Nabhi Chakra

London (England)

1978-02-20 Nabhi Chakra, London, 10'
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Nabhi Chakra, London 1978-02-20

How it is placed within us. Nabhi chakra also has got two sides- left and right.On the left hand side of the nabhi chakra is placed as a center or you call it a chakra or a sub-chakra called as the Chandra means the moon. Moon center on the left hand side, and right hand side is the sun center and they are placed exactly on the moon line and the sun line i.e. first the ida and the pingala. These two centers are the two points upto which we can go and move from left to right and beyond that when we start going you cross the limits.

Now these two centers when localized, see they have vertical vibrations flow over to them but when they are localized at that point how we spoil them.We must understand. Left nabhi and right nabhi are interdependent on each other. If you pull too much of left nabhi or work too much on left nabhi then right nabhi also can catch.But say we will take one by one.

Now the left nabhi is caught, normally if you eat food at somebody house who is a sort of spiritualist or who is giving a prasad like say Satya Sai baba this horrible fellow, his those vibhutis as they call it because it comes from the cremation ground see that ash, all these things and all these types of food when you eat…. a person who believes in the past; in the Sanskrit past is bhoot is the word for past or you can call it in the subconscious that food carries the vibrations and a person who has cooked specially that kind of a food can give you a left nabhi to begin with(inaudible).Now left nabhi gives you superstitious temperament very superstitious,you become superstitious, you get frightened of things small things,even in Sahaja Yoga you find such a person superstitions will be there and these superstitions can be very very dangerous now how to overcome this left nabhi problem?

Is to leave everything as far as superstition is concerned.Now see you see a cat crossing the road now you know that it’s a bad thing…you cross that road deliberately. You see that right hand has to be put for this and left hand is to be put for that , by mistake you do something wrong just go ahead with it, don’t get frightened of anything at that time you see it frightens you.Superstitions come out of fear and fright that is built, any superstition whatsoever,now you can take it in a wider scale: for example people are superstitious about nations, oh he is Jew, he is Greek, he is Russian, he is Indian , he is British…you see sort of these are collective superstitions which are impressed on us so much so that we are superstitious and we start judging them accordingly. So the superstition can be only overcome by facing them directly . Alright see what happens..any small or big or collective as I said a small thing like a cat passing is a small one.. in a big way people will say I mean there are all kinds of superstitions if you can think about ..anything like say now Alex is a pilot and he knows that how pilots work out superstitions and they work on omens and things , they go to fortune tellers and ask them whether this is good or that is bad and all. The more they do it and the more they catch, and the more they do it , it becomes a bad omen you see. Its such a vicious circle it goes on building in them.

Now the essence of the whole thing is that see why we are afraid because we are afraid of the subconscious dominations, we are trying to get rid of the subconscious domination, that’s what we are afraid of, but as a result of superstitious nature we fall more into the subconscious and start accepting it.

 Now in this I will tell you in India there is a girl Nima you know very well, she has a left nabhi most of the jainis they have, Jain people they have it . The reason is they are brought up like that in superstitions because Mahavira himself told them that don’t go near the subconscious and he described the whole subconscious. So all his disciples are became slaves of subconscious directly, just imagine what a shame it is I mean when you see that you have to take his name, Mahavira’s name and he became so much abandoned,that much abandoned that he went to such a limit that once he was walking on the road and they said don’t go today because it’s a bad day and you will have some problem . He Said I will go. He was going through a jungle and then a wind started blowing and he had one big cloth wrapped around his body and the cloth got caught up in a bush. So people said see we had said that we should not have come now half cloth is gone. So he cut his half cloth, so he was left with half. Then next time he was going somewhere and people said that don’t go that way, there are too many problems and you will have a bad time. He said what’s bad time …so was going and he found a man lying in a very bad condition and all wounds in his body and all the small what you call this germs and all flies and small …what you call that…( maggots) haan..they were all trying to trouble him so he covered his body with half of cloth (inaudible).

They are so terrible,so terrible in their superstitions that they think that you should abandon to such a limit that you shouldn’t go to the barber, they go on all the time picking their hair . See they don’t wear any dresses, nothing they wear . Can you imagine such horrible people.Once it happened, you don’t have to go to America for that, in India you can see this very inauspicious thing. My husband was collector you see of one district and they invited us because there was some problem between their two sets Shwethambars and Digambaras and the Shwethambaras are people who wear white dresses but the Digambaras don’t wear anything they are gurus who just move about like that, absolutely without even a single thing on them and with me the collector and mrs collector were very nicely (inaudible)  had come to a big gathering and sat there before us in this form Can you imagine . All these naked people sitting and they were putting hands up and this and they were pulling all their hair from everywhere was such a horrid situation..and my husband is a very shy fellow you see…he didn’t know where to look (Mother laughs)what sort of a thing is this… I said I know..he said why didn’t you tell me (laughter) I mean he was absolutely perspiring in shame and I think atleast 40-50 people sitting on top of your head there just you can’t imagine to even raise your eyes (laughter).. horrid lanky panky dirty fellows sitting down there, they don’t take their baths and they go to such a limit of this is one side of it. Now the Jains themselves to what limit they move you see they say don’t kill anybody that’s how you should not kill anybody but that went to such a limit that in Jains what they do they don’t kill mosquitoes they don’t kill bugs, they don’t have ….. (inaudible).