We Are All Seeking Part 2

Caxton Hall, Longford (England)

1978-03-20 We Are All Seeking London Source NITL HD, 50'
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1978-03-20 We Are All Seeking London Source

So, the Swadisthan chakra which is placed second now is the one which has got six petals and this is the one that controls the pelvic plexus-the aortic plexus within us. That also has got six sub-plexuses. Now we have to know that these are subtle centres placed in our spinal cord and the gross centres are outside. Now this is something one must understand, if you have to understand about Kundalini, that these centres are placed outside of gross plexuses which doctors know. But they are actually subtle centres inside the spinal cord.

Beyond that is another centre which you can see, that’s called as Manipura chakra – I told you the centre of the navel chakra-which has got ten petals, as I have told you, that there have been ten gurus also. And around that is the Void, is the gap. And this gap has to be filled.

Now what happens when you place your hands towards me? Like this, if you could it would be nice. All of you should place your hands so it works out simultaneously. See this power, this divine Power which is an integrated power which is all powers put together, starts flowing into your being through your fingers. These fingers, five fingers, this portion and this portion as you will see from the chart we have given you are responsible for sucking that divinity within yourself.

It works like an [UNCLEAR entity], it goes inside and first, it fills your stomach by which an invitation is sent to this Kundalini. She is aware and she understands that she is facing the right person. And when the invitation comes she starts rising. She starts rising upwards breaking through all these centres. Already some of you must be feeling cool breeze in the hand already. Those who are not feeling also should keep their hands just like this, very simple method-is the simplest of all.

Now you know that these are all sympathetic points. These are two sympathetic nervous system left and right. It starts working through you, passes into your hand, goes into your stomach and invites the Kundalini. The Kundalini, first of all looks after your physical being.

Supposing you are sick, even cancer. Then the Kundalini, it rises first to give you physical comfort. It goes to the point where the person has the problem. Supposing you have stomach trouble, liver trouble. You can see at the back of that person, that at that point, it is pulsating. You can also see that the, in the hand, this finger, this thumb is burning. And if you ask the person, “Are you suffering from Hepatitis?” He’lll say, “How do you know?” That’s why it is a science.

It is a science because whatever you see is there, happens, and you can maneuver this power once you are realized. So, it sees to your physical being.

 I have said it off and on and again today I want to repeat it one thing that cancer is a disease which can only be cured through Self Realization. There’s no other way. Because overactivity of the sympathetic nervous system, on both the sides, creates a situation where   person becomes malignant, means his cells start working on their own, they lose their contact with the whole. To give it a balance and harmony, there is a system within us known as parasympathetic, in the centre, which also is connected to all our Deities and these are the organizers, the Deities, which always give us a balance.

For example, if you are walking fast your heart will start beating fast for the emergency but gradually it comes back and that is brought back by the [UNCLEAR] parasympathetic because of the parasympathetic activity in you, you are what you are otherwise there would have been really cancer set in with, every one of us because you are quite extremists that is the one which  gives us balance and that’s why when Kundalini rises she tries to give you cures.

How Christ cured people?  She said that something passed through my being- what happened actually that when you see a sick person next to you suddenly you feel something passing from you and going into him, that is the power that power which cures first, second then it comes to a point where your mental side is in the fourth chakra you can see the Heart centre.

 Heart centre is the centre where God has given us a sense of security, sense of security and a desire to exist, desire to exist. When this centre is in difficulty you want to commit suicide. We have so many problems with this centre, for example women suffering from breast cancer wanted to due to this they have sort of a insecurity in their mind in their subconscious may be and that’s why they suffer from it , when the Kundalini knows that, she rises in to that realm and helps there and person feels  absolutely secure. 

Then it rises higher up to this point , this is a very important point for human being because through this we have a achieved our humanness and also our freedom to an human beings because our necks are up like that, this is a very very  important point, the most important I would say because there are sixteen sub- plexuses, the maximum and here we have become human beings, by thiscentre we have got the conscience. 

We have got the conscience, for an animal there is nothing like sin, human beings have the sense of sin, if a tiger has to eat a cow it eats, it doesn’t have to bother and think and worry about it. The conscience is built in here at the back. That’s why this is the most important thing from human point of view and this centre is given to us by God, by which we have discrimination power, we can discriminate. If this centre is correct then your hands are very sensitive and you can easily feel the divinity. But we go on compromising with our conscience. 

We start killing it gradually, managing somehow or the other. Bringing ourselves to the norms of the society, norms of our understanding, norms of our greed and lust. Such a conscience of course, reduces the sensitivity, the conscience is placed in this centre which is excited by the rising of the Kundalini. Your conscience becomes very active to such an extent, to such an extent that if you see a person who is possessed sitting next to you immediately you start getting heat from that person you get up and go to another place. you just feel the heat.

 If you start think, start thinking according to your own style of thinking and planning about doing something funny or dirty or something which is evil your vibrations will stop. You won’t get vibrations. Your hands will start shaking and you will get heat, tremendous heat in the body. The conscience  become aware, becomes aware of itself, it establishes itself and it expresses itself, since realization is this,[UNCLEAR really] be your subtle being becomes aware of itself and establishes, solves and glorifies into it. 

Such a person enjoys his virtues, it doesn’t cry, “Oh! I am so honest that’s why I am suffering” no it says, “I am if I am honest what a nice thing to have it, if I am kind if I am simple, Oh! what a nice thing if I am innocent, how beautiful it is to be innocent”. There are so many people you will find, “I am too innocent people have cheated me.” Oh!  you enjoy!, “Oh, people have cheated me, very good I have not cheated them. Thank God!”. That sort of a temperament, that sort of a temperament you develop. 

In Self Realization your subtle being which is the holy being within you is established and glorified, is not only somebody coming and putting the hand on your head or I say, “baptized” finished or it’s not also a brahmincoming and putting you thread and say no you are re-born it’s not that.

 The proof of the pudding is in the eating of it. It’s not giving a lecture or a sermon or some sort of a big show or a sometimes a circus. It is something that happens to you and you are the judge of yourself and you know it yourself. Nobody else has to say that about you, you have to certify yourself, you have to enjoy yourself too. Like one poet in India said that with Sahaja Yoga Sun would itself has started smelling its own fragrance like, the flower has started smelling its own fragrance or a beautiful scene has started feeling its own beauty.

 This is what happens after Sahaj yoga and after the realization if it does not happen it’s not a realization because you are that, you are beauty, you are fragrance. You are glory and you are that joy you are, nobody has told you a lie so far. And if you are denied that…. You are going to get it, you will have to have it, to know that it is so. 

The…. this mark that I have, just behind that is the centre of the optic chiasma where the pituitary and penal bodies are placed. This is very subtle centre which doctors do not know is known as the Agnya chakra. This centre is a very great thing for so called christians, I would say because that is the centre of Christ and that is the point where you are promised your resurrection, your rebirth .

His message is not his crucifixion but his resurrection, the way he is showing him the lanky panky type and the most miserable how could he be, He was joy and He gave us through his own resurrection he has opened the door which is described I am the door for you to enter into the Kingdom of God!  

But only by calling Christ-Christ is not going to work out, the Kundalini has to rise which He says, “I will appear before you like tons of flames”. I would like all these priests put together to explain that to me. What does that mean? How much do they understand about Bible which they carry with them and some of these Jews, they make a small little mini picture of that and put it here. Is this the way do you think by carrying bible on your heads, are you going to go there? 

There must be something that God has placed within you and that is what it is your own resurrection-the right of your own resurrection, of your rebirth and that is this centre which is very important. This is the blood of Christ and that has promised that resurrection, to enter into the Kingdom of God that is on top here which we call as a limbic area in the medical terminology but as you call it, Sahasrara in the Sanskrit language is that there are one thousand petals there. If you cut the brain in a transverse process you can see that it looks like petal it is like that but when you see actually the Sahastrara of an enlightened one it is like a Lotus with thousand, thousand I have not counted thousand petals which go on like this leaving petal with many colors all the vibgyor colors are there all of them are there. Many have seen, many Sahaja yogies have seen that happening to them while getting realization.

 It’s not necessary to see anything. The smoothest you are-you don’t see anything. The best you are-you have the happiest landing and the smoothest one, the easiest people, the simplest people get it just like that without getting any sight or any light or anything just there. They just land there but it is something like landing on the Moon, how many believed those who do not understand science, my own grandmother could not believe it and she said, you are all just telling lies and even when you showed her the pictures she said, “Oh, this could be done with on the earth only, can create a cinema like that”. 

If you can land on the Sun, why not in the Kingdom of God? But somebody has to trigger it and surprisingly even the spacecraft is built on the same way perhaps the unconscious has given them to safe tied like a telescopic, like a telescope this Kundlaini rises, from one to another to another to another like that In the same way you have seen there in the spacecraft there are these what you call them placed ah different ah vestibules one into another and the first one explodes throwing one with an accelerated speed, the second one explodes throwing with the accelerated speed then the third one like that and then it goes in to the space. In the same way, the Kundalini acts but this also knowledge has come to us from our unconscious from nowhere else. Even a person like Einstein who was a realized soul no doubt, he says, that “I was worried about my science and everything I couldn’t do anything about this ah relativity and the whole theories dawned upon me when I was just playing with some bubbles resting in my garden and the whole things was dawned upon me from some unknown area”. This unknown area is the area of Kingdom of God.

 The unconscious when it pierces this top–that’s the Baptism which John the Baptist, was talking about. He was the only realized soul at that time. Today there are many more, many more are born, there are so  many realized souls who are born even in your country. Upto 5 years of age you will find many children born, may be your children might be like that you don’t know they are born realized, and there are many people I have met who are born realized maybe some of them have come might have come here whom I recognized and now they recognized me, and they knew they had these powers in them, they were curing people and they were helping people but they didn’t know what it was all about, they didn’t know everything and now they have become masters of it. 

You have to be the masters of this Kundalini that’s why you have been evolved, you have been moving to human beings and you are to be enthroned but before doing that you have to use your freedom, you have to be free people to choose the good, the righteous, the great, the divine. But while choosing we went to the other side of it absolutely. The brain had to be developed. Your superego was developed, ego had to be developed to a point, so we started from here instead of coming here in rising we just went this side.

 We are thinking we are planning, even they are planning about God, they are trying to plan God and organize him and they are planning even the religion part of it when you see their planning capacity you are surprised and their ego that they can conceive God in their mind. This centre the top most here, the kingdom of God when it opens out the light comes into your heart and you become one with the divine, then from your hand cold breeze start flowing. May be some people might get hot breeze Might be in the beginning– may be they are not well, there’s some sort of a problem, may be, doesn’t matter they will get cool breeze, a cool breeze starts flowing when it breaks, you become absolutely thoughtlessly aware, to begin with when you enter into it only you become thoughtlessly aware. You become blindf you close your eyes, you can see there is no thought coming in the mind you are just listening to me that’s all, nothing beyond. Nothing from the subconscious, neither to the supraconscious. You do not think of the future or the past but you are blank and when it breaks you find a cool breeze coming in. Now, what is this? This is the manifestation of your Spirit, yourself; which is coming through, which is expressing itself. This is called as Chaitanya Lahari in the sanskrit language but in the Bible, it is described in various [UNCLEAR names/means]. 

When you put your hand towards a person you can feel that person too. If he is not realized you do not get any vibrations, if he is realized you get some vibrations, if he is  sick you understand what is the problem, where is the problem even people who are away you can know about them because you jump into the collective consciousness.

Sitting down here you can cure people, sitting down here you can give awakening but realization has to be somehow I don’t know, I can’t help it has to be in my presence or through my photograph. There is certain compulsions they had to put because you people never recognized them, none of them. They are all there within us all of them are within us ready to help you, to get what you have been asking for. 

God has not created you to be absolutely frustrated. Know for its fulfilment, believe me it is so, the time has come, the blossom time has come. The great times have come. This is the time has been promised in all the ancient scriptures, this is the time it has to work and it is going to work out thousands of people are getting it and why shouldn’t you get it. 

England is a very big place as I have told you, English people are very great too but takes time, I find they are little difficult sometimes in the beginning. But once they get it, they are really scholarly the way they sort it out, they are not shifty people, and I have great hopes luckily my husband was elected and  he got an appointment here and I could come to London and now I’ll be with you for four years to count. 

Now I am staying in London itself so I’ll be available for you. They have also  arrangements they have made. They are  going to take ah room here where I will meet you every Monday and I would like to solve your problems and to see that your realization is maintained and that you achieve the calm and the peace and the complete oneness with the divine. I would work very hard. I could do anything for you but only thing is that you have to also co-operate little bit, of course there’s no question of paying any money, whatsoever, you cannot pay for my love, can you? Sometimes I am surprised, you cannot think of anything where there is no money required. You cannot pay but think what can you give me. Nothing, just allow me to love you that’s all, if it is possible we’ll work it out. 

As I have told you it is not a thing that can be solved by rationality it has to be triggered and has to be worked out and we all should endeavor to get it through that working and not through rationality which is a limited thing and if you have to rise to the unlimited realm you cannot do through this limited means that you have. It is much beyond that and that is the place where your heart, your awareness and your brain and your liver everything integrate and you become one integrated personality. 

All the religions, all the great religions are within you so no religion is to be condemned they have their own places. All the saints,all the prophets, all the incarnations have their own places in your being and you cannot deny it so please remember that Sahaj yoga is secularism, it is capitalism because it gives you the power and it is communism because you cannot help it but give it. You have to distribute it. Is a combination of everything, May God bless you all. 

I hope we’ll have the session now and I hope many of you will benefit with that. Apart from that we are going to have a three-day seminar in our centre in Filthway from Friday, Saturday and Sunday, because these are really beautiful days and I hope ah you all will make it convenient to come there to go further with it and we’will try to solve your problems and also if you have any questions or any personal problems hold….

Now if you have any questions, you can ask me for about 10 minutes and then we can have this thing if you have really something sensible otherwise no use wasting time.  Like I read in one book this is  this then mother what do you say about that, if you say that sort of a question is not going to be of any use, by reading you cannot get to God.

No questions?
Sahajayogi: [UNCLEAR]
Shri Mataji: Very true, it is true, it happens like that, it happens, you know what happens that the fontanel bone here becomes dissolved and it is-it becomes thin down and actually sometimes you say, see a dimple and there was one man who was bald you see you could see the whole thorough in his head developing suddenly, it’s true. That’s what it should happen. I am very happy you know about it. Where is it written? Where did you learn this? Where did you learn this?

Seeker: [UNCLEAR]Shri Mataji: Wow!! that’s it, that’s it, that’s why God has said you have to become like children if you have  to enter into the kingdom of, absolutely that’s what happens, you see there are so many things happened but if I start telling you the time and whole thing is because you are all anxious to have the experience so I was just thinking skipping it out, so should we ?

The, in the hand you might already feel a cool breeze coming in. Those who are feeling already please raise your hand, even Sahajyogies can raise, very good, its good. Now, the new people who are feeling please raise your hand. The new one who come for the first time are feeling it please raise your hand,  great.

Those who are feeling can come here and sit down this side or this side in the front because we would like to pay attention to you in a different way and the others in different way, please come here, please.

Immediately as soon as you get your cool breeze in the hands, you will see you can be effective with others. You can work it out immediately. You don’t have to do anything else. See now just look at that, Oh God! didn’t I say that the saints are born in this country please sit down, did you feel? Yes, please.

Seeker: [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji: Please sit

In Sanskrit language, Shakti means power, inner energy is called as Shakti but as you say atomic energy, electrical energy, it can be any energy like that the Kundalini shakti means the power of Kundalini, alright. Shakti means the power. Any energy is Shakti but shakti in this case when we say it is the Power of God, we call Her also Shakti, Adi Shakti means the primordial Power, the primordial Power, the one which is the integrated form. Which is the  complete form. Which is the beginning, which is the power of the God almighty, is Adi, Adi means the primordial. That’s why it is the same word shakti means energy is a common word which means shakti, shakti means ordinary word energy but which energy is this one, the Kundalini energy. Now the Kundalini energy also is stationed within you , this Kundalini energy is the reflection of the Adi Kundalini is the primordial Kundalini that was  created.

 I have had no time to tell you about the creation because, you know it’s a big subject. I have spoken about it it last time  but may be next month will have another lecture about creation in which I will tell you all about it, how the different energies are, how they work out, how  they are manifested within us, how they create our different minds, how do we have all these things. I will be taking you to those portions and areas also. I am here to tell you each and everything, not a single secret, nothing everything will be [UNCLEAR note]. There’s no secret for a mother from her children. Now those who are not getting any vibrations please come forward, please come forward, so we’ll fill the gap also, those who are getting like this please close your eyes because this is a great experience you just close your eyes and watch your thoughts.

How are you Patricia ? Better now? It’s  good. Yes, please sit down. Those who are not getting vibrations  please sit. One,one, this thing, this rule is there, is it alright.

How are you Gordon?  Good? Becoming a very rich man.  Good. sit down

 Why these ladies are behind there? Please come forward. You are from the press or something? No, I thought you are from the press because press people are not supposed to take part into anything, whatsoever. Without getting realization how are they going to report? You just tell me? 

Please put your hands towards me just close your eyes and I will come down myself. Please close your eyes, there’s nothing to be afraid of, first thing I must tell you , Kundalini is your mother and all the nonsense they have described about Kundalini forget it , it’s not like that , it’s the most loving mother you have had and she is the only mother you have had and you are the only child she has, and she is always follows you with you, all the time she is  with you whether you are dead or living.  She is always with you every moment she is watching you looking after you and waiting for the moment when she can give you realization so how can she be unkind to you she cannot be she is the kindest thing that you have.  But only getting the breeze is not the end of it. You must know what it is?  How, work  it out, how to do it so please keep your hands towards me just like this. 

The most remarkable thing I have found out that even my photograph has got the vibrations and even this mic you see carries the vibrations, actually somebody saw them, some realized souls saw them passing into a singer I mean he was near the mic, such an advantage it is.

Now, the most of you have got a problem on the chakra that is of Christ. Can you imagine? Now why is it  caught first of all that you have to forgive. As christians, if you believe in Christ forgiveness is his weapon and is the weapon he has given you. You must say, I forgive all the people because after all it’s a myth. If you forgive means-what do you do? Nothing. You just say, “Oh Lord, I forgive all of them” so that He forgives us, forgiveness is very important. Its  only sickness to remember that somebody has harmed us or troubled us. Just say forgive us and we forgive all the rest of them, it’s so important.

Actually our Lord’s prayer is a mantra of this chakra you have to say that prayer even in India whether he is a Muslim or a Hindu or a Christian he has to say that prayer if he has to excite Christ. But the Christians have to say some mantras for Krishna who resides here. You cannot discard him either. Because he himself has said, “those who are not against me are with me” Who are those? Who have not interpreted him properly? How can it be? He would say that that I am the person having all the assets he said I am the path, I am the door but he didn’t say I am  the destination. Why should you discriminate? Why do you say I am everything. Because He knew that He had to resurrect you He had to give you a passage for rebirth and what He said He meant He knew it because He was truth. 

Now those who are feeling cool in the hands can also feel cool coming from their heads. See for yourself. If it is not then wait for a while. If it is hot coming after some time cool will start coming. Feel here on the fontanel bone. Just feel your hand, head. If the cool is coming in the hand then, otherwise no. [UNCLEAR] It is He who looked  after each and everything and it is he who has created you and he who has [UNCLEAR] because I want you to find that [UNCLEAR]

The time has come. The time has come. You will find it. The time has come. But in your freedom, you have developed such a big balloons in your head, it is difficult sometimes. [UNCLEAR]

And the divine plays tricks, with such people, lots of tricks and [UNCLEAR] such people do not get [UNCLEAR ] you cannot ask God to get [UNCLEAR] in your own mode [UNCLEAR]

Now better enter into the kingdom of God [ UNCLEAR ] but you cannot just command that we know  this is not the kingdom of God, that is not the kingdom of God and this is not his kingdom [UNCLEAR] humble down. Have you found truth so far? So that if somebody says so [UNCLEAR] that I want to meet God, I don’t want that [UNCLEAR] as if they have voted for him and elected him as a God.

You want to meet God, who are you? Just think like that. How do you demand. What have you done? Do you deserve it?  Why should God meet you? First of all yourself must be clear, in that [UNCLEAR] you can seek God. What I want is not the point because you have seen [UNCLEAR] It’s all right for political [] but for God your opinion does not matter, it is the opinion of God that matters and not your opinion about Him. It is His will,   it is His kindness, it is His compassion. 

It is understanding about you and that is why, everywhere weather in religion, or in politics or anywhere, you are no where near him, no where. You go to a church, forget it. You go to a temple another headache. Indian temple [UNCLEAR] but nobody is interested in God or anything as if they have gone to [UNCLEAR] this kind of  attitude is very dangerous [UNCLEAR].

 As you could never go to the Sun or the Moon, you could never think of the  Moon. You could never think what was on the Sun. Now you know what is happening on the Sun, now you can reach the Moon, you can land there. This has happened in the last fifty years. Fifty years back nobody could even think of going to Moon. 

And Self Realization has to come and now amass knowledge. But it is not,[UNCLEAR] it is not sellable,it has its own dignity and  its own protocol. A person who is proud of his rationality or of his intellect or of his wealth, let him stay there. He cannot get [UNCLEAR]. The one who is proud of his father,the one who is proud of his God and the one who knows that he looks after us every moment, every time is there.

 My grandmother used to tell me a story that [UNCLEAR]. So one day he found a man. Of course it’s a story, going to meet God, so he asked; you are going to meet God, will you give him a message, yes, what can I do? he was lying on another  side of road, he said, when you see God please tell God [UNCLEAR] to arrange for my food. He said, what [UNCLEAR]  Then he went further on [UNCLEAR] and he saw a man standing on his head, stomach inside all, bones showing off as if going to collapse [UNCLEAR] by listening to me [UNCLEAR] only by getting realization, that’s why you must have realization because then you start feeling the vibrations, you start feeling the centres. You start practicing them and settle down with truth and then you forget, you are a westner, eastner,you forget you are rational ,irrational, nothing you become [UNCLEAR] of God[UNCLEAR].  Because you start enjoying the power and the power doesn’t mean oppression, it means love. [UNCLEAR] It means love of God. [UNCLEAR]      But the person has to get out of his [UNCLEAR] ,  [UNCLEAR] and surroundings. Its all maya, its illusion. Reality is only God almighty, rest is all illusion  [UNCLEAR]  its dynamic, then you start enjoying the beauty of his grace. And you start singing  and you are amazed of your thought that you were this so great and you are. Now that you have [UNCLEAR] The Mother Earth also [UNCLEAR]