Interview feature, Evening News (THE LIFE ETERNAL, 1979 ISSUE)

New Delhi (India)



BY VIDYUT MANEKLAL Evening News, New Delhi, Feb. 23, 1977

‘’What is the purpose of life”, asked a press correspondent to Mataji Nirmala Devi, votary of Kundalini Yoga also known as Sahaja Yoga. “To realise the Divine and be his instrument” was the prompt reply. In the present turmoil filled world this question seemed natural. For the lives of most people are affected by dissatisfaction, frustration and bitterness leading to violent action on their part; others accept the situation and jog along with resignation, indifference marking their existence. Why was it so, we asked Mataji.

“Human beings are filled with so many urges. They want love, wealth, power. Having savoured the fleeting joys springing from the physical material side of life, they get restless and bored since their existence is confined to the physical, mental and emotional planes. They seek a remedy for their boredom. They turn to ‘Gurus’ in the hope of finding some solace. If the Guru is truly enlightened, he may show them the correct path, but if it is otherwise, the individual or individuals fall a victim to the myths of the ‘Guru’ who may lead them astray, plunging them into the very depth of darkness”.

Q. What is the remedy for this ?

A. The remedy is within you and the Divine has provided an instrument in the form of the Kundalini, which is like a Germinating power that works out your sprouting. Sahaja Yoga means awakening of the Kundalini. One can see its pulsation at the base of the spine where it lies dormant in a triangular bone in three and ha if coils. When awakened by a ‘realised’ person, it ascends and in a normal person it goes through the chakras and breaks the apex of the brain without giving the slightest trouble to the aspirant. Once the Kundalini is awakened, the aspirant enters the fourth dimension-the spiritual one. Here, he is aware of himself and receives inner solace; the individual before realisation is like a computer not connected to the mains; after the awakening of the Kundalini the computer gets connected to the mains where he experiences the joy of the all pervading bliss of God. One gets into collective consciousness and can feel the Kundalini of others. In the case of those afflicted, the awakening of the Kundalini cures the sufferer. Curatives are, therefore, a valuable by-product of the Kundalini Yoga.

Q. Have many attained self-realisation and practise Sahaja Yoga ?

A. Several thousand Sahaja Yogis are practising Sahaj Yoga or Kundalini Yoga and quite a few of them do curatives. Dreaded diseases like cancer, hypertention, heart ailments have been cured. Sahaj Yoga is not confined to India but has gone to U.K., U.S.A., Europe, Nepal and Malaysia.

Q. Who can practise Sahaja Yoga or Kundalini Yoga ?

A. Ordinary people living normal lives, age and sex are no bar. Holiness is ones existence and sanctity in married life are essential. Smoking and consuming intoxicants are forbidden as they go against the Divine.