Prem Dharma, the Dharma of Love

Mumbai (India)

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Prem Dharma, the Dharma of Love, Mumbai, India, 1977-03-23

Translation from Hindi

Many people wonder when they see this for the first time if this is Kundalini awakening or some child’s play? For Kundalini awakening so much has been said, one has to stand on his head, take a whole lot of trouble, how does Kundalini awakening happen naturally? Those who have got their Realisation, many that are present here have got it, you did not know how it happened, but when you watch others who got their Realisation, then you will realise you have got it, because you reached the moon suddenly. How you reached there and what you did for that, you don’t know. There is a reason for that and also there is a purpose for that. Only when the time comes for fruition comes, the fruits are borne. But this does not mean whatever was happening before this was not necessary, that was also necessary, now the fruition is also necessary.

Some say that in the last ten thousand years no one attained it, now why is it happening? Ten thousand years ago no one went to the Moon, now how have they gone? If it is happening now, why should you doubt it? Ramdas Swami said, ‘There are some people in this world who are called “padat moorak”, idiots; those who read a lot and become idiots. The same thing poet Kabir Das said, ‘Padi, padi pandit moorak baye’- “A scholar who reads a lot becomes an idiot”. A doubt of this type lingers on- whether it is during the period of Christ, Gnaneshwar, Sankaracharya or Gardus. Anytime! Those who think they are very helpful, special people, those who think they are scholars existed and will always be there. They will always create obstacles and spend priceless moments in such activity. There is no cure for it.

Even in Kali-Yuga, some such people have read all the books. Such a person will lose his mind because he has spent so much money to purchase these books and read them. He does not understand, he has read so many books, worked hard, did worship, he did not get it and Mataji waves Her hand and they have got their Realisation!  What is this?! There is something or other in Me, that you can make out. Assume that there is a very rich man. If someone asks him for money if he wants he just writes a cheque and the job is done. Some or other wealth I have accumulated. There is some tremendous hard work behind this. For this I will have to put in some hard work, then you will get it clean and tidy. You neither have to work hard or read anything. You just have to attain it. But one thing is certain.

The foundation of Sahaja Yoga is dharma (righteousness). Dharma does not mean religion, Hindu, Muslim, etc., it is not that. Dharma means the human attribute, the attribute of humanity. Even this many people take it to mean serving others, giving money to others. Many people cheat some people and build a temple and they will claim they have donated a lot. The second type of people who trouble and torture their daughter-in-law, but they will spread religion in the world. The third type of people will shave their heads, wear ochre-coloured clothes, wear a joge (Dress of a monk) and go around taking the name of Paramatma (God). Another type of people thinks that only they are religious and others are non-religious and go around putting them down.

The system of religion is already established within us. Human is born in religion and when he goes against it, then he will decline and he will not be useful for Sahaja Yoga. That is why some attain it-Realisation- and some don’t. Some don’t make progress and some attain it faster. First, you should bind your dharma. But the essence of all religions is the same- love element. If you have the love element in you and if you are filled with the love element, if it influences you absolutely, if it has become part of your life, then there can’t be a bigger attribute than this. Love does not mean you wear some jewelry and go around advertising-I am a great lover and I have done so many favours in this world and I am a lover and a mother lover. This is an attribute from within. You have seen in the life of Rama, b.. (unclear, so using Shabari, the woman ascetic’s name) gave him some berries. You know that in Sahaja Yoga you vibrate all foods before eating it and until it is vibrated you don’t eat it. Until you find grace in it, you don’t eat it. But Ramachandra Ji ate Shabari’s berries straight away. Shabari had put her teeth in them. She tasted each berry. Such partly eaten berries Ramachandra Ji ate them with reverence. The reason for this was Shabari was full of love. Her love for God was guileless, steady. She knew that Ram Ji was an incarnation and she deeply loved Him. She got the berries and she tasted them before giving them to Him and ensured that Ram did not get sour berries and He is not troubled with the sourness. And with this thought, she tasted berries and gave to Ram and Ram ate them. Shabari’s power of love, she would not have listened to any religious discourse and she may not know the difference between a good deed and a sin, she may not be aware of any worldly matter, she does not know what is being rich and what is being poor, maybe she is living in jungles and caverns. She may not be caring for the clothes she is wearing, she may not have invariableness, nor a manifestation of shame. But she had so much love for Ram, she tasted each berry and offered to Ram with extreme innocence and said, ‘ See, I have tasted each berry by putting my teeth in them’.

When a human is in love, he becomes guileless, impeccable. Love comes out of practice. It is not done, it happens. Till such time the element of love is not awakened in you, Sahaja Yoga will not settle in you. Many Sahaj Yogis tell me, ‘Mother we meditate for one hour. Okay. We do such and such a thing for four hours and this happens to us. But what is your feeling? When the love for Paramatma descends, when you are absorbed in the love of Paramatma, then you will love with your full heart, the entire creation made by Him and you will love all the creatures made by Him. If you can’t do that, then there is something lacking in your love. When we give a lecture to others and when we tell them you should not have done that, you should not have done this, why did you do this, he should have not said this way, then we do not realise that what we told this man, did we say this out of love, if you say something or do something with a lot of love it does not feel bad. The essence of all religions is love. Parameshwar is the embodiment of love. In Sahaja Yoga only love is complete; there is nothing except love. In that sacrifice happens by itself. In that no other thought whatever comes when sacrificing anything, because the power of love makes one sacrifice. In love, the object will be to love and be loved. And it does not want anything in life. But if there is a fault in you and if you love is not pure, when you give vibrations to others, is there a motive behind it that you should get some benefit from it or profit from it or use it, if you are giving vibrations with these in mind or plan to use it later, then there is something lacking in your love. While you are giving vibrations to someone if you find that there are one or two faults with a chakra or so, you should stimulate it with great love and cajoling and guiding.

The whole world is standing today in spite. Humans find some excuse or other to spite. He knows that some way or other form some associations to spite people. Many countries and organisations do not appear to have been formed based on love. Mostly in its folds ‘spite’ appears. That is why slowly these organisations are closed. How profound is the power of love you know? The power which is flowing out of your hands is the manifestation of the power of love. If you are stone-hearted and if you don’t have any sympathy for others, if there is no melody, you can’t progress much in Sahaja Yoga. You should love your children, members of your family, your servants, your neighbours, your acquaintances, whether they have got their Realisation or not. They all can attain if not today, tomorrow. But if you fall along with them then you will also decline and we can’t talk of any upturn for them. They can understand the importance of Sahaja Yoga by seeing your love. Humans have never tried the power of love.  Only now it has started after you have got your Realisation in Sahaja Yoga. From then You have known this power; How intense, vast and working is this power. If one wants to look at it from outside ..(Momentary audio break) man jumping mind- that is why I said those who have become fools through excessive reading can’t understand this. But for one who is kind and full of love, Sahaja Yoga is very easy for them. Because it has a very subtle resolution and it can happen to those whose heart is completely made for this world. Siva dwells only in the heart and Parameshwar’s light is seated in our heart in the form of Atma (Spirit). One who has a rigid heart and one who is very harsh to others in his dealings, his heart is deprived of Atma darshan-sight of spirit.

 Everyone should look towards oneself and check how deep one is in the religion of love. From that, you will know how pure each religion is. Like a small thing, one should not consume narcotics in Sahaja Yoga. You know that one who takes narcotics will have his Nabhi chakra caught up and also Void is caught up and such people will not attain it. Those who consume alcohol, they don’t love themselves. Alcohol or any other narcotic, they know that, will harm them. It harms the family; the family of a drunkard starves. How can he be a model for his children? His children will be noticing him drinking all day. How does he deal with the society around him? He does not value anything in society except for his drink.

You can see the form of love in all the religions, which we know as ten dharmas. And if we behave with love in all religions, you will understand that love is such a thing as you have to test Gold, you have to test all your dharmas-attributes. Many people say we worry a lot about food. What they mean is they wash their hands a hundred times, we only eat so much not more, we fast and we trouble people on account of this. If you have so many constraints on your food, don’t go to any one’s house. That will be a very good thing. Whatever you get at a place you should eat it. Even in that, you should assess one thing, whether the person is offering it to you with love or not. If there is no love you should not take it. You can reject it or somehow avoid it. You have to see only one thing, whether the person is offering it with love or not. But if you talk of alcohol, if someone gives it to you with love, should you accept it or not? Definitely not. Because one who is offering you a drink is himself a drunkard, that means he doesn’t love himself and he is also teaching you dirty things such as how not to love. These days if you go to someone’s house for food and if he is offering you food with love, then love’s vibrations make you want to prepare food with your hands for your friend and offer it with love.

When you share love, love grows. If you share spite, spite grows. Every Sahaja Yogi should think that until he follows the path of love and until he is dedicated to love, Sahaja Yoga will not be beneficial to him. He has vibrations but he does not feel. There will be a lot of vibrations and people think that a lot of power is flowing out of us. Many have cured many people with their hands. Many people have gained, that is also true. But when we talk of all these where do we place love, we have to see that. When we talk of any of the incarnations.we should take care to notice that .in each incarnation the love’s display was very beautiful and pleasant. In the incarnation of Krishna, Krishna ate at Vidura’s house with a lot of love. They say, ‘Duryodhana mewa tyajo, Vidura ghar saag kayi, sabse oonch prem sagayi’ (Hindi-Krishna preferred an ordinary meal at Vidura’s house to a rich meal at Duryodhana house because of the love of Vidura).

See in the life of Christ, people were throwing stones at a prostitute, then Christ who had nothing to do with that prostitute, he went there and stood and said,’ The one who has never sinned can throw stones at her but the first should be thrown at me’. And everyone’s hand dropped. All these things happen out of love. Love does not come from money. Love does not come by showing off. Love does not happen by speaking. Love happens inside by knowing that there is a lot of compassion from Parameshwar, especially Sahaja Yogis have to think. Like you asked me, Why did it happen in this birth, why did we get it in this birth? Because it is inside? His boon, His love. It came inside you. And the more subtle path it makes inside you, the more your love’s sensitivity increases. But every time it is the same thing; it is not for shallow people it is not for people with a bad disposition. Those who criticise day in and day out, it is their job to talk ill of others, it is not for them.

But those who have loved in this world, who has got the name everywhere that he is full of love. You also look in your life, you only remember that person who has deeply loved you. You will not remember the person who might have given even huge money. One may give you a lot of things and also take you to great heights but you will still remember only the person who loved you deeply.

We should know all the attributes which are in us, through love. The explanations of religion made in our country are so narrow and limited that there is spite in place of love. Such dharmas have been made like a widow should not take food with anyone. What kind of dharma is that? It can’t be dharma of any place. Whether it is a widow or widower it is like a stroke for them. When someone faces such a problem, a Sahaja Yogi should vehemently help such people and pacify them, instead of torture and trouble them. This is adharma. In the name of any religion, adharma is done that can’t be dharma. In this way someone is made untouchable, shows someone as a bad person and teaches one to spite such people is not a dharma. In Sahaja Yoga, there is no scope whatsoever for such dharma. True dharma is one that generates love. There are dharmas of other types like we will not eat sweets today, we will fast today, we will do this today. We may be troubling others with these. Such dharmas can never be dharma.

The third type will go to temples whether there is money at home or not and benefit. We will donate money to children. We will allow ourselves to be robbed. This also can’t be dharma. We don’t have food for our children, when we don’t pay attention to our children, when we can’t take care of our family members and those who waste their time, I don’t approve. I will go to this extent and say if someone is wasting time in meditation and leaves the family with hunger, then such a person shouldn’t meditate. Dharma means keeping a full arrangement for love. And you should be vigilant all around with love and that is dharma and till you get this dharma you can’t go beyond dharma. A person goes beyond dharma when he becomes love itself. After that nothing is left. Whatever he does he does in love. Like the killings done by Sri Krishna. Even if he kills someone he does so in love. When Christ took a hunter in his hand and started beating people because they were marketing in the temples, even that was out of love. Everything turns into love and he goes beyond dharma. It won’t remain dharma anymore. It becomes total love. Whatever he does, whatever he says, whatever he speaks, whatever he eats, drinks, is dharma that is love.

I see many times in Sahaja Yoga after becoming a superhuman from a human, you don’t understand that the organisation of love is the biggest organisation. You should be vigilant about love. Someone who beats his wife, if a woman troubles her husband and thinks that she is a great Sahaja Yogini, they should realise that it is a big sin. There is no room for troubling anyone in Sahaja Yoga. There is no scope for beating anyone in Sahaja Yoga. Whichever way you wave your hand only the power of love flows and there can only be good, it can never be harm. However much you may try you can never harm anyone. Only when you move away from Sahaja Yoga, when you decline in Sahaja Yoga then you may harm.

In all the religions this has been said about dharma openly, not by an individual. But human always runs towards myth, that is why whatever adverse form dharma takes, we accept it. Like Christ has said that one should not take the help of ghosts and phantoms. Mohammad Sahib has said don’t take alcoholic drinks, etc. Raja Janaka has said that you should treat all humans with the same attitude in the presence of Parameshwar. Nanak has said the Parameshwar dwells in all human beings in this world. He also prohibited all narcotics. But what are his ardent followers and close supporters doing? What are Christ’s supporters doing? Christ has said that a human should be innocent like a child. Regarding sex, Christ said that people should be celibate and in marriage sex should be used in a very orderly way. But in what state are his disciples? What order have they made? How are they conducting themselves? If you notice, you will be surprised, are they Christians of Christ or was there a demon by the name Christ and these are his disciples.

In Hindu religion a great thing has been said, only one Atma dwells in each individual. We take birth several times in this world, we seek it many times but we seek everything in one Janma. When we are born several times how can we be Muslims, Hindus, etc? How can we say someone is inferior and someone is superior? I explained to you several times and you understand it fully. Until you are not totally absorbed in love, Sahaja Yoga will not settle down in this world. If one flower of love blooms somewhere, its fragrance will permeate the whole world. You also think that you had got a person in your life, how much love he had given-even if there is one person like that you will be surprised there will be thousands of people will be after him and beg him for love, they demand it. And those who boast about love and rob people in the name of love, confuse them, tell them lies, such people will be deserted. Love is such a thing it touches the heart and that is Paramatma’s biggest dharma. If there is a dharma of Parameshwar it is love. You meditate on your love element and to those who have come for the first time, I will give Realisation and try to ensure that they attain it. All should look at their love element and check how far we have loved and how many people we have loved in this world.