Talk on Pingala Nadi

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Talk on Pingala Nadi [Translation from Hindi]

Many years ago, in India, people started working on Pingala Nadi. You must have heard about king Bali when Vamana incarnation took place. King Bali was a religious person. But he did YAgnya. For getting creative powers people do YAgnya. By doing YAgnya you can control five elements. Inspiration or wish for this is to take the power of the entire world into our hands. That we become Chakravarti king on this earth. Rule of demons expands in this world. Demons become powerful. Even dev has such kind of wish but due to lack of dharma in demons, their wish is more powerful. If a car does not have a break, it rolls out of control, in the same way, their wish also flows like that. Some cunning gurus used to help them in this. Surprisingly some of them were realized soles and Brahmans.

Like Vishwamitra Ji was there, he only taught Bali. Like he was a pure effort. There were many impure and cunning efforts. But he had pure efforts. My efforts only you can move on Pingala Nadi. And for this effort is being told that you tap, YAgnya, and acquire the powers. It is about pleasing Brahma dev. You cannot get salvation by pleasing Brahma dev. It will not transform you or take you to new human awareness. It might give you control over five elements like water and air. Or you might get certain powers by which you can kill people. All these powers begin with mantras like Gayatri etc. And we have seven powers like this inside us which we can acquire. If we acquire it without the shadow of dharma then it can also have a negative impact as in Raja Bali. 

When Vishwamitra asked Raja Bali to do Tapa, he asked Brahma dev to grant a wish that he can destroy all the deva. After that, you know Vamana incarnation took place. About Vamana incarnation we know, that our powers in the middle, which we call satva guna powers, which are powers of Lord Vishnu, the powers because of which we became humans from amoeba, that power took incarnation to restore the balance. You were going on one extreme of acquiring powers, and you start killing people, such societies which we call ego-oriented societies, like the west, is ego-oriented, to kill people, to fight wars, to rule people, as Britishers rule us, America wants to rule us through economic development. Then Russian wants to rule us. At this time some Satvik power has to take birth. If that does not take birth then these people will suppress the entire world with their ego. Although their welfare does not take place. And after that, they go directly to hell only. But all those who are killed, butchered, all the calamities that come, people suffer, in that many saints also get destroyed. Many people go into hell. They keep on nurturing their demonic powers and in the process, they do not realize that they are harming others. We are burdening others with our selfish interests and destroying them also. I can see the social arrangements in the present time. In the entire world, society has become ego-oriented. 

In our country, we can talk about balance. The first thing in balance is that we need to awaken dharma inside us. Vaishnavi powers can awaken dharma inside us. When dharma awakens in a human being then he can leave anything extreme inside him. When your country is running after development, you should see the countries who think they are highly developed and happy, in reality, they are not at all happy. In Kalyuga by God’s grace, you come to know about anything happening in any corner of the world. There is a place called Bermuda triangle, you must have heard the name, it is like the gate of hell. How is the gate of hell? Many people are made slaves over there. People of many countries are traded as slaves over there. Sobs and grief of people traded over there have settled there and that grief has made the Bermuda triangle. These demonic powers can come for many reasons. Like you have heard these days there are Anand Margi people. There are many such people. And all the gurus are involved in such trades. Some of these do work on Ida Nadi (Left channel) but many works from Pingala Nadi (Right Channel) also. They have attained powers by which they bring dead people from Pingala Nadi in their collective superconscious and then get their work done from you.  

Becoming too dynamic, becoming far more progressive than the progress of the world, if everyone in the world is poor, in that one person becomes rich, all such things we call it cancer. It is a malignancy. Too much growth of one cell is malignancy. Such a cell when touches another cell is also malignancy. A person sees another person growing, so he thinks I also grow. He doesn’t look at what his life in reality is. How he is living his life. What is the condition of his house? How happy he is? Just he has money so I also should have money. Then another person seeing him says even I want money. If he has power, it has become prime minister I also want to become prime minister. If he has become a governor then I also want to become governor. In this way, this malignancy spreads. In satvik life a person gets satisfaction. He lives in satisfaction. Because he is in his dharma. He seeks happiness from his dharma. Now in Sahaja Yoga, you can understand how much happiness you get in Dharma. You can keep the entire wealth and power of the world on one side, but the happiness you get from Dharma is invaluable. 

Nothing is bigger than that happiness in the world. You know that in Sahaja Yoga many people left alcohol suddenly. When peace and love of God residing in our heart starts flowing inside us, then such things automatically subside. I don’t need to give any lecture or put any effort, it all leaves on its own. Source of happiness changes and because of that our priorities changes. This is a big advantage of Sahaja Yoga. Because of this, your dharma gets established. Until you don’t establish your dharma till then you will not enjoy Sahaja yoga. Hypocrisy doesn’t work in it. Dharma is established inside us. We know in Nabhi Chakra dharma is established. If there is some problem in dharma at nabhi chakra, then no matter how much Sahaja Yoga you do, you will not get results. That is why first you shall establish your dharma. For this, I have told you many solutions. 

Now when our country is growing, we are coming at par with rich countries, then our countrymen should think, that all those things which are in them shall come inside us? Or we should balance something from our side. This thought is very important. We are in search of joy and we shall not make ourselves in such a way that our powers overpower others. Nor do we want to become such people who harass other people. 

When you get realization in Sahaja yoga, and after that when you establish your dharma, then you see you don’t get money, but Lakshmi. Lakshmi comes inside you. Money doesn’t come but Lakshmi comes. There is a huge difference between Lakshmi and money. I have told you many times the difference between money and Lakshmi. Lakshmi brings satisfaction and pride. It is quite different to be Lakshmipati than having money. 

In the old-time when the torture of Bali increased, Vamana avatar came to kill him. Then Devi killed Mahishasura. When Devi killed mahishasura, her wife cried a lot and went to please Brahmadeva. There is no big deal to please Brahmadeva. She did jap and tap to please Brahma deva. In our body also when you will see our nerve is long on one side and is half on another side. If someone fills this gap by trying, then he or she can become powerful. When people do hath yoga or tap and jap, they can get such powers. That devil also got such powers. She said Brahma deva to give her such powers that neither shiva nor Vishnu could defeat her. Both powers could not work on her give her such powers. And she was a devil. And she killed all the devils. Then mother of the devils Aditi started crying. After that a child was born and how that child destroyed Mahishasura. At that time also they did the same thing, they pleased Brahmadeva by doing jap and tap. And Brahmadev gives blessings according to his nature that you may get powers. You get physical strength and mental strength. You will not get the power of love. You will get the power of the brain and body. By getting such powers you can rule on the body and mind of other people. Such a person will look extremely intelligent and show such things that people will think that he is a very powerful person. In Sahaja yoga, Brahmadev is in control and does not give such power to people. So devils thought when we cannot get such powers from Brahmadeva, let us go to collective supra-conscious and use people dead over there to get such powers. They are using all these things in trans etc. all these things. They are freezing the kundalini of the people. The moment kundalini sees that they are going to bhoots, she converts itself to ice. Though, surprisingly, I have given realization to many of their followers in London. They also got a realization. So, we can control the powers of Brahmadeva. We can control the powers of Brahmadeva and the powers of Shivji, powers of Mahakali can also be controlled by us. You don’t know but you have already done it. You have done it for a long. You take out caches of other people. You do it with the help of Mahakali powers. You would not have noticed but many of you have started getting unique ideas and started doing new things. Like those who have never done decoration before, they have got a lot of creativity and have started doing decoration work for Sahaja also. All this is due to the powers of Brahmadeva.

But in the present times, we need to use Vaishnavi powers more as it is their rule. We have to work for the welfare of the entire world. We have to give realization to the entire world. We have to spread Sahaja Yoga in the entire world. So, we have to use these Vaishnavi powers. When we attach Vaishnavi powers with other powers then all this works. I will tell you a small thing. Like it has started in Rahuri. People of Rahuri thought they want to start a school of Sahaja Yoga. But before that those people started giving their powers to the elements. They vibrate the water and called it tirth. They use that in gardening, planting fruits, treating diseases of fruits and seeds. They have started giving vibrations to the cow and by that cow has started giving milk. In this work it out. If you open a school of Sahaja Yoga, you can work it out through the kids. You have to build schools based on Indian cultural values like a simple lifestyle. Those kids will be very satisfied. In ego-oriented societies, men do not have any manners. They do not have any consciousness. We can see what kind of clothes women are wearing. Kind of clothes they roam in. There is no wisdom in man. They look so cheap. There is no difference between prostitutes and women. Everything is there in their thoughts. In ego-oriented societies dharma of the man is getting destroyed. Human beings are getting away from their dharma. Whenever you go to the extreme your dharma will get destroyed. When dharma breaks, society breaks. On the breaking of society, everything gets destroyed. When society gets destroyed every person will get separated. Then like it happens abroad, people get involved in drugs, spirit, and so on. In the present time, you can see a beautiful map of ego-oriented society. Children are crying in the house and women are playing cards. They do not have any love for kids. Girls make themselves the center of attraction as if they are prostitutes. They do not have any self-respect. They become so ill-mannered that we are surprised by how people are behaving. But all this has been mentioned in Purana that in Kalyuga people will go were. In kali yuga, there is the extremism of Rajo Gun because of which this has happened. Earlier also this uses to happen. But earlier one or two kings, a person or one Hitler used to become like this, but now in Kalyuga, every person has become ego oriented. Like cancer has spread in the entire body.

Now the balance will come by Dharma. You will have to establish yourselves in Dharma. Because of this, you will have to leave three main things told by everyone. The first thing is alcohol. Alcohol kills your dharma because it kills your consciousness. The second thing is Tobacco. Tobacco is a vegetable form of devil. The moment you take tobacco or any other addictive thing, you go to the left side. The moment you go on the left side, it gives you a swing and you become ego-oriented. A person who has drunk alcohol speaks all non-sense. With a swing, you come to the other side and you become ego oriented. In this way, the balance works. You keep swinging from one extreme to another extreme and it keeps on increasing. So second thing is tobacco etc any addictive drug, even taking tablets for sleeping is prohibited. I have told you these two things especially. 

The third thing is money. Putting too much attention on money is very harmful. When you go towards money you become far away from Lakshmi. When your attention is too much on money then things like going on race, playing cards, things in which you earn money, money has become a competitive thing. It will tangle your attention. You think it will entertain you but you can never get entertained with money. You will become more and more unhappy. And you will get stuck in the marsh so much that you won’t be able to come out of it and you will not also know about it. I have seen so many old women of 80, 90 years, who are just playing cards always. An ant is better than them. What is the use of such a life in which you are always playing card? It is a black spot. Such life has no use in this world. It seems that God almighty has created insects. 80-90 years old women are playing cards with money. They call it an adjustment.

These three things will never fit in dharma. Even if you see it superficially then also it is a lie. Like I have told you about places of depth in dharma, you can listen about it later, you have to set yourself on those places. But these are three basic things, a person who does these three things it is very difficult for them to set in dharma. In Sahaja yoga, such people cannot come, as you know we have many limited people over here. Because Mataji says don’t do this, don’t do that. People want convenient gurus, that give me your money and then do whatever you want to do.  

Another subtle thing in an ego-oriented society is sex. In that human being just deteriorates. He feels he has one woman with him so he shall have ten. He just keeps on searching everywhere. Like in cards his attention is on money, in the same way, his attention is on women. His eyes are not stable, it keeps on moving. It is moving all the time. What can Sahaja yoga give to such anxious and unstable attention? First, you have to build your self-respect. A person who has not made self-respect, how his self will awaken. Self-respect is very important. How can you expose your dignity to everyone? It is a subtle thing that people can’t understand. They get stuck in its detailing. The person does not know about it, but these small things get set inside him and when the time comes it blasts. Then news comes in the newspaper that this person met her there and so on. What is there in it? What fun you had in it? I don’t find such people nor happy neither satisfied. We should set our ideals, that this is our ideal. Our ideals should be such which are same inside, out. Many people say that we respect Shastri Ji. I said ok, but you don’t have any of his ideals in your life. How do you believe in them? We believe in Gandhiji but do not wish to follow the basic foundation of his ideals. If you believe them to be ideals then you should follow their teachings. If you believe them to be ideal, you move forward with their name. if you are following them just for your name and fame that you are a gandhiwadi, then you are a hypocrite. The moment self-respect will awaken inside you, you will be able to save your ideals and bring them inside you. There is no difference between a normal human being and a person of values and virtues. There is no difference. A normal human being can also become it. There is no difficulty in it.  

Especially you people. You people have found your ideals. But you will have to stand on your ideals. There is no need to be shy about it. Like other people roam around in the world, you don’t have to roam around. You live in your way. Stand on your ideals. Stand on your self-respect and say confidently that only this is truth and everything else is false. As time passes, the truth will manifest from you and people will say, what a wonderful person, completely transparent. He does what he speaks. He doesn’t need to ask. And you will find that you are worth worshiping. Many rich people are not worth worshiping. The moment they turn around, people start criticizing them. You are worth worshiping because of your qualities. And people who have qualities only they can develop them. For those who do not have any qualities, then me shouting or giving realization will not make any difference as with time kundalini will fall back again. Today I thought I would not speak anything. Because due to speaking my throat has become sore. Now till you people will not work it out, nothing will improve. You should do some work. Sit in meditation every day. These days I am here, there is a lot of vibrations. Till you won’t absorb it, my health will not improve. You should go deep inside you; you should dive deep into Sahaja Yoga.  And what is the advantage of it, the advantage is that you will go to that place where there is peace.