Guru Puja: “The promises you have to make”

London (England)

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Guru Puja, “The Promises You Have To Make”

Today is the day of worshipping your guru: that is your Mother. And as I told you, it’s a very unique happening that Mother, Herself, has to become your Guru.

And also you know that it is a very difficult task for a Mother to be a guru, because her love is so overflowing that it is difficult for Her to give any discipline to Her children. She cannot discipline her own love, how can she discipline her own children?

Being [like] that, the responsibility on the disciples is much more. If the guru is a person who can discipline you without feeling anything hurting to him, he is much more capable, and he can do it.

But for a Mother it is a very, very, very difficult, I must say, a very difficult job to be the guru.

She does not know how to balance, and She is extremely forgiving because She is the Mother.

While the guru, from the very beginning, does not forgive. But mother, till the end, she’ll go to the last end. Even if the child has forsaken her, even if he has beaten her up, even if he’s willing to kill her, still she will be saying that, “My child, are you hurt?”

Then the responsibility of the disciples is much more, to see that they do not hurt Her, and they do not take my love for granted.

For they must know that they have to prove themselves and they have to improve themselves.

That is why this day is a very unique combination of tremendous love overflowing me, and also the thought, I would say, the divine inspiration, that tells me that you have to be disciplined.

You have to be disciplined sahaja, not by another person. That has to be, because if a ship is not properly tied up and it is not seaworthy it cannot go very far.

If you want to enjoy the ride in the ocean of His grace and compassion, His bliss and kindness, then you must build up yourself fully.

Now we have seen we have chakras, and we can excite them, we can awaken them by awakening the Deities. But is it not a mechanical process. Every Deity has got a subtle point behind it, which is a very subtle being within you.

You know them, one by one. And you know why these chakras are catching — because you lack that thing. There’s nothing to feel bad about it. As I told you this is like your motor car outside. This is your instrument. But the instrument has to be properly harmonised and cleaned.

Today I want certain promises by you to be made. And the foremost of all, as Christ has said, “Love thy neighbour as thyself.”

I would say, one step ahead of that: “Love thy neighbour, a Sahaj Yogi, more than yourself.” Let us start here. I don’t ask you to do for the whole universe: among yourselves.

First of all decide: what have you done for others?

Second promise you have to make that you will never say a harsh word to any other sahaj yogi, even if he beats you hollow! You can tell me about it.

That is the greatest sin you would be committing from today.

Don’t try to correct others! If he asks you to check him, then tell that, “This is the thing.” But do not be harsh! Use your tongue for saying something sweet. I am telling you again and again and again. Otherwise I will put some sort of a restriction on you. Try to control your tongue.

It’s very essential to put sweetly something, you can, you are sahaj yogis, it’s very easy to put it sweetly something. It’s such an attractive thing.

Why do you say harsh things? For what? To create enemies? If you want to have enemies, you can have so many: for that you need not say harsh things. Very easy to gather enemies. Difficult to get friends. And difficult to get your own kith and kin. But Sahaj Yogis, you have one Mother. And that hurts me the most.

Any, any, thing that tries to break you will take out my heart into many parts. And this body will become divided into many parts. So don’t do that to me. This is the greatest suffering I can have from you. I request you not to do that because I have taken you into my Being, and you are part and parcel of me. You are one of the thousand petals of my Sahasrara, and I don’t want these petals to be broken by you and to be trampled by others. You have your own dignity, and respect the dignity of others. And you are Sahaj yogis, realised-souls, you must know that now.

You are not ordinary people. As you respect yourself, you’ll respect others. This is one thing I must tell you: that among yourselves you should be very humble and very friendly and extremely sweet. Also when you will start doing that, gradually you will learn a method by which you’ll be very sweet. It is better to be sweet than to be harsh. It is better to be beaten up than to be beating others. It is better to be simple and deceived than to be deceiving others.

We are like the shield and the shield has to fight the sword. Sword doesn’t fight a sword, it’s a shield that has to fight it.

This you must understand, that for anything, no harsh words is to be said. Keep quiet! Just keep quiet. Try to keep control of your tongue.

That is one thing: that there should be no disunity because you are collectively conscious among yourselves. If there is disunity among you, you cannot be one: then how can we think of the whole world being one? Just think of it! And your responsibility is much greater because you are the first people who have got it in the whole of Europe and the whole of England.

Respect each other. Think of the good points that everyone has. Try to love.

If I were like you… you know I am complete, I have no problem — why am I bothering? Because I love you. If you love each other, you will see the good points of another person, and you will imbibe them. Try to love each other. But do not confuse this love with the carnal love. This is Divine love: absolutely pure, elevating, helping you to ascend.

Tonight you promise me that you will look at every Sahaj Yogi as a person in bondage in love and not in hatred.

And if somebody you think is not doing right or going bad, then you cure that person.

Sitting in the house, you know how to do that. But don’t be harsh. By talking ill you are not going to do anything to help that person. You use your methods which you know very well. This is one point.

And that will give me the greatest pleasure, the greatest of all: when I will see all my children loving each other, and being kind to each other, running to do for everyone, trying to help each other and extremely humbled down.

Some of you are better off, some of you are more intelligent, some of you have got more heart qualities. Don’t try to show down somebody who lacks a little bit in intelligence, or somebody who has little less of love. Maybe that person just wants more love. But try to give, than to expect others to give.

Then the second one: I want you, all of you, today, to know that you are the people who have to build up Sahaj Yoga in this country and also in other countries wherever you go.

So you are like seeds, and the seed which has to grow the whole tree! You have to bear all other trees, so how important you are!

So today you have to resolve that, in your personal life, you are going to be honest. You are going to watch yourself. You are going to introspect yourself. You are not going to tell lies. And you are going to look after your chastity, look after your life as a very precious thing.

And you are not going to cheat yourself. And you are not going to debase yourself. And you are not going to denigrate yourself, in your own eyes, but develop those eyes which criticise all these things and can see yourself.

Today you must promise me that you will meditate, you’ll introspect, then getting into your Self.

Thirdly, you will not criticise Sahaj Yog — that is God’s own method — at any cost! If you do not understand a part of Sahaj Yog, you can come and ask me, but don’t criticise! This you must promise me.

So far whatever has happened, has happened. It’s finished. It’s forgiven. But don’t criticise His ways now anymore, because now you are put into a higher position. You are put into a higher position, today. No more criticism of Sahaj Yog, at any cost! At any cost.

Because then you criticise the God Himself!

If you don’t understand, ask me.

And now you know you are the people, God has sent only those who really know that Sahaj Yoga is the Truth. It is the only way, it is revealed to you only, very few people, that this is the Truth. And this is going to save the whole humanity and all the people. And God can be only understood through Sahaj Yog.

So nobody is going to decry Sahaj Yoga. Nor anyone is going to say that, “I am the Sahaj Yoga!” Anybody who thinks like that has been always, so far, we have seen in our practices in Sahaj yoga for the last now so many years, that anyone who takes upon to themselves that, “I am the Sahaj Yoga!” has had the worst possible falls of all Sahaj Yogis.

So don’t do that. We are a part and parcel of that Sahaj Yoga: harmonising people, being one with people. So nobody should criticise Sahaj Yog, nobody should take chances with Sahaj Yog.

And fourth, you have to be obedient to me. I have been telling you, in a different way and in every way that you should understand. Now, this stops. Today you have done this puja, I want to tell you that on your own, on your free will, with your own understanding you have to be obedient to me. This is your own decision. I cannot force obedience onto you, but you must understand it is for your good.

Because every minute I can see your future, I can see your past, I can see your ascent, I can see everything.

If I say anything at that moment, it may appear a little [bit] unreasonable, but just obey me, what I tell you!

I am not asking too much, you have seen: not much, as other gurus do.

You don’t know other gurus what do they do: they will hang the disciple in the well halfway down. He is just there and from his waist they will be hanging a rope up. They take seven parikshas (परीक्षा — trial, test) like this, horrible ones. They will throw him into some place. Seven like this. There are, altogether, 108 parikshas. And then they say, “Come along!” Then they will try [to teach] you. It starts after that.

I am not taking your test. But obedience is very necessary because I know everything.

I can’t help it. You cannot have another opinion about myself because that’s a fact.

And if I say something, I would not say normally, I will not hurt you, you know that. I hate to hurt you. After any hurt I cause you I weep and cry. But I have to do it, because you are my dearest children and you are my will. And you have to do the most important thing on Earth, so be careful. Whatever I have told you, you have to obey.

For today, for this place, and today’s function, I bless you – these are the things you must do. I haven’t asked for much. But they are very difficult things. They are difficult.

So, look after yourself. Try to be good Sahaj Yogis. Be sweet to each other, kind to each other. Don’t deceive yourself. Look after your vibrations and everything will be alright.

May God bless you.