God and Creation

Caxton Hall, London (England)

1977-11-28 God and Creation Caxton Hall London, UK Opt Version, 86' Listen on Soundcloud: Transcribe/Translate oTranscribe


God and Creation, Caxton Hall, London 1977-11-28

As Gavin has already explained to you that today’s subject is really a very vast subject and one has to pay a concentrated attention to understand the subject. And as he has already told that it is my subjective knowledge which can be yours also. And you have to verify it only through your vibratory awareness. Because that is the only awareness that can give you absolute results. Human awareness as I have told you is still incomplete, unless and until you get the vibratory awareness through self-realization in which the Self starts speaking to you, you cannot verify the truth. So that is one of the most essential aspects of subjective knowledge. Anybody says anything need not [unclear] at all. And as I have told you also you don’t have to be [unclear]. But [unclear] because as I have told you this is a very subtle subject and one has to be [unclear] understanding. Not accepted maybe by some people. But it doesn’t matter. Even if you accept it for a short time, if you don’t like you can leave it later. But don’t be sort of against it. I have spoken on the subject [unclear] in my 8 lectures and here I have spoken in one lecture. So it is an ordeal for you, for me it is a pleasure. I hope you enjoy it.

At the very outset, we have to understand that God is what he is. We can only know him. We cannot [unclear]. We cannot make him a part of our own concepts, our own ideas, our own interpretations. God has 3 powers which are [unclear] beyond. The first power he has got [unclear] manifestation [unclear], or as I call it, Auras. He has 3 Auras which are beyond him, and 3 Auras which are in front of him and he is in the middle. You see, this language has to be used because you do not understand it otherwise. The 3 powers or the 3 Auras that appear behind him or above him or beyond him are first in eternity. He is eternity. He cannot discontinue to be eternity. He is made like that. That is his nature. That is what he is. He cannot [unclear] even if he wants to give up that nature of eternity. So he is an eternal being that is beyond [unclear]. Even if you can say give up, it is all nonsense, he cannot. He is bound himself by himself. [unclear] to understand. So he is an eternal being. Secondly, he is infinite. He is infinite and his infinity cannot be challenged. That is his own [unclear]. He can, if he wants, emit infinite infinity through finite. For example, I will tell you there’s a candle here. The candle is a finite [unclear]. But when you light it, when you turn on its light, it goes to infinity. In the same way, he can put his infinity into a finite being if he wants to or in a person, but he cannot get out of his infinity. We see the question of Christ people are discussing whether he is an incarnation or not. All incarnations have been made because they are aspects of god. And you go on understanding them, and you go on understanding them, and you go on understanding them, there is no end to it. It is an infinity. They cannot be understood by finite, but his body was a finite thing in which infinity was expressed. Keep it at that point because it is also beyond your conception and beyond your comprehension. It is really beyond. So forget about it. But we have to talk about God sometime isn’t it.

And the third nature is of concern. He is supreme. He is beyond every one of us. Everyone that claims to be supreme than god [unclear]. Only he has made human beings supreme. By giving them a supreme side. When he has given supremacy. He must have [unclear]. When he has given you supremacy, he has made you a human being. By giving you supremacy that means he doesn’t interfere with your freedom. He does not. He has promised you freedom and he is going to give you freedom.

These are the three [unclear] of god, which exist but do not manifest. In the Sanskrit language they are called as ‘Avya’. Now there are three other aspects which he manifests which are called as ‘Vyatha’ which means manifested. The first aspect is that He exists. His existence. He is there all the time. This aspect is called as ‘Stitha’ [unclear]. So this aspect gives us the power to exist also. By this power, this universe, all this creation exists. Because he is existence, he can remove all that he has made existed. If he wants he will have all of it or he will have nothing of it or something else. We cannot challenge his existence. He creates as he likes and if he doesn’t like anything he destroys it also. The second aspect of God is that He is the creative power. He creates. He has power to create. By which he has created these universes. He has created animals. He has created human beings. He has created [unclear]. Everything is created by Him. He created it. These are the aspects of one God I am talking about. Only one, He is only one. And the third aspect He has is the sustenance. He sustains. He sustains by his wisdom. He sustains this universe. Sustenance is achieved by giving you your sustaining powers, your inner sustaining power. As you know carbon has 4 valencies. It has got 4 hands, 4 [unclear]. That is the quality that is given to it by God. You are human beings and you have sustenance which is 10 in number and has to be maintained through the 10 laws, as we call them as 10 commandments.

So these are the 3 aspects he expresses and [unclear]. But He being the complete show, He himself does not manifest. So what does He do? God does all these things through His powers. All His three powers. So what He does is separate Himself from his powers. Like a seed is separated from its own plumule when the seed starts growing or the sprout starts sprouting. In the same manner, He separates His power from Himself and allows the power to workout the situation and he watches the drama. He is the witness. He is just a witness. He is witnessing the drama of His power. This separation is done by Him. We cannot understand, human beings cannot understand how can it be done. He is God. He can put all his [unclear] in that place and he can sit here or he can sit there. He is God. We have to understand that. And how can He separate His power, because we cannot. Like the sun has sunlight, moon has moonlight, in the same manner, God has God’s power. Which we call as divine power. Let us see now how it happens. Now you can see all these things happening in meditation if you know how to. But so far you are not to do that. You are not to do that. You have to first become yourself completely. But people have seen it. It is a big problem for scientists to understand certain things like the other day I was watching on the TV that [unclear] has [unclear] and they were surprised how could these aboriginals living in Africa know this. It is not at all [unclear]. After all, all that knowledge is He. All books are in Him. If you know how to reach your library you can find out everything. Only about 6 years back I said that the whole universe is moving in a spiral way. And the other day Gavin called out to me Mother see [unclear]. I always said about the companion star with the sun. And today I talked to you about it.

But that is not so important because like Me, who has come on this earth just to give you salvation and to give you realization, I am not interested in how many stars there are and how many companion stars there are. After all they are just outside the [unclear]. They are just arranging your stage. You are not [unclear]. It is alright they are fixed. You don’t have to bother about them. What we have to bother is our own realization, our self-actualization. These things are not important. What is horoscope, what are stars and this and that. Of course in short I will tell you how [unclear]. That is the instant [unclear]. But that is not so important. Our main object is to know our sustenance power and our evolutionary power by which we walk because through sustenance power only God evolves us.

First of all we have to know that no energy can be perfect because we are giving an analogy about something that is perfect by something imperfect. Nothing is as perfect as God is. So one has to just to understand, just to understand, I am just giving you certain analogies. Like the seed and the tree. But it is just an analogy for understanding. That’s all.

As I told you, He is an eternal being. So there is nothing like first He started that and then this thing happened. It’s nothing like that. If something is moving all the time in an eternal way, then when do you start? What you do? You pick up one point and somewhere you start describing it till you reach another point. This is the only way one can describe. So in the beginning as I say of my lecture, or you can say in the beginning from where we have come to the point, the state of all that lives in this world, everything, or creations like this and many creations before and everything, is at a state called as Parabramha. That state is in which everything is dissolved. There are no human beings, there is no creation, there is nothing. We cannot understand also nothing. I give a very simple sort of an understanding of that what is nothing. For example, it is all dark here in this room, and I am just sitting down. If you see from outside you say there is nothing inside. There is something but there is nothing. You don’t see it. There is nothing as far as you are concerned. And that’s why when you use the word nothing is relating to you and not to God. Supposing he is sitting in the dark here, in complete darkness. He doesn’t know [unclear] communicate [unclear]. He doesn’t reflect at all. He is just sitting without [unclear].

If you see in the sky, do not find that there are sun rays separating like that. You never see that. But supposing there is a jet plane passing through. You immediately see a streak of fumes being reflected by the same sun’s rays and you will say yes these are the sun’s rays we can see. So unless and until there is a reflector you cannot see. He has to create a reflector and from creating a reflector he separates his own energy. He must have his expression. So he creates light within himself and that light is reflected on a reflector. And the reflector is the source. You are the best reflectors he has produced so far. Human beings on this earth. You may talk of any other planet or anything, nobody has been produced as well as you have been produced. And you have achieved that state that now you can really feel this eternal being. You can see Him. You are at that state. You are the best reflector he has produced, just to reflect Himself, to communicate Himself, to have [unclear]. So in the beginning when He was nothing He was not reflecting. We can say that there was entropy, in the scientific language if they are saying, where there are no movement. He was just sleeping. When the person is sleeping he is not into activity. But when he wakes up he goes into activity, he again sleeps. He is an eternal thing that is happening. That he sleeps, he gets up, works and again he sleeps. In the same way if you can think of somebody who is asleep in a Parabramha state and when he gets up he is active.

So first of all when He is in the Parabramha state, now what does He do? At the Parabramha state what he does is to concentrate Himself onto one point. He takes a desire in His mind that He has to do it. So concentrates onto one point. And that is known as the Adi-Bindu. Adi means primordial. That is the first, Bindu means the point. He makes Himself into a first point and that is known as Adi-Bindu. [unclear]

Now, this concentrated point of Para-Bramha, Para means beyond, is beyond. The last thing [unclear] which everybody is asking. [unclear] a small spot, a small concentrated point. When He awakes, He awakes and He starts pulsating. His waves from His body start to move, from His knee they start moving up, and these waves go round they form a round circle. [unclear] all these waves and what are these waves are nothing but His divine power. His divine power starts oozing out and then they start on the periphery of the circle. This circle is called as Adi-Valaya is the primordial circle. Primordial circle. So the first movement is this way of God’s divine power and the second is [unclear]. Second is [unclear]. When the both things have moved out what remains is a dot and a circle. Now His power has to manifest. He does not. So He remains as the witness as the Lord God Almighty, and His power, in which His power is moving, if you think of a seed in a tree, seed is [unclear]. His power now decides to create because of His desire. There is no difference between the two. We cannot understand two persons having such a oneness. At the most we can say sunlight and sun. But they are not human beings but we cannot think of human beings having that much of a [unclear]. [unclear] they call it as Kalp-Nirvaya because they are supposed to be perfect but when you see them you will say it is just the opposite. You should never have used this. But it is. This power is called as the Shakti. As the power. As the Adi-Shakti is the primordial power, is the primordial Mother and He is the primordial Father. Is the abstract side I am talking about.

So the primordial Mother resides [unclear]. You also know that you are created in His image, so that She takes time whether [unclear] or not. [unclear]. But she collects Herself, puts Her courage together and She forms into another Bindu which is known as Bindu only. First Adi-Bindu is the God and His power together and the second becomes another Bindu so we have two Bindus now. So we have two Bindus which combine in a way as if they are related to each other like a [unclear]. There is much more than that because it has the same power as the first one has. So it is the power of God which becomes into another Bindu. Now this Bindu starts emitting its own powers. Her powers are different from that of the first one. For example, the seed does not have fragrance but the flower has. Her powers are different because She is for manifesting and He is for witnessing. So, the lady of the house does all the job and the man is just watching the play. But He is the person who is watching. He is the [unclear] so He is the last one in all this. If He does not like the show that is created by the Primordial Mother, He can put it off. So he is the master. And if He says I don’t like it, its off. If he says alright move on, it is carried on. So the Primordial Mother take up the job of manifesting Herself with Her own power which we can call as Primordial Mother’s power, as the divine power. But still it is not over. There is a protocol about it. She must have the qualities of Her husband which She bestows upon Her. And as Her acceptance of that She garlands Him. You see, Sanskrit language is very symbolic. So She garlands Him as they say or we can say She goes round Him.

When you have to go round, another point from one point, what happens, the shortest distance has to be in this way which you call as an eclipse. In the Sanskrit language it is known as pradakshina. [unclear] pradakshina. Now this style of movement changes it completely the nature of the Primordial Mother. If you are in a circle, you are moving on and on and on and on its an eternal movement. But once you start in this manner, you see the infinity is bestowed upon. So She gets Herself final [unclear]. She gets into Herself [unclear]. This movement is the first movement of the Primordial Mother- Adi Shakti. And is a very important movement for every consideration of Sahaja yoga. Later on which you will see why we move our hand this way and why that way. Why the aura of a human being is in that way. Why the aura of the [unclear] because this the movement of manifestation. First movement is this way which looks like an eclipse or we can call it as pradakshina. With this movement She sort of surrenders Her head.

Now after surrendering what happens. Another stage comes still She is not very much anxious to manifest without Her master there with Her. She is all alone [unclear]. This is the stage called as Nasya. It is a very beautiful description. See they are viewed here and there as husband and wife because according to them that is the nearest relationship between the two. Actually the oneness that you need. So the last [unclear]. And this movement of the parabola or eclipse is being maintained as it is. Now [unclear] or the one who is the witness part, to the one that they call God almighty. The move towards God almighty is the way I showed here and by that movement both the sides are [unclear] because She is the [unclear]. Out of which She was [unclear] in Marathi, aspect of witnessing the what you call God almighty. He gets up. He gets up and He [unclear].

This round thing that is here, this round one, it opens out and goes into two halves and this is what [unclear]. Now when Shiva gets out of that parabolic complex, eclipse, that is the time a sound is emitted. The sound is up. The second sound it moves and the third one gradually moves up and they start [unclear]. So the three sounds are all one. All these move together make [unclear]. In the same way when you say ‘AA’, ‘AU’, ‘MM’, these three words together and that forms the point. But this is how you see it here, if you could see onto your forehead you see it clear that this is not pertaining to the religion or a philosophy or anything. This is called [unclear] as they say or as the [unclear] as they say in the Quran, or the first primordial word is the ‘AUM’. This has nothing to do with the Indian philosopher or anything, only thing is that in India people have [unclear] that they went deep into it and found out. And that [unclear] but it is not [unclear] people at that time [unclear] which you can see that it is the first, first [unclear] in the announcement of the power of Mother which is Primordial, which is the vibrations of the Primordial Mother. The vibrations that we feel [unclear], which has got three, one, two, three. You can see the [unclear] how it circles [unclear] and on top is Her [unclear]. This is the last act of how it was created. 

So the old universe was created in three stages. The first stage was this one, it was called as [unclear]. When the deities in chakras were created which had [unclear] form, and later on described as, as you know that, Aim, Hrim and Klim. These are the three, they described the three aspects of God, ‘Aim’ is the existence, ‘Hrim’ is the sustenance and ‘Klim’ is the destructive power. These three powers were created [unclear] and with three powers the whole universe was created. So first [unclear] is expressed through the first power which creates the mood in us of ‘Tamo’ Guna or the subconscious or the collective subconscience. The second one is the one created in us the conscience mind and the supra-conscience and the collective supra-conscience. And the ‘Hrim’ the third power of [unclear] is the sustenance power which in present moment, at this time, [unclear]. As it is supposed to be, the self-realized or just the sustenance by keeping the sustenance [unclear] you are given that direction by the grace of God and not by your [unclear].

Now let us see how the universes are created. As you have seen already that it is because of the desire. The desire is an abstract [unclear] is an abstract. [unclear], the thought crossing, the desire, that part you cannot describe but can understand is love of God. It is love. That is His love that [unclear], and He gave this power to His wife, or you can say His Shakti, that creates and She has the love for the child that [unclear], child comes out of love. But the only point is love. That is the first cause but can be described as [unclear] if anyone knows how it has been described is about love. So the first, the foremost power, is that of love and love of the [unclear]. Love that is [unclear]. That love was created and also the deity of innocence was created. In the second stage, the deity of innocence I have told you is Shri Ganesha and he has incarnated on this earth as Jesus Christ. He was the embodiment of the innocence that was created. This great universe, filled with innocence and we had [unclear]. When I talked about Tantrism, [unclear] that were destroying the evolution, destroying the innocence of others, is the greatest sin. And after He died, [unclear].

Now, we should know how the power, primordial Mother, She goes into a stage of a [unclear]. But when we understand in those stage [unclear], but if you understand it in a subtle way, [unclear] and we can understand. Supposing, today we [unclear]. Because it is to be real [unclear]. That is why I said, that when [unclear] is not something cheap or [unclear]. And this relationship is between the both of them, our primordial Father and our primordial Mother. And that is [unclear]. Out of the aura. But it does not mean that [unclear] because what I am telling you is the subtle thing, [unclear] which is when it happens. How one power of God act, or we should say that complete power of God act in relation to God Himself. Later on the human beings or the animals [unclear] to sublimate. [unclear] is sublimated. Among only human beings we have marriages. And then we have [unclear] sacrifice [unclear].

So this [unclear]. The first sound is called as AUM, that is what AUM is. And Christ is the incarnation of that time, because His incarnation of that primordial power of Mother even He takes so called human body. His body is also made out of those vibrations and that is why He was resurrected. No other incarnation was resurrected. He was created from mother earth on every element [unclear] and formed a finite entity. As a finite this entity [unclear]. You must have felt it with me sometime, human beings can feel vibrations. There is no end [unclear]. Incarnation is beyond human stage. So far two human beings, they were not true human beings because they were born to incarnation, and then they achieved that state and they have shown the path. They were Mahavira and Buddha. But Christ was beyond. He is beyond even the [unclear] because He was purity complete innocence. Purity is the highest [unclear] is the most powerful thing.

Now, in the second stage, they produce each [unclear]. But the second stage is called as Vaikuntha stage. In this stage all the deities were created. For example, the primordial Mother created deities and then She created their deities and then She created Her children Herself. She created Her one child. But the child [unclear] and all the four aspects which were said before. They all combine together in the deity of first. This is the deity called as Ganesha. And this deity, what deities were created, and how were they created and how did they [unclear] that I will tell you later on because that is the sustenance part of it. But first of all I will tell you how universe was created. After that, creating the deities and all those things, they created the void in the stomach of the one [unclear]. So another strata is called the [unclear]-sagara where the [unclear] and the fourth one is called as Bhavasagara in the [unclear] was created. So like that four stages are there altogether. Why I tell you that [unclear].

The deities were created [unclear]. The first and foremost who was created was Shri Ganesha. Innocence was the first thing that was given [unclear]. He created this whole thing in innocence. Absolutely innocence. After creating innocence, after creating Shri Ganesha, [unclear], that suppose universe was conceived [unclear] and was manifested. The second deity that came into play was the visionary part of God or you can say the existence part of God. She brought in that part, it started in a very [unclear]. Is the Primordial Mother was to wed Her husband. She has to wed Him. And She is a virgin still waiting for Her husband to come. She is going to have Her bath before the marriage. And before She meets Him. So She makes Shri Ganesha out of Her body. She takes out all the [unclear] of Her body, all Her vibrations She puts them together and makes [unclear]. And then she [unclear]. The existence at that time [unclear] She cannot understand [unclear]. But this is how they explain the [unclear]. That first of all the Shiva aspect, or you can call, you can say, it is the existence of things, because without existence how can there be the desire. It represents the desire of the Primordial Mother but [unclear] and that is the left side. [unclear] desiring.

Then She goes back to the [unclear]. That is first desire. For desire you have to have a deity and She created deity for that. These deities are created already in such a manner that first of all She divided Herself into three deities. They are called as Maha Kali, represented [unclear], Maha Saraswati, represented in the creative power and sustenance power is expressed as Maha Lakshmi. All these three powers take a form, different forms. And all these three powers they produce children [unclear]. And these children are together brothers and sisters. Then they exchange among themselves and three powers are created, in the sense that wives are the powers and deities are the ones who have to do the job. Means the potential and the kinetic. So the potential one is the deity and the kinetic is the power. So you can still say out of three, you can say that three are the powers and three are the deities. And one is Shri Ganesha who is a child. So first for existence they create the deity known as Shiva who represents Sada Shiva. For creative power, the creating deity is known as Brahma and for sustenance power She creates the deity called as Vishnu. These three of them with their power, one known as Maha Kali or Durga. That is Shiva. Then Brahma his power is Saraswati and the central power of sustenance or the evolution power where Vishnu is the deity, His power is called as Lakshmi. So these six deities are created with three Primordial Mothers as I have told you three powers which surprisingly if you read my horoscope they have described as [unclear]. And later on they went up to the supra-conscience [unclear] everything they have described. That one Primordial Mother has three aspects and they are described as three goddesses. And these three goddesses had six children who were married and then they get these three powers [unclear]. And also you have a childlike deity of Shri Ganesha.

When these deities were created at that stage when they started, they also completely projected the picture of what they are going to achieve out of it. So the highest that the creation has reached, that stage of the vast personality that incarnated from egg or out of this egg like structure, that one personality that was developed which is the power of the three Vishnu deity is called the Virata. When the sustenance power reaches the height it is called the Virata. [unclear]. Now we have to reach the Virata. Then the man was created in the image of God [unclear]. And in this modern times, we are just like cells, some in the brain, some in the hearth, some in the liver. Those who are awakened are realized, can see the oneness [unclear] maintained. In the heart resides the reflection of the witnessing power of God and [unclear]. The reflection of His awareness. You will be amazed. The attention part comes from the liver. We do not realize that if you do not drink it is very bad [unclear] against your liver. [unclear] And people who have bad liver, [unclear]. And nothing like [unclear] having a good liver. Liver is the attention part though it is [unclear] to the brain, but [unclear]. In the same way, the brain, through this brain God creates. Through this brain He creates and thinks about [unclear]. And through His liver He sustains us. He gives us our sustenance our [unclear]. Everything has a [unclear], even flowers have a [unclear]. For example, if you plant a mango tree, only a mango will be growing there. If you are a mango tree, you cannot get [unclear]. In the same, human beings can be human beings only. He cannot be anything else. [unclear]. It is done through the sustenance power within [unclear]. And that is what is the most important thing, because only through that power that you evolve from amoeba to this stage and from this stage to the super state of chakras. So for us in this discussion, the most important thing is the sustenance power and the deity which helps with the sustenance power.

The other powers of the right hand side and the left hand side [unclear] of God almighty, are the reflection of different things [unclear]. On the right hand side power by that God created this whole universe, everything, through this Maha Saraswati power. Of course it does not mean that with Maha Saraswati power [unclear] and other powers are not important. It is not. When He creates, every power is [unclear]. Suppose [unclear]. Our conscious mind helps us, our preconscious mind helps us. But dominating that thing, that is the one who works is this power of creating power on the right hand side with which we think. Now the creative power of the [unclear] in a particular man. But first of all let us understand this Void. Now in the fourth stage, this void is created in you. Or I should say the fifth stage where the human beings [unclear]. But we are all placed in this void only where sun, moon and whole universe is created and [unclear] by the creative power on the right hand side. As you people have [unclear]. This is the creative power that [unclear] like that. It moves in this way and sometimes goes like this in a circle also because it has got another [unclear], another movement. There is another movement also. So this other movement of going round and round and round. When this round and round happens, the whole power gets congested. You see sort of it [unclear] in our language. The whole thing gets congested so much so that this finite place cannot go. So there is a Big Bang, a Big Bang takes place. Now you will be amazed this was told ten years back to people so I do not know recently people are taking about a Big Bang. Now a big explosion takes place and by that explosion all these things go into fragments.

With the momentum of the movement in this way what happens is that all these fragments go on rubbing at each other. They go into circular shape. Now as I have told, the other powers are also there. They are not away from it. They are only supporting it. So the creative power though creates this, the other powers control it by another method. In the central core of every, of each of these particles, every particle of the earth, every atom, and the minutest of the minutest, is controlled by the existence power. What is it? It is the vibrations coming out of every molecule that we have seen. Sulfur dioxide you can see it. The sulfur is on top and there are two oxides on the two tail ends of the sulfur. And they are all the time vibrating. They may be atomistic, they could be any type. But they are vibrating. Now from where these vibrations are coming in electromagnetic. They are coming from the centre of that molecule. In the same way in the Mother Earth they say there is an axis. They do not know how it exists. That is the same as this. Is also the same in every system. And the sustenance power is distributed in all of them by giving them a [unclear]. If there were no such agencies which work out the sustenance power, we would not have a [unclear]. I do not know how many of you are chemistry students but we have a [unclear]. It is most surprising to see that we take for granted but see the work. It’s tremendous and intricate, beautifully done.

You can see that how the atom are divided into a table. When you are looking at it sometimes you ask how the minute is [unclear] and all these things act. And sometimes they act arbitrarily which people cannot explain. They cannot explain because they do not want to believe in God. All these elements are divided into a beautiful chart which is [unclear] done by [unclear]. Because right now if you allow the law of time to operate from the time this earth receded from sun, you cannot even create an amoeba even once. Even once. Is a fact. Is a scientific fact. You can read about it in a book and in the Bible. You cannot. And human beings did not create all these complicated things [unclear]. Why do not we think about it. How in time it has happened because it is definitely [unclear]. It was operated through its own law, not the law of chance as described in the [unclear]. The short time of [unclear] could not have been sufficient even to produce one amoeba. One cell. It is very easy for man to challenge God because he is limited. But what is the use. What does he gain from it. It is better to be humble about it and know Him through your inner being which is this. Outside you cannot go very far with the intellect which is a limited instrument. With this limited instrument you cannot go very far. You have to go into something that is unlimited. You have to figure [unclear] and there you have to see [unclear].

So this is how I am telling you how the universe was created. How the three powers existed. Now their powers as they are called as Tamo guna, Rajo guna, Satva guna. But the Satva guna is the revelation. The revelation is the sustenance power that is most important for us. And that has come into us because we were created [unclear]. You will be amazed that this earth was not such a big earth but small earth. And how whatever was created actually you will be amazed to know that earth was moved so much far away from the sun, even away from the moon. So far away that it was complete [unclear]. And then it was actually brought nearer to the sun [unclear]. So the whole thing started moving. When it melted away, then it was adjusted and adjusted and brought to the centre point where, centre point in the sense where light starts. It was done with awareness, with understanding deliberately by God Himself, man has not done it. And then the earth expanded. That is something you do not understand that how do you find something in India and something in other places. Or something here. There has been lots of periods which have not been able to conceive. For example, Himalayas rose up much later, they were much lower and [unclear]. But to understand this, our awareness has guided us. You see, as we have found the microscope to see something that is minute, to see something subtle or something that has happened before, we have to have that [unclear] that we do not even [unclear] for ourselves how are we [unclear]. How are we [unclear], when we do not even can balance ourselves. We are not [unclear].

Hence the Sahaja yoga is covering in this Kali yuga, in these modern times, that at least there is a method to know by this mentality by which you can feel that vibratory all pervading power around us which has been described and told to you by various sages. [unclear] you can see it in the self-realization is not just a lecture from a [unclear] or somebody. It happens. It is a happening. It is an actualization that happens. But it is such a tremendous thing you do not realize what is the door opening out towards. When you are entering into the subtler form. These vibrations are responsible for creating, controlling, coordinating, working out everything. Only thing we do not give it a chance to work out everything. Give [unclear] and there the realm of God happens.

The second power which I described to you is the creative power. I mean you can go on talking on this how all elements are created but [unclear] were created, which created the five elements and the permutations and combinations of five elements, how this earth and these things were created, is a very vast subject on which I think one can go on speaking for hours together. Let’s forget about it. Because you are not [unclear]. You are [unclear]. You are prepared.

Now the sustenance power keeping you is there in the [unclear]. On top it comes up to a point. It is not even that low. As far as the [unclear]. So it is not even that low. And you are in the Void. Your attention is on your head. This river has to be first enlightened. How we enlighten it? What is the point? The desire. The desire power has to be put somewhere a very portable power this desire power, which will supersede all your ordinary, material or emotional and all these desires. There must be something kept there. The one which is a living thing. And that is the thing is down below, it is the power actually the desire power, is the Maha Kali power, is kept there in a [unclear] and you call it as a virgin. She is a virgin. And She is your Mother. Just like [unclear]. Just like a virgin Mother, Kali or Durga or Parvati. Her son is Ganesha. In the same way She is your personal Mother. Everyone has that Mother. Sitting down there, sleeping there, waiting for a chance to rise and give you that joy. She is like a coil. It is a living Mother. It has lived with you throughout in many ages, in many lives, is waiting there. It is described in the scriptures as I will appear before you as Tongue of Flames [unclear]. When She comes up and the way She rises, She enlightens all of them. Which is the residual power that is kept there, preserved there in a human being and is there and [unclear].

It comes up in the stomach, in the Void. [unclear]. It is the creative power which is acted through the centre known as Swadishthana. So it is the [unclear]. Swadishthan chakra can be seen [unclear]. In the subtle sense. Then it goes higher. It is the [unclear], the desire power integrates with the creative power and goes higher and upwards and then it integrates with the heart power, which is placed here on the third chakra there. Partial integration takes place. Because till this point human beings have just evolved up to a point.

At the higher point than that, is here in human beings really evolved because they raised up their head like that. Bowing of the head is a very important gesture for human beings, because you understand for [unclear] for human beings you understand. If you have bowed this head before every [unclear], which appeals to you, to entice you, then you have gone down very much. In your own experience, this neck of the human beings is above all this animal kingdom, all the world, all the universe, all the creation that was created. Because here resides the power within you to reach the Virata The Great through which you become one with that and that is why I told you to put your hands towards me because through these you can feel the Virata. You can feel that one personality through which these are the ten people or you can say that the [unclear] by which you feel it because your chakra is [unclear]. This is spoilt by so many things. People who tell lies, people who say harsh things, who have no love within them, people who smoke, with all disrespect to yourself and to others. All that relationship between you and others is spoilt by spoiling this.

So the Kundalini has to rise above and come up to this, where I have a red mark. In the centre of the brain where, where the optic chiasma meet, where pituitary and pineal bodies are acting. The central point is a subtle chakra which you call as Agnya chakra, which you call as third eye. What they understand by. Because the window here through which one can see is the cross on which Christ was crucified, His body was crucified. This is a very very important centre because it controls the movement of your ego and superego. Which brings the balance between the two and when the Kundalini rises [unclear] if that is what you are seeking and not in material, useless, superficial things. If you are seeking superficially I have nothing to offer. You have got everything. But you are [unclear]. There is nothing to worry about it, it can be [unclear]. Actually in the western countries that I have been, too much of creative power and thinking power. The ego that is on the left hand side, from right hand side it goes to the left, [unclear]. And by [unclear] your superego is not [unclear]. Now both are [unclear] in the brain. Sometimes I see [unclear]. The way you are thinking thinking thinking [unclear]. Then the space in between has to be achieved. There is a space [unclear]. Sometimes I find some of you do not come to Me because it is too much of [unclear].

Come along. Just have a look. Open your eyes. [unclear] But some of them I found out are suffering from superego. They have told me that Mother You see we have committed sins and how do we fix these for example. You may never forgive her. But [unclear]. Only thing is you [unclear] given up all those things and everything [unclear]. And Mother can never take [unclear] to that extent that She cannot forgive you for that. And that is why if you are [unclear], you do not have to overdo anything or do anything less, just be that, be yourself and [unclear]. It has worked in many of you like that. But you have to realize is that serious [unclear]. What you have found out is that you do something with my lectures, [unclear] and you get tremendous [unclear]. It happens. It happens, why? Because you must know what is it but then you have to achieve it yourself.  By understanding yourself. Some of the things you have known which have never been talked. I know [unclear] they are separated no doubt. Immediately you start- something is happened here, something is happened there. But you do not feel the vibrations all the time. Some people do not. [unclear].

All that has been described in books and [unclear]

This is what the whole world is seeking and this is the answer. [unclear]

That nothing should be accepted without [unclear]. But once you start getting the experience [unclear]. Keep it within you. I must say a very great note of hope from you all because what I know is that you are really great seekers. Because you find your hurts and your problems and things that have happened to you. Despite all that you have got your realization. The Kundalini is so great, the desire is so great that you throw away all this and She cures the [unclear]. We did not take ages to [unclear]. You have to love and understand that you are human beings specially created for this purpose. And you are the instrument of God and the responsibility of maintaining the [unclear] rests on you.

May God bless you all.