Atma Ki Anubhuti, Meeting Speech

Mumbai (India)


Atma Ki Anubhuti Date : 28th December 1977 Place Mumbai Type Seminar & Meeting Speech 

 [English translation from Hindi]

I had told you the last time what is a soul (Atma), how it is Sachidanand (Sat + Chit + Anand; Truth + Attention + Bliss), and how after being made aware of the soul only humans can achieve these three things. Without self-realization, you cannot know the truth. You cannot achieve bliss. You should have the sensitivity of the soul. Now you can converse with your soul. You can ask the soul. You people are seated, you should ask by stretching your hands like this, is there a God in the world? Does his will reign? You ask these questions in your heart; by stretching your hands like this. Look how strong the flow of vibrations has started. You cannot know any truth unless you get the experience of your soul. Meaning till you get connected. Getting connected to your soul happens very easily in Sahaja Yoga. For some it happens for a very brief period and for some it happens forever.  After getting a connection with the soul we should try to achieve identification with it. Meaning that you have come to know me and I have come to know of you but I have not become you. You are looking at me and I’m looking at you. The moment I start looking with your vision, that is when identification is established. When you enter your soul and then from there when you look at the world then one should say that the self-realization is complete. The enlightenment of the kundalini, rising as well as the piercing through, everything has happened for those who are realized. Sahasrara is broken through. You can know your own position and that of others by the state of your chakras. You must know that. But right now, you are not identified with your Atma. To be identified with your soul you should believe ‘You are. You are. I’m not’. Kabir has said it aptly, when the person performing the dhunakiya (a teaser to entangle the fiber) is performing the dhunak the sound that is emanated is ‘tu hi, tu hi’ (translated as ‘you are, you are’). But when it is in the form of intestines in a goat’s stomach it makes the noise ‘mai, mai’ (translated as ‘I am’, ‘I am’). Then the goat intestines are removed, beaten, stretched, dried, and then it’s tied up on a dhunak then it says each time ‘Tu hi, Tu hi’ (‘You are, You are’). Similarly, it’s like with our mind. You should look at your mind very closely. Just look at this mind. How is it and where does it wander? Where all does it take us in worthless pursuits. Where does our mind go? Sometimes we see this or that and sometimes watch there or here. All the time our mind is full of either some emotion or some lust. Now that it is illuminated, we see that it has emotions and lust still and we keep carrying it along with us all the time. We must ‘Dhunak’ on this. Not beat it out. Dhunak. Look at it (the mind). Illuminate the light coming from it. ‘Oh Mind! You are the temple of god! Why should you have such a dirty thought in the temple of God? You kindly keep this outside only, please! It is enough. Earlier everyone used to write ‘Man Samaj, Samaj Pag Dhari’. Oh mind! You keep roaming for all kinds of things in the world, when will you run for god?         

When will you establish god inside you? You are worried about what will happen to my son? What will happen to my mother? What about my father? Oh, my mind!, Who are these to you? Will they be your own? Are these your own? Why do you get so worried for them? Just talk to yourself. Slowly, by way of cleansing your minds the light of your soul will begin to shine through. In that joy, the flow of vibrations will begin to manifest. All that is debased within you will slowly begin to vanish and you will begin to become one with your soul. At this time you would say ‘ I am, I am’. Nothing else. This feeling of one-ness that ‘I am’ remains. You become the soul and you say ‘Only I am’. When your vision begins to come through your soul you say ‘I am’. ‘I am this world’, ‘ I am this universe, I am the ocean. There is nothing in the world that is not me. I am in everything. In everything I reside. Through me, the universe vibrates. Without me there is no universe that can be built, I am in everything’. This is not ego, this is for real. This is real. This is the dignity of your self-respect. But to achieve this we first have the break the false ‘I-ness’. In this false ‘I-ness’ there are several things. Start from the beginning, ‘I am an Indian, I am a Hindu, I am a Muslim, I am so forth with such and such name. This is my position, this is my money, this is my ego. I am saree, I am clothes, I am a sweater and suits, everything’. I am not ‘I’. Rest everything could have an ‘I’. Like this, we spend all our lives around this ‘I-ness’. Then you should pause for a minute and think about if I was born for this? What did I do all my life? Where did all these days disappear? Where did I spend time? Where did I waste all my time? Even after Sahaja Yoga, many people waste away their lives. They do not understand that this moment will not come back again. People waste a lot by going to the wrong places and then they come back to say ‘ Mother, I have a headache’. Why waste our lives like this? What is in this? Many thousands waste away their lives but the realized should be one with their soul. Everything has happened already. The repository has been opened. Gates have been opened. We are even inside. Now just sitting idle. Now what to do with this? We can cook food for you, even put it in your mouth, but we cannot make it digest for you! It has to be digested by you only. There is no special effort needed for that. Everything has a time. But for this, you do not have time. What have we after all achieved to date? Maybe a couple of sarees and a few jewels. Picked up a few cudgels. Thousands came and went away like this. They came into this world and got finished. What happened to them? All of them turned to dust. Some went to hell, some became stones. What happened? In today’s time now the flowers have to be turned to fruits. You have to be mature. In your thoughts, in meditation.  If you want to make your lives beautiful you must adopt beauty. You must quit everything that is not beautiful and that which is ugly. But still, we keep lingering on with those things. Today one gentleman came. Asked me’ Can I smoke a cigarette?’. I said ‘How can I have an objection? Do you mind it or not?’     

Oh, what objection can I have? What do I do? I just keep watching quietly who is where? How is it going on? I sometimes laugh at people that they leave the precious and invaluable and then what? You should say with humility to god ‘My thing is done, I’m seated, now you play, I have to only see, What is mine here? What else is there to ask for otherwise? It’s all worthless. It will turn into a war. Understand that this mike for instance becomes so useless that it cannot be used. Where will this end up? You know this. The iron of this piece will be beaten down and then put into a machine. The soul is dead. Similarly, if you do not use the instrument that you own, its efficiency will completely finish off or not? Where will the enjoyment remain? I’m talking to you about enjoyment. Something is happening here and there all the time. But how much did you progress in meditation? What did you become? This is the question that is asked in Sahaja Yoga. You ask if there is god or not? OK. We will reply to this. With vibrations, we will reply to this. Your queries will be set alright, your health will be alright, your mental state will become alright, your kids will become alright, your financial condition will become alright, everything will be alright. But what are you giving towards god? You do not have to give anything, you have to take everything. How much are you able to accept? If we ask a question ‘Did we achieve everything?  Out of all that mother is distributing how much did we get? All of it? We lose our way towards so many places, why don’t we just get this? The world will keep going like this, what is so special about it? Someone came to meet and some went away, did anything happen? How much did we achieve? Each individual is an institution, I had told you. Patil comes here often. You know him. He comes from a small village. The name of the village is Kaalwa. He lives in a small hut. He has some small land. In each program, he comes from Kaalwa. He needs to mend to his field. He has kids too and has to take care of them. He has put this up outside his house ‘Sahaja Yoga’, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi’s Sahaja Yoga. How many trains pass that by? Everyone looks at it. I also once went and saw it. I said now how come did I come over here? Where is this place? Some people said’ How come Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi’s Sahaja yoga is mentioned here? Is this Patil’s house?’ I said ‘Yes’. And vibrations were just flowing strong from there. Even if he had a lot of money, he wouldn’t have gained the respect that he had in that village. I had been there. Everyone contributed to the arrangements there. Very good program. If today he stands up anywhere he gets a lot of respect, people know him as someone of repute. What do you want to achieve? How does a bit of jewellery add to your glory? People laugh at your backs. What fools! How much did you achieve in humanity? The substantive thing is when you get to know your real value. People fold their hands even while crossing that house. A human being is not recognized from what he is from outside, but from what he is from inside. 

Let me give you an example of Shastriji. Shastriji was present for a very short period. When he passed away we all carried his ashes. I was also present there. You could not see the urn (pot) in which his last remains were kept. Just a small amount of ashes were present in that urn. Just to have the last witness people were standing with lanterns from whichever town the train was passing by. The train was moving on slowly. Everyone paid obeisance to that urn with folded hands. And once those ashes were immersed in the Ganges everyone started to look for the urn (pot). ‘Don’t know where they went away? Don’t know where they were kept?’ They didn’t even find them after due efforts. People said ‘Let it go. May have gone away somewhere’. No one stole them. They found them under a bullock cart. They brought them from there. I said ‘Just see they are still bowing them to these pots’. The train went on slowly and people were bowing to those pots. They came from thousands of miles away. The moment the ashes were immersed no one asked about the pots. There was no use of them. No meaning. Useless. It had no value. No one decorated them or embellish them. Just thrown it below some bullock cart. And then when people got them after a while people asked ‘Where are you carrying these, throw them away in the Ganges as well, What’s left of it?’. Similarly, about your body and your personality. You are recognized by your death. Everyone comes to his death. How do you verify that? To verify his life, he comes to his death. For some people, two people weep, for some ten people weep, and for some maybe twenty-five. Some say my husband passed away, some say my mother passed away, some say my father passed away. But there are some people who when they pass away and they are buried, scented vibrations start flowing from there. If you pass that area you would ask ‘Where have we come?’. I had gone to Kashmir. It’s surprising, our car was driving along, I said ‘Wait, Wait’. Whose resting place is this? They replied’ No one’s resting place mother’. There is one strand of Muhammad sahib hair that is preserved here. They call it Iqbal (one-hair). I folded my hands towards it. One hair of his kept there and so much vibrations in that area! Else what is our stature? What’s our value? And the moment this lamp is lightened within us, respect that and preserve that. At least own that up. This is the only thing to think and ponder over. Rest all is useless. No need to think anything else. The doer is almighty. He is doing everything. If at all you must think then it should be ‘Is my lamp worth it? Where have I kept my lamp after lighting it up? Under the table? Which route is this? This is the cornerstone you should weigh against, think about it that to what extent have I woken up my humanity? How much did I manifest it? How much has the light of my humanity spread over? What does the world say about it?         

Do you all consider me as your mother and as your guru? All right. You should pay attention to my life as well. Just think that after thousands of years we all have become our present form that of humans. Thousands of years. And by being humans you understand what is it about being a human being. But I still do not understand, that why a human being does not value a precious diamond once he finds it. I find it difficult. Human beings are very casual in this regard. He thinks what’s the hurry? We will do it at ease. The problem is that you can discover the value of a diamond in a market. For this, there is no market. For this, the market is your mind, your heart, your ease, and your thoughts. For this everything is inside you and it’s all about your satisfaction. You play with yourself, rise in yourself, be within yourself, and enjoy your self by being one among them. You sit within him. One person says that see this is a Sahaja Yogi amongst us. And then there are some other types. Are you bringing a bad name to Sahaja Yoga? What will people say? You should know how to go deeper in meditation. Only going deeper will not help, you have to spread it over. If you cannot spread it over, god will ask you ‘Why did I lighten your lamp? That you entered the worldly Bhavsagar and extinguish yourself? Is this why your lamp has been enlightened by your mother? Why did you go to your mother? Why did you get enlightenment? For what reason? You should have sincerity. Thoughts, all planning should be, how do I be in every moment? How do I go about it? This should be planning. Stop all other kinds of planning. All that planning is what God does for you. In fact, all that planning just keeps your brain working that kills your dharma. That you will get up early in the morning, we will sit for meditation a bit later, let me sleep a bit more, you become very casual. In Sahaja, you get things very easily, no doubt about it. But the thing that is Sahaja, the one that is born with you, there is a long history and tradition behind this. You don’t value that. You can neither weigh upon it. How has the kundalini been made, how it has been made to rise, how did you get your self-realization? You probably think that ok I got it just like buying a saree from the market. Or like buying a piece of cloth. No, it’s from a spiritual discipline of infinite. You have got it. Understand its value. Go deep in it. You have to go deep, you must go deep, only then the peace and bliss will come into your world. The equivalence of this world, unity, and the ascent is all in your hands, this you should at least know. You should move forward by understanding your responsibilities. Now you saw those who have these bandhas (barrier) cannot even close their eyes. You can see that openly. If there is a lunatic who comes before me, cannot close his eyes. I can immediately recognize the badha (problem) in him. Whether he reveals himself or not. You have to steady your eyes. If your mind is fluctuating here and there, then you should understand that there is some badha inside you. Why not? If our mind is getting caught in small little problems and we are spoiling our life, nothing else, and not spending time on Sahaja Yoga then you must think that there is a badha inside us.   

If you see normally it happened like this only, if any human being gets money he will immediately get trapped in ways of expending it. Many people ask, Mother we are getting vibrations, now what? I have made an institution out of you, now run it! My job was to make the institution, that was my job, now you run it further. Now open your own institution, Someone will say I have made a Bharti Vidya Bhawan (an institute), now what? Do you want to run it or not? Do the thing for which this was made in the first place. This institution was made so you can enlighten others, fill light in others. Now you should do only this work. How much your wealth will increase by distributing? Keep on distributing, like mad. Just see how much this wealth will increase. The more you spread the more this will increase. You are not going to enjoy this without distributing this. If you are stingy you will be unhappy. He will suffer from some or the other disease, either he will have some physical problem, mental problem, or some other problem. Because there is no balance from inside so all these diseases happen. Diseases mean distortion. And to be away from this means to distribute this, give it away. You don’t have to say that this is due to my power, No, No. You just say that this is flowing inside me. You also take this. You also take this. Just look at Mr. Phadke here. I give his example again and again. Who is he? Just a teacher. Whenever he gets the opportunity, wherever, he tells his brothers, sisters, everyone. Look, if you are ill, we cannot do anything, You first get into Sahaja Yoga then we will talk. Any friend of yours, when they come. Spends thousands on eating, thousands on getting drunk. Spend somewhat on vibrations also. What does it cost to say that according to our mother drinking is bad? Don’t drink. Some people come to Sahaja yoga with continuing their habit of drinking. Now if it’s wrong, it’s wrong. You should understand. Was Muhammed or Nanakji mad that they prohibited drinking? Were they mad? They were not mad people who prohibited all of this?  Some said to leave this and someone else said to leave that. But people are like such that if one says to leave this, they will say that the other thing is ok. But what are you searching for? For who are you making? For yourselves only. No one else is going to lose except yourselves. You are damaging yourselves only. One hand here and the other hand there. Damaging from both hands. The thing which is bad for you should be left. Why get involved at all? Is it some kind of fanaticism that I’m a Hindu, or I’m such and such. Don’t know who all are sitting there. Don’t know when you are going to quit this kind of madness. If you leave small little things like this, you will slowly enter your soul. You will get entrenched into your soul very slowly.  

And you will be surprised that your awareness becomes the awareness of the soul. Whatever you say from your authority, each and every word will be noted. You say a word and just that moment you will see the results. All the Chiranjeevas (Ganas) are standing there. Just imagine. Even after coming into this great state if you don’t establish then who will respect you? If the king does not respect himself then who will? The one who does not respect himself, does not respect that which he has achieved, then who will respect them? It’s very simple. You have to establish meditation. I say you should sit at four for meditation. You have to rise and sit for meditation. It’s not that difficult. What’s so difficult about getting up at four? Get up in the morning and sit for meditation. Talk to at least one person about Sahaja yoga in the day. At least one. I’m talking to the ladies who are usually engrossed in domestic work. For ladies whoever they meet they should talk about Sahaja yoga. What else have you talked about all your lives except nonsense? See people around. Talking that this is good at this shop. Have I made you a salesman? Then you will talk that someone is good or bad. Are you a leader? All that you earned how much did you expand on it? Now delve upon it and get it established in people. Get it seated. When you start, god is with you. Ganga begins to flow. From your feet. And such a person when he is buried the sand becomes flowers, with all the fragrance. It becomes such a big thing for all the universe. For ages, there are lamps lit there. People remember.  What heavy lifting did these people do? They lived like fakeers, in all circumstances. Then why are you getting lost? You have to understand all about the dharma. Before realization, I do not talk about dharma. After realization, all dharmas has to get established. Fanaticism is bad. I’ve seen that people say bad things about Muhammed. Even Sahaja yogis. It’s surprising. Who gave you the realization? Who is sitting in your stomach? How many years did you meditate and enter your stomach, who gave you realization? Who is sitting on the aAgnya? Did you make all this? The people who made themselves into steel, they made themselves like this, like gold they came out of this to make this possible for you, who are you to question them? Who are you? They are part of me. Part of my head and eyes. I’m surprised who are you to criticize them? Any such great power that is inside these gods, anything against them, to say anything against and to even think anything against is a great sin. You just accept this fact from me. Or you will get caught up in heart chakra. To convince Shiva is very difficult, but on this point, he is very adamant. You are not supposed to raise any words on any of the gods. You might be anyone, you can sit at your home. If humans understand this, then they will never criticize. Don’t criticize any dharma. And rise in your own dharma. Understand yourself and your power, your gods. This is the unity that I’m talking about.

Not by outwardly talking that Hindu Muslims are one and Parsis are one. But that the primordial guru of all these is the same element. The same element came again and again in this world and we are fighting like fools. As if it was all separate parts and we are jostling amongst ourselves. The great element, the one which is in Buddhism, Jainism, the same element has been worshipped innumerable times. We are getting our realization due to that element. That element helped us in our realization. And when you get into that element, you think that it exists in everything. In everything manifests that element. Then how can you think about being separate from each other? We are all branches of the same tree. We have all grown on the same tree. By criticizing the roots of that tree we are criticizing our creator. This is the level of ignorance in this world. It’s now beyond words. Now the humans have put them also in darkness. And is continuing to do so. He thinks it’s a great achievement. They create big religions. Institutions with big conditionings. By creating innumerable types of dramas humans just killed god. Before criticizing a religion, one must ask himself who am I and what’s my standing?  What do I say, I must think over it. But on another level, if we think of the great ocean that has manifested itself at different shores, we are that ocean. Are we a drop inside that ocean? Part of that ocean? Think how great must one feel. It’s the same ordinary ocean that has created with its different waveforms, established the religions, we are part of the same ocean, just by thinking this how expanded do we all feel in our hearts. Our heart becomes so big. And the whole world seems our own. Enjoy that greatness. Not of smallness but bigness. By some means spread away from your hands and feel this ocean that has been there for years distributing its fragrance. Enjoy it just by merely your thoughts of it. Quit your lowliness. Just leaving these low qualities and getting realization is not the end objective. You have got the realization anyway. But why are the chakras catching still? There is some lowliness, somewhere, somewhere, somewhere. You are scared, still, and still go to other gurus! Only when we run away from the falsehood, the purity will shine upon us. Truth cannot come over us if we still hold on to untruth. Be aware and consolidate everything. Look at everything with consistency. Consistently know what is the elemental commodity. The element that is benevolent and is vibrating. Anything aside it is superfluous. Live by these words. Clean up your mind. Slowly you will see. In everyday life, take a step back and check for yourselves if you are doing this in Sahaja or asahaja. Immediately you will know. It’s not that difficult. You should know on every fingertip of yours. Even if your hairline changes a bit, it should be in Sahaja. In everything, there should be Sahaja vibrations. In everything the door of Sahaja yoga only should be opened. Once this life is established, once my children are like this, I would be thankful. Can this be done during my lifetime? If you want this can be done within an instant. Therefore even a mother loses in front of you.          

Even god begs in front of you. Because this freedom that is given to you cannot be taken back. And what to do even by taking it back. You have complete freedom. You can come and go whenever you want. No shackles are put on you. No bondage. No bondage. Just put the bondage of your wisdom over yourselves. Put the bondage of your greatness over yourself. So you become great. And the same beauty improves you, you achieve the dept of this and see all the universe with these eyes. Just look and it and say Aha!, where has this light come from? Who gave this? Your mother has her name on it, otherwise who will know about it? The greatest thing about Sahaja yoga is that this is the essence of all dharmas. It is a very big thing. Read any book about dharma and just tell people the same thing from a Sahaja standpoint and they will be surprised to know the meaning of it. When I tell something to people they say it’s in the Bible. Muslims say that you are reciting the Kuran. You are talking the language of Kahlil Gibran. You don’t come to know if Mother is talking or it is Kahlil Gibran himself. Jains say that this is the same as in our shastras. Buddhists say that this is all from our shastras. But the form of all of that is visible here. Take it, adopt it, and show others the ways of it.