Letter for Navaratri

London (England)

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Letter for Navaratri, London (United Kingdom), October 3rd, 1978, (Translation from Marathi)


All Sahaja Yogis,

Many blessings

Today is the first day of Navaratri.

Today your attention should be on Shri Ganesha’.

His devotion is infinite. He has never worshipped anybody else except Mother.

Hence He is so great. All other Gods appear very strong. Everyone has some specialty.

What is Mother’s specialty? Her ego (aham) is nowhere felt by others.

Hence Shri Ganesha who has surrendered to such Mother, is so wise and venerable, Mother has nothing with Her.

Her very name begins with ‘Ni’ e.g. ‘Nishakanchan’ – having no wealth, ‘Nirlepa’– unaffected; ‘Nirvichara’ – thoughtless; ‘Nishprayojana’ – having no motives, ‘Nigarvita’ – egoless, ‘Niriccha’ – desireless etc.

Therefore, surrendering to such Mother, who has nothing with Her, needs some kind of subtle thought, in that, Mother has nothing with Her and therefore, nothing can be asked from Her.

It shows how Shri Ganesha by himself, is fully satisfied. Where does this contentment of Shri Ganesha come from ? It is own power.

When the gate of the Self opens, nothing else is required. It is the Mother who opens this gate and therefore, She is so dear to Shri Ganesha. Complete Self-Realization is that stage attaining which nothing else is required.

Thereafter, only enjoying the bliss and the satisfaction of fulfilment.

You are made in the pattern of Shri Ganesha. Therefore, your power is unmatched, but for that, you should have devotion and innocence like Shri Ganesha’s.

Then Mother would admire you and the whole world would witness that beautiful sight.

I have worked in the operation and Ida Nadi of all has become much lighter.

Ida means past and all good and bad impressions. All that is bad should be removed like cleaning of an excellent cloth that gets back its colour and new look, thereafter.

But right side improves by discipline.

I myself will observe fast and clean your right side, so that your power to do the work increases and you start Sahaja Yoga work with new vigour.

However, left side can be kept, clean by discriminating between good and bad deeds and strictly doing only that which is good.

That means you have to do only that which is auspicious and helpful.

Right side can be activated by discipline, Balance is very important in Sahaja Yoga.

Age old maxim, “Ati Sarvatra Varjayet ” (extremes should be avoided everywhere) really holds good.

I am very eager to meet you all.

Your Mother Nirmala