Easter Seminar and unknown Public Program

Finchley Ashram, London (England)


Easter seminar, Finchley Ashram, London (England), Sunday, March 26th, 1978

Today is Easter and all of you celebrate it. It’s rather surprising, you see, there are people giving it science and everything is [inaudible] that they should be in trust or they should believe in his resurrection. It’s absolutely unscientific but we accept it without asking “why?” and “how?”.
You all pursue Easters. But certain things, when they appear new to us, we start questioning and want to bring it to the science, to the reality of it. But certain things we just accept: his resurrection.

Now, we have for Easter the thing that we give, an egg on an Easter day. Now, why do we do it? If you are that rational, you must think about it: why do we give an egg?
We never think about it we just do it because it’s a custom of the great grand-mother and the grandmother did it and the mother will do and the child did it. So we just do it just as an accepted thing. We are not bothered to find out “why?”. Why are we to give an egg and not something else? What does it show when there is no mention of an egg in the Bible, as far as I know?

But there is a mention in these [inaudible] about an egg and trust. And everybody is doing it without understanding what is happening. How did we get that symbol, from Where?

Of course, now it is accepted scientifically that there is some sort of a universal Unconscious which give us symbols. People accept that, maybe, I don’t know about all of them, but many accept it.

So we have to say that this symbol has come to us definitely from the Unconscious. But it must have come to many so that people have accepted this symbol of an egg on an Easter day.

The symbol of egg is that the egg is twice born. In Sanskrit language, a bird is called as “dvija”. But
it’s called as a “dvijaya”. And the Brahmin are reborn, are twice-born as should be called as “dvijaya”. DVI-JAYA means the one who is born twice. It’s a birth of a Brahmin.
So, first, the egg comes just as a living thing. Egg is a living thing – you know that- fully developed outside, not inside. Egg does not develop after, it has come out of the mother’s womb. It is the same size, but inside something happens, it grows with the want. And a change comes into it. That growth and everything that comes into an egg is built into it. It is his own right. He’s made like that. That’s the way he is made. But the bird has to come out of it. It is made like that. That is not “a-sahaja”. That is born with it: “sahaja”, you are born with it. An egg is born with it to be a bird. All right?

In the same way, Christ was born to be resurrected. See the vibrations I made.
His resurrection gave us the way from un-resurrection to for our jumping into the Unconscious. He did it for us though He did not do it. He came on this earth, lived like us. He was a human being and He jumped into that, giving us a way, clearing a way for us, showing the path. And He did it with his birth ” [inaudible] ” as they call it in Sanskrit. His whole body, He lifted because He was divine Power itself. He was made out of the “Om”. He was made out of the Brahma itself. He was nothing but vibrations, you see. His body was nothing but vibrations. So whatever was a little bit of the earth element felt down and the rest of it was resurrected in the presence of human beings. His soul is being resurrected. See, it’s a Vedic [unsure] meaning but the human being’s soul is being resurrected. Because if they had not seen it, they would never have been believed it.

He could have resurrected himself in some corner. He could have done that. There was no need for him to appear by. But He did it openly before everybody else to see that He, his body resurrected.

In the Devi Mahatmya [Devi Bhagavatam] Christ is described as Mahavishnu. Devi is the Goddess, is the Mother, Primordial Mother, and in her life story we can say, Mahatmya’s story. For Goddess, they never say life story but they say-
You see, you cannot say life story for Christ, He been a divine person. Divine person doesn’t have a life, you see, it has no beginning and end. So what you can say is the importance “mahatva” there should be importance. The importance of Devi is described- the Goddess. And in that, they have described that first He was created as an egg in the Vaikuntha, is another dimension.
So the egg is the symbol of the Christ who came on this earth and his resurrection.
It’s a message for all of us that you all are going to be resurrected. You all are going to jump into that Unconscious, into that All-pervading Power. You all are going to be triggered, that is the message of Easter.

Now, how you are made like an egg yourself? Just see. It’s very interesting. You yourself, you are made like an egg. The shell develops around you.
If you have the diagram of the things that I’m going- have you got anyone of you?
Have you a chart?
If you have a chart you can put it up somewhere here.
In the chart inside of the human being are made in such a way that they have within them the sympathetic nervous system on both sides and the parasympathetic in the center.

The sympathetic we use for our activity. Left and right, both sympathetic, we use for our activity, for our emergency activity especially and the parasympathetic is the one which balances, nourishes, looks after and coordinates. Now, these sympathetic activities give us ego and superego. The ego goes like this and superego goes like that. Because, actually, the ego blossoms like this and also like this, you can see like that. And where is the path? From where it starts?

This ego and superego, both of them, give us that shell. Then it closes down, here in the head, when the child is a small being. Then the shell is completed, you become a shell.

So, you live in your shell, you are identified with your shell, with your ego and superego. That is your conditionings and your ego- ego what is ego is? All of you know what it is like, horrid thing.
It is not for [inaudible] for achievement. For the chick, it is horrid the shell when it is awakened. Then it gets us life [unsure]. Otherwise, it’s not [inaudible] down there, it’s not bothered.

When you are awakened inside, then you start seeing also the shell around you and you want to break it. You want to get out of it. You become aware of the sufficient [inaudible]
Seeker: Yes.
Shri Mataji: You become aware of that shell, that ego, especially in the Western life as it is, you know, its ego yet is pampered all the time, in competition, in this and that. And you become that, you are identified with it because you are just an ordinary egg.
But if you are awakened, suddenly you start seeing the shell around you, you want to get out of it, just don’t want it. You think, if you get out of it, you’ll have your wings and expect your wings and you’ll fly in the air, in the space. That feeling comes into you when you separate yourself from the shell. That happens with the Kundalini awakening.

When the Kundalini is awakened in you, then you start feeling that: “There is something inside me which is keeping me still down. There’s something that’s pushing me down still” And how to break the shell?
So a hole has to be with you, that is a simple thing, it’s baptism. The hole that is made in a shell is baptism.

So, you see, there are two stages. First, it’s the awakening has to take place. First, the awakening has to take place. If there is no awakening nothing will happen, an egg will remain an egg. It will become dirty or which matters the most it’ll become [inaudible]. After some time it becomes a rock. And it is all wasted.
If somebody knows how to give it the warmth of love and proper handling and all that, can mature it properly.
But supposing, even while raising the Kundalini, there is some part which is still left, not yet attained, not developed, the Kundalini will go there and support it and try to develop it. At least it will make so much so that when it is broken, it is able to start to withstand the outside.

Now, we can also think: “Why we are made into a shell?” We are made into a shell, we are made into an egg because that is the only way you can be protected and can be grown in and the evolutionary second stage of jumping into the Unconscious can be brought in. You cannot give it [unsure] yourself through your seeking and things a kind of wisdom and wisdom is the only way you are judged. I mean, you may be the most brilliant man all around the world, but if you lack wisdom, you are no good.
Wisdom is very different from the so-called knowledge. Very mature the wisdom grows into you. And when the wisdom is sufficient enough, then a little bit is needed, that’s all and the bird comes out developed.

But most of the eggs, I found, have been already puncturing something. Already somebody has punctured something. That’s why I’m so angry with other gurus.

As I told you before, I don’t know, if they want to make money, let them make money. If they want to have women, let hem have women, if they want to smile, let them smile. But they have no business to spoil your Kundalini and they are spoiling your Kundalini. And I am very angry with them. And I have to tell you very frankly that they are satanic and they are killing the egg in you. The germinating power in you is killed by them. They are giving you something, such a poison, that you can’t get your resurrection. They are taking away your fundamental right. You do not know what they are doing to you, that’s why.
You do not understand why I condemn them completely.

[Conversation with Yogis; coffee pause]

So you have to remember that once the shell breaks, when the egg breaks, part of the shell dies, all right? Part of the shell dies but the chick is left out. The part that is no more needed dies out. So something in us also dies out and has to die out: and that is what is the past and the future. The past and the future dies out and you live in the present.
When the past dies out, what dies out? You just think about your past. The essence of what was good in your past is taken up. Only the dead past which was in you which was not giving any substance to the body dies out. So you don’t have to bother about your karmas anymore once you are Realized. No resurrection of your karmas. There are some people who’ll tell you: “You have to wash your karmas.” How can you wash something which is with you? If you separate yourself then you may start washing it. But you cannot wash something that is within you. You have to take it out. And that is what is taken out as a shell. And your wisdom works it out. This is the freedom given to you to choose the medium path of existence by which you put all such things that are not required for this process, the last process, the best process, the highest process of resurrection, on the sides, on all the sides, to be in the center. Not extremes of anything, no.

In the nature, we seldom funny such fine eggs. But in the human being, we do find. Sometimes I find that’s too much [inaudible] people are coming just like a horn, you know, like a unicorn. [inaudible] Everywhere they start, that’s very aggressive. And they are not aware of how aggressive they are.
Sometimes, they develop superego by which they say: “We have been afraid, this has happened, that has happened.” And you know they’re useless people.

All kinds of imbalances in a human being are possible. Not so much in the eggs, surprising. Perhaps, because you have the freedom to develop the imbalances. You have the freedom to be crooked. You have the freedom to be complicated. You have the freedom to ruin yourself, spoil yourself and finish off. You can do it, not animals. Human beings can only do it. And this freedom is such a blessing and such a great promise that even God cannot take it out of you. Any other freedom that you seek, any other freedom, when you ask for wisdom, then this can happen to you.

If you do not seek and if you do not ask, it’s not going to happen. You will only ask when you are wise otherwise you will not. Your mind will be going to materialism, it will be going to some politics, it will be going to something else, to something very unimportant. But with wisdom you feel that you have to be reborn that’s the main thing, after all, that’s what you want to get it. You have to get to that part. When this wisdom comes to you, it just happens. Then you ask for it and that is why it is said that “you have to ask for it.”
The wisdom is not going to fall at your feet and say: “Oh, you be wise for heaven sake!”
It’s not going to request you. It has to mature into you, develop into you and fulfill itself. And then you feel that your wisdom has been blessed.

Your wisdom itself gives you that satisfaction. In the Gita, it says: “Apmene lapmenet”[unsure] your Spirit itself gets satisfied of itself. “Apmene lapm ananda”[unsure] means you get satisfied, your Spirit itself gets satisfied in its own manifestation. You get satisfied with yourself.

There’s one poet who has written a poem on it, it’s beautiful, it says that: “With Sahaja Yoga, the [inaudible] start smelling the fragrance of sainthood [unsure]”And this is the message for all of us on an Easter day of resurrection.
But we do not bother about resurrection in our everyday life. We want to have the cross on us, we want to carry the cross. Who are you to carry the cross? That’s a joke! You don’t carry the cross, somebody came for that, to carry the cross for you and who did the job.

But you have to believe only in one thing that you can be resurrected also. You don’t have to carry any crosses anymore. You don’t have to take any responsibility of any such things. The One who has created you, the One who has nourished you, the One who has made you from an amoeba to this stage as a human being, He’s going to do it himself. But you have to ask for it. That is a condition because you are free. You understand that point?
The freedom of choosing God is in you. And you have to use your freedom. In your freedom, if you have, in your freedom, not out of hypnosis or anything, but in your complete freedom when you ask, you will get it. Is it clear? And that is what is the message for us is of resurrection.
Today is a great day, although it has been the greatest day. Because, at the time of Krishna, Yehovah as they call him, Yehovah is the name of Krishna. He said that: “Nainam chindanti shastrani, nainam dahati pavakah, na chainam kledayantyapo na shoshaya ti mārutaḥ. ” [From Gita, Chapter: 2 Verse 23, meaning: “It cannot be pierced by weapons, It cannot be burnt by fire.”] He said this cannot be killed. This eternal life cannot be killed by any instrument. It cannot be killed by any weapon. It cannot be sucked in by any wind or any subtle powers and it cannot be destroyed. It’s eternal life.
So, a life came on this earth to show. He is the one who has shown through his life that what Krishna has said is correct. He came to prove it.

I wish we had that English like [inaudible] It’s clearly written in that, that He was born to Radha. Radha created it. But Radha created the egg, she created the egg. And out of that egg, She put all the essences of innocence like, you see, this is Radha and the egg, you see. First, chick is like this, one. This is the egg, inside the egg, it’s like this.
Then He comes on this earth as Christ. He’s the embodiment of innocence. He comes on this earth and then you are shown, you are shown because you have freedom. And you made it out, that’s why you are shown that He is resurrected.

And you can also get your resurrection it is promised to you. Now, so many of you have felt it. Your rebirth, you’ve felt it. This is a unique thing because so far all the evolution that you had, was not, was not at all your rebirth.
Now, the rebirth has come and when the rebith has come, you are shown it, you are aware of it, you are aware of it that it happens to you.
Clear? Is it clear to you?

So, on this day, as a Sahaja Yogi, you have to decide we are there, no doubt, we are definitely there. We have entered into the Kingdom of God and that we have to get more people. Because they are still ignorant, they may argue or else they’ll do anything you see because they are ignorant, they haven’t left it. But you have to understand, you have to understand that they have to get it. They have to get it, it is their right. But they have to ask it in their own freedom. So, you have to tell them, you have to talk to them, you have to find them. They are many, so many of them are really seeking and it should happen to them.

I’ve told, long time back, that the whole Pervading Power that is on this earth now is ignited and is going to work out. You don’t have to worry about: how many people Mother you are going to face, how many people that are going to be, only ten thousands? Only twenty thousands? No, it’s going to work out in a very big way.
Now, the big way has to be done when you people, you the supporters, you the- what you call the pillars of that- have to be a little softer. You have to be little more fun, then you can bear the whole load of that. You see, how do we make a big camping? First, we make the pillars strong ones and then you just spread the [inaudible].
So the whole Pervading Power will be enlighting many people on its own. But you are like the pillars because you will know each and everything about Kundalini awakening. You may know all the maneuvering they will just feel it, you see, they will talk about it, their vibrations, they will test what is that, they will be finding it like scientists, a little bit here and a little bit there. Like a person who enters into the room, he stops, floats on [unsure] then he will go on like that. But you are in a room which is enlighted. But you have to be strong enough to carry that light.

All right? What I’m saying, this is what you have to decide those who are Realized have to decide this that we have to be really strong within ourselves. Sort out other person’s problems, not only [inaudible]: how many husbands you married in last lives, how many wives you were having last lives, how many children, all kinds of nonsensical things this melodrama and poetry and all that is all nonsense. That is not going to give you any happiness and joy don’t waste your time on all these small things of life. No.
Stop [inaudible] yourself.

[New people are coming inside]
Lady: I come for [inaudible] Sahaja Yoga.
Shri Mataji: Hum?
Lady: Sahaja Yoga.
Sahaja Yogi: [Inaudible] They phoned.
Sahaja Yogini: If you like to come.
Shri Mataji: Ah.

So, I would like to have some questions and we’ll give Realization. That’s the way.
Who’s there?
You were there for the- you were [Inaudible]
Ah, I knew he would come today. I mean. You see, he’s looking so different. Isn’t he?
So much different. We’re waiting, you see, for you.
There’s another one and the one who is sitting next to you.
It’s good.

Shri Mataji: How is it? What do you find?
Seeker lady: We wanted to come.
Shri Mataji: Really? I’m happy.
Seeker lady: He doesn’t understand English so much.
Shri Mataji: All right, it’s fine, doesn’t matter.
Seeker lady: I can later on explain.
Shri Mataji: This is a language of love, you see. Nothing to be told about it, it just works, isn’t it? Let’s see if he is established, how is he.
Can you come down here [inaudible]?

[End of tape 1]
[tape 2]

I mean 50% of people are understanding that holiness [unsure] They don’t have [Inaudible] about it.

But those who have come for the first time, today, shouldn’t think they have been here for the first time. Perhaps, we do not know how many lives we have been seeking. If we were not seeking before we would not have been seeking in this life so desperately. And many a time, in India, I told people that so many saints who were in India once upon a time seeking, in the valleys and in the mountains, even in the Himalayas, are now born in the West. Thank’s God [unsure] It’s a fact.

But a new problem is that when we are seeking in the dark, when there is no hand to guide us, on the contrary, there are many more to misguide us, those who have an interest in our faults, in our disturbance, or we can say in our destruction, all such people now come to misguide and to take advantage of us.
At such a point and under these circumstances, the saints, the real seekers, the people who are genuine are attacked first.

Because the satanic is all the time, on one side it is destroyed and on the other side, it’s trying to found out who are the seekers. It is not today but since the times of Rama, you can say, even earlier. Even much earlier, we can say, eight thousand years was Rama’s time, even much earlier, everywhere a seeker was tortured.

But now in these modern times, they have become very subtle, they have developed methods of subtle [inaudible]. And before we realize where we are, they attack, they found out. At the time of Rama the saints, as there are angels guiding the saints, the satanic forces also gather together and try to exploit the situation.

Thus, in these modern times what we call as Kali Yuga, we assist [unsure] today with an atmosphere of complete confusion even a true seeker doesn’t know who is the real person whom to go, whom to approach and where to get. What should we do? We are frantic and that [inaudible] a tremendous amount of damage has been done to your own being inside.
But, I would say about my compassion, I would say, it is fulfilled of confused anguish when you see the real seekers, the genuine people, the people who are simple-hearted, innocent, who are my own, dragged into [inaudible].
Your compassion gets into anguish. The more of your compassion becomes anguish. So instead of getting angry with you or getting in any way upset with you, I try to find out how I can really smooth [unsure], how I can really cure that part which is destroyed in this genuine.

But you have to be genuine to face the reality. If you are not genuine, you cannot face it. You cannot face it neither you can accept it because it is too much for you. But if you are genuine, the genuiness gives ou the strengh to [inaudible] the reality. But reality is not a heavy stuff. It’s the lighter stuff, it makes you very light. At the edge it’s just like beautiful showers – in Sanskrit there’s a word « Tushar – तुषार »  and you’re not going to find that in English language- it’s a beautiful word which means that when you are, say, standing near the sea, the waves come and throw all that litlle, little drops on you, that’s what is « Tushar – तुषार ». And that is what it is, the ocean of love just breaks near the heart in totally small little drops of its love on your being. And the whole thing is beautifully worked out. It has to be that way for people who are so much injured and also wounded.