The three Gunas – The significance of Indian culture

New Delhi (India)

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The three Gunas – The significance of Indian culture, Public Program, Delhi, India, 3rd February 1978

[English translation from Hindi]

The energy which you are using is refilled by us. There is another modern disease which we call tension. ‘Tension’, People say ‘I have tension’, earlier nobody used to get tension. Naturally, you will get tension if you leave from old Delhi for Mataji’s programme, thinking ‘Must reach at 6:30!’, ‘Must sit at the front seat.’ If you reach later, doesn’t matter, you can arrive late also. You were supposed to come at this time so you came. Doesn’t matter. What is the emergency? Where will I go and where will you go? We will sit, relax, talk, and that’s how Sahaja yoga is done. Why make such a fuss about it? No need. Sit in a very comfortable, relaxed manner, that is how you will get your realisation. I have seen even in Sahaja yoga people plan like this. I laugh a lot. Like if you say that two days later fruits will ripen here, I will accept. If you say Two days later a fruit will ripen from a flower at exactly 6 minutes past 5, if you say so and can show me, then I’ll accept your calibre. The more you plan before coming here the more obstructions are created for your Kundalini awakening. Sahaja samadhi should come, it happens spontaneously. Sahaja means in a simple manner. Only such people get it. Now, why are you beating, thrashing? What is the emergency?

Recently we were having a program in Mumbai, one Gentleman said, ‘Music is being played, Mataji, shall we play a bit? I said ‘Ok, do it. We will sit in a relaxed manner. My vibrations keep flowing, you keep receiving them.’ Now He performed for a slightly longer duration, people started saying, hurry up and finish it fast. I said ‘Why? Do you want to hear my lecture? But I don’t feel like speaking today. I speak when I want to, temperamental person, I don’t feel like today. Then let me hear the music, you also listen with me. Why don’t you relax, listen to music? Good music is on, Listen!’ What calamity has struck? My vibrations are flowing whether I give a speech or not, they are working out. The vibrations are working out every moment. They don’t stop, even for a moment! I don’t understand what is so important in a lecture. Everyone is sitting peacefully, such good music is being played, then why are you shouting in between? We have developed this habit. Can’t get rid of these habits. We never sit down, relax and talk to anyone for even 5 minutes. Say If your friend comes to your house you will say ‘Come, have some food’. While your wife makes food, you will discuss politics. If there is nothing to do you will turn on the T.V. ‘Everyone watch T.V!’ Interact with each other, talk to each other! You have invited your friend to your house and you have turned on the T.V.? You part your ways as strangers. Then this is not friendship, with whom do you have a friendship? Nobody is your friend. Friendship comes when two people enjoy together. That’s what is called friendship. Nowadays friendship means business, if not that, then they just sit and play cards. Still, it is ok. Then they start betting money on that, finished. You bet your money in a game of cards– anyone who bets money on a game of cards finished.

Now I say that you stay in balance. The way to stay in balance is to sit, to see, enjoy. In the morning the sun rises, see the sky, such beautiful colours come. They go away wasted, unseen. In the evening the sun goes down, such beautiful colours are created, all that to go the same way. So many flowers bloom, springs come, how many colours change, the same way all the work goes. So many people we meet, we meet everyone and go away without meeting anyone, we part our ways as strangers. We never know them! If somebody has died, ‘Alright, we have sent flowers. Our job is finished.’ Where the Rajo gun (Right side) is at maximum, the situation is like this, that if somebody’s father has died, they announce in the newspaper. The fathers’ there give money to someone long before their death, saying if I die, please have a suit stitched for me and dress me up in that, It is written there that on such and such day, you see on his body. They show them, ‘We had a suit stitched for him, he is dead now.’ People come, offer flowers and go home. That is the situation there. There is no interaction, there is no Dosti (friendship), no friendship between them, no recognition. Nothing. You go to your maternal grandmother’s house and she says first put in 2 p in my telephone box, then only you can enter. You telephoned from my house that day and didn’t pay the money, first give me the 2 p. Money is everything. In artificial life like this imbalance comes because then we have to live with that artificiality. You go to somebody’s house, they invite you for dinner, if you reach at 08:30 instead of 8 O’clock they will start shouting at you. Don’t you get food at your own house? If he’s late, why are you so troubled? He comes at 8:30 if he wishes he can come at 9 O’clock. What happened? Come, sit down and relax. What do you need so much punctuality for? No need to be punctual more than it is necessary. Yes, we should be punctual in one thing, towards the call of God, that’s what we should be punctual about. At this moment God’s attention is on us, get into meditation that instant. Vibrations are coming, just get into meditation. We are not punctual in this context. What will it do, what did we achieve by being punctual? These suicides! The countries who have been very punctual, what did they achieve out of it? They commit suicide with punctuality, they even write the time at which they have to commit suicide. We used to have punctuality in olden times. Like we see the Panchang (Indian calendar), that’s how we create punctuality. This time is auspicious, at this time doing this will be good. At least in that we little bit consulted God Almighty. We consulted him for giving and receiving something, but the way we are punctual nowadays, it’s completely mechanical. You all will get bored with your lives, you will get fed up with your life, you will panic. Same, waking up every morning, shaving again, washing your face, going to the office, the same habits. Then coming back home, same things. You will be panicked. When you will panic, then what will start? The same thing which is happening there, Gaanja, LSD, if that is not sufficient, they will remain unconscious all the time. Means escapism, run, ‘What is the need to live in this world?’ When a human being gets bored with his life then he seeks an escapist life. A Human being gets bored because he doesn’t know himself. When you know yourself then you get in a state of joy because you are so beautiful inside, so much organised and so sweet, that you don’t need anyone else. Then you just sit with yourself, it’s so fun! When you are alone, then you are in the best state. You watch your own life, you see the heaven which is your own, inside your own being. Yes, when you meet others, you see that they are our companions in this heaven. Like when two drunkards get together, then they get joy, nobody drinks alone. Such hangover lives throughout life. If you want to get such a kingdom, then you should also be kingly from the inside. You have to get balance inside and it comes from Dharmà. When I talk about Dharmà, I never mean Hindu, Muslim, you can understand that thing. I don’t believe in these little little nests. I don’t believe in these illusions which have been created by human beings. They are useless. Breaking these chains now Sahaja yoga has come up. But dharmà means that the sustenance power which is within us, the Dharmà which is innately established, which is in every cell of our being, it should be awakened.

Yesterday I told you that there are many Dharmàs. One of them is- you will be surprised- the greatest Dharmà is that All religions are equal. Gandhi Ji said that all religions are equal, means the tattwa (essence, principle) of all the religions is the same, you should understand this. The energy which flows inside the tree goes everywhere, it goes into the roots, in the trunk, into the leaves, flowers and then it goes back. It does get attached to any place. This type of love which is unconditional, which is detached, is a power, in that power, a principle is working out everywhere, the same way, one principle is working out in every religion. And that, to the point, the simple principle is just that, when Dharmà gets manifested within ourselves, when we get nourished by the principle of any dharmà, when we fully establish the tattwa within ourselves, then we can get our evolution. Like Hindus should only learn one essence, that “In everyone resides the same spirit”. The Caste and creed are not determined by your birth, but by your actions. That is the essence of Hinduism, we don’t have to find another one. If you have achieved this essence then only you are a true Hindu, otherwise, you are not a Hindu. Either they call themselves Muslims, or they call themselves Christians, One power, we are the worshippers of the Divine power, the same power resides in everyone, whatever deed a human being does he should be known by his actions. The one who performs religious rituals is a Brahman (Priest), all the Sahaja yogis are brahmans. The one who is lost in Brahma (God almighty) is a Brahman (Priest. The one who seeks joy in power is a Kshatriya (Warrior), the one who seeks joy in money is a Vaishya (Businessman), the one who seeks joy in serving others is Shudhra (Lower caste).

You will be amazed. We have great ideas about serving others, ‘We should serve everyone, take care of this one, take care of that one!’ Now let’s see why they were called Shudras, it is something to think about. It’s a great surprise if somebody serves others why is he called shudra (low)? It’s a subtle thing. If you can understand this subtle thing, then you can understand Hinduism. The one who serves others is a shudra because there is no other. Suppose If I make you alright if I massage you if I make your head alright, then I am curing myself because my own head is catching. Yours is catching, you are my part parcel if I don’t correct it, my part and parcel, then I suffer. There is not the other. The one who gets the idea that ‘I am serving this person’, is a very low-level idea. The one who thinks that I have built very big, great orphanages, that I’ll go and serve the poor people! Who is poor? You are poor. Poverty troubles me because it is the part and parcel of my being. If somebody is poor in this world, then it is an insult for me, I am poor. Such great, high vision if you see going down to such low standards, that is why it happens. No Emperor says that I am serving anyone. He gives, it just flows from him, he doesn’t serve anyone. In the idea of serving others there is a very subtle, foolish ego working. Whom are you obliging? They all are part and parcel of your being, that’s why when you get the collective consciousness you are amazed if somebody’s Vishuddhi is caught up, if somebody’s sick, then you also catch. Then you say, mother, his Vishuddhi is caught up, clear him fast. Because you can’t bear it. Because he becomes the part and parcel of your being, they say, mother, see he’s catching, means you are catching. See how much you become one. Like we don’t give lectures now that, “Yes, All religions are one and the same”. Hindus, Muslims, Parsis, Christians all are one, we need not say that. It happens. Anybody comes your way you’ll say, see mother, he’s catching this. Your finger is catching, you say he’s catching. Like you make your finger alright, he also becomes alright and you also become alright. It is a very subtle thing. Only those who are subtle enough can understand this subtle thing. That’s why the one who says that ‘I am a great obliger in this world, others, helping others, I distribute sweets, I have organised these Langars (free food for anyone to eat)’ is the greatest idiot, is a very low person. Human beings have no right to oblige anyone. There is only one who obliges and that is the Divine power. He is also obliging himself, not others. When he gets upset with himself he destroys Everything. When he gets pleased with himself then he makes everything alright, and when he has to oblige someone, he gives salvation to the whole world. Because the whole world is God himself, the whole world is the part and parcel of the Viràta (cosmic being). Like, understand that, like this is the light of God almighty and if the picture of the Viràta is in front of it, whatever vibrations are coming through it, in them resides the whole world. Now if the Viràta has some problem, then it will show there. If there is some problem there, then it will show here. Without correcting it, the Viràta will not be alright, and they will not be able to get any relief. I am telling you the truth. You will be surprised that once my foot got hurt, and there was a doctor with me and she said, ‘I’ll give you vibrations’. I said, ‘ok, come, my child, give vibrations’. As soon as she put her hand on my foot, the vibrations started coming like a machine gun. Means that when someplace gets hurt, vibrations start flowing 2 times more from there. When I get tired, then the treble vibrations flow three times more than usual. When I get sick, then you will get vibrations as if you are sick. Say many people in Delhi are ill because of the flu, then I will also get the flu and whatever vibrations will flow will cure your flu. When they will go away, then I will also become alright. It is a strange thing! It exists. That’s what happens. It is a very subtle thing, which you should understand, you should see it, and experience it. There are some of you here who have seen it. That’s what happens. Like inside us antibodies develop, and they start flowing. That is why for our balance, which I have said since long, the most important thing is that we should understand the essence of Dharmà. All religions are equal. A very important thing. If there is any obstinate person here, they have made many, many examples of obstinacy.

Hinduism has only one good thing about it, and that is, they didn’t put someone in charge in any of the castes, that he is Christ and he is Mohammed Sahib. This is one good thing but they thought many have left, put somebody else, all the Christians are saved, all the Muslims are alright, what should we do about it? They said, ok, this doesn’t work so let’s find some other cure. Then what cure did they find, all this Caste and creed business they created. Human beings are such that, they never learn. Christians will say, only Lord Jesus came on this Earth, nobody else came. Then Christ also left all these things in their heads. But Christ himself said, “Those who are not against me, are with me.” Now, who are those? Mohammed Sahib has also said, very much, if you read him. Many Paegambers (Prophets) came on this Earth. They stamped down that, no other prophet will ever come on this Earth. Christ has said “I am the light, I am the path”, ok, he said he is the light, he is the path but who is the destination? Who is the beginning? There is light, there is the path, other things are also there, there is also way backwards and forward. Krishna said “Sarva Dharmanaam paritajya mamekam sharanam vraj”, then people say everyone should become a Hindu. That means we are so gross. Whatever anybody said, they turned it really gross. Human beings have become very clever in turning every principle so low, so gross. Whatever subtlety we had, we have been losing it.

Yesterday I told you about the Kundalini and the chakras. What is Kundalini, how does it arise, how does it climb, and so on? Kundalini is a subtle power. The actual power of Sadashivà always resides on the top of our head, and the power of Sadashivà is the Brahma Shakti (cosmic/primordial energy). Now, who is Sadashivà, let’s talk about that. Now understand that Sadashivà and the Shakti (power of God almighty) is the same thing, like the sun and the sunlight. But when it was the time to create, creation was done many times, not once but many times, so at that time Sadashivà and Shakti separated. They became two parts, Shakti creates and Sadashivà, he sees Everything as a detached witness. It is Shakti’s work. Shakti works it out. Now we’ll understand the Shakti, now suppose, today power has come here, you can see the light in front of you. But you know that you can also use this light to operate the gas, you can use this light to operate the fans, this light you can also convert into a magnet. But you cannot understand the power which does all the work, which organises everything, which cooperates, which integrates, and which loves. But you cannot understand the power which loves and because of love, all the work is done. Through love only, it knows and understands everything, and with love only it does all the work. You cannot understand such power. I am talking about the same power, and that power is the integrated form of all the powers, in that resides the electricity, the magnet is there, light is there, all the elements reside in that power. Now you see here, this picture we have made, of the Virata, on its head resides the Shakti of Sadashivà, and it is also the seed of Sadashivà, that is why his Shakti resides there. It has three parts. You see from up there, I have told you when it is released from there, one comes like this, one comes like this and one comes from the middle, and one who himself is Sadashivà, he governs, affects the heart. These three powers are called Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati, Mahakali, they are symbolised as three. In the English language, there is no name for these three powers, I don’t know what they are called in the English language. You will say it is a very out of date thing. Because whatever is Sanatan (primordial) in our Country has gone out of date, and whatever belongs to the English has become the best. When Sahaja Yoga will spread from England, America, and will come here then they will understand. We don’t understand simple things. When English is writing about Sahaja Yoga, two are writing about me, one is English and one French, when they will come with letters, then all the Ladies, all the Gentlemen here, who are English except that they don’t have a tailcoat, those ladies and gentlemen– because we have very few Indians here. All the English are still guiding us.

They are called Mahakali, Mahasaraswati, Mahalakshmi. The Sanskrit language has one speciality, that every single alphabet is a mantra. In Devnagari Lipi every single Akshar (alphabet)– A+kshar, is not kshar, this a, aa, e, ee, whatever is there, it all moves in the Kundalini. There the word sounds. We have learnt these alphabets in Manan (introspection/Meditation) and have then written them down. English they speak like a Magar (crocodile), that is how we have learnt ‘M.’ We have no relation with any crocodile. They have learnt the language from the animals and we have learnt the language from the Kundalini, which flows inside us. When the Kundalini moves like this then it makes sounds like this “Sh”, “Sh”, “Sh”, here. Is that right? Everywhere it has different words like here it is “Ham”, “Sham”, two words come here. They exist, which we write as “Om”, aa, like they write, the one which you write “Om” in Lipi, you can see here that the Om resides here. When the Kundalini is awakened, then when the light shines here, then the Chakra which is here, Om is written the same way here as you write. And the A, aa, e, ee which is written here, you write too. In Devnagari, in Sanskrit, inside us too when the Kundalini rises, at that moment when the Kundalini reaches that point, then a sound is created and it gets written there. How detailed it is. What is your culture and where has it come from? It all has come from introspection, it is not something artificial which we have learnt from outside. But here Sanskrit language belongs to the Pandits, fools and donkeys, who don’t even know how to pronounce it. They don’t understand the essence of it! They are all foreigners, They read Shaili and Katiss. This language appears and is written inside us. Writing every single alphabet has a great meaning. How Om came to be? That is how Om is created, absolutely Om is written there. I am rotating my finger like this, your Agnya is also rotating. How scientific it is because it is related to reality. What can be more scientific than this? Till you say a Shloka (Praise to the deity) in Sanskrit, my chakras don’t work out, how surprising! But If you say it in the English language then it works. Only on the Agnya chakra, Jesus Christ’s which he wrote himself, because this is the centre of Christ, for that he has written in the Hebrew language, the Lord’s prayer, that works out, but If one says it in English that also works. But here also Kshama Swaroopini (The form of forgiveness), Kshama we have to say because here the word “Ksh” resides, so we have to say forgive, whatever we may say but we have to say ‘I forgive’. So much in our Sanskrit language, see how many foundations it has, how deep it is and how subtle?

So these three which I told you Mahakaali, Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati, these three powers are inside us, these are the ones who are called as “Aim”, “Rim”, “Hrim”, because their integration is “Klim”, that’s how it is. “Ra” is the word for energy, like Radha. ‘Ra’ means energy and ‘Dha’ means the one who sustains the energy. The meaning of Radha, Krishna, I told you comes from the word krishi (agriculture). Now the “Kr” word, saying Krishna’s name, immediately the Vishuddhi clears out. You have to say Krishna’s name because Krishna is related to this centre. If he is related to the Vishuddhi then his name can only be Krishna. How scientific it is, you tell, how subtle?

But Sahaja Yoga is the path of love, and in love, there is no need to go too deep into these things. “Ek hi akshar prem ka padhe sau pandit hoye” (Learning one word of love is sufficient to make one equal to 100 priests.) That is what Sahaja Yoga is. There is no need for you to be a great Pandit, “Padhi padhi pandit murakh bhaye” (Sometimes reading and getting too much worldly knowledge of spirituality makes you a fool). Those Pandits who came here, god save from them, they said that we have learnt the whole Guru Granth Sahib by heart. I said ‘Oh really, what is that?’ ‘The same thing which you say, he said the same, that “Mann mein hi khojo” (Seek within yourself)’ I said ‘You have just memorised it, you haven’t tried to find it, no?’ Seek? Should seek it. It has become like this “Mantram amantram aksharam nasit, nasit moolam anshanam, ayogya purshoh nasit, yogakah sah durlabham” (The mantras, invitations, invocations to the Divine have no importance to the one who is not deserving, and for one who is deserving, the mantras are inaccessible. CAN’T SAY IF ITS CORRECT BUT FEEL IT IS RIGHT ) The Mantras are in everything, but one should know the plan. Some bhoots have come here, Rakshasas, they will give you the mantras “Aim”, “Rim”, “Klim”, ‘Say, Om, say Klim’. Ask them what is it? They will not be able to tell you anything. Even if they tell you something, they must have read it from somewhere, what Chakra are you catching now? They have given you the mantras “Aim”, “Rim”, “Klim'”, is it written anywhere in the Shastras which Chakra you are catching on? If your left side is caught up then you should be given the mantra of the left side, if your right side is caught up then you should be given the mantra of the right side, and if your centre one is caught up then you should be given the mantra of the centre. Now these three which you can see here, Mahakali resides on the left side. She sustains the Tamo guna. Tamo guna resides within us. It is also called Chandra Nadi.

Now see how Bhagawati created this mother Earth. First Bhagawati took some part of the sun. Then she took the part far away, far away from the sun, so then it became cold, like ice. Then she brought it slowly, slowly towards the sun. It started melting, because of that the water started flowing. Then she again took it far away and then she again put it near the sun, adjusted it so that the world can exist, so that life can be sustained, all this universe moves in a spiral way, in a spiral way. Whatever I am telling you, maybe people will say in a hundred years. Whatever I said a few days back, people have started saying the same.

That balanced movement of the spiral, causes one to be sometimes more towards the sun and sometimes more towards the moon. So the Sun channel and Moon channel, we have two channels. The one which is on the right side is called Surya Nadi, and the Chandra Nadi is, which is on the left side, is also called Ida Nadi. This is also mixed up. I see that there is so much confusion, so much confusion. The channel which is on the Right side is called Pingala Nadi, the right side channel is Surya Nadi, the channel of the left side is Chandra Nadi. When you Balance both of them then you come into the centre. If one goes to one extreme, then like a pendulum, if you go to one side then you start to go to the other side. Like I told you that wherever the Rajo guna is too much in the west, they have started going towards the Tamo guna. When it became too much they started committing suicide, if not that, then drinking alcohol, taking gaanja, all types of things, so that they can get balance. If the pendulum goes there, then from there it runs to the other side. Between this side and that, in the centre lies balance, in the core and in that there is a gap, that is the void, that is what we call void.

In the Jain system, if you read Jain, it is all Sahaja Yoga, if you read Kabir, it is all Sahaja Yoga, if you read Guru Nanak, it is all Sahaja Yoga, if you read Krishna, it is all Sahaja Yoga, if you read Ram, it is all Sahaja Yoga. Christ if you read, it is all Sahaja Yoga, Quran if you read, it is all Sahaja Yoga. Everything is Sahaja Yoga. The way of saying may be different but the joy is the same.

Now the Void which is in the centre, this is the Bhavasagara (ocean of illusions) and there are no stairs to climb out of it. Suppose there are two stairs placed like this, but the middle one is half falling, and the way to climb it is below the Kundalini. This Kundalini has to cross this bridge, has to fill this gap, it is very simple and easy, not very far. Now, this Kundalini is your mother. She took birth with you in many lives. She resides within you. Even after death, the Spirit and the Kundalini are up there to accompany the Jiv Atma (Soul). Every moment it is there within you, and it is also the record book of the subconscious.

The Kundalini is Gauri, meaning that it is a part of Mahakali. It is a part of Mahakali. The power which is in the centre, which we call as creative power, or which we call as an evolutionary power, which we call as Mahalakshmi’s power, is not this power. This is the power of your subconscious, whatever is your past, whatever are your karmas (deeds), whatever happened to you, that you should understand. So the Kundalini is the part of it. And that which is the Void is governed by Saraswati. Because I told you, that a lotus sprout from the centre of the Nabhi and Brahmadeva sits on it, that’s everything, he does all the creative work. That’s why the Void has creative power. You know it is there. This creative work is about the five elements, the mind is also created from these. The mind is also a part of them.

One is the power of existence and one is the power of action, of creativity. When it works like this, understand that there is a byproduct in the factory, two types of byproducts we get, one by product which goes up from the left side, it comes here to this side, the right side. We call it superego, and the other one which comes because of the working of the right side is ego. Those who use their right side, those who are called as Rajo gunis are ego-oriented people, they work through their ego. And the one who is left-sided is the superego one, many of you are psychologists, they will explain to you. Say there is a child who is drinking milk in his mother’s lap, relaxing. He is in complete joy. At that time when his mother moves him to the other side, his ego reacts, he says, “What did you do?” He gets angry. His mother scolds him, “Don’t do like this”. Superego is created.

When we desire to do something, it is out of ego and when it is pressurised, that is the superego. That’s how these two things are created within us, ego and superego. From one thing we say that “We will do it”, and from the other thing we say, “No, don’t do this.” ‘My father said that it will not benefit us.’ Now it is not necessary that whatever your father said was right, sometimes we say right things and sometimes we say wrong. These types of two powers work within us, or we can say that one gives us the power to desire, and the second power is the one by which we can create. If the power of desire and the power of creativity get balanced or the ones which we call as ego, superego gets balanced, then you can see that the rising of the Kundalini will become so easy because the weight in the head will get balanced, the Kundalini will be able to pass the gap very easily. That is why balance is so important. That is why today I am speaking about balance, after describing everything, I come back to balance. If you are not in balance, then the Kundalini will not rise above the Brahmarandhra (Fontanelle bone area/Sahasrara). It is very important to establish a balance. And for that balance, I say to you, that do left to the right because the ego here has grown much. Full of ego. The balloon of superego here has been pressed down by ego. So I say to you that, you raise it like this, superego will rise and the ego will go down. Again you raise it, again you do it, slowly doing it, it will be completely balanced. For that also you have to put your hand towards me, your hands are not going to work out anything. As soon as you get in the centre the Kundalini will shoot up. Kundalini knows everything, understands everything, everything about you. She knows your past. Whatever mistakes you committed, whatever injustice you did with yourself, like if you went to some Guru, your Kundalini knows. She will not rise, frozen Kundalini. That is why you must have seen, somebody says that I had a Guru, I clasp my head in my hands, the situation is hopeless for the Kundalini to rise now, tell him good-bye. What can we do? Now people think that why Mataji criticizes the Gurus? Because if they freeze your Kundalini then what can I do? The second thing is what will happen to you? How destructive it is? You see for yourself. You don’t get your evolution, you cannot give realisation, life afterlife you cannot get your realisation. realisation. And even after saying this, they say that our Guru is very good. Do they think it over? Are they possessed or something? No matter how much they trouble them, no matter how much they suffer, their bones may break, their heart may die, but even then, ‘Mother, our Guru is very great.’ What is the reason? The reason is very simple, that there is something which has got hold of you. You don’t want to think about what is the truth.

Now if there is someone whose ego is very much bloated, there are many ways, which I have told you about. Ego is such an illness that you are not able to detect it at all. If your Tamo guna, superego is more active, then you get pains in your body, ‘Mother I have pain here, my legs are jammed, don’t know who is sitting in my neck’, you feel it. But the ego is always sitting on top, it rides on a horse. If you listen to it, then it starts giving me a lecture. I went to some ministers, and they started lecturing me, here you all were going to have a programme, and I was listening to their lecture, I said very well. They give lectures every day, couldn’t they get anyone else to listen to them? Ok then, go on. Your wish will be fulfilled. Here you all were sitting waiting for me, and I was sitting there. That is why ego is such a thing, that once it gets into your head then it is very difficult to make you understand anything. Ego is also very subtle like somebody has read something, then, ‘I do not believe that mother can awaken the Kundalini.’ Now, sir, your faith does not exist. ‘I cannot believe it’, do you believe in anything? What have you known, what have you seen? You come and see. You believe it or not, how does it matter to God? ‘I believe in God’, which country’s Plato are you? Did you create this universe, Did your father create this universe? The tree under which you are sitting, was it made by you? ‘I have complete faith in God’, the one who talks like this is too much. The one who has created the whole Universe, the one who has made this world, has made you, your children, the one who is shining in this Universe, because of whose grace everything is done, if you believe in him, you are doing a big obligation! You do not have faith in God, who can be more intelligent than you? This is all nonsense. When I took my birth, I thought which metal asylum I have landed in? Then they say ‘Yes I know everything, Mataji, yes I read that Mother I have read the whole book, there.’ Now the book you can publish from anywhere, in any publishing house it can be published. Anyone can publish, anyone who wishes can, and if someone wants to publish something related to God, then there are no rules. There are no rules and regulations, nobody can ask him, why have you published this? And if somebody says that God is like this, ‘Yes, it is so’. If they say God is in such a condition, then they believe it. Is there any regulation, any rule where you can say that, don’t you dare, who are you to talk about God? From Hitler to Napoleon everyone gave lectures about God, nobody missed the chance. Everyone thinks that they have a right to lecture others about God. Ask them, what do you know about God, why do you speak about him? ‘I have written so many books, I have read such and such a book, I went to America, I have given so many lectures, I have read so many lectures’, everyone, everyone, it is very subtle aggression. You have not been able to understand this. It is an aggression on the intellect of human beings, they give you a mental feast. He started talking about God, you started listening, ‘This gentleman speaks very well.’ There is one gentleman, he gives such a good lecture, that you just listen and listen, you don’t know when the time flies! Good entertainment. Not everyone is allowed to speak about God, and nobody is at all allowed to comment on, or explain Gita, and they give lectures and lectures on Gita. ‘Mataji I’m going to hear the lecture on Gita’, and your Agnya Chakra is caught up. ‘So should I not go to the lecture?’

‘Son, the one who is explaining Gita to you, is he a realised Soul?’ Before getting your realisation, you have no right to talk about Dharmà and no right to talk about Gita. The one who gives lectures before getting realisation is like a blind man guiding your way. But there is no way you can see, who is blind about Dharmà and who is not. And you should definitely not listen to the one who speaks about Virah (separation). Why should we listen to the one who sings the songs of separation? We are in separation, he is also in separation, that’s why we enjoy it. Like Soordas Ji is there, he used to cry in separation, then everybody feels good. We are blind, he is blind, all blind people are singing. He went to Vallabhacharya Ji, Vallabhacharya said ‘Kaahe ghighiyawat ho?’ (Why are you weeping, begging?) The one who is one with God cannot understand, why are you singing about separation. Everyone likes such a song ‘God, When will you meet me?’ Some people like such useless, fake dramas also. In this sad state of separation, everyone has become Devdas. ?Devdas kate ghaas?, I say this. So many poems on such sad, depressive situations, and so much about separation! Oh God! When will they get wisdom? Separation people enjoy very much. Poems and poems are written on this subject. But the one who has met and is in unity, how can he sing songs of separation? It is a simple thing, the one who is in unity with God, how can he talk about separation? He will say, ‘I am the light, I am the path’, he will say, “Sarva Dharmanaam paritajya mamekam sharanam Vraja” (Surrender all your Dharmàs to me). He will have authority. He will not be scared of anybody’s father, he will not beg, cry. If you want to come, come, otherwise, go. Kabir is the face of that, people made fun of him, siddhukaddhi language? In our country, Hindi speakers make fun of Kabir. Tell me if even one of them is equal to even the dust of Kabir’s feet. They got after Markandeya Ji. ‘He has these defects, his Vadmay has these mistakes.’ They like Umarkhaiyaam because he writes in his? Pinak? All these people only write in PINAK, most of the Ghazals I have seen are written in PINAK. I feel repulsive the way people start crying in separation, sitting, singing Ghazals. Did this in any way helped others, no question. These are the symptoms of Tamo guna. Always singing virah, crying, talking about separation.

Talk about meeting God, get one with God, and when the time is here, we do not believe that we can be one with the Divine. Then they will sit, crying. First, they will say ‘Come, come, come’, and now when he has come, is standing in front of you, then they say ‘We cannot believe that it is the truth’! That is what the world is like, what can we say? Why did you call, first of all? When you have called him, he has come, then you say we cannot believe that you have come, let us cry, for now, they are busy crying. Till they finish crying, everything will be finished. They will play music, and call God for hours, ‘God please come, God please come, Darshan do (please show yourself), let us meet you, show yourself’, and what will you do by seeing him? We should become something, something should happen, a happening should take place. This is about becoming, not talking through the hat. But human beings live with satisfaction because they are superficial. They get satisfaction if someone is always attracting them. They are sitting, singing bhajans, for hours together, ‘Ghat hi Khoja Bhai, ghat hi khojo Bhai, ghat hi khojo Bhai’ (Seek within). Ghat hi khojo Bhai, who are the ones, who are going to seek it? Whom are you lecturing? That is said by those who sought and have found it, now whom are you lecturing?

That was told to them, that you seek within. He said that take this medicine for your headache, and you are chanting the prescription from morning to evening! What benefit are you going to get from this? Who has been benefited by doing all this? By singing bhajans, have you ever seen even one person getting benefitted? In the end, the same people put their heads and legs in the air, doing drama, screaming from morning till evening. They will get cancer of the throat. Now the time has come, that you shouldn’t do such foolish things too much, otherwise you will get throat cancer. Uselessly if they will roam, singing songs, then they will get cancer of the throat. Who told you to do so much of Dravidi Pranayam (a type of a Yoga)? That sing in such a way that the nerves of your throat almost break? When you have said once, it’s done, ‘Come here’, He will come, what is the need to break your veins and ruin your Vishuddhi Chakra so much? I don’t understand. They come here, ‘Mataji, we used to say this Mantra.’ ‘How many times?’ ‘Everyday day, it used to be at least 108 times.’ Who told you to say 108 times? Say once, with folded hands in prayer, you will be looked after by Shri Ram, is done. Is he your servant, that you are ordering him morning till evening? Now if you do this to someone all the time, then the attention of God will move away from there. Sir, I get a headache, if someone says Mataji the 4th time, I say, what do you want? You see from the point of view of God, if someone always keeps calling you, 108 times, you will say ‘please shut up’.

Now my granddaughter was there, we went to Bihar, she is a realised soul, she is a very funny person. She must be around 5, 6 years old, she said ‘Nani (Grandmother), everything has gone very wrong here, in the temple, they are singing, night and day, hey ram, hey ram, but God ran away from there long ago, that I know, but now I will also run away from here.’ She said ‘Listening to them my ears have started paining, you too run away from here.’ Such useless people they are. Such a little child understands. He went to Ladakh, his father, a lama was sitting. Now you see such a little child, 6 years old. Now everyone was going, and touching the feet of Mr lama. Now she is a realised soul, She knows who is realised. She saw her mother touch his feet, her father touches his feet, She could not bear it any longer. Again her pride came in. She went and stood in front of him and said, ‘Shaving your head, wearing a cloak, you are making others touch your feet? You are not realised.’ Everyone felt embarrassed, scared, the mother, father. What has this child done? ‘Right I am, why is he making others touch his feet? Why do you touch his feet? He is not a realised soul at all. He has just shaved his head, dressed up in a cloak, and is sitting with such an expression.’ She showed him the mirror. She is not afraid of anyone. If you can meet God by shaving your head, then all the sheep should have reached God at the earliest. Kabir’s sense of humour was marvellous. Now this crying of theirs has reached such a limit that, they are now shouting, because Hasan, Hussain died. They have created such a chaotic atmosphere, seeing such sad faces, heart, mind gets disturbed. If some deity was to come, he would also run back. Where are these crying, weeping people? Even animals don’t cry so much, nobody cries so much. This is a weird style of human beings if they start crying, then they are just crying. Okay, that done, after doing that if they still don’t get satisfaction, then they will fast on the birthday of the deity. What is a greater insult than this? What can be a greater insult than this, for anyone? Supposing somebody comes to your house and says that, I am not eating today. He will say that I am going home. If you want someone to go away from your house just say, ‘I will not eat today’. He will say, ‘Ok, I will go to the hotel, straight forward.’ In your house Krishna is born, Rama is born, still, you are fasting. What is this way? What is a greater way to insult than this? Tomorrow if I come to your house, supposing Shri Mataji comes to your house, you say ‘I am fasting’, then, why have you invited me? When someone like these come, when great people take birth, at that time, we should celebrate, we should enjoy, we should serve food to everyone. Ganesha likes Modak (Sweets), then distribute modakas. They fast on that day. And on the day of Narak chaturdashi, they will wake up at 4 am, take their baths and eat their food. See, such contrary things, cannot understand. Who taught you this? Either the Pandits have made fools out of you or it is the business of the Rakshasas.

I don’t understand that, from where these juxtaposed things have come to U.P.? In the north, it is worse, so much worse that nobody knows Sanskrit here. Nobody understands anything, whatever the Brahman (Priest) says, offer that, alright, whatever devotion you have, give it to the Brahman. Brahmans have an agency here. The most amazing thing is that, when I got married, I got married in U.P., We went to the house, and you will be surprised that, the Pandit was singing Shraadh yog (Mantras of Shradh, Shradh is done to please God so that he gives peace to the souls of those who have passed away)! He was singing only those mantras! I couldn’t stop laughing, my stomach started aching. If I want to go, where should I go? I am the daughter-in-law of this house, I am new here. Beaten by laughter, I said, ‘I am feeling sleepy. ‘It is suchsuch an auspicious time, and you are going to sleep?’ I said, ‘what can I do?’ ‘Why are you laughing?’ How do I say to them, that the Pandit only knew some mantras of the Pitra paksha (father’s side) and he is repeating them? Should I say, what is this drama, he doesn’t even know a single Shloka? He is a Brahman and has been coming for many generations. I said, who can talk to them now? He must have done all the marriages in the family, the same way, he was given utensils, he also gets cows. Now there are cows and cows in his house, and that is how the things of Dharmà are made, that’s how all the rituals are made! We think that, get rid of it. Now shradh is performed, so they say that ‘Give us a cow, give us cloth and give us a saree (traditional dress for women in India) for my Brahmani (wife of the brahman), your mother will wear it.’ You think, alright, get rid of him, it is very difficult to give a cow, then just give him a saree. Nobody thinks that whatever we are doing, with what feeling are we doing that? What should we do, what should we give, what is Dharmà, that we should find out. What is it about? Nobody thinks like this, that is why we do not get balance. Just work is on, work on, go on, work it out anyhow. Somebody, ‘Yes, yes how are you, are you good, sit down, yes it is alright.’ Then he went and found out that he is a very big goon. He stole from such and such a person’s house, this much he took away. Then he came, ‘let’s eat paan.’ When day and night human beings live superficially like this, they don’t get deeper, and that is why the Kundalini does not rise, not even by following religions, not even if you search. Even if you seek God.

Like there is Guru shopping in America, the same way Guru shopping is done here also! ‘No I just went, I saw, I touched his feet, I met him, asked for prasad (the food items offered to the deity, which are then given to the devotees), I went to see him, Mother’. In that meeting, he must have put bhoots inside you? ‘I went to see him.’ But this Kundalini is not getting awakened, what can I do? How does it matter to him?

It is a very deep and subtle thing, the awakening of the Kundalini, and the rising of the Kundalini also is a very subtle thing. If you do not look after it, if your thoughts are not so subtle then the thing will fade, no. Even now, after getting your realisation, you will lose your vibrations, that is how it is, I tell you. People say, Mataji when you give vibrations, give them permanently, why sir, what have you given me permanently? Why should I give you permanently? I will not give you, I am Mahamaya. Straight forward. You be permanent, then I will also give you permanently, and you are like, that you come here, ‘Like Nescafe, instantly the coffee is made, the same way mother, you awaken the Kundalini’, that I do. The jet of Kundalini, I sure set, but I pull it back the same way. Isn’t that right? You lose the vibrations too, there is written about it in the Jain system, it is called Sapori, that a man who is like a ball, he goes upward, he goes downward, there’s always an imbalance. That is why we have to take care of our chakras. We have to go deeper, we have to live a deeper life. Now you waste your life from morning till evening in useless things. Now, ‘We have to do it, what can be done, the world is like this, we have to do it for them’, and you don’t have time to get that depth with yourself, and be established in the kingdom of God. All right then, whatever you will desire, that will be done, whatever you will want to do, it will happen. Just waste your time like this. That is how you spent thousands of lives, one more will pass. But this one is going to be difficult because you will know you have committed a great mistake, denying all that was true, you even denied the real truth that came your way. You should see it, you should understand it. After getting it, if somebody loses it, then we should understand that it is useless for him. That is the history of Delhi, every time many people get their realisation but they do not get established. Very few people get established. After every program, only 1 or 2 people are left. That’s why I have been coming for 3 to 4 years. If you calculate the number of people who come regularly, those who have gone deeper, those who have mastered the Kundalini, is at most 10 or 12 people, only! It is very sad.

That is why today is the last day, I pray to you as a Mother, and I warn you as the Shakti, that you get your own depth. Go deeper within yourself. Reserve your time for this great power. Get it and give it to others. It is a very big job. If we say to someone that the total number of people in Mumbai plus all other cities is 10 to 12 thousands people, so what, ten Thousand, so what? That is true. The time has come for many people to get their realisation, this is something according to history, the time has come and many people will achieve it. Though there are many realized souls who have taken their birth. Many realised children have taken birth. They will be ready in 10 years. There is no doubt about it. A man like Styler has written in England, that the time is not very far when many realised souls will be born into this world.

This is the thing about Kali Yuga, only two types of people can take birth in Kali Yuga. One type, people like insects, spiders, mosquitoes will take birth who can live in any situation, can live in this turmoil, can live in this dirty atmosphere. That is why the population is increasing. The more dirt, the more turmoil is increased, in the nation, the more the population is increased. Like poverty has come, poverty is leprosy, we should understand that we should be scared of poverty. Supposing someone comes to you and says, ‘Sir, I am poor, please give me something.’ Give him two slaps. If one tries, there is no need to show off that you are suffering, and beg, one just needs to try. That is how we think about what we can do for the poor. We can do so much. If you see someone poor, help him, try to get him out of it. Try to help every poor person rise out of poverty, it is your duty. Help him whatever way you can, tell him how he can start a new life. You don’t need too much money for that. If he gets too much money then he will go off track. Tell the one who has started drinking, that you don’t need to have too much money now. You can say the same to the one who smokes, stop it’s enough, the one who smokes a beedi, tell him it’s enough now, you are not poor anymore. The one who gambles is never a poor person. The amount of money should be such that he can just eat and drink, it should not create a poison or a greedy temperament. So the insects and spiders take birth in a place like this, and that is why the population increases.

As soon as the atmosphere becomes good–as you know that wherever there are shavings of wood, wherever there is dirt, there only reside the mosquitoes. As soon as the place becomes clean, one or two flowers bloom. That is why, it is very necessary for us to purify the environment, and to purify the environment you all need to let this power manifest within you. This is the first time now, that human beings can give energy to the five elements through their being, and through their powers. It has experimented many times. Our Scientists told us how we can give energy to the five elements. How can we increase our harvest? These people are agriculturists, agricultural University, Rahuri has many great scientists, you can write a letter to them and ask them when they used the vibrated water, then their harvest came 2⁄3 more than the usual amount, and the flowers also came big. And when I saw all these things then, I was amazed, some fruits were such, as I had never seen before. Their colours, their shine, their shape, their type, they were extraordinary.

Because of these waves of vibrations only we can cure your sickness for free, 50% of your problems are solved, the health ministry can be closed down now. Your money is saved, you will fill the doctors’ pockets a little less, doctors are scared of me because of this. That’s why they haven’t invited me. But all such diseases are not going to be cured through Sahaja Yoga. But even the doctor must not be wishing that the world should be sick. Most of the people who come to Sahaja Yoga don’t go to the doctors, for free. The expenses on the medicines have been decreased, the expenses of doctors have decreased, there is no need to take sleeping pills, you can read and sleep comfortably. Many such diseases get cured, they are nothing, most of the diseases get cured, they are nothing, most of the diseases get cured. You get balanced, you get into a joyful mood. Alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, and the circles of women, you get rid of all of them. Some hippies came to us, I noticed in some days that they had very nice radiographs, this and that. I said, ‘Where have all these things come from? They said, ‘Nowadays money is raining on us.’ I said, ‘How?’ They said, ‘We don’t take Gaanja anymore, we don’t take LSD, they are very expensive, we don’t drink alcohol anymore.’ They said, ‘We don’t go to see the cabernet anymore, we don’t go to the dance, now we just enjoy Sahaja.’ All the Indians buy and play records. Now you think. Now their houses have become more beautiful, gracious, their lives have become enlightened, everyone is enjoying, everyone is living, all the arguments between husband and wife have disappeared, now they don’t run away with other people’s wives, they love their own wives, and the wives have also become alright. Everyone has become relaxed, everything is organised, Ram Rajya (kingdom) has come. After that, the expenses are reduced. The expenses are greatly reduced. The human being does what is really the best. Whatever he has, he sees It’s vibrations.

The one who lives in vibrations cannot make a big collection. If he finds that he has too many things, then starts distributing them to others. Such a person doesn’t collect too much, he enjoys distributing, he enjoys giving. He enjoys his own virtues, his goodness. If he says the truth, then he enjoys it. You must have seen many people who say that honest people have no place in this world. This is a stupid thing to say. You are an honest person, that is the fun. All people are dishonest and you are honest, it is a matter of great pride. It is your pride, your crown. And you say that an honest person has no place in this world. For what do we need to have a place? What is the need? You are an honest person! People say that Shastri Ji was such an honest man that when he died, he left behind some debts. He left behind debts, that is his quality, see, the world is praising him for his quality, that he left behind some debts. We enjoy our own qualities, we get nourished by our own qualities. Now there is a Sati woman, She is always in the joy of her Satitva (the woman who lives a pure life, dedicated to her husband), of her pativrata (devotion to the husband). We enjoy our qualities, we enjoy our fun.

Now when you see a drunkard drinking alcohol, then you feel pity for him, here I am sitting relaxed and he is dying away? Then you do not feel that he is drinking alcohol and I am very old fashioned. I am not able to drink at all. Instead of feeling low, you feel that from where has this person gone into such a pitiable condition? The situation becomes juxtaposed. He starts laughing, and he is amazed at their stupidity. When somebody talks like this, then he thinks, what type of a stupid person he is? What is he talking about?

Even now people say to me that, Mataji, here if we don’t drink alcohol then nobody respects us. I said, is it true? That can never happen. In reality that cannot happen. Actually, they do these things because they think that, we are trapped, why are they not trapped? That is why they go after you. But if you do not show them much, that we don’t drink alcohol and just say things in a different manner. You should use Krishna’s diplomacy in that, you should say, I am very happy nowadays, I enjoy it very much. I eat and drink at home comfortably, there is no problem. He will say, why? You say I have stopped drinking alcohol, that is why all that money is saved. And I get so much joy, I go out with my children. My life is so much fun. Then he will think, oh these ways exist. You can change the world with this. That is how Rama’s kingdom willRajya be established again. Satyuga has already started, there is no doubt about it because the effects of Satyuga are coming. Nothing is going to be hidden anymore. Sir Carter said a very small thing, that too came out. Whatever anybody says, it is not going to keep hidden, all the culprits will be named, all the things will be known, who is where and what he is. How deep is someone, everything will be exposed. Those days are gone when anybody could do anything secretly. One will pull the other, people will try to pull down one honest man, but he will not go down, because the society, the public will help him. These are the signs of Satyuga and it has started. Any cruel man will not be able to go on. What we can say is that cosmic change will come in everything, it has already come. That you should see and should think about it that, mother said so, it was true. You should get established in this thing, you should take charge of this power and give it to the whole world. For that you don’t need to pay any money, no need to give anything, you just have to fix your instrument. For this instrument, you need to do meditation, and all such things. For that whatever programmes these people do in Delhi, whatever facilities they have, you write their number again, E-288 Pandara road, you can ask there, E-288 Pandara road, you can talk to them. Every Friday 6 to 7 whenever you call them, they will tell you about it.

After so many days one book has also been published, take that also. In that also you can understand what Kundalini is, what happens in it, and how it works out. What are the specialties?

If you establish it within yourself, if you pour it inside your being, if you practice it, then you will enjoy it. It is to be practised. The time has come. Divine personified, truth personified, whatever was written, it’s fulfilment, it’s completion, you can recognize it completely, through the waves of vibrations, because inside you a new awareness–which we call as vibratory awareness, has come, means whatever awareness is there, it has been enlightened. Through it you can know whether God is there, or not, what is the power of God, how does it work, do these chakras reside within us, or not, do gods and goddess reside on these chakras, or not. How do we get our evolution? How can we cure others, who has what disease, many such little little things you can know. Supposing one gentleman came, he said, ‘Mother I went to the market and couldn’t decide if I should buy this or not.’ I said, ‘You could have seen the vibrations.’ Once I was going somewhere, somebody said that Immediately I got vibrations, and I thought that mother must have come somewhere here, so he reached that place. He said, See mother, I got vibrations, so I came here. One day they were worried, that mother has not arrived yet, then immediately he got vibrations, that mother has come. I also arrived there. So the vibrations keep talking to each other, they keep telling, they keep informing the accurate information. So miraculous they are, so miraculous, that I can’t tell you. For example, I told you, this gentleman came to Delhi, he came here and said, I don’t know where I should go to Delhi. So he remembered Mother and when he looked around, he saw a gentleman coming this way! So, he said, ‘Who are you?’ He said, ‘I am a devotee of the mother.’ ‘I am also a devotee of mother!’ He saw his vibrations and said, ‘I know you. You have been given realisation by Mataji Nirmala Devi?’ He said, ‘Yes, how do You know?’ He said, ‘I am getting vibrations, You are getting vibrations.’ They became friends. Their identity was established, that they are the children of the same Mother.

You may go to America. One gentleman went to America and he also got into the same situation. He said ‘I was lost’, there I met another gentleman, and he said, vibrations are coming from you. I am also getting vibrations. He said, ‘Are you a devotee of Mataji?’ He said, ‘Yes.’ So he said, ‘Come, Those who are our own, walk together.’ That is how many things work out. Wherever you go you know through vibrations, it is such a fragrance. Everyone recognises. Even Dogs and cats will recognize you, that you have vibrations. Even little children recognize. They tell, that in our school there are 5 boys who are realised, others are not. Immediately they know who is realised, who is not. The one who is realised is our brother or sister because everyone is the child of the mother. This new thing enters our being. You think, how many brothers and sisters you have in England, in America. Not the way these Gurus have, not that way, but these are the real ones. They will run to help you. They will do everything for you.

One gentleman was going from Rahuri, he was taking away his rags, he was taking rags of sugar, and rain started. All the rags got drenched in that rain. He said, now when the train stops somewhere, then only we will do something, otherwise, all these goods are gone. Then he went and said where should we go? Stop, there they got out. And where they stopped, the vibrations started coming. He said, here, where vibrations? Then he saw. My board was standing on the road. He said, Mother’s board in this place? He went inside, and inside the bungalow was our centre! They said, come, then he said, we came seeing the poster, it is sitting in ?bhuliya?. Wherever I have gone, they have told me. Then they asked me, yes he came to me. One gentleman was sitting, in the morning when they woke up and saw the rags, they found all of them to be dried up. Then he got up. Whatever money there was, he got it. Lakshmi Ji’s blessings are very great. There is no doubt about it. They are real. The real Lakshmi blesses.

One Gentlemen used to come to me, from very far away, from Kalwa, very dignified man, but very poor, he used to do farming. I said to him, ‘Every time you come with a necklace? It must cost too much. Why do you take so much trouble upon yourself, there is no need to do it every time. He said, ‘Mother by your grace, Lakshmi Ji has blessed me.’ He said, ‘Mother I had a farm, it was abandoned, we didn’t use to farm in it, because the clay was too soft, slippery.’ A Sindhi came and said, ‘Your clay is very good, will you give us?’ He said, ‘For what?’ He said, ‘For making bricks’. So he used to get 10× price of that same clay, and the farm was still there. Now just taking the clay of his farm, they gave 10× more than the price. He said, ‘It is your blessing, it has happened after Sahaja Yoga, We couldn’t even think.’ That is how many people have been benefited. You get promotions also, I am saying this to make the government servants interested. First thing, promotion should happen, it will be done. You become Ajaatshatru (You rise above all your enemies, invulnerable.) All your enemies get out of your way. Private company people are also benefited, but the biggest thing is that you have to keep your Nabhi clean. Your Nabhi is out of order and you want, You say Lakshmi Ji has not been awakened, to keep the Nabhi Chakra clean, we have to keep purity, We have to think about it.

There was a gentleman, he came to me, he said, nobody comes to my shop, it is not running. This I am talking about Pune. So I said, I will come. I went to his shop and gave him realisation, now the shop is doing so many sales that, he is very busy, he has become a very big man, now he does not even come to meet me. ‘I remember you every time, but I do not get enough time, this business is there, that business is there.’ I went to Pune two times, he didn’t come to meet me. And when I went there for the first time, he was poor, poor man, by poor I mean that nobody used to listen to him. I remember, I went into a rickshaw, didn’t have the car then, went in a rickshaw and the whole time he was crying that ‘Mother you will go, what will happen to me?’

Now the situation is this, that I went there and he didn’t even come to meet me. So what is the use of such Money? What I mean is, that you understand, wisdom comes to you, balance comes, because you understand vibrations, you want to take this thing, then you understand that the vibrations are not good, leave it. All attachments dissolve, he becomes a witness. He sees all the drama.

Today how many people have got their realisation, do your hands like this.