Advice at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

Mumbai (India)

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Advice at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (Question and Answers). Bombay (India), 22 March 1977.

[ This light is given to you because you give light to others. If you do not give it to others, then slowly this light fades away. You should keep this light on such a path where people are wandering in the dark, and not keep this light under the table where it gets extinguished. You people come there, if you have some problem, someone is sick then we will tell about it also (cure) & in the same way these people will tell you about Sahaj yoga  – Mother speaks in Hindi]

[Fadke & other Sahaj yogi go there.  Tell them about kundalini & Sahaj yoga. It will not get finish in 2 days. It takes time. Now we have people with us who are really very good, they know everything about kundalini – Mother speaks in Marathi]

They have mastered the Kundalini completely. There are some, you know that, but there are some who have got realization last five years and they don’t know a word. On the contrary, they’ll just come and ask us, “My mother is ill. So please treat her.” “My father is ill.” “You treat me.” “My this thing is ill.” That’s all. They are good for nothing. So now you have to also give to others and you have to realize yourself and to be the light of Sahaja Yoga. It’s a great pleasure. It’s a greatest joy to give it to others, and you don’t have to spend any money for that and you don’t have to earn any money for that. It is just a free flow. But you must give. Otherwise, if you do not give then you stagnate; absolutely, it stagnates.

Today we have so many people over here, I’m very happy to see. I hope you’ll keep up the number. At least on a Monday keep it.

[Instead of going to Siddhivinayak and stand for 1 hour come for meditation of Shri Mataji. You will find records there, they may turn on something there, listen to it & take notes. After that they will do discussion about it, those 5-6 Sahaj yogi will come to tell you. It will be beneficial for everyone. Mother speaks in Marathi]

You all achieve depth in Sahaj Yoga & not to be just on shallowness – Mother speaks in Hindi ]

Sahaja Yoga is not a thing to be taken that frivolously. It works. It works in you in no time effortlessly, but after realization for all human beings, it is necessary to understand the complete working of the Kundalini and of the vibrations. You must know the complete science. Otherwise, what is the use of getting money which you do not know how to spend or use? So best thing is to get to it and by you will find that even if you are sick and cured by Sahaja Yoga, you’ll find you’ll become so much healthier and better. You’ll be enriched much more. If you do not take to Sahaja Yoga, gradually you’ll find your vibrations will be lost after some time, because God doesn’t want to waste His vibrations on people who do not want to give it to others. There are some people who give explanations, “We have a family. How are we to give up?” Now I have also family. You know I have grandchildren also.

This is the only good thing you can do without paying a single pie [small coin]. You have got it without paying a single pie and you have to distribute also without paying a single pie and you have to enjoy yourself. Only you can enjoy if you can give. You have to learn all these things. By God’s grace you have so many people here. Here now at least fifty percent people, I would say, are such that they can tell you about Kundalini quite well and you they are going to work out with you. They are going to tell you about this; nothing to feel bad, because once you master the Kundalini you will become just the same. So there is nothing to feel superior or inferior or anything. Only thing is that you today you have jumped into the sea and you have learnt how to swim, and they have learnt it long time back, and gradually you’ll pick up very fast. Some people pick up so fast that it’s sometimes astonishingly speedy, and even the people who have been with Me for years cannot beat them. So, it is only your simplicity and earnestness to be that. You work it out very well.

Aata, I would like you to ask Me questions because when I go away I don’t want the half-hearted people to ask questions because then the, if the questions start, then the murmuring souls will start and they will try to bring out people who are not yet half-baked, and then they will fizzle out. So, you have to completely mature into Sahaja Yoga. Do not listen to anybody because he says so. You ask him, “What is your authority? Do you know anything about Kundalini? Have you, how many how many people you have given realization to? How many people you have given jagruti to? None. Then you keep quiet.” That’s all. You have seen Kundalini moving. You have seen its pulsation. You have felt the vibrations. Now, anybody who talks about against Sahaja Yoga is very easy, anybody can, any Dick, Tom and Harry can say, very easy to criticize anything, very easy because how much does it take? You don’t need any capital for that. You need not be knowing a word about Kundalini. Some might say it’s a myth, it’s a psychological thing; all kinds of nonsense they will say. But if you are a serious people, then you must understand that you have felt the vibrations, they are there, and that you are going to proceed further. It is for your own good and for your own asking you should get it. If there are certain problems on your chakras they must be corrected. So, what is the question now?

Yogi: What is the ego & superego & Why God has given this to us?

Shri Mataji: Ego and superego; these are the two institutions. They grow within us as we grow older and older because when we start growing. I’ll give you an example how the ego and super-ego grow. A mother is nursing the child, and the child is in complete peace and bliss. The mother is in complete bliss when the child is being nursed. Now, what happens, when the mother moves the child to another side, then the child doesn’t like it. So he puts in a reaction. This reaction comes in [Don’t look there. They are not minister. He wears cap so everyone thinks he is minister. Your attention is not here. He is just a lawyer – Mother speaks in Marathi] for your information haan…

[ Now remove that cap otherwise everyone will again think that some new minister has come (Everyone is laughing) Now we should meet them last time my son did not get job. You will think about it then. Mother is asking a person as why did you wear that cap now everyone is thinking that you are a minister. Now people will bring application to you so don’t tell me. (Mother is laughing) I will answer his question he has asked about ego & superego. Did you get my point? Now if someone go then all will see that person. How can I get benefit from that? Why human brain is so frivolous. You have something & god has given you a big head. You should give respect to it. Do not turn your eyes. Which is the thing which attract your attention? Attention is very big thing. [Unclear] Attention should be pure. This is a bad habit to turn eyes – Mother speaks in Marathi]

Our eyes are ruined by because of the turning our eyes all the time here and here. Our Agnya chakra gets spoilt. You completely lose control over your eyes. Eyes are the most important things. They carry the light of your heart of your Aatma and Spirit. At every small spot must you see?

[If you want to sit then sit & want to go then go – Mother speaks in Marathi]

And this is the problem with us, that we don’t understand our own values and we don’t understand what should be our priority for what are we here. We must have that seriousness about ourselves. Anybody comes in or goes in or anything happening, your attention should be on to yourself. It’s very necessary at this time when you are in meditation. This is the first time we are trying to see ourselves. So why should anybody interest us? It is only a very short time when we are – so now I’m telling you a very important thing [ At that time you come & everybody was looking at you. It should not happen. Someone will come & someone will go but you should not look at them. Now subject is very deep. Why god has given us ego & super-ego. It’s a very big question.  Mother speaks in Marathi]
Why God has created this ego and super-ego within us?

From our stomach the medh, what you call the fat globules, you can say medh, in the stomach rises into our brain, passing through all these centers, evolving to be the cells of the brain. Did you follow this point? Because medh even the brain is made of fat cells, what you call the mendu. So for the medh to become the mendu it has to evolve to achieve a certain amount of charges of awareness of human awareness, and the brain, human brain, is the most precious one because it has a dimension, which animals do not have, a mental dimension, you can say, an emotional dimension. Its physical dimension also has another dimension. We can say that on every dimension we have four sides. Emotionally we understand love. We understand how to receive, how to reciprocate. We understand beauty, we understand poetry, we understand sweet gestures. We can create these things also. On the mental level our dimension has a fourth dimension, I should say, by which we create things. Animals cannot create; we can create. On the physical also we have a special advantage that we have lifted our heads up, our hands act in a different way than our feet, we have a better capacity to hold things. Not only that but we can use this body to lift much higher things that are here; for example, we can create a crane and lifted it. So, we have also got a power by which we can have mastery over the matter. This is not among the animals. So, we have already a higher dimension which is reached in our brain.

Now, such a beautiful human brain is created. So, at this stage of human evolution when man has reached this stage, we should say it is still in a transition. A little more he has to jump, and he becomes that for which he has created. So, in this transition it is necessary to protect that brain very carefully – one purpose; secondly, to make this brain independent of the will of God and to make it use by itsel,f so it develops another dimension of wisdom. By faltering, by making mistakes, by correcting, by falling, by going into extremes, man starts coming in the center and understands that this is the position.

Now see in our country the political news how from the British we came to – British had to give us up, then we – now the new this thing we started that didn’t fail; that failed. So, we started another style. So, we started another style like that. You see, you go on changing from this to another, experimenting, and you reach a position where you see this is the position by which you really progress. All this is done by a human brain. So, a human brain is the most coveted thing, most evolved thing, and with the brain heart also, human heart also, has to be co-related to the brain, and so the both the things evolve very well. Our stomachs are evolved very well. Actually, our stomachs are much more subtle, and they cannot take gross things. They require very fine and sophisticated things for digestion, and so many things as you know that we are different from animals.

Now at this stage to protect this brain also you need a kind of a hard covering. So, God has created this system by which you just get completely covered up, by creating an ego and super-ego which is just a sort of, you can say, a by-product of your activities. Any activity a human-being does, has a reaction. For example, if he tries to say “no” to something it has a reaction: he creates his ego. If he accepts something he creates his super-ego. This is also done because it is done with the help that the brain of the man is made triangular and prismatic in nature, prismatic. It’s prism-like plane, and in the prism of the brain when the rays of God’s divine power flows in, it goes into refraction, into different angles, and by the principle of parallelogram of forces, part of it escapes outside, this side and this side. That’s why a man can think of the future and of the past, but the animal does not think of these things. So that’s how our brain is a specially made one. It is protected by creating a ego and a super-ego completely by which our taalu, where the fontanel bone is covered, you are separated from the All-pervading Power, by which you get your independence and freedom, to act as you like, to use your brain as you like, to learn, because the evolution if it has to go any further this is the transition period when you have to try. We can say like this for a simile because simile should not be drawn too far.

But supposing this instrument I prepare. After preparing it, I first try it on a small cell separately and then I put to the mains. In the same way, first it is tried separately, individually with an articulation. The other day I gave a simile of a, of an egg, which might have sounded little funny to Marathi people, I don’t know why, that an egg is created by articulating it completely. It’s protected till it reaches a complete stage of its re-birth, is dwijah. Then only, you see, the mother bird pierces the egg and the, there is a re-birth of the little chick. In the same way, you are made protected so that you are made ready. Ultimately, you reach a stage where you are just ready to jump into another state, and it happens. In the incubator also, if you put these eggs with the warmth, you see they feel the warmth – warmth is the love – and with that they grow and at a point all of them hatch out, I mean not simultaneously, but we can say little difference, but most of them hatch out within two three days’ time.

It is in the same manner today’s Sahaja Yoga is working out, that you are just ready to have it. You’ve had a very great past, you’ve been seeking, you have been going round, you have no ideas to what you have been doing. And today you are wearing ordinary dresses like ordinary people and today you are here for a lecture with Me and at this time this happens. This is the greatest miracle for some people, but for Me it is just a happening. It has to happen at this time. For us if we see lots of flowers turning into fruits, we never call it a miracle because we have taken it for granted. So many miracles of life we have taken it for granted, but it has to happen to human-beings, and when it happens it happens like that.

Naturally for you, you see, it’s My child’s play. It is for Me, it is My child’s play because that is My job is to give you moksha. I am mokshadayani; no doubt about it. If that is My nature, if that is My nature then I will do it. If the nature of the sun is to give you the rays of the sun, it will give. It is not difficult because that is the nature. You see, if it is your nature as a human being to see things and colors you will see. What is so great about it? What is to be proud about it? I mean, I don’t understand; if you are that, you are that. What is there to be higher or lower? I can’t just understand. This is all because of a human ego that a man has evaluations. He thinks this is higher; that is lower. In a way human beings are higher than men and human beings are much higher than gods and much higher than God Almighty sometimes, because He has to beg of you to come to Sahaja Yoga, because unless and until you are absolutely freely accepting Sahaja Yoga it doesn’t work out. You have to be absolutely free. I cannot entice you. I cannot hypnotize you. I cannot do anything. It has to be there. And that’s why if it works just like that,
why should you feel that there is something wrong in it? It has worked with so many people. So many people have felt it. You will also feel it. It is your due. So, you are feeling it, and supposing there is something wrong with the seed or something wrong with the flower, then we will correct it also. May take two days more; doesn’t matter. It is not something extraordinary for Me. Yes, it is in a way, because in all My previous lives I have not done it. So, I feel very happy.

For example, when you are a leaf you can’t do the things of a flower, when you are a root you are not doing that at all, but when you are a flower then a bee can come and do it. What is so much surprising about it? Because it has been promised. Many a time it has been said. Even Vivekananda has said that, “Mother will come and She will do the job.” He has also said that, “Buddha is just a part, a little drop.” He has said all these things. When you quote Vivekananda, read him properly. He also says, ‘I can’t do anything. It’s Mother is going to do. Everybody is putting on that Mother.” Shankaracharya said, “Mother will come.” In the Bible if you read John’s Revelation, written that, “A Woman will come, and She will be giving re-birth and She’ll be afraid of giving re-birth. She’ll be protecting Her child.” All these things are there, and now when the Mother comes in you say, “Why are you there, Mother?” Now who the Mother must come with a horn or what should She do?

But if I’m the Mother Who has to do the job, I have to do the job. Now you start finding faults with Me. So, what to do with you people? I mean, after all, what should I have? Whatever I thought proper, I have. What else do you want Me to have? See if the, if Ganesha has a trunk of a elephant it has a meaning, and if somebody has something else it has a meaning. We say that Surabhi the cow, the first cow which appeared in the Brindavana – in the, in the Vaikuntha stage she appeared ? all the Gods were inside her. We accept a cow but we can’t accept a human being who has got these powers. It’s all right. Don’t accept. I’m saying not that you should flatly accept Me because once I say that there are many Mataji’s all over now. What I’m saying, you should feel the vibrations yourself. You should take them. If you feel them, if you see the Kundalini rising, that is the first sign. If you see the Kundalini rising, you should.

When I went to Ambernath there was one Janardhan Maharaj. He had come, you see, because he had heard about Me. He came just to take My pareeksha (test), whatever it is. So he was sitting near the stage, and people told Me that, “He may not accept You, Mataji.” I said, “Let Me see. If he is a realized soul he may,” and when I went inside on the stage he just fell flat on My feet. Then he told Me, “I saw everybody’s Kundalini rising as soon as You stepped inside, I could see.” They can see also. He saw everybody’s Kundalini rising as soon as I came in. They would not rise but the Kundalini rose. “We wish You welcome.” So, if they know, many people know.

Gagangarh Maharaj knows. He’s told many people. I have not met him. He has told many people about Me. I never met him before. Then I went to see him, and he talked to Me as if he would talk to an incarnation, he would. He never talked to Me as if he would talk to Mrs. C.P. Srivastava. He didn’t know. He asked Me [This world has so many bad people. How can you do it? Do they trouble you? How do you incarnate suddenly? We saw Shri chakra opening so we realized that Shri Mataji is born. Akar ,ukar & makar has also come before Shri chakra.  We saw Shri Ganesh, Dattatreya, coming here before you came here. He said it so clearly. It is recorded. He said that Shri Mataji has given you so much – Mother speaks in Marathi], “Why has She given you? What have you done? How many of you are going to give your life for Her? She has given you this precious thing. You cannot part with one farthing. What are you going to do for Her?” He scolded all of them. He said all these things; it is on the tape.

There’s another person Mr. – his name is Mr. Pralahad Brahamachaari. He’s from Calicut. He went to America. He told people about Me. They know about Me. He told that, “She has come now. There’s nothing to worry.” But for you people, you see, you people are so egoistical that you cannot bear to hear such a thing about anyone. That is the trouble: you are too egoistical. Adhajal gagri chalkat jaaye. Empty vessel makes too much sounds. It’s a sign of emptiness. You see, they, those people are telling me even that [aside: what was his name from Ambernath] Naagnath Baba, he said, “Mataji, they can never accept. They never accepted any incarnation and they are not going to accept You, try Your level best.” And Maharaj says, “For twelve years You try. If they are all right, then I’ll come down.” Otherwise they are all hiding themselves. They are afraid of human beings. Really, it is true. There are so many like that.

Three very old people came to see Me in Haridwar. They said the same thing. Now are you going to behave yourself or are you going to behave in a manner that is going to be detrimental to your progress in spiritual life? What are you going to do, it is for you to decide. If you are, if you have read few books you cannot sit, settle Me into those books.

You see, there is Yoga shastra. Now take Yoga shastra. Now yesterday he told you there is saatwik yogashastra this. What should by yogashastra for Me what is it? Did Rama read any books or Krishna read any book and I am going to read any book? Am I going to use this Yogashastra? You see, this is for people, for human beings who have to climb up. I know everything. So why should I worry about these things? I have to just pull you out; that’s all. I know all the job. The person who knows the job doesn’t have to do this. And it comes to this that I have to tell you these things, you yourselves should realize that if Mataji is doing like that just by chitta.

Now see today there was, I’ll tell you a case. Today there yesterday they told me about somebody who, who is a brother [Is it our brother – Mother speaks in Marathi] who drinks too much and he is in Goa. I said, “What to do? How can he come?” He, he came today [aapo aap]. He came just like that. Just it is My attention, you see. If you put anything to My attention it just works. I don’t have to bother. It is something like a human being can lift this. Now an ant will say, “How did you lift it?” I mean, it is possible for a human being to lift it the, and for Me it is easy to lift your Kundalini’s and to do all these miscellaneous things like that because it is My attention, My attention, chitta. My attention itself is Ananda. It is itself, is bliss and it is itself, is the knowledge. I don’t need any intelligence to know anything because I know everything in My head there is all the libraries there.

Now you have read one book that fellow has found out something from somewhere. Now how am I to tell you how this mad man has found out something where from somewhere and how did he find in darkness he what did he find? He might have found somebody’s leg and was thinking it is somebody’s hand. Now for a person like Me it is so difficult to go to every person. Anybody who has read a book there, a sentence here, will come down. I said, “Now leave it. Now you want your realization. Come along have it.” And then the greatest problem is all this is love. I mean, I’m just a form of love; that’s all. It’s nothing but love. It’s just love, you see, which expands, gives you vibrations, again recedes back, expands, it comes back. It goes in a parabolic like that, what you call the pradakshina of a shakti you are seeing. What is shakti is, shakti’s this thing is a parabolic, and now Einstein is talking about parabolic. We had a parabolic long time back here. We knew it was shakti. See, you can explain all your science and everything. In this life I learnt English language and little bit of science and psychology and this time I have learnt English language & all that, but these psychologists are so one-sided people. Yoga shastras are so one-sided people. Now they do not match each other. I’m telling you the basic principle between the two. Both are human efforts. I’m a different person. Now what should I do if I’m like that? How can I become like you? I mean, if I know how to come up, how should I become like a little baby and say, “Oh, no, I must crawl up now gradually.” [Mother is laughing]

I’m an old woman of thousands of years. So I know everything. You are still little babies. So how can I become like you? See, the simple thing and today is the day I thought I better tell you about it that you just don’t worry about things how I do things. I really do it. I cure people. Now here is a gentleman. He’s a heart patient, ask. Even before I met him he got quite cured, and I cured him. There are so many people here who will say that. [We told about our illness to Mataji – Mother speaks in Marathi] Why? The question, the person who asked me the question, you ask him. He has a friend who is in, who’s a Frenchman, and the Frenchman asked Me a question about the Western life. So I didn’t answer it. I started saying something else. He’s a very intelligent boy, this Rajesh. So Rajesh said, “Now, you see, Mataji has not answered your question. That means She has recorded it and it will act,” because in his case it has acted. So God, whatever He has done it is for your good. He has given you ego and super-ego not to get spoiled and finished. Now you can’t blame God for that. Supposing God has given you light to go that way. He has told you, “Now take an independent light to find out that.” And if you start burning yourself with that light, what can God do? It is not God’s mistake.

Many people think that this ego is horrid. Ego you must have. Ego you must have. You are not to fight this ego. Only thing is that your ego should become one with that of God. That’s all. It’s a very simple thing. If you just become one with that God – now supposing this has a ego, how can I talk on this? I’ll say something; it will say some. But if it has no ego, its ego has become one with My saying, then it carries My voice. It carries My sayings, everything. It is so simple.

What is so much complicated when people start telling Me about big, big things I really get a fright. I think, what is so complicated? It is like, you see, somebody wanted to know how do we make puris, you see. So a foreigner had come, a lady. So, she learnt, you know, how you make puris this thing, and one lady just tried to make fun of the whole thing. She said, “We make one roti here, one roti there. Then we put it one on top of another and then, all sorts of things. And inside we put something just to make it big and then we blow it out with a phunkni,” and all those things. So this poor lady, she said that, “How are you making it just like this, coming up like that. You are putting in the kadhai, it’s coming up?” They said, “It is working out because it’s the simplest thing to do,” but for her she said, “No, I was using a blower, blowing in because I thought that that’s the only way you can do it.” It is, it is a simple thing for any housewife to create this thing.

So you see for, when I hear all these big, big things about yoga, this, that, then I said, “Baba, what are you doing?” Now it is very simple. It is a very simple thing, but you can’t do it, is the point. So I’m here. Once you are awakened, once your light has come, you can do it also. Why not? And I’ve told Gagangarh Maharaj, when he started telling Me, “Why I cannot give realization to people like this the way these. I’ve gone so much and I’ve done so much of this thing [ I have given to one & now he is of no use – Mother speaks in Marathi] and useless and how are You, how are these people doing it? They will become very egoistical.” I said, “They will not.” He said, “How do you know?” I said, “They are made after the pattern of Shri Ganesh; same powers they will have. Even with the finger moving My sons can give realization. They can. Who are you to challenge and ask Me?” He kept quiet. He said, “You are a Mother. Do what you please, but yedya gabade che kaam nave. [ It is not for foolish people]” I said [Mother speaks in Marathi] I’m not giving to them. It is a fantastic thing, that’s why. You see, it is rather difficult for people to understand, but anything like this has to be fantastic.

And we have to prove the existence of God. We have to prove that He exists and He works, and all those people, chaitanya lahiris and all that talks about Kabira and Nanaka and Hiranya Sanhita and all your yoga, I’m going to prove it to you before. Have you ever seen any Kundalini pulsating before? I will show you the pulsation of a Kundalini. You have never heard that there are on the fingers anywhere the vibrations are coming, nothing, but you have felt it not only but you can diagnose a person. You can tell a person what he’s suffering from. You can cure a person. Now you will say, “How is it possible?” and somebody says, “Ten thousand years before we never heard of these things.” Everything must happen ten thousand years ago. Then why are we proceeding further? Better go back. What kind of a argument is this? After all, we have discovered going to the moon. Then we never say, “Why did we go to moon?” You see, that’s a simple question there. We do not.

But we have to know that somebody is searching inside for you, and I’ve found it out. I’ve visited all these rakshasas also. I’ve visited all these gurus, all of them, very nicely befooling them, and I tried to find out what are they up to. Now I also know their tricks. I know what they have done to you, and that’s how I can correct. So I’ve studied all the permutations and combinations and everything, everything of Kundalini, whatever is possible because, you know, it’s not so simple with human beings. They are very, very easily, they are very easily can be persuaded. They can be enticed. They can be hypnotized – I cannot be hypnotized – but you can be very easily hypnotized. Anybody can hypnotize you like that. I’ve seen thousands of people getting hypnotized, taking out their clothes, dancing, jumping. I’ve seen some people just making all kinds of faces, like this, like that, all sorts of things. It can be done, and the hypnosis is so much that when they come before Me also they start doing that. They just get into the hypnosis because they are used to it. It’s like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. They just become Mr. Hyde, and Dr. Jekyll is lost. You become that; it’s very common.

So for you it is wise to understand that I know all these things and I will tell you everything. I’ve got it for you specially and I know all the permutations and combinations. You don’t have to do any research about it. No money is needed to be spent. Still, you see, there are people who have been with Me for seven years. Still they are saying, “Mother, every time You say something we have to learn.” This is this, this is that, this is combination, that is combination, everything. Even five lives will not be sufficient for you to know a little bit about this knowledge. So why worry about these research and things? Just listen to Me and use your hands and learn and discover also for yourself that this is the truth, and don’t listen to everyone, third person coming round the corner, somebody selling the paan there will tell you [Mother speaks in Marathi] done. As if we have no brains at all, you see. So, you should not listen to everyone. You should not listen to rumors. You must, you are special people. By God’s grace you have got vibrations. This is a very big thing. Those who haven’t got will also get it. I would request you every day you have to sit on the water for seven days to see that you are cleared out now after realization and also later on whenever you are tired. It’s better; that’s a bath for you. Every day do that treatment yourself. It’s a bath. You cleanse yourself because you gather. I do not gather. I, nothing happens to Me, but it happens to you. So, you must have a bath in the night, take out all the problems on that water, throw it away. Water with salt is a sea which takes away all your problems.

So try to do that, and there are so many ways. We can use akasha. We can use prithvi. There are people; they can tell you; they know. I’ve told them that five-six people should come here. We have a brain trust. They will be all sitting down here and talking to you. So next time when you come, if you have any problem you can ask . Now maybe you are learned but you can learn from them. Even person like Justice Vaidya told Me that, “I must know more about Sahaja Yoga.” So I said it is more practical than theoretical, and if he comes to the program or if somebody can go to him or if he can work it out with his hand, gradually he will be become a master of this because as it is he has knowledge. It will fit into it as if, as if the Ganges will flow into the, all the, all the ditches or all the things that are made  to receive the water and it will just go and settle into it, perfectly.

Your reading is not going to be wasted, but you will know what is right what is wrong. Now if there is another question for one question I’ve taken so much time because it was a very important question.

Seeker: What is bath?

[Bath means you have to kept my photograph in front of me – Mother speaks in Marathi]

The photo has the vibrations; is a fact. Also, there are many things that have vibrations. For example, even this statue has got vibrations. Even these two statues have, but not so much as they are from Me. First of all, I am a living being. Another is that their proportions may be wrong because they are created by human beings, by their imagination, but the ‘swayambhu lingas’, all of them have got. For example, now supposing you have a prostate gland problem, if you go to the, say, to any of these [What is their name? Where did we went to that Ganapati? No Titwala – Mother speaks in Marathi] Raanjhan gaaon, Raanjhan gaaon Ganapati. You see, I went there. It has complete vibrations. Titwala because it is, you see, too much visited by people. So it gets crowded sometimes, but Raanjhan gaaon I found still all right; but as soon I say Raanjhan gaaon everybody will go to Raanjhan gaaon and the Raanjhan gaaon also will be spoiled. Because after all these are the, these are the special statues which have come out by Mother Earth. She’s thrown them. Mother Earth thinks, She creates these things and She throws these things and they give vibrations. So, you take vibrations from them all. But My photograph is a photograph as a reality. [Nobody has clicked the photo of Ram or Krishna – Mother speaks in Marathi].

Another thing is, you see, whatever I speak, because I’m that, it is pranava flowing. It is actual pranava. By every talk, everything, is a mantra going into, and when I just put My finger also into it I found that My vibrations can be turned around. Even when I [Mother blows air from her mouth] do like this, those who are realized can feel it. On their Sahasrara they can feel; is a fact. So why should it look so funny to people?

[What is their question? If you see all their chakra [Unclear] Please read it. They have asked about bath – Mother speaks in Marathi]

It is a simple method. You put my photograph in a proper place, put a little light before it. Candle will do, or you can put a ‘niranjan’ [oil lamp], whatever you like. Put both the hands towards the photograph. Now you put both the hands towards the photograph and feet in the water with a little salt. You can have little hot water, cold water or warm water according, according to the need. Supposing you are sick, suffering from cold, so better to take a warm water. Put a little salt in it. Put your hands towards the photograph. You’ll be amazed that the whole trouble will go away into the water, and you can throw away the water in the W.C. and you’ll be very much clear. Now this gentleman, you ask. He did that. He had a heart attack. It was very serious. Everybody can do it.

Now for Vishudhhi chakra, especially this chakra, another simple thing you can try is to put your right hand towards the photograph first and take out the left hand. Supposing you find the vibrations are flowing into it, then you put left hand towards the photograph and right hand outside and you will be surprised that the whole thing will clear out this chakra very well. And if you keep your eyes open towards the photograph and put your hands like this or sometimes like this on the ‘akash’ (ether), you’ll be surprised that your eyes can be improved, very much with this. Mother Earth also;if you put your head on the Mother Earth, just touch her with your forehead and say, “Mother forgive me for touching you with my feet,” and She’s your grandmother. You ask for anything and you will get. They are all waiting to give you whatever you want. You can ask the help of Hanumana. You can ask the help of Ganesha.

The other day the newspaper people told Me, they are two disciples of Mine who are correspondents and they were going somewhere and they had there My photograph with them. They said, “It was so amazing that we were coming and while coming driving our driver just bumped into a truck and we said, ‘We are all finished,’ and we closed our eyes. When we opened our eyes the truck was ahead and we were here. We didn’t know how we were saved, all of us. And the driver had also closed his eyes. We didn’t know how the truck went that side and how we were here.” So accidents are avoided. Things can happen, and people have seen. They live long and you have good health. Everything is there. After all, we have to, we have jumped into the kingdom of God. Only thing is keep your seeds all right for the time being. Then the whole thing will be lifted up like this into satyugaa. Already, the Satya Yuga has started.

[What is the question? – Mother speaks in Marathi]

Seeker: If we see all the six chakras nearly each one there exist some or the other endocrine gland. What relation this chakra has with this gland?

Shri Mataji: Now endocrine glands are controlled by the chakras also. For example, now we can say Mooladhara chakra controls this prostate like that. Even the Agnya chakra controls the pituitary and pineal, both of them, and that’s how it controls the ego and super-ego. So it has a controlling effect on that very much. They are the growth agents of that. You see, for example, to control all the nature God has fixed up the stars. Certain stars are there, nine, nine stars mostly; the seven stars, as you know, and two more are placed there to control the Universe and the everything. It is controlled through those points, and you know so it affects our physical, material life, the whole planet.

Seeker: Respected Mataji, please give me the knowledge and show me more clearly the way. First, what are the vibrations (physiologically, scientifically and spiritually)? 2. Where do they, these vibrations come from – from You, cosmos or atmosphere? What way do the vibrations benefit us? What are the do’s and don’ts for Sahaja Yoga?

Shri Mataji: Very good question, very good. Who has asked the question, very good. First question is about what are these vibrations. I told you yesterday that in our heart there is a flicker of light which is burning all the time, which is the Aatma which is the reflection of Paramatma in our heart. In short I’ll tell you; the details I will not. Now what happens, the Kundalini rises, she opens the Brahmarandhra and there is the seat of the Sadashiva, the pitha. You see, the pitha is here, but Shiva is in the heart reflected as the Atma. You see the pitha and the pitha is created because, you see, the pitha receives the subtle, you see. It receives the subtle energy which is all-pervading, the gross. Inside all the pervading, for example, this collects My voice. Voice is a subtle energy which is collected through this. Here now we have all kinds of pictures and all kinds of music going on, but if you have a radio it can capture.

In the same way, the pithas are in the brain and the pitha of the Sadashiva is higher up here which is opened out so that the subtle, the sukshama in the gross passes into our heart through a very subtle channel and just like a gas light it has a flicker and when the gas opens out the prakashsa comes in. Now the vibrations are, are the, that prakasha going through us.
These vibrations start flowing through us. Now what do I do? You will say, “Mataji what do You do?” I do nothing but I just try to give you that force which is the, we can say, the gas power. That is the gas power because the Kundalini knows that when I am before you, she rises, she opens out and it starts flowing. It is flowing through Me throughout, but unless and until you are subtle you cannot feel it and you have it. It is, you can say that I am like a, you can say that I am the finite in the infinite, or you can say the infinite in the finite; infinite into the finite and also the finite into the infinite. I’m both. [Did you understood – Mother speaks in Marathi] So the energy that is emitted into all the subtle energy is passing through Me, is the Virata. From the Virata, say, the whole thing passes. It is going into the all-pervading. It is all-pervading everybody. Everywhere it is going. Even it is in a cell in everything. In a carbon atom it is there. Into all atoms, into all arrangements it is working. It is the subtle energy that is emitted through Me. When you become subtle you become like a radio; you start receiving it. Now how will you know what is correct what is incorrect? You ask the subtle, and the subtle answers you, and you get the answers on your hands. It is like that. So, these are the vibrations which you receive from the All-pervading Power and the All-pervading Power is emitted out and you receive it from Me or from the All-pervading. It’s just the same from everywhere these are the vibrations.

But the Self-realization means, which is a very subtle point, which you try to understand now that it is so far is an unconscious for you. Your aatma is in the unconscious. It is not in your awareness; it is in the achetana. It is in your unconscious, means it is in the ‘achetana’. You are not yet chetit about it. You are not aware of it, all right? But once you are Realized, it starts flowing into your awareness, means you start feeling it in your central nervous system, because your central nervous system is your chetna, is your awareness. The human awareness is nothing but is central nervous system, but his central nervous system starts feeling now the vibrations, the light of the aatma through it. So that, that is why it is known as ‘samadhi’. ‘Samadhi’ means the unconscious. When the unconscious becomes the conscious, it is called as ‘samadhi’. So people think beshudha (Unconscious) hone, ‘beshudha nahin’. It means you become aware of the unconscious. Not only that, but first you become Nirvichara, then Nirvikalpa and then a complete Self-realization. So, the ‘samadhi’ is a word, a great confusion. ‘Samadhi’ just means an universal unconscious. It means the universal unconscious and unconscious [People think that become unconscious is samadhi [Unclear] – Mother speaks in Marathi]. If you are unconscious in the sense, now supposing somebody gives you an injection or you take a drug you become unconscious, means what? You go into subconscious or into supra-conscious, but this is a superconsciousness and superconsciousness is all-pervading sarvavyaapi, ‘sukshama’.

Yesterday, what he told you about three types of saadhnaas: saatvik and raajasik and taamasik. Taamasik goes to the left side, means into the subconscious and collective sub-conscious connected with the libido on the left hand side, and right side is the supra-conscious connected with the Pingala naadi which is the willpower, as you call it, and connected to the supra-conscious side, goes to the collective supra-conscious. Dev and all these people are sitting that side, dev, devtaas and these are officers, you see. Ganas are on this side on the top, and all those who fail into that, they go into hell. But the center is the super-conscious. For the Sushumna the human beingrise above the super-consciousness. They gradually start becoming more and more aware. They have the same body. For example, if you look at a cell of the brain, is the same as the cell of a fat globule, but there is a difference. So, the difference starts taking, and by the time you open out from here, then there is given a greater dimension to that cell, your brain, that it starts receiving the vibrations and can understand it. And then even is a greater, in Nirvikalpa you get another dimension where you have no doubts; you are knowledge. And the last is the Self-realization where you are just in joy, complete in joy, no problems. You do not catch; nothing happens. I would say our Vaidya saheb is very much near Self-realization, very much near. The way he got his Self-realization itself is remarkable because he felt two ice cubes coming into him and melting out, but he doesn’t catch, you know. I told him about somebody. He said, “I know he is no good. He is a tamasic fellow. Let him go according to his karmas, Mataji. What to do?’ You see, he doesn’t catch, but you people will catch.

[Now the next question is about physiological – Mother speaks in Marathi]

Physiological, physiological, you can feel it on the hand. You can feel on the fingers. [Read that Marathi book. Everything is written in that – Mother speaks in Marathi] Seeker: Tell scientifically

Shri Mataji:  [What to tell scientifically in this – Mother speaks in Marathi] You see, scientifically you can say the parasympathetic gets activated. You get the control of the parasympathetic. You jump into the unconscious, the universal unconscious. These are the two points you can say. Now what is the [Told spiritually – Mother speaks in Marathi]

Seeker: Where do the vibrations come from? From me, from Her?

Shri Mataji: From everywhere. I am the emitting force, all right. Accept it.

Seeker: What are you doing to have it..[inaudible]..what way?

Shri Mataji: Now this is the vital force of life. You see it; it gives you a complete balance. It corrects your physical being, it corrects your mental being, it corrects your emotional being, it gives you a complete spiritual oneness with God and it integrates you completely. I mean, as far as I am concerned, I have no pashchataap (repentance). I don’t understand what is pashchataap(repentance).. I don’t understand what is temptation. I don’t understand these things because I am complete one with Myself. Every, every finger I move, every hand I move, everything I do, it means something. I have to do, I mean, it is done without thinking, but there is a big thought behind it. It is done because I say haan, I say haan, I say haan. Haan means there is a noose, you know it. There is a formation of a circle which works. Now it’s difficult you know my mechanism is different from you. So I can’t explain what I do because you don’t have those mechanics within you, but it is like that. Even saying huun, haan, hein, all these are tremendous words. They create a kind of a force and a kind of a whirlwind, we can say. A kind of a formation takes in which it engulfs all the bad things that are there or all the rakshasas and all those things and can pull them out. Now I gave it in the matka; just I put My breath in that. It’s pranava itself, complete, and that pranava, you see in the night when they will be sleeping, will come out and take out all these things gradually and bind them and put them inside. You have seen many mad people are cured like this, but to look at it looks like matka and people say, “What is this Mataji is telling matka matka?” and this and that.

And I have told you about the Civil Surgeon of Ahmedabad, what happened to him. He told Me, “I can’t do all these nonsensical things.” He was so angry. “You want me to befool me. I can’t listen to all this.” I said, “All right, you go ahead. I don’t say,” and he had become little bit loony. I said, “All right, I don’t say. All right, don’t bring matka,” and third day when I was giving a lecture he was coming there with such a big matka on his head. So I said, “Doctor,” after the lecture. I couldn’t help laughing. After the lecture, I said, “Why did you bring such a big matka? I had not asked you to bring such a big matka. I had asked you to bring such a small matka.” He said, “Mataji, your Maya. That’s how you have killed my ego completely because in the market there was no small matka available. Only this big one was available. So I had to bring such a big matka.” And he was walking through the whole thing, and I was looking at him and I didn’t know where to look. I said, “Look at the Civil Surgeon,” and that convinced people. [Oh Civil Surgeon, a big man carrying such a big matka on his head & going towards Shri Mataji . Inside is bhoot or mad? –  Mother speaks in Marathi] Poor Civil Surgeon, but he is a very good man and he’s cured, thank God. So it is like this. Then he retired also after that, and he is a very good Sahaja Yogi, still. So it doesn’t matter. You know these things are not important. Mother says, “All right, matka to matka.”

[Shri Krishna cracked Matka. Everything has a meaning. I will tell you everything & listen it. He told sahajayoga in Gokul. It is fun. Why did he crack matka ? Does it have meaning?  Mother speaks in Marathi]

You will not find it in any book. You will not know it anymore but Mataji knows. She knows all the tricks of Krishna. After all, She’s told you all His tricks also. [And if it is false you see it. Now questions are finished – Mother speaks in Marathi]

Seeker: What are the dos and don’ts of Sahaja Yoga?

Shri Mataji: Don’ts and dos; first and foremost, things that a Sahaja yogi cannot smoke or drink. One absolutely one hundred percent sure, because if you drink or smoke you will find after some time you either you’ll lose your vibrations or you’ll start vomiting. You cannot smoke. If you smoke your Vishudhdhi will be caught. If you drink your Nabhi chakra will be caught and whenever you’ll place your hand towards the photograph all the Nabhi chakra will be burning absolutely. So you’ll say, “What is this happening?” And you’ll give up. You sort of, many people have done it without any difficulty. They do not have any difficulty; they just give up. So this is one of the most important things that you have to gradually give up. Just take My name; you can work it out. We have people here, they will tell you they were alcoholic, they were taking drugs and they were doing all kinds of things. They’ve given up all that and now they are absolutely normal people. First thing is that: don’t drink and don’t smoke.

Secondly, don’t fast. When Mother is there you are not to fast. Only fast on Naraka Chaturdashi; that’s all. One day you should not have pharal [Breakfat] [On that day, wake up at 12:00 PM. Eat well – Mother speaks in Marathi]. If you don’t feel like eating, eat something else but don’t leave your stomach empty. You can have some fruit juice or milk or whatever you like. These are certain things about the food and the stomach, Nabhi chakra.

Secondly, the eyes are very important things where you have to be careful not to move your eyes very fast anywhere. Try to keep your eyes steady and mostly on the Mother Earth. You see, you have heard about Lakshamana. He never saw the feet of Sitaji, never, never saw Her face. He only saw Her feet. How can that be? He was always living with Her. He had never seen her face; he had just seen His feet. So, you can imagine what should be the position, and for fourteen years he had to lead a complete brahmacharyaa’s life. He just, She was like his mother. He knew She was Adi Shakti, but he just saw Her feet.

That should be our case, this thing, that we should lead a sanctified married life. Now supposing somebody is married; then he should not run away with other women, and the other women should not run away with other men. And lead a sanctified life, create a nest of family, a proper family house, try to adopt, compromise, adjust, make your wife realize or make your husband realize and bring peace in the family because there are many great souls who want to take birth, many of them.

As soon as you’ll find that such marriages will take place they’ve seen now in our case, you can ask some people from we have here. Ask these girls. There I told them that you must marry. So, one girl married and she has a daughter absolutely realized. So many people have got realized children. [unclear].So many those who got married like this, they have all realized people. So, you must try to get a family life, a proper family, proper relationship.

Do service to your parents, to your mothers. Don’t find faults with your parents and try to be kind to them, also to the kind to the wife’s mother parents also and try to be good in the family. Try to bring more peace if they are difficult. I mean, it’s all right. Don’t spoil the children also. Correct them, make them loving. Make a nice society. Every one of you should be the carrier of love of your Mother, everywhere. That is one thing, If you are Sahaja yogis and if you change and transform in your behavior, naturally Sahaja Yoga will have its own reputation and everybody will start taking to Sahaja Yoga [Doing Sahaj yoga & smuggling doing is no good. It will not happen – Mother speaks in Marathi]; impossible. If you do anything like that, immediately your vibrations will go away.

There was a gentleman in America, who got realization, and he started a ashram of Sahaja Yoga, started taking money. When he came here people told Me, “Mataji, we get a chakker with this man. What’s wrong with him, You tell me.” Immediately in meditation I knew what was it is. I said, “Give Me the pamphlet.” He gave Me the pamphlet. I said, “You can’t earn money. If you earn money you’ll have a bad time,” and he had a very bad time after that and he had earlier also. Now he’s all right. He says, “I will do some other work.” You cannot earn any money from Sahaja Yoga. Do not have Sahaja yogis for business partnership. No, they are Sahaja yogis. Do not use Sahaja Yoga for making money [Someone stole pair of shoes the other day  – Mother speaks in Marathi]. You see, this kind of this limit, this type of people can never be Sahaja Yogis. You have to be generous people. You have to be absolutely honest [Someone stole my things. It is a nonsense. Are you to theft? – Mother speaks in Marathi]. They are thieves. They just come here for thieving. They are not Sahaja Yogis. So such people are also there. [They take pair of shoes – Mother speaks in Marathi] This should not be done.

There are Ten Commandments, as you say, and you should not take anybody’s things, and be satisfied in your heart. This is a very simple way of doing things, but you have to lead a chaste life and you have to also see chaste things. For example, [Bad movies is not good – Mother speaks in Marathi] you will not like it also. Your priorities will change. Your friends will change gradually. You will not like dirty jokes, nothing. You’ll just change and you’ll run away from them. I’ve seen these foreigners; now they are telling Me that they just cannot stand all these things now. Once upon a time whatever they could tolerate and enjoy also sometimes, they just cannot stand it and bear it because now you have become saintly. You have to be decent people.

[No need to do politics. [Unclear] – Mother speaks in Marathi]

So don’t dabble into all these rumors and frivolous things. Don’t waste your precious life. You are Sahaja yogis. Not a single moment to be wasted on all nonsensical things. Every moment should be spent in having dignity for yourself, for others, for loving others. [If someone wants something give it to them – Mother speaks in Marathi].

Don’t be misers at all. Miserly people are against Sahaja Yoga, and if miserly people come I give them trouble. If you are miserly you get lots of trouble. So you don’t get miserly, haan, I’m telling you and don’t be too talkative also, become too talkative and troublesome. I can stop your talking, and if you don’t talk at all that’s also not good. Means don’t go to extremes of anything.

These are certain things which you have to know. And don’t, women should not dress up like men, and men should not behave like women. All these nonsenses you should not do. You should be yourself. Supposing you are something in something you are doing you should wear the dresses as you are; now no need to wear funny dresses and go round and have your hair up to this much or try to show off. You see, all these are mythical things. Be normal, natural people and lead a normal, natural, decent life, and it’s not so important. Food is not so important. Whatever you get you get you eat, and don’t talk too much of comfort and don’t also sleep on the thorns, no, no, no, but don’t be absolutely a waster. Be in the center; is a very simple thing for Sahaja yogis.

And you see with your vibrations if you have to take a decision, “Should I take this house or not?” Take the vibrations. Anything you see, “What should I do? Should I have, who should I have as a Prime Minister?” Now, see for yourself whom do you want to have a Prime Minister. See four people you put in; see the vibrations. Who has the best? Now, you think of the person. He will not be the one the Prime Minister. You cannot say that he will be because maybe that there are so many horrible people. In a democracy anybody can be brought in but the one, who is a good one, is a Sahaja Yogi. He should be the Prime Minister, and you should ask. If the more people ask for it, he may be. So, decide everything with vibrations, for yourself, for collectiveness or anything, and the most important is you give it to others.

And Sahaja Yoga doesn’t work in your houses, families, or in small little groups but it works here in Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan when all of you are here because I’m here. It is a collective work. All of you are cells of one body, and the more cells are awakened, the more the body is active. So, you have to come together, to be together. Love each other. Mix up with others. Do not form groups, no. You should talk to each other very freely, whatever is your language, nationality or whatever it is. And you should mix up with others; is not proper, is a sense of insecurity is expressed if you have a group [Now we are bramhan so they all Brahman will sit together- Mother talks in Marathi]. This kind of a small thing is not there [Muslims sitting together in a group – Mother talks in Marathi] Foreigners are sitting together in a group like that. You see what I’m saying: there should be no grouping done; no need. Be open. All of us, all of us are born of one Mother, we should not feel insecure, we should be not together. It is not that you should avoid also, if you are together all right, now together is all right we are all brothers and sisters.
Be very friendly and kind and do not analyze others and criticize others. Better to criticize yourself than to analyze others. Will sit down, “He’s like this because like that.” [He is like these & like that & what about you? Pay attention towards yourself – Mother talks in Marathi]. We should watch ourselves and not others. Why somebody is behaving like that, you just don’t worry. How are you behaving yourself? Are you all right? Are your vibrations all right? And that’s how with love, patience, understanding, I’m sure one day we all will feel the oneness, all of us, and we should help each other. If somebody is sick, we should help.

Somebody tells you [If he told you that your heart chakra is catching – Mother speaks in Marathi] somebody. So, there is nothing to get angry. Actually, it’s a great thing he has told you that he can cure you and you cannot see [In the past time this was a problem. If someone is saying that your heart chakra is not clear then he will say, How can you say that my heart chakra is catching ? It is obvious because this finger is burning – Mother talks in Marathi]. So, it is a story told by a person who is not connected. So, you should not sort of identify with yourself. You should identify yourself with the eternal life that is within you and you are going to enjoy it very much. So don’t feel insecure, don’t have too many desires for something and you’ll be surprised that suddenly you’ll find [If it happened or not happens nothing matters – Mother speaks in Marathi]. If it works out, well and good; doesn’t work out well and good, because we are there after all. And if the car gets punctured, all right, we are there after all. Even if the car is not there we are there. We are not lost.

So don’t think of the future, don’t think of the past but think of the present and enjoy. That is the message of Sahaja Yoga, and perhaps I’ve covered most of the points for you people, and never try to criticize anyone, never, never, never. And be firm and know that you have just now crossed, so many of you just crossed. So be steady, steadily [Look at front – Mother talks in Marathi] what is going to happen, let us see. Let us see. Be with that. Suddenly, don’t be bumptious about it and otherwise you’ll be rippled back again, you see. So gradually grope the whole thing. When you have got the mastery over it then grip it. But if you are bumptious, anybody can push you down saying that [It is not good – Mother speaks in Marathi]. There are many like that. So be careful.

You see, everybody is trying to push you down. In this world there are satanic forces, and you are very special chosen people. That’s why you have got vibrations. There are so many people in Bombay but how many have felt it? You are the very few who have felt it. So be careful about it and meet together in this same number. All of you can be realized fully if you come together and sit together. They say when Mataji is here, they are here. Then Mataji is only busy all of the time. [That’s why I didn’t came to Mumbai this time. Mataji is curing everyone’s catches – Mother speaks in Marathi] Those eight or ten people who have been attending it regularly are the best and they are also busy cleaning you [Don’t do like that. Put on one day Tuesday. Today is the last day. I will come back – Mother speaks in Marathi].

Today is the last day because I’m going on the 25th evening. I’ll be back again in December, I hope so, for one or two days. We’ll have a program, not a long program because we are going on a holiday ? first time in My husband’s life. So, I hope you won’t mind. Then again I’ll come back next summer perhaps I don’t know maybe or maybe next year I may not come. By that time, I hope you people will keep to the [program – Unclear].