Public Program: Brahmajana

New Delhi (India)

1978-02-01 Brahama Ka Gyan Delhi NITL HD, 60'
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1978-02-01, Brahmajana: Mooladhara to Vishuddhi – Agnya and Sahasrara Chakras, Delhi

Public Program, Brahama Ka Gyan (Knowledge of Brahm), 1st February 1978 Delhi, Translation Hindi to English

I have already told you about some of the chakras. I will tell you beyond this today. As I said earlier the name of the first chakra is Mooladhara. This is located below and consists of four petals. And because this is in a subtle form, the gross expression of this is the Pelvic plexus. In this are the purest of the pure feet of Lord Ganesha. And above this, the triangular form that you see here resides the kundalini and this is a very important point that lord Ganesha is below and kundalini is above him. This is a very important point to understand. There is a lot of confusion over this. To say that Ganesha in this chakra that is connected to sex or completely opposite to do all the work by staying away from sex, this is a way to god. These two twisted forms of thought get encouraged. Sex has no connection with your evolution. But you also do not need to run away from sex in Sahaja yoga. This is another aspect of daily existence but not so important as people think. It’s an expression of your domestic life between a man and a woman. It should be allowed between a husband and wife and one should adopt purity with anyone else. Beyond that, I told you that Swadishthan chakra revolves around the void and moves around like a leaf of a lotus. This is the same void that establishes all the creation including the constellations. What we call the earth element is the work of Swadishthan. Whenever human beings do any kind of creative work, they use this chakra. This chakra has the powers of Shri Bramha and Saraswati. That day I told you that Shri Brahma took birth only once in this world. Only once. There was a reason behind this. And you will be surprised to know that Shri Hazrat Ali who was the son in law of Prophet Mohamed was the only incarnation of Shri Brahma on earth. Only once. This is remarkable. People will not believe this but you can check on vibrations and you will realize that I’m telling the truth. Therefore, people who have problems with the liver or are suffering from diabetes, because of imbalances the people who are right-sided and have problems, all such problems can be cured by taking the name of Shri Hazrat Ali. If Muslims accept this, you will not and if you accept Krishna they will not. We need to ascend in this world. Although all such people are residing inside the body of Virat.

They are all connected. Because Hazrat Ali was the son in law of Prophet Mohamed and Prophet Mohamed was the incarnation of King Janaka (from Ramayana). His sons Hasan and Husain who were killed in the battle of Karbala were no one else but Sitaji’s sons (from Ramayana) Luv and Kush who were later incarnated as Mahavir and Buddha. Now if I’m speaking the truth or not you can find out from the experiment of Sahaja Yoga. To outrightly reject anything in Sahaja yoga is also not correct Now you are realized. You never felt vibrations. You didn’t even know what vibrations are what the knowledge of Brahm is? Just this, is knowledge. This knowledge was not told until today because each incarnation was born at different places with a particular aspect. The time has come when the total and complete and integrated knowledge be told and enlightened. If this is the truth or not, you can know only after realization, not before. And in this country, there are still thousands who say that they do not believe in anything called realization. They think that God has abandoned the world towards destruction. This is a big allegation on god. The one who created this world does worry about it! There should be some meaning, some meaning, otherwise what is the meaning of this creation. But the human being is so intelligent that he thinks very convincingly about god that ‘this cannot be’. ‘I have full faith’, ‘I believe’. How did you believe it? How did you come to know about this? They will not utter a word on this. This is a big ego of human beings. If you are not humble in Sahaja Yoga then you have not understood this as yet. We still should know a lot, achieve a lot. Even after achieving you should verify everything using vibrations. The person who has no depth looks at Sahaja yoga superficially and you do not have to know Sahaja yoga superficially. After this, I told you about the nabhi chakra. You know in brief that in nabhi chakra reside the evolutionary forces, that lead to our evolution. Due to which we became human beings from amoeba. The way we see in chemistry, the way periodic laws are set up. That is all because of this evolutionary power. Everything has its dharma established. Like carbon has a valency of four. Hydrogen has its valency and so has oxygen. It is a complete chart. It is already beautifully shown in a chart. How it is repeated in the chart. Something to marvel. All this is due to the law of dharma and the forces of evolution. These atomic laws and their changes then manifest in the evolution of dharma. You people are made of elements. This position of the dharma of these elements slowly changes and that’s why you evolve, and today you are humans. Now with just one more step, you will reach in that state that we call self-realized.

But what is being self-realized? I will tell this at the end of this lecture. The third one is the chakra which we call the heart chakra, which is on this side, where shiva resides, where the personification of the soul in the form of Shri Sada shiva resides, although he is above the forehead (in Sahasrara). Although this being his seat, like Delhi being the seat, they keep searching everywhere. Likewise, although the seat is here (in Sahasrara), the chakra or lets us say the reflection as a soul is located in the heart. This soul keeps coming outside the body and keeps searching, looking everywhere and keeps up to date on everything. This soul that Shri Krishna described as KshetrAgnya(knowledgable), this is the one who is the knower of the area (kshetra) that resides in our hearts. This, that humans know as the all-pervading is a representative of that power. In the centre, the chakra is called the central heart that runs the cardiac plexus. In the heart, chakra resides Jagdamba that is the place of goddess Durga. We have described her in one thousand words. But she has incarnated on many other occasions. She comes here in the void and provides comfort to her devotees (bhaktas). She puts energy into them. She took so many incarnations to provide protection to her bhaktas and to give them the energy so they can fight the cunning. After this on this side, it is not shown here but here too is a place on the right side there is a chakra. This chakra as you can see is on the right side on the Pingala channel here the limit (principle) of this chakra is shown and this is the place of Maryada Purushottam (the man of superior principals) Shri Ram. Out of the ten incarnations (of lord Vishnu), the eighth one happened here and after that, he moved aside. As he was made to forget that he was an incarnation. He lived in the form of a human being on earth. Because it had to be told how much an ordinary human being could ascend. To what heights can he go? So, as I told you he who does not have proper relations with his father, or his wife or his subjects or the king, one who does not behave properly with his son, such a person catches on this chakra. Any such person who catches on this chakra should know that he lacks principles. A woman has her position. Many men have this bad habit of mistreating their wives and keeping them in bad condition and treating themselves well. Because they think that whatever they want will happen. They give them a lot of pain and many of them do not follow the principle of marriage with a single woman. Either you do not marry but if you do, you should follow the sanctity of marriage. The man who marries and defies the principle of marriage has no right to marry and therefore gets controlled. We do not understand this at all. In today’s world, we do not understand this at all. We all think that we all are kings.

Our womenfolk are at home. We can do as we please and no one can touch us. This is not correct. You catch on this chakra. And what happens physically to you? When you catch this chakra, physically you get the problem of breath. You have a problem with inhalation. Just by walking you feel that you have problems in breathing. You can get problems with anger. A lot of anger. If this continues it can develop into lung cancer. And other diseases of such kind. You do not get all such diseases just by this chakra; it can happen due to other chakras also. But at least one ailment can happen due to this chakra. The person who does not respect his wife like a Lakshmi, he gets to suffer. His children do not respect him. And even if the children respect him, they can go wasted. Because the mother is a form of power. In our country, the mother has a lot of respect. And when a man thinks that she is the mother of my children and does not respect her as Lakshmi form then he angers Lord Ram. Not only this he also angers Lord Hanuman. The condition of Lord Hanuman was such that he supported Sitaji even against Lord Ram. So one has to be very cautious of Lord Hanuman. You know Lord Hanuman is a very special god. If he gets angry his ways are not straightforward. His ways are so devious that you people should not get on his wrong side. I tell you honestly that a human being does not understand that he often takes upon himself so much pain. And then people complain that this pain is due to god. Did God say that marry, get a wife and then keep roaming doing foolish things? The concept of marriage has surely been made by god, he is himself present in this ceremony, this is also true. But do we make our marriage a truly blissful institution or do we keep creating problems for ourselves? Especially in today’s world, a very bad custom has started to make a joke of your wife whenever you want to joke. A wife is a respectable person. It is said ‘Where ever women are respected, therein reside the gods’. These days there are so many rakshasas roaming around, the reason is that women are mistreated. Although I can tell you that you will not find women like the women of India. You will not get a mother like a mother of India world over. We live in London. We are surprised to find that there the mothers, even the maids are better than them. They do not have any love for their children, no love for husbands, any small problem and they are ready for a divorce. They do not work at home. They make their husbands just like a hard worker from morning till evening. They have mistreated their men so badly that they say that they also were like Indian women earlier but we understood that men will not be set right like this and therefore we rode on their heads. If women get out of control, there is no comparison to men. That’s why you kindly change ways.

You should think that you may be very intelligent but if you suppress women when they rise in the name of independence then she will put you to a task that you have already seen. One of them already has put you to the task. She is born in the same Uttar Pradesh where Sitaji was told to leave her home. Samples like this. So you must understand that you should respect the patience and love of women and understand the importance of it. Because love is ultimately the last word in the world. When a woman becomes cruel, you can imagine she becomes worse than a human, so dangerous that you cannot face her. That is why it is important to respect your girls, your wife. The chakra above that is called the vishuddhi chakra. I had told you about this that this belongs to Shri Krishna. It is the abode of Shri Radha. When Shri Krishna came into this world, then for the first time in human awareness came the concept of diplomacy. Before that humans did not understand diplomacy. They used to move straight forward. In the direction of the nose. After this Krishna said, these are twisted people so we should put in diplomacy in them. So, diplomacy means which is pure, which is beneficial to humans. Absolutely benign. As you know that Krishna is known as rancchordas (one who quits the battlefield). Once upon a time, a rakshasa (devil) was blessed that no one could kill him. No one including Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. And he started to kill all the army of Shri Krishna. And Shri Krishna also understood that no one could kill him. Because he had a boon. But his killing (of rakshasa) was essential as he created huge destruction. Now, what to do? Because he had a boon so he thought, ok let’s find a way to treat him. So, there was an ascetic. Very austere ascetic. And these ascetics get power in the form of a blessing that they can destroy anyone by merely there looks. And this ascetic went to sleep due to all his meditative effort. For many years, he slept. He had this blessing that the first person he would see would turn to ashes. He could be anyone. So, this ranchordas (Shri Krishna) while running along and with this rakshasa in his trail to find him entered the cave of this ascetic. Shri Krishna put his shawl on top of this ascetic and hid himself. The rakshasa thought that this sleeping man is Shri Krishna so he started to shout to wake him up. ‘Now I got hold of you’,’ Now where will you go?’,’ No one can save you now’.’ I have a blessing. Now come over ‘. And as soon as he pulled over the shawl he was turned to ashes by the sight of this ascetic. This is diplomacy. But this is benign and benevolent. Krishna’s destruction was also benign. People keep saying non-violence, non-violence but no one understands the meaning of non-violence. They say that the Jains (religious community) say that Shri Krishna was particularly very bad. He cannot be a god. And he is of no use since he resorted to violence. Now if God will not do violence on rakshasas so should he invite them to eat him?

You keep eating everyone. Should we say this to rakshasas (devil)? We should not protect them. Or should you keep preparing food for them by tearing away body parts and send it over, ‘here this is your food. We are sending this’. Because we are ascetics, Sahaja yogis? Rakshasa should be destroyed. Without destroying them it will not work because rakshasa is that group that has no atma. They have no kundalini. They have eyes like that of a cat. You must have seen the eyes of a cat. Have you seen them? The eyes of the cat just close with a snap and can turn inwards. There are many rakshasas like that these days. At least sixteen rakshasas and six rakshasees (female) have taken birth. You see their eyes and you will come to know. Sometimes they do not even raise their eyes. There are so many such rakshasas in kalyug and some have entered your heads. Krishna had said ‘paritranay sadhunam. Vinashaya dushkritam’ (translated as for the upliftment of virtuous; for the destruction of evil), but here I see that there is no virtuous. In someone’s head, there is a yogi, there is a bhoot in someone’s head and another bhoot in a third head. Whoever you see, there is some guru’s bhoot you are carrying in your head. And in that, if I say that ‘Son, you have a bhoot inside your head’, he will run after me for my life. That’s why there is confusion in the world today. And it’s a kalyug today. And that’s why there is confusion and by the time he comes out of this confusion he is already suffering so much, his kundalini is so contaminated, there is so much of injury, that I break my hands just working on such people. Now someone says that ‘Mother, we were so many who came to you but you didn’t give us realization’. I’m working so hard as you know. I’m putting in all the hard work. But if you are not able to get your realization then I say even a second-hand car can get repaired but if you send a broken-down person then I will need to work a bit harder. But I’m also ready. Even if you are still stuck, even if you get a broken-down car and then put an elephant in that car then how do you blame me? At least remove that elephant. What did your guru give you? You should think about this. If you think that you got something or the other, then you should forgive me. And if you have not got then you should listen to me. The moment you take the guru’s name people’s head becomes so hot. At least think, I’m not asking for your money, I do not want anything from you. I just want that you should achieve your heritage. And if you are unable to get your heritage then whomsoever guru you have he is not a capable one. Why do you believe in him? I will tell you the reason for that so now for that look at the next chakra. This is your problem. This problem is due to your eleven rudras (at the forehead). This has the ekadasha rudras (eleven rudras). This is a very big thing. Human’s problem is very big. Eleven rudras meaning eleven major chakras are located inside this. But at the centre of these eleven chakras with ten chakras besides it, is the chakra of Surya (sun). This is the chakra of the sun. Lord Ganesh himself incarnated in this world who is Christ himself.

Christ is Brahm (vibrations). The form of Brahm (vibrations). That’s why his physical form is also that of bramh. You can say a special being was created. If you read the ‘Devi Bhagwat’ although you do not read such things, if you read ‘Markandeya Puran’ all such things are mentioned in it. His name was Mahavishnu. His father was none other than Shri Krishna, the Virat. The person he keeps talking about his father is Shri Krishna. Now if Christians hear this they will come after to beat me. But this no longer happens in England. They have understood. He keeps talking about his father, keeps showing the two fingers one is a vishuddhi finger and another one is nabhi finger. In the nabhi is Shri Vishnu and here in vishuddhi is Shri Krishna. He doesn’t know anything else than his father. If you read Devi Bhagwat and read the description of Mahavishnu (i.e. Christ) it matches word for word. Shri Krishna placed him above himself and made him born after himself. And said that whatever people offer me, whatever I will get you will keep getting one-sixteenth of that portion forever. And you will be the foundation of the world and you will always be in bramh (vibrations) and therefore his physical body could not be destroyed. And Krishna had said ‘nainam chidanti shastrani; nainam dahti pavakah’ (this atma cannot be destroyed by a weapon and cannot be burnt by a fire). This atma and the vibrations cannot be destroyed. Come what may. This cannot be destroyed. Just to prove this, the birth of Christ took place. Now just put attention on the word ‘Christ’. The name comes from ‘Krist’. And ‘Krist’ comes from Krishna. Because he was Krishna’s son, so the name of father was continuing so his name was ‘Krist’. But his name was Jesus also that is because he was also the son of Radha. Radha thought that till today nowhere the name of Jasoda (Krishna’s foster mother) was mentioned. That’s why Ya-sho-da means Jesus. Like we say Yasoda, we say Jesu. If someone’s name is Jasoda he will be known as Jesu and Jasoda will be known as Jesu. Many people like in Maharashtra know him as ‘Yeshu’ and Jasoda as ‘Jesu’. Now Christian will never come around this and for you also this is very difficult but all these people were from the same cast. Jesus has said ‘Those who are not against me are with me’. Who are those people who are with him? He remained for just three years in the world, understand this. In just that everyone tortured him. In just three years he was crucified. How could he have completed his work? Even then he said ‘ I will appear before you like the tongues of flames’. These tounges of flames are just like the flames inside the kundalini. The chakras of kundalini are just like tounges of flame, living, emitting these flames. Especially the Sahasrara is very beautiful. Sahasrara has many colours of flame. And the one in the centre is very brilliant, transparent. And from the outside its orange and blue and slowly it turns the brilliant. Just like the lotus at the Sahasrara. It has one thousand petals. Now doctors say that there are nine hundred eighty nerves and two motor nerves. These types of useless arguments have no point.

They must look after their Sahasrara. But you will not see anything. Because I have taken you through the centre, through the very subtle and taken you there. Therefore, you do not see anything. The same happened with Buddha. That’s why we believe in the buddheshwar. The mother did not come to him to tell him how it’s done. Spontaneously as he was lying down one day he got realized like Sahaja. And the kundalini went just through the middle and out. When you go through the middle of something you do not see from the outside. So, you do not see anything. If you see something, assume that you are on the outside. So, you don’t see anything. When you move through the inside you do not feel anything other than peace and thoughtlessness. This is the attribute of Sahaja yoga. As such so many people say that let us spin your Agnya chakra. Only the day before someone said this is the third eye, here at the place of Agnya chakra, right at the centre at optic thalamus where we have our optic nerves, nerves of our eyes and this is a delicate area. And the window of that is located outside where I have my sindoor (on the forehead), this is the window. When you spin it the wrong way it creates a short circuit and then what do you see then? It’s a very important chakra, what below is Ganesha’s swastika becomes the cross here. But the crucifixion of Christ is not his message. The message was the resurrection. Because the way Krishna had said that this body can be finished but the bramh tatva (vibration element) cannot, the one whose physical body was made of vibrations left the world along with his body. This is proof of the father and his words. This element does not get destroyed. You will be surprised that the mantra of vishuddhi chakra is ‘Alla ho Akbar’ your cold cough etc gets all right. If you are realized that is ‘Alla ho Akbar’ means Allah who is the Virat. And Virat is the description of Shri Krishna. Prophet Mohamed has himself described Shri Krishna with such fervour. Where ever he said about Allah he talked about Shri Krishna. Wherever Christ talked about his father, he talked about Shri Krishna. But he talked about formless because the people were caught up in petty things, you can say in our country only. First, there was talk about the one in the form. About the flowers, so people started saying sit on the flowers. No one talked about the nectar. Everyone got busy in idol worship. There is meaning in an idol, there is a meaning to everything because I told you that deities are sitting in all the chakras and each one of them has a meaning. But which idol is the right one? Which one is false? No one even knows this. There are so many idols that have bhoots sitting inside them. Most of the idol that they took away from here, just kept in their house, will get eventually stolen from the houses. If they hide in boxes, the whole box itself will get stolen.

You can try it once. Those who give these types of idols put bhoots in them. Like giving a talisman or a ring. You can say that there are such horrible types of bhoots associated with them that you can be thrown back. There are even photographs like this. One such Babaji was used to doing this had his photo in a women’s house. One of my disciples went there and just as she entered the place her head went out of order. She asked her is she was following any guru or babaji but got a reply that she has nothing of the sort. She opened her box and there was this small photograph of the babaji. ‘You first throw this else I will go away and there will be no relation between us henceforth’ She said. Between just an age of forty to fifty you are bound to get a heart attack. Tell me any followers of theirs who did not get a heart attack after the age of forty or fifty. Tell me, anyone. Especially if the wife is a follower the husband will surely get it. You can check if this is correct or not. I can give many examples of this. Who was the Wing Commander? He had come to me after a heart attack. I forgot his name. Yes, Mr Mehra and then another one Mr Nanda. He is the one and only, why do you want me to take his name? His actual name is Mahishasur. That Satya Saibaba. He is Asatya (untruth) that’s why he prefixed Satya (truth) to his name. And the people who get the rings forget this. Now I met a rich man. I had gone to dinner to some minister’s place and there he started to tell me ‘see I got this ring. The cost of this ring is about 1-2 lacs’. I told him ‘Oh so he gave you this ring but couldn’t you buy such a ring from the market?’ But he is born for such fools only. Such people who have an excess of money more than their needs. In Sahaja Yoga, such wealthy will never come. Neither such type of rich nor the powerful. They will dance naked in front of Rajneesh. In our Maharashtra, there were one or two ministers who danced naked before Rajneesh. Some photos were taken and are being sold at very high rates in America. What does one say? There is no problem with that. There they will throng all ministers in front of these devils and rakshasas. They will go and say’ Oh Babaji, please tell us’. And what do they say’ There is this mister who is going to come to take my place? Please do something about him.’ Is this the work of God? Then there are other such charlatans roaming around. There is one such in Nagpur. He will tell you the number of the horse. Now tell me is god concerned with the number on the horses? There are hordes at his place. There was someone at the shipping corporation. He was a deputy to my husband. He was a very humble man. He passed away. His daughter in law once came crying to me. I said ‘ What happened? Why are you crying? So, she said ‘Mataji what do I tell you? My husband has sold off all my household. He gave away everything. And he has run away somewhere after selling everything away. Now, what to do?’. I said ‘Very wicked of him. Where did he go?’

After that, his mother came to me. He started crying and asking about his son. I said that he is alive but don’t know where. After that, she came back after about a year and started telling me ‘Found him, Found him’. I said ‘Where?’. He was somewhere in Nagpur and he is known as Gulab baba and he was the same person. When I went to Nagpur I sent a message that I’m coming to meet this Gulab baba. I did not see him for a year after that. Then the second year he again reappeared. This is their condition. All kinds of thieves and dacoits who have come out of jails are roaming around in the guise of babas. You think about it, suppose you are locked up in jail. The world comes to know about it and you face social disgrace. Then when you come out, if you are very clever and intelligent, what will you do? You will think let’s wear a gown and go to somewhere where we can start a shop. So, if he is a person from the north he will go to the south and if he is from the south, he will come to the north. After that you will see in a few days he will be going around wearing a string of beads. Some will be going around on elephants, some on horses, some on camels and some on donkeys. But where do you get such donkeys? In cities. Here people are more intelligent. They think that this person has come to give away their money to them. These donkeys live in cities and usually, they have excess money. Some donkeys also sit on powerful positions. They are good donkeys and are easily available. They do not think that we have occupied this high chair for a fleeting moment, that we have got this money for limited duration, that they have just come to occupy these places to guard them over. And then if you tell them ‘Son, you have to quit smuggling, this will not be acceptable in Sahaja Yoga. You must leave tobacco. You should quit drinking. All bad habit you have to drop’. Mataji is very bad. Why? Because she does not tell us to sit with trouble. Do smuggling and thuggery. Some gurus come to say goodbye to their disciples when they go to jail. There is another such character who gives names to his pupils. That’s the kind of sway he has put over them. Ignorant people are there. Moneyed but ignorant. And the ones with power are fools. So, they get both of them as disciples these and them. They tell the rich that you put langar (free food camp). Guru should be served. Now there are so big camps organized for service. People think that these are being organized by the Babaji with his own money for this langar. That’s the kind of service these gurus give. Suppose I’m in the middle of doing such langar. All the black money. Muktanand is one such sample. All the black money of Bombay goes to Muktanand. All hippies come there, all drugs are supplied there. They are comfortable doing all the drugs. It’s allowed in their ashrams. Because it is part of their culture. Brother and sister sleep together, no problem. It is their culture. What can we do? We cannot disturb their culture. What can you do to disturb it? So now these people say that you get many saint and hermits; all white-skinned hermits.

So, we are in their service. All the block(government) money is going there. To have the langars. And if you go to the feet of such babas you get bhoots inside yourselves. Another bhoot in someone else. They sell their drugs like hotcakes. Just go and get this verified. I had told you about Anand Marg in 1970. Let me tell you. They are of another variety, all of them of different varieties, you will be surprised to know about them. Now, these Anand Margis have latched on to another weakness of humans. They have come to know about the problem of hatred in humans, hate him, hate them, trouble him, trouble them, no one wants to use their sensibilities for this. We will make you powerful just using this hatred inside you, so powerful that your enemies will be destroyed. It will make it so powerful that don’t ask. In the beginning, it’s a bit slow. After this they make you do this and that. Now there is a lot of tantrism involved in this. Tantriks have just one way, very simple. That somehow anger the gods inside you. If you just make all gods angry, abuse, say their mantras, etc. Now consider some random tantric, you have a shiva on your heart and he will be someone holding a skull and body in his hands and say Shiv, Shiv, Shiv. Now Shivji will say just see the drama of this awful man. If someone wears the crown of a king and say Oh king, Oh king, then what will the king do? Put two slaps and put him in an asylum. But gods do not work like this. They say if he is gone, leave him. They pull away from their attention from there. At the maximum, they pull away. Sometimes they punish also but sometimes they leave that place. And the vacuum that is created at that place then, they start to do all the filthy things. And once the filth starts, they gain power and then trap everyone there itself. Similarly, give a mantra to someone. Someone was given ‘ Ai, Hi, Ki, Ko, Dhi, Dhi’ anything they will give. There are devils by these names. These devils enter you and start to do their jobs. Only yesterday there was a woman who came to me saying that just three days ago, I went to this guru’s place. In such a short period of this condition? The whole body was aching, blockade and very terrible condition. Did I say that in just three days you ate this there? You should have understood. Its mentioned clearly in Puranas that in the name of God there will be big dreadful devils who will come here and be called gurus. Will Ravan say that he is Ravan? If he says this he will be put behind bars first thing. Many devils (females) have come using different names. Hitler has taken birth. This has taken birth, that has taken birth. Hitler was also a big devil. He has again taken birth in this country. He must be having powers. Meaning that how to cast a spread, how to fill in a bhoot, how to do devil’s expertise. All such are devils’ expertise. There is only one thing about god, how to awaken your power. When I say that awaken your power they say’ This just cannot be, we cannot believe’. Ok. have come for such intelligent people only.

In a way, I have been telling you for a long time. That son, my place is actually in the villages. My place is not with these town dwellers. Now you said, therefore, I came to Delhi. Next time if you same mother come for a month. Ok, I will come for a month and do all the hard work. But howsoever amount of work one does, how much it will enter inside the heads of intellectuals here, I cannot say. ‘Mother please bless us’. I have already blessed the world. But in a village, there are more than seven hundred who achieve their self-realization in a thousand people. But in Delhi amongst the thousands, there will come only a handful maybe fifteen to twenty. In that maybe ten get self-realization and two melt away and another one will run away. Then the mother thinks that maybe its all wasted away. I just have this request from you that at least what you earn, do not fritter away. It has to be established, imbibed and taken towards the experience. Sacchidanand state is what? We have to achieve that. Above this is Sahasrara. Till today this was not opened. I have come many times and taken birth many times. Many of you know it but Sahasrara was not opened. Nothing happened except crying weeping and wasting away all such lives. You could not achieve anything. The opening of Sahasrara only happened in this birth. That too, I was working away in the nights’ end on, I used to enter inside kundalinis of everyone to find out what the problem is in this motor and that motor. And that too by being with my family, the last stage of Sahaja yoga, which we say the opening of Sahasrara, has happened. That’s why we celebrate 5th May as the Sahastrar day. That day when the Sahasrara opened up, your Sahasrara also opened up. This means that day the super consciousness came into this world. That’s why you all feel the vibrations. You may ask why not many years ago? Only one in many used to get this and could achieve much. Supra consciousness was needed. God’s kingdom had to come. The sensitivity of that had to be spread in the world. Otherwise, the belief in God would have broken off. Else the world would have drowned away. And Satya yuga wouldn’t have started. Satya yuga has started. And Satya yuga means that just any other worthless thing will not work. Satya yuga started from the day cancer started in this world. No hanky panky can go on now. You have to stand in dharma. If you do not stand in dharma, you will go towards excessiveness. Earlier you may have heard a lot of people who used to have one peg a day. Now it does not happen like that. Now a ten year or a fifteen-year-old boy who starts on alcohol turns alcoholic within two years. Everything has become speedy and because of speediness, it won’t work now. Man has to become dharmic now and rise in his dharma. One who does not rise will be defeated. He will have to see losses, mentally, physically, emotionally. All types of losses. And he will see in front of his eyes that he is getting all these painful things. He will understand this. This is a special time. You can say the time of transition to get down to Satya Yuga. Before fully getting down in Satya yuga, before establishing that your sensitivity should improve.

This physical body of yours has the central nervous system and you should get the light of divine on your central nervous system. Till now it is only in the parasympathetic and you have god in your hearts. But this light should come onto your central nervous system and flow in the form of vibrations like it is described. When you understand this completely and study this only then Satya yuga will be established inside you fully. Till now no book has described which finger is connected to which chakra. I told you yesterday that the great saint Gagangiri Maharaj who is 105 years old also does not know how these chakras are caught. He says that we know it from the inside, just by going inside we come to know but we do not know anything about the fingers. This is just magical that even small little kids are telling you about the catches on their fingers. You have decoded this completely. What have these people done for you? These people from the city and the villagers, why are you giving them self realization? What is their speciality? What is so extraordinary about them? In what pattern, have you given birth to them? I said ‘On the pattern of Ganesh. I have given them birth from Sahasrara’. You used to think that you have achieved a lot, I achieved this, I achieved that. Now sit. These are my children and they are the ones who will tell the world that there is god. Now he argues with me again and again and says ‘Mother, You work till about 12 years and then I will come. I am occupied with these people now. They have made my condition worse’. But he said that if someone tries to trouble you, you send him to me. ‘ One person was troubling me for no reason. I told him to go to this guru and that he has called him.’ I did not know what a weird person he was. So, he went. He turned up after ten days with his legs broken and tied to his shoulders. I just had tears in my eyes. I said what happened? Who did this to you? He started to say ’Mother, Save me. Save me.’ I said what happened. You had gone to this guru. That time you were going with great enthusiasm that you are going to this guru. He said that I was sleeping in the cave and in the night a leopard pushed me to ground. I said but what did you tell him? Mother, I made a mistake to talk ill about you. I talked bad about you. ‘Then what did he say?’. He said’ Let me see your mother on this. He did not say much at that moment. After this, the leopard threw me on the ground. After three days, I found myself with bones broken just lying there, in my own waste, totally shattered. Nothing to eat. Only after a few days, they offered a few morsels that too hanging from the air. After that they let me rot there for a few more days. Then they bought me up and informed my relatives. They told them to take me from there. They put my legs on my shoulder and packed me to take to you. She will only set him right. She is the only one who can forgive. I cannot. And if you say again I will detach your legs from your body. He held his ears and said that mother please do not send me again to him. Whatever it is, it is ok. Then I put his legs ok. Now he is fine. Going on. This is how it is.

Now, these gurus also have their unique ways. I asked him ‘Why don’t you give realization?’. He said’ I’m done with this giving realization thing. I had given it to one. Worked for twenty-five years, then he got realized. Just think about it’. He said’ Just imagine. From the time, I was a frog I have worked hard and after thousands of years, I have got realization. I felt vibrations. And I gave this fool his realization within twenty-five years. What is his name? Yes, Anna Maharaj. I said ‘ Fine. We will see what this Anna Maharaj is’. He said’ If I get hold of him I will beat him hard’. So, that Anna Manahraj had come somewhere so I said that if he is seen somewhere call me also. He was told that Mataji is coming. I went. He was smoking a cigarette in front of me and was talking in his Hyderabadi language something with these four or five women. Very comfortably he is sitting. I went. I said’ How are you?’. He said ‘ My Guruji left his throne to meet you in Bombay. I said ‘Why not?’. After all, I’m his mother and he came to meet me. Do you have any objection?’. He said ‘He should not have done that, He is this and he is that. He is gone case and so forth.’ I said ‘Now see my way. He just broke your legs’. So, I put Kumkum to him and then as I was leaving I asked him to put Kumkum to my forehead. Just as he put on my Agnya chakra I just pulled him inside. He just started shaking ‘Mother, Mother, save me. Leave me’. I said first you tell me that you will not criticize your guru. ‘No, I will not criticize my guru. Leave me’, And secondly, you drop your habit of smoking. ‘Yes. Leave me. Leave me’. I said ‘Thirdly you should leave the company of women and go and sit in a jungle’. When he promised all three things only then I left his hands. Else he was almost fully sucked and he couldn’t move his fingers from there. That drama was seen by all of them for a whole five minutes. Then he left that place and now sits in jungles. But he still did his old ways. Then I came to know that he was asking people to give him gold rings, of one and a quarter tola and promised people that their problems will be over. ‘Maharaj this is too much’. Ok, you give whatever you can if you cannot give a one and a quarter tola. Just give half a tola. Whatever you can manage. He collected thousands of tolas of gold like this. By god’s blessing, he had a theft at his place and all his gold was stolen. So, he said ‘This is mother’s work’. I said ‘Mine? But I did not get that gold?’. Then what do you do? If you cannot get the work done simply then you have to turn to diplomacy. This is the place of Sahasrara. When the kundalini passes through the middle of this Sahasrara and pierces the fontanelle bone area then only you enter in superconsciousness. Now I will tell you, as I told you earlier, on the left-hand side is the subconscious and the collective subconscious. And on the right-hand side is the supra-conscious that we call as the pre-conscious mind and then beyond that is collective supra-conscious. Down below is the hell (below mooladhara) and above is the superconscious (above Sahasrara). So what happens is that when you become too much of a ‘super’ and people say that you have become a big monk or a nun, or some other such thing then you go on this side.

From the supra-conscious, you get bhoots inside you. And these people who fill in very dynamic bhoots inside you, they take you in a trans for a while, you get speedy for a while but realize soon after that you start to shiver. You get body aches. You cannot sleep at night. Gets terrible. All the dead spirits in the supra-conscious, these dead spirits are very ambitious. Now one of them is this person (false guru) from Pondicherry. Till a moment, he was going fine. Till the time his kundalini rose to his Agnya, it was all fine. Just at that moment, this lady reached there. His kundalini just fell like a thud back and the bhoots from both the side came rushing inside. Now tell me do you find any sensible person from Pondicherry? Number one fighters, number one aggressors, most temperamental and thinking themselves to be extraordinarily intelligent. And if you talk to them they will talk so big. If you ask them if you are realized, quick will come the reply, ‘Yes we are’. They used to all shake in front of me, the neck used to move like this. They used to say that mother is because of your power. So, I said those beside you must also be feeling the same power. Ask them, where did they come from? We realized the gentleman came from a lunatic asylum. This is the level of darkness. So much darkness that I just cannot tell you. Now let’s move to Vrindavan. There they have all the followers of Kansa (Krishna’s uncle from Mahabharat who wanted to kill Krishna) are nicely settled with names like Pandeyji, Dubeyji, Chaubey Ji with such big pot bellies. Just offer them some food or a cow or if nothing else a pair of slippers or shoes. Not even one genuine person that I could see there. I went everywhere for you. They said ‘We bought the saree of Radha Ji for you’. I said ‘Really?’. And asked what is the problem that you have? He said I have blood pressure. We do all the good work. We have served Radhaji a lot in Vrindavan. I said ‘then how did you get blood pressure?’. ‘We have that in our family’. I said ‘ok’. And everyone passes away in our family at the age of 30-32. I said’ Ok. If your family member passes away at the age of 30-32 by serving Radha Ji then what type of service are you rendering?’. And here I’m reducing everyone’s blood pressure and your blood pressure is increasing. Now there are many such specimens in our country that squatter everywhere. Here it is alright. Shri Hanuman is awake. No doubt about this. He was awake. Now I don’t know what is the condition right now. Maybe he might have disappeared from there by now. Because the attention gets removed. Same with me also. In my photograph the moment you remove your attention, the photo is gone. The photograph turns dark. Because my attention is pulled out from there. Some wrong actions like adultery going on, if my photograph is kept there, my attention is removed. If some person like that turns up, my attention is just pulled away. That’s the problem with the gods. If Ganesha’s attention is pulled away, you are gone. Then just losses upon losses. One is Ganesha and the second one is Hanuman and the third one is Bhairavnath. We should be very wary of these three persons.

So Bhairavnathji was the one who was known as Saint Michael in the bible. And Hanumanji is saint Gabriel. They are the same beings and they are at these two chakras on the two channels to protect us. Here on this side, it is Bhairavnathji and on this side it is Hanumanji. But they have their limits. If you cross the limits then they direct you to get straightened. Like Shivji who is seated here. Shivji consumes all the poisonous elements of the world. He consumes because he is the one who can kill that poison. He only can consume it. Finish it off. Like the Devi is the one who consumes the rakshasas (devil). And now if someone asks the Devi why aren’t you a vegetarian? This is hypocrisy. She has to drink the dirty blood of raktabija (a devil) and she has to consume each and every rakshasa. How can she be a vegetarian? You should straight away interpret this. If there is someone who is a very big vegetarian then I ask him to come and at least touch non-vegetarian. Don’t take to extremities. If you are so much made up of milk then you cannot stand with the Devi. You should think that Devi had to kill many thousands. Killed many crores of rakshasas. That Devi is Atisoumya (very soft) and for her children Atikaurya (very cruel). They were killed so brutally. If she wouldn’t have killed them how would the children be saved? But I don’t know where Hinduism started the concept of vegetarianism. If you believe in the Shakti if you are the devotee of the Devi where is the question of vegetarianism? Ofocurse this does not mean that you start eating horses, ox or buffalo. I don’t mean that you start eating cows. But these small animals that are normally eaten by everyone, so do you mean Mohammed Sahib is then a gone case? Christians are gone case. All warrior class is gone. Rama and Krishna are gone. Every one of these is gone cases? Who is then left? Perhaps two or four ravanas who are ailing with tuberculosis and who will give realization to them? I’m not saying that you start eating meat. I don’t mean that. If you don’t like it, don’t eat it. But that has no connection to your practice or your realization. But it is connected to how much is your attention on food. But alcohol under any circumstance is against the practice. If you ask me then I can eat ten raktabijas (devils) but I cannot consume a single drop of alcohol. Someone just managed to make me drink just a little and I was vomiting blood after that. So much. My husband pulled his ears that day that does not even give her a drop of this to my wife.’ I have pain in my stomach’. I do not say anything to anyone. My stomach is like that. You must have seen that I ran away yesterday. There was some very bad man who came along here. Because of him, I had a very bad nabhi catch. I said now let’s throw him out and put him in hell. I have a pain in my stomach even if I see even a bit of something like this. If a naked woman or a cabaret dance is going on. I don’t have a problem but if you go somewhere you are forced, something that comes along with a government servant’s life. And a government servant should witness cabaret dance or his job doesn’t move. On top of that being a wife is an added trouble. Just keep mum. I just vomit there and then. What do I do? I don’t say anything. If I see any filth from anywhere this on its own, this dharma that is in our stomachs.

How human beings rise in their realization and to what extent, this I explained to you today. Tomorrow I will tell you that how do you rise in realization within your state of mind, and how the state of nirvikalpa is established, and what are its indications. Whatever I said today, they have all written it down, perhaps they will make tapes and give it away here. But its important to have faith, faith with yourselves. You should try to go a bit deeper into this. In Delhi, those people who have dived deep have all gone deeper. No doubt about this. And those who have not, have not. They are stationed just there. Every year I witness they are standing just there. When there are ten people who gather in my name, there the power will manifest itself. And ‘Mother, I sit at home and do puja’. Nothing will happen. ‘Afterwards, I had a physical problem and other such sundry problem’. Next time they come they are complaining about other things. I’m not going to listen to this. You get well on your own. You make yourself healthy. After that, you start worrying about the world. I hope many people will get their realization today. Yesterday also many people had got their realization. Don’t know how many of those came today. And many new people have come today. But how many of these are for real and how many fake, I come to know beforehand. One day a gentleman came along. I told him in advance that perhaps you should leave. You are not well. He did not listen. And then he started jumping here like a storm and then went away. He thought himself to be very intelligent. He started saying that in your kundalini a person should dance and jump, this and that. I told them to let him dance and jump. Who stopped him? But he should put up his tent and his own platform and do it there. Why should he do this here? Who invited him to jump and dance here? At least let me have my reign here. This is good. That we should put up the tent, advertise and he comes and jumps on our chairs. What calculation is this? If you want to go you should go your own way. We do not come your way to say please come. You came of your own will. Out of your delight. And went out a similar way. Please forgive us. And if you think that we are doing very bad karma and teaching people bad things, then you should give it in a newspaper. We will have no objection. And even if they write that Mataji says all these things, if someone says that we are teaching bad things then it is alright. Now let us go into meditation for a while. And get our realization. But I would want those who already got their realization should go a bit at the back. And give other’s a chance. Those who are already realized should learn how do we give realization to others. It’s of utmost importance that unless you utilize your earned wealth, you will not understand what is this thing.