The history of Tantrism

Caxton Hall, London (England)

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Tantrism, public program, Caxton Hall, London (UK), 21 November 1977.

My dear seekers,
I’m thankful to Gavin Brown that he has been able to sum up some of the things I’ve said before and I don’t have to go into all the details of what I told you last time. Some of you have come for the first time here. [Tape interrupted].
As he said, Tantra means the technique, it’s a technique. And Yantra, in Sanskrit language, means the mechanism. So, the technique of the mechanism.
Now what is this mechanism we are talking about? Is there any mechanism outside or inside of us? Or is it worked through some subtle method? All these questions should come to our mind if you are seeking and if you are seeker.

But I think that in the West people though are very much developed materially, they have sorted out many material questions and problems, they are very well equipped, but as far as the spiritual life is concerned, still, they are very naive.

Though they had such a great personality like Christ to follow, and what a model it was! But maybe because of an organized religion perhaps, it was not possible for people who were seeking truly to penetrate into it through meditative methods.
So, this Tantra or the technique which works out our Self-realization is to be known, to be understood fully. And the Yantra that works out, you have already got. I’m thankful to Patrick who has made a beautiful sketch of that Yantra which is within you. It’s the instrument which is within you. But when we think of an instrument with our human mind, we cannot think of an instrument which is a living instrument. It is beyond our conception to understand a living machine. This one is a living instrument within you.

When we see a tree sprouting out of a small little seed, working out its blossoming one has to know that there must be some technique or some mechanism that works out this beautiful tree to grow. And when we evolved from amoeba to this stage, we have to see there must be some mechanism which thinks, understands, organizes, loves, which has brought about this human stage from that amoeba stage.
In ancient India, long time, people had lots of time. They went into themselves, into their being, through meditative understanding. They had a glimpse of this mechanism and they talked about it and wrote about it and that’s how this Yantra, the mechanism, and the Tantra, the manoeuvring of it, the technique of it, came into being. But it was a secret science. It was a very secret science and it was kept hidden from the general public.

It was used by very few great masters who lived in the jungles, had one or two disciples, worked on them for years together and taught them about the technique of the Divine. They had to leave everything, their family, everyone, live with the Guru, lead a completely celibate life and bring about a complete transformation under the guidance of their loving Gurus. This was in ancient times.
And what did they achieved and what did they have? It’s all written in our scriptures. What do you expect out of Self-realization is written in the Bible, in the Koran, in the Torah and also in all the Indian philosophy.
Only because we [inaudible] that in some of these scriptures, it is written in a very secretive manner, under some words that, “I will appear before you as tongues of flames.” Now nobody’d know what ‘tongues of flames’ is. There are so many sentences which you can find out now when you go and read which nobody can explain unless and until they have had an experience of Kundalini.
This is the Yantra, the mechanism, is the Kundalini, is a living force within you. It exists, it is there, it’s placed for your Realization, for your jumping into another awareness which is promised to you through various scriptures, through various incarnations. It is within you. Nobody told you lies. There is nothing but truth written in these books. But it was to be guarded. It was to be made into secret because people would have used it for their purposes. And they have despite all efforts.

First, I would like to speak about Self-realization because that is blissful and then I’ll tell you about the so-called tantrism. I have to talk about it though I have told about these things in the previous lecture because there are many that have been cheated.

I have now shown here all these centers and all the mechanism that is within us. They have also given you a picture of that, I have told you which are the deities sitting on all these different Chakras, as we call the centers, which have incarnated on this earth, have built up our being one by one gradually in different evolutionary processes and how we have become human beings, this I have told you last time.

This is the Yantra and the mechanism that is this Yantra, Kundalini, is a holy mechanism. And this mechanism is specially created within the being of the God’s Man, of the God’s Being, the Macrocosm and we are the cells – all of us – in that. We were made aware as fishes of the soil, we became reptiles. We were made aware of the food available at the heights, we raised our head. Gradually we became human beings.

After this state we started thinking of God. We started thinking on something beyond. Man is the only animal who thinks of God and of searching it. Is the man aware that he has to become something? Why is he so confused? Why is he under so tension? What did he search?
He is searching something of which he has a glimpse – a glimpse of that joy he gets it and that joy comes from his Self – Atma – in his heart. He has not felt it, he has not been able to manifest the power of his Self. But there is a mechanism placed within him, properly built up inside, all the time present in all the human beings just like this as it is placed in the God’s Being. In His image, it is also placed within you.

As I said last time that you are all built to be just like computers. Now the job is to put you to the mains. That’s why you are seeking. That’s the only urge you have in life. All other urges are actually the side issues. You think you are searching in money, in position is a myth. Those who have money are dissatisfied, those who have positions are dissatisfied, everybody is dissatisfied. The satisfaction can only come to you when you will reach the real thing which you are searching. And the real thing is your Self and nothing else. All other things are useless because you are not searching anything else, you are only searching your Self and that Self is the reflection of God Almighty. That is within your heart.
Now the mechanism that is placed within you is this beautiful thing inside which is placed inside your spinal cord and not outside. Except for the last chakra [Mooladhara] which is in the red colour that is outside, in the prostate. And this is a very, very important chakra which controls the cervical plexus within us, I’m sorry, the pelvic plexus within us. It is very important because it is very sensitive and also it is very delicate because it is placed outside the spinal cord.
This mechanism that is placed outside the spinal cord, down below there, is the most important chakra and was created first. When the creation started this was the first thing that was created. And what does it emit? Holiness, innocence. It emits innocence. And the deity sitting on this, is the embodiment of innocence.

This deity was created in another dimension and he is, you have seen there, is Shri Ganesha. This is the image of Shri Ganesha that was created at that stage. And what does it represent? It’s the stage between the animal and the man and the head is that of the animal showing that an animal does not have any ego, that the man is different from an animal, that the animal is innocent, he doesn’t know what is sin, that’s why he is innocent. Because you know what is sin that’s why ‘you’ are innocent but you can become define, [unsure] contaminated. He is innocence personified. He said it. And He incarnates too on this earth. He incarnated as Jesus Christ, Lord Jesus Christ. He took His form as Lord Jesus-Christ and because He is innocent, He’s made of that essence of divine nature of God that we call as Paramatma [unsure], the highest essence of God. And that’s why His body is also made out of that and that is the reason He could resurrect it.

By reading Bible, which was written by disciples of Christ, how far can you go to understand Him? Because He was created beyond your thoughts, beyond your mind, in an unlimited Unconscious. And how can you, with your limited mind, understand Him or copy Him? It is said that, “Even Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh cannot reach Him. He is so pure”. He is purity. He is innocence and He exists at that point and it is He at every point, every chakra He bestows upon you the blessings of innocence. Innocence was the first thing created on this Earth.
Before creating anything else it was innocence all everywhere. And He bestows that innocence by which you get your Self-realization.

On the left-hand side of this mechanism there are seven strata. On the right-hand side there are seven strata, down below there are seven strata and on top there are seven strata. What are these strata and what do they reach in you?
The left-hand side chakras, the left-hand side channel which is called as Ida channel represents the subconscious, the subconscious mind within you. You listen to Me through your conscious mind and put it back into the subconscious mind. All your experiences go into the subconscious. That is the limit of your subconscious of present here. Beyond that goes, is your subconscious of previous lives and beyond that goes, is the collective subconscious.

When you listen to Me you have got a conscious mind which receives it at this moment and there is a pre-conscious mind which takes it to the subconscious. This pre-conscious mind is on the right-hand side. This also has got seven strata on this side. Just now the pre-conscious mind is the future that you are thinking about. Beyond that is the supra-conscious mind, means all the ideas about future you have had before, many lives before. Those ideas are there. And beyond that is the collective supra-conscious mind.
So, on the left-hand side you have sub-conscious and the collective sub-conscious; on the right-hand side: supra-conscious and the collective supra-conscious mind.
Down below are the seven strata of Hell. H.E.L.L. Sometimes the words are so small that it doesn’t register in your mind. If I say ‘Supra-conscious’, then people say, “Ah! Mataji has said ‘supra-conscious’.” But ‘Hell’, and Hell is a truth. It exists within us! It is there. And there are seven strata of that also.

Conscious mind also has got seven strata which are built in within us through our different evolutionary processes. And these are the seven strata which are placed here of the conscious mind and then you go on top of the head into Super-conscious mind, which is the subtle mind, is the eternal mind, the Unconscious in which you have to move in seven strata. You say, “Mataji it’s too much!” But it’s not. You are already built-in for that.
For example, if I tell this light, “You have to get enlightened and cover the whole hall”, it will say, “Oh! It’s too much.” No, it is built like that. You have to just press the button. It opens and works because it is built that way, has been organized that way, is placed that way, that it works.

When we face things that we think difficult, we think we have to do it and that’s why you are worried, you don’t have to worry: it’s already done! And it will be done also by the One who is organizing it. Only thing what you have to do, is to witness. The One who has created this universe, where you there? The One who has created all the greenery then human being where you there? He is the One who is going to do this for you and the time has come, as Gavin has said it beautifully, that the blossom time has come and it will work out with you.
But it surprises Me, you know, human beings sometimes I cannot understand. When I told them that, “It is going to work out” they said, “How can it be? It has to be difficult”. Before even starting about it, must you sit down with this idea on your head, “Oh! It’s going to be very difficult”. I say, “It is the easiest and the simplest thing. Being so important it cannot be difficult”. Anything important like your breathing, if it becomes difficult and if you have to read about breathing, “How am I to breathe?” Now you go into books and see, “Now, you have to do like this”. By the time you take the book, you are out.

If you have to read about your Self-realization then God saves the Self-realization and God saves you. It’s your right that you are going to get your Self-realization. I’m not pampering your ego. But that’s how you have been made. Even your ego, which you are condemning every morning and evening, was an essential part of the seeking. Only you the human beings have evolved the ego to know something on their own.

So, this mechanism was made specially in such a manner that through your ego and your superego you have become an ‘I’ personality. Like people say, “This is Mister Kumar. This is X, this is Y”. You become a separate identity from that big, vast personality of which you are just as that. And the consciousness of that comes to you, that you are a separate identity and you have to see the oneness with that. And that is what is Self-realization. Nothing else!
That you become that. Not what you do, but it’s the becoming of that. Like you say, a seed becomes a flower. It becomes a flower. You don’t – the seed doesn’t go and read a book, “Oh! I know what it is”. Or it doesn’t listen to any lecture of Mataji or anything, it just becomes a flower. In the same way, you have to become that. And not to just to be brain-washed or to be done something else which I will tell you later, how per misuse you can do, in the name of Self-realization. [Shri Mataji laughs.] So many of them are aware of it. So, they know that.
Now what happens you can know it, what is the mechanism, how it works out, let us see the positive side of it. And then I will tell you the negative side.

There is a Kundalini placed in that triangular bone there, you can see it pulsate. We have a doctor here he will say that, “Yes, he has seen it”. You can see the pulsation of the Kundalini very clearly. You can see the rising of the Kundalini very clearly with your naked eyes. You can also feel it coming up. It comes. How it comes? How it works out? It’s another detailed program which I may be able to tell you later on or I have already told quite a lot about it.
This comes up – the Kundalini – and pierces your fontanel bone, pierces! What is this Kundalini? It is a residual force within you. Is awareness which understands, thinks, loves and organizes, it’s an energy.

Now we cannot think, human beings cannot think of an energy that can think, love, organize. We cannot. This is the energy that comes up, you can see the pulsation. You can see the bringing of it with your naked eye, that’s wat you can believe. It comes up and pierces your fontanel bone and you can feel the baptism that you become like a child because your fontanel bone becomes very soft. I mean, but that doesn’t mean that if you have a soft bone here, that doesn’t mean that you are a Self-realized person. No. When you enter not on left side or right-hand side but when you enter onto the top, onto the first strata of the Super-consciousness, then what happens? First thing that should happen to you, is that you become one with the Collective Being. “You become”, again I say. It is not lecturing, “We are all brothers and sisters. There should be no racism”. All this is lecturing. I’m not saying lecturing. It becomes. How?
When this thing enters through this into that subtle form, you start feeling from your hands a cool breeze flowing. This is described in our scriptures. If you read even Christ has said, “Something passed out of My body when somebody touched Me”. [Luke 8.46]

But in our scriptures, it’s given very, very clearly. Here, in some of them, for example, I would say Shankara. Shankaracharya described that as Saundarya Lahari. He called it as Saundarya Lahari’s force somewhere else. He called them vibrations. Everybody, people are talking of vibrations but they don’t know what they’re talking.
These vibrations that flow from your hand are cool vibrations and also, they understand, they think and heal other people. When you put your hand towards another person, you start suddenly getting a burning here. Left-hand side burning on this finger is the Vishuddhi chakra, is this one. Now, if you know the deity who is there, and if you take the name of that particular deity who is sitting here, if you know and if you are a Realized soul, then only. If you are not Realized you have no authority. You have no authority to take to any mantra unless and until you are a Realized soul.

Supposing I give you some mantra. You must know it is a misleading, because whatever is said, whatever is the center in danger or in trouble, you must get that one. The one who is not a Realized soul cannot make out what is the problem, where is the problem. And the one who is not Realized, if he is given the mantra, his mantra has no authority. Like, if I want to go and see the Queen, I must take a permission. I must have some connection with her. I should be able to go and meet her. But if I go and meet her straight and say, “Oh! Queen, come along”.

The way we call God sometimes is most surprising. You wouldn’t even call any servant like that the way we call Him, “God, come along! Do this. This is my problem. What are you doing for me?”
“I have faith in God” as if we have, sort of, we are getting obligations. As if He is obliged to us, “Oh! I have faith in God, Mother, then why did he miss it? ” Who has faith? I mean, He exists. He’s an eternal being. If you have faith in that, you are ready for fight, not ‘He’. You cannot add to His Dom [unsure].
Any mantra is given to you just by any Dick, Tom and Harry. Anyone coming, “I’ll give you a mantra”. I mean to tell you about them later on. All those mantras that are said are for the deities, were done by these Gurus as I told you in ancient times for very few people. They used to raise the Kundalini very gradually. They used to take it from their seat which is the Mooladhara – not the Mooladhara chakra – from that triangular bone and they used to raise it one by one.
For seven years, it used to hang into one center then they would give one mantra, “All right, now, go on with it! Work it out! Cleanse it! Do it! ” Then again, another chakra. Then again, another chakra. All right. It has been done like that: very slow process.

As in India, you see, they said that when they had to go to Kashi or Benares, they used to sell out their houses, everything. And they knew that they may never return. Or even if they go, they might take so many years to reach Benares that by that time they will be absolutely old people and they would not have energy to return. Now, if you have to go to Benares, only thing what you can do is to go from here to Delhi and take a plane and go directly.
So that time is over and Kundalini now can be worked out just like that, because the time has come for you to get it.

There were never so many seekers in the world before I can tell you this. Only people who existed in the name of religion were Orthodox, Arabic, horrible people who crucified Christ, who killed Muhammad Sahib, who tortured Dnyaneshwara, who tortured Kabira, who tortured of all the things, Shankaracharya. Buddha, Mahavira, you read anyone of them. All these horrid people in the name of religion tortured. And today now, we have got these satanic people coming out of that Hell. They have suffered there, you see, they were punished and after their punishment they are coming out with a double force with a new subtler method of befooling you people.

In Self-realization you get bliss, complete bliss, tranquillity, the Collective Consciousness and you can manoeuvre this power yourself. It is ‘your’ power that is manifested and nobody else’s but you. As you have been to all these satanic people – most of you have been. Last time I saw that and when I told them, you see, they tried. As I’m working very hard, you know, I’m working very hard. But some of them have really spoiled their path of Sushumna, the central path. So badly they have spoiled it, that unless and until they give up all that, it’s not going to work out.
If you are truly seeking, I’m there to work for you. You don’t have to pay any money for it. No, never think of that because this is divine and divine cannot be sold in the market.

First thing that should come into your head as Christians specially that Christ has taken a hunter in his hand and started beating those people. That’s the only time He really lost his temper on them when they were selling the religion. And today all of them are selling it and you very, very humbly go and bow.
All kinds of these beggars and parasites have come in this country and all over the Western countries. They are nothing but beggars take it from me. Worse than beggars they are the worst culprits.
So, this is what Self-realization is and in Self-realization you get all the blessings of God, gradually you go into thoughtless awareness and then into doubtless awareness which we call Nirvikalpa and then into Self-realization completely. In that we have some people in India – they have met them – who are completely Self-realized and who, sitting down there, can work out the Kundalini of other people. They are living in the family. They have got their children. They have got their grand-children. And they are working it out.

You don’t have to run away from that, no extremes are needed, nothing. It is ‘within you’ and ‘within you’ it is going to work out. These outside things and these extreme things are not needed. Just be normal people. God has created this world for you to enjoy! It is for your enjoyment. It is his blessings that you have to feel through Self-realization. When the light of the Self flows in, you see the joy pouring. You see it pouring from your head downwards and you are just drenched. All your tensions go. All your problems go away.
The ego and superego which he has shown here, as the black and the yellow, both of them open up and you see they’re going down. It happens. There is an imbalance, there is a – some sort of a – hurt in you. Sometimes I can say there could a very great wound into you, could be there are some spies sitting in you, could be that you are possessed without knowing that you are possessed.

You don’t know how these people have manoeuvred and I hope I will be able to tell you now how they have manoeuvred and what sort of horrid people they are. I think I should take off my shoes perhaps.

Works out better.

So, about these horrid people now.

In India, since long, if you say the origin of so-called tantrism which is just the opposition of real tantra which is Sahaja Yoga, of the genuine tantra. If tantrism is to be considered as a genuine stuff, then it is Sahaja Yoga.
But this tantrism, this so-called – came into being in our country since long. Ancient times when these Gurus were having those few disciples with them, three, four disciples were taken with great difficulty. But they were, after all, human beings. They used to be competition with them. And Guru would accept only one out of them or two out of them, would take them a little ahead and would then leave them out saying that, “No. We cannot treat you anymore. You cannot be helped. You’d better go away”.

Such a useless, half-baked person would come down to the public and would start a method by which he would put up a show against these fools. This is the beginning, I would say. So, he would now sit down and meditate.
Still, you know, as a Mother, I don’t want to condemn all of them. I will give them a benefit of doubt and the benefit of doubt is this: that when they were concentrating, they tried to leak into their Mooladhara chakra, which you cannot enter in, which is below the Kundalini. This Mooladhara chakra controls the sex. Why? Because it is innocent. It’s a child and the child doesn’t understand sex that’s why it is not contaminated by it. It is like a lotus coming out of the mud of sex.

In that lotus sits Shri Ganesha. These people tried to peep into that thinking that through sex, they might be able to see him. And they might have seen – this is my own way of putting it – not him completely but his trunk as you see it. And they might have confused it – still I say – that trunk to be the Kundalini.
When I tried to understand human beings, I thought this may have been. Because how could man be just entering into hell directly with all understanding? It’s too much to Me. So, by mistake maybe, that they saw this. All right?

So, first the Tantrikas came in. Tantrikas were the first. Then we have Tantrikas – basically I’m telling you- these evil geniuses are. In the fact, you see, you cannot divide them into all details, but you can give a basic broad outline about them.

The Tantrikas. Tantrikas are the people who use sex for so-called Self-realization. Mantrikas are the people who use mantras for so-called Self-realization.
Then there are Chandadikas [unsure] who use evil geniuses to be introduced as evil spirits into human beings – called as Chandadikas. Then Pishachikas are the people who used supraconscious devils into human beings. They are over dynamic, over ambitious sort of people. We have got Abhogis [unsure] who taught them to put, say, they can put a, put a dagger into their hands, you see, Abhogis. Then we have got [Begeals?] [Begeals?] are the people who can do horrible, horrible gestures, you see, they can pull their stomach in, push it here, push it there, all sorts of things they do. And we have also Sexo-yogis. Minimum. I have categorized them as that. But I don’t know how many styles of things there are. Because when it comes to evil they come and prosper like this. Viruses they are. And they know how to hit you off. They themselves are destroying, they cannot see you constructing. They cannot see you evolve. That is one of the basic reasons where they are out as all these.

So, these Tantrikas first started their job. In the Rama’s time, say about twelve thousand years back, there was a Yajna, a kind of ceremony known as Ashvamedha. It’s written in the books about that. Even that, the books, the scriptures they ruined by saying that Ashvamedha, there was nothing else but a sex act. The Shakti and Shiva, which is God who is innocent and his Power is the Shakti,  like light and the lamp or the sun and the sunlight. There also, they introduced the symbol of sex.

This happened in the sixth century. It was at its heights, tantrism in our country, a complete belt was taken. Say, it started from Konark, it goes to Khajuraho. So much so they were influenced people, that all other scriptures were thrown into the rivers and tantrism became the scripture of Hinduism [unsure].
Thank God, by organized religion at least, you would not allow people to tempt too much with that, thought it was, but not so much. It would help. There is so much freedom, that licentiousness to do whatever you please with that scripture, to – can you imagine? From the scriptures, they started spoiling in the sixth century.

Now what was the historical background for that? That was the best time, best breeding time of these horrible people. Because at that time, as you too had very extreme type of orthodox people- Jainism, now we have a sect of people called as Jainism. Now, horrid. I mean, all of them are, but one of them, horrid things I can tell you – that they believe in vegetarianism to such an extent! It’s a horrid thing to tell you because I’ve already told Gavin. And for the first time, I’ll be shameless to tell these people, that they do not want to destroy even the insects that are in the filth. To them an insect [cut in the audio]
So that lots of bugs can bite him and take out his blood and they pay him lot of money. Is a fact, even today they do sometimes in the villages. They think it’s the greatest punya, is the greatest –
Shri Mataji [aside]: What you say that punya it means?
Sahaja Yogi: Hu?
Shri Mataji: It’s a good deed, you see, a religious deed, is to make a man get inside a hut and bugs must come and they take the blood. So, these Jains – so-called vegetarians, horrid – they were the ministers you know. Some way or other they became ministers. So.
And the Maharajas – you know the word ‘raja’, that’s the king – were the Hindus. And Hindus, as usual, are very indifferent to religion. Whatever one may say about India, I agree it is a very great country, and all that. But Hindus these days were even worse because now, they have all become English, you see. With English education all of them have become English, Westernized. They don’t think we have anything in our country.

So, these – that time – the great rajas who are so indifferent to religion, to get sustaining power, to understand what is in their scriptures, licentious and permissive like your Roman kings, horribly licentious. Once [unsure] they used to put their mind into some sort of an arrangement for all the licentious people around. So, they thought of a very genius method, you see: build the temple of God and make all kinds of erotic pictures in the temple. Can you believe that thing? In the name of art! If art is pure as people, why do you need this vulgarity? Horrible erotic things were created through big competitions.
Now you are having competitions in this country but that time – of course, now you are also becoming Tantrikas as far as erotic things are concerned – one better than the other! And they were given special prices, even “jagirs”, as they call the lands, were given to those people – it’s written in the history – for creating those pictures [unsure]. Despite that, you see, despite all that provocation and despite all that temptation, you’ll be amazed, in Konark, since years, that art is defunct.

There has been another thing, a simple thing is [sentence unsure], “Not. We’re not going to use it. On a temple we are ‘not’ doing it”. So, these clever intelligent people, you see, they told them that, “If you do this, it will be good because all the dirt that is here should be placed there”, you see. “And inside it should be clean. Outside we must confess to God that we are like this. This is a confession”. See the brain, “This is a confession you must make for all the dirty things you are doing, you put them outside”.

This was the, this was the historical side behind. And that time these Tantrikas were, you see, anxious to fall [unsure] they came out. You have only one Soho [a district in London for the “sex industry”]. We had Sohos and Sohos and Sohos in that great country.

You won’t believe when you see those things, you know. Foreigners are surprised that in India such erotic things are there. Wherever there is a religion, wherever there is a saint, these satanic forces have to reach there to destroy all that is pure. That is their style, their happiness which is the crucifixion of the purity. And such temples were created and those Tantrikas then came forward. They brought about all their women [unsure]. Say, from Konark, if you go, there is the Chausath Yogini Mandir, they call it “the sixty-four goddesses”. Imagine Goddesses’ temple! Now what do they do?

Now what is the principle behind all that, you must know. It is a very secretive principle that they use. They establish the picture of a Goddess or create a statue of a Goddess in a temple. And before the Goddess, they do [inaudible], means sex act of different varieties of different types. Horrible! [Unsure] In the beginning, Shri Ganesha gets angry. They get all kinds of blisters all around. They say that Kundalini is angry. Kundalini? Why will she be angry?
It is Shri Ganesha who is angry, but in such a temper! From the right and the left and they get all blisters. They start dancing, jumping, they behave like frogs, they have horrid things. They get blasted in the head, they get headaches, everything they get. But still they are adamant because it is said that, “You have to go further. It’s a terrible task, it’s a difficult task. These are your Karmas that are coming to torture you. You have to take out your Karmas. Through your sex you do better Karmas or bad Karmas “. So, they go on, poor people.

Then, by that, doing all that, what happens? These Deities slip off. They go away from there. The area is vacated. The realm of God from there disappears. As light disappears, the darkness comes. They work in the night. They’ll never work in the daytime. In the night they work and then they call the spirits there. You can call the spirits.

Last time I told you what happens to you when you die and how the spirits are there, what are the horrible spirits that are hanging around us to enter into you. So, I will not go into the details of that but later on I’ll tell you all about it. I’ll tell you each and everything. You note it down.
So, they come, they call the spirits. When they call these spirits, spirits have the lust in them, greed, they’re greedy to satisfy you. And they manoeuvre them. They can give them the name of say ‘Rama’, then ‘Aim’, ‘Hrim’, ‘Klim’, all sorts of names they can give to these spirits. These evil geniuses manage them.

And then, they put these spirits onto kings, onto his big ministers. And these people are captured and possessed. And they say, “We are very erotic. We are running after – we used to run after only two women, now we are running after hundred women.” Mad!
They lose all their sense of self-respect. They have no understanding of what they are doing. Like mad they do. Even some saints can be affected but they get reactions physically. Saints if they indulge into it, immediately, they get reactions. They get reactions in the head, in the body. And the reactions could be very strong on them. Sometimes they vomit blood.
So ‘these’ people start putting those horrible spirits on you, capturing you, taking out your will.
In India, there was a Tantrika like that, who amassed lot of money. But his wife [inaudible] throughout. And he built that horrible temple of that Konark.

If he had not put any erotic’s there it would have been a beautiful temple but with that erotic you feel like vomiting all the time when you see, I mean, if you are a sensitive person. You just can’t bear to see those private parts, the way it is described.
Tomorrow they will ask us to watch these people sitting down there for the morning ablutions! Filth and filth and filth! The whole place is nothing but filth.

And then his own son defied him, this horrible Tantrika. This Tantrika was killed in a very funny manner, which is worth reading how he was killed. And the son came down and he completed that temple but he told the King that, “Your kingdom will disappear”. All these, all these kings disappeared once for all. They had no children, they had nothing and they became just shambles. And all of their temples were covered with stones, earth and they were just mounts.

Later on, the English came there and some of them excavated and found out. They found it artistic, I don’t know how they found it but it was there.
But in Konark you will find the whole thing is so vulgar, so horrid, where the artists – poor things – had nothing to say. And I met the artists of that place who are living around. They said, “We are paying through our noses all these days for what our forefathers have done and we don’t want to see that”.
Even today in India, an unmarried man and an unmarried woman will never go to see a Konark. Now the only explanation they have is this, you’ll be amazed, that after marriage Indian women are so innocent, as they’re married quite young, they don’t understand what is sex. So, teach them how, what is sex, it is made for the marriage. And only the husband and wife should go there. This is the only explanation our Indian artists could find out to give for that.

But we have to accept. You see, in every country there could be a satanic force working. Why should we identify ourselves with those horrible Tantrikas? And why should we be ashamed of that?
In Khajuraho, the other tantric place, you will find there are some places where you find erotica. But if you are alert and if you watch, these are placed in corners somewhere, while the gods and goddesses have big form, back, very great attachment, everything. So, it never comes to your notice. Unless and until you are taken to it and shown, “Now, this is an erotica”.

But surprisingly, most of the foreigners, and especially Japanese bringing their camera from this angle, from this angle. Why don’t they take their own photographs like that? What is there to go all the way to Konark to take those photographs? Shows your search! Shows what you are asking for! The way, from here, people take all the way those big, big cameras and go round and take photographs like various angles they look. What is there to take photographs? In that, what is there to gain? Sex, animals know, everybody knows, dog knows. What is there to teach about sex? You have done so much of mentally that now there will be impotency. And in there, you know that, in America, the highest number impotent are there because of this kind of perversion and ruining your innocence within yourself.
Beware of it! This so-called freedom is nothing but abandonment of your sustenance of your Dharma that is within you. It’s built-in! It is there. It exists. You cannot cross it, “Thou shall not have adultery”, Christ has said, “Not only adultery, but I will say, ‘Thou shall not have adulterous eyes’.” And you see people [inaudible], all the time doing. And they say, “We have ruined attention.” What will happen? Where are you looking? Where are you seeing? Where is your attention?

This human attention built up ages. So much has been worked out. You have been brought from that level to this level today. Where are you wasting it? Into gutters, into filth, into dirt.
Rise! And see your glory. Have your self-respect. As a Mother, I would [inaudible] to God. And these horrible Tantrikas and Mantrikas who are teaching you all kinds of things like putting a mandala – the other day somebody told Me – and putting your sex there. What is a mandala? Do you know? It’s the aura of God. You are showing your sex to God! Have some brains at least if nothing else! It’s the greatest shameful thing you are doing this to show your sex parts to God. Are you all lunatics? Can’t you understand? It’s a terrible thing!
I get upset with those because you don’t know. You will lose all your chances of Realization. Your seeking is going to be lost completely, believe Me.

Stand in your own glory. Why should you run after women? Why should you run after men? If you are a glorious person, stand in your own image. That’s the best way you are going to be a human being. This kind of licentiousness and permissiveness is going to completely finish that chakra in the Nabhi. If you see that one has got ten petals which are built so carefully, delicately, beautifully, with love. Do not confuse love with licentious behaviour. It is not! It’s sanctified love. I don’t say you become sanyasin, not at all, I’m against that also, another extreme that I’m going to tell you about Sexo-yogis, the third type.

The Sexo-yogis type are the people who are suppressing their sex. They use do not marry. [Tape interruption] They use – they use the skull of human beings. They need skulls for that. To be in the subconscious, you have to have a skull. So, they kill people, take out their skulls and keep it with them.
Shri Mataji, aside: Some people are coming, please open door.
So, the – they keep those skulls with them and those skulls, they use it for drinking water, for eating food, all the time these skulls are there.
Now there is a very good story, written by a great writer in India, Bankim Chandra [Chattopadhyay], known as “Kapalkundala” [romance novel’s name]. This girl, there was a girl whom Kapalis had met. He used to make her nude, he used to make her dance, he used to make her go in the see and used to control his sex sitting before her. And there are [inaudible], and during the sexual act, he would control himself. He went on like that and ultimately, he was to kill that girl. That is the height of complete abstinence because you’ll kill the person whom you were supposed to have. Just imagine, what perversion! What brain! What habits! I mean there’s a limit to this. God has not given you freedom to break your heads and to say that, “Oh, bull come and hit me!” And this girl was preserved. And then, someway or other, she ran away and she got married to a man. He visited her, brought her back and killed her.
These are the Kapalis.

If you don’t listen to them, they will take you to the “smashana” that is the burial grounds, cut your head, take out your skull and keep it. They will see to it that you go to the subconscious strata and they handle you better there. They would like you to die through their schematic. They do it. So many of them are doing like that. Even today, you have no idea. And people are so much enamoured, so much under the obsession of these things are, that even if you tell them that your gurus are doing like this and they have found out, still they will be there to kill you. Absolutely rabid people. They are possessed, brain-washed completely. At least some people should be saved, to save them, I’ve always say, that if a sari keeps flying out, even if you could hold a little bit of it, we can save the sari.
The sanity did not come to you to understand that these horrible methods are not going to give you Self-realization. You must know what is Self-realization is.

Now some people think that flying in the air, jumping somewhere is something great. Which incarnation did? Did you hear any incarnation who walked – who sat like this and was floating in the air? Which incarnation did that? And what are you going to do with floating in the air? Now, you are going to create a problem on the traffic.
These nonsensical things why should you do?
There is in Puna [in Shivapur], they say there is one saint who died, you see, and there is a stone. If there ten people take the name of the saint, it can come up, you see. And you can put a finger, it can come up. I said, “Is that what God should do?” Think of it! And when I went there, I found out that there was a big spirit sitting there and he said, “I “m going to sit down with Mother. I’m not going to go out”. And the spirit of that horrible fellow is all the time sitting there. He doesn’t want anything. He just wants to befool people and sit down there and listen everybody’s taking his name, calling him a saint! When he is not a saint, why should he accept that he is a saint and be happy with it? Because human beings can do anything. They are given that power.
And moreover, God is powerless before you because He cannot take away your freedom to be idiots or to be foolish or to be self-destroying. He cannot do it. He can only weep and cry, beg or say, “Please don’t do it, please don’t do it”, but He cannot stop it. That’s the only problem. And that’s why all of them have taken [inaudible]. They have all come from somewhere like spiders. At least I know sixteen of them. And three horrible women. They’re all there making money, making money, befooling you.

Why do you need a guru for telling you a mantra? Any Dick, Tom, Harry can tell you. You must see the result, the proof, what’s happening out of it. You must think. You are intelligent people. You understand everything, why don’t you understand this, “I’m possessed”. Are you under the complete obsession of such people? Or perhaps you have paid them so much money that you think, “Oh! Now we have paid so much, now what to do?” We should see through the whole thing. Like in the drama, you go and you don’t like the drama, “Still, as we have paid the money, let’s have it”.
It’s not that casual thing, it’s a very serious thing. You are going into the den of devils, [inaudible] finishing your Kundalini completely. Now there are twenty-five people among you who would say that it has happened to them. I’ve been correcting them. I’m doing it. They are getting it back. I only feel sorry for one thing, that you have been genuine about your seeking. You have been genuinely seeking.

I can assure you that I went to America in 1970 to warn all these people. But that time they were, all of them had become something special type of possessed people. They would not listen to Me. I told Ravi Shankar. He said, “Mother you just don’t go near them. They will eat you out”. That’s how to have experiences of Tantrism [inaudible] drugs. In India, how many people have seen the drugs – ask them, anyone of them? Ha! Do they even know what is the difference between “bhang” and this and that?

These drugs and all these things were used by Tantrikas. And they are out here, they have been dealing drug.
Things that go against your awareness whether drugs, alcohol, anything is not going to give you that higher awareness about which I’m saying. Don’t waste your life. It’s very precious. The most precious and the greatest time has come. Please respect yourself. And please understand your own value. What you are yearning for, find it out! And do not waste it. You have already wasted lot of your time.

These, all these, I told you the seven strata on the left and right have names, which I think that time, I have no time to tell you, but there are names and names and names for everything. Hakini, Rakini, Lakini, Shakini, like that on the left-hand side they have got. This side [right] is Gayatri and Savitri and all that sorts of things. It goes on both the sides. All these are nothing but like resonances. They throw you from one to another strata. You are sort of tested in every strata. And when they found you are a gone case you go directly into hell. These are the achievements.

So, I have to make a very simple statement that, “Keep yourself [inaudible], respect yourself. Try”. If it works with you, well and good. I’m here to work out the raising of the Kundalini, the bringing it out of it. You yourself will be able to do after some time. But cleansing is needed and it should never be given up because there is no way out.

Nanaka, Guru Nanak, he has written at least three-four chapters against these Tantrikas and Mantrikas and these Pishachikas and these [inaudible]. In India it’s an abuse to say – I mean I have first time used these words for that on my tongue. It’s an abuse to call somebody like that. If you say that to someone, then the people say, “Oh God!”. They are kept outside like lepers.

Kabira has written books after books, these treacheries and this and that, he lashed them left and right! He was a great poet. Everybody fought with him, tortured him. Christ had the same. He is the one who said not to go towards spirits at all! This is all spirit’s job. But you go in London every fifth house is a spiritualist sitting there, “Free hypnotics!” Why do you want to get hypnotized? Why do you want to get E.S.P, what they call, Extra Sensory Perception? All these so-called geniuses also, these prodigies are also possessed. I’ve seen many prodigies. One of them came to Me. I told, “All right, in My presence you calculate”. She could not calculate even in once because I put a bandhan to her [inaudible] possession. I said, “You get out!”
I’ve had many such experiences which I can tell you. Last time I’ve told you how people who are possessed came to Me and how they did.

Now there is still time and we can go into a Self-realization experience. It will – it might take to some people only five minutes but to some, more. In any case you must have patience with yourself. And don’t be angry. Because when Gavin said that, “ego”, [inaudible]. Because if it is not ego then the Superego comes, “We are the worst people. We are the horrible people. We-” you see, from one extreme to another. We have to stand in between. We have no way. You are not an aggressor neither you are taking aggression from anyone. You stand within your Self and through that, you emit your own powers. You don’t have to depend on anyone, nothing! We just watch. But you have to depend on the deities that are within you, which are going to see there has been a problem, they are to be corrected and we have to know where are the deities, where are they.

In the Sahaja Yoga, modern Sahaja Yoga I may call it, there is no mantra given no mantra. Because every second the Kundalini is going like that. Now there are people who’ll say, “This I can tell you, this I can tell you”. It is here they saw that. You must have seen she came to Me, she said, “Mother I’ve caught my Agnya”. All right, finished. Agnya got cleansed [unsure].

So, nobody is given a mantra but you know where is the catch. You yourself say. She herself came and told Me, “I’ve got it a catch on Agnya”. And you know mostly, extreme Agnya catching means what, you know? Paranoia. But she doesn’t mind telling Me because she sees herself away from herself and she told Me, “I’ve got an Agnya clearly”. All of them say, “The Agnya is there. I can see those coming inside me”.

He told Me that, “I can see these entities now coming into me. And I throw them away and they have a nice, a nice program”. If you all talk to them, they will tell you their experiences. Some of them went into trance; I had to take them out. So many things happen now. People, just like you came to Me, have gained. And you’ll also gain but be sensible about it, be wise. Be wise. You have to expect gains and nothing else, nothing you can call [unsure].
So, may God bless you.

We can go into a little meditation just by putting your hands towards Me. And if you could take out your shoes it will be better, it works better because the Mother Earth’s there and she helps no doubt. All the elements help you. They’re all around. You see, it was very cold in the street. At this time, it’s not so much. All the elements are there to help you. It was extremely cold and now it’s so nice. You can take out your coats and you’ll feel all right. There is this, your coats you hold out and you can feel comfortable, then you’ll feel very nice.
[Cut in the tape]