Letter to Indian Yogis


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Letter to Indian Yogis (English translation). England, May 1st 1977.

My dearest Sahaja Yogis :
My Blessings to you all,

News has been conveyed to me that a new Center is functioning in Muskwadi Village (Rahuri), where thousands of people are getting Realization. The achievement has been made only because the “workers” over there have knit themselves in bond of wonderful Love. They never try to complain to anyone about anything but instead overlook and ignore in case someone commits what may be described as an error. This broad-mindedness is capable of generating feelings of happiness in one’s self and acts like a magnet where others are concerned. This Broad-Mindedness is the quality of a human body and gets multiplied with the awakening of the Kundalini. This is she manifestation of divinity.

But, those people who remain in “artificial” environments only, they cannot enjoy this Bliss. Your Kundalini has been awakened; and it has pierced the apex of the brain (Brahmrandhra); but still the heart also has to feel ‘awakened’. In case one’s heart is like a stone and he is unable to shower Love on any one; he uses unpleasant language in conversation with others and is very particular to stress that he himself is really someone special; then he is not fit for becoming a Sahaja Yogi. Of course, such is the nature of certain people. Many a time, I have observed that before myself, some of you try to push others or frown upon them with anger, etc. When someone speaks harshly to little children, then I feel a stab on my heart. Tell me, in Sahaja Yogi, should not there be exhibition of loving feelings?!

People who are the off-springs of the same Mother very often fail to realize that they are the children of their Mother in reality. This fact is well-known to you. Then, why should you have the feeling that someone else is superior or inferior to you. Are you without blemish and capable of being such a judge ? People talk of universal brotherhood of man but is this feasible if we don’t love each other as we should?! At the moment, all I have to say is that you must use Introspection and Discrimination and rid yourself of such ‘poison’ as it is only then that you will make a real Sahaja Yogi. In case a Sahaja Yogi comes to your place, invite him as if he is one of our own brothers. Look after him nicely. This will purify your household. I cannot understand how and why Sahaja Yogis form ‘groups’ as with every passing moment your position improves or deteriorates. Such formations can lead to total annihilation of the Self.

You should try to own whatever is good in others and ignore what is not so as this can be looked into by me. In meditation, you will realize that this is the Door to Eternal Bliss.

One who remembers you always,