Talk in Stockwell

London (England)


Talk in Stockwell, 1977-12-01

Shri Mataji: It goes down and again it goes up, again goes down like that, such stairs like clouds, but sometimes pierce it with forces then you get this kind of experience, it is very very exciting experience, I should say,
Yogis: [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji: we better be seat for some questions, because we give them the realization to begin with, he’s the only one who has not got, who has come has first time,

New comer:

Shri Mataji: First let’s give them the realization and then we will see, you come here, can you sit on the ground for a while?
And who else?
She’s all right there, where you stay, they do particular thing in particular manner, to your Kundalini to any chakras
And What I have to do is to master the map of curing
Every time I find a new Guru, now this time your Guru Rajo is absolute new fellow, But I will manage that also.

Yogis: [UNCLEAR]
Shri Mathai:  its wrong, its terrible, absolutely wrong, what is wrong i will tell you, very simple thing, that sex has nothing to do with God, Sex is not meant for achieve your higher needs, that’s for Basics not for sahaja, sex is no part at all, in counter, you have to first be an innocent person, when you coming for the self-realization

Because Kundalini is your own mother And you would not like to have anything to do with her, It is absurd, it is perversion, and this is what its,  by doing all this things they put sex on the mother, she is only mother you have and you are the only child she has, and she keep on with you, through for all days together, for all years together, for  ages together, in all your birth she has been with you, It is insult her like this , is too, I mean, one of the greatest sin’s you can insult her, and that to Kundalini is in purest form of mother earth

New comer: I don’t understand the connection between, [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji:

New comer
Shri Mataji: gururaj
This is sex part, now then heart, he says you give your heart towards the mandlai, but now, the thing is unless until you are connected, how can you do? You see, if you try to say i tell you that you must telephone to someone, and the connection is in some obstruction, and what do you do than?

New comer: The connection must be there some extend…
Shri Mataji: no not at all, its not at all, you see that mean, you must understand, the connection of God is in a very different manner, you see , we are guide through all that, as you all are saints that’s why, but you living completely freedom choose, you have to have completely freedom, otherwise you do not choose , chose in freedom, means completely freedom you have to do, Absolutely you will be surprised , If you want you can hit yourself , If you want you can ask your boon to hit yourself or if you want you can ask for rise,  So its absolutely freedom giving to you, There’s no no not at all, he doesn’t hold you hand anywhere, of course if you are a good man if you understand, if you are religious man, he is there to guide you, he is there to help you, he is there look after you, but he will not in any way give you a guidance that will you hamper your freedom, you are free to choose, because you have to develop , you see if you are teaching somebody swimming, first you tell him all right, do little bit like this, then you just leave him there, and in that time you have to leave , completely, in the same way, in the earliest ages we are animals he look after us, he hold our hands, he take us down and doing everything , when we are human beings and all, we try, otherwise you won’t be good swimmers, first of all you have to be good swimmers, so completely freedom is giving to . you see completely freedom is giving, that’s why we don’t understand, and so much complete the he cannot supersede our freedom, you know that, supposing you don’t want get the realization…. [UNCLEAR]…. Your freedom is beyond, in this you are supreme, imagine, how he has…[UNCLEAR]…  so you just tell him, you have to get your realization, realization you get by your freedom, when you understand what is wisdom. Not to go to extremes, not to be so frankly, the way we are frankly. (come along come along, here is a lot of space, how are you? He is all the time enjoy, I can see that clearly, very good.
So that the finger has to be, that has bestowed on us, because we are responsible, God thinks us we are matured enough, that’s why he gives us and how does he has Judged our maturity? Its Only but it’s only by free, a complete, so when that he says, so that you take your heart put on the mandala, you see, then what happens? Absolutely, first of you have no Authority, He’s not fanatic, Everybody’s heart you cannot, Kundalini is on the base here is in the Triangular bone, what is the use of to put hearts somewhere, and when the Kundalini standing here, what do you all put in there, Kundalini supposed to be the coin of the thing, It’s place that site, and now what do you take out from here, maybe some other instrument made required later, it is absolutely mishandling of this instrument, completely mishandling

Yogis: what he was saying, working on some particular block / what he is saying that to some extend, Kundalini must flow anywhere, otherwise he would not have realized, there some blocks in the palm

Shri Mataji: you can see if a person is not realized, his Kundalini is sleeping, he does not even know the basis, He doesn’t even know the basis of Kundalini, his Kundalini is sleeping,  she sleeping like… we knew is never flowing, its weak, till the water of love comes to the Kundalini , till she is sure, she is not going to flowing, she is waiting for her time, is not all the time flowing, its wrong, its wrong idea, absolutly wrong, she pauses, its written down in all scriptures if he has read any scripture about kundalini, its said dormant being , she is lying there, absolutely sleeping in such sleeping condition, in some of them, in his case, its  frozen,
You see it might be, when first time I saw his photograf, I felt that he might have been a realized soul, might have been, I felt that way, but in the way of good or such realized person, he come ambitions like that, without going deeping it to it, he starts his working, and kundalini now is frozen, and now perso, even you get realization. I have got people got realization to sahaja yoga, some of them, they went back into hell. If you have to go further on then you have to know, that is only can with Dhyan, by going deep into it understand it, what is that properly, i can put you to connection, alright. But i can not keep you there, you can fall down, its fall many people, Specially the people have come from Gurus, you yourself will easy on… , when you working on people you will find. Falls down, then you have to take it up and then tight , oly can a realized can do it, nobody else, you see, now mandala also,  mantras I should say, its big science, its living science, do we understand the meaning of the word living science, we don’t understand, living science is means, a kundalini rises, in your case, supposing it has coming into your Angina chakra just now, its in the Angina, it might falls down, it possible, its a living science, because its living , it not a ritual again, its going down all the time, means you have to stop at Agyna, so you have to, whatever mantra you to do is …not a fact, whatever it is, its very simple thing to understand, supposing you have gone to the car, not you are stacking up say in a ticket day, you are calling the police from some other place, its wrong, you have to call the people in Delhi to help you out, they are not supposing to ….
So first thing you have to know where is your kundalini, that’s he does not know, he does not know how to rise, all right, he does not know which chakra … hallo to a new comer

Yogis: this is Martin, he has not been here before, he is a friend of …

Shri Mataji: you see this is the thing, you can not just conceptualize it, you can not programmed it, its work on it own, where ever its the problem, both the cases, right heart, left heart, just know the kundalini move that like that jag jag…, and then its not move up, because, spreading into this to places which are spoiled, you have move the energy whatever was there to such a extend a big… be alright, To be sustained, so the kundalini moves there, to be sustained,

Can we have Martin here, with that you are alright, you can put your hands, while speaking it will work out, then kundalini fills it, repair it, and then goes up.
Like river flow, if it finds their ditches are around, it fills the ditches, the flow is less, then again after fills then another fold comes up, then it goes up to agyna, from Agyna it spread like this, it goes down again,
but some people who have very simple kundalini, simple thing, just shoot up, they never even loose, we have many cases like that, just like that, just there, never a problem, so we have style, style and types, but they only problem is, they got so much identified, that’s very difficult, they don’t do good to you, the spoiled your kundalini and you are identified, such trouble for me, to get you identified to make you understand,
now what should be expect, you see is the thing, we must know what we have to expect from the kundalini, now all the scripture, scriptures , not dictum , not anybody writing about kundalini, like Evian has write such a big book, you know there is a book written by Mr. Alba, such a big book, i never read it, but there is ambassador has read, and he told me , most surprising that this gentle man has  wrote that kundalini, you see is start from the center, and it goes like this in front side, you see, through white circle plexus all that, its gross.

its fundamental thing that its in such subtle way, as much as I know, there is no scripture in this style. I’m sure, I’m sorry, to such detail, to such, nobody has, of course part of it have been described, all that
At least You should remember one thing, that when the kundalini rises, that you should see the pulsation rises, validation of the people should take place, you must going into thoughtless awareness, when you jump, when you cross this point here, you got soft here, you get cool breeze, in the hands also cool , it describe by Adishankarachya, Adishankaracharya, new ones are most are boggle people,  the less the better, he was telling me one of them was a smuggler, so you can imagine what other fellow brahmacharies has getting now,
So this is how there, what do we expect, that’s collective consciously, that’s is what we need to achieve, samuhit, now the thing is,
even when you read scriptures like that, in that you will say…, ascription that kundalini is giving by secretive manner, but is very clear, for example, they will say I will appear before you as thousands tons of flams.
Like Christ had said, somebody touched him, that my energy has passed through him, its clear cut thing, absolutely clear, and one who has authority, despite, i would like to say, one who take that, he would not understand why what was happen, but gradually he will not.

I have see great saints, like KerntNirmala, he can not give realization the way you can give, he takes at least 5 to 6 years, for one person, he works, but now he fed up, he works for one person for 25 years, but now I’m fed up, I asking his stories, He said put everything in tape

And he says, this fellow, I’m fed up, you are mother you are the Shakti, you can give, now I’m fed up, I’m not giving anyone realization.
I said why, he was very angry, you see I give him 25 years of my precious life, one by one raised, i cleared his kundalini, did everything, now he become fundamental he is running after money…
This fellow happens to me once, one of my disciple she has invited him, she says shri mataji has coming, would you like to met her?
When he gets up he touched my feet, he knows who I am, so is alright, I was just ignore, he talks like something, he said my Guru has lost his power, I said why? you see i asking him to come to Mumbai must see Mataji,
Why you here? Why you say something against your Guru?
You shouldn’t say, because you know he did so much for you, and you talk ill about him.
You should not have down,
He said no no, because you know, he was like this, like that, he was telling.
So I plan tricks on him, now I’m going away, so…I will put some tikka on you, so I put tikka on him, so…and now you can put some on me, as soon as he put his hand here, i sucked it, you see, then he says, Mataji what are doing, the whole body start shake, so now please promise that you will not say a word against your Guru, because he is a great …he joined …[UNCLEAR]…, so that he born again, about him I’m telling you.

Shri Mataji: Hello, come along
About him he was telling, so now I’m not going, for 12 years …and when my Sahaja yogis went there, so he said how many of you raised your hand, how many you will give their life to Mataji?
Like that he will talk…

Yogis: I feel so sorry…
Shri Mataja: its alright…
Shri Mataji: what are you saying?
Yogis: just need be care for, this table…
Shri Mataji: I have never seing…I have not seeing many of them, actually they know about me,
they talk about me, somebody goes there abroad, Himalayas also somebody told me, but I don’t know who are they, but if I meet them, this happen I know, this fellow has…, because they their kundalini is not established, first they will never establish, because its greatest sin,

New comer: but he is terribly confusing…
Shri Mataji: but one thing I tell you… what is your name again?
New comer: my name is Robert
Shri Mataji: Robert, I tell you one thing, Kundalini you can not understand to your brain, firstly.
Let it happened, let it happened, that’s the thing you are born for, you get from me…you can’t not rationalize it, its confuse, because you can not understand something unlimited to limited, that’s means to your brain,
New comer: that is easy to accept, when once that …
Shri Mataji: but let it happen, let it happen, you just let it happen, you just allow your self to be that, alright, let happen.
Because that’s very important, the more you corporate with me, the better it will be, it just to allow, you tell your mind, you have let me no where, you keep quite for a while, its horse you know, its naughty one, it knows its master, if you allow me to eat grass, he will eat grass, but you tell him, now, please be care for, be alert, because I have to go ahead, just tell him behave your self, it will work out.
the mind is very tricky, like monkey, so don’t play in the hands of monkey, because it has let you know where. Just now you listen, it will work out, when once workout, then you tell me,

means I was much worse than you… Shri Mataji laugh…he argued with me for how many days… I think for 2 days something like that, at late, and now he is alright, I want you to share that, all right?
Shri Mataji: Ha, so, how is it? Its left out…
New comer: and enrooted
Shri Mataji: apart of that did you did Hatha yoga, all that?
New comer: I did TM before years
Shri Mataji, TM?
New comer: before 4 years

Shri Mataji: you keep your eyes open, you cannot close your eyes before me, if you tried to close your eyes, then it will go on like that, all of them has the same problem, you can ask Angina, she has the same problem, she can tell you.
Now you are alright Angina??
Nothing upsetting now, we managed that, I’m so very happy to big …in India, because not one person from that horrible TM I could give realization, only one person we give, and…he is only after, artiest, musicians, all the big business people, all the bureaucrats,
Shri Mataji: Are you an artiest,
Newcomer: no, I’m an actor
Shri Mathai: are you better, just see him, he will get the fastest, because he has not been any Gurus. He is alright
New comer: I think he just got same problem as me
Shri Mataji: that’s all, that’s all,

New comer: why did you said horrible TM, I did TM for 8 years, enjoyed so much

Shri Mataji: that’s the thing, you see, one enjoyed drink very much, alcoholism, its like drinking only, turn around, turn around, you will see that, but you will say the same thing, when someone come from TM you will not saying thing, no no I’m not put my hands towards them, you will get burned, just asking her like this burning, hands like this coming, look their faces, you see that…
All kinds of terrible acting are going on there…
Yogis: so strongly
Shri Mataji: deeply, very deep
Yogis: you can ask Saska,
Shri Maatji: you see, is it? now, would you hold your breath, put both hands at my feet, hold your breath, lets see.
Yogis : laughing….
Shri Mataji: what happened?
Yogis: Shri Mataji we got a gift in the bag…laughing…lovely, this is beautiful, come on…
Shri Mataji: oh God! Thank you, thank you very much!! May God bless you!!
How are you…your visitors?
Yogis: laughing…
Shri Mataji: hold your breath,
Yogis: peace
Shri Mataji: now ?
Yogis: now is better,
Shri Mataji: now you can give up your breath…
Shri Mataji: now, lift it up, now better?
Yogis: now its much better, it should be… he smokes so
Shri Mataji: you smoke?
New comer: he thinks…
Shri Mataji: he got Asthma, that’s all, not mine…
You come to my lecture?
New comer: I’m just come…[UNCLEAR]…
Shri Mataji: how did you come,
New comer: [UNCLEAR]…
Shri Mataji: I think what happen when, how??
New comer: I come from the underground,
Shri Mataji: underground, and how did you come here? somebody told you about me?
New comer: [UNCLEAR]…
Yogis: picture, music…laughing
Shri Mataji: so, a lot of area left here…little area lifts there, little area left …down below, the are left say is the area the hell, but it had got 7 strata, the hell exist absolutely, is very well described by Mahavira, who was contemporary powerful Buddha…he has described very clearly, what is the hell. I would not like to describe, it so filth, so dangerous, so violent, its terrible, when they say that people go to hell, really they do, its existence, which worse than that of we can say, but a stone at least not aware, but here you are aware of.
Now you think your self as you are, what you are with your human awareness, and if you made to live in the cutter, this is nothing, this is nothing than what hell is, if you made lying inside with your head into the cutter, its nothing than what I’m describe, its nothing…its thousand time worse

Then there 7 strata’s, in which there different different type of hells, one worse than the others, its like reform school of very intensive style, certain intensive, that you can not imagine, what kind of school you have got, but when people talked about the hell, actually, they want to frightened the people also, and tell them, if you do this thing you will go to hell, but instead get to frighten, what happened, people start using it, as sort of… you can call as sorted of a propaganda, that if you come to the churches if you go to the temple, if you do this, you will be saved from hell, and by that you give them ten Rub his, or ten bonds, then you will be saved from hell, so that’s the way they did, that’s very very cunning way, they created a horrible picture of something horrid, and tell them if you don’t do it , if you don’t do particular thing then you go to that chain, something like that, and that’s how hell become a mix for us, because we thought those who are teaching us even worse than us, so people did not believed, but it exist, its reality, why? I don’t know what is the human idea of heaven … there are three side, on the right side, left side and the top, those who are on the right side, are the Gods as called supraconcious people, are all the five elements, you know all the five elements, they are guide by particular deity, you all have deitys, this are all you called the gods, and there chranjivas, there eternal beings, they all existed on the right side, and there other type of Ashwartarvas and all this they are of animals, they also exist there, all of them are there, for what ? for guide you to the proper line, angles, like Gabriel is the chief of the angles of the right side,
On the left hand side, Michel, saint Mike is the chief angle on the left hand, who looks after you, he is within you, he looks after you, that he does not allow you to go subconscious mind too much,
For example, you are thinking about your past, you are crying too much, you start going deep down deep down, then he stops you, he saves you from that, but still you denial, still you denial, you enjoy …so, then he says go, so you start moves to left side, when you go beyond that, in the area, which supposing to be the void sort of thing, and there you are sucked into… so going to extreme of things, on both side you go to hell, alright, some goes straight, you don’t have to go side way…
Yogis: laughing
Shri Mataji: now, Sahaja yogis come up to the penile… here, supraconscious line, this has also got 7 stratas, 7 here, 7 there, 7 there, 7 on top, now you may ask me, why 7?
Now you know there is coincidence of 7, 22 to up on 7, have you see that?
Unclearly…Over equal is 22 to up on 7, those show rise work out, so when I say is the radians, you say three and half, half of the 7, then the circle …so you have got 3 and half kundalini, kundalini is 3 and half siting in the Muladhara chakra, and when it opens up, it goes up to the radians spot, alright, so it complete to the end, when the kundalin rise full it goes up radians spot, now you see 3 and half, 3 and half you can say like that, that 3 and half are the 7 chakras, while all the first 3 are divided in to 2, and the 7th one is there, but they go into 11, I mean 11 in to x.., whatever it is, 1, 2, 3,, this 11 circles conformist points, are very important for us, in this 11 things we are work, we have 11 guards, they called Rudras, they are placed within your forehead, they are the real 11 aspect of Christ, which has describe very well in my book, they will come later, the are the real aspect will definitely act, we should do some times, I put my chakra to that, there 11 aspects, say 11 Rudras, when the distractive time final will come, this 11 destructive power will act, will destroy whole thing, so this are the 11, 11 is very auspicious, so if you have to give someone, something, you have to give by 11, 11 Rubhis, 11 ponds, 11 is good number, because 11 is the complete half circle, the lower circle you don’t to worry, that’s why is 3 and half, that’s the kundalini has to go up, you understand? That’s why its 3 and half in ration,
Did you understand now, with this mathematic? Still you could not…

New comer: [UNCLEAR]
Shri Mataji: what is wrong with this mathmatikies?
In ration to half circle, which you have to rise to the top, the radians have to 3 and half, this is the 11.
Shri Mataji: why?
New comer: I don’t mind; I did not understand.
New comer: is this that 3 point one for two, that’s 22 to one 7
Shri Mataji: 22 to one 7, alright, make it half, alright, make half, what is 11 up on is 3 and half, alright, 11 up on is 3 and half, so we only half to worry the up site of it, only worry about upper half circle, not the lower circle, so if we have to worry, the kundalini have to give light to the half circle which is higher, not to the lower circle, so its 3 and half, and 3 and half coin is in the relation absolutely to the 11 parts of this aura, so the kundalini enlightened those 11 circle
Now do you understand, Mr. mathmematician?

What’s is the ration between the radians and the half circle?
New comer: I just don’t know why you called 11 out that area?
Yogis: [UNCLEAR]
Shri Mataji: if its 22 and half, its for the whole circle… but we only have to worry the half, which is the upper part site of it, we don’t have to worry about the hell and about Supraconscious and about, you see that part.
New comer: I understand,
Shri Mataji: now you understand?
New comer, yes I understand
Shri Mataji, we have great mathematic here we have, now what I’m to go do with mathematic, you tell me?
In the Supraconscious mind, in right hand side, you are also a mathematics
On right hand side is Supraconscious alright, the half circle of the Supraconscious and the half circle of the subconscious its alright, in the sense that you can work on them, but you don’t have to worry, you can not go there and you can not achieve realization, but lower site both thing is wrong, they go towards the hell, those people have tried before to going to the right side, by renovation, by abstaining, by loving everything put together, they most go to the right side.

Because left hand side is very serious matter, only some of the people, who are great Shiva Bhakta’s, who are the worshiper of Shiva go on left hand side with the help of Shiva, very few people have gone there, and once they have gone that side, they are settle with Chranchivas, means eternal beings, they do not vanish, their body is remain, they are everywhere, so they are two types of heavenly people you can say,

you are not that, you are human beings, alright to begin with and you have to come on top of it, like say, there is a drama going on, then in a drama you have got many actors, who have to play the role, and they are on the stage and a lot of lights are coming, a lot of people organizing it , platform is arranged, the stage are arranged, the light are arranged, focusing is done, that’s done by other, but you are on the stage, alright, I the same way you are on the stage, sahaja yogis are, all this people just there to help, you are not to be come them, you are made of different purpose, you are not made for that purposes you don’t try to do this things, so, what you have to do is to become absolutely realize, go higher and higher in your awareness, so what is the second stage of awareness. Now you have got thoughtlessness awareness, means you can become thoughtless, there is no thought in your mind, once you become this thoughtless aware, what happens to you, is just the vibration start flowing, which means you have crossed this limit, and you have come up.
But what is second stage, the second stage is doubtless awareness, at this stage you will surprised, that you will give realization to people, its very easy for you, so many are there at this stage, but in doubtless awareness still you have to go deep, in which you do not catch from people at all, whatever people may suffering, you just don’t catch, you don’t feel anything about, that stage come in, that’s as should called as completely self realization, when we siting down here, you can give self realization to people, but you can give them awaking, siting down hare you can curing people, once it come in to your attention you can work it out.
Beyond that, it’s the stage of what you called, the God realization, God realization, in that you start controlling both stages, that means supraconscious and subconscious you control all the atmosphere, you can control the elements, you can control the rain, you can do all these things.
But its no good, I mean there is no need to bother about it, nothing is important, you just automatically do.
What is important is to cross even this , so you reach a stage after this, you knew all the incarnations, all the incarnations is always above this gab, this gab has been crossed by two people, Buddha and Mahavira, to become Hassan and Hussain, they are the only who could cross, but they were born of incarnation, they were the children of incarnation, they were human beings, just see , if god wants, he can do what he like, so he created two incarnations of Luv and Kushi, they were the children of Shri Rama And Shri Sita, then they were born as Buddha and Mahavira and then Hussian and Hassan, so this is the only two human beings, actually who are the children of an incarnation become incarnations, they are placed in the body of Virata, in the center point here, helping giving realization and salvation.

And now there is different between Devata and Devas, this you must understand very clear, Devatas are the Deities who help the salvation, who played a direct part in the salvation.

And Devas are the people as i told you those Chivanjivas, all those Gods and Goddesses,
There is a God called as Indra, in Greek, called… what you call Zeus. Indra is Zeus like that, so we those Gods and Goddesses, some body controls the thunder, somebody controlling this, controlling that. all this Gods and Goddesses is not what you gonna to be, you are not made for that, what you will gonna become, that is not your job.

What is your job is to give realization, you are going to be instrument of salvation, first you have your salvation, and then you give salvation to others, that’s is the way going to workout, once you start give salvation, lots of beautiful people will come on to this earth to help you, this is lord we are, tune together to do, this is the work of the central path, as I have told you, is of the central path, central path is the Mahalakshmi one, on which Shri Vishnu reside who is the revolutionary deity, so this revolutionary Deity allow you to do all that, so when he becomes completely involved, completely, then he is the Virata, he is the vast , that is the aspect of God, who are there to help them, is the thunder, and who else is the primordial mother, is the holy Ghost.

You understand this is the thing? Isn’t it? Do you like this, do you like it? They like all of them, that’s the sign…And now anymore questions?
New comer: what is the future, when so…[UNCLEAR]…
Shri Mataji: so in the sahaja yoga you don’t have to think about the future at all, you have to be at present moment, now you start think about future it self, how can we think about the future, future does not exist, it’s a myth, what it is, is the present, you don’t have to bother what is going to happen what is in the future, because I don’t want to fix your attention there, what will happen, you will give up this work, you say oh. That Mataji has promised, that going to come, if you are in the present, the future will be down, so you have to worry about the present.

Now future thinking is absurd, I tell you, why?
now sahaja yoga you have seeing, it is a living thing it works out it living way, you can not say you will giver her realization or not, can you? Tell me now, Even. can you?
now you can not say, you will bring your son here or your brother here or your father here,
are you sure you can give them realization?
if you planned a tree, can you say that they will diffinitily give you fruits?
Or even it gives you fruits can you say at what time will give you fruit?
At most you can say that is mango tree, it will give mango.
So you are human being, if you are realized, you will become sahaja yogis, that’s all.
And now if you become like a sahaja yogis you living in the present, now what do you do by becoming present, what do you do?
You are channel, God has made you are channel is using you…so what he does, he uses as channels to work out the rest of thing, so what you do, is on the watch, be on the watch, what is happening, what is the happening, you will be amazed…

Now I asking God to give Riven to give experience that you told me this, to clear out this part…this afternoon,
Yogis: come this afternoon, full correct.
Shri Mataji: about him was talking about, about your patient…
Yogis: [UNCLEAR]

Pause…. The line is cut off….

Shri Mataji: in the morning you feel very funny?
New comer: no…
Shri Mataji: in the morning you fell like vomiting some time?
New comer: never…
Shri Mataji: never
New comer: more in the evening…
Shri Mataji: really?
New comer: it is…
Shri Mataji: you shouldn’t feel, you see the way you have very bad liver, very bad,
New comer: but I wont know

Shri Mataji: that’s your bad liver, liver is very important as I told you, because liver is aware, from liver you get aware, if you are liver is not alright, you gonna feel not alright, everything will be alright, but you wont feel alright, here liver is something wrong, you will surprised, its not the brain but the liver, its very important,

New comer: if it isn’t, what happens [UNCLEAR]…
Shri Mataji: if it isn’t, I will tell you, you don’t feel like to eat, you will always feel down, feel like vomiting all the time, and all the time the body feel like some sensation here, when you get up in the morning, you get darkness, you don’t feel like to getting up, you always feel like lethargy, and the more you think it worse it become, its terrible and you thin down very much, its good for actors…laughing…

New comer: I don’t act so well…
Shri Mataji: well I’m saying is good for people who want good figure and the bad liver
Yogis: some of them they don’t even feel that they have bad liver

Shri Mataji: they don’t feel it…
Yogis: some of them say yesterday, because they don’t feel there any cool
Shri Mataji: this is something special, I must say, he never felt that liver was bad, Doctor was declared that, now he has hypertensions, finished that cases, absolutely was finished the case, you know, is the last word on that, then he only coming around, otherwise he would not believe that he has bad … its very true as you say, [UNCLEAR]…
Do you feel better now? You also feel very heated up with that…all the time heated up with liver, is very bad for skin, your skin gets rushes, you get allergy, you get all these problems.
New comer: no
Shri Mataji: I’m saying with some people, and they were sea sick very easily,
New comer: [UNCLEAR]…
Shri Mataji: if you drink, then it spoiled, here the people are, I don’t know, they are poring all the metal polishing on top of that liver …laughing…you know, he was jealousy of you, he wants laugh loud about you, he is tired of smiling…because he is getting a baby…laughing…
I never worried, lets see who feeling nice smiling, isn’t it?
That’s good, you see better…

Yogis: [UNCLEAR]
Shri Mataji: they love it, they love it…
New comer: [UNCLEAR]…
Shri Mataji: Vishhudhi,
Yogis: Left Vishhudhi
New comer: [UNCLEAR]
Yogis: I saw star…
Shri Mataji: lets give up, right hand side this thing is liver, I have giving you those pictures have you see those? My hands I have giving, they have a lot of vibration also.
You see there is a lot of vibration on those , I have done my self, so you can see, have you got anyone of them with you now?
Warren have you got one?
Yogis: [UNCLEAR]
Shri Mataji: its better now, are you alright now?
New comer: [UNCLEAR]
Shri Mataji: look they are, how readily they are , they have just got it, they doing it, [UNCLEAR],
They knowing it, what you gonna to training them, what you gonna to teach them, this is something you can not teach, it just happens, are you alright? in vibrations you are alright,
Are you?
New comer: [UNCLEAR]…
Shri Mathai: no hoping…
New comer: question [UNCLEAR]…
Shri Mataji: that’s also there
New comer: [UNCLEAR]
Shri Mataji: how you feel, you just see Martin, you seeing him, you see feel the vibrations, now put your hands there and see for your self, all this one, tremendous
You see on this one, how you feel your vibrations to him,

New comer: she wants put her hands up
Shri Mataji: is better now, are you feel better now?

New comer: I feel great…
Shri Mataji: [UNCLEAR]

New comer: oh yes…
Shri Mataji: how do you …feel his vibration now, let see, you try, you just try his vibration, how he

Shri Mataji: Whats your name you say
New comer: my name Yannis
Shri Mataji: couldn’t hear?
New comer: Yannis, Yanis
Shri Mataji: Yanis, alright, Yanis you can come here with your vibrations… come along
You have been really good,
New comer: thanks thanks…

Shri Mataji: you show me the greatest soul here I have never seeing. Now you must corporate with me and help me, alright, give me a kiss here, kiss me here, little bit, you are my doll, very sweet…

New comer: I think…she is mother, I’m just her friend.
Shri Mataji: you are going home? Want to go home, no? he doesn’t to go?
New comer: to her Daddy, I think we need to go, we will take few of this, I will take some of hand for you, yes we had,
Shri Mataji: this is good for the liver,
New comer: tend to… ha-ha…
Shri Mataji: bye bye…
New comer: say bye bye…
New comer & Baby Girl: yes, we will be coming…we got some grain, that’s alright, that’s alright
Shri Mataji: alright , he must siting down, this left side, can you take out this,
New comer: talks…
Shri Mataji: heart, isn’t it?
New comer: yes
Shri Mataji: how is it? See how …isn’t it, look them, they are very sentive, because they are not so much ego lized and things, they very sensitive, now better, isn’t it? Now is better, his kundalini has brought him there out like that, because of his Agyna, you can see the breathing, let him come around, I will show all of you, if you can… you see there is away, by which you can show every body your the kundilini, Alright, what are we show you, you tell him how to do it, come on your knees, you see can you? You have to come my feet, means you take out your shoes, the best way to see the kundalini, just no down, yes, show him, like this, little move down, I can show them your Kundalini, move down, put your hands there, alright, put your head there, see for your kundalini now, show them, breathing there, isn’t it, can you see the breathing,
can you see the breathing?

New comer: yes
Shri Mataji: on where is the breathing, its on here, here, kundalini has spreading on both side, you see, you can see clearly, can’t you see now? But now you know for… now is move up ward, can you see, its move, now you can do like that, now its stand, you push the kundalini up like that, you can, no no, like this, take out that way, then do it, you see, you have to move this way and this way and then take it up, one person can do this then bring up. Yes, that’s it, that’s it, see now, it starts move, can you feel the vibration now, you all can feel vibrations.
What you can do, you put anticlockwise here, on the back anticlockwise, … now, through away, on the ground, here here, you see its pulsating more, can you see it with your own eyes, you see

New comer: its breathing more
Shri Mataji: pulsating more, now you give one hand like that, put one hand towards me, yes, all time one hand towards me, now this is play, now going to the kundalini, is going to help, by your hand also, you are helping the kundalini there, pressure is going more there, see now is coming up, its moved, you see its moved, you can see with your naked eyes, its moving, you don’t have to be any other variation you can with your eyes, now see where is it?
When ever its, you just go on give it, start moving here, you see now… now, is coming to the center? Where is it, where is it? you rise it, it will come, now you see it stuck up here, this is the Nabhi chakra, if you take up the name of Shri Vishnu, it will come, Aham sakshat Vishnu Lakshmi, it pushes down from here, you see, Aham sakshat Vishnu Lakshmi, Aham sakshat Vishnu Lakshmi, Aham sakshat Vishnu Lakshmi, can you see?

Now is coming here, you see is coming up, this is the void, which have to take the name of Shri Adiguru or any Gurus name, like Mohammed, Aham Sakshat AdiGuru, Aham Sakshat AdiGuru, Aham Sakshat AdiGuru, its coming up here, you see, now this the center its here, its come up, can you see?

New comer: [UNCLEAR]
Shri Mataji: can you see now? Here it’s the name Jagadamba, that’s the mother of the universe is here, Aham sakshat Jagadambe, Aham sakshat Jagadambe, Aham sakshat Jagadambe…no doubt?

Here is the name of Radha and Krishna, Aham sakshat Radha Krishna, Aham sakshat Radha Krishna, Aham sakshat Radha Krishna…

just move here and here is Jesus and Mary, Aham sakshat Jesus Mary, Aham sakshat Jesus Mary, Aham sakshat Jesus Mary…you can feel it in your head also, you all can feel in your head also, you should Ganeshas name, because Ganesha is at back, as in the photo, innocence you see, is at back, Aham sakashat Ganesha, Aham sakashat Ganesha, Aham sakashat Ganesha Gauri, Aham sakashat Ganesha Gauri, Aham sakashat Ganesha Gauri …come, now it has come,
now see where it’s the kundalini, just see, now it has coming up here,

Now you have to take my name, at Sahasrara, Aham sakshat Nirmala, Aham sakshat Nirmala, Aham sakshat Nirmala, and now see the vibrations, now you move it, you can move with your hands, you can feel the vibrations,
See for your self, you feel it? How far is the vibration, come along, how far its, just see, you can feel it with your hands, alright, now you rise it again, it will come, and whatever maybe your defects are, …. You maybe have defects, you see might have some chakras caught up, but nothing, now you know you are sahaja yogis, see now its coming up, you can see? Again like that, Now the sympathetic is going now, now you bring it up, don’t touch, just go on top, that’s all, can you feel it, now all of you can come to see your self, he has bad Nabhi, there is also Swadishthana Chakra, now come along, one by one, all of you should come see this, see the kundalini, but don’t touch just feel it, do you feel? No? no?

New comer: I’m now sensitive
Shri Mataji: we will workout on you, next person will take it easy, alright?
New comer: I feel coolness here…
Shri Mataji: can you find out what is his problem…and what time is Srivastava is coming?
can you feel it, can you?
New comer: [UNCLEAR]
Shri Mataji: come fast, move it up, just there, now my head,
Yogis: is coming here
Shri Mataji: is coming up, yes here…Aham Sakshat …now better…we can have some body else, he must be very tired, you see now, this is what kundalini is, are you feel better now?
New comer: yes, I’m sensitive in this place
Shri Mataji: what do you feel? Unclear…now you can move, keep your eyes…its feel like dry, you better cry, kundalini is move, because of you Guru, because this is Guru, see now, she still moving in there, site down now, settle down there, because this Guru the stomach is spoiled, because this horrible fellow, now I will know who he is?

New comer: [UNCLEAR]
Shri Mataji: his Guru is MT fellow, alright
Yogis: he doesn’t know, he has been left half past 7, he has went ten past 7, he doesn’t know what time to leave
Shri Mataji: Ahha?
Yogis: he has went out ten past 7, should I leave a message
Shri Mataji: its right, alright, I will manage it, you just tell me the time
Yogis: quarter to five
Shri Mataji: you are going? May God bless you!
New comer: goodbye goodbye

Shri Mataji: you have got pleasure, now you are going to come back again, you have to looking after that, alright?
New comer: one day
Shri Mataji: May God bless you! I’m very happy, now let us see, now this is…see now, see his Kundalini in his stomach, you see, see how it vibrate it, this is the Guru, because the horrible Guru is siting down there in the stomach, that’s why its happening, you have to take a name of a Guru, alright! First take the name of Mohammed Mozart, Aham Sakshat Bhriatambara, Aham Sakshat Bhriatambara, , Aham Sakshat Bhraitambara…its acting much more, this is also good
That how they spoiled your kundalini, this is the one, is Jagadamba, as I told you, is the mother of the universe, this is the sense of serenity in you, Alright!

Aham Sakshat Jagadambe, Aham Sakshat Jagadambe, Aham Sakshat Jagadambe…
Aham Sakshat Buddha, Aham Sakshat Buddha , Aham Sakshat Buddha ,

You watch here alright, keep your eyes open, Aham Sakshat Buddha , Aham Sakshat Buddha , Aham Sakshat Buddha ,its come out, its cool come down Martin? On top of your head,
Aham Sakshat Buddhan, Aham Sakshat Buddhan, Aham Sakshat Buddhan…Hennn, this is it…
New comer: yes
Shri Mataji: put your hand down, now you see, now this is the proof of the Kundalini, you start feel the Kundalini coming out, that’s what kundalini is, Henn… can you feel it?
New comer: yes, but fell it is…
Shri Mataji: Still there, but much less, it has touched but still has… you see she supply there, she has to supply there, she going on supplying through that out, but still tested up, you see the force is so much tested, it has come, you can feel the coolness coming up?
What about you Lakshmi, are you getting any cool on the head or not, see…you all should getting cool in your head, its going up and down, you understand now, this is what its is, is going coming and going up, you watch here, alright! It comes down and it come up…

Are you alright now? Very relax isn’t it?
Still every body… how is it now, tell me, still there?
New comer: Its going up
Shri Mataji: that’s not easy, you see, you have to take something to cure that, he have to beat him with shoes and then so on that, this horrible fellow …what mantra he gives you?

New comer: shrerem
Shri Mataji:shriem?
New comer: sherem
New comer: that’s the one I had too.
Shri Mataji:shareem…sherem means nothing… you see this is how they dishonor word, its Shri, its Shri, Shri means know mother her self, its insulting her, by calling her sherem

New comer: it’s the mother??
Shri Mataji: it’s the mother, she is the Gauri, she is the Holy Ghost, so they called sherem, its called Shri, its Shri, you see my surname is Srivastava, Shri means the Holy Ghost, Vastava means surname is also Jag, my surname…
Hahnnn…good? Take my name only its work out, hahnn…
Now you are alright, you getting cool breeze on both hands?
New comer: yes
Shri Mataji: very nice…
New comer: feel very bad, because I meet my diets on Monday,
Shri Mataji: Who?
New comer: you remember, I asking if you can do spiritual healing…
Shri Mataji: yes, yes,
New comer: in the mean time, it was on Sunday, so…
Shri Mataji: what is his name?
New comer: Lousangeles, Lousangeles
Shri Mataji: what a name… what is this?
New comer: for you
Shri Mataji: Oh God, is food?
New comer, food
Shri Mataji: really?
New comer: I hope so?!
Shri Mataji: such love?
New comer: I hoping for that…
Shri Mataji: for all of them?
New comer: Oh yes, eventually!
Shri Mataji: Is it?
New comer: yes
Shri Mataji: oh really great, very sweet, very generosity!
New comer: [UNCLEAR]…
Shri Mataji: you all alright?
New comer: So I send you a letter on Thursday, maybe you will receive tomorrow.
Shri Mataji: is it?
New comer: I send you a letter
Shri Mataji: Im interested it, That’s all!
New comer: I send you late, I’m sorry!!
Shri Mataji: now you are alright! Just there, Now you just there alright! Keep your self like this, now ask them how to protect your self, and I will see,
Its good? Now he is alright.
Now you can see yours, come along, what do you say? He is alright?
You see they have insulted everything, everything, Deities, Sanyasa, they have insulted all that is Godly, everything, that’s how they have managed.

Come along, what’s up, put hand here, Ahom Saks hat Sri, Ahom Saks hat Sri, Ahom Saks hat Sri, its alright!

New comer: I feel something on my right side
Shri Mataji: yes, there is, put you hand there, apart from that, this Agyna is bad,
New comer: where is it?
Shri Mataji: this center here, you see all this people falling this center worse of the all, this is Christ center you know?
New comer: yes
Shri Mataji: what do you say, its better? what do you say, about her, its better?
Yogis: much better
Shri Mataji: its better, where did you get it?
Yogis: here
Shri Mataji: that’s one you get it , where is your mother?
New comer: at home, at …
Shri Mataji: how is she?
New comer: she is worried!
Shri Mataji: she is worried about you!
New comer: yes,
Shri Mataji: for what?
New comer: well, I thought last year maybe moving to ??? so worried about that

Shri Mataji: now better, now you can have relaxed?
New comer: yes
Shri Mataji: what do you say Colin?
Yogis: [UNCLEAR]…
Shri Mataji: where? Better? how do you say
Yogis: its much better,
Shri Mataji: how are you, better?
Andy you are alright? What do you think about this?
Hehnn…now he is better, you see, your eyes steady there
Shri Mataji: you see the eyes,
New comer: my eyes is hurting a lot, because im not sleeping,
Shri Mataji: why you are not sleeping?
New comer: I don’t know,
Shri Mataji: [UNCLEAR] …be very hot, it isn’t allow you to sleep… is better now?
New comer: yes,

Shri Mataji: are you getting any cool breeze?
Yogis: little block is there isn’t it?
Shri Matji: is better, turn around, come back, so, stand, now better,
New comer: [UNCLEAR]
Shri Mataji: no see the balance, see the balance, now its alright, or it still different?
Tight up on your head, in forward manner alright, always in the forwards manner, in the forward, all of you should go on the forward, hahnn… good? What do you say?

The head still
Shri Mataji: you say Sahasrara mantra, come along
Shri Mataji: you shouldn’t talk loudly, you see meditation is going on, keep quite.

Yogis: Om twameva sakshat, Shri Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati , Mahakali, Trigunatmika Shri Kundalini sakshat, Shri Adishakti sakshat, Shri Bhagavati sakshat, Shri Mataji, Shri Nriamala Devi Namo Namah