Finchley Ashram, London (England)


1977-1030 Workshop Part 1, Finchley Ashram

Hah, Did you get cool in your hand? Raised their Kundalini? ….(affirmation from a  Sahaj yogini).. Congratulations….What about you, Did you get cool in your hand?  Yes (affirmation from the new seeker male). ..Just see.. What about you Mandy? Good good (inaudible) you and David.. come along both of you, I will work on your Agnya. Your Agnyas are caught up. Hmm (Music continues) it is morning raga? Mother we have exhausted our …(not clear) Again I will be making it to France? Now what’s wrong?  Did you get cool breeze? There there, on the left side. Feeling better Hmm. Better now, rest for a while. Keep yourself alert. But give yourself into Bandhan. All of you. (04.30)

Ha . Ha. Better now, better? (Affirmation from Sahaj yogini). Yes, absolutely 100%. Hah see. Ha ha ha ha (mother laughing) so nice all of you. there…over to you…. now you are alright. Mandy- (this is very small). That’s all right but I just vibrated you see (inaudible conversation between Mandy and Mother) 

Mandy –   I was working before in France on Friday…
Mother- The are Greek?

Mandy-  No Spanish (Not clear…..) Are you sure? If you don’t mind take it out. Rocks every Dick Tom and Harry gives. Also, with what heart you are making. You cannot sell God. Can you sell God? What could be more insulting than this? Selling God. Making money out of him. (Music Continues, whispering) Now better? See the vibrations. …..laughter…Indian restaurant, hu? Indian restaurant. Horrible. Never eat there. They have the worst record for left Nabhi. He must have had his dinner and he had some. Both of you say sorry ( to Indian Sahaja yogis, jokingly) Laughter, Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. You Know that Shaiza. Terrible. …(music continues). Mother say in Hindi. हम लोग तो नाक रगड चुके हैं. (We have pleaded them already to make better food) …. (Indian Sahaja yogini) यहाँ भी पकाते हैं बिल्कुल गंदा (They cook very bad food) (Mother) 420 Number है. (implying they are fraudsters). If they it in India they would be thrown away. They are corrupt that’s why they are here.  (Indian Sahaja yogini laughing) There they would have sort of burnt up the restaurant. Beaten up the Manager. (Music Continues) ha better, getting out This is exhausting, better now? See this is the fifth…(not clear), Left Nabhi, put his hand on the left side . First of all go and beat the restaurant. (13.37)

This one is …….you are not. That one is …… you are not, Why should you? See the left Nabhi. (Inaudible). Just imagine they are afraid of love. Did you lead any celibate life, before you are married? (Seeker – Totally, but we are not getting into it.   …(Inaudible)… You don’t believe him, did you say I am married. Don’t believe him believe yourself, because all this searching, all this is going on To say that all the blabbering about Hath Yoga is going on…. Nobody talks about Yama, To say that there should be absolute abstinence. So nobody talks about this and this is just putting the whole thing in perspective…. ( not clear) It’s very easy to clean that way  (Not Clear) , alright. (Not Clear)   That’s why you get up late. He is still very young. I don’t blame him, it’s the society’s fault. Haa. Much cooler, Huh? Much cooler.  …(Inaudible). Your Mother has hurt you, isn’t it? Now when we are hurt like that, we should resolve, but we will not do that, we never do that. It’s wrong. We have to have society, we should have families, where children can feel loved all the time (Inaudible), all the time and where children feel that parents are interested only in them and in other people, running about and all this. You see that thing hurts you completely. It’s so hurting that your mother gets so much involved in non-sensical things. And that you should never do that. That resolves, the first thing. Then for that what should we do? (Inaudible)…and have a beautiful life,( not clear)  have nice family and nice children, where they grow in all compassion and love and more  security. And when they grow up, they give love. There should such a society and such a family is necessary, and so we have to resolve ourselves. If we are not pure people, if we have carrying on with ten women, we can never have a good life. Why should you, She is used to ten men. You are going to ten Women. You can never make a good husband and wife. You can never become good parents. These habits you have developed at such a young age, they have carried on. We have seen even old men of eighty years, I find them so immature, so foolish and stupid absolutely stupid fellows there.  They have gone eighty year old now, ninety-year-old men they are ( not clear)  with legs in their grave, they are so stupid, you cannot imagine. What God must be thinking about these horrid people, why he created them,  stupid old folks I call them. (laughter) I don’t know what to say whether to laugh or to cry, the way these people are, they have wasted all their lives 80 90 years and now they are going into their grave, what is the use of such horrible people? They give news (obituary) to the newspapers. Newspapers publish it. All the people try to copy them. They are such bad models for us. But at least let us make a start.  Let us know that the joy and happiness starts in our families. Are we going to be goods parents? Are we going to be good to others? Are we going to be good children? Whatever we have suffered our children should not suffer. Isn’t it?  We have to see maximum…(Inaudible) ( 19 Mins, 41 Sec)

Baba such a bad Agnya,  (Not Clear) Buddha all these were angry. Just imagine what you have, we have a model given by Christ,  I just don’t say about adult people,  but he said you must not have even adulterous eyes! And it’s very true, I mean if you have adulterous yes you catch a very bad Agnya. What’s the use of looking at everyone? You see, it is like a man who we call a libru ( not clear) who sees everything through his lips. something like that. It shows no personality, , it shows no ( not clear), it shows no understanding, why should we waste our (inaudible) what’s the use?.. The nature is so beautiful. Even when you look at women you should see that she is the mother of some children.  It is kind of a possessive nature about women with lust, it’s not going to give you any strength, its going to sap you. You don’t know after some time, even if you don’t want to look, your eyes will be there. You cannot stop yourself. In the beginning, it will be your own movement, after some time  you will find automatically your eyes will be going out, even if you don’t want. Even if you want to concentrate, you cannot concentrate. Your eyes will be there. Anybody passing, your eyes will be there, even if you didn’t want to see.   You must watch yourself you see, such an energy is lost. Apart from that your eyes are absorbing from everyone, something. Now he is absorbing from me love, his Agnya is opening out. May be there is some devil there and he is looking at that person and absorbing something devilish also. As you can absorb good, you can absorb bad also. You can take in Nector, you can also take in poison. So you see you have no discrimination. Like you look at these all these things, moreover, however, the whole system is made in a manner, they have all these machines, they are making a lot of things, they must sell, they must sell all their weaknesses. So they are weakening the whole system.  (Not Clear). Say this Ashram, there are twenty-five people. Somebody is carrying on with another’s wife and somebody is carrying on with another’s husband. How can you do Sahaja Yoga?  (laughter) And you see for me a love letter will be coming, any problem…(inaudible)and you have a fight amongst Sahaja yogis,  and all the girls ran away from the Ashram. Even in the family, in the family they were staying in Surrey, ( Not Clear). She had three children,  children were in school or college wherever they were. She ran away with another young man, French. Her son was maybe 22. And in college and she ran away with another young man. Such a silly woman In Indian no woman can think like that. I mean see we cannot think like that, and they say you are naïve, you are not enjoying life you are not free. Is it freedom? It is enslavement completely. This is absolute enslavement I tell you, complete enslavement and this weaknesses such that you can’t see. You think, oh you have ten women around, but you don’t understand you have enslaved yourself. Without women you feel that you are lost. At the age of 45, 50 or 70  man starts trying to look younger. He is such a slave. That will happen to all of you, because you have not grown up to your age. If you grown up to your age, you stand with your age. You must mature a little bit. It’s better. And to be mature is greater than being childish. But that’s what happens. You behave like young boys of sixteen years and behaving in a way to show that you are very young.  It is so silly. What’s the use of wasting your life? Your precious life, a Human life. After how many evolutionary stages, you have become a human being. It is being wasted, in stupidity like Donkeys. Even Donkeys are not that stupid, I would say. I haven’t seen any animal being that stupid, I haven’t seen any animal. Can you name anyone? (24 Mins 47 Sec)

So, we have to mature and we have not to accept anything stupid. Gradually in Sahaja Yoga we will laugh at these things, many things happen and this silliness going on. (Not Clear). And in their norms, in the way the things that we did, the way we create atmosphere, and we condemn, say if a girl is not having a boyfriend, they condemn. Non sense! Why should you?  Why should you have a boyfriend? I don’t understand, there is no need.  Either you have a husband or you don’t have anything like that. It’s a relationship where you value utmost privacy( not clear).  It is a law of nature. It’s the sustenance of the human being. If it was not, see reason it. Everything, you are not …..(Not clear) supposing, it is not so, then why there is jealousy? Why are we jealous? Alright forget about jealousy, I am seeing people get rid of jealousy at any stage,  even if people have no conscious, still  there is jealousy (not clear) see why there are diseases? Why diseases come out of this ( not clear).  Here on the streets you will find people kissing each other, if you ask where are they going, they will say they are going for Divorce. There is a divorce case, (laughter) on the streets they will be showing their love and they are going for divorce. You decide for one person, a marriage. (26.35)

 And marriage is very big blessing. You have to understand that also. Marriage is. See now, look at him. How he feels about his mother. Why? Why, if they thinks deeply, marriage is a sanctity. It’s collective acceptance. So many people have attended the wedding, they have seen my mother, they have seen my father being married, it’s a collective acceptance and this collective acceptance has been denied, and that is something which, whatever is collective within you, is making you be( not clear), it shines. You feel little ashamed of you. It’s a fact. Why do you feel so? Because it has been collective accepted as something (not clear), even under these circumstances, I have seen people seeing a bride being very happy. Why? It is a natural thing. You see a bride, you see on the road you stop, (not clear), because she has been collectively accepted. Collectiveness is the point. You see if we are accepting something collectively, that means this collective acceptance.  It is coming to us from the collective consciousness, from the collective unconsciousness as they call it. But for you it is collective conscious, because now you are collective conscious, but for others it is the collective unconscious.  So the collective unconscious come and blesses at that time through everybody. Because all of them are there. They are all Blessed. I will tell you.  I am sitting down, I am just the same, I am just the same.  (unclear) Why? Because you are the channels. (unclear) you see when there is a Bhoot, you must have felt in the thought, tremendous vibrations, because of  so many people there. The more chitta people are there, greater amount of channels. Like when there are many lights, so  you can enlighten many lights. (unclear). It’s like that only. So it is a collective acceptance, that’s why the marriage Which is Holy, is to be done. Christ was a celibate person. He attended a wedding. He didn’t become a Sadhu, Sanyasi and went away somewhere.  Nothing. He attended a wedding. Not only that, but he saw to it that the whole thing was done very well and everybody was very well and was happy. You won’t do any harms, when husband and wife are happily married. The way a cyclone moves (not clear). You see husband and wife are nicely married. And the children are nice. You feel so happy. But will you a happy in a house where wife is (not clear) certain place I forgot. (29 Mins, 31 Sec)

It is to be understood, it’s a deeper feel. Normally people will say what’s wrong? What’s wrong is the thing that your mooladhara chakra itself catches you. Mooladhara chakra is where there is red Chakra. On that Shri Ganesha resides. It’s the same who becomes Christ later. But he is there in that place. He is the one who is looking after the protocol of the mother. If you try to do anything through the sex, its wrong, that’s why they say this happened, that thing happened. It’s very dangerous. Because of all this nonsense.  They will touch your private parts and try to do nonsensical things and they ask you to (not clear).  That’s your mother! What an insult to touch your mother that way through your  sex. It’s like that. It’s an abuse. It is the worst sin that you can do is to think like that, imagine it’s a horrid thing. That is what it is, and when they do it, they get into all these problems. They spoil.  You see they are such experts now, some more experts at Mooladhara, some are experts at Nabhi, some are experts at Vishudhhi, some are experts at Swadishthan.  And that’s how they are spoiling one by one. Somebody is spoiling someone’s Agnya, Somebody is spoiling Mooladhara, So that once you spoil them, your chakras, you can never have your self-realisation. You cannot go through another transformation. You have to become a devil. They want you to become a devil, that’s what they want. That’s what they want to achieve. (31.24)

I have to tell you all this, and you have to make yourself in such a manner to let this work of God to be accomplished. It is working you see, for example, when you are to be born immediately your mother’s breasts start giving milk. (Unclear)  Even before you are there it is there in the blood supply, even before you were born, it is already, the breasts are prepared. He looks after you in every way. These Rakshasas would have finished you if there was not God’s dominance. In his domain, it is his power that protects you. These people cut him short, they try to entice you, because of your acceptance of the evil things are getting spoilt. If you accept his domain then you will be surprised, at every moment, at every curve he’s manifesting, you’ll be amazed how he manifests, how he works it out. But you make yourself available first. Make yourself available in such a way that his power is easily manifested. His power is not wasted out. (33.07)

For example, supposing in this candle, in this wax there is water, or if the wick is half, half-finished, it cannot burn. How can you use this one? Only thing what you have to do is to make the wick all right, wax alright, he will light and in that light you will see that he works everything out. Everything whatsoever. You only do what you can do and you should thank God for his blessings that he has made you humans. You are the ones, that he has made humans. (unclear). Every moment you see and you will be surprised, how  _____(not clear),  but his sovereignty must be accepted and you should be available. For example if you are working in London, you know____, you know there are laws working. You do something wrong, you are found, you are caught, you know there is something going on. It’s not anarchy everywhere. In the same way when you enter into the Kingdom of God, every moment, he’s acting every moment. ____(not clear) But if you’re not ready for that, you are not helped. You have to make yourself available for that. For his power to work, his power, his silent power works. (34.47). (Flute Music continues)

Now, this is not only a living process, when I say it’s living process, people think a living process, for example a seed is being sprouted. Yes, that’s all for analogy, because nothing is higher than human being for me to explain so I take as an analogy a seed, I say.  But when I say seed I don’t mean your seed is the same, because you are more than a seed. You have emotions, you have a mental faculty. So, when I say it is a loving process, then you understand, that it is also the process which also makes you aware of the love that you have and your mental capacities. Supposing you are all the time with your mind, trying to create thoughts which are against righteousness, which are wrong then this will not work out. Your mind has to be surrendered mind. Mind has to be accepting his greatness, his commandments and his ideas, not your ideas, not your conceptions about him. Accepting oh Lord, ___(not clear) gives us wisdom. That humbled, mind that kind of a mind is the best. Then your heart and it’s emotions also, for the loving process it is necessary there your heart is simple. Should be clear hearted person, in the heart. In your heart all the time if you thoughts about sex or other things, but if you keeping your attention on how to be kind, how to be compassionate to your fellow men first, then you will find that it will work out faster, manifesting His love. Some people it works out fast, some people it does not. Physically also it is important. If you have harmed your body in some way, in your body there is a problem or you are sick, you are eating something wrong, then also it will not work out easily. It is such a subtle happening. (37.51)

You see as soon as he came in, he is a good SahajaYogi no doubt, he had his right Nabhi, err, his left Nabi caught. It is a very bad thing. That means before going to the restaurant, if he had seen its vibrations, even entering the restaurant he should have put a Bandhan, and he should have put a Bandhan on the fellow who brought food, and put a Bandhan on the food itself, on all that you eat, you would not have got the problem. Now it will go away, no doubt, but next time he will remember now.  As soon as he came here, he got his left Nabi caught up, he’s not sorry about it because he knows that is a mistake he made. He’s not afraid to tell it, he is not angry,  because he is not his chakras,  his attention is away from his Chakras. When you become the light, you’re not worried about the lamp. You are the light, you are seeing that. This is wrong, this wax has got here little bit water, it is not burning properly. Because you are the light, your attention is on the light and not on the lamp. (not clear).  (38.59) 

When you are in the wax, then your attention ____(not clear) . If your attention is on the self, then you are the one with collective consciousness and that’s what it is. But it does not work by giving lectures. If I give you lectures, you see this is not going to work out. No use of arguments also, nothing. See by argument also it will not work out. What am I arguing about? Nothing. It’s working out. Just working out. Only thing is if you see it working out, you should see it manifesting, along with your mind. You mind will start all kind of thoughts. I have seen. I have seen.  When you see your mind will still go on like that.  If you have an Agnya, that’s a very natural one, it will argue. How can this be? How can that be? How can this be? You say now shut up for some time.  You have seen it with your own eyes. I have had an experience. (40.16)

 For example, if I say Vishnu. What have you got in mind? His four hands with Gada, weapon, Conch and he’s standing like this and you see him. Immediately the idea of Vishnu comes. Your mind understands that Vishnu word means such and such deity, that’s all. Maybe you will listen to my lecture, maybe you will also know that he is in the Nabhi, but as far as this knowledge goes, you can get it from any book. If you read any Sanskrit book, you can get it.  All these things you will find it there, but still it is not an integrated knowledge you have. It is not a loving knowledge you have. With a loving knowledge, what happens it’s an experience. It’s an experience, for example, for the one who is suffering from the Nabi chakra, if you take Vishnu’s name, immediately it will be alright. Then you are going to believe him. That belief is integrated knowledge because it is an experience. Without experience how are you going to believe him? That’s what is combined and crowned by experience is loving knowledge. It is a knowledge which becomes your love. You cannot defy from that. Because you have seen it. You have known it. How can anyone deny it? You cannot. Because you have practised it. You have practised it. So one thing you have to do is to practise SahajaYoga. Unless until you practise it, it is not going to be come your loving knowledge. Practise it and you may see you may just settle. You will be amazed how it works, very much amazed. First of all it will be odd but you will see how Sahaja it becomes. It becomes your experience, your complete experience. __(not clear) (42.22)

 It becomes an experience with you. Once you have absolutely experienced it, you develop that knowledge, then the doubtless awareness, that is the Nirvikalpa samadhi starts. First is the thoughtless awareness. There is no thought in your mind. But to become the Nirvikalpa, the doubtless awareness. It is Big name.  What is so great about Nirvikalpa? Nothing so great if somebody can do it. Only thing is that you have to experience it. Start spending, experimenting.  First doubts will be coming definitely. First Nirvichara will come, doubts will come, how can be it be so simple? how can be it be so simple? Can be. If somebody knows the job, can be why not. You see when I was young very small, that time we could never think that human beings can go to the moon. Even today If you go and tell my grandmother, when we told her, ______(not clear), she said not possible, When we showed her these photographs she _____(not clear) will not believe it. She will say it’s a drama. She will not believe it’s true. In the same way, the time has come, if somebody who knows the job, can achieve it, but one thing is there you should cooperate, then it works out. (43.59)

Music continues

Its gone now. It’s clear now, don’t catch it now. For Agnya best thing is to put water on your thoughts, say one thought arises you say shut up now, I know where it is coming from. Then you start seeing them, actually. You see a black spot here. This is the one to be taken out. Just dry them out. Very easy to dry them out. If you just decide, this is the truth I have found out, now get out. They’re afraid of you, they’re afraid of light. (44.56)       ____(Not clear).

 ha put it to the left    {noises of door creaking music et cetera,}   Ha alright. {Noises of door clicking noises of vehicles coming from outside} (46.47)

Just see the Daag ( दाग – Means Black spot in Hindi). Just see how about your black ( spots) Is it gone now it’s gone. Still coming? (seeker yes Still coming). Alright let you go and shower. But in your mind you see you try to be more at rest, try to go to thoughtless awareness instead of fighting, go to thoughtless awareness. No need to fight just go on to thoughtless awareness.(47.22)

(A seeker asking a question) Mother in the morning when I was meditating, I saw a creative force, yes sacred.  Is it part of some plan, so in effect contraception goes against the plan the natural State?

(Shri Mataji) Correct! Absolutely correct 100 marks! You see I tell you it’s very easy to justify what you said. You said about contraception, I talked to them about this population and all that. ___(unclear, some Sahaja yogini talking to mother). (48.51)

Alright, you see the population, let’s say you have a heap of filth and dirt put together, then you will get lots of mosquitoes flies, bugs, worms everything, everything, isn’t it? You make that spot absolutely clean and you won’t get anything. Why? Because, those horrible things these parasites are not interested in a clean place. Why don’t they come there? Because they don’t like that. In the same way the world has become so filthy, that all the parasites are taking birth. Even some of them are flies as humans, some are mosquitoes, some are scorpions. In man you will find a scorpion, a Lion and a Horse and a dog and a Fox, everything put together. (Slight laughter, Clap) God knows what thing will come out when. So, so many of them are taking birth and they become, they form a major portion of our population. The worst are born in country where all kinds of licentiousness, ugliness, theft, corruption or I mean all kinds of these so-called freedom is there. Naturally, you see they will not be born in a country where these things are not appreciated. They would not like to be born. (50.41)

 All the dogs of the world maybe born in a country where there could be good dogs in human form. And you see, in the same way, all the cats who were thieving may be born in a country, where thieving is there. Like our country India, as humans. (Slight Laughter) So, all these animals are taking birth and that’s why this animal style behaviour of the society. But at the same time when there is greatest filth, Lotus is also born in the same place because that is the God’s help. Because, he puts one Lotus in the place or in that mud which blooms and enlightens the whole place, saves the whole place. So, the saints are also born. One extreme is that, there is the greatest filth and the worst possible things are born and on the other side the saints are also born. And the saints are the one who are seeking. Those who are seeking God, are all Saints, otherwise they would be seeking all the mud and the muck. But they are seeking God. They are seeking something divine. So, all the people who are seeking are the Saints. So many saints were never born on this mother earth, as they are born now and so many rogues were also never born. All the Rakshasas, all these Devils who used to be born after one thousand years or so, at least there used to be 500 years or so. But now all of them have been born now especially from the last I think thirty forty years they have been taking birth. And such great saints are born these days, you have no idea. Within 10 years you will see how many great Saints will be coming up, because they’re still young boys. Absolutely ___.   They know everything about Kundalini, they know about me and all that. Such superior class of people are taking birth. You are also saints because you are seeking. What is the definition of a Saint? A saint is the one who seeks. And the one who has sought, the one who has found it, has been blessed, is a realised soul. (53.36)

But it was also promised that only in Kaliyuga you will get this. It was promised. There was a Nala Damyanti story. Where Nala was destroyed and troubled and very much tortured by Kaliyuga.  Kali means the one who has started this horrible modern times. And his habit is to make everyone miserable. So, once with this meditation power Nala found him. His wife had departed, I mean he suffered a lot. So he found him somewhere He caught hold of him and told him that I am going to destroy you with my powers, permanently to ashes.  So Kaliyuga said alright you can do that, (telling a Sahaja yogi. Please sit down there, be comfortable alright, I am holding this in my hand, alright ) He said, I you will be destroyed and I am going to destroy you. He said, alright you destroy, but let me tell you my glory my mahatmyam, there is something about me also. Nala said, what is your glory? He said when my time comes, when Kaliyuga is there. (54.53) 

You see we have four Yugas. Satyuga, Dwapar, Treta and Kaliyuga. There are four yugas. This is the fourth Yuga. At this time when the Kaliyuga comes, that time a (long pause Shri Mataji pauses, as if to say I will be born)  a ___dic(not clear) will be born, , who will give salvation to many of these Saints who are roaming in the jungles. This he said about, even before Krishna, say ten thousand years, it was promised, even earlier than that,  earlier than Rama. So alright Kali said, these Saints who are seeking God they will achieve their realisation during Kaliyuga. And that’s how it has worked out. (55.49)

Because you see to see something in its dark condition, and its complete truth, it has to be in its extremes. So, the worst possible sins are committed, worst possible, there was never in the whole history such sins so rampant. Some sins used to do, few people used to do, public used to denounce, but here publicly it is being accepted. People are fighting for non-sensical things. See all this is happening in the modern times, when the Saints are also born. They want to seek God. Alright, what these people(devils) decide, they spoil the saints, as soon as they are born, they are hit. For example, this boy who came in the other day, what’s his name? Alex. Alex is one boy, who was really a saint boy. He was hit at the ___(not clear). Her son was a  real saint who was born. He has a real ardent desire to see God and he was hit. I mean all of you were hit by some way or the other. Then who remained whatsoever, then these gurus came in and the spoiled your Agnya, mooladhara, every chakra they have spoiled. That’s how they have managed. (57.09)

Now, to gather all the Saints it is so difficult. They are so misidentified. If you talk to them about anything, suddenly they will get up. We are not__(not clear) don’t talk about celibacy.  We had some boys with us before, young boys in Ashram, very young 16 or 18, when I told them that at this age you cannot go for sex or get married.  At the age of thirteen years a girl went for ____ and she said no mother I can’t.  Imagine at the innocent age of thirteen. And then she couldn’t continue Sahaja yoga. What a shame. What a shame. All her lives she has worked so hard. Because her mother gave her a pill at the age of thirteen years. Her mother did not want to take the responsibility.  That you can have it. So, it started. Even now if you can stop it, even now if you can put your attention, you will learn. You have been seeking for ages. You are not going to be satisfied. You have to find it. You have to find it.  You will be most unhappy person, if you do not follow it. You have to do this only. Nothing you will be seeking. This is what you are. You will not be satisfied with anything superficial. Today you will go to some Guru, after 10 years you will come back, after 10 years you will come back all spoiled. This is what you must ask. Because this is what reality is. Of course, there are desires, there are things within you, they will all be fulfilled but in a sanctified manner. It should be in a sanctified manner. Then you will enjoy. Supposing you are a thief and you have a lot of money. You cannot enjoy.  But if you earn with your sanctity, even Say Ten pounds, it’s worth something. You will really enjoy it without any guilt, without any stigma about it. That’s what it is. You have to give up whatever is there sin, whatever sin is it to the extremes. It causes Death if you go to extremes. Be in the centre. I never say sex is not good for you, it is, but it ___(not clear). You get married, get a wife, you enjoy. Then you will enjoy a wife. What’s the use enjoying sex with say five women_(not clear).   After some time at a very young age people, I have met in America people becoming impotent. Most shocking ans surprising . In India I have disciples, who are 95 years, still being are potent. They are not impotent.  Absolutely fine. How have they managed. Because they are in the centre. If you to the extremes, you get destroyed. You become impotent, because that is something you’re going against your sustenance against the Nabhi. Ten Nabhis. Nabhi is the sustenance of human being.  If you spoil this ten things then what happens is you become a ______(not clear). You are seeking. You are like a vessel of Gold, there is no mixture in it. You were born like that. A little bit spoiled, burnt that can be cured, but look after yourselves. Feel your own dignity, glory then fill it up with that nectar and enjoy. That’s what the God wants. He wants you to enjoy his creation. Absolutely enjoy, that’s what he wants to give. And not to fritter away your sensitivities to all these non-sensical things.