Letter on Raksha-Bandhan

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Letter from Shri Mataji to Sahaja Yogis on Raki & Raksha-Bandhan on Purnima Day, August 7, 1978 (Translation from Marathi)

Many blessings,

Received your Rakhis conveying your deep love. Rakhi is Protecting Power. Its bond is very strong and extremely tender because it symbolizes the noble love of sister. Customarily, tying a Rakhi to someone is establishing a place of Pure Protection. However, man’s ability to understand love has become so feeble that tying of Rakhi has become merely a mechanical process. All beautiful human traditions become lifeless and dry formalities if there is no warmth of faith in them.

I have taken birth in this world in the binding of Sahaja Yogis and have been moving around only in their binding. I am desireless and hence my everything depends upon your desires.

You have to ask something with Rakhi. Please consult all Sahaja Yogis and ask what you want by writing a collective letter.
I am keeping good health because you are desiring it. There will be only minor operation on my ear and it should not make you anxious at all. Moreover, I have no trouble whatsoever. So do not worry.

Rakhi Purnima is a day of great significance. On that day you should ask for perfection, make big decisions and
keep attention on high ideals. Sahaja Yogis should not destroy their attention on trifle issues. Lot of work has
yet to be done. Those Sahaja Yogis who have progressed should get busy. New centres should be opened. People should be cured of their diseases and their attention should be drawn towards God realization.

Please show this letter to all Sahaja Yogis.

Always remembering you
Your Mother Nirmala