What happens after Self-realisation?

Caxton Hall, London (England)

1978-06-26 What Happens After Self realisation HD, 57'
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“What happens after Self-realisation?”, Public Programme, Caxton Hall, London (UK), 26 June 1978.

The question is: what happens actually after Self-realisation, to us? Of course, I mean, you feel thoughtlessly aware, you feel collective consciousness, you can feel the kundalini of others, you can raise the kundalini, you can feel the chakras. This is all you know. But actually, what happens in the deeper way to a human being, has to be seen.

So, first of all, let us know what are we, as we are, before Realisation, so we will know what happens to us after Realisation. Now the subject is very subtle and I would like you to listen to it in a very, very great concentration.

Today I am not going to talk about abstract things but absolutely about something that is very much matter of fact.

A human being is created out of evolution – you know that very well – that he is created out of evolution. And there is a big controversy going on. They don’t understand these things, that’s why there’s a controversy. But he is developed in seven stages and that is why it is said that: seven days He took to create this world. We can say the whole Universe took about seven stages. But, as you understand, a seed has got all microscopic seeds in it, to manifest all the parts of a tree. In the same way human beings were created. And as the seed is again recreated in the flower or in the fruit and then again manifests itself, in the same manner as the basic tree had done, in the same way you can say that every human being also has all these seeds in him.

So let us go to the very beginning of The Creation. Absolutely to the very beginning. Of course, I have told you about how, first, the secession between the power of God and God Himself took place. But then after that when the power which was basically one power giving rise to three powers. One power can give rise to three powers. For example, electricity is one power but it can become heat, it can become magnetism, it can become anything. In the same way, one power of God, of Divine love, can give rise to three powers. And these three powers moved in an ellipse way. This much I had told you in my Creation lecture. But today because we are so close and very few I think we can tackle this subject better.

Now these three powers, we can say like this; three powers we have. (Mother is probably pointing to a chakra chart) This one first, second and third or you say, this one on the left hand side, this one in the middle and this is on the right hand side. These three powers started moving in an ellipse, like this.

Now, the central point is the God. And these are His three powers. But on one line only, you can say. But three of them together move like that, like an ellipse. And back to that point. Again move like that this. They can move in 360 degrees and to them also different directions. But by this movement only they created the Space and also the Time – that took them to start from one point and reach another. And the space was in between these ellipses.

So individual movement, every individual movement, created a Space and Time. This movement, when it came down like this, went round and round at a point like that, one on top of another. Like a spiral coming up, you can say. And then it again moved back.

When this movement has only taken place, this round thing that is formed or circular thing, now has three powers around it. One in the centre, one on the crust and third one around it, you can say. These three powers in the Sanskrit language are called as Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswati. There is no word for these in English language. That doesn’t mean we discard all scientific words but there are no words like that. These three powers, out of which the one that was Mahasaraswati, is the one that had five elements in it. One power had five elements. The second one, is the Mahalakshmi, was the one that was carrying the genie in it, of Evolutionary Power. So this was the Evolutionary Power. The third one was the Desire Power, is the Mahakali Power.

Now these, when they moved in a circular way like that, the outer crust as you have seen, is formed by Mahasaraswati Power. These are the five elements. When this circular movement became very dense then the whole thing sort of solidified. I mean in English language only you can say ‘solidified’. You see, there’s no words for expression otherwise. But we can say ‘solidified’. And when it ‘solidified’ it cracked. But it had all these three powers.

You can imagine [but] we cannot understand. We can understand the five elements because they are scientific but we cannot understand the Power of Evolution, but it is there, we see its operating. From where does it come? And we cannot understand the Power of Desire. It is there but we don’t believe in it. We can’t believe in a power which has got these three aspects. But it is there. It exists. But we do not want to accept it because to the gross eyes you cannot see [it]. You cannot see a desire of a person, so will you say that person has no desire?

These three powers existed, and with the cracking of that round big thing, it’s called as ‘the Big Bang’. I recently learnt it, that it’s already written in the science books, that it’s called as the Big Bang. Actually I did not know that they have already discovered this part. So! And that is how the Big Bang was created. And these again started. These fragments started going round and round. And by their movement their angularities were cut out and they became round bodies.

But still they had these three powers in them. With the first power which had the five elements in it. Those five elements have worked out in a human being or we can say manifested in the human being as the body of your centres, chakras. The material body of your centre comes from these five elements that have come from the Mahasaraswati Power.

Now these elements in the same proportions have created certain stars. That’s why – because these stars have the same kind of proportions and we too have the same elements with in us in that proportion – we say that stars act on human beings. We need not go into that, that’s not important. For evolution that’s not important. Our main interest is evolution. Our main interest is to evolve into a superhuman being.

So the second power is the Evolutionary Power and it works throughout. It works when the matter is created. First, the matter is just, we can say, the lava you can call it, or the heated gases which are formed: which have these three powers in them. Then, when they consolidate, then these three powers coordinate, cooperate and work it out so the desiring power is inside them, which desires, which controls the desire of God. It is God who desires that these things should happen and then it works out.

Now for a scientist to believe [this] is impossible! But scientists must know [that], even if they desire, they cannot change the quality of matter. If carbon has got four valencies, it will have four. If you put hydrochloric acid into say sodium solution, sodium hydroxide, you will get a particular type of reaction. You cannot change it.

But for God, it is His desire that created this Universe. And through His desire He created all these elements that you know of. The carbon was created. It is all Evolutionary Power. From desire it gives to Evolutionary Power and the Evolutionary Power then works it out on these elements and then the elements get divided and get into their different manifestation of these elements.

Now, when this happens, gradually the same Desire Power works through the Evolutionary Power by giving different ‘religions’ to us, different powers. Now there is no word for ‘dharma’ [in English]. We were trying to find out! Gavin found out a word so he said, ‘decorum’. But what is a decorum to a matter? Is nothing. I was just thinking about it. I mean, the matter doesn’t have anybody about ‘decorum’. But he says the original word ‘decorum’ means the ‘inner understanding’.

So the inner understanding is the desire of God to understand the desire of God and to manifest it through your own being.

But up to the human stage it is just done the other way round. That the human beings can desire for things, they can ask for things. In the same way animals can ask for things but their desires are fulfilled by God’s will, till a certain stage of human beings. I’ll tell you how! Because God created, say, carbon. Carbon never desired. Alright? God wanted to create a carbon so He created it. He never desired, actually, he never thought of it, never. But from carbon He made other things and elements, other elements then, [but] it was not desired by matter at all. So at the time of matter the Desire Power was dormant. God’s Desire Power acted but carbon was not conscious of it, neither the carbon asked for it. Is a simple thing.

Second point we come to [is] the animal stage which was also organised by God only. I mean, from matter to human being we have not come by our desire or by our doing at all, that is definite. It was God’s desire, so He created animals out of elements. When animals were created, I mean the life as we can say; when life was created and, when life came into being, the desire started manifesting in it. For example, an Amoeba desires to eat. But the desire comes to him and he fulfils it, in the sense that if he sees something, he goes and eats. He desires and he asks for it. Still the Evolutionary Power is not evident anywhere, only the Desire Power is there.

So first, only the matter is there, evident, then the Desire Power comes into it – till they come to the human stage. Till the human stage the monkeys never wanted to be human beings. I don’t know, if you consult them, they may say, “Oh God please save us from that nonsense! We are happy people you see!” Because to be human beings was not asked by them, neither they had any idea as to what it is like.

So up to this point, this Evolutionary Power never played any role. But when you came to the human stage only and also at a very evolved stage of these modern times of Kali Yuga, at this time, we can say. Of course, this desire existed since human beings were on this Earth, to know the beyond. This desire was not existing before the human stage. They (the animals) never cared for the beyond. But it’s only the human beings. You know how the ego, superego develops and how they become separated, seceded, from the main force and how they want to be that.

Now to make somebody think about the beyond, how do we do it? First, you create an atmosphere by [which it] makes him feel that he is imprisoned. A bird who has got all the sky to fly out doesn’t bother about the sky. But put him in the cage, then he starts thinking of the beyond. In the same way a human being…I mean ‘imprisoned’ sounds very ugly and very cruel, but it is not that way.

What I’m trying to say [is that] the shelling (enclosing within a shell) of man took place because his ego and superego developed, because he raised his head in his evolutionary process. And when these two meet, then this I-ness, this separateness, this bondage, human bondage starts. Now the desire came to go beyond. Now for the first time the evolutionary process has started working itself through us!

[With] this desire to go beyond, the evolutionary process started working in human beings. He started moving this side, that side, working out that, now doing this. In this search, so many sorts of ideologies, so many sorts of isms and so many styles of ‘yogas’ developed. There’s no end to it! To go beyond.

But if it is to be understood that – everything has been done by His desire. If you could just know that, “Thy will be done,” is the theme of evolution. If you could feel that from your heart, you are sahaja. That’s what it is. Which is a very difficult thing for human beings especially in places where people have done, “Oh, I have done this!” You see, their statues are erected with their swords behind! What have you done? Killed many people? Created problems? What have you achieved? Have you achieved joy for anyone? Have you achieved evolutionary ascent for anyone? What have you created with all these you see around this whole place?

With all your efforts, [if] you put [them] together, everything, all human effort, have you been able to break that bondage? Simple question. No! But to accept “Thy will be done,” is the most difficult thing for human beings. And that is why to be sahaja is a difficult thing.

If I tell you, “You Stand on your heads!” you will do it! Immediately! If I tell you, even, take out your intestines you will try, if you have to reach God. If I tell you that, “You come and see me.” They will say, “No, better to go to India and see Mataji there than here!” Because some effort should be there, something should be done! But “You mean, [in] Caxton Hall, freely you just go there and Mataji gives you Realisation?” Is beyond human conception, beyond his own powers because he thinks, “Oh, that’s the part where I’m missing myself. Because so far I’ve done everything by myself. How is it possible?” That’s the first doubt that comes into him!

But this Evolutionary Power has to be sought, has to be asked for. And this is why human beings are living on this Earth. If not today, tomorrow all of them will have to come to this. Otherwise all kinds of problems: physical problems, say cancer. Cancer cannot be cured unless and until you get this, cannot. You try anything. You may go on removing the nose, the eyes, the ears, this will spread. It cannot be cured. You have to jump into that beyond state otherwise it cannot be cured.

Even in religion, people keep in the bondage and follow religion. You cannot! If you are under the bondage you are not following any religion but your own ideas, your own concepts. You are not following the Will of God.

Once you become that, then your will becomes the Will of God. So what happens [is] that, through your being, the vibrations start flowing. The parasympathetic nervous system, which is in a human being, is the desire of God carried out, so far. Then this desire of God starts flowing through you. The integration takes place, a complete [integration]. And the manifestation of the Evolutionary Power takes place, in the sense that desire is put on the elements. For example we had a lady here and her husband was a drunkard, a great drunkard. And she couldn’t come and see me because her husband was a drunkard. And she said Mother, “What should I do? Must do something about my husband!” I said, “Alright, you bring some limes. Because limes are very good receptors of vibrations,” It’s surprising! You know it sounds funny but they are. What can I do about it? If the limes are like that, I have to use the limes! If any other thing is like that, I have to use that. But limes are the best. So I said, “Alright bring some limes.” So I vibrated the limes. I gave it to her. I said, “You put them under his pillow for seven days.” And next week the gentleman was here! Now what did I do then? Nothing! I didn’t even think about it, to be very frank. I just put these vibrations, which are the desire of God, into those limes. When the limes were put there the desire power of my desire power, which is the Will of God, started acting. And they convinced the people who were inside him. The entities might have been inside him maybe, or they might have convinced his mind also or his desire power they must have, somehow or other, managed, that his desire power was brought to such a level that he didn’t feel like drinking any more and he was alright.

Today you’ll find one boy who’ll be coming here, an Indian boy. You have seen that little boy who comes to me. And from his childhood they didn’t know what had happened to him. When he grew up a little, they found he was extremely restless and he would not sit at one place and he could not even speak either. He used to run about and cry and weep. And all the time they had to, I mean, really chain him just like a dog. And no doctors could help. They went to all kinds of things. To make it worse they went to spiritualists! The horridest thing that you can do to anyone is. I mean, this is absolutely anti-God business, anti-God. So, nothing could happen. Then somebody told them about me. They came to me and I just did the same thing. And with the limes the child is now sitting alright. And today she says, told me on the phone that, “His understanding has improved a lot. He understands that it is decent to sit properly and he now doesn’t misbehave. When he goes to other places, he sits alright and he’s alright and he’s started speaking a few words.”

Now, I didn’t do anything and perhaps I touched that boy only once.

The vibrations that you know of, these Divine vibrations, are the desire of your Spirit. But the existence itself is a desire. Existence itself is on the desire. The moment the desire finishes, the existence finishes. That’s why it is such an important thing for human beings to exist. They’ll try anything to exist because that is the last. Once the desire finishes off to exist, then that’s the finish of a human being. Means, as long as, as we call it, that the desire is in the heart. As soon as the heart stops we are dead.

Now this desire we have. We have desire to have a house. Everybody wants to live in Buckingham Palace. Alright? We want this matter, we want that matter. We become that way. But this is not the desire of God. This is our own desire and there’s a bondage. When we are under the bondage, this is our desire we ask for. Even [in] Sahaja Yoga sometimes people ask me, “Mother, what about my marriage – will it come true?” Leave it to God. Now if it has to come true, if it has to be alright, then God will work it out, not you. Which is very subtle and difficult for people to understand.

Then, what Krishna had said one can understand that, “Karmanye vadhikaraste, phaleshou ma kadachan” (meaning) We have to do what we want to do. Karma (work) we can do, but the fruit of that [you must] leave it to God, because He knows [that] the desire of God has to work.

The desire of God is to be accepted and he has to work. But that is not possible by giving a lecture to you, by giving you a brainwash, “Alright leave it to God!” This ‘god’ can be pope. ‘God’ can be some cardinal, or ‘god’ can be somebody in India, some sort of a priest who is selling ganja. I mean anybody can that way be a ‘god’; that’s not the point. The God in you, if He is desiring, then He does whatever is best for you.

So, after Realisation, what happens? That your desires get vibrated. Your desires, the priorities, start changing. The importance starts changing, because through you the desire of God starts working.

It is very interesting. Today only, when somebody told me that he used to go to Germany and would always go and have some wine. Because wine was his favourite and he liked German wine. And this time was wine festival or something. But, after Realisation, very expensive wine: he thought, “Lets try it!” So he bought. He took two, three sips and he just couldn’t take it, he couldn’t like it. He threw it away. But I didn’t say there that, “You just don’t drink!” But it’s the God in you who’s displeased and you feel His desire. Your desire becomes one with Him and that’s how you start discarding it. And this is the basic thing that happens and that’s how your priorities change.

There was a lady who was a very efficient housewife. And she knew how many clothes she had and how many her husband had and how many children she had and what was the phone number of ‘xyz’ and of the police and this and that. And everything she knew by heart. Absolutely efficient! Extremely meticulous! And everything polished and everything in her house. But if you went to her house, despite all her efficiency, you’d feel like running away by the back door, straight off! No warmth, no love. And you would feel, “Where to sit?” I mean it’s too good and it’s so meticulous! You wouldn’t feel relaxed, anywhere, to sit down because the lady was so particular about everything.

So, she gets Realisation and then what happens? Her priorities change. She came and complained to me, “Mother I am forgetting most of my numbers. I am forgetting how to cook. I don’t know where are my things!” I said, “Really? It’s very sad!” (laughter). She said, “But one thing nice is happening to me.” I said, “What is nice happening to you?” She said, “I get it done better! I am cooking much better. People don’t run away from me. Things work out.” I said, “How?” She said, “I don’t know. Somehow or other I have got the idea of now of timings and not of time.”

Now how do you get timings? Difference between time and timings? You have to see the ‘time’, and the ‘timing’ is that you know what time. Today only, we were coming down and I said, “Let’s get the taxi first!” So he went to get the taxi. We were upstairs. After, I don’t know how many minutes – because I never see my watch it’s always out of order – I told them, “Lets go down, the taxi’s there.” And I was there in the taxi! The taxi was waiting there. He didn’t even press the [door] bell, we were there in the taxi. You see, you get the time! It’s so fantastic that people can’t believe it, how is it possible. But what happens [is] that: the God’s desire, He organises the thing in such a way, which we call the unconscious. The unconscious becomes conscious within you. What is [the] unconscious? Is the desire of God. The desire of God becomes, in us, conscious and it starts guiding us, all the time. And the guiding, if you leave it to its guiding, it guides us through and through and through. I mean a simple thing like a taxi, I mean, doesn’t matter even if I have to walk! It makes no difference. But I am saying even that much is looked after.

So why worry? You sit down nicely! Just do what you feel like and it’s there! It happens because we say, “We leave at Your feet, oh Lord.” What does that mean? With a single movement He can create this Universe. Really, He can, believe Me, He can. He has done it! You have not done it. You cannot even create a little atom.

So when we surrender ourselves – after Realisation! Before Realisation, nothing has meaning. No! After Realisation when we say, “We surrender ourselves to You, oh Lord.” Oh, He has telecommunication of His own!! He has a dynamic force. So you’ll be surprised that, it is a power which has desire of God in it, every particle of it. Now, can you think of a matter which has got Evolutionary Power, the Vibrations, and which has got the Desire Power in it? Every particle has that. But when that light is lighted in you, whenever you touch anything, you get it, that thing. Whether it is the matter, whether it’s an animal, or whether it’s a human being, [it] gets touched by it and kindled. Only thing is that the human beings are aware of it and the others are not.

So today somebody came in and he had a bad vishuddhi. I said, “Alright, take My shawl. You wrap it on you.” Finished! He’s cured! It is miraculous, if you call it miraculous. But so many other miracles we take it for granted. Look at our eyes.

So the basic thing that happens to you is that your desire power becomes one with God and that everywhere, wherever is the desire power of God is, which is no place, because that’s the last thing and the first thing. It was the first which started manifesting, and it is the last where we are going to end up, so it is the first and the last. All those spots and there is no place where these spots are not there. That’s why they say, “You are everywhere. There is no place where You do not exist.” Gets lighted up and works.

Only in the case of our dear brethren, the humankind that they can deny it. The great freedom of humans beings, to be stupid, exists; to be foolish, to be arrogant, to be egoistical, to be blind, is respected. Under the name of ‘scientific’, under the name of ‘rationality’ all kinds of things went on and reached nowhere. But, as you say that, human beings have freedom to be stupid, foolish, to be superficial, to be peripheral and somehow they have accepted that kind of thing. That’s why to get people on the Sahaja is a difficult thing.

Moreover the desire of God thinks, understands, organises and loves you. But it doesn’t pamper you. It loves you, doesn’t pamper you. If you are really seeking, then only it dawns upon you. Otherwise it does not. It is very subtle. It is a very subtle happening. It happens to those who really desire it, that their desire should become one with God; only such people get Realisation.

So, in the democratic way, you cannot judge Sahaj Yoga. No, you cannot. Because [in] democratic ways you can say that, “How many people there are coming to Sahaj Yoga?” No, not at all! The less they come, the better it is. That shows because most of them you see are foolish and stupid people in this world, what to do?

But the more they come, it only means that there are more people who have become wise, they want to become wise, they want to improve themselves, they want to change their lives, they are truly seeking. Because it is not a superficial stuff which normally people take – sixty percent. And at least thirty percent more are the people who want to take something in which they can play some role. So ninety are cancelled completely because they must play some role!

I mean even if I tell you, “You pull your hair like that.” You see there is a community in India (laughing) in which…I mean we have all kinds of people, you see, but this one is special, they are called as ‘Digambaras’ of the Jains sect. They don’t wear any dress, nothing! They don’t even need your bikini! Absolutely, they live without any clothes. And it’s very embarrassing, you know!

Actually it so happened to us that my husband was, when I was very young, you see, he was the collector of a district. And we were invited to a function by these Digambar Jains. Till then I didn’t know that they lived like this all through. I thought that at least in the presence of others they dress up, but no! They made the collector and his wife sit in front with all the ‘honours’, and all the people were there – at least thousand people. And these Digambaras were sitting on a platform which was about four feet high. Imagine the embarrassment! And I didn’t know where to look, you know!!!

And they would go on scratching their body and all that. It was most embarrassing. So ugly and ridiculous. But even that they are willing to do because they thought [that], by that, they become ‘digambars’ – means they become great saints, you know. So, they are willing to do that ugliness and that horrible shamelessness. But apart from that, the worst part was that they were all pulling their hair. So we didn’t know why all the time they are pulling their hair and this thing: so the another thing is that they are not supposed to go to any barber and they are not supposed to have any hair on the body, so they’re all the time pulling their hair. Sort of it has become art with them. It’s a fact, I tell you. And there must be at least five, six thousands like that in India who are doing this nonsense, you know!

They walk on the street and under law nobody charges them for nudity. Otherwise in India it’s not allowed to be nude on the road. You are charged for that. But these people we have to, because in the law they will say, “This is our religion, you see. You cannot stop us from being idiotically religious!” So they have to agree (laughing) to such a thing!

So imagine there are thousands of people who are doing this kind of a nonsense just in the name of religion. And they [think they] are very superior; they don’t look at anyone. “No, we are great. We have sacrificed our shame, of course rationality. But greatest of all our wisdom, we have sacrificed in the name of God!” And that, “You are going to sit on the right hand side of God when we enter into the kingdom of Heaven!” This is one extreme case I’m telling you. When you describe extremes people understand the absurdities to which we go into our conceptualisation of reality and of realisation of that reality.

So to be there, one has to know that the greatest mantra is, “Thy will be done.” Little bit of relaxation of your Mr. capital letter ‘E’, capital letter ‘G’, and capital letter ‘O’! If it could be little bit given leave, for a while then it works out like that! (Shri Mataji clicks Her fingers) Rather difficult because that (ego) is the instrument that was used so far to express yourself. But to express God you better give up that one!

But then, once it happens, then, after Realisation, you overpower all the elements of the body. What are these elements after all? They are nothing but the dust of His feet. Only the human beings He has put them on his head and given them the freedom to choose. And that’s why I have to beg of you to take to your wisdom, to surrender to wisdom and give up your E-G-O for a little while. Then I’ll manage. Let it touch! The Kundalini, let it touch it here (Sahasrar). It is all built-in. It is all in you. It is going to work out and it works out. It has worked with many and it should work with you. But it is an individual question. It is a question of an individual as far as ego is concerned. But it is also a collective force; like many channels. For example, it works much more in India because there are much more channels to work it out. You see, these are the hands. God uses Sahaj Yogis as His hands to work it out.

You must have heard of the Goddess who has got one thousand hands. She has these powers behind Her and they are the hands. And She uses different powers, because to do a complicated work, somebody has to pluck your hair, somebody has to pluck your nose, somebody has to pluck your eyes. The trouble is we are so much stuck up with everything! Somebody’s proud of…even I have seen people are proud of their ties which you can purchase in the market!

So these things are to be taken away. Once you relieve your ego, and all these powers will work it out and take away all that. Naturally the instrument changed, the ego instrument is changed, so the priorities change. But what do you get as a result? The bliss, the joy, all the promises of all the scriptures. The time has come and you should feel it, you should have it, master it and use it. That’s the way it has to be.

But I have seen people come from Sahaja Yog, they get realised, they telephone to Me, “We are very nice, Mother. We are feeling very nice.” They sit at home also [and] meditate! But they have to come here, because it’s a very deeper way of cleansing and who is going to cleanse you? I am The Washer Woman. I have to do the job. So you better to come to the laundry! That’s the point. And work it out.

And once you are established, you’ll be amazed at yourself. Even with the movement of your hands you can raise the Kundalini, you can! You have seen it. You can give Realisation to people. But just try, because your desire merges into the desire of God. With the ego orientation, with the ego working, the worst thing that has happened to human beings is that his attention is disturbed, is spread out; his attention is not concentrated. The ego orientation has brought about such a disturbed attention. We cannot keep our eyes at one point. Either we look at others, or we want others to look at us. All our attention goes about like this. We cannot look at ourselves, where the attention has to move. And this is the worst thing that ego has done, is to spread your attention around. That is the reason, you see, if you go to the antique shops you can find in this very country there were people who were creating beautiful things.

(break in recording)

You know, just see how the unconscious has worked! I tell you.

Slightest [disturbance]! What is there to attend to? Have you not seen a television, this thing? Have you not seen it going out? Have you not seen it before? But everybody’s attention goes out. This is unconscious working again. At this time, why should it go out? Attention immediately goes out. I am telling something important, and very important [but] the attention immediately moves. Who has done this? It is God’s will. He’s testing!

I am saying the attention can be concentrated now, after Realisation only. But even Realised-souls have to work it out. This is the biggest problem that, I think, I feel: that our attention is so distributed. We cannot do anything in a concentrated manner. That’s why there is guru shopping also going on. We, also, cannot do our Sahaja Yoga in a concentrated manner. Because once we do Sahaja Yoga, we are alright, “Oh, we felt very nice, happy, Mother.” Finished! Because the attention doesn’t stay at a point. It has become mobile, it’s spread out all over. It doesn’t reach any depth or height you can say. If you put them together then it will work out.

And to make it worse, to make it worse, ego orientation which has led us to sex orientation. The attention has become filthy. And that’s why, we can say that, it is stagnating by ego-orientation. But is getting fermented because of filth to which we pay attention.

So, to clear the attention, clear this garbage, into that clear-cut, beautiful lake we have to meditate. We have to allow it to sediment. We have to take it out. By it’s own nature it will come out – the beauty. And then you will see a ripple-less lake within you, a peaceful space in which you will see the bliss of God flowing into you, through you; you observing it and seeing it manifesting into others. That is what is to be asked for.

No mental activity can do that. It is only the desire to be that, [which] works it. Only the desire to be one with God works it. The mental activity, the rationality, saps it. Through rationality, you cannot reach to God. So humble down in your heart. That’s why it is said, “Those who’ll be blessed have to humble down in your heart.” which is very true. It is very, very true that we have to humble down in our hearts so that it works out. And keep your attention steady. Is it too much am I asking?

You started with a very humble heart as a child. Only in this life all this has been accumulated bit too much. In past lives you were not like that – much better off. Only in this lifetime, only, you have crossed the limit a little bit. It’s not difficult to recede. So just try to humble down in your heart and it will work out.

Every time you get your touching of the Kundalini, or you can say the breakthrough, every time you get that experience, keep it in your memory and desire for it and it will work out. Do not keep in memory the faults that you have had [or] where you have been.

When you climb up on top of a hill or a mountain, you don’t remember all the ditches you have fallen into in your childhood. You enjoy the atmosphere on the hilltop. Make it a strong memory within you, and try to keep it there. I know, this result, for some people is difficult; they come down, again go up. Because of the problems they’ve had before, the Kundalini comes down. But in Sahaj Yoga there is all arrangement. But if the desire is strong – not the mental activity but the desire – it will work out. And that’s why I told you why it is to be, “Thy will be done.” Accept it from the very beginning. This is the basis of what you’re going to rise. But the whole details I’ll give you later on. But this is the basis which you can be for yourself.

Now can we close our eyes? And put your hands towards me.

Just saying, “Thy will be done.” Put your hands towards me like this and just say in the heart, “Thy will be done.” 

Suddenly you will find that the thoughts, you have gone beyond thoughts.