Finchley Ashram, London (England)

Workshop (partially transcribed)

All the, prostate gland and all these things are involved, the whole nervous system is ruined by this kind of overactivity. I mean, are you nothing but a sex-point? We must respect our personality. We are not only sex-point, I mean, even animals are not that, how can we only be a sex-point? But that doesn’t mean that you should become like those people – that you can’t look at women. Why can’t you? You can look at women if you are that clear in your eyes, you should. Everyone will look, you see, will never feel like that way about you, not at all. But your eyes are not clear, you see. They are dissatisfied eyes, they are adulterous, that’s why they are not satisfied with one person; from one to another they are moving. What mistakes your parents have done — you are not going to do those mistakes, or do you? Or your grandparents have done. It spawns everywhere; the whole society is based, the whole society is based on one small point, is how far you understand sex and its sanctity.
See we all are sitting down as brothers and sisters, everybody knowing who is whose husband, whose wife it is. Supposing tomorrow an idea comes into someone’s head that, alright I have a nice time with somebody’s wife or somebody’s husband — the whole society will [inaudible]. And if it were not wrong, then why do you get diseases with that? Russians are better.
[Yogi: but they’re alcoholics]
That’s the thing, you see. They have not seen to the alcoholic or a compensation. They and China both are competing in alcohol, I think. Competing, both! Now, how can you justify alcohol I can’t understand. You see it every day. What is alcohol? Russians [inaudible]You see on the points of confusion, your… [recording break]

Why do you come to me? What are you seeking? First, understand yourself. Then, second point should be what we should expect as a seeker? What should we get? Even the psychologists are talking about collective unconscious and collective consciousness, alright? All the big sages have talked about it, all the prophets, all the incarnations have talked about it. Did Krishna say that you stand on your head or do all this [inaudible]? Did Rama say so? Did they discuss sex anywhere anytime? Christ also. Any one of them have said it? Then who are these new great people who have come suddenly, from where, collecting all our money? You see, responsibility on the modern people and younger people is much higher than on the older generation, because they were the people who faced war, they were tortured by war, and naturally, they were nervous people, they were not so normal. But you are saints and you are born under conditions which are not that abnormal, so you have a double advantage. Only what you have to do is to connect yourself with the right understanding, right understanding of the problem.
What are you expecting out of your spiritual search? Now to say that everybody must get God’s realization is too much! If you read Patanjali, you will be surprised how many years, how many lives he has described one has to take even to raise the Kundalini, and is an impossibility.
So if you see somebody’s Kundalini rising, then you have to accept. First, of course, Sahaja Yoga – it helps you, it takes your Kundalini up, it touches the right points, makes you feel aware of this, you get separated, alright. That happening takes place. But then again the mixture starts coming up. Now, if you are not careful at this time, what happens, you can be again mixed up. But now you will go down much more, because the more you rise, the more you go down.
So one has to be very careful at this point, to see for yourself — [inaudible], I did touch a point, there was something [inaudible], now why am I not there, what is the reason, why have I lost that height, was there some weight attached to me that I have come down, what is that weight? First of all, the confusion – what is it about? You will be amazed, if you rationalize it, you will understand that you are just playing on to words. You are seeking. Now here, there is no business going on, nothing. I cannot just say that – David you are alright – when you are not. When you have a problem, everybody says that he has a problem. Everyone says. There is nothing against you these people have. When they have a problem, they also know they have a problem. But you must try to help yourself, and do not confuse yourself to that extent, to that extent, that you completely get lost. See, you can get lost. I must tell you, you have to be very careful. We have had some people who were lost to us. Of course, they have not forgotten us though, they write to us. For Ivan is, today, of all the Sahaja Yogis, just think [it?]. He was a doctor with [RCG?]. He asked questions after questions and all. But he got realization. And today, he’s sending me a Diwali, after so many years [inaudible]. Nobody forgets me – that I know, because the Kundalini still works it. But God has one aspect — which one should not forget, no country should forget it, no human being should forget, that he punishes you. You cannot get away with [that]. He will give you one chance, two chances, ten chances but then he punishes you. Be careful. He does punish you. Punishment is a part of [inaudible]. You cannot get [away?]. Punishment is, every minute if you see — if you smoke, you get cancer; if you look at women, your eyes become unstable, you have to wear glasses much faster, you may develop some sort of a trouble in the eyes, or may be your attention becomes very much shifty; if you drink, you get a bad liver; if you take drugs, you get [spoilt?]; any habit you take to, you become enslaved or you become a slave of that. You see, nature is every minute punishing you and keeping you in the center, every minute! Say now, for example, somebody says, what does it matter, I can go away, I can do whatever I like — nobody can live like that. You leave your children, say, and go away, run away with some other man, will [inaudible]. You leave your husband, go away, or your wife, it comes back to you as a punishment, there is a punishment which is an aspect of God, which works after some time. It gives you a chance, quite a lot of chances, and the worst punishment is spoiling your chakras. If by wrong methods by which you have gone, you have been punished, it is more necessary that you come back to the center and achieve your goal. Much more working is needed for such people. I am telling you [specially?]. But God should have patience for you, because, you see, the another side of it is, I told you, is punishment. And what is the worst punishment than to be dropped out of Sahaja Yoga; I cannot think of any other punishment worse than that. Cannot. [inaudible]. Because what is left then? There is no other part, there is no other way out, there is no other way out. This is the way one has to get in, there his no other way, I promise [?]. I am not saying it in any ego or anything, but that’s a fact. A door that stands and says “this is the wrong way in” is not egoistical but, because that’s a fact; it sounds egoistical, but that’s a fact, and one has to say that. When Christ said “I am the light, I am the path” – was he egoistical? No. Because what he said, it was a fact. It was the truth. He was the light and he was the path, no doubt. I don’t say that bluntly what I am, but you find out yourself. And don’t commit more mistakes. As it is, too many mistakes happened. All your group has been to that horrible, that Mahesha [referring to Mahesh yogi], and then another is this one; 2 horrible things you have got. Say, like, from frying pan to fire, after that, I am pouring my water on you, at least keep steady, keep steady, receive it, alright? Try to receive it. What they depended on? Did they look after you? Nothing. I have to work very hard. Ask Gordon how much I have worked on you; hours together, day-in and day-out I have worked on all of them, they know that. And you know how terrible it is, they know. They run away, “Oh God, it is boring”, that! I have been doing; they are having relay races, but I am running a marathon – not here, all over the world, you see.
Now, just to help me, because it’s helping me – you are part and parcel of my being – so when you are alright, you help me. Try to do like [that?], tell your mind — now it has been too much, now will you please shut up for a while and let me take to this and achieve what I have been seeking all my lives. Alright? Be patient about it. You see, they even mock at things, I have seen. They’ll come inside and make you mock at things and laugh at it, but this is just a way you escape, you see. I have seen some idiotic people come in to my programs, [inaudible], especially in India, if they were smiling or laughing, people would ask them, they would say they were coming from the lunatic asylum. You see, they would be the first to laugh at Sahaja Yoga, and some would shout also, and they would be direct from the lunatic asylum. Imagine. What do you say to that? Can you imagine what a [tallying?] it was. Thank God, we are not getting any lunatics here, otherwise it would have been better to tally, and then people feel, uh, surprised how we are like. Now what do you say about that, in vibrations?

[Recording break]

When we feel strong, negative can’t [enter?].
Some girls were nice and innocent, but some of those they brought later on, they [inaudible]. Both the hands were burning as if they had cancer. Both the hands burning. And I was trying to give them, you see, this then. My husband said, “I must say your patience and your aspirations are great. These women are models, how do you expect them to [inaudible]”.

[Recording break]

… need to pay more attention individually.
[Yogi: In his interview Sadat said Biegun recommended by 3 people – 3 presidents: first was President Carter, second was President Koshescu from Romania and third one was the president of Israel himself!]
Just imagine. And you cannot imagine this, because Israel is, also the president does not know how to explain to his people that this negotiation is possible, so they are working out among themselves; you see, that you come, you come (in Marathi: tu mala baghaya तू मला बघाया), what is it, you call me something and I will call you the same? [Yogi suggests the idiom “you scratch my back I will scratch yours”]
[Yogis converse]
I am going to India now – on our way back I am going to India. From Egypt how far is Algeria?
[Yogis converse]
40,000 miles!? [Yogi says 1000 miles].
1000 miles? [Yogi says something]
By plane, how much it is?
[Yogis converse]
[Inaudible] do it, why not? At least on my way back, I can [Yogis speak]. From there, there is a direct plane to London?
[Yogi: 2 hours 20 minutes, I don’t know, 2 hours…] From
London to Algeria? You mean from here to Egypt is how many hours?
[Yogi: it should be longer, 3.5 to 4 hours,…]
This is in-between
[Yogi: Not in-between, it’s in a triangle, you know …]
We can do, I will talk to him, at least I can come [inaudible] is a good idea. [inaudible] only 1 hours journey, you think so? Well at Delhi, from Bombay to Delhi – that’s it.
[Yogi: I think it’s 2 hours, more than 2 hours,…]

We have so many brothers and sisters, apart from me, good. You will now feel the oneness of Paris of all these people that are around, isn’t it?
[Yogi says something]
… will feel lost in that case, I mean. You know I never told you that you give up your friends or anything, never. Did I say? Never. On the contrary, I wanted you to go and meet them, but you come back. But you cannot enjoy them anymore, want to run away. What is there to talk about? The level has changed so much, just see that. The level has changed, absolutely. [Yogi talks and laughs]. I feel so fed up sometimes. [Yogi says “how much money I can get”, laughs]. “What is your pay?”, “When are you going to get your promotion?”, [Yogi says something]. I mean, there’s no change of course. Once in a while is alright, but every time every moment if that is that, and nothing beyond, you cannot just enjoy that life. Your whole [theme?] is different now.
[Inaudible] I don’t think Pat will be coming today because [he’s gone for his work?] What training is he doing? [Yogi: Selling]. Selling training. Selling the bread. [Yogi asks another yogi: are you working in a bread department?] For you,…
Now you are looking normal, isn’t it? How do you feel? Do you still feel weak? [conversation with a yogi, recording not very clear]. Left hand! So, sugar you are taking or not? [Yogi: I’m taking sugar, yeah]. Milk? [Yogi: I don’t take much milk]. Milk you can take, the other milk you get, skimmed milk. [Yogi: I take maybe 2 or 3 pints a week]. Hmm, no-no milk you can take, skimmed, any amount you like. Because, you see, as long as you do not burden your liver too much, it’s alright. Because you have both the problems – left and right both. [Yogi says something] Atta? Chapatis? [Yogi: yes]. Is alright, I mean you have to take some carbohydrates, you should not be that rich also, an extreme sort of a thing that only proteins, absolutely proteins is not a good; you must take sometimes something. [Yogi: hmm]. That, you should not do. [inaudible] [Yogi: I eat good breakfast] With wheat? What do you have with breakfast? [Yogi: Well, recently, I’ve been making [inaudible]]. [Inaudible]. You have told me more than sufficient. What is this? Why should [inaudible]. Alright. So, may God bless you.

You know; you will eat some rice? Today I saw this in a shop, not today, yesterday [inaudible].
May God bless you.
[Yogi: they’re less expensive than this art]
This type of art? There is no art in this. You see, just whatever is available. This is art!? There’s no art.

Beautiful. [inaudible].
They’re still carrying on with handicrafts here. Thanks that we are not so much overdeveloped that all handicrafts are lost. Hmm. And then this small little thing just having a [inaudible] Oh I see ! Oh I see! Pull it down like that, and then you pull this thing [Yogis laugh with delight] This is… all delicacies were added by muslims Mohammad sahib [inaudible]