Sahaja Yoga is a big blessing

Kalwa (India)

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Sahaja Yoga is a big blessing 25-03-1977

These people have organized a nice event here that I have come to meet you all here in Kharegaon. These are old coincidences. Belonging to past lifetimes. And we will not be able to understand it so well how they repeat themselves because we do not know about our past births. But these are coincidences from past lives, and that is why today again, in this life also, this is an excellent opportunity to meet you all. I feel so happy to come here that I cannot truly express in words.

 I know that Sahaja Yoga will reach the rural areas in a really good way.  Because people who live in the cities, think they are very intelligent. One because mostly they are learned people without wisdom (pseudo-educated). If they are not pseudo educated then on the basis of money and power they consider themselves special. They think that they only have created this whole world. Even the sky is also created by them and they consider themselves God and that there is no such thing called God in this world. While committing any bad deed, the thought of God never enters their minds, that we are doing something immoral, against the Dharma.  Even today the rural settlements or rural folks believe in the existence of God. Our land of India is a land of yoga (Yogabhumi) and Rama (Shri Rama) and Sita(Shri Sita) have blessed this land, have made it holy by walking bare feet here. In the rural society, there is simplicity, innocence, and utter devotion towards God, which many people exploit, means many people tell lies and rob them of their money. By terrifying the simple folk, by telling some fraudulent things about God, by creating bizarre thoughts in them, they are fleecing them of their money.

It is a very sad thing that this is happening in all villages, but Shankar (Lord Shiva) Himself is sitting behind all these innocent people, and He is protecting them all. God is enticed by the simplicity of these innocent people and is always there to help them. But you should not disbelieve God even for a moment. We must remember simple things like we cannot purchase God in the market or a representative of God is not supposed to take money from you. If he robs money from you then he is not a representative of God. And if he is asking money for any reason then straightaway tell him that look we have nothing to do with you 

The second thing,   cities have lot many diseases as compared to the rural areas. This is quite surprising. The reason for this is the clean air, the environment, as also the holy deeds. People have pure hearts.  But our Sahaja yogis have worked very hard to eradicate  the diseases. And once you have reached the position of self-realization in Sahaja yoga, then you will not need any medicine or doctors etc. All diseases, mental or physical diseases will disappear for good. You don’t have to give any money in Sahaja yoga, you don’t have to take any special effort for it. No   effort at all. Just like a seed sprouts by itself similarly the seed within you sprouts.   You have that seedling inside you and the scholars have given it a name as Kundalini. As every seed has the seedling, similarly you too have a seedling within you. But if a seed is rotten or if the seed is not fully developed, then it takes some time to sprout. I only pour the water of my love on the seed or the seedling.   Don’t do anything else. And for that what else can one do? The seed sprouts by itself. Similarly the seedling within you placed by the Almighty, sprouts by itself.  But the only thing is that if you have a decorated lamp it does not get lit up by itself, one needs to bring a lit lamp near it. In the same way in Sahaja yoga, only a lit lamp can light up the unlit lamps.  And when other lamps get lit up then they can light up others. This is the process. But a lamp may have its wick slid out of place, or a lamp might be damaged, or a lamp may not have enough oil, so even that can be set right upfront in Sahaja Yoga. Kundalini is your Mother, who takes birth with you every time you are born. She resides in you and you know how holy a mother is. But this purity is your Mother and she is waiting for the moment when such a person who is full of that that love, comes in front of you then Kundalini rises automatically and you have that realization. 

 Today we are going to have a little experiment about it here. And I hope that many of you will experience it. It happens so naturally that people find it hard to believe that how could we have got it so quickly  –  because they think normally people have to do fasting and they have to do this and that. Then they need to go to the forest, do penance.  Now let’s imagine that if someone did not know the way to Kalwa and if he had to come searching for it on foot from Mumbai, say 50 years back . Then he would have taken a lot many hours. But today we have come in a car. So we did not take as much time – Not only hours but would have taken days – We straightway started from there and reached here. So the outward progress we have made in the modern times, like the tree has progressed outside, then its roots also must have progressed. Then this progress which the roots have made will not be immediately discerned by you. Because you can notice the progress of the tree. Unless you see the roots, you will not understand. This is work of the roots. And when the source is discovered, if the source itself is available, if the root gets connected to a spring, then there is no question – of the tree dying or suffering in any way. However large the tree becomes, it can still get the supply of water. 

Similarly Sahaja Yoga is found in the modern age of Kaliyuga and everybody should take advantage of it. Only   Sahaja Yoga does not have place for shallow minded people. Means people who are used to making fun of or belittle others – even if these people get the vibrations these will go away. Faith is a must. One must have faith in the Almighty. Whatever you say, if you do not have faith in someone then why should he look after your welfare? You say, ‘Mataji please cure my child but we do not have faith in you’ then why should I cure. Just think, even if I say out of love lets cure him but several deities who are there to   cure him, they must agree to it. Lord Hanumaan should agree, Lord Ganesha should agree, Lord Shankar should agree, Lord Krishna should agree that this person is OK. Otherwise they say that there is no need to help them. These are shallow minded people. Have just come for this sake. There is no point in helping them. Thousands of people have been cured through Sahaja Yoga, several diseases have been cured. In addition thousands of people have got their realization. Those who have got their realization, they too are curing others. This one thing you must remember in Sahaja Yoga that a human being does not know everything about himself. He does not know that what happens to him after he dies, what he was before taking this birth?   or what is going to happen in the future, he does not know all these things about himself.

So you have to follow some rules of Sahaja yoga, one small thing is that Sahaja Yogi should not let anyone put kumkum on their forehead. You should only allow another realized person to put kumkum on you, should not allow to touch your forehead. Normally you will ask,” Mataji, why is it  so ?” Vibrations flow through everyone. As we say, this person has a good hand , this person ‘s hand is not good.  His hand is good for farming. His hand is good for medicine. The reason for this is that we have vibrations flowing through our hands. If someone has very bad vibrations flowing through his hands and if he touches your forehead then you will also get bad thoughts. So it is a rule in Sahaja Yoga  that you should  guard your forehead. God has created the forehead of a human being with great thought. And you must think a lot if you wish to bow it before someone. If you move around bowing your head before everyone and if he is happens to be a demon (rakshasa) then the bad qualities of that demon will easily get transferred into you. There are a few such rules if you follow them then you will attain Sahaja Yoga and Sahaja Yoga is a big blessing. 

You will be surprised that if you recount experiences of Sahaja Yoga to people, you will be surprised. Once a Sahaja yogi was travelling by train, and the train had an accident. The entire train turned upside down but nobody was injured. Amongst them, there was their small child who was thrown far away but still he was absolutely fine. People were so surprised that how can that be? So Sahaja Yoga helps obviate accidents. Means how does this happen? You will say how does this happen?

We have total faith in Shri Hanumaan, and are always chanting his name. While entering the village, generally there is a temple of Shri Hanumaan. But  we do not realize that Shri Hanumana is everywhere, only thing is we are not connected to Him, Otherwise with just one call He would be standing before you, not only that but wherever a Sahaja yogi moves about, he is connected to the Almighty, and he is protected by HIM. Shri Ganesha is everywhere, we think that Shri Ganesha is only sitting in the temple; He is there to help everyone. He is everywhere.  If any Sahaja yogi suffers then Shri Ganesha removes his suffering.  We all say that yes  ,” there is Shri Ganesha, there is Shri Hanumana we want to celebrate the birthday of Shri Dattatreya, There is Shri Shankara.” We have faith in all of them    but we do not understand that this body of ours – and whatever we see through our eyes, and the environment we are in, this all is influenced by them and they keep a proper vigil on all this. You will not realize this until you get connected to the Almighty. Just like – Now I am speaking with you through this mike. If it is not connected to the mains then you will not be able to hear anything. Similarly until you become one with God or you get yourself realization, till then even if you call HIM, how will HE hear you? We keep on chanting the almighty’s name day and night and sometimes in such a perfunctory manner as if He is our servant. Continuously ask Him to do something or the other, “You do this, you do that, do this for my father, you do this for my son.” But what right do you have on the Almighty? What have you done for the Almighty? Are you connected to God? For example if you want to meet the president then you need to send a request letter. You need to seek permission from them. If you land straightaway in front of Him and say,” Hey President, do this for me” will you  not be arrested by the police  ? So you do not have the right and the recognition of this right is, that when a person achieves his self realization, he feels divine vibrations flowing through his hands as indicated by Shri Shankaracharya. And the same is happening today. It is not a bluff about the Almighty. Today I can prove the existence of God, you can prove it too. So   this path, as they say,” is not the work of any Tom Dick and Harry”.

 To walk on this path people should have faith. If you have the simplicity, the innocence and the desire to know the almighty then all of you can reach tremendous heights. Nobody is going to become a saint by wearing saffron clothes and by shaving their hair. That way the sheep get their hair sheared every day so do they become saints because of that? Nobody   becomes a saint by changing clothes. By changing the outward appearance nobody becomes a saint.  We have had so many saints in this country, like Saint Tukaram. He did not renounce the world (take sanyas). No Saint has to    renounce the world. Because a saint becomes an ascetic from inside.   Your attitude changes from inside.  So you don’t have to show or exhibit anything outside to show that you have changed. Whatever has to happen, happens inside, you feel that within. Now some of the people present here might feel that for a little while they got vibrations on their hands. ‘Mataji, we felt that we had the divine vibrations on our hands.’ And after some time, not only four or five, but ten people might experience those vibrations. Four may not get. Then those four people, who did not experience, will say with hatred that this all is humbug, this and that. Then those ten will also go along with   these four. The human brain is half baked. This is a very new experience and it takes time for it to set in. If you say that it should happen instantaneously or in a minute, it will happen but you need to give it some time, you need to position yourself for it, you need to make a little effort. You need to make an effort to sustain it after you get yourself realization and not before.

They have asked me to come here to Kalwa, and I don’t know what further program they have arranged. But I would have liked us to go into meditation, and see if we could achieve your self-realization. And then if there are any patients etc. I would see them. Now if you have any questions, you can ask me, I will be very happy to respond. Do you have any questions? Just ask.

(Someone asks a question, but not quite clear)

As a response to one of the questions, Shri Mataji said,” Suppose there is a cemetery (Crematorium). Cemetery, they say, should be outside the town. But what people do – Let it be a Cemetery or anything, wherever they see a vacant land – Now we have a Cemetery at Mumbai. And they have created a play area for kids on that land. So will not the kids who go there, get affected?

Because they have their graves out there. People do not think about such things. Modern person of today does not have this common sense. And in the same way today residential colonies are made. So these people and you too should take kum kum to protect yourself.  Later on when you will come to know what is involved, you would be surprised to know that you have been saved from such a great trouble.   This is why people become mad, go to the asylum. They become ill, die. But they don’t understand how they got this illness and from where? How did this happen in our home?. Even small children get affected. Because you do not have any idea about yourself, then how you are you going to know about anybody else? What has affected them, who are they?

Now consider a simple thing. You have gone to the temple. God is there in the temple. You must pay your obeisance only to HIM. The temple is very necessary. It is for everyone. But imagine that the priest out there is a fraud, just imagine.  And if he is doing some bad deeds, practices ill, black magic etc., and imagine he gives you the prasad, and then will it not go into your stomach? How are you going to know? If you are simple people you will not know anything. But if you are a Sahaja Yogi then then you will immediately vomit whatever you have consumed. It will not remain in your stomach. If any such thing enters your stomach then it will definitely go away. It will not stay at all.  And then when you come home you suddenly have a stomach ache, then had a strong bout., suddenly died in the hospital. What happened Mataji, we could not understand.   And you can understanding all these symptoms can happen only when you know yourself and hence know others.

Because you have not recognized yourself.  You have not understood it before how strong   your power within is.      The moment you realize it, you will know what ailment this person has, what ailment the other person has and if that ailment is troublesome to you then you can even protect yourself from it. How do you recognize this?  You must understand this capability. 

Shri Mataji talking to the seeker who asked the question in Hindi:

So you can also come here and learn all about it. These people who are sitting here will make you a master in all aspects of Kundalini. They are all masters in Kundalini. They have cured thousands of people of their illnesses.   

Shri Mataji pointing towards some yogi, saying: He is from Dhule. There is a centre there. This person has cured thousands of people of their diseases. His son is a doctor and the other one is a big landlord. They have started a centre. Thousands of people have been cured by them. I can say that since the day they got their self realization, they have not charged for any medicine. His sons have got their self realization. All of them have got their self realization. Now that there are all these things available in  Kalwa, you  should do it. People should pay attention to Sahaja Yoga and achieve it.

  So as I said, in Sahaja yoga it is not you take your realisation and then you forget about it. You must understand it, no; you have to find out everything about it, to know how it works.   Let’s say if I provide you with electricity but do not tell you how to switch it on then how would you know? You have to learn the complete thing.

But generally if you keep two three things in mind then you will not face any problem. 

One thing is to give bandhan to oneself, and soaking feet in salt water. Thus you can be alright with a couple of such things. No need to do too many things.   Maybe you only came once and did not come afterwards, so you do not know everything. 

In addition keep on discussing with these people. This will not do.  This is the work of God. Have to learn a few things. Now see this example. You need to spend many years to work with electricity. And this is the work of God. You definitely need to learn a little. Which finger to use during worships (pooja), how the flowers are to be offered.  It is true that these are very small things. You need not get into too many details. Learn a few things at least.

Now ask questions if you have any. Do you have any questions? Do the youngsters have any questions?

Now see that drinking is prohibited in sahaj yoga. Normally I don’t tell anyone to stop drinking. But after coming to Sahaja yoga you won’t feel like  drinking alcohol. And if you drink,  you will vomit straight-away, you won’t be able to drink, you will suffer a lot. Smoking is also prohibited. After becoming a Sahaja Yogi, if you start smoking, you will suffer a lot. You will not have the urge to smoke, you will leave it. Nobody smokes cigarette at our place.  I do not tell anyone to give up smoking, but it just happens automatically.

There was one person in Singapore, he used to drink a lot. His wife brought him to me to make him give up his drinking habit. He got his self realization, I don’t know how.  After that whenever he tried to drink he uses to smell some fragrance. The fragrance used to be so intense that he used to keep enjoying it and forgot about drinking.