The role of Chitta


1977-12-18 1 Atma Itself In Form Marathi 1, 57'
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“The role of chitta” talk in Marathi. 18 December 1977.

To define God they use the term “sat-chitt-ananda” [Sat-truth, Chitta-attention, Ananda-joy]. And if Spirit is the reflection of God then it should be “sat-chitt-ananda” as well. Now let us look at “chitta”. What is it? Where is it? What exactly happens when we say the chitt goes to places? So, the so-called attention is everywhere. You may say that: “Ok, let my attention go to London”. So it will go there. And you may say: “Let it go to heaven” and so it will. Say you are thinking about your daughter: your attention would then go there. So in a way, you are putting your attention there.

So if you just think like: “What is my daughter doing right now?”. There goes your attention to the girl. So the attention is spread out, it is like the sea. You can take your ship and sail to whichever shore you want. The waves of your chitta will take you wherever you wish – There is no restriction whatsoever. But that chitta cannot go within, inside human beings. It spreads outside. So we can think about things outside of us, but not if we want to think about – who we are, what we are. That is because the chitta and atma [Spirit] are divided. The two have been separated from one another in human state. And hence you cannot reach your atma through that chitta. It is just like your car. There is the gas/petrol which can spread everywhere, but unless it goes into the carburettor you can’t have the ignition.

Likewise, this chitta of human beings that is spread outside needs to be brought in. How do we achieve that? That chitta which is spread out like the ocean, we understand how to use it, where to put it. But how to bring it to the atma? This has been a big question for mankind since the very beginning.  You can’t think about it and make it happen – Just like you can’t bring the petrol to the carburetor by thinking. Thus the human is not capable of achieving this task by himself. The only thing he can do is to keep his attention detached. For example, a person who is ‘tamo-guni’ [left sided] or ‘rajo-guni’ [right sided] – his/her attention is too preoccupied to reach God. They are too concerned about this outside world. And then there are people who are ‘Satva-guni’. These people are standing on the lines of ‘Dharma’. And it doesn’t mean that they are very religious or ritualistic people but people who are in the middle, moderate people who have a rational attitude without biases.

Scolding; for instance, some may say that it is wrong, not ‘dharmic’. But if you do that for the betterment of others and yourself, it is the best. Just to bear it all upon yourself is no sign of wisdom. A lot of people tell me about how they bore so much aggression from other and the way they took the sufferings all upon themselves. Why? Who told you to do that? This too is a sign of ‘tamoguna’. On the flipside, attacking others is ‘rajoguni’. But to witness everything and taking a decision by staying in the middle is ‘Satvaguni’. It is actually easier done than said. To be ‘satvaguni’ is the easiest. But human beings are twisted that ways, they don’t want anything easy, they won’t believe if it is easy. They want to perform acts of valour! Who has asked them to perform these circus-like antics? Now when I think of it [circus] I wonder who has asked them to stand on their heads, walk on wires? They will do all these acrobats, splits, and injure their chakras in the process. Why? Who has asked them to do these stupid things? Now look at ballet, they call it the ‘artistic dance’ – they do it by moving on their toes. If you do something like that, both your chakras – Nabhi and Vishuddhi – are going to go out of order.

So you see, people feel the need to do something that goes out of the way, all the time. They feel like the more they do it, the more expert the person becomes! But by doing so they spoil their chakras. And then they say that – Mother, we do so many things and we still haven’t got our Realization. So the people who practice things in the extreme fall short in taking to Sahaja. People who don’t push themselves to the extreme in order to achieve something, who accept their limits and know when to stop – their chitta doesn’t get too involved into a particular thing and remains relatively free.

Now if you bring a wrestler to me and ask to give him Realization, that is very difficult. He is going to be so imbalanced. Though he is very developed physically, his emotional state is in complete imbalance. He is going to be suffering from diabetes, to begin with. If not that, then his brain [too egoistic] must have gone wrong. Else he is going to be a very dry personality. So this is one type of imbalance – the other is of the brain. Intellectualism. People who rely on their brain – they will read to no end.

So the attention is completely preoccupied in all such cases. None of it remains free to be put to anything else. The attention is spread throughout your body by your central nervous system. And it exists inside every cell. So if you get physically hurt, the cell will inform the nervous system and your chitta will then go to that part of the body. But you can’t take your chitta to what is going on inside the cell. So you don’t know what exactly is going on in your body until something starts hurting. So all these people who take it to the extremes, if I tell them to bring their attention to the center, they won’t listen. So the people who are in the middle, who have their mentality in the middle are the ones who take to Sahaja the best. Very ‘successful’ people won’t work out because the success has gone to their heads and ruined them. They have so much ego that they are blind to how that ego is damaging them – they go flowing away in their own whims. So people having individualistic mentalities will find it difficult to take to Sahaja. The reason for that is because their attention is not in balance. We need to bring our chitta in the center to begin with. How to tell if it is there? Both your hands should have equal vibrations. First get the balance. Nothing is going to get better without that. Even if you have a lot of force but one of your side is crooked, then how will I be able to open your Sahasrara? That is simple logic. 

First bring the balance in your life. Now some people will be so strict with themselves about getting up at exactly 4 o’clock in the morning. They‘ll forcefully wake up everyone else for pujas, bhajans etc… That is wrong. You should be ‘Sahaj’ about it. I’ll wake you up, be relaxed about it. You should be like the birds who wake up in the morning, chirping joyfully. So you will find egoistic people who proudly say that this is the way I do things, this is my way, your way doesn’t work for me etc. – and they are not even ashamed about it. Such people are no good for Sahaja. Their chittas are incapable of taking to Sahaja. So your attention should be in balance all the time.

Now, what happens at the time of Realization, Kundalini which nourishes the chitta, gets enlightened. Or you could say that it acts like a magnet, the Kundalini absorbs in the chitta. So all this chitta which is spread out everywhere, all of it gets pulled into the Kundalini. And then she starts her journey towards the location of the atma where ‘Sadashiva’ resides, above the Sahasrara. Actually, the heart is Shiva’s ‘home’- it’s called the ‘pitha’. But he is present at the Sahasrara – that is his ‘Sthaan’, his office. Like the Governor, he has his home and then he has his office. And as soon as the Kundalini comes and touches his feet, you come to know about that in your heart – that the kundalini has reached Sahasrara.
Now the Kundalini gets showered with the light of the atma, the light of the Spirit gets flashed upon it. And at that point in time the chitta of a human being gets the light of the Spirit. It means that the light of Spirit enters your central nervous system. So your awareness gets a new dimension now. And what happens in that dimension – The first aspect it gets is that of truth, meaning, you get the experience. That experience is the only truth, everything else is false. You might have read the ancient scriptures (Bible, Gita, Quran) but this experience is what makes you realize that all that was told in them was the truth.
So to know whatever you had previously read was true, the power to validate between truth and untruth now gets manifested within your chitta. Are you understanding this? Perhaps not. Until you got your Realization you didn’t really know what is accepted by your chitta as the truth.

For example if you were to think about God: “Does he really exist? Maybe, my grandma said so”, you may say. But does he really exist? No way to tell for sure. You don’t really know anything for sure. But once you get your Realization and the vibrations start flowing through your hands, then all of a sudden you start knowing if something is real or not. Now put hands on your lap and ask yourself this question: Does God exist? And you’ll see that the vibrations will start flowing in leaps and bounds. So basically you get the experience of the truth. The absolute truth stands before you. The relative disappears. So you starting knowing what is caught up. The doctors will perform all sorts of diagnosis on a patient to determine what is wrong but even then they might not be accurate – or even right for that matter. But you now have the power to know what is wrong with a person, within a split second. You can now ‘understand’ truth. You now know – what the truth is at a given point in time.

For example, you have this person standing in front of you right now. You know what is wrong with him – what chakras of his are caught up. So everyone who is realized will know what is wrong with him and, at the same time, what is caught up in themselves. The other thing is – you also come to realize that there is something (negativity) that has caught hold of us- but we are not the ones holding onto it. So now you don’t feel bad about it. Just tell Mother about it and the problem is solved.

But if you were to tell a non-Realized person that he/she is caught up, they would probably come back hitting at you. But only a Yogi has the wisdom to see that negativity and ask Mother to take it out. On the contrary, a non-Yogi gets identified with that negativity. So if the Yogis are caught up, they don’t feel bad about it because they know that whatever Mother is saying is the truth. All they want is to get rid of that negativity. So no one feels bad about it now. Although they (Yogis) used to feel bad in the beginning. If someone said that a person’s chakra was caught up, that person used to deny that and blame the other instead, saying that he was the one who was actually caught up [Shri Mataji is laughing]. This was the situation at some point in the past. Not so bad right now. It is getting better.

Now all of you understand that it is something in your attention that is caught up, nothing to do with your Spirit. That dirty ‘something’ in your attention is what is ‘caught up’ and needs to go away. So the description of atma is the embodiment of truth. Meaning that it tells you what is true. It will never lie to you. Once the light of truth starts shining – ask any questions, ask away. Ask about Me.

So many people spoke against Me, called Me a liar. It never affected Me. I realized that there was no point in explaining them: these people are blind. Why get angry on someone who cannot see? They are going to stumble across some ditch and fall into it. But at least I can tell them: “Stand still for a bit, let me fix your eyes.” Now once the eyes are fixed, they start seeing what is going on, who is Mataji, is this real or not. Once they see, then they get the experience and then everything turns out fine. But if the person doesn’t even have eyes in the first place, then what is the point in arguing with that person? So I keep telling you: “Don’t argue, don’t fight with anyone. It is never going to work out through arguments.” And the reason for that is – You won’t get to know the truth through anyplace except your atma. The absolute truth, about anything, can be understood through your atma. So anything, let it be science, politics – anything in this world – all of it gets understood through your heart, through your atma. You can’t get it from anywhere else.

So in a way I don’t understand Politics, that is the politics of human beings. But actually I do. And then again I don’t! Meaning, the knowledge of the atma that is absolute and that is what I understand. But the knowledge that is illusionary, I don’t pay attention to it and neither do I want to tell you about it. All the knowledge which is illusionary, that which has been termed as ‘avidya’[false knowledge] by Surdas [a saint in India], I don’t have my attention on it, and neither should you.
So now you have acquired a new sight – the light of atma – through which you get the experience of truth, you understand the truth and you stand in it. The truth is flowing through your hands. So chitta is a form of God.
Now I am sitting here, and you come and tell Me something: I just bring it in my attention and the work is done. Such is the power of this enlightened attention. You only need a little divine desire to work it out along with it. That’s what is called the divine chitta. But you still have to develop yours. But it is sufficiently strong enough if you bring Me into your attention and ask Me to get some work done, it will be done.

But for that to happen you should have Me in your heart. That is not the case. The expectation from people is: “We told mother so many time. Yet, She hasn’t helped us out.” So they want to exercise their rights on Me. But they should first introspect and find out how much of those rights have they exercised over themselves? Like you would go to a race course and ask Me to make your horse win. Be assured that your horse will never win, you will lose big time. Same for gambling: if you gamble in my name then you are in for a great loss. Never take my name and do such things! So, the truth, which is a form of the Almighty, is present in your atma. It resides in you.

Once you come to know that God, once the truth manifests in you and you feel it flowing through your hands, you come to understand your true Self. You also get to know others as well through that truth. Not only that, but you also come to know the entire world. So you see, the truth and chitta now become one. There is no difference between them. Your chitta is the truth and truth is the chitta because if you ask any question, your chitta has the answer to it. They start to differ when you start thinking for no reason.

Whenever you are faced with any question, you need to ask if that is this truth or not. But you need to ask the right questions.

For example, take London. They keep telling Me that: “We cannot find a place for the ashram”, that “we tried a lot. We met such and such people yet things are not working out.” Is it so? What is so special about you, why should someone want to meet you? “Because we are Sahaja Yogis” they say.  So what? You’ve got the vibratory awareness, haven’t you? “Yes”, they say. So did you use it? “No, but we did go and try to meet important people like the mayor etc…” Why? How is he related to Me? Did you ask the Almighty? Did you check your vibrations? Did you give vibrations to the problem? Use all these tools and see how things work out. And eventually they did get it [a place for ashram].

So the only thing that you have to use from now onwards is your vibrations, nothing else – not even your intellect, because this brain is limited. You have to live by vibrations only. Whatever is needed, tell your chakras. Give bandhans. Again, not for the horses in the race! If you want to ask for something then ask for something that befits a king. Why should you act like a beggar? Would anyone make the beggar a king? So ask accordingly. And when you ask for something likewise everything will have to sort itself out, won’t it? Isn’t it obvious?
When you become the president of a country, don’t you get the residence to stay in for free as well? But if someone says that it is his wish to stay in a ‘residence’ then what will people say? Better to make him a clerk at the president’s office then. These things that I am telling you are all very simple. If your chitta is all the time fixed on your vibrations then it is eventually going to become the truth itself – and truth will become the chitta. You will be surprised, you will experience miracles, every step of your way. You’ll say:”I don’t understand how this happened”. I am telling you: “Your chitta should become the truth.” That is all. And go for whatever may come in front of you. You shouldn’t have any resolves. For example, you shouldn’t be too much like: “I have to go there today, I have to get this done.” You shouldn’t plan too stringently.
Say, you buy a ticket to go someplace. You get on the bus. And a person comes and sits beside you. You should think: “Why not start talking to him about Sahaja? There must be a reason why the divine has crossed my path with him, now why should I keep my mouth shut?”

Sahaja Yogi: … as soon as I start talking to people about Sahaja I start getting tremendous flow of vibrations out of my head.
Shri Mataji: Yes, instantaneously. They will start flowing through you at that moment. It is a tremendous power which is spread everywhere, and it is active all the time. And it is doing such beautiful work, you only need to start rolling it into motion.

So now, your chitta becomes the truth. That is the first stage in Sahaja Yoga. But the joy is still to come. How does that stage come? When we start searching for it. We don’t search for joy, we search for sorrow. For example, you try to find out what’s wrong with you, what you are catching: “There is nothing wrong with me, I am perfectly fine.” Just try to feel that and see for yourself. Your engine has started already. Now don’t you need to step on the accelerator a bit? How will the car move otherwise? The joy is spread everywhere throughout your chitta. But you cannot experience it because it is not calm, it is moving all the time. You say: “Now we have these catches here, we are caught up there.” How can that happen? Impossible.
Sahaja Yogi: Shoebeating is a very good way.
Shri Mataji : If you think you have got the catches from a person, shoebeat his name as well as yours, and it works out. Yes, shoebeat. But eventually, you’ll realize that shoebeating too is a trick played on your mind. You will reach a stage where you won’t catch any negativities. Instead you will start catching onto others. Like I do [Shri Mataji laughs].

But you leave Me and keep running away from time to time. How will you get the joy then? If all the time you keep thinking about these negative things, like: “Now I have this ‘badha’, that ‘badha’[negativities]”, then for sure you will catch them.

The thing is, after Sahaja, your brain should become very light. If you realize that God is present inside you and he is showering his light upon you, if you just think about how that light would be like – that’s it, your entire brain will get filled up with that light.
Now, take small children for example. There are joyous all the time. How come? Because they don’t have attachment to things. They will play and once they finish they will come looking for water. After water they will want to do something else.
But adults are like: “This is my brother, this is my father – cure them.” “All right.” Then: “This is my grandfather, cure him.” Done! Now: “This is my great-grandfather…” And the list goes on! Why have you taken all these things onto yourselves instead of thinking about your joy? “Thinking over” here means that: “Mother has given this fun thing, let me at least see what that is.” But you seem to have taken up to cure everyone around you.
If you come to know of anyone who is not keeping well, you will call Me up and tell Me about them that I will ‘have’ to see them, that I will have to cure them.

To all such people, if you see someone around you who has problems, tell them to take My photograph and meditate upon it. If your faith is true, it will work out. You needn’t do anything else. Just tell them that you have told Me. It will even work out if you when you think of Me and put your attention on it. But what is the need to call Me? We listen even when you ask us and we are not present in person. But the faith should be present, shouldn’t it? If you have this faith: “I believe in my Mother and when I ask Her to solve problems, she does everything”, we will do everything you say. But everything is dependent upon your faith.
I have told you that everything is going to work out. We have taken you under our wings. Your word will not go false. Just ask Me and see. Go and ask those people who have followed this path: none of them ever calls Me. Why do you need phones? You have one in your heart. Only need to ask and it is done. But again, the faith needs to be there.
The faiths still haven’t developed to that extent. Those who have this faith are in joy all the time. Raptures of vibrations are flowing through those hands all the time; those hands have done good to so many people. God only knows.

Now, finding your faults and crying over it – another very bad habit. I’ve told you so many times, yet, you still keep doing it. What faults – what is so serious about them? I have a very good soap – I will wash away all those faults of yours. What is so big about them, let us see? Does any of that rise above the love I have for you? If a child falls down, gets his hand dirty and starts crying, the mother consoles him saying that she will wash it and make it clean again, doesn’t she? It is just the same thing. But you just keep on crying.
To begin with, let Me at least see what is so wrong. Honestly, I don’t see anything wrong. All of you seem like roses. But you keep cutting yourselves with your own scissors. How will you get the joy then? You are your own enemy. But aren’t you all sitting here in front of Me because you are something special? How many times do I need to tell that to you now? Now ascend. You are higher than Shivaji Maharaja [A great king from Maharashtra, India]. All big saints and gurus are at your feet. So ascend the throne. And enjoy your virtues. Now let go of my hand and stand by yourself.

There came a gentleman, he was saying: “I will come see you, but only in your house.” Why alone? “Because if I come see you in a group then I start catching from others.” Is it so? I don’t want such sissies. We have many such over-smart people. And then you say that you have great sorrows. Of course you will be sad then.

There is such joy, can’t you see? All you saint people all together. You don’t have an idea how saints used to live in earlier times, everyone was all alone, by themselves. Tukaram [Saint from Maharashtra, India] was alone and there were hundreds to trouble him. Dyaneshwar [Saint from Maharashtra, India] suffered the same ways. No one was left in peace. People found every one of them and destroyed their lives. Now you are so many! Yet, you fight amongst yourselves.
Take joy in one another, enjoy one another’s vibrations, see what joy it is! Everyone is better than the other. Like, there is a pearl necklace and it has got many beautiful pearls on it. They need to fill up the necklace and make Me look beautiful. But the pearls kept rubbing against one another, got eroded and then vanished away. Now what to do?

To experience the state of joy, just settle down a bit. The source of joy needs to be taken in a calm state of mind. So when such dirty thoughts start entering our minds – and I will refer to such thoughts as dirty because all that which is not nourishing your joy is dirty – then ask them why do they enter you. Why do you bring in such dirty thoughts? You are Sahaja Yogis. It is you, you are this invaluable lot that I have happened to get in this Kali Yuga. You have ascended to such a high level. And you are going to cry now? “I am not going to deny or miss my joy”, that should be the attitude. This element of joy needs to be kept with you all the time. It is like the rays of a “diva”[oil lamp on altar]. The rays reveal the truth. Through them you will know what is real and what is false. But out of it all, that which burns – the oil – is love, the love of the Almighty. It has been burning day and night. All that put together, the wick, oil, light, all that is love.

If you feel love for someone, be it a man, a lady, a child, whoever it may be, you come to know everything about them. You come to know all the truth about them. You experience joy in that love, and your entire attention is drawn towards that person.
But it is the love for God that we are talking about. There is only one difference which separates the two, and that is a very great difference. It is in the love for God that you get to meet your ‘atma’. The other type of love has two shades to it: joy and sorrow. In God’s love, only joy exists, there are no two sides to it. So when you love someone, you don’t think about how you love them, you just do. That is how your love for God should be like: from your heart. There are no thoughts involved. When thoughts come into the picture, the whole thing gets a sheen of artificiality.
But when it is entirely through the heart, you get to experience something so beautiful that no words can describe it. This work you do is the blessings of that atma. This mind, ego, super-ego – the atma is much beyond all of them. And when its light enters all of them [inaudible].
But without Realization, all of these concepts are meaningless. Realization needs to happen. Without that, there is no point to anything – People are only wasting their time discussing such things. So divert your attention a little towards your joy. Now we need to be able to find that joy inside us. And whenever you start getting negative thoughts you should say “no” to them. These bad habits should be given up. It is within you that the waves of joy are rising. But the problem is that you don’t have your attention over there.

There was this girl in London. About eight days before coming to my program she started feeling overjoyed. She couldn’t understand why – more so because she was actually in sorrow as her husband used to ill-treat her. And she seemed joyous throughout the program. And later she came and told me how she was feeling. That she had realized why she was experiencing that joy, that she had found that source of joy. And as soon as she forwarded her hands towards Me, the vibrations increased even more – she said. She got her Realization very easily and that had happened 8 days before that day, automatically. I never even had to place my hand on her. She said she had seen my photograph. She knew that it would be at that program, that she would come to know how she had found that joy. She must have been a great soul, seeking in her past lives. So instead of thinking about your mother, sister, father, brother, etc… you should start thinking about yourself, that you should achieve that joy. All these old ways of thinking should be given up. What you do outside, how much you move your hands, there is no greatness in all these things. The greatness lies in what becomes of you, how much you ascend.

I feel Sahaja is still a baby’s cradle. If you go elsewhere, to begin with, they will ask you to fast for 5 days, make rounds of SiddhiVinayaka [Lord Ganesha’s swayambhu in Mumbai, India] for 7 days, pay the priest of some temple with so much amount of money and many other tasks of such types. Else, they will ask you to give money to some guru, or stand on your heads for 8 days, do this, do that – some stupid acts.
But Sahaja is the opposite in that. It first gives you the absolute. It is a becoming not the being. Understood? This is the foundation of Sahaja. So now, what you turn into down the line, that is to be seen. What becomes of you, that is to be seen. That is where your attention should be. Everything else is taken care of. Everything will ‘become’ if you ‘become’. The world around you as you know it – does anything lie beyond it? No, right? So when you become all right, the world will also turn all right. Everything is in mess because you are not all right. You are not all right, meaning your vision is not all right. If someone says that everything around should be perfect, how do you expect that to happen? From where should the perfection originate, others or yourself? A simple question, common sense as you call it. Common sense means staying in the middle. You say that the whole world should be perfect. How is it possible? That is very subjective, people around you would have different ideas of perfection that won’t match yours. It is a complicated statement that you make.

Instead you should say that: “It is I who should become perfect. Have I become perfect yet?” It doesn’t mean that you feel bad about yourself by thinking about your faults. “Not yet. So let me become perfect”. Meaning: have I experienced the joy? Once you find that source of joy within yourself – and you are fully capable of finding that source because you have come to Sahaja – so once you find it, you will discover joy in everything.

I don’t understand what is there to feel so sad about. The entire scenario changes. Cosmic changes occur. It is like if you are the bulbs on the stage and are projecting light onto it: the stage will be lit with whatever color the glass of the bulb is made of. You change your colors, you change the colors of the stage. People should change.

So, “sat-chitt-ananda” is a form of God. “Ananda” [joy] is the experience and “sat” is the knowledge. And that which experiences it is your chitta. So when all these three integrate, then you can say that your Realization has become complete. The integration should happen, complete integration.

But now you shouldn’t ask like: “What should I do for Sahaja, how should I behave?” I don’t want to set rules. But you by yourself should decide through the vibrations you feel. You have their complete freedom. You should see through vibrations what is right, what is not. We do already know that about basic things. But through vibrations you actually get to know the truth, in and out. And if you start walking by what the vibrations say, you will eventually become the source of joy. So the entire establishment of atma that is within will manifest itself outside and will shine through you. And people around you will know that you are something special.

[The audio gets cut at this point]