Nabhi Chakra


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Nabhi Chakra. February 1977.  This talk was given in India during the western yogis’ first India tour (Jan-March 1977). Precise location unknown.

The Nabhi chakra, is placed at the centre of gravity, of every human being. If it is not there, that means it is going to be a little problem, for you to get it in its right place. There is a kind of a trouble which most of you suffer from, is maybe due to drugs or maybe nervous problems, due to war, or maybe some sort of a shock to your sustenance. For example, during war, people lost their values, because, they lost faith in God. Chaste women who believed in chastity, were brutally assaulted. Very religious people, were persecuted, families were broken., many men were killed, and children, women, and old people, were scattered. A very horrible atmosphere of insecurity, overpowered all these nations. Then came the concentration camps, you see, also, which shattered human beings, because human beings are very delicate instruments. They are the coveted creations, they are the highest and they were dominated by things like bombs, which are matter. Thus, the Spirit in man, died out. People lost faith in righteousness, in love.
Then a new pattern of securities were built up. The industrial revolution followed it, as a result and the artificial sense of joy, of security, of love, was accepted by the society. This is what man did with his freedom, because wars are created by man, this is not God’s doing. But along with it, very great seeking souls, took their birth on this Earth. They started seeking beyond these artificial securities, like materialism. The seekers had no proper leaders, to organize them, and to lead them to the right path. So the mistakes committed by them, created a hurdle. So, apart from the hurdles of human awareness, so many other hurdles were added [Aside Shri Mataji : Yes] so many other hurdles were added, which made Sahaja Yoga a difficult process for them.
The countries who took part in the war, only became the developed countries. As a reaction, no its a reaction, they are the only developed people, who are actually taking part in the war. And those who did not, are underdeveloped. So, on one side, we have countries, who are trying to seek, because they are overdeveloped, because they are affluent, but their seekers have lost their moorings, because of anti-feeling. Alright? While other countries are not yet developed, so the seekers there, are still seeking in money. At this juncture, Sahaja Yoga was found out, this was the stage by which the promised union of human awareness with God is established, through which you feel your unconscious, the Power of God, which is All-pervading, which thinks, organizes, and plans. Only through Kundalini Yoga of Sahaja,  Sahaja Kundalini Yoga, only through Sahaja Kundalini Yoga, human beings are going to evolve. But those who are going to evolve, have to have their dharma intact.