Letter on Guru Purnima

(Location Unknown)

Letter on Guru Purnima, 1 July 1977,

[Maybe from England to Indian Sahaja Yogis. Location and language unknown]

My dear children Sahaja Yogis,

I am happy to learn you are celebrating Guru Purnima on 1st July. It is very hard to be a Mother and a Guru. Mother is the Guru of Gurus. Mother has to be a Guru to her children but She does not perform this duty the way the Guru does. She reduces the distance between her disciples and Herself by treating them as her children, her own part and parcel. But, oh! my children, you are really born out of my Sahasrara. I conceived you in my heart and gave you the new birth through the Brahmarandhra. The Ganges of my love has carried you into the realm of Collective Consciousness.

This love of mine is too great for my human body. It nourishes you, soothes you and gives you security. Gradually it opens your awareness to bliss and joy. But this love also corrects you and prunes you. It guides you and directs you. It reveals itself in the form of true knowledge. It absorbs your shocks and settles you like a gliding leaf on the hard surface of truth. It strengthens you to fulfil your aspirations of reaching spiritual heights. After all, what is the Guru principle? It is that aspect of this Divine Love that guides and warns, which gives you ‘the dos and don’ts’. Because if human beings fail, they become “rakshasa” and “danavas” [demons], which is a fact. All your ancient scriptures are singing praise of the incarnations as Gurus, Dattatreya, the three-fold innocence that guides the path of dharma. There are ten basic dharmas of human beings. They must be guarded, respected and are to be identified with “tadatmya” [sameness of nature].

There is no compromise but human intelligence gives ideas by which human societies have gone into horrible conditions. Their play of mind takes us to sin and we become insensitive to sin. Today, I want you to resolve that you all will become absolutely dharmic. It is hard to be dharmic. The society and the environment force you to be adharmic. You are born in innocence and later you go on compromising and accepting adharmic patterns as normal.

For a Sahaja Yogi, it is difficult to be adharmic. If he tries to do a wrong thing, he is corrected by the vibrations. But if you go on killing your awakened conscience you are free to do so and kill all your chances of ascent. One aspect I would emphasises this time: “Do not commit an adultery”. Christ went further to say that, “You should not have a adulterous heart or mind because you are Self-realised”. Your behaviour pattern moves from inward to outside. Introspect yourself. Do not confuse your lust with ‘Love’. I have heard prostitutes singing the love song of separation. They are the ones who create the agony of separation for a Gruhalaxmi and act as the oppressed. Be careful you are not acting and playing the games of adultery. The sin becomes subtler and subtler with sophistication. Respect your marriage institution.

Women have to be Gruhalaxmis. Firstly, she has to be dedicated and completely fidel.

Secondly, she is to be worshiped like a Gruhalaxmi. This is the double meaning of “pujyante” [*]. The word “pujyante” means the one who is worshipable and is also worshiped. In Sahaja Yoga, you have to forget the past as you have been bathed with divine love like a newly born baby. Purity of heart expressed as fidelity in marriage for both husband and wife is the most enjoyable virtue and is the most powerful. When you understand the purity of relationship, you enjoy them the most. You do not confuse your sensitivity to joy. Your Mother is a mother and wife is a wife.

Here in the West, it is all becoming a confusion. Very young girls are marrying old men and vice versa. It is all the game of money. If you have too much then stupidity becomes the pattern of the society. They become so blind that they call it ‘love’. This stupidity is very, very dangerous. Beware of it. Steady your attention by keeping your eyes on the Mother Earth. Thus, you get the loving bandhan of your Nani [our grand-mother, the Mother Earth] and you become free of enslavement to your lust.

May be some of the marriages are not all right, but exceptions should not create a mass disturbance. They should suffer it for the masses. Once the citadel of virtue starts tumbling down, the whole building of Sahaja Yogis will tipple down. And who can suffer, but this mind which does not touch you who is a witness? Enjoy the tragedy of your life as a witness and think of what image you create for others to follow. Realise what is the role of a Sahaja Yogi in this disturbed self-destroying world. Thus, arise into new role. There are other dharmas, all very important. Meditate on them. I find my love reflected in your shining dharmic eyes.

With all my blessings to you all,

Yours as ever, always remembering your all

Your Mother Nirmala

[*About the word ‘pujyante’ added by the editor:
“But she has to deserve it, “Yatr naryan pujante tatr ramante devata”, “Where women are respected resides God.” But they have to be respectable… If the woman is worshipable, ‘pujyante’ means ‘worshipable’. Who like to worship a bad woman cruel Rakshasi? Those who are worshipable should be worshipped. There reside the Gods.” Shri Rama puja, Calcutta, India, 25/03/1991]