Kundalini and Self-realisation

London (England)

1977-07-31 Kundalini and Self-realisation, London, England, 75'
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Public program, 1977-0731, Kundalini and Self-realization

So, when you get your Realization, first and foremost thing you must know about your physical self which is not known to you so far. As soon as you jump into the Unconscious you have witnessed it that you come to know about your physical being: first about yourself. You come to know what is your physical problem, where are you suffering. Automatically you know that this is what you are suffering from, you don’t have to go to a doctor to ask him what you are suffering from. Supposing your Nabhi chakra is catching you know that there is trouble in your stomach. If you progress a little more with the frequencies of this immediately you know that it is in this part. Even on the finger on the right-hand side if you get burning more on the left-hand side of the finger than you must know that the trouble is more on the left -and side than on the right-hand side.

By practice you understand exactly what kind of a trouble it is. But after some time, you just say that this is the trouble and this is what it is. It is like a computer you put on. So, the self-knowledge which is first experienced becomes the actualization.  This we can say is the second stage. But definitely in the first stage you get the experience of your physical being. Now you can see the beauty of it how it is beautifully done. When you put your hands towards Me you understand your position first of all. You do not realize Me but you realize yourself – immediately you feel the burning or you feel the cooling or you feel the smarting or tingling or whatever it is. All that is not indicative of Me but is all indicative of you.  Then by the vibrations that are flowing through My Being they are corrected; all these problems are corrected. Then when your machine is corrected then the same machine that Myself emits the vibrations or you receive the vibrations which are really Me. But that to an extent to that extent you have achieved – the clarity and the sensitivity.

On the other hand, when you want to know about the health of other people there your machine does not feel your problem but feels more the problems of another person and once you have corrected the problems of another person then you start feeling your own problems. How beautifully it is arranged you see, so that you have to you are compelled to cure another person. If you cannot cure the other person you cannot feel yourself. That is how the unconscious is trying to guide you, how to be universally aware, this is the beauty.

Now to know about our autonomous nervous system, about sympathetic nervous system – even the doctors have to use at least 100 days to take your cardiogram, to take your blood pressures, and to pass you through all the pathological tests, this test and that test and you have to do all kinds of things and lots of money to be spent.  Still God only knows if they can really say this is this.  But the self- knowledge is so correct that even a child can say that this is the thing.  Now it’s not only the knowledge, for example: now if you have eyes, if you can see something, it’s not that we can see it but by seeking it we can correct our movement, we can correct our vision.

Supposing something is lying there and we have got the light in our eyes we can see it, so we need not topple down over that.  In the same way in Sahaja Yoga, when you come to know about your physical elements and physical troubles you also have a power to correct it. You can correct it only by paying attention to that part because your attention is now enlightened by God. You just pay your attention to that and you can do it. This may be at a later stage you can say but in the earlier stages even you can move your fingers in the clockwise manner in that part. If you try to take out that trouble, you can by various methods by putting that trouble into the matter which is created out of five elements and the trouble also your obstruction is also out of that. When all these elements are in balance there is no problem but when the balance is lost in them, you get into trouble.  So, when in your body that balance is lost whatever that extra is thrown out into that element and that’s how the balance is established and you feel quite alright. So you have the knowledge of your physical being for which you do not need a doctor or you do not need to go to a laboratory, to be a guinea pig.

Secondly you know about your mental being – mentally you understand that you like someone or you hate someone but you do not know why?  But after Realization, you can say by vibrations that you somehow or other cannot stand that another person.  Why? Because he is giving you heat vibrations. In the beginning the dislike was in such an abstract form that could not understand why you just can’t stand that person though he is a nice person but you don’t like that person because that person is emitting such and such vibrations which are against the divine vibrations.  If you had any or if you were of the same type you would like it.

So, mentally also you understand emotionally that why you somehow from inside intuitively you call it, you don’t like the person. Or you go to some house you don’t like that house at all.  You feel terrible in that house but you do not know why you feel outside like that when the house is so beautiful. Then through vibrations you can immediately find out what is the reason and you will find out on your hand that there is the Agnya that is burning.  So, you know what’s the problem there. Now how you can correct that?  If the person is cooperating you can tell that person that such and such thing is there – let us get rid of it and if you become an expert even without telling him you can get rid of the trouble. So the knowledge of your behavior outside – emotional behavior or emotional outburst for anything is understood through Self-realization that you understand why yourself you are behaving in a particular manner.

Moreover supposing you are a possessed person, you get a possessed feeling. You go outside you get headache you feel funny you get frantic you start fighting you become horrid: people don’t understand you and get confused. But with Self-realization you will know, you have been invaded by some sort of a spirit and you know how to take it out and once you take it out you feel completely relieved and that’s how you know your emotional self, if it is being attacked.

In the hand for example, after Realization, you get more vibrations on the right-hand side and less on the left-hand side – immediately you understand that mister Ego is trying to press the Superego. So, you can balance it by putting your ego hand on your head and putting your left hand towards the divine force that you give more force into it and you can balance it. So, you understand ego and superego – that’s how you understand your inner being – this is still in the gross form. Still in the gross form you are understanding yourself, physically and mentally. 

Now intellect also is charmed or we should say enlightened by Self-realization.  Whatever you read before Self-realization you get a very superficial idea of the bhoot (negative entities). But once you are Self-realized you think, oh, if this is the thing that they were saying about and that you must have noticed yourself that whatever you read, you know which is to be accepted and which is to be discarded as faults.  You laugh at foolish statements and you accept those things which were regarded as naïve and foolish as the absolute truth.  Your priorities change your proprieties change and you become a person absolutely one with the absolute reality.

Because if you try to accept anything falsehood you immediately start getting burning in your hand to an extent. It helps you to an extent because it has to maintain your freedom. So Self-realizations helps you to a very great extent unless and until deliberately you are refusing all the messages from the reality, it may not help you.  But still you go on sort of defying it then naturally it disappears. You lose the power of getting the messages. But this is why it is Self-realization because not only self- knowledge you get, but you know how to correct yourself.

Now people create, they create things. They think they are great artists, they cannot explain how it happens and there are people who appreciate also- they don’t understand why they appreciate a particular art or why they not a particular type of thing.   But when you see universally when the greatest connoisseurs sit down and appreciate an art.  Then an ordinary Sahaja Yogi can go and see and tell exactly if the art is aesthetically rich or not because the vibrations will immediately tell you if there was even the slightest thing from that part, you will find terribly vibrations flowing.  If it is completely harmonious absolutely in tune with reality, it is joy. Complete joy giving quality if it has, got in its perfection, then you get the vibrations that are congenial to you.   Not only congenial but are overpoweringly joy giving.  Sometimes you feel the flood of joy coming over you and dropping open throughout and flowing over your head completely, coolness you feel.  And that’s how you decide about the art or an artist that whether it is real creativity or not. So, you understand the art created by others.

But supposing you want to create, if you already have got the technique well and good, then artist will find that he starts creating some fantastic things which he has never dreamt of and continuously he will go on creating, so he taps or we can say he reaches that source because if you find even the greatest of greatest artists they will create about say 10 pieces nicely then at least 30 would be useless.  But if he becomes a Sahaja Yogi, not even one he will create that will be useless – all of them would be first class. The reason being that he is one with the source, so no question of making any mistakes. 

But the people who just get a glimpse once, twice, thrice might be misguided and so they can make mistakes. But an artist who is a Sahaja Yogi is there at the source and full with divinity.  In doing any work outside, say in your business through Self-realization you get that confidence of your being, you feel confident because you are part of that light and you feel so relaxed because you are just a drop on the ocean, so you are not thinking of cheating others.  You are not thinking of bluffing, you are not thinking of all these useless activities into which people indulge and ruin their health and ruin the health of other people who are in contact with them.  They have never a very healthy relationship between such people. 

You may cheat a person for one day you may cheat him for three days but later on the relationship becomes very unhealthy.  So even in your business relationship you find that you understand the power of self.  You experience the power of Self and because of that experience you rise in your Dharma in your sustenance and when a person stands on the sustenance, you see, such a man has a really powerful personality and he, when he tries to do business then people depend on you reply on you and he is the best business man.  Because he is not only held by his own powers but at the time all the powers of the unconscious are at his disposal. So by knowing Yourself you develop your confidence and you know others and dealing with them even if you are cheated say once and twice you will know that you are never cheated on the other hand the other person who tries to cheat you gets cheated.  It works out that way that is the magic of unconscious.

Now what is the knowledge in a business:  that you get the knowledge of creating wealth out of nothing.  This is the beauty of Self-realization that you can create wealth out of nothing like an artist does. By middle tilting here and there suddenly you find the same thing that could not have materialized into wealth is working wonders. In India there was one gentleman who got his Realization and he found out somehow that he makes small little baskets. 

In India, they are worth nothing and he thought that in America they will be selling like a hot cakes. Some or other it came into his head and when he started exporting them. Today, he is one of the richest men and he started with very ordinary things because of Self-realization.   You see, you can penetrate into your own being and see at a thing as others would appreciate.  For example, by Self-realization, now I go I am an Indian born but I can become an English man through collective consciousness I can know what an English man wants but normally an Indian cannot.  Now the plight on an Indian export is that they are exporting things to England thinking you are all Indians. If they could be English by any chance, they can export things that you can really need here, so they will send you six sarees they are useless with such horrid colors, which you think horrid, which Indians think are great. 

So, you can identify yourself with another person with his ideologies with his ideas and can handle the needs of other nations other people much better.  You see we sell something when others need something, normally people sell it because they think this is to be sold.   But by Sahaja Yoga you can do this kind of a thing, even to the material side of it.  How Sahaja Yoga can help?   This is an example that how you can understand your surroundings which formally you could not understand but now with Self-realization you can understand because you can identify yourself with another person.   And that’s once you start understanding others outside then you can start understanding the outside men so call outside, that is not yourself but it is actually the part and parcel of your being.  And that is how the whole thing becomes homogeneous.

Now the greatest advantage of Sahaja Yoga, the greatest point is that you know the technique of correction.  People are Realized in this world, many are born Realized but they don’t the technique how to correct themselves, how to use their vibrations. Many don’t even know they have vibrations, so many of them.  So, Sahaja Yoga gives you all the techniques, how to use those vibrations, how to correct yourself.  Because of this, a person who is a Sahaja Yogi can become dharmic (righteous).  I do not name any particular religion.   You know and understand very well, but your sustenance power by which you sustain yourself to be yourself.  Because unless and until you know what is wrong and what is good, what is absurd and what is congenial or divine, how will you be able to decide and that deciding power is dawned upon you.  You see, these people do not understand what I mean by “dawned upon you” but you people understand that, that you can feel it.  That this is not proper, it’s not to be done.   If you do it you know you have done wrong because immediately you know through your vibrations that you have lost it.  Or something has happened to your vibrations or you are a little confused and you find it out. So, this is the greatest thing that can happen is that you know what is good and what is not.  It’s no question of matter of opinion anymore but it is a fact.

That is why it is Self-realization because if the self is a part of the absolute you must let the values of absoluteness in you.  And if you can really evaluate everything in relation to absolute you will have no problems.  That is what is self-realization!  What a technique!  What a advancement that so far everything is a confusion, you don’t know whether this is right, that is right?  This part of the culture is alright or that part of the culture alright?   Whether this what they say is alright or whether what these people say all right?  All kinds of ideas, confused ideas have come up.  Everybody has written books.  Everybody who felt like writing, everybody who had 5 pounds can write a book.  Now what to believe what not to believe?   Where to go? What to do? All the confusion gets sorted out because you are now on a pedestal to see the confusion very clearly and your own pedestal too. That is why it is self- knowledge.

Because you know what is your sustaining power, so you know the beginning of your spiritual life. Then also you know what others are doing to harm their dharmic life. Sometimes they are very troublesome to you but gradually you start sympathizing with them that they do not know what is dharma, they are angry with you because they are suffering from an unconscious inferiority complex. They think, look at these people they are saving their money, they are not wasting their money into these things: so, they are angry with you.  Sometimes they think so, they have got their family life quite intact so they are angry with you sometimes they find that you are very happy people so they are angry with you. What Christ has done? He did not do any wrong to anyone.  He only cured people. What else did he do so he was crucified so badly and brutally along with, along with the thieves?  Only thing that he did was that he dared. All their ego was hurt. He just said because I am the light, I am the path. Only for saying that much, he was crucified because they couldn’t bear anybody saying that to them.

When such a great incarnation comes in also so far in the history of this world and universe, nobody recognize them and they were just a waste and all were misused, by all the people.  When they died of course, they were so called a sort of worshipped without any connection being established when they lived.  But only through Sahaja Yoga and your self-realization through Sahaja Yoga, now you can make our who is the person who is really an Incarnation and who is really a Realized soul. This is the first time you can recognize Christ. Anybody who says I am Christ, you are not going to believe it because you can recognize him, because the instrument that is yourself, that light is now burning within you and you can see through that because you are really enlightened. 

That’s why it is Self-realization. Otherwise, so far, you see, anywhere, great men were born. Socrates, what has happened to him and what did he do? I mean, just think of it, he didn’t do anything wrong. Galileo, anybody! Because never truth was accepted by people who were not Realized, they cannot because they do not have that power to bear the truth. And that’s why always who propounded the truth was killed by people who really did not want to commit the sin but out of ignorance that is. So, now you are enlightened, you are wiser. And your ignorance is removed. Now you have the light. That’s why it is Self-realization.

Now through your Self-realization, you can feel the pain of others. Supposing now you are born an English man. The average English man will feel unhappy because some English man is punished someone.  But a Sahaja Yogi English man will not, if he knows that he was a brute and he should have been: Because he detaches himself from that misidentification as far as a particular nationality is concerned. Because somebody is an English man or an Indian, he should be excused, he has a very limited view of the whole thing, Why?  Because after all we are all human beings.  Anywhere in the whole world wherever anybody tries to dominate and destroy the innocent human beings that are created by God is to be punished whether he is an English man an Indian or anyone.  Such a generous light enlightens you path and you become a different person. 

For example, we can say Abraham Lincoln, a man we call him very great.   What was the thing about him?  He was very great. Why? Because he could see that when I do not want to be enslaved, why should I have slaves? So, you are pitched higher only because you stepped into the realm of Self.  Otherwise you cannot, otherwise you are misidentified all the time.  I am this I am that but you are not Self. If you become Self, then universally you accept whatever is the Truth.  Then you do not misidentify yourself with things you are not satisfied with.  On the contrary when you try to do something you feel all these things, forces are beautifully balanced are helping you and you are doing the whole thing as you say with all your heart, with all your mind and all your body: all integrated so beautifully and balanced, that there is no problem for you doing that. 

You do not feel hesitant about it if once you are established in your self-power. So, by Self-realization you feel the power of Self. Now power does not mean domination by any chance but it means the balancing power. Gradually you start discovering around you how you help others by your balanced personality, then you also discover that you heal and help the atmosphere, the nature after the light of self has come into you.  You find that you become a vehicle for the unconscious which flows into the matter.  This has never done by human beings before that they could flow the unconscious into matter. 

Now you do because you can see that by your giving vibrations you can make some flowers so very fragrant, so very beautiful, some trees giving so much of fruits.  Some cows giving more milk, that you are surprised how you have given this power of this divine love from the unconscious to the nature.  So far man has been only abstracting power or getting, gaining something from that but no one has ever been able to give any power to the nature that surrounds us. By giving power you mean that you give the vibrations to those which are other things, not human beings like all other living things like plants and animals.  And you find that they also change in their productivity, in their beauty, in their taste, in their color, in their glow. That is how you enrich this Mother Earth from whom you have got so much.

When there are Sahaja Yogis together if they live together, when they recite mantras, and when they sing the prays of God, when they say prayer to God the atmosphere itself changes. There is a change in the metabolism of the whole atmosphere that you can feel by the working of it, if you try that.

Supposing some Sahaja Yogis go and visit a country where there is a lot of strike is going on problems are going on immediately you will find there will be a balance established there will be peace established only by the presence of the Sahaja Yogis. That is how you realize how in so many ways, the self, manifests itself  when we become identified within.  Why is it that so far the self has not identified? Because it had no vehicle. You provide the vehicle and that’s how the self becomes knowledgeable to you. You get the knowledge of the self and you give that knowledge as vibrations to others.

There are so many things one can say about Self-realization which you can tell from your own experience how you have been able to know and verify various things.

Now take the case of Pat.  He did not know much about Indian music he had never studied them.  He had never heard it but now he is understanding the beauty of that music and he knows what is going on in that music. In the same way an Indian who had never heard English music, same works for him. He doesn’t understand what is the beauty of it because that has come from the unconscious and now once he becomes Self-realized, he immediately recognizes the unconscious the, joy giving unconscious which is those beautiful notes which are beautifully woven and integrated through the instrument of that artist who has created it. 

Now whether he is an Indian, whether he is a German or English makes no difference, but the unconscious has used that vehicle but that has been used partially.  Sahaja Yogis can immediately make out which note is not good, which is striking, which is too much heavy, which is not in balance which is creating a disharmony because he is now an instrument which records, judges and also emits that what is reality which is joy.

I have to again stress one more very important aspect of Self-realization.  Self exists in the Heart of human beings – I mean it is reflected in the heart so a Sahaja Yogi who is Realized and is depending on his heart or is trying to enrich his heart is definitely a more sensitive person.  By rationality, by intellectual pursuits, of course, you can accept Sahaja Yoga better.   But a person who can feel it through the heart – the feeling of oneness with you heart surrendering yourself to your heart humbling down your intellect before your heart that’s the temple of the Self.

That the Self when it enlightens the Heart, the Heart is reflected in the brain. When the integration between the heart and the brain is completely established, then a complete integration between your intellect and the Self takes place. That is when you start getting the knowledge from the Self. This is at a later stage when you start receiving knowledge from the Self. Not only the discriminatory knowledge, but knowledge of all the things. Whatever you want to know will be there. 

You just become a sort of a panoramic screen and you are surprised how the Unconscious is throwing everything on your brain and you are surprised.  What a knowledge!  “Oh Lord, such a lot I have, ruined just through this”.  And when you start seeing it, you are not afraid of ignorance or of ignorant. Because you see that so clearly thrown before you vision of awareness that you start recording it and seeing it, tallying it, verifying and using it with all the confidence. And that is the time I feel that Sahaja Yogi understands much more. 

Today is the day when a Mother is being worshipped as a Guru and is a very unique so far mostly the gurus have been men. I too, as a Guru and his name is Datattreya.  And this guru was also created by Adi Shakti Herself.  It’s a very funny relationship that exists because He is the Father and He is the Son. He is the Brother, all the sublime relationships that can exist between a Guru and a Disciple who is a lady who is a woman.

Now this Guru was created when the world was created itself. Because one had to create a Guru before the world was created, in a Vaikuntha stage only. But then he reincarnated many times at the time of Rama. Very early, even before Rama came into this world, much earlier than that.  He was created by Satya Anusya.  She was Herself a part of the Adi Shakti who created Him out of the essences – the innocence of Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh.   There is a legend about it which will tell you sometime.  And She created him actually She created Him so She is the Mother but then She becomes the Guru when She is born as Sita.   He becomes the Father so father is her Guru.  Then when Rajanaka is born as Mohammes sahib, then She becomes again the daughter.   But when He is born as Nanaka then He becomes She becomes his Sister.  So the relationships  exists.  And whenever he is born, she is born in a way that, you see, that the relationship is kept as sublime relationship. I mean to say that they are never born as husband and wife.

But this is the first time I would say that I have become a Guru.  I have never been a Guru in my previous lives. Guru means a person who tries to help the evolving souls to evolve, helps the people who are trying to swim ashore the shore of Kingdom of God by their guidance.  This is a Guru. This time only a Mother had to become a Guru because they being men, they were a bit too harsh and when it had to be a mass movement, it was necessary that a Mother had to represent the Guru. So, I had to come as a Guru to human beings and talk to you and tell you in a motherly way. But the Mothers position is the worst when She becomes a Guru because children take the Mother for granted and they take always the great advantage of the Mother. They can talk quite rudely to a Mother but not to a teacher.  They can be quite arrogant and can be quite quarrelling with a Mother because that is the relationship of a Mother. But before a Guru you don’t even raise your eyes. So, this is a more difficult gurudom than a normal one to be a Mother and to give you birth and to guide you. Because it is the most hateful thing for Mother is to hurt the child even when he is doing wrong, she feels that.  But a Guru does not.  He won’t mind slashing you out in case you are doing wrong.  He won’t mind throwing you down from a hill if you have done wrong.  He don’t mind slapping you if you have done wrong. But for a Mother it is a very difficult task but a Mother has it.  A Mother understands the children whom She has given Realization.   So, I am the Guru and also a Mother.

Today is the day people, this is created by human beings and not by God as Guru Purnima because as God has created days of their advent.  Human beings have created days of their surrendering.  So, this is the day when you have to give something to the Guru and Guru does not have to give anything to you.  This is the time you have to say what you are going to give?  What you are going to do for your Guru?  Because so far, the Guru has been giving.  If you are in meditation, supposing you are saying you will meditate because Guru is there , that is not the way Guru Purnima should be celebrate.  If you meditate you are taking from Me.  If you try to correct yourself you are taking from Me. If you are going to get cured you are taking from Me.  So, no!  What can you do for Me is the point you have to think about it. What can you do? 

Now I have sent the same question to Indians and asked them to find out what can you do for Me.  You will say Mother what can we do?  After all what are we? That’s the way of evading the issue but if you really want to see you can do a lot and that is what it is that you are my witness.   You are my publicity. So today you have to take some vows and you have to say that we are going to do these things. We are going to talk about Sahaja Yoga.  We are going to propagate it, we are going to spread it and what may come we are going to surrender ourselves to Mother.  And even if She scolds us or says anything it is for our good.  We are not going to get confused and that’s how you have to absolutely vow that you are going to dedicate yourself to Sahaja Yoga, to help others, to emancipate and to create the atmosphere for the completion of this universe of this creation for that fruitful day: when we will say that the Kingdom of God has been brought on this Earth. 

So, today is not the day for Me to give for you. You have to announce for example there is somebody who is in India I don’t know what is the position here. But supposing there is someone you want to celebrate or you want to reciprocate then what they do they write in the newspaper that such and such man has done so much for us so we thank him very much for this in the paper.  You see you get a complete three to four newspapers put together.  You will find all such advertisements appear all like that, you see.  So that is how you do it you tell people talk to them and do it in this way so that the publicity for Sahaja Yoga spreads, that you surrender yourself as a vehicle of this machine of this great work.  This is what God wants you to do. So, today is the day of certain determinations that by such and such date on such and such time we will have these things and we will do these things. 

This is what you have to today decide and think about it and this is what you have to manage and this is what you have to give. This is the only thing that you can give to God is to become the instruments of God complete surrendering yourself to Him so that this world of yours this universe of yours because I do not belong to any universe or any creation whatsoever it does not matter with Me if this creation is gone or lost.  It is for you people.  It is only for you that you have to have this creation and so only thing that you have to do is to give me the assurance.  I should feel that by creating this universe and this world God has not gone wrong and by giving you Realization, I have not gone wrong because you are going to help in the complete emancipation of the humanity.  This is what Guru Purnima is. When you think on those lines immediately you know what you should do for the next Guru Purnima, you have to plan it now.

So, maybe I don’t know what in India they will do. They may have a big lecture arranging matches, may arrange some big people to come and speak about Me and talk about Me. I don’t know what they will be doing. Of course, I would not like you to take out a procession as these people will be taking out. But there may be some methods which you can think of by which you can announce the advent of a Guru as a Mother who is trying to help the people to find what they are seeking.