New Year’s Day Talk before Havan



New Year’s Day talk before havan, January 1st 1978            

Shri Mataji: What else?

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Sahaja Yogi: So, the All-pervading Devi will constantly preside there with senses with all beings and governs all the elements. Salutations again and again to Her who is pervading this entire world abides in the form of consciousness.

Shri Mataji: Chaitanya rupe. [Cut in the audio]

A new year starts and I was telling you just now that life is a cycle. If there is no cycle then there is no life and because the cycle starts, a new year also has to start. If there is life, you must have seen that there is a change in nature too. It has to be that way because if the seed has to grow which has to become the trees, the tree has to become the fruits, and fruits have to become the seed. The change is all the time there and the change shows the progress, the growth, the life itself.

So, the poetry of life is all the time changing itself, its moods, its tones, until it reaches a point where it feels it can manifest its beauty in its fullest way. And that is the time that has come today because this is the era of enlightenment and that is why the enlightenment has to come. We have to understand why this life is created in this way, what are the undercurrents that have created this life. How are we here? How do these undercurrents work within us? How these centres and chakras, which are not seen by the naked eye, are acting? Now, people have written about it, talked about it, said about it but nobody has felt them. So, this is the era of enlightenment where you feel them, where you understand that they exist within you not only mentally but also like an actual experience within you.

As you feel the heat and cold, in the same way, you start feeling your chakras, this you know. But today is a day when one has to starts afresh again, every time a new thing. So, what are we to now decide as Sahaja Yogis? Because most of you are Realized, you got vibrations, you have done a lot of wonders with your vibrations and you know what Self-realization is. So, what should we decide today?

A special day today, on a New Year’s Day we have to resolve certain things within our mind. Now it is for all of you to decide for yourself, you’re free to decide whatever you like, whatever you think proper which is to be done. But, the main thing, the basic thing should be that as we have got now Self-realization, as we have now risen higher into the realm of the Unknown, now as we have entered the kingdom of God, what should we do? How should we progress? Why are we kept back and why are we not progressing faster? And that is what one has to resolve, that we will do our level best to rise within ourselves and whatever is needed has to be done.


As I have told you before, that before the car starts you cannot make it progress but after Realization, only your car has now started, it is working now you know it is working now. A new style of life has started within you in which you feel those chakras and you feel your undercurrents and you can feel the undercurrents of others. And you have started also feeling the thoughtless awareness as we call it, and also, you’re quite doubtless about it that there is something like that.

But let us face the problem as it is with us and what can we do about it. Now, as I have said that we have a problem, the way we have led our life. Now, we have a different problem in the West and different problem in the East. And, as the problem in the West is that people are mentally very developed, intellectuals as they call themselves, have read a lot of non-knowledge so far. They have to go to knowledge. Now, the knowledge you know is so different from what you’ve known so far because there is an All-pervading Power which you know you can feel it through your fingers sparking out. You know how it cures people and you can feel where is the problem within yourself and you start feeling yourself the problem of others. This is a very different thing and how the elements are controlled and how you see that even fire and flame can be controlled and all these things you have known now.

All these things, once they’ve come to you, it is necessary for you to understand that the knowledge you have had so far through books and through reading and through this or that is nothing compared to what you have got. Within 2-3 months of Realization, people will find that they are very much more knowledgeable now. They understand the essence of everything because you have now picked up the essence.


But let us see the essence of the western problem. Now, the eastern problem is different than the western problem. And, the western problem is this that you have been achieving everything by going out. And you have been thinking and planning, organizing out of material things and now materialism has caught hold of you now. It is sitting on top of you. You cannot think anything but without thinking about the matter. Somewhere or the other you get involved into it, again and again, you get involved into it. Now, one way would be to fight the materialism by not thinking about it or by denouncing it or by getting rid of it or there are ways of just fighting the materialism. But these are no good, these are no good because the more you try to fight it, the more it sits on you. So, for a western mind, to get over the materialistic side of life is- easiest would be, through proper rationality. They can use their rationality to understand it. Then by rationality, if you understand, after Realization before the Realization, of course, it is not possible but after Realization. I mean so many of you who have taken to say, hippie’s life and things like that still are quite materialistic. Because the trouble is that what you have done is to denounce something, once you denounce something that means it exists there, whether in a negative way or a positive way. If you say it is night means you know there is a day somewhere.

So, when you denounce that, you have to remember one thing that you are still accepting within this thing that is why you are denouncing it. If it is not there how will you denounce it?


So, what do you do to really get rid of these clutches of materialism? Because of this Western life, you see, we are so materialistic. Because of the so-called advancement of our brain that we have become so materialistic. And we are in such a terrible grip that we do not realize that we calculate every ‘pie’ [Indian smallest money] that we spend, we calculate every ‘pie’ that we earn. We think in terms of money all the time. We calculate also the other person what sort of a dress the other person is wearing. How much money he must have spent for it, how is he dressed? All this mind has to be cleaned and how do you do it, is the point.

So, for you people who are Realized it is very easy to understand how to get rid of materialistic domination on us. It’s to look at it, rationally you can look at it, to think that, “What is it after all?” You see, a question of money comes in: now you should think, “Why am I thinking about money? For what? What do I have to have? What is so essential?”

You must have this, you must have that, all right. But why possess it?

If you could get rid of this idea that you possess anything, half of the battle is won. Which rationally you can understand you cannot possess anything; you cannot take anything from this world. Even this much you cannot take. It is a fact. Try to tell yourself, “Am I going to take this with me? Am I going to take this with me? Am I going to take this with me?”

“Why should I roam about things? Why should I get things? Why should I worry myself? Why should I waste my energy on these things?” That doesn’t mean that you should become untidy people or you should become lazy people. I am not saying that. But don’t waste your energy in this because finish it now, have enough of it. Why do I need it? Why should I bother about these things? These are not important. This is one way of looking at it rationally.

Secondly, you must think that you do not possess anything it is only registered in the shop or it is registered in some sort of a registration office that “this is yours”. This belongs to me that belongs to me. All this I am going to leave here. That doesn’t mean that you should be untidy and that you shouldn’t have even the things that are needed. I am not saying: “You go and sleep on the streets and do all those yogi tricks”. No! You should lead a life of a simplicity. Try to be simpler and simpler.


Then, third way is when you want to get something. First of all, think, “Is it for sharing I am getting it or is it only for myself? Is it exclusively for me or is it for sharing? If it could be used for sharing, all right, I’ll have it. But if it is exclusively for me, I don’t need it actually, there is no need”.

You are the people who have to set in this nucleus working, so that in the Western mind this starts that simpler life is needed. No elaborations are needed, not showing-off needed. Why do you need? You are Realized souls. Your faces are shining, your whole being shows that you’re Realized. You’re the enlightened one. I don’t- I’m not talking about people who are not Realized. I am talking about people who are Realized. Then calculation of money is not needed of any kind. When you understand it rationally, what are you calculating? You will see, after the Realization, that all your calculations will fail, “Sankalpa vikalpa karodhi”. Whatever you will decide you’re going to have will be all finished and you will be amazed at yourself that how is it after Realization! Many people think that, “How is it Mother?” After Realization, they think they should become multi-millionaire, you see.


[Hindi conversation]

Shri Mataji: Lindsay, will you be able to go? I think you’d better go.

You see, she’s trying to find out. Now.


The materialism is to be just watched and you will laugh at yourself! It is such a joke going on. We are wasting so much of our time, it is such a joke going on! Then, that witnessed state comes into you. You start seeing things, you start understanding. And with that witnessed state you will understand that matter has only one quality, and that is joy giving and that is the beauty that is contained in the matter. Look at this white, this beautiful white, the forms, the ripples it has created of beauty.


That is all it is, it is nothing more than that. It has a joy giving quality and that is the beauty, that is contained in the matter. Nothing more or less. It has nothing to do with money. It was created much before money started and is there and will be there even when the whole money will finish off. So, do not value money and beauty together. It has nothing to do with that even a small thing becomes great if it is beautiful. But the beauty is enhanced even hundred times more, hundred times more, when you put a little feeling into it, a little feeling into that. The matter, a little thing, a little thing, now you have seen you have given me this, whatever it is. I don’t know what it contains, I have no idea. Now they have given Me with love. That is sufficient for Me with love, with fragrance, will be a hundred times more when it will flow out of my being because you have given it to Me with love.


[Hindi conversation]


So, this one thing one has to do, is to understand the beauty in the matter comes to us through some eternal forming capacities in that matter. There are some forms which we see, may appear beautiful, but that beauty is perishing. That is perishable, that is not eternal. But behind this perishing beauty, there are forms which are eternal which do not change their form. They are stars. They are eternally there and they create these temporary beauties for a while and which vanishes. You know in every chakra we have got different deities and these are the forms which are eternal. Now, this small thing you have given Me to eat now this chana, see now the form of this one. I don’t know if you have noticed the form of chana, Anita?

The form of a chana, you won’t believe, but it is a fact that if you take a coefficience out of the depth and the thickness and the length of this small thing chana- [Hindi conversation]

It’s the coefficients that works out, it’s the best for vibrations. It is most surprising a small thing like chana. You can take a lime. Lime also has the same type of coefficience as this Chana has.

There are some things which are absolutely very near to those forms which are emitting vibrations from your being. And these forms, though they look insignificant to you, can be of very great power. Like we can say, a garlic. Garlic has got a tremendous power to throw vibrations. If you can take garlic, I was telling her, it can work wonders in you, if you can really slice it and eat it. If you take chana, it is very good too for you.

So, there are many things like this which perhaps normal people do not know. But those who are sensitive can find out and say that this is a thing that is emitting vibrations. And, this is how something that is matter becomes important for you and some things which are matter are absolutely useless. For example, plastics, nylons. You have one thing but don’t have things which do not emit vibrations as Realized souls. Because people should pay more attention to vibrations than to anything else. And, to have more vibrations, you must understand the value of the matter which you are using or which is there.

27:42[Hindi conversation]

So, these matters, material things as we see them, there are some things which are very good for you and which you must have in your house. For example, incense. Incense is one of the most important things. You all must have incense in the household. Now you know Parsis, and many people light an incense in the morning and evening. Most of the people who are religious they do it without even understanding. Lamps and lights and things, these are very important but how much time do we spend on them or how much money do we spend on them?

So, if you can find out what things are necessary for your life as spiritual people, you spend time on that. Find out proper things of proper vibrations, use that. The rest of the material things, you leave it to God and he will manage.


You look after your spiritual rights, you achieve your spiritual rights. Like we have got 1st class citizens, 2nd class citizens, 4th class citizens and 7th class citizens. In the same way, you have to be the 1st class citizens in the kingdom of God. And the rest of it he looks after: “Yoga kshemam vahamyaham” [Gita, chapter 9], I look after your yoga, that is, of course, is the Realization and the “kshema” is your wellbeing. Both things are looked after. You don’t have to bother about it.

As Christ has said, “Look at these birds, so singing the praise of God” is the best way you forget all your material problems to him. He looks after.

But many people, you see, are like this they say, is the attitude you see the human attitude is so converted I don’t understand; I mean I don’t know what to call it. The way it is, it should be- it is upside down. They say, “All right Mother, we are singing praise to the Goddess, we didn’t get this. I was trying for a job; I didn’t get the job”. I said, “Now what to do with these people? They are mad!” Why are you doing all this to get a job? Why am I telling all this to get a job? I am telling you this that you rise within yourself. That you become that 1st class citizen. I am not telling you all this to get a job or to get a material life or to become a king somewhere or to collect a lot of money. This is to get your position on the kingdom of God, I am telling you. How do you relate it to your achievements? It’s the way your attitude is. If your attitude is wrongly placed you can never see the thing properly, I mean it is a very common thing.


[Cut in the audio]


You have to see: do you get involved into it? So, remember that you have to go beyond. Rationally you can understand it, by God’s grace you have got Realization, you can get into thoughtless awareness and you can really combat your right side problems of planning and acquiring more and more things and getting more and more enslaved by your possessiveness or being possessed by your possession. All these can be overcome rationally.

The left-hand side problem you know that, is that where you get into fears, into troubles, you are afraid and get oppressed by others. Then what is the solution for a Sahaja Yogi? For a Sahaja Yogi, the solution is that he should know that he is the medium of love, of divine love. And that is the greatest weapon a person has is of divine love. But to have divine love one must have faith. And you should be able to surrender yourself to that faith that there is God Almighty, that he is All-pervading, that his powers are working and you have seen his powers working and that you have to use your imagination if you want to call it because after Realization, there is nothing like imagination because reality starts. Just think about it how you’re going to surrender yourself to God? Every moment of yours you have to think about the surrendering and then you will be amazed, that the joy that is promised to you will be your own. Through your faith and love in God, whom you have come to know through your Realization. You will know that he is the Joy-giver. So, for that, you have to start teaching yourself going to the imagination, going to poetries, sing about it. All the time be with Him and clear out your left side as we call it.


All your fears will vanish, all your troubles will vanish and when you will know that you have the power of love. It is very simple: you have to give a bandhan to the person who troubles you. There are so many powers you know by which you can control another person who is anti-God and that is why he’s against you. Try all these methods and you will be amazed how you can work it out. But for that you have to have surrendering. If you’re surrendered then your powers are heightened. You power of divine love increases if you are surrendered. If you are not surrendered, it is minimum.

Then the surrendering should not mean that you are sacrificing anything in it. It is a joyous thing to do, the most joyous thing is to surrender. If you realize that, that is what is joy, is to get dissolved into it then you will not feel that, “Surrendering, how can I surrender?” You are only surrendering your silly ego! That is all! So, love, is the key for the left side and for the right side is the wisdom, the rationality that becomes wisdom. By putting every king of questions, you can find out, this is the wisdom.  What is this wisdom of doing this? What is the wisdom of doing it?

Then you will understand there is no wisdom in all this nonsense going on. There is no end to it, these are mad people! These are stupid people! These are foolish people! And, the other side is the left side is the divine love that you have. So, use your wisdom that you have got through Self-realization and use your Divine love.

And, today you have to resolve that, “Dealing with any problem in my own life, whatever it comes to me, I will be using these two weapons to overcome all the hurdles that are facing me.” And it is such a beautiful thing to think that we have these two powers already with us because we are Realized. And all this is going to bring to you a compassionate heart, a generous heart like a lion, and a compassionate heart – [aside] “Oh, may God bless you. “

And a beautiful being you will be, satisfied with yourself, not trying to satisfy others, not trying to harm anyone else, not to aggress on anyone but a beautiful lamp of wisdom and love which is emitting wisdom and love without aggressing anyone.


I hope you’ll resolve today and I hope when I come back from India, I will see the results of that. You know all the ways and method by which you can achieve and you have to work them hard with wisdom and understanding about it.

May God bless you!


Shri Mataji: So, we’ll have the aarti now, they will do the aarti, and after the aarti, we’ll have a little fire, yagna as they call it, which will burn all problems. And then we’ll have our lunch.  

[Hindi conversation with a child]

Have you got the [inaudible]? India aarti you can say.

[Sahaja Yogis sing the aarti]

Shri Mataji: May God bless you.

[Hindi conversation]

We’ll do the OM first of all. Now, you all should sit there, near the fire, surrounding the fire. Give those names, you have got some names written? You’ve got some copies of the names written down.

Sahaja Yogi: Yes, we have.

Shri Mataji: Ah! All right. Now you can sing with that “Jai Jagadambe”. So, give it to the people, those copies now. We need not do all the names. You can do 51. Would you like to do all?

Sahaja Yogi: We can.

Shri Mataji: All right. What’s the time now?

Sahaja Yogi: Half past nine.

Shri Mataji: It will be very late. No? We can do only 51. Can you ring up home and found out if she has arrived? It will be very much delayed, you see. Have only 51.

Sahaja Yogi: Acha.

Shri Mataji: Ah. And tell them as soon as she arrives, you tell us.

All right. Now, can we- [Hindi]

What do you want? You ask somebody to help you there.

[Hindi conversation]

You have got “talis” [plates] with you?

Sahaja Yogi: Yes, Mother.

Shri Mataji: Just bring the “talis” for the puja, it’s better than this.

Yes, may God bless you. How are you?

Sahaja Yogi child: Fine.

Shri Mataji: Happy New Year! You are growing up. You grow on taller.

Sahaja Yogi child: Yes. Everyone says so.

Shri Mataji: Yes, you’re growing taller.

[Hindi conversation]

Whatever you need, they will give you everything you need.


[Hindi conversation]


I think all of you should be seated now. [Inaudible]

The fire is one of the elements within us. within us, which has made the Nabhi. Nabhi chakra is made out of fire. [Inaudible] Now what we do is to burn away whatever is wrong within us for this harmony, this health. So, we are requesting the fire to take this in the realm of that God. That’s how we take the names of the Goddess and put it into the fire. So, the fire burns

[inaudible]. In India, you will be surprised how it will change your inside, it’s most miraculous.

Come this side, I think you can sit, come this side. Now.

Shri Mataji: Douglas [unsure]?

Sahaja Yogi: She’s not here yet.

Shri Mataji: She won’t.

Sahaja Yogi: No, no, she won’t be there for a while, I think.

Shri Mataji: So, 51 names you should do. Because we are just waiting for people to come and we have to start it because it is already one twenty.

Dr Rustam Burjorjee: Mahashakti is the last name.

Shri Mataji: Mahashakti is the last.

Dr Rustam Burjorjee: Could you make it 52 up to Mahamaya?

Shri Mataji: All right, up to Mahamaya, it’s good.


You see, all of you should have a little bit.

Sahaja Yogi: Little bit and keep it in your hands.

Shri Mataji: At the end of it, we will put.

Sahaja Yogi: End of it, because everybody cannot do it.

Shri Mataji: Put it in the right hand. And in the end of it, we’ll put it all over.

Sahaja Yogi: Yes. You come nearer.

Shri Mataji: Those who have problems, they don’t know to sit should sit on a chair. You shouldn’t trouble yourself much. Those who have got problems should not bother. One has not to be uncomfortable. So, start it. And somebody has to put harmonium otherwise they won’t be able to sing properly.

[Sahaja Yogis start to sing “Jai Jagadambe”.]

Shri Mataji: Just a minute. Let the not be there, otherwise you will again- everybody should feel the note, all right? Just start the note now.