Public Program, Void, Heart, Vishuddhi, Channels

New Delhi (India)


1978-0131 Public Program, Void, Heart, Vishuddhi, Channels, New Delhi (India)

I have told you about Nabhi Chakra and Void (Bhavasagar). This Void contains our Guru tattwa and Guru tattwa establishes Dharma within us. These 10 petals shown here establishes the Dharma within us. Humans need to have ten Dharmas within them otherwise they are not humans. Even if they have nine dharmas established, still somewhat they are lacking. And by Dharma, I absolutely do not mean Christians, Hindus, Muslims, etc. But, if humans do not take care of the 10 dharmas of humanity within them, then they become demons. 

This Guru tattwa has taken several births on this planet. Specifically, there have been 10 main births. Raja Janak, Nanak, Muhammad Saab, etc. and lastly Sainath of Shirdi took birth. We tie these tattwas because even inside of us, all those great personalities who have taken births for our evolution are also tied inside of us. Humans are also tied to several things. It is very subtle. Like gods these gurus are present in our void. Now, first & foremost, they have told not to drink. They weren’t bit by some mad dog, nor were they fighting elections, neither did they have other businesses that due to competition, they told drinking was bad. They told, son, do not drink, do not smoke, don’t take any brew, because, in our stomach resides our Chitta (attention), specifically, in our liver. They told not to drink so that you do not bring impurities into your stomach and ruin your attention. Drinking alcohol drowns your consciousness. Now, people got a different meaning of this. To take care of their stomachs, they put too much attention on food. They started not eating garlic, onions, this, that, etc. etc. Now, Muhammad Saab (Sahab) used to eat garlic & onion. Even Nanak used to eat even ghost (goat or lamb) etc. everything.

Meaning, we are not to put too much attention on eating & drinking. We should not waste our attention on these things. What to eat in the morning, what to eat in the evening, what to eat now, what to eat tomorrow, etc. I went to Paris. I was astonished at the people there. I thought no one in the world is more foody than them. If they call you for lunch, for more than an hour it is investigated what to order. This specification, that specification. Now, I find all the taste same. They’ll make us work so hard to decide on the food menu, for an hour, and they’ll keep drinking alcohol for an hour, then god knows what they like so much about it. Afterwards, they’ll discuss each item, each ingredient in so much details. They give very specific orders. Hence, the waiters there are considered experts. They’ll get exactly what you tell them. So much specifications, and finally the taste is of no use. One hour a person has wasted in this – what to order. Today, I want this, tomorrow that, day after this!!

Now, in our country (India), there is this disease of fasting. Now even before fasting, people start thinking what kind of ‘food’ should we prepare. Only particular type of flour should be used, etc. Now lets go and shop for that. We have this thing about Friday – Goddess Santoshi Ma’s fast. We must never do fasting on that day. Who told to fast on the very day she was born. Now, these affairs of the Brahmins, what to say. Some are sitting here, they’ll break my head! (lauging) What common sense is this to fast on someone’s birthday. The day Shri Ganesh, Santoshi Ma are born, they say to fast, not eat sour food. The thing she likes, they say don’t eat that. What sense is this! This not going to make them happy. Surely, the negative tantriks do these things, whatever mother doesn’t like, do that. I will say simply, I don’t like any fasting done by my children. Don’t fast. If you don’t feel like eating someday, that’s allright. Just eat fruits. But no need for anyone to fast in Sahaja Yoga. I don’t need TB patients here. 

They make such sickly pictures of Christ, like some TB patient. Thin arms, legs. How can Christ be like this. Think a bit. How can a great godly person look like that. He was a shining, bright, flower like, heartfelt person. He could take down 10 people on his own. Now, these evil French artists, have made Christ’s depiction like this. Atleast, in our country (India), you’ll never see such a depiction of Ramchandra ji (Shri Rama). Shri Rama & Sita ji will be healthy, round figured and beautiful. Not like these sickly depictions of Christ. How can sickly people help others. No need for these dramas. Now, Gandhiji did Satyagraha for all of us. You all do not need to fast. Mother doesn’t get happy by all this. Now this does not mean keep eating (laughing). Humans go to extremes. They’ll say Mother told to eat. Next you see, they are coming with such huge bellies. Now, they’ll say, Mother please give treatment for my stomach.

Don’t eat too much or too less. Be in the middle. Be prudent. In general, don’t put much thought to food. Simple, vibrated, good food, made by Griha Lakshmi, i.e. dharmic food should be eaten. I am not taking about veg and non veg. Now here also, people have gone to such extremes. Jains have done such extremism of vegetarianism that I don’t know what explanation to give now. They keep a brahmin in one room and fill it with insects. The insects bite the brahmin and the brahmin gets good money for this. Now, is this vegetarianism. Am I to give realization to insects or chicken? I have to give realization to humans. What will you do saving chickens! No need for such charity. Do normal good behavior. 

Now, there are even more dangerous situations. Like in Denmark, there was a Lamha. He said, I only walk on marble. I am vegetarian, you all have to be vegetarian. Now there aren’t many vegetables available in Demark. Other than few like potatoes, there aren’t much options. They all become unhealthy & sickly. And the Lamha ji kept eating a lot. I asked, what did he tell you about sex. Lamha ji told them, that’s your culture, do whatever you want. Finally, two girls came from there and told me, we got pregnant. This is their vegetarianism. Now, whenever you remove a person from their normal diet, they become weak. Then, it gets easier to put bhoots in them. 

Ram Chandra ji was a Kshatriya. He used to eat everything. For whom did he kill the deer. 

Now, the limits that Jains have done, they say Krishna is not god. Why? Beacause, he killed Rakshasas. Now, if Shri Krishna doesn’t destroy Rakshas, who will. Will these Jains do it! Should we not destroy Rakshasas. Is that violence! Violence also has dharma. The destruction which is for the good, have to be done. Anger is also necessary. If you do not get angry, sometimes, bhoots don’t go. We have to get angry and say – go away. Then they run off. If it understands anger only, we must get angry. If we say to bhoots – ‘please leave his body, I’m totally non violent, please go’, (laughing), the bhoot will come and sit on you too. Where scolding is necessary, it has to be done. Earlier, people used to beat with broomsticks. No need to do that. But, sometimes you have to scold. You have to scold and say ‘go away, if you don’t go away, I’ll curse you’, then they run off. It’s worth observing these things (how these bhoots behave). 

Now this saying ‘Don’t get angry’ is very interesting. In Mumbai, there was a program. Many people were there. This bhoot ridden person came to me. Got very angry. Tore off my books. Threw them at me. Gave me ten slangs. Some Sahaja Yogis present there got angry. They said you cannot speak to Mother like this. He says, you are Yogis, you should not get angry, you sit quietly. I told him off. Give him two slaps now. If necessary, call the police. He immediately ran off. 

Gone are the days when saints were tortured. Now, beware, if anyone tries to harm sadhus & saints, they will be destroyed. All evil eyes towards sadhus & saints will be made blind. Otherwise, they’ll not learn. Who gave humans the right to trick saints all the time. This is a new era. Enough is enough. All secrets and evil will be removed. All adharmics will be punished. No one has the right to trick sadhus and saints anymore. Earlier, it was said, you’ll get bad karma if you trick saints. Now, that bad karma needs to be visible that instant. We have tricked saints too much.

This is due to adharma. When there is adharma in the Nabhi, when Nabhi is totally filled with adharma, then Shri Vishnu ji takes incarnation. He has come in many forms. He has come even in female form. He comes for the protection of Sadhus & Saints. And at that time, Shri Durga ji, Jagadamba, comes to the center heart. She has taken several births. It is said she took 1000 births. She has taken several partial incarnations as well. And she protects the tattwa after coming to earth. She protects the qualities of the tattwa. After that protection, when humans rise to the center heart, it is the place of Jagadamba; Jagadamba then resides in your heart. 

Hearth Charkra is in between. Heart is on the left. That is Shri Shiva’s place. That which is called the spirit, resides there. If anyone says, I got a heart attack, then I tell him to ask for forgiveness from God Almighty. You tell him – 

‘O Ocean of forgiveness, please forgive me. Whatever mistakes I have committed, by any means, please forgive me. 

Kara-charana kṛitam vā kāya-jam karma-jam vā

(Please forgive all our wrong deeds that have been done by our hands

or feet, or created by the body),

Shravana nayana-jam vā mānasam v’āparādham

(By our ears or our eyes, with our minds or through our mistakes.)

Vihitam-avihitam vā sarvam-etat kshamasva

(For all that has been done or left undone, please forgive us.)

Jaya jaya Karun’ābdhe Shrī Mahā-deva Shambho

(Victory to You, again and again! O ocean of compassion,

O great and benificent God!)’

This is the mantra. If his heart doesn’t get allright, I am ready to lose whatever you say. But, the person must be a realized soul because he has developed the connection with God Almighty. And if he (realized soul) asks for forgiveness, he is forgiven because Shri Shiva is ‘Bhole Shankar’ (Innocent). But, connection must be there. 

On the contrary, if you are Shri Shiva’s devotee, you’ll get heart attack. Yes, absolutely. Why? Because, without his permission, … (you are taking his name)

If you have to meet the prime minister, you have to write so many letters to so many people. But Shivji, Shivji is the grand father of the grand father (huge personality). He is a very big deal. His name should never be taken casually. See, who all sit with him. You will be reprimanded by the Ganas if you take Shri Shiva’s name carelessly. Without realization, never ever take Shivji’s name. After realization, with extreme humility, your head bowed, asking for forgiveness, you should take Shri Shiva’s name. A lot of humility is required, if you wish to take Shri Shiva’s name. And he likes only humility and because of this humility even several big Rakshasas have got him. You have to be very humble. Always accept your faults and with humility be at the feet of Shri Shiva. This makes him happy. 

(scolds a Yogi in Marathi for clicking pictures. Says no special ‘roop’ is going to come while giving lecture. Not to disturb)

OK, now Shri Shiva’s place is left heart. He resides as the image of God (Spirit). Keeps burning like a luminous flame. He knows everything, whatever is happening or not happening within you, like a field expert. Don’t make any mistakes in front of this Lord. And if you make a mistake, definitely ask for forgiveness otherwise instantaneously your heart will get caught. Remember your mistakes, if you can’t remember just say ‘Lord, forgive me for any mistakes I made.’ Without him forgiving, heart cannot clear.

Any kind of extreme behavior annoys him. That is why, I say not to do Hatha Yoga. Definitely, you’ll get heart attack. Only asanas is not Hatha Yoga. There are six things in this. There has to be rules. Only brahmacharis (celibate) should do Hatha Yoga, that too in jungles, before the age of 25 Hatha Yoga practices should be completed under a guru. You should commit what you do to the Lord. Nowhere it is written in Patanjali that a householder should do Hatha Yoga practices. Nowhere. Among that, Pranayam, Vyayayam, Asanas, etc. are very small part. Among Asanas also you should know, which chakras have problems and accordingly what Asanas you should do. Now, suppose you have stomach upset and you are doing Asana for the throat. Throat will be damaged along with stomach. There is science behind what to do where, which mantra to be taken where. If your heart is caught and you are doing bhakti of Shri Vishnu, what is the use! One – your Vishuddhi will get caught because without permission you are taking mantras, Two – Shri Shiva will be upset, Three – you are taking Shri Vishnu’s name, hence you’ll upset your stomach as well. You’ll get bed ridden or will have to be hospitalized. Then you’ll say, we are so Dharmic, we do so many rituals every day and we are in the hospital. Here, the fault is of your ignorance. Biggest thing is, the Almighty forgives all of these, everything can be forgiven if you are determined about one thing – intense reverence. Respect/reverence is a huge thing. If you have innocent faith and respect towards God Almighty, there is no questioning, you will find God sometime or the other. And even if he does any mistakes, it can be forgiven. Whenever he remembers God he becomes kshamya (excusable) because God knows his devotion but nowadays, there are no such devotees, people are more into fashion. 

So, the person becomes the opposite of a devotee. Whatever one tries to do, opposite outcome occurs. For example, I told you about Hare Rama Hare Krishna people who get throat cancer. So, many of them have come to me. I told them instead of an ashram, you people open a cancer hospital. Now, they wonder why we are getting cancer as we are praising Rama and Krishna ( Hare Rama Hare Krishna ). They should understand that without permission they are taking Krishna’s name, they should take his permission first. These people from morning to evening started reciting his name. Krishna isn’t their servant but then they only understand when they get cancer and then they get to Mother cures cancer and then they come to me.

You will be surprised that if I ask anything from these people they still go on reciting those words (Hare Rama, Hare Krishna). So, by doing such stupidity one can suffer so much. Now, you can take the power of electricity if you put your finger into it you will get a shock, the same way the highest power of God is flowing. Disrespect or ignorance towards that power can be dangerous and that is why I am going to tell you each and everything out this shakti, nothing I am going to hide. I will tell you about this param shakti ( Power of God ) to you then don’t say that I didn’t tell you. You need to understand it. 

Now, I told you that this chakra is of Shri Rama on the right side and he was a maryada purushotama (the supreme among men upholding the auspicious/righteous boundaries). He is sitting on Rajoguna ( pingala nadi – right channel) . Whatever I say is always so little because there is too much to tell about him. But he represents fatherhood as he is the father. So, whenever the fatherhood is challenged then this also gets disturbed. Especially, when a man runs after women and doesn’t respect his wife they get a catch here. They get Asthma. If your right side is catching then you are against Shri Rama who was devoted to his wife. Either you don’t get married but the time you get married you are excited but after marriage if you are not dharmic ( righteous ) and you feel that your wife is the most horrible woman, however your wife is she is the Lakshmi and you should accept her as your Laksmi swaroopa (embodiment ). This is the quality of Shri Rama – being devoted towards his wife. If you don’t get along with your wife at all then in Sahaja Yoga they can get better. You can show them the right path but you cannot disrespect them, you cannot disrespect the essence of wifehood. If you disrespect them then the virtues of Shri Rama you don’t get. In the same way, Shri Rama was an ideal king and once a king or ruler isn’t ideal then this right heart gets caught up. He was like a father who is a king and a king should be in his maryada ( limits or auspicious boundaries ).

So now if you ask what happens when a woman becomes adulterous then her left side catches (where Mahakali principle resides ). When her center heart catches then she can get breast cancer. She feels her sense of security has been affected. The solution is to get a sense of security. Many women get Asthma or heartbeat problems; it means their sense of security is affected. Here in India, when a bride comes to her in-laws house, unless and until she isn’t totally worked up she is not a bride. There will be thousands of rules for her and they start accusing her of what her parents and family have done. The woman can get a catch of center heart where her sense of security is. In England and in America, this problem is to a great extent because no man or woman are answerable. In rule less system, women get this disease quite often. A woman in her being feels she should have her own husband, children and a good household  but if that doesn’t happen  due to societal conditionings, then this problem arises, her sense of security is affected. 

Above this is Vishuddhi Chakra, it is a very important chakra. This Vishuddhi chakra is made of 16 petals and these are in our cervical plexus. This controls throat, nose, part of eyes, facial muscles, ears and even the problem of the sinus glands which you get due to imbalance of this Vishuddhi chakra. It’s two branches go towards our hands. Therefore, sometimes people get their self realization but don’t feel vibrations due to imbalance of this Vishuddhi chakra. 

On Vishuddhi chakra, Shri Vishnu becomes Virata, meaning collective. When human being is not collective but is self centered, he doesn’t think of the society or others then this chakra catches. Now, another thing is tobacco in any form taken then this chakra catches. Tobacco is the avatar of Puthana (female demon) who is always after Shri Krishna. Virata who we call as Akbar, that is why muslims say “ Allah Ho Akbar “. The Akbar prophet Mohammad spoke about was Shri Krishna. Prophet Mohammad and Shri Krishna can never be separate because prophet Mohammad was the Guru principle and Shri Krishna is Virata principle. Then you will say one is greater but is the ear bigger or nose? Every deity has its own working and position and all are important. 

You can see this subtle system chart, it represents Virata and Virata has the same chakras and channels and you all represent each cell within him. You can say it as microcosm and macrocosm. From all these small – small cells, a big cell is made. When these small cells get enlightened who is an image of this big cell that is the Virata, then realization is done. Then you are part of a collective consciousness. You can feel another person can tell which chakra is catching till where the Kundalini has risen in another person. Even small children when  they get realization can tell, for example, my granddaughter PrAgnya, who is 2 years old can also tell what chakras you are catching because you can feel it in your fingertips, a new awareness is established. One needs to understand the Virata principle. 

When you eat tobacco you end this Virata principle within you. So, you tell how horrible this tobacco is. Now one can ask why God has made tobacco ? It is made to kill pests – it is an insecticide but God didn’t know that foolish human beings will start consuming it. Now, one can ask why God made alcohol ? It is made for polishing, for example, wood polishing, and if you want to polish diamonds you can do so with gin. Who told you to consume a polish ? God didn’t tell you right ? Then why did you start drinking it?

If tomorrow you start eating mud or start doing worse then what can I say ? What is God’s fault in this ? It is the mind’s fault. If you don’t drink this polish you can never be intoxicated. Another thing I don’t understand is that, if one person drinks and is intoxicated and starts shouting then others should see this and run away from that person instead 10 more people go into it. I don’t know what brain human beings have! One man came and fell into gutters, humans should run away seeing this but instead they go there and drink. Then they write poems and stories. Once I started talking against alcohol, 8-10 people got up and started leaving the hall. Not now.. not now.. [laughter] but sometime ago. So, shall I say beta ( child ) drink a lot? Of course, There are many false gurus who will tell you to go ahead and drink and take tobacco and finish your life but just give your wallet to me. They don’t care if you murder people or rob people or do smuggling but they just want your wallet. Their and their guru’s relationship is just that his earning’s 1/16th part should go to the guru.

On Vishuddhi, Shri Krishna is in his complete form. Humans also get to that complete form when he reaches to witness state. The whole world seems to be like a drama to him. This can only happen when you are realized. Krishna is also an avatar of diplomacy. Whole world’s  diplomacy  comes out of his lotus feet. He was such a big diplomat that he fooled you since so many years because he knew that if spoken straightforwardly; they are in any case going to kill (hit) Mataji; but he is not a Mother(Mataji); he is Father figure (pitaji) and he said beta ( child ) keep on going on like this. If you keep on going like this it is fine. When you bang your head then you will come to the right direction. The way he spoke about karma, that you do your karma without expectation or you leave results to God. In the second chapter of Gita he told Arjuna that you should get your self realization. So, Arjuna said, on one side you are telling me to get self realization and on one side you are telling me to participate in war ? So, he said okay I understood. So, Krishna is a diplomat. So, you can think of it as, for instance, there is a child and he is standing with a bullock cart and the horse is at the back. So, his father came out of his hut and told him to move the horse in the front but the boy said no I will keep it here. The father said ok but keep your attention on the horse. Now, the boy is keeping the horses at the back and it has been 6 thousand years the horses are still there. Same way humans come and say Mother I do my karma but the result I leave it to God but it is not possible for you to do that. This is the diplomacy. 

I will tell you the principle of the diplomacy that put absurd conditions on the person and then the person will get into his own circumstance. Just see the drama of his ( Shri Krishna )  words that keep on doing karmas and leave it to God. It is not possible! Now human beings keep on going like this but till the time your karma doesn’t become Akarma it is not possible because you have ego and superego. Whatever you will do, either you will do with ego or superego then how will you surrender it to God until and unless you don’t have the connection  ( union ) with God till then how is it possible? He has just put you in an absurd situation because humans cannot understand otherwise. It has been 6 thousand years and humans are still the same but I am a Mother and I say child don’t feel bad but put your horse in front. Even if you feel bad I can bring the horse and put it in front (only then will the cart move). I will bring it forcibly because you have been trying for 6 thousand years and still you are trying. Again in bhakti yoga, he has again shown great diplomacy. He said, whatever you give me, a flower or a fruit, see the whole play of his words, I will accept the offering but it should be ananya bhakti. Ananya means when there is no other! It is when you become one with God, when you get your self realization. Just by one word ‘Ananya’ he played you. It has been 6 thousand years humans could not understand it. It means first get your self realization and then do your bhakti (devotion). When there is no other, this state you only achieve when you get your self realization. 

Having said that, he (Shri Krishna) has been very gracious. He did the (Krishi) cultivation. That is why his name was Krishna, he did his krishi (cultivation). Krishna means the one who sows. He is the one who sowed (the seeds), now I am the one who is reaping them…lifting up all the flowers and fruits that have emerged, but He is the one who sowed the seeds. He was here 6000 years ago, still He is situated in our throat. When He awakens in the throat, we can spread our hands towards the Virata and then we can know that I am present in each and every human being.

Just like there are many gems but through it only one thread runs, just like that when you come on your own thread then you are able to go on other peoples’ (common) thread as well. This is what is known as the collective consciousness. And there is a lot of gratitude we owe to scientists and psychologists like Jung, who has said that the next step to awareness is collective consciousness. In human beings, collective consciousness, samuhik chetna, will be established…this is what Jung has said. Jung came as the disciple of Freud who was like a Rakshasa. Look at how incredible that is as well, he came as the disciple of Freud, revolted against him and proved that there is collective consciousness in human beings and he also gave many proofs for it by looking at many people’s dreams. And through the dreams he was able to find out that in each dream there are certain symbols that appear. And they appear in every person in the same way, whether that person be in England or America or India or Timbuktu.

Take for example a person who is going to murder someone. Then in front of him a unique symbol of a  triangle always keeps appearing in his life and it (the peak of the triangle) is pointed downwards. And if someone is about to get murdered, then the triangle appears pointed upward. He found out about thousands of dreams and through that he proved that within us there is a power that always tries to bring moderation in us, and through symbols it gives us warnings that this is a wrong thing, don’t do it. He’s analyzed many like these, and there are volumes on volumes he has written. You should read them and learn. Jung is a very great Sahaja Yogi and in his life, he had a lot of struggles. Very few people agreed with him and he had a lot of disasters looming on him. Every benevolent person had to encounter such disasters. No benevolent man actually even got this much recognition. This is the first time even the deities are happy that so many people are listening to what Mother is saying. Before even one man was hard to find. If you used to find one, then once you found another, one of them used to run away. It’s like that math problem where the question goes… one man comes to work, does half of it and then leaves. Then another man comes, he does one-fourth of the work, then leaves. So when will the work finish? Will it even ever get done or not? If you bring such runaways, then the work will never get done. This is like Sahaja yoga, mostly all these people who always run away show up. If their diseases get fixed, then well and good. “Yes Mother has fixed us up, now we are done.” There are very few, very few that show up who establish beyond that point. 

Whatever is spoken about the vishuddhi is not enough, there is no end to it. When the vibrations start coming to you, you’ll slowly begin to realize more about the Vishuddhi and you’ll understand the significance of it. In the bhavasagar (Void), there are two other beings who are very important who we can know and understand as Chandra and Surya. They are such chakras that are settled on these two nadis (this and this…). On top of these chakras, two very huge personalities have been placed. They are the embodiment of human beings, they are human beings. One of them is Buddha, the other is Mahavira. But, if you listen to their entire history then they are Sita ji’s sons, Luv and Kush, who are just humans. And after that, they kept climbing higher and higher and reached a point where they became Buddha and Mahavira. Even then they thought they reached an extreme of non-violence because their non-violent followers and supporters started saving mosquitoes and beetles in the name of non-violence. Then they had to incarnate with Mohamed Sahib, because Mohamed Sahib was himself the incarnation of Shri Janaka. And his daughter, Shri Fatima, was herself Shri Sita, the Adi Shakti. And they (Buddha and Mahavira) arrived as Shri Fatima’s sons Hasan and Husein and sacrificed their lives at the battle of Karbala. To prove this that no extreme is right. And you can check this is true or not depending on your vibrations. If I am lying then your vibrations will tell you so. Not a single alphabet that I am speaking to you is a lie. 

Both their places are here on our head. When your left nabhi catches, then know that Shri Mahavira’s place is spoiled. And when Shri Mahavira’s place is ruined, it means that you are a very stubborn person. “I don’t want to eat this, I don’t want to eat that, I don’t want to touch that, I don’t want to do that”….shower right in the morning and only wear the clothes that are ironed. Being a stiff person like this will make your left nabhi catch and for that, then you have to take the name of Shri Mahavira. For right nabhi, it catches when you become too egotistical. For example, in the matter of food you say things like “I only like this, I only like vegetables prepared with small potatoes with cut up fenugreek leaves inside it.” Then your nabhi catches. “I only like the bathroom to be this way”. I mean, are you Aga Khan? You like Aga Khan’s palace so what can we do about that? To do this where you say things like “I did not like this thing. I went there and I did not like their clothes. You wore this saree and I did not like it” then you are gone. This is the state of the Buddha principle. This is how egotistical people catch here (ego). Like this, the nadis of Moon and Sun get caught up. 

Shri Mahavira did the work on the moon channel. He went into Hell and figured out what happens there, what types of 7 hells are there, the types of critters there are and how it stinks up…he has described that completely. However, even then the Jains don’t have any sense, no sense entered into them. If you ever read what he wrote, you will hold your ears and say ”Mother, we do not want to go to hell. If this is hell then we don’t want it”. In fashion, you end up doing thousands of things but know that you will end up going to hell. Right now someone told a good joke, and I’ll tell you that and wrap up my lecture. There are two other chakras left and we will talk about those tomorrow. One joke someone told was that there was a man who was very dharmic and sattvik (pure), a poor man who lived a very peaceful life. And when he went to heaven he saw that there are many Sahaja Yogis there doing dhyan (meditation). So the man said, I lived a life just like this on earth and now the same thing is here in heaven. I thought it would be a lot of fun in heaven but here everyone is only just meditating. There should be something else beyond this. So he told God, “God I want to go to hell and see what type of thing hell is so I know what it is like.” So God said “Okay son, feel free to go using this way”. So when he got to hell, he saw there is unrestrained merrymaking happening, women are dancing, music is playing, people are talking in a dirty manner, alcohol and cigarettes are going around. Just like here it happens, what are they called? I am forgetting [audience: discotheque] discotheque yes! He saw discotheques are open there so he exclaimed “wow, yesI am finally here!” So the people there asked him, “why are you standing here?” He said “I wanted to go to hell so God has sent me here.” The other person said” okay here is the door, go in through that.” The moment the door opened up, he saw people being cooked in vessels, people getting burned, being hung upside down, their necks being cut, weird critters crawling over them and eating them. He came running out and said, “what is this? You guys are doing all that outside but inside this is happening”.  The man said, “what is outside is the publicity department of hell.” [laughter]

So don’t get carried away by the publicity department, I am telling you. If you don’t believe me then you can read what Mahavira has written. If you think I am lying and you don’t believe me, then read it and see for yourself what the 7 hells are like. So don’t go towards hell, my dear. It is very horrible. I keep thinking and thinking how do I even talk about this, these are my children. Think about this, if a mother knows what hell is like then she will shout and scream and keep holding on to her child and say “my child, don’t go there”. She will even die hungry but will keep telling you that “no matter what happens, don’t go there because I know what it is like.”

And you can only understand this from the one who knows. Why I keep shouting and screaming and pleading again and again that my children keep on the right path because I have seen hell, don’t get carried away by its publicity department. With this said, I will conclude today’s lecture because it is 8 pm and it’s late. Tomorrow we will talk about the other two chakras and general talks around what happens from the Kundalini awakening and the conscious mind. Tomorrow come and note all the lectures, think over it and understand it and establish your realization. I do the work of Kundalini awakening in the morning, for realization and meditation you should come in the morning. Because right now there is no time for it. Not only this, in the morning if there is something of yours to cure, I will do that as well. But for now, the lecture has become quite long, I was not expecting that but there were so many vibrations. Those who are feeling cool, they should know they have got their realization. But this needs to be established and imbibed. This is a very subtle truth however you are not so subtle yet. Please keep this in your heart and know that nothing can be obtained till you start valuing it. I have made this entire thing very easy and straightforward after working on it quite a lot. Even then, it can be twisted if you yourself are a twisted person. Fix yourself and fix your instrument. I can only turn on your car. 

It is a great moment of happiness that after seven years, through the aid of hindi speakers, a small book in Hindi was published. This book has now arrived, please take this book and take it home, read it and understand it. You will know a lot through it. But just through a book it wont work out, you have to experience it. If you haven’t experienced it, it’s all waste for you.

No no the book definitely has a price. The price is 1 rupee. Keep the price of the book as 1 rupee. Whatever faith you have, it won’t be less than 1 rupee right? 1 rupee. [laughter] You have to charge something for it. The reason for this is human beings’ behaviour is such that if you just give it to them for free, they will think this to be as good as garbage.

This has a lot of value, there are a lot of vibrations coming from the photograph. Keep it in a respectful place and use it with respect. Due to this photo, thousands have gotten their realization and have received wholesome health and a disease free state. So don’t dishonour this photograph, I am telling you this right now. I may look very naive but I am not. And there are many (deities) sitting inside of Me, who are sitting here and watching you. That’s why you should not do anything wrong. Hanuman ji is standing at the door, so if you misbehave he will give you a nice hit. That’s why you should leave with politeness and with peace. This is the photo, everyone should come and get it. It is only one rupee, and that is not a lot for anyone so come get it. If we start distributing it for free then it may be so…(incoherent)