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Talk, Euston, London, England 23-11-1977

[1977-1123 Talk Part 1, Euston HD]

If you talk this to an Indian he will say to see they are aspiring to be like you

You are their model they want to be like you, you want to have less develop

Now everybody is making fun of even Gandhiji, you listen to that

Thank god saadak took his name otherwise they are saying that we must have a very developed country and we must do this and these are underdeveloped country and then..

If you say these things and you can publish

Its there but how it comes. how does it come?

Because attention is not towards there

And once you start human beings are like that

They go one way they go inside you see till the end till they break there nose, neck, head, ears, eyes everything when it is finish then they will turn

Had before that human beings are like that  , they won’t learn a lesson till they have broken their nose and everything and our…..those people who are not yet so called develop they will also come the same way, they will break there everything. This is what it is,so you have to change you have to transform, you have to make them understand what’s the basic problem…

Haaa  how is he?  Hmmm? Better you see now so this mission that you have taken

First mission is to get alright yourself to release your own power of yourself to manoeuvre it to understand it by which you can transform other people by giving ideas to them it is going to be another thing 

I have never told people

What sort of patient

Psychiatric (mental)

That’s it? You know even the sick psychic is just like a disease,  sort of caught

You don’t realise it’s a…

If you be with a mentally upset person you might get

Listening to him talking to him…too many vibrations are hot

Are horrid is very…

Very first you came

The very first you came  hmm good

Is he better now are you feeling better

Put your hand there this hand towards me nicely as if you are receiving something

You Should be able to keep your eyes little still alright? They are not…there’s a problem thatsy

There is nothing wrong, there’s a little problem on this

Better now? Feeling cool?  Keep your eyes close alright

This a terrible thing to listen to this horrible people something from psychological troubles

Why should do? Why should we go you are not a psychiatrist. Let this psychiatrist be mad and the mad should be psychiatrist. They are 

There’s a mutual sharing between the two.They club together they are the best to club and they should spare the whole world

That’s a little bit there but otherwise

He’s on the right

Left is going up and down

Left is because of his treatment to the…..patients

How did he find them?

We are here for the incurable sin also(laughter)

You better get out of all this horrible jobs of you if you…

You are alright now. good??

Put your hand little bit for a while let it go off

Put your hand like this only on the ground yes comfortably now sit down for a while

Let it go 

Let it pass out

When the water is cold then you can ask


You must take regular treatment for your liver

And for your mental treatment they will tell you 

Give up your vegetarianism

But not just indulging into it that’s the main point

Don’t think about eating all the time

Don’t eat big animals

Christ used to eat, Rama used to eat, Krishna used to eat

I mean they were all rakshas or what

You see, these people had it…

They say take the vegetarianism, now once you take the vegetarianism

Who have been eating all the time,

First thing they will develop is the liver trouble

If not liver trouble you might develop

Weaknesses of blood pressure others trouble because you see you are used to the kind of a food

But in this cold weather imagine not eat…

I mean you are not cows you can’t live like this , you don’t have much fat in the body

Protect yourselves

So then what to do?

You go on eating things which are very much insufficient to give you the strength and then they bring their strength on top of you and that happen that’s the best way you make them weak physically and then attack

This is their tricks, first understand their tricks, they are very cunning 

And for drinking they will never object you they will never say don’t drink

Why should they say? Because that goes against there awareness in the simple things they will never say that don’t drink

Thank god one by one they are going out of this world

Getting right heart

See my foot is there 

Stretch your legs straight alright?

He is getting right heart quite bad

Now don’t take any asan or anything at all 


Right heart is still bad 

Right heart 

Are you worried about your father?

Just now you don’t worry alright? 

For the time being just don’t think about him just don’t think

Hmm its better

This is good huh? Its opening out there

He is a spirited person

See his kundalini is opening

Now how are you now? Better? Good

Look at this flower 

But I saw all of you the other day

When I was speaking kundalini was coming like a flower you know

Opening out if you had eyes to see how the sap comes in and opens out the flower you see

That’s how I was seeing and I was so happy you know very happy



He is getting very strongly on the right hand side on the nabhi is it?

That means you know


What? what?

Can you say what is the reason?

What is the reason?

Not you. I am asking these people my Sahaj yogis

Let them say , let them diagnose

They are already doctors and you will be doctor by tomorrow

Now tell me what is the reason

You think?

Right hand side is active

Outside more

He is more worried about the society and outside you see

And he is more active about it

All mind is there and he wants to work collectively from outside

Inner side is the spirit you see left side his emotions are spirit

Now he is an abstinence and he being doing a very hard work to be the very nice man and all the

On the right hand side all the things but left hand side emotionally he is draining out himself

And also in search the spirit is less he is more outside

First you seek your spirit and suddenly you become collective

Then you become the instrument the real instrument without seeking that you cannot act because you must get connected with that force which is going to act in the collective way but normally it happens with human beings and it is a 

One can understand

That you see something wrong outside you see the society being spoiled you want to improve it

But you improve it you’ll see that 

First a fall in this country for example you thought that if you become rich if your industry is developed you will be very happy so you had science with this and you did that

Now you are saying let us go back

That’s the way

They are not happy either

So from outside it’s not going to work out you have to work out inside so

That’s the point he has to pay more attention to his spirit then it will workout

Better now?

Nabhi is getting better (hmm)

For every ill in the society, politics anywhere you have to first develop beautiful instruments

And that Is only possible you have to seek your heart and become that

Once you are that the society improves, the whole thing changes

This like you are light in this world

You are trying to improve the darkness 

You are beating the darkness with that 

What you have to do is to light the candle

So that everywhere there is light

Though the candle is small unimportant, useless

But you just see the effect


Take lot of sugar alright?

Sugar is the food for liver

Now everybody is not getting sugar

I mean everybody is not suffering from the same trouble

See this is the trouble, you take the same it becomes a fashion you know 15:01 

He is not taking sugar

Some people sugar is most important alright?

Put your hand there

Your liver is out….. there is a reason I will tell you what is the reason


Do you eat fried food?


That you should not eat and you should not miss sugar as much as possible

You know this gentleman sitting behind was half your size

He was just about to go to the other world you know?

He started doing this

Now he has become a liver expert

When you go to Australia

You please give your bestow your powers to him

David is already been there

David is already prepared he is a liver expert

But it has worked very good with him because he really suffered with it

Then you realise

This is a very common trouble in this country hepatitis very common

One of the reason is lot of people don’t realise they got it (syogi

Because doctors can’t find out till it’s absolutely finished case

Then they will say that the symptoms will be he will going to coma that’s all

That’s what they call it 

Then they say they have no cure for liver

So many have to live with that

Because of his agnya problem he has done something

Concentration and all that see

Be relaxed alright

Again on the agnya

Better now

He will be alright

See my hand alright

Hmm good

What’s your name


Han horrible jockies

They are all going to now take job of jockies

They are thin enough

Liver is better now

See his Vishuddhi and everything see now

Alright turn around comfortably

Be comfortable, absolutely relaxed

Both the agnyas?, what else

Both vishuddhis

Still right heart



That his of course

Of his father 

Now just see his vishuddhi


For all dentist, it is necessary to know how to break the Vishuddhi

All teeth are supplied by this Vishuddhi chakra

Teeth , this all ____everything muscles all this, everything is supplied by Vishuddhi

So I mean if you know how to control Vishuddhi you need not pay dentist

Are you alright now?

You are very normal

Putting into bandhan and take out his water ask him to

Ask him how to take a bandhan himself

Just see this

He must be suffering himself

Better now?

With my hands

I have to give you all a good massage I think come along now

Better? Good?

How do you spell it?



Because it’s the left vishuddhi

Its right agnya

What was your father doing?

Was he also a writer?

He managed to _____milk in India

22:16 not audible


His left agnya

How is he?


You are alright now

Once the pulsation goes away then he is alright

There is a sort of a some goes down some comes up its like wobbly(ego superego) he will come down

Both the thing are

He has done harm to himself by concentrating

Now better

Hum sakshat Vishnumaya

Hum sakshat Vishnumaya

Hum sakshat Vishnumaya

Hum sakshat Vishnumaya

Hum sakshat Vishnumaya

Hum sakshat Vishnumaya

Hello how are you? Feeling well?

Put your hands towards me

Give her a bandhan at the back

Right agnya

He is a mechanical man he is really like that


How is she?

Hmm better?

Put your hands under my feet

All the psychological cases 

Torturing you

You thought you give a great service to them

But you did this service to yourself

Like this boy

Was nursing incurable

Because he had become incurable

Now he is alright 

You ask him he will tell you

All full of compassion

Better now

He is too subtle

What do you say

Now put your hand like that

So we make him sit in the bottom?

You sit in that water 

Now what to do?

Water has become absolutely____

Just imagine

Levitation what they call that?

How is she?

She is getting left vishuddhi

You just put your right hand on left vishuddhi she will be alright

You enjoyed my talk?

And thank god you didn’t go to all these

I did some meditation

You did some meditation

What meditation?

Who taught you?

All these horrible people

One thing you must see

Anybody who say we are religious or god or anything you must go and see that person is he really that__

Such a hot tempered woman you know

She used to beat___

Talking about kundalini

Krishan murti come out of headaches I tell you for nothing

If you meet people of krishnamurty disciple they have nothing but ego in them

No love

Hello how are you?
I thought you bought a present for me

How are you?

You are alright now I think

They work really well isn’t it?

Alright come along

Loudly so that they can hear also

He came for the program?


Your friend?

No no

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