Atma Ki Anubhuti, Meeting Speech


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Atma Ki Anubhuti Date : 28th December 1977 Place Mumbai Type Seminar & Meeting Speech 

 [English translation from Hindi]

Last time I told you about the Atma. What it is and how it becomes Sachidanand (Sat-true, chit-attention, anand- pleasure/happiness). And how only after realization a human can achieve all three. Without self realization you cannot know Atma. You can not receive happiness. Realising Atma is very necessary. Now you can talk to Atma. You can ask Atma. Right now all of you sitting here can ask if God is present in the world? Does He rule the world? stretch your palms in front, see the vibrations have increased so much. You can not know any truth unless you have not realized or connection with your Atma. In Sahaj yoga you get connected with Atam very easily. For some this connection is for a while and others forever. After getting connected with the Atma we have to get ..(not clear about the meaning of tadamay). You have come to know me, that is fine, you have recognized me that is also fine but I have not become you. I can see you and you can see me. When I can see from your sight /view then तादात्म्य is achieved. When you enter the Atma and can view the world from there then you can say that self- realization has been achieved completely. Kundalini has been awakened, risen and piercing has been accomplished, Sahastrar has been broken and you people have crossed. You can recognize the situation of yours and others by feeling the chakras and you are acquiring this knowledge but so far you have not become तादात्म्य with the Atma.
To get तादात्म्य with the Atma the first step is to accept that “I am not the one”, “He is the one”, “You and only you”, “Atma is the one”. Kabir Das has explained it very nicely- when धुनकी is beaten it sounds “Tu hi Tu Hi” (In hindi it means- You only). धुनकी is made of the skin of Goat’s intestines. But when the intestines are alive in the goat, goat sounds../Mai, Mai ( In hindi it means , I/me). It is when the intestines are pulled out and severe treatment is given by beating, stretching and drying the skin and using it in धुनकी, that the sound produced says “ you only.( Tu hi)”. Similarly, it is the case with our मन/heart. We should look at our मन properly. See where all it wanders, in where we allow this मन/heart to be wandered in completely useless things. Where is our attention going? We look at this thing, that thing. All the time our मन/heart is involved in some emotion or lust. Now it has got enlightened, we see that there is lust, emotions but yet we carry this dirty thing along. We have to treat it like धुनकी. Do not beat or be violent with it, only धुनकना. Look at it, ignite the light in it. “Hi, मन/heart you are the temple of God, why such dirty emotions come in the temple of God? Please keep it outside, it is enough now”.
Earlier many people would write “take every step after understanding मन/heart.” Oh मन/heart you run after all material things, when will you run for the God? When will you reside God inside you? You are worried about son? You are worried about mother? You are worried about your father? Oh मन/heart/attention who they had been to you? Have they ever been yours? And this is how gradually you clean your मन/heart/attention and grace and light of Atam will start emitting. In that enlightenment, the waves of happiness will start flowing through you. All those things which root or stagnates you will gradually disappear and you will fuse in your Atma. At this moment you will say “I am the one, I am the one” and nothing else. You become the Atma and you say I am the one. When you start seeing through Atma then you say this is me. I am the world. I am the Universe. I am the Ocean. There is nothing in this world which I am not. I am everything. I reside everywhere and in everything. The entire Universe is vibrant through me; without me the Universe is not created. I am everything.
This is not arrogance, it is reality. It is called अस्मिता. But to achieve it we need to break out of the falsehood of “I”. In the falsehood of “I” we have many things. If you see from the beginning, “I am an Indian, I am a Hindu, Muslim, Jain, I am somebody with a great name, I have a great position, this is my money, my pride, I am sari, apparels, sweater, suit and I am everything, I am not I, but everything else is “I”. And engulfed in many “I”s we spend our lives. We should take a moment and think, did I take birth for this? What did I do my entire life? Where did these days go? Where did I spend them? Where did I waste my entire time?” Even after Sahaj Yoga many people waste their time. They don’t understand that wasted time can never be gained again.
Many people waste it. They go to wrong places and then they come and say “My head is catching.” Why waste time like this? What gain is there? Thousands waste their time like this, but those who have crossed should dissolve in the Atma. Everything has been done, the treasure has been opened, doors have been opened, you have come in also. You are sitting idle? Now, what can be done about this? I can prepare food for you, can serve it in your mouth but you will have to digest, this can not be done by me. For that, there is not much effort needed. You have time for everything but not for this? Turn the attention towards yourself. After all, what has been earned so far? 2-3 sarees, some jewelry, 8-10 medals etc all wrong identities. Likes of them have come in thousands and have disappeared. What became of them? They became soil, from soil some went to Hell and some somewhere else. Some became stone, what happened? Now the flowers which have bloomed you have to become fruits. Maturity has to be attained in our thoughts and involvement in meditation. If you want to make your life beautiful then you will have to accept beauty. Whatever is ugly you have to throw it out. But still, we are some what engrossed in those things. Today one Gentleman came, and told me “Mother do you mind if I smoke?”
I told him “Why would I mind, (हर्ज- is used in two ways in hind as – to mind and also as loss), you have to see if you should mind or not.” What do you do? I only watch silently who is where? How is He/she moving? I find it funny to see people leaving invaluable for what? You should say to God in Sahaj/natural way “Let your play take over, enough of mine/I now and you play. You take care of me.” Beyond this what is there to ask from God in this world, else everything will become junk? If this mike goes out of order beyond repair, then what will become of it, it will be crushed in the machine. The essence of the thing is finished. If the instrument created within you is not used, then won’t the efficiency of the instrument will be finished? And where would be the enjoyment of that instrument? I am talking of enjoyment. Some are involved in various things. How much progress have you done in meditation? What have you become?
This is the Sahaj question one should ask. You ask if God is there or not? Fine, this will be answered. Vibrations will reveal it. Your questions will be settled, you will become healthy your mental state will become healthy, your children will be good, your financial condition will be fine, everything will be fine. What are you giving to God? You don’t have to give anything, only take. How far are you taking it from the God? You should ask yourself have we taken everything? Whatever mother is giving how much have we taken? Have we received all? We get lost on the way, why not assimilate all that Mother is giving. Worldly affairs will go on, what is there? Someone comes to meet you, somebody goes away, something happens to someone, what is there in all this? How much we have taken in? Each one of you is an institution I told you. Each one of you is an organization. Look at Patil who is here. You know he comes from a very small village called Kalwa.
He has a small hut, some land but he comes for each and every program from Kalwa. He too has to grow crops on his field, take care of his children but he makes to every program. He has put a broad on his house “Sahaj yog of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi”. So many trains pass near it. Everyone sees that board, even I saw it once, I said where have I come? How come I am residing here? Who has brought Sahaj Yoga here? Some people told me that it was Patil’s house and the vibrations were in full swing. Even if he had thousands of Rupees he would not have got so much of respect has he has now in that village. I went there, people collected money and organized the program. He is respected very much. Today when he stands anywhere people realize he is something. After all, what do you want to achieve? You will not get graceful by wearing four jewelries. People only laugh behind your back on your foolishness. How human have you become? Have you achieved your worth? When people pass through Patil’s house they do namaskar to his house also. The identity of a person is not outside him but within.
Let me give the example of Shastriji (He was the ex-prime minister of India known for his simplicity and honesty- (Maa did not explain this, I am writing for non-Indians to understand)). Shastriji lived for a short time. When he died we carried his ashes, these ashes were in a small pot and were not visible. To pay respects people used to come to train, as train was moving slowly. Everyone was doing Namaskar to that pot. But after the ashes were surrendered to Ganga river, people realized that pot was not traceable, then people did not even bother to look for it. Pot was later found under a bollock cart. I said “Look at the pot, a little while ago everyone was doing namaskar to the pot. People had walked thousands miles to reach the passing train to pay respect and were bowing to the pot. What was it they were bowing to; the ashes. The moment the ashes were surrendered to Gangaji nobody was bothered about the pot, it became meaningless. It was lying under the bullock cart. It could have got destroyed under it. When it was retrieved people said where to keep it, it is a useless thing, throw it in Gangaji.” Similarly, is the case of our body, your personality. Death is the identity of a human.
We should know death comes to every human. How will he be tested? Death tests a man. For some people on their death 2 person mourn, for some 10, for some others 25. Some say my husband has died, some my mother and other my father. But some people are such that when they die the grave emits fragrance. If you pass by it you will wonder “who is close?” I went to Kashmir. Surprisingly, my car was moving and I told: “stop, Is there a mausoleum nearby?” I was told not mausoleum but Mohammad sahab’s hair is kept, they call the place “Ikbal”. I bowed to it. With one hair so many vibrations were emitted in all four directions.
Otherwise, what are we? What is our value? When this lamp has been enlightened, light has entered us we should respect it. Take care of it. Accept it. This you should consider and understand rest is useless things you do. There is no need to think about other things. Everything is done by God. He only does everything. If you want to think then introspect “Is my lamp worthy? Where have I kept my lamp?” After lighting a lamp do you keep it under a table? What kind of action is that? We have to access that. We have to access how far have we achieved humanity. How much we have manifested it. How much enlightenment has spread from our humanity? What the world says about us?
You all take me as your mother and Guru. Fine. Look at my life. Think, we have become human after thousands of years of penance. And to understand what is humanity. But what I fail to understand is that even after receiving invaluable jewel, why man does not value it? I am uneasy about it. Man is so casual about it. He thinks, fine will go, will do. The reason is that one can take the diamond and evaluate the cost in the market, but there is no market for this. The market for this jewel is in your heart/manah, satisfaction, your thought. Everything is inside you. It is about your satisfaction. You play with yourself, you awaken within yourself, you live within yourself, you enjoy within yourself, and enjoy with so many of your own created here. You reside in them. One Sahaj Yogi brings a good name and yet others who bring bad name. Are you defaming Sahaj yoga or earning good name? What will people say?
You should go deep in your meditation. Not only going deep in meditation but also to spread it. If you do not spread it, God will ask you “Why was your lamp lit? Will you go in the worldly whirlpool and extinguish your lamp?” Was your lamp was enlightened by Maa for this? Why had you come to Maa? Why had you come to Maa for realization? what for? You should be committed. The entire thought and planning should be to “What should I do moment to moment? How to go about?” This is the only plan to be done. Leave all other planning, all that is done by God for you. On the contrary, planning is done to break the Dharma. We get up in the morning, lazy around, let’s sleep more or talk little more. Everything has become very casual. Sahaj thing is received naturally, no doubt about it. But what is natural and born with you has a very ancient tradition. You do not understand it’s value.
You cannot measure yourself, how this happened? How was kundalini created? How you got self-realisation? You think, yes got it, as if you went to the market and bought a saree, bought four clothes. No, this is endless penance. We have received it. Realize the value. Go deep in it. You will have to go deep, then your enjoyment and happiness will come in the world. evenness of the world, oness will uplift the world. This is on Sahaj yogis, at least understand that. Take the responsibility and proceed. Now look at yourself. Those who have badhas will not be able to close their eyes even. It is visible. If an insane person comes in my presence, he cannot close his eyes. I immediately recognize that he has badha, whether he speaks or not.
If your eye moves around too much then you must understand you have a badha. Why it is not steady? If your attention moves around then you must understand you have badha inside. Why it is not happening. Our मन/heart gets involved in many trivial things. If we are wasting our life and not doing what we should do for Sahaj Yoga then we must think that there is some badha, otherwise, it should happen.
If you see, normally when a person acquires some wealth he immediately gets involved in spending it. Many people ask me, we have got vibration; now what? Oh, dear your organization has been created now run it. It’s like saying Bhartiya Vidhya Bhavan is created now what? Now you have to run it or not? Do what it is created for. It is created so that you enlighten others also. To fill others with light, that’s the reason the organization is created for. Now, are you doing it? When you distribute this treasure then see how it increases.No doubt about it. Keep distributing.
Distribute like mad. Then see how it increases. The more you distribute more it increases. You will not get joy without distributing it. A stingy person can never be happy. He will get some decease either physical or mental, because he is not in balance. Disease is an abnormality. A grace (सुकृति- not sure /grace) is to distribute it. Distribute free, don’t say it is your power, only it is flowing and you also take it. We have Mr Phadke.I give his example several times. He is a teacher but whenever he gets any opportunity be it his sister, brother, friends he spreads Sahaj Yoga. You spend thousands of Rupees on hosting parties and winning- dining. Spend some on vibrations. What is the harm in spreading the words of Mother?
Drinking alcohol is bad. Don’t drink alcohol. Here, I find people who come in sahaj but serve alcohol at home? Oh, dear it is a bad thing, you have to understand that. Mohhamad sahib was not mad, Guru Nanak was not mad, world over people have warned against alcohol. All great people have told certain things not to be done. The list of such things varies because they thought that certain things are already covered but people take it as a plea to do a thing under pretext that so and so has not told not to do it. Means, they will find some excuse to do it. For whom are you looking for these excuses, who is going to loose? You are moving your hands in all directions and you hurt both your hands. Something which is bad is to be discontinued. Why get involved in it? Why to get in it? Fanaticism is that some identify with a religion, what all identities you have collected, and the fact is there is no such thing. When are you people going to leave this madness?. If you leave these things then you can enter Atma.
You will dissolve easily in the Atma, you will be surprised that your awareness will become the awareness of the Atma. And whatever you will speak with authority will have an impact. Your every alphabet will be sustained. You all are standing with eternally alive hands, and yet if you do not establish yourself in this state, then who will respect you? If the king doesn’t respect himself then why would the subjects? You will have to establish yourself in meditation. I told you to sit in meditation at 4 am, it is not difficult. You should talk to at least one person about Sahaj Yoga in the day, if you are a house wife, for others tell whomever you meet. You have talked nonsense gossips all your life, why talk about what good is being sold in what shop are you a salesman, or who is a good person, are you a pleader?
What you have received something which is priceless but how much have you developed it. If you have developed it then seed it in others. When you do this God himself descends and Ganga starts flowing on your feet. When such a person dies, the soil of his grave turns into flowers. The fragrance spreads in the world. For years such graves are lit with light/lamps. Such people are not credited because they have established great ammunition factories but because they lived like saints. Then why are you wandering like lost. Before self – realization I do not talk about religion but now after self realization you have to establish all ten Dharmas/religion in yourself.
Fanaticism is very bad, I saw that people say bad things about Mohammad Saheb. I am surprised that even Sahaj Yogi says such things. Who has given you realisation? Who is sitting in your stomach? You have created all this? The one, who through his penance, turned himself from iron to gold and did so much for you, who are you to deny him? He is part of me, I respect him. I am surprised, who are you to criticize him?
Saying anything ill or even entertaining any ill-thought against such great powers who reside in such devta’s is sin. You must accept this; else your heart chakra will catch. Then, it will be very difficult to appease Shiv on such matters. You have to understand that never say a bad thing against any devta or religion. Enlighten your Dharma, understand your power, area and God.
The unity will not come from superficial talks that all religions are one but by realizing that all ADI Gurus are of the same substance. They are the same substance who have come to earth a number of times and we like fools fight over them. It is like as if they are Atma out of various parts, and we are left behind and wobbling. The great substance, in all religions that substance is worshiped. That great substance has made us cross over.
Unless you appreciate that the substance is the same and that substance is spread within us, then where from the question of separate identity arises? We are branches of the same tree. Fruits of the same tree. By criticizing the root, we criticize the giver of food. This is the limit of ignorance.
Now humans are pushing it in darkness and continue doing it. He finds masculinity in doing so. He has made religion, organizations and circus of it in this process and crushed God. Before speaking against any religion one must introspect who are you to do that? You must realize that you are the drop of the same ocean which touches so may shores.
Think how vast is that Ocean, the ocean with countless waves establishing various religions, we are part of it. If you acknowledge it then witnesses how vast you feel. Your heart becomes magnanimous and the entire world feels your own. Enjoy that vastness. How by extending both hands, how this ocean of love is spreading fragrance in the world and we are that fragrance. Enjoy this. Leave your narrowness/smallness (क्षुद्रता). You have crossed but yet you catch. Why? Because you are still क्षुद्र- small (closes translation).
You still are frightened and go to some guru, then get it from there. When you move away from false then only the truth will descend. Be alert and assimilate everything. Be neutral to everything. See into the substance. Whatever is good it will give you vibrations, superficial stuff will be useless. Clean your heart. Every day steps back and introspect am I doing this in Sahaj(spontaneity) or not. You will get to know; no problem will be encountered. Your figures should become spontaneous. Even your hair parting should be Sahaj. In everything there should be vibration and sahaj. When my children will achieve that, then I will be grateful. Will this happen in my lifetime? If you desire then it can happen immediately, even Mother has lost.
God is also begging you because you have been granted the freedom. And you don’t take back the thing you have already given. What will I do by taking it back? You have the freedom to move in or out. You have the freedom to do anything. There is no bond. You have a bond of wisdom. You can impose a bond of wisdom, magnanimity, and greatness over yourself. Then you will become great and glitter in its beauty and the world will admire you, where has this light come from?
Who has given this? Your Maa will also get a name else who will know? In Sahaj Yog, you can explain the meaning of all the religions, this is a great trait of Sahaj Yog. If you read any religious text and then if you interact with any Sahaji you will be surprised that what it really means.
When I talk to Christians, they say that I am speaking the Bible. Muslims say it’s Quran and Kalil Jibran. Jains say it is their scriptures. Buddhists say it is I speak of their text. What we are giving is the practical /visible/proof of these texts, take it, accept it, and show it to others.