London (England)

Letter, 56 Ashley Gardens, London (GB), 9 September 1977


My dear son Anil,
I got your letter and was overjoyed to read that you have taken Sahaja Yoga to Abu Dhabi.

Yes, the answer to the question that you asked is that the real name of Sahaja Yoga is “Antar yoga” (? yoga which transforms you from within). In this Yoga instant transformation of human beings takes place and only with the transformation this (yoga) starts benefiting. And only then the yogi can progress.

The life of a human being is based on the foundation of dharma. If someone tells us to build a strong/solid house on a muddy foundation then what can we call such a person. As you can understand, this is common sense. The advantage of Sahaja yoga is – howsoever is the foundation even after the house is built, the foundation can be rectified.

The only thing required is the will to do it. Sahaja yoga is very powerful and at the same time equally loving.
That is why by using or practicing it we only will get benefitted and not it (Sahaja Yoga).

I had sent a letter for Nikkoo but possibly he wouldn’t have got it since Pramila had left her house (? shifted from her house). I had sent it on her address.

I hope that the amount your Mother (SHRIMATAJI) loves you and respects you, you will also estimate (? value) yourself accordingly.
I keep busy that is why the reply to your letter is delayed.

[Posted by: Anil Sharma]