Letter on Guru Purnima (Location Unknown)

Letter on Guru Purnima. 1 July 1977.
My dear Children Sahaj Yogis,
I am happy to learn you are celebrating Guru Purnima on
1st July.
It is very hard to be a Mother and a Guru. Mother is the
Guru of Gurus. Mother has to be a Guru to her children but She does
not perform this duty the way the Guru does. She reduces the distance
between Her desciples and Herself by treating them as Her children
her own part and parcel. […]

Guru Puja, “The promises you have to make” London (England)

Guru Puja, “The Promises You Have To Make”

Today is the day of worshipping your guru: that is your Mother. And as I told you, it’s a very unique happening that Mother, Herself, has to become your Guru. 

And also you know that it is a very difficult task for a Mother to be a guru, because her love is so overflowing that it is difficult for Her to give any discipline to Her children. She cannot discipline her own love, […]