there.
For example now, you see, you meet some parents and you think they are very good parents to their children. She said, “Oh God, can I get them as my parents?” Oh! You have it. Unless you have it, you know what it is to be their children. Then you start misbehaving with them, that’s not the way. Now only best way is to get the best out of them so that at least next time you do not come with such mistakes of choosing wrong parents and be respectful to them and it comes as a blessing. It is always very blissful. Your parents will be very hard, disciplining time, misunderstanding time, I know it’s very hard. And with the education that you have, and with the understanding you have of the whole world, you think they’re absolutely foolish and babyish and childish and immature. And specially when you have vibrations, you feel even worse about them because they can be quarrelling, addicted to things and they could be quite slaves. But you must understand that you see they have got these troubles. You could have been the same if you had not come to Sahaja Yoga, you could have been much worse. So let us understand them, try to help them out and if you are respectful I tell you, you can be very sure, if you are respectful to them, you can change them.19:50
Elders, you can never change them by telling them off, never, that’s not the way to change your elders. By being respectfull, so they think they are to be respected. So they start behaving in a manner that they should be respected. This is, I’m telling you the secret, how to handle your parents is to be extremely respectful to them so they realize: “Oh God, when he respects me so much, how dare I misbehave in their presence?” This is the secret of handling your parents and not by shouting at them. Not that you have to do with children [?] but not with your elders. With your elders you have to create a feeling in them that they are to be respected. Like this, you see, you try, you try this thing with your elders. If you want anybody your elder to be nice to you, try to be extremely respectful and the person starts wondering: “Now what should I do to keep up my respect so I should not loose it?”
And what they value the most is the respect. Elders, they value the most is the respect. And if you give them the respect they will not give it up for anything. You can make them do whatever you like if you really show them the respect. And they will fight to keep that by giving up anything that, you see, lures them away from you, to keep the respect.
But you see, it happens like that, you find your parents not doing what is right, you start suspecting them, then they think: “There it is, we have lost the respect, what are we going to gain now?” Because you see, these things do not sort of create any, any recording in their brains.
We had a case, you see, some boy, he told Me about his father, that he’s been like this and he’s going down with a another woman and this and that, he’s behaving in such a manner, and it’s very wrong of him. I said: “I agree. It’s very wrong of him he should not do it” and so I said, “What are you doing?” He said: “We are hitting him and we are getting angry, we are abusing him.” And I said: “That’s not the way, that’s not the way. When he comes home you try to be very respectful. Try.” It worked. He gave up the woman. Because he cares for the respect.
And you know how much is the respect! After all, most of the people if you see in this world, they want respect. If you respect someone, that person is willing to give up anything for that respect. And a father deserves it, because he’s your father and once you accept: “Yes, father, yes, yes,” and in a respectful way, you just try, and you see it will work.
You see if you want something, all right, what will you have, just ask, “But can we stop it at that point? Let us talk about something”, you can direct the attention of your father only by being respectful, you just try with your mother and father. You’re not to boss over them, it’s real. I’m telling you the secret. Is not for anything for, you see, to make you change your ways or anything, but I’m just telling you the secret because you have lost the idea of the secretive methods of winning over people and understanding them and managing them, and really you will have your way. Only thing is to respect them.

Now you might have some questions to start [inaudible].


But Bible is a book which is being compiled by various people at different places at different stages and all this was revealed to them by the Unconscious. All the knowledge that you find in the Bible was revealed to them by the Unconscious and they could not actually understand the full text of it. Whatever they understood or gathered, they put it down. Part of it was lost because it was not immediately recorded and also because the original bible itself was lost. So all explanations, all the things were left behind and that’s how people have a very good loophole to make whatever they feel like about all the great words that are in the Bible.

For example, “The word.” What is ‘the word’? Is it logos or something? What is that? What is it comprising of, what does that mean, how it starts, from where it has come? It is OM. OM comes from three words: UH, OOH, MUH. UH, OOH, MUH.

UH stands for the first creation of the left-hand side, what we call the Mahakali power. First only in the world manifestation of the superego took place, so we can say that UH stands for the beginning when only up to the stage when life was not created.

OOH stands for the other stage, where now sound is the same. Sound is the same, manifestation is different. The voice is the same, My sound is the same. For example whatever is My sound, you can make it out wherever I speak, this is Mataji’s speaking.

Maybe the manifestation is different in UH, OOH, MUH. So first UH starts, then comes to OOH, which is Mahasaraswati power. We can say the three notes which we have as, I don’t know in English what you say to the notes but we say, SAH, UH SAH …, the basic three notes. So the second note is that of Mahasaraswati by which the life, Sun life, started working.

And the third one is the MUH through which evolution started taking its place. So that is the Mahalakshmi stage.

So you have got these three powers working together and that is, in a very short form, we say it is OM.

But it is not only that human beings have said it. When you meditate you have seen that OMMMMMMMMMMMM I’m saying, that these three powers have a third, these three sounds, and that’s how this word is created of OM.

For a realized soul, OM is a most powerful thing.

For example, if you want to protect yourself, the word OM itself can protect; and when these three powers combine as OM we say that this only the child or the Sun God represents in its purest form OM. That’s why in the life of Christ or we can say in the life of a personality that represented the son of God, OM is very important because He embodies that OM within Himself. All these three powers are in Him and in the most innocent form.

What I’m trying to say is this way, now you take any other deity, any other deity except for this one. Take any other deity, you will find they have more of this power, of that power.

For example if you take say Vishnu who stands for evolution, if you take, say, Brahmadeva, he stands for creation. If you take Mahesha, he stands for the what you call the superego side, even if you take Krishna, He stands for evolution. But when you rise here, then only you find that all these three powers combine here at the Agnya. Till Agnya they are separated. At the Agnya they combine.

That’s why it is very important that all these three powers are controlled by Christ and that’s why Jesus Christ is the most important Deity as far as Sahaja Yogis are concerned, because evolution is all right but the complete coordination and protection of a human being is only possible if you have all these three powers in your hands.

She got her evolution quite all right, she got her realization quite all right, but then she found that her left side is broken. But supposing even if she’s evolved, what has she to do if the left side is overpowering her? Only Christ can save.

Now supposing the right side is overactive. Some people it is, you know that very well. That right side of many people is active when you find their ego is too much temper. For them also, supposing they get evolved, what will happen? They’ll shoot all. But if they’re attacked by their ego, only Christ is the person who is going to give them a balance.

And if you see Christ, Christ is nothing but a complete balance. It is a complete balance at a higher position. Have you seen a balance, how it is? Balance if you see which is kept at a higher position that the center. And that’s how it is, He balances, and that’s why He is the Omkara Himself, the embodiment of an Omkara because as we know that He is Ganesha and Ganesha is Omkara personified.

In this sound of Omkara, the complete sounds of the worlds are there. All the permutations and combinations, the complete melody of these universes within these three sounds: UH, OOH, MUH. It is based on OM.

When the Kundalini moves also, it moves in three ways: UH, OOH, MUH, because in the lower portion it is the UH. In the center portion it is the OOH, and here it is the MUH. Meaning that at the lower portion of the human being we are what was created as dead matter. In the center we are what is creation means creativity, and in the third is the evolutionary. So even we are divided in three ways, is, we are, our upper part is MUH, central part is OOH and the lower part is UH. That is how we are, and when you say OM in a proper way, you find the Kundalini rises.

There is no difference at all as far as Bible is concerned and Sahaja Yoga is concerned, as far as Koran is concerned and Gita is concerned. Only the people with very limited vision see the difference. The one who has seen the internal of it cannot see any difference because it’s just the same. Only thing is because of circumstances, because of different methods by which it was manifested, you find a little difference in them, but as far as the matter is concerned and the substance is concerned, it is just the same. I do not find even a word which I cannot explain in the Bible or in the Koran or in the Gita.

Everything can be explained very clearly but the problem with people is they cannot think in a unified manner, human beings cannot. They must try to find out the shell or a kind of a pool to stagnate. That’s human nature. They want to become worms all the time. Because they were once, they want to again become worms and amoeba. I think they’ll end up with being. I don’t know what to say. That’s why they cannot see the one universal truth that is flowing into them and that is the reason which has killed religions, all over, because once you know that there is one sound that is passing through all of these beautiful religions, the flowers of universal creation, then there cannot be any problem or fight. And by creating this kind of death for all the religions they have allowed these horrible people to come up and occupy the stage now.

So you have them very nice to overcome all our physical, emotional and mental problems. OM works like anything.

Now you may say that, “Where is the word OM in the Christian religion?” It is in Amen. Amen is nothing but OM because MUH means a nasal sound and end of a nasal sound and NUH also means nasal sound because in the Arabic language it’s written like a NEE, you see, and NEE with My name you say NOOH. With My name starts NUH, also written with a dot. All of them have got a dot. It’s a dot which shows that it’s a NUH. And in the Sanskrit language, ‘dot’ means ‘NUH’. And that is why it is MUH and NUH. Amen is the same as OM.

Now the problem is everything as evolution goes up, changes and that’s why OM was brought to the level of Amen. UH became AH and OOH became MUH, and MUH became NUH. As I told you that Christ came as a human being but He was Ganesha. And the swastika became the cross. The same way, OM is Amen.

So after every prayer you are supposed to say ‘Amen’. Why not ‘Amen’? What does that mean? From there the word OM ends in English language. If you see, even in the word, in the languages, the universality is ringing but we have no eyes to see the universality. We think, “Oh we are Christians. We believe in Christ. We don’t believe in all this nonsense. Because others are all nonsensical.”

But how are you related to Christ? How much do you know of Christ? That nobody knows, you see. And that is how all the problems of all the religions are now coming before you, that people just don’t believe in anything. They say that believing in religion is tomfoolery. All this tomfoolery going on. Why was such a lot of money on churches? Why should we have any popes and why should we have any big organizations in the name of God? Why should we have temples? Why should you? I mean, there are, as here, we have everywhere people who are revolting against all these so-called, they say so-called religions. But everything that has come into being in the name of God, in the purity of heart of people has come to them from God Himself. The only problem is, when it is communicated to a human being who is not yet realized. Even realized, how far are they realized? You have seen now, how much Kevin knows and how much you know. So even those are slightly realized, how much are they going to know what He wants to communicate?

And that’s why this kind of foolish separation started among human beings and once you disintegrate religion into religions, finished. That was the best way of finishing religion, because they did not give the substance, the importance to the substance. They just tried to give importance to something that is so superficial and that superficiality also was created by these horrid people who just wanted to use Christ as their pocketbook, Krishna as if He belongs to their household.

This OM has been used all over the world in a very, very subtle way, and the MUH’s word means Ma, and you know that all of us, for a Mother, say Ma. You go anywhere in the whole world, they understand the word Ma. Nobody has problem as far as the word Ma is concerned, because it ends up into that, that means the whole creation ends up at the feet of the Mother. Even Christianity you can understand that it is the Mother, even is love.

When they talk of Mahommed Sahib, they must know that He had to take the help of five women to be there. And they were all one better than the other, all of them were UH OOH MUHs, with him, the powers. They were the powers that He had and that’s how He had to marry so many. None understands what was it. For example his own first wife Hadjia was nobody else but Mahasaraswati. His own daughter was nobody else but Mahalakshmi. So it was all His powers expressed as His wife or sister or daughter, who helped Him in His lifetime, sustaining His powers.

Now the same word OM is used by negative forces also. How do they use it? They will give this name to some devil. Normally they do not because this is one of the purest words which cannot be contaminated. Normally they will not, normally they will not. I have not met anyone so far who has got a devil on him with the name ‘OM’ and nobody so far has given this name to anyone but I have seen people giving names like … These are the names, different: ‘Imee’ stands for Mahakali, ‘Bree’ for Mahasaraswati, ‘Glee’ for Mahalakshmi. I’m sorry, ‘Imee’ for Mahakali, ‘Bree’ for Mahalakshmi and ‘Glee’ for Mahasaraswati. So they will give these names, separately I have seen, to the devils whom they want to put.

For example I will take the name of the gentleman, you know him, who calls himself transcendental and all that. He uses these names. Of course, out of them, the first one ‘Imee’ is now tied up somewhere. Now these ‘Imee’ ‘Bree’ ‘Glee’, though they are the names of the Goddesses, he can use. But he cannot use the name of OM and he cannot use the name of Jesus. He cannot give the name of Shri Ganesh. These names are beyond their … you see because they are terrible. A Mother can forgive, but these people are, they just burn them out, and that’s why they dare not put these names. You will not find, though they will say it like this that, “In the name of Jesus”, you see, they might say. They might use the word ‘Jesus’, you see, “In the name of Jesus I give you this”, like that. And they say, “The photograph of Jesus” and all that. And they might even use cross because you can see cross made by these people only. They can put them. But they cannot give the name of Jesus to these devils. They cannot ask you, “Say ‘Jesus’, ‘Jesus’.” They will never say that. But they say … They might say all kinds of OOHMs and everything. But with all of these they can attack someone. Like this they say, “OM Namo Shivaya.” It’s all right, “OM Namoh Shiva.” Now ‘OM’ you have put it. In that it neutralizes. They perhaps do not know it neutralizes a little bit, “OM Namoh Shivaya.”

(End of side one)

So somebody’s name is ‘Namoh Shivaya’ and he comes into it. And it means so great, means you bow to Shiva, that aspect of God which is eternal. But they will say that you take the name, “OM Namoh Shivaya” because with that the thing you see, it’s overpowered by Shiva and that’s how they will put ‘OM’ with that, but they’ll never give a single word as ‘OM’ at … point, because no devil will own that name, it’s too great. And these are the tricks these people play with the word ‘OM’ and you should play with the same. Whenever you feel like that, you just say ‘OM’. Don’t say anything else. Say ‘OM’. For you, every sentence has an end, even if you say, “OM Namoh Shivaya” … But even if you say, “OM Jesus”, it’s enough.

Now in a circle. If you say the complete universe into a circle, then you make three portions of that, you get three arches. Say one is UH, another OOH, another MUH. When you try to reconstruct them, then you get UH OOH and MUH. There are three arches, you reconstruct them. First arch is bent like this, UH ; OOH, second one like that, and the third one is MUH. And the dot on that is the center point. Is the center point of the circle, dot on that. Now you have seen how OM is written down and that is how it is, the three arches are described like that. So the whole creation and the center dot, which is the God Himself, all put together makes the OM, and that is how it is being named. I think I have told you.

Now first of all when the creation took place, how first the OM was formed? Did I tell you with the parabola, with the drawing? So the first sound, the first sound that started because of the separation, the first separation when it took place between the two identities, God and His Power, that was the time the sound started and that sound is nothing else but OM. That sound will be there and will work out till these two identities become one. Then there is no relativity left and so there is nothing. So people think the world has come out of nothing because there is no relativity. When they become two then there is something. Otherwise they are one and absolute and so there is nothing. When the sound merges or finishes or, as we say, disappears … (inaudible), that is the time when the whole creation merges into one action. So that is the point where one has to go.

Now in your own being it happens. First you feel the OM. You feel it sometimes the sound coming. Sometimes you feel some sort of tingling going on, because there are seven sounds which are easily discernible out of this OM. Easily. But there are many, but I am saying at least seven you can easily find out. If you sit down sometimes you might hear some sort of a bell ringing, sometimes you’ll hear as if there is a waterfall and sometimes you’ll hear as if in the night the small crickets are singing. You see all kinds of sounds are coming, you see. You feel that they are there, something is happening, in the night, you see, that sort of a feeling you’ll get. All different types of sounds there are but seven sounds you can easily find out and all of them put together make the OM. So, if you play all of them in a proper manner, in a melodious manner, well we can say in a harmonious manner, then you’ll hear the sound OM.

Now when there is a suggestion coming to you from somewhere, you’ll always feel there is a sound coming in your ears, so you’ll be alerted. You are alerted and you just pay attention what ideas are coming and then suddenly you get an idea. Note it down. These are the ideas coming from the unconscious. Just wait, a sound will come. And the sound will suggest that there is a suggestion coming, you note it down.

But with the devil, such a thing will never happen. You will never get the sound. You also will get Ad… or something … with maybe little fragments because they carry as fragments, just … But mostly you get horrid smell of, as of burnt leather, or something like rotten egg. Horrid smells you get from such people who are possessed.

So this OM is, is a sound that understands, that talks, that organizes, that informs and that is the sound of the Divine love. This is the electrical feeling that you get on your hand. But this is the sound.

So we have got also five very subtle type of expression of five elements and those are this fine sound of OM. The vibrations are the electrical. There is a magnet in that sound or in that powered, for a person who is, who is realized.

The person who is blessed by God has a magnetic power. That person attracts. That person may not even speak about, but people know about these things. They know that he’s a man who’s realized, there’s something special about him. Immediately you can find it out what he is. It is because of this sound and the magnet. You must have heard that sound when we converted into matter. In the same way, all these things are converted, the sound becomes a magnet, the magnet becomes the vibrations, the vibrations can become the Spirit. So these are all convertible and part and parcel of the same thing, the same energy which is the Divine love, which is love. Love has a sound and love has electricity, it has got magnetism and it has got the power.

When all these subtle powers are poured on to any human being, it acts, it acts and people start improving in their health.

You must have heard of experiments where people have tried music on some people who are not well and they have been cured. And what happens is that they, the subtler, subtler powers of the sound that we are manifesting, that behind it, the power that is manifesting it, comes into play. Which is a very small thing there. But with you people, when you put your hand, this is the sound of OM which is vibrating. It is so micro, micro waved vibrations, that you cannot see with a magnifying glass, you will not see My finger shaking at all. You’ll say they are very steady but they’re very microwaves. And the microwaves, when they pass into the body of the human beings or anything, there they awaken the microwaves that are sleeping in the body of the human beings or whatever things you use and they start generating the second, what you call, phase as the … of the outside …

For example, I’ll tell you how. Now, I put My hand to a person who is sick. Now here I put it and he is sick on this part, he has got some trouble. What happens? These waves, they’re passing to there and whatever are sleeping inside you see, they are sort of regenerated. And they start getting awakened and they start getting strengthened. Now they generate the other manifested ones or we can say the apparent ones, by which the person feel cured.

For example we put like this. Now the blood is clotted here, there’s no blood flow. You put your vibrations there. What happens, that the blood clot starts dissolving because the dissolution power of the blood is with the Vitamin K. And the Vitamin K is excited because these vibrations passing through that. And the Vitamin K is excited there later on by the microwaves which are receding and that’s how it works. But you cannot see that. They just work. They are abrusha(?). They are invisible. But they are there. To record them is impossible. Because human beings do not have any such instruments. Now at least, thank God, the scientists have accepted that we haven’t got ears to record everything that is in the sound. So, in the same way, they haven’t got records to record the vibrations of these microwaves.

Now, when you people say OM, realized people, when you say OM, the sound waves of OM, you just try on a person who is, just now you are having some pain there. All right. Now just now you put your hand there and say OM. Try it


Talk from: https://www.amruta.org/1979/03/11/talk-about-gandhi-hindi-part-1979/

I want to first tell you about My meeting and why Gandhi is so important. Perhaps you have never realized what a tremendous instrument Gandhiji was. At the age of seven years he just picked Me up from My family and I stayed with him very, very close, extremely close, and he used to call Me as Nepali. That was My name. And everybody knew Me by that name. After 40 years, or say 45 years or so, suddenly I met … in the wedding of his own son. And I went to him. I saw immediately he recognized Me. He said, “What, Nepali, how are you here?” And just tears started rolling down My eyes. That was Gandhiji.

He was a tremendous hard master also and I always used to say that, “You can be hard but how can you be hard with all these people?” He would make us get up at 4 o’clock. It was very easy for Me to get up at four because you see, My body had no habits. I can get up any time and sleep any time. But I speak for others … get up at four o’clock, and they had to clean their temples, they had to even, they sometimes had to clean, clean the bathrooms and the lavatories and everything with their own hands.

He was a tremendous hard master but an extremely loving and compassionate person. He, as just now, as everyone has said, he definitely always used to talk to Me in a way as if I was a grandmother, you see, and he used to discuss things with Me, most surprising to all others in a way, and I was big and wiser to everyone and he would make Me say(?). And he said that guidance can be heard better from some children than from the older people. Even when I again went to Gamlasha (?) this time, My husband told Me the same thing, “Do You remember he used to say so.” I said, “I remember that.”

But somehow he had recognized Me and he knew about Me, you see by … who had recognized Me and somehow or other, by which we have not been able to know, by which there were some people … (large section inaudible) Somewhere near there … (?) there were people who were absolutely standing an areas of … (?). They would not tolerate anything that was wrong for themselves. First thing they had was to keep themselves like that, in dharma. And Gandhiji used to really … (?) and ask us … (large section inaudible).

He was a tremendous personality. And the thing that I have learnt from him, I should say, was one of the things which I could never have understood otherwise, is a sense of public money. Actually I have no sense of money at all, I am so… (?). I do not know what is bank, I do not know how to cash a check. I still, you know, I mean, I must have cashed lots of checks but I don’t know how to do it. Even today if you want to teach Me I just can’t learn. I am no good for that. But I’ve seen Gandhiji’s sense of public money. He was so keen, so keen and so sharp that anybody who has lived with him, I cannot understand how can they take to this kind of cheap dealing with public money.

Once we had a meeting of all the big leaders and they came to Nandi ashram where we all girls were staying and some boys were there, looking after them, giving them pamphlets and things, and suddenly Gandhiji realized that it is very late and they should have their lunch in the ashram itself. So he said that, “Why not have your lunch here?” They said, “All right, if you think you will have, all right.” So he got up, he always had … [keys?] with him because … was not there. So he came down and he told us, “Let us weigh food for them and take it out.” So then we had to weigh according to the number of people who were there. He said, “I am a ‘bakhta pavya’. You must properly weigh everything and take it out.” And then he took about 15 minutes to do all that. Then again he took the piece, put it back and went on with his work.

I think it was Maulana Azad or someone who was there who said, “Babu I never give, we never mean that you’ll be put to so much trouble for our sakes. We could have gone back a little later and had … .” He said, “Trouble, what trouble? No.” “The way you got up and had to take away (?),you are so cautious and careful about it.” You know the word he said you know, “This is the blood of my people. I cannot allow it to be wasted or in any way spilled.”

Just imagine he said, “Nibhani dani mira droga” I mean I cannot forget his sense of understanding. And even I have seen Mr. Shastri do the same. I mean, there was nothing like a double standard. On the contrary, the closer you get to them, you respected them much more, because they are so clean and so clean, and they thought with that they’d maintain that cleanliness and that standard.

We are really very lucky to have such great people born in this country of ours. Only the trouble is that we have forgotten what great contribution they have done, that Gandhiji was one who came on this earth to save us from this fallen domination. In such a unique manner he laid down the basis for Sahaja Yoga. Actually in every way he laid down. For example if you see his ideas, economic ideas, are absolutely in tune with Sahaja.

Now after the Industrial Revolution and Industrial Revolution as they call it in the west, people have gone so far in creating aggressive economy that they are astounded the way now things are working out in those countries. The aggression that started with the industry, the machinery, is now directed towards the human beings themselves. In England, you’ll be amazed, which is the soberest country among all others. In England, every week two children are killed by their parents is the statistics. Can you imagine? Good children. They are not illegitimate children. No family is safe from this aggression. The aggression is now towards oneself, is absolutely self-destructive. The machinery, the child that started creating things, also made human beings machines, and these machines had no feelings within them and the feelings started drying up and drying up to such an extent that human beings have become feelingsless. They have no emotions left.

I don’t know if Gandhiji could have sensed it to that extent because you know, it is difficult for a saint to see the forces of evil, how far they can harm. It’s a very difficult thing. He did see something of it, so he was warning that, “Don’t go in for heavy industries. Heavy industries are very dangerous.” And he threw out … that tried to keep… place in industries.

With all this advancement in the West, you’ll be surprised that the condition is such that you cannot get anything fresh. The food that you get is nothing. But God knows what kind of a chemistry they have adopted, that all the time you feel you are eating chemicals. You do not feel you are eating any food.

If you talk to people, you feel they are stumped/stunned(?), they are shocked and afraid of each other. There is no love, there is no trust, there is no give and take. It’s such a ridiculously absurd society that has been created, that it is important for us, so called developing countries, to look where have they fallen, to what ditches they have gone and stand by and see for yourself that though you are trying to use science and use these industrial achievements of other countries as a tool to our advancement, you should know that they can completely destroy us as they have destroyed those people.

The destruction is not from outside so much. Of course it is in a way, the way we have created Hiroshima and all that, but the destruction is from within and that destruction is settling in such a big way that it’s impossible now to stop. Only way is to turn the whole thing into a new dimension by which you can control it and that is only possible through Sahaja Yoga. Thank God, My husband was elected and I went to London, that we have now a base.

Bajanawi (?) you’ll be amazed, it is all based on the different chakras, one after another. All that Bajanawi will start from one to another. Is just like how we do it for our Kundalini awakening. It is based one after another, from one chakra to another chakra, to another chakra, to another chakra, though he has not mentioned anything else. Apart from that, we in Sahaja Yoga, we have to take account of all the incarnations, of all the prophets, of all the great primordial masters, who came on this earth and adjust accordingly the different movements of the Kundalini. Because according to Sahaja Yoga all these incarnations are within us and they help us and we have to awaken them.

Same thing Gandhiji has done is to tell us that we have to look around, we have to know Bible, we have to know Gita, we have to know all these great scriptures and great people and integrate.

Of course, that part is left to Me, is the actualization of what he wanted to do. Though he definitely had prepared the base economically, then political base also, he never believed in aggression. Never. And he said that sharing should be brought. He always believed even capitalism should be conquered through enlightenment.

Though he was so busy with this emergency job of saving the whole nation, that he could not pay much attention to the subtler side of Sahaja Yoga, which I call ‘awakening of the Kundalini’ or ‘Self realization’. But he always talked of, he always said about it. Most surprising he’s the only one I have seen so far who was not doing Self realization but was so close to it and could see clearly that Self realization is the only way for emancipation of human beings. His values and his styles were so correct.

As a mother also, I was a child but I was a mother throughout and I would always feel that Gandhiji was little too strict and I used to say that, “You are too strict, I just can’t bear it” and tears used to come into My eyes. I said, “This is a bit too much.” He said, “No. We are in emergency. We have to be disciplined. We have to be disciplined and we have to tell them.”

So once I told him, “Babu, if you want to discipline people, why not give them discipline from within?” He said, “How to get to their place?” I said, “It is very easy. You can do it.” He said, “Not just now. Not just now. First of all, let us be free. If you are not free, what can we enjoy? We cannot talk about it. People will say that we are not even free. How can we talk of freedom of Spirit? We should be free from the foreign domination.”

I would say in emergency supposing we use a boat to cross over, then we do not carry the boat on our heads but we do carry the experiences of our crossing and those experiences are very great. And the greatness about Gandhiji was that he created great only by his personal character and by his dynamic, absolutely dynamic leadership. And the area when this has happened, I have seen those people were absolutely regenerated. You cannot believe how sacrificing they were. I have seen My own father, that today I think he was a legendary man, if I tell you how great he was. I mean, every way, I cannot find a single fault in his life as a leader.

But today it’s very different and very sad that those who were supposed to be Gandhiji’s people, followers… The other day I talked to somebody that, “Why not start with basic education because we don’t live in cities. Why should we have this education? It doesn’t go to the villages.” So he said, “That’s very different, it’s very different proposition” and all that. I was amazed, he was a Gandhini, how could he talk like that?

It is not at all difficult to adopt Gandiji’s ways in India. As Gregoire told you, I have been to China and Mao has definitely followed Gandhiji. He has copied everything that Gandhiji has done. I was amazed because when I was there I saw even ………… being practiced by him. All the things that Gandhiji thought of, he has done and he has improved China. And today China is like a tiger. People are afraid. You see, this tiger has now awakened. Now what is it going to do? It has got its own power. And this is what Gandhiji had dreamt. Imagine that Mao should use it and why not our people? I don’t know. I should blame the bureaucrats or the congressmen or the politicians who never understood that Gandhiji was the most practical man and now Sahaja Yoga I’m sure will re-establish his ways. Definitely it has to be established. Too much of asking, too much of elaborations, too much of materialism makes you a slave of material.

You’ll be amazed, we are supposed to be poor people. We are supposed to but we’re are not. In London or in America, American people are such miserly people that I’m absolutely shocked. Absolutely shockingly miserly. To spend five rupees for us is nothing, for somebody who comes to our house or something, but Americans are such miserly people, even if they have to spend one rupee they’ll think ten times. Same in England I find. And same in other places. Terribly, miserly calculating people.

I have known some people, if you go to their house they’ll count heads and give you sandwiches accordingly. Horrid! And they behave in such a ridiculous manner. All the time they are thinking about money, how to make this money, how to make that money, how to keep it. You cannot imagine, this affluence so called has made them so poor. Absolutely absurd.

I always felt that through these material gains they might become sort of satisfied people and would take to less materialism. But it’s not so. It’s just the opposite. People have taken to materialism as a religion and it is so maddening, so maddening that you can’t take it. You are just absolutely by the materialistic ideas you have, the values (?). It is such a mad world that if you stay there, then only you realize how maddening they are.

So as a result, these people that are here, you can see them, they revolt. They could not bear it any more. They say, “We’ll get out of it.”

But still the clutches of materialism are so great that they have to live with them and they find it very difficult. Only through Sahaja Yoga they have been able to establish themselves and steady themselves. I would say these are the great pioneers who will change the whole of the West. They are the foundations of tomorrow’s beautiful West, otherwise West is now a wasteland, nothing but a wasteland I can tell you. I hope these people will take to Sahaja Yoga in the right earnest (?) and will spread the message of Sahaja Yoga and will create that atmosphere as just now Dr. ………. was saying, the beautifying, the transforming atmosphere. In all these Western countries, run about, work it out and bring the dawn of a new world in which we all live together as human beings and as real brothers and sisters.

Sahaja Yoga has done a great service to humanity and it has given you antar yoga within yourself. It has given you antar yoga between the Sahaja yogis. And it is so great that some of these people have been in India many a times. They have never been able to come close to Indians because all the Indians, those whom they met, were all westernized without ………. . They had the same ideas, the same philosophy, the same everything, and they were, they were enamored by the West and they were just praising the western culture and western way. But the first time they say, when they have come now, they went to Indian religious and the way they have come and embraced all these villagers and the way they danced together and the way they enjoyed, this is the real antar yoga, the real love between all of them, the real enjoyment and the real oneness that one feels. It is not just talking or saying of ideal things that, “We are brothers and sisters” and you are listening that you are all brothers and sisters, and nothing which is you just become, is the actualization: you cannot just help it helping another person.

For example now, if I am sitting here and if I say that I have cured, I am doing no good. I am not doing it for any of you, I am doing it because you are part and parcel of My whole (?). I have to jolly well cure you if I want to feel all. I can feel you within Myself. This is the actualization of collective consciousness. And once that happens, you just start feeling the oneness.

And today I am going to talk about collective consciousness to you through Sahaja Yoga. How we get it, it’s an actualization, not brainwashing or lecturing. This is the difference between the way people have been talking, we talk before it happens. But now the time has come, it is to happen.