Mahashivaratri Puja: Sat-Chit-Ananda

New Delhi (India)

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1977-02-16 Mahashivratri:Sat Chit Anand, Delhi, India

How much blissful day it is today, that on the day of Mahashivratri, all of us are singing Shiv Stuti collectively. Shiva, infact Sadashiva is the beginning of this creation and ends in Him. First of all if you understand Bramha, from Bramha, Shakti and Shiva, as within a cell is its nucleous, the same way Shiva and Shakti establishes first of all within Bramha. How did the creation take place, how did this event take place, how did Bramha, appear in the form of Shiva and Shakti, all this I will tell you on Saturday and Sunday. But when this Shakti while coming out of Shiva moves around in the form of a paraboly, when it takes one round, then each universe is created. Many such (pradakhshanas) were taken by Shakti. I will tell you about it later.

Many universes were created, many Bhuvanas were created and destroyed as well. Shakti creates universe after separating from Shiva. Shiva only witnesses. He goes on seeing Shakti’s play. If He cannot understand Shakti’s play, Then He can sucks in His own Shakti, whenever He wants. The whole play comes to an end. Only He is the seer(Drashta). He is the one who sees this play. Only He is the enjoyer of this play. This play is because of Him only. So, if He does not exist, the whole play comes to an end. He is the state. It is because of Him only that there is existence. A man is considered as living because of His heart. When his heart stops functioning, he is considered as dead.

When Shiva closes His eyes, He is called destroyer (Samharak). He only is the state and He only is the (Laya), because He can be a state, He can also be (Laya). I had told you about Shiva’s place in Kundalini Shastra. In a man’s heart, He always enlightens like the light of a lamp. Because of which the knowledge of right-wrong, discretion remains awakened, which goes on forbidding us, don’t do this, this is wrong, this is unrighteous. This is wrong, this is deceitfulness, this is is greed, this is pride, this is jealousy, this is Adharm, this is below the dignity of a man, this is not worthwhile. But the independence that a man has, is used by him very badly and he disregards Shiva.

Shiva drinks the poison of the whole world. Whatever amount of poison is settled in our heart, aversion towards others, evil etc., very impure thoughts, our heart becomes poisonous, when Shiva awakens within us, He drinks that poison. Shiva’s food, His drink is poison, whatever intoxicating things are there, the intoxicants etc., all that is injurious to consciousness is consumed (prashaan) by Shiva. He consumes all the poison of this type, of the world, inside His own being. For the same reason, we offer Him (Bhang) etc., intoxicants symbolically. From this, a human being concludes that if Shiva can take (Bhang), we shall also take. If he drinks wine, we shall also have it. Are you Shivji ? Are you at par even to the dust of His feet. He who consumed the whole poison of the world, also needs some who can drink. Devi eats all the bhoots. Devi licked each drop of the blood of Rakhtabeeja that used to fall in the world. Can you lick that? Where do you stand in comparison to Him, that you came out to take Bhang like Shiva. Even if Shiva drinks bhang of the whole world, He doesn’t get intoxicated. Is it the case with you? Shiva belongs to Divine Estate (Sampada), is an incarnation. We do not understand what an incarnation is. Its metal is different. Its arrangement is different. Are you formed in that way? Are you made for the work that you will consume the poison of whole world. Many people say, Mother some drinks do not intoxicate us. There can be no greater falsehood than this.

Some great gurus too like Sai Nath of Shirdi, was also an incarnation. He smoked a funnel shaped clay pipe for smoking (Chillum). Now everybody started smoking a pipe. Are you Sai Nath? He would smoke, so that you do not come in contact with Chillum at all. He smoked everybody’s Chillum once for all. He would smoke to digest everybody’s Chillum. Have you got the power to smoke Chillum? He could not be attacked by cancer. Those who are devotees of Shiva, should not even touch wine. They should not even go near it. They should run far away from it. On the contrary, all the tantrikas own five houses. What do they do? They call themselves (shaakt). Call themselves devotees of Shakti, devotees of Shiva, and adulterous to such an extent! Shiva and adultery! Shiva who is complete Bramhaswarupa, making such an enormity while taking His name, is causing complete downfall of their own. Because of being your Mother, I am telling you that never be under this wrong impression.

The method of Tantra is absolutely mischevious. Today on the day of Mahashivratri , I want to tell you something about that definitely. The system of Tantra is that whatever is not liked by God, is not liked by Devi, do that only. All the wrong practices were done in the presence of Devi only. Adultry, all types of mockery, so that the Devi abandons that place out of hatered. In the beginning Devi acts violently over them. They Jump, dance, shout, scream, there is lot of heat, boils come out on skin. Many people call it the awakening of kundalini too. Many people came to me for treatment who say that they are feeling as if thousands of bacteria are biting inside their being. Our kundalini has awakened. And even some say they got big blisters on their body. Here in the institute there is a doctor, whose name I forgot. What is his name? Dr. Paul. He had come to me. He was saying, that somebody awakened his kundalini and thousands of scorpions bit his body. And poor fellow, while jumping stood near me, saying, “Mother, save me, save me.” I brought down his kundalini. Within one minute, I cooled down his kundalini. It was not kundalini, Shri Ganesha, who is the son of Shivji , who is the son of Shakti. It was His anger.

When I asked him I understood. He told Me the name of the person who had awakened his kundalini. He doesn’t tell anyone his name out of fright, out of nervousness. That helpless person feels nervous just by thinking of Kundalini. They reduced him to such a condition and told him that your Kundalini has been awakened. All over the body there were blisters and hands and feet had burnt. Within one minute the kundalini was calm, fell asleep. Only Ganesha, Shri Ganesha because He knows me. There is a need to be away from such tantrikas. Going in front of the Devis, you go and see it in Khajuraho, what a mess these tantrikas have created.

In the sixth century, after Shankaracharya, they started a new war. As soon as he said about Devi, they thought that now Mother’s reign is about to set in, so let us be after Her. The rulers of that time were very low charactered. Looked at Devi with evil eyes. How much evil minded people were ruling at that time? Full strip from here till Bengal and their ministers were these people only, jains. Among Jains, with regard to their food habits, they move out with a flap covering their mouth. There is no dispute related to women. With strips tied to their mouth, take a walk, think that they are out. They call Krishna as samharak (destroyer). Call Rama as Samharak. Although Mahavira is a higher personality. As I have set them in their proper place, the same way Jainis too set Mahavira at His proper place. These are the unique ways of everybody. They started this practice that let us send young boys and girl too to ashrams, as Pope does. Because of that, immorality was so much on the increase, so much compulsion, that even brahmins raised the issue that even after marriage, the people should be under control and in celibacy. Absolutely unnatural concepts, that pressure resulted in the completion of dirty displayings at Khajuraho.

Although I will certainly say that the artists have done a great job. Wherever they have made idols, they have made big idols of Gods and Goddesses, having thick dia because, Gods and Goddesses are of thick stature. Because they need lot of water, so many wheels are moving continuously, so water is required from above. Otherwise how can it work? And the rest of these tall and thin they fixed just to please the king. But the person who was tantric of Konark, what to talk about him. And there only, you see there are some temples too, where these leftists (vammargis) go and put Devi into discontentment. Take some intoxicating drink, wine and indulge in adultery. And when Devi diverts Her attention from there, even from My photograph if you check, you will get vibrations right now, but if any scene of adultery is started in front of it, I will be missing from the photograph. You will not get any vibration. My attention gets away from there. There is no more attention, because why should Devi live where there is adultery and filth.

Shivji sits at such places, for a pretty long time and there lashes out too. Bhairavnath also sets in there. Without His lashes people do not come round. First they get lot of lashes, their condition worsens. Even then they go on doing all this nonsensically. They call it penance (Tapasya). They fall sick, face problems, vomit, blood comes out, everything happens. Lot of heat generates in their body, but still they stick to it. Then even Shivji too disappears from there.

Then they settle down there, make a solution of Charas (Charas is the name given to a hashish form of cannabis, for smoking) and Bhaang ( an intoxicating drink) and these cannabis smokers assemble and all adultery during the night takes place. And after that spirits are invited and with those spirits in their hands, they do all the trade about which I told you yesterday.

This is the height of Shivji’s innocence. He is an embodiment of such innocence, that when Ravana told Him that now you better give me your Shakti, He (Shiva) gave Him even that. Such an innocence! So much Ingenuous! One who doesn’t know what is evil ! Consume evil, consume everything, get and consume whatever is to be consumed. As it is said that all the evils are washed out. So you can understand, that the evils are washed out in Ganga because it has come out of Shivji’s matted hair (Jatta). The evils that are washed out just by touching the Jatta of Shiva, if He is himself sakhshat, what will He be ? (How much powerful He will be?) Just tell! One who simply sakhshat by doing, sinks the vices, one whose rememberance only by devotion, all the badhas of Bhavsagar, all those who like animals and birds are stuck up, whatever dirt, living or non living, are brought to an end. For such Shivji people say that He gets happy by such adultery.

In such a world what can be talked about? These Tantrikas are Shivji’s enemies, they will die in hell like worms. They will be in hell for thousands of years. There is no doubt about it. But those who get mesmerised by them, and follow their advice, use spirits , destroy others, they too are going to be destroyed after them.

On the day of this great festival of Shivji, all the Sahajyogis should take a vow that their heart should be absolutely pure. It should have simplicity, complacency (Sajjanta). We should introspect ourselves and feel ashamed that are we so rogue that we think like that? Look at your heart and ask,” Are we so miser and low charactered people that we are thinking like that?” To keep Shivji awakened, man should be extremely simple hearted. Shivji was innocent, such people are very innocent and people say that such people are cheated. Even if the whole world cheats them, he doesn’t lose anything. You lose everything, if you cheat. Don’t cheat anyone. As such it is not an act of bravery, that you act foolishly. If you cheat anyone even once, you cannot be forgiven for that. You may be cheated by someone thousand times, you won’t lose anything. One who is innocent, cannot be cheated by anyone. These are emotional feelings that such and such a person deceived him, that person deceived him. What do you collect by cheating? Wealth? How much harmful is the money procured by cheating, you don’t have any idea.

Recently in Rahuri, a gentleman came to Me and said, “our ancestor’s some money has been dug in the land, Mother, we know it has been dug there. Earlier, three generations before somebody tried to take it out. The same day, there were three deaths in the family. After that, second generation started to take it out. That time also there were three deaths in the family. Then same thing happened fourth time. Now we are there. Now what should we do?” I said,” forget this wealth, forget it absolutely. Let it dissolve. There is no need to touch it.” After killing somebody, keeping somebody’s children hungry, after torturing somebody’s spirit, you have got this money. That their spirits are in great agony, is a great thing. There is furious Shakti. That will consume your children, their children and their children. That is Shivji’s job. Shivji is very innocent, but you are not aware of His wrath. His wrath is dangerous. The snake around His throat, understands everything. Whosoever will bother such a spirit , because Shivji resides in Atma, his condition will be such for generations together.

I am not telling a lie. You are saying, Mataji talks like that only! Recently, in Hyderabad, in a gentleman’s house, started telling Me,”Please come, he is very rich, is very this, is very that.” I said,”I am not concerned with the riches. I am poor and am ok with My poverty.” He insisted too much saying,”Mother please come. He has invited, invited with reverence.” I said,” Ok! If it will be on the way, I will go.” As soon as I put My step in their house, I put one step back. They asked, “What happened?” I said,” This house is under the influence of a great curse.” They asked Me,” How do you know? I told them,” Is it so or not? Tell Me the truth. I won’t step inside. Tell the truth.” They admitted, “Yes, It is!” Two young children of that family have been sitting like this always in a chair. Both hands and feet in the same position, they eat like that only, sleep too in the same position. They requested Me to cure them. I said, “Please forgive Me, I am leaving.” Soon I came out. I said to them,”Even now, you are doing the same job, that your ancestors have done.” They started telling,”In our family two children have been always like that.” And still the same thing is going on? “These are the only two children in this generation. There is no third one. So what will the future of this family?” I said,” You think of family, think of money, and lick that and eat. And Paste it all around and if you can’t do that, take out a procession.” To torture somebody’s Atma (spirit), especially to depress a poor man, to invoke Ah (curse) from his Atma, you must know that Shivji’s reign goes a long way. Outwardly you feel that you have collected everything, you have come back and brought all the belongings of his home.

Daughter-in-law has come at home, her mother-in-law is torturing her. She feels a great pleasure in torturing her. She is deceiving her. My mother-in-law tortured me so much, I too shall torture her. Don’t invoke her curses. Don’t invoke a poor man’s curses. Don’t invoke the curses of anyone’s heart. Never do that. Know that, there resides Shivji and the more a person is innocent, the more Shivji ‘s reign will prevail there. Never take the advantage of an innocent man. Always be surrendered to an innocent man because Shivji is awakening there. That is why he is innocent. A human being happens to be innocent only when, Shivji is awakening within him. People torture an innocent man, cheat him. Specially those who are money conscious, those who go on counting each penny, they make fun of an innocent person. Money you will get sometime or other, but you cannot escape Shivji’s curse. You will say that Mother you are scaring us just for nothing! I am not scaring you. I am cautioning you. Be alert! Shivji’s workout is very deep and going to be for a very long time, because Shivji is going to be till the end. When there will be total Laya, even then Shivji will be there and when there will be beginning, even then Shivji will be there. And in between, afterwards when I shall tell you, I will tell you when Vishnuji comes.

Today, on the day of Mahashivratri, all of us have to make a determination, that we will not invoke any curse. We will not do injustice to anyone for anything. Somebody is poor, some needy, some inferior to us, some dependant on us, whosoever is like that, it is Shivji’s kingdom there. Treat them with complacency.They are the servants of their home. They won’t give them anything to eat, grab their money, people beat their servants just for two paisas (little pennies), overlooking that Shivji has established in their being and shivji’s wrath can harm you.I am telling you the truth. Not even a single word or a single drop is untruth. If you want, you can check it by vibrations also, all the sahajyogis check it, how much strong vibrations you get for this. If I am telling untruth even a single word, your vibrations will stop flowing.

To do injustice to anyone is to be a culprit in front of Shivji. Gentlemanliness, courtesy, politeness, bowing down, being cheated too is ok. There should be no false knowledge of Shivji. My Dear, “Did you get cheated? Don’t worry, I will see to it.” Oh! Bhairav Nath is standing by his side. He will give you one rod, all of you will get set. You have not yet understood tricks of Bhairav Nath. He doesn’t grab even a single penny. All over, He uses His rod all around and he hits in such a way, that the impact will be for generations together. For generations! In this respect, Hanumanji is slightly milder. He is slightly better. But don’t meddle with Bhairav Nath ji. So, those who are inferior to you, those who are schedule caste, those who rely on you, those who are dependant on you, have mercy on them, must shower your love and compassion to them.

Just see Shivji! Where is He sitting! In the graveyard, where nobody can sit, He is sitting on the ashes. You cannot find any communist better than him. He came for the wedding, with ashes all over, Snakes around His neck and riding on a bull. Just Think, does anyone sit on a bull, with ashes all over, in a strange attire, matted hair, with bare minimum clothing, wrapped lion’s skin around. And with Him, all the bhoots, one better than the other were following. And their wives, some of them having one eye, two noses and some having four horns were following them. All the disfigured, lunatics and those who are as fast as lightening, those whom we look down upon with inferiority, some are physically deranged, we laugh at them, cut jokes at them. If somebody is deaf, is made fun of. Thank God that both of your ears are ok. Thank God that your both the eyes are ok. You never held the hand of a blind person. On the contrary, you feel a great pleasure, in pushing him. Look at such God Shivji, that His bharat is coming and at Parvati ji’s house all the great people are there. Her brother Vishnuji is standing by Her side. All the sophiscated people are on one side and this bharat of Shivji is proceeding on the other side. But nobody dared to laugh at Shivji or at those people. He is coming with all having ugly and monstrous faces, disfigured and cruel people graciously.. Not with any inferiority complex. If our father is poor and if he is asked to come to our office, we will tell him ,”Don’t come”. We will not even give him clothes. We feel ashamed even of our father. We are so down trodden people. He is coming graciously with all of them, How great he is! Some nude, some half nude (nang, dhunang), some short of clothes, nothing, they are coming in their normal attire with Shivji. And Parvatiji is getting nervous on seeing that My groom has come to My house, He is just making it disgraceful for Me. At least He should have brought some good people in the front row. But now what to say? Bhairavnathji is coming in the forefront. Just think, what type of marriage it is! But in Parvatiji’s heart only He has a place. She doesn’t like anyone else. Whatever they are, whatever the people from in-laws are, although the women from their side have only one eye, but even then they are Her husband’s home people. Their respect, their food, to look at them with her eyes down (is Her duty), because I am from the family of Vishnuji, My brother like vishnuji is standing, in whose house Kuberas fill water and I myself am the daughter of Himalayas.

With such a thought of Parvatiji in mind, we should think that in this world, the Shivji whom we pay regard, on whom the whole world is dependant, who can destroy us in a moment, when there will be destruction, He comes out of the form of eleven Rudras, destroyes everything. And whosoever is watching this play in a witness state, for whom everything of the world, creation etc., is just nothing and He who in a witness state is enjoying the world and who is awakened in every innocent person, who lives at such places where nobody can go, the most violent, rude and poverty stricken. He doesn’t decorate Himself, no great grandeur, but without Him nothing is brilliant. To such shivji whosoever pays regard, is a real human being because he pays regard to humanity. Not because that particular person is a senior officer, because that particular person has a lot of money, because that particular person is so educated, the other person has this, but because he is a noble human being. May be he is poor, maybe he is rich, maybe he is of low profile, or of high profile, but he is a great noble human being and a noble human being is one who is personified at the feet of Shivji.

Today it is not such a day that I should even make you feel sad, because today is a very auspicious day. But one thing I will tell definitely that there is no need to fast on the day of Shivratri. It is totally the opposite. Whosoever has said it, don’t know what is the basis of this in scriptures. I ask any priest to tell me in which Shastra it is written that on the day of Shivji’s marriage you will fast. Why? Gentlemen, tell Me any basis of this Shastra, I want to know. Shastras too have been misrepresented, but even then I want to know, what is the basis of this Shastra that at a wrong place……….

Today, rejoice, make merriment. Today is the day of merriment. How many people have come here after observing fast? Raise your hands. Those who have been on fast, cannot get their realisation today. Try it! And those who have got their realisation, you too will be saved today. You are not going to get vibrations. Try it! Try and check! Are you getting vibrations? (Some say,” Are not getting, they are faint”.) Don’t tell a lie! (a sahajyogini–I have started getting such cool vibrations) You are not fasting, So I am happy with you today! You didn’t fast today? Good! You are a loving child! Today, you don’t have to fast. Today you eat a lot. Take laddoo after reaching your home. Fast after eating food? [one Sahajyogini,“No, I took phalahar (fruits).”] Why phalahar? Today you have to take a lot. His food is almonds and pistachio. Eat, eat a lot. He eats chickpeas (channa). Deviji takes Chickpeas. You also take chickpeas. Who takes fruits and flowers? They all talk nonsense. You should check from health related scripture that if our Shivji is established, is existing, what is needed for existence? What should you take? Say! You know it is carbohydrates. We cannot get energy without that. Today all of us should take carbohydrates of every type. Or we should take proteins. The more proteins you take, the better it is. Take more and more proteins. Chickpeas contains proteins. Chickpeas is only proteins. Whatever protein is there, should be taken for Shivji. For heart what a wonderful thing it is. If you are of devoid of love for others, you should also take carbohydrates. But the most important thing is that you should take proteins. And today you will take fruits which should not be taken. I do not understand any such basis of it in scriptures but the concept is going on and everybody is following it. Right now, whosoever has started it, must be the tantrikas only. He cannot be some one else. I cannot understand, that there is anyone else, that anyone will do so delibrately. One should think naturally that the day it is someone’s birthday or marriage, people do not remain hungry. That day people rejoice, they are happy. The day when somebody dies, people should remain hungry. In our country, It is like this, that the day somebody dies, or the doors of hell are open, they don’t fast, that day they eat on getting early! So, today eat happily and enjoy! But, on the day of Narak chaturdashi, you should fast. So that day, take bath early, after getting up early at 4 o’clock and take their break fast. See how opposite it is! Now if I say so, you can’t say I am like Kabir, You will say that Mataji is telling all the opposite. But Whatever is categorical, accept it in straight forward manner. And whatever is opposite, will have to be accepted as opposite because whatever is truth, is nothing but truth. Nobody can destroy it, nobody can deteriorate it. And whether it is truth or untruth, check by your vibrations. Whatever I am telling, if it is untruth, you will come to know with the help of your vibrations. All your computers have started working on their own. Many people’s computers are working. Those whose are not working, they too will work soon. You will surely get vibrations for this. Yes? ( one sahajyogini,”Getting a lot of fragrance.”) Especially, within your being Shivji’s establishment is too much. You are too innocent! Yes, now tell Me. Let us meditate for some time, because they were saying that many people for realisation….have your friends come for realisation?