Sahaja Yoga as Hypothesis

Caxton Hall, London (England)

1978-10-30 Sahaja Yoga as Hypothesis Caxton Hall, London (England), 86'
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Old title: Becoming Registered as a Charity 1978, London

(Audio 1978-000-3)

HH Shri Mataji Nirmal Devi, Public Meeting No.2, Caxton Hall, London, UK, 1978-10-30_TO1

(HH Shri Mataji speaking informally, greeting people and speaking to yogis: All those who have come for the first time, please come and sit here, all right?  As much as possible, closer, and then…he’s your friend?  Good. You can come here.) (Speaks in Hindi)

Today I will give again a little gist about Kundalini because they have come for the first time, these people, so I think I should tell about Kundalini. These people are experts now, about Kundalini.

If you show this diagram to a doctor or someone or a scientist, they will say, “What sort of a thing it is?” And, whether there’s something like this or I’m just telling about some sort of an imaginary thing within us.

One cannot see these things within us, which is, they are placed in the spinal cord because they are actually energy areas. These are the areas from where the energy is emitted, a kind of an energy. Because we cannot see them, we do not know that they exist but their manifestation we can see.

For example, the doctors can’t say what has evolved us from amoeba to this stage. They cannot give an explanation as to why did we become human beings. What is the part of our brain, which carries all this instrument, that we evolved ourselves from amoebas to this stage and then, why have we evolved? Why we were made human beings? What is the purpose of nature to make human beings out of us? This cannot be explained by doctors.

Scientists cannot say why so many things happen and, how there is gravity in the Earth. How is it that so many things are moving with such a speed and there is no collision?

Now a time has come for many scientists to believe that there is some sort of a power, which is beyond human comprehension, which is all-powerful and which works, in such a manner that we cannot see the working of it but we can feel it.

Now, we have to know that if we were complete, if we had fulfilled our vision from amoeba to human stage, if human stage was the last and the supreme thing then we would have given answers to all the questions.

But we have not been able to do so. Why? That means we are not yet complete. We haven’t yet found out our fulfilment. We do not know why we are created like this, what are we supposed to do, what is our aim, what is the aim of the nature?

But when we cannot explain something, we go on probing into it through science, through various ways of human enterprise you can say, the way we want to find out things but human being, being a rational being and his thinking capacity being limited, there are certain things we cannot understand, we cannot transcend.

This is a problem, which we are facing today. We are feeling quite lost. You can see the result of this: that people are talking about the destruction of the world. There are many people who are prophesising that the destruction of the world is coming on. We are all going to be destroyed. This comes out of insecurity within human beings because they cannot give answers to many things. They cannot explain why so many things happened which they cannot control. There are so many things that are beyond them.

But there is another way of moving about it. One way the knowledge can come from outside probing into everything. As I said, if you want to know about the tree you can start counting the leaves, you can start counting the thorns, you can start seeing a flower under the mic(roscope) but it could be that you can enter into the sap of the tree from inside and you arrive at the outside. That’s another way of going into it.

As I have told many-a-times that in this room if you have come in and if it is dark you can understand about it by probing into smaller spaces. Say, there’s a chair, all right, there’s a chair here and there’s this and there’s that, and gradually you can feel whatever is placed in this room but still you do not get the complete picture and, you do not know how to relate to things and, you do not know how to make a complete integrated picture of these findings.

But there could be a method by which you can just put on the light by which you see everything at the same time. This one is known as Enlightenment.

Now, the scriptures have talked about enlightenment. Christ has said that you are to be reborn again. Every scripture has said that you have to be reborn, that you have to be self-realised, that you have to know your Self. There is Self within you, there is Spirit within you. There is Atma within you. Everyone has said that. Those who have read even an ordinary religious book can know this and those who have read a, a very intellectual and a very proving book also can see that they are always talking about a breakthrough. We have to break through!

Surprisingly, in the modern times, they’re having such an absurd or we can say, such a manifestation of seeking. It was never so before that every person you come across says, “Oh, I am seeking.” Except for very, very gross people, everyone says that, “I am a seeker. I am seeking.” But if you ask them, “What are you seeking?”, perhaps they do not know, they are confused about it. They are not sure what they are seeking or perhaps that whatever they have read or whatever they have understood they have their own conceptions about those things.

But, if truth exists beyond our comprehension that we are not conscious of, then truth has to be as it is. We cannot comprehend it, not only that but we cannot organise it. We cannot command it. We have to accept it, accept-it-as-it-is. We cannot say that this should be the truth – “Oh, I expect the truth should be like this. I expected it should have!”

Now, when I present before you a case or any hypothesis, as a scientist what you have to do is to listen to Me, open your minds out, not to close them. If you are a scientist, you must to keep your minds open. If you are not a scientist, of course then you are dogmatic; I cannot help. But, if you are a scientist, then you must keep your mind opened out. Then when you listen to My hypothesis, then you can experiment with it. Anything that can be experimented with is a scientific thing. You can see for yourself that whatever I’m saying is true or not. If it is scientifically proven, means that if you see with your own eyes and if you can see the results of it, then you have to believe. But if you just said at the very outset, say, “No, no, no, no, how can we believe?”, then how can I proceed, what am I to do? That would be just shutting your Self away from the reality.

So, this is how it has to work: in any seeking, in any findings, a person has to be an open-minded person. Maybe, what he seeks may-not-be what he has so far conceived as truth. May not be at all! Maybe something very different but he should be prepared because he is a “seeker of truth” and he doesn’t want falsehood. When he finds the truth, then he has to say, “Yes, it is so” and has to accept it.

So, second point for a scientist is that he should not be identified with something about which he does not know. That is called as Misidentification.

Supposing say, you are an Indian and some Indian has said XYZ, so you are identified with that idea then you are not a scientist. A scientist has to be above all these things and he has to have a very, very open mind to see that the truth that he sees has to be what-it-is. What others have told you, what others have talked about [to] you, or what you have known so far, or because your father has told you, because in the country such and such person says, all these things are Misidentifications.

So, a person who is courageous like that or I would say, a person who is standing on his own feet to face the truth, they only see but who believes into somebody else’s things and somebody else’s ideas, such a person, why should he be believed? Why should he be believed to, or I should say why should he be exposed to truth because truth also has its own protocol.

Because Truth is also Love, absolute Love and it will not be exposed to those who cannot fix it. It’s not a jarring thing. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s extremely beautiful.

The truth is that what you have so far known as your self is not your Self. There is something beyond you. There is something, which is, we call as Spirit and this Spirit exists within you. But you have yet not felt the existence of this Spirit.

This is the truth I propose before you. Is the truth what I say, as a hypothesis, as a hypothesis and not being aggressive about it. I’m just saying it’s a hypothesis before you and let us see if it is so; with this open mind for a start and then we have to go further. How do we do it?

I say that it cannot be done through your rationality. You have reached your stage of your development now. Rationality has to be left behind. For example, to come to this hall you had to come in your car but you had to leave your car there, to get inside. Supposing if it is something subtler than your rationality can pick up, so how do we do it?

So, we go in the other way that so far we have become human beings without knowing anything about it. What did we do? Did we stand on our, our heads or did we do anything about it? What does a tree do to become a tree from a seed? It does nothing! It’s a spontaneous happening done by the nature. Nature does it by itself. The tree grows by itself. You cannot do anything about it except for giving some water to it, perhaps, looking after it, catering it, allowing it to grow but you cannot make it sprout. The seed sprouts by itself.

So, if you move in this way, then we will realise that whatever so far has happened to us, whatever transformation has taken place in us, in becoming human beings, in our evolution has happened spontaneously. We had no brain. So, whatever we have, has to happen further, for our evolution, if we have to go further on, if we are not complete, then it has to happen and it will happen spontaneously.

When we say it will happen spontaneously then one may say then how to do it? Again, the same question! You are not going to do it. It has to work out spontaneously.

Like a lamp now, here, you can see all these lights. If they were out and there was no light, one enlightened light could enlighten all of them. Now, what did the light do? Nothing! It was a catalyst. It just touched the other thing, which was ready and it got enlightened. It touched the other thing, it got enlightened. In the same way our evolution is going to take place. Somebody who is evolved – like one fish came out of the water, felt the land and became the reptile, then many came, and then many (more) came, and then shoals of the fishes came. In the same way, it’s going to happen to you. Even in science if you find out, say if you discover electricity, one person knows about it then he tells ten people, they experiment with it and then the whole world knows about it. In the same way our evolution is going to work out.

So, first thing is that it is a spontaneous happening.

Now, there must be something within us to bring forth that spontaneous happening. There must be something that works it out, like in the seed there’s a premule, the germinating part of the seed is the premule. So, as in the seed there is a premule, there has to be something in us also waiting to do this job of our further evolution, where all the Saints, all the Incarnations, all the great people had talked about it, is our heritage. They were not mad people! They never told us lies. Did they? How can you say they told us lies unless and until you have verified, until and unless you have found out that we can do this rebirth work?

This happening is, as I said, is spontaneous. Now, what is the thing within us that brings forth? Now, I say, as a hypothesis again, it is a hypothesis, which I put forward before you, is this that within us is placed this kind of a mechanism. This is not in all details because that will confuse you but it is, I should say, the basic things are placed there and these are the energy areas, which are placed within our spinal cord in this fashion [i.e., as per the Chart of Subtle System] and you can see that germinating force sleeping there, in that pink area.

That germinating force only brings forth this happening. It rises through the various, various forces or we can say the various centres and opens out that portion by which you enter into that subtle area of consciousness by which you enter, through your Parasympathetic Nervous System into the Central Nervous System. You start feeling, the Central Nervous System starts feeling the Parasympathetic.

Now it’s a very complicated thing and can only be understood by doctors, what is Parasympathetic and the Sympathetic System. But Sympathetic System is that system by which we attend to our emergencies and Parasympathetic is that system which is autonomous, works on its own and it gives Harmony and Balance within us.

So, it so happens that the Autonomous Nervous System, which we do not know what, how it works, it’s an ‘auto-nomous’, means it works on its own. Who is this ‘Auto’? Who works our heart? Who works our digestion? Who, who gives all these ideas to our brain? That System suddenly becomes known to our Central Nervous System that means, we become Conscious of it. This is the Happening. Once this happens then you start feeling Collectively Conscious. This is the Subtle Happening, that you start feeling about everyone.

Now, this happening of this rising you can see with your naked eyes, in so many people, not in everyone. But, in so many people you can see that there is a pulsation in that area of triangular bone that cannot pulsate otherwise. You can also, with a stethoscope can feel the rising. If you want to feel you can really feel the rising of the thing. You can hear, (Shri Mataji makes a sound that is like a burst of wind forced through a narrow tunnel) the sounds, hard sounds while the Kundalini moves. Clearly you can see.

When the Kundalini rises, the person in whom the Kundalini rises, suddenly becomes Thoughtlessly Aware. He’s aware but there is no thought. Such a situation is an impossibility! Nobody can become that even for a second! All thoughts stop and you’ll start seeing that you are in a realm where you are aware of everything, you are listening to Me but no thoughts are coming. At this time Kundalini crosses this point [Agnya Chakra].

When the Kundalini crosses this point, that time, you have really enlightened your Central Nervous System and start feeling in your hands a kind of Vibrations flowing. You can feel the Vibrations flowing. When these Vibrations start flowing you see first a little heat. Some people a lot of heat depending on what sort of a body you have. The heat rises out. The heat is due to the friction you have had so far within yourself, all kinds of extra-energies you have used for emergencies and for your own whims and for your seeking, or whatever it is, maybe you are sick.   Then gradually you will find in you, will cool down and from your hand a cool breeze start.

It you remember Christ, somebody touched Christ and said, “My energy has flowed from me.” It is said that from the body of the Holy Ghost you get the cool breeze coming out. All these scriptures and everything that is said in the scriptures, not only in the Bible but in all of the scriptures of the world, whatever they have said, the time has come that you are to be convinced. But not convinced by just giving you a lecture or a brainwash but by an actual happening, by a complete seeing of it, scientifical.

Now when the Kundalini passes over, the eyes become dilated just like a child’s eyes. Some people can’t see for a second also and then Kundalini rises and you feel absolutely fine.

Now with some of you, you must have definitely read some description of Kundalini, I’m sure. I must say I was shocked to hear what these people have to say about it because they have described Kundalini to be a some sort of a hot tempered lady or some sort of a terrible force that is going to ruin you and is a dangerous thing, if anybody has read about Kundalini – that’s why we never put our name as Kundalini Yoga because nobody would come near Me.  

But so far now, we have had thousands of people with us. We have never seen such things happening to anyone. On the contrary, people become so peaceful and so far – and so joyous, and the joy is so much that some people when they get it, they do not know how to express that joy, they laugh!

The complete integration takes place but as I said, we have problems. It is a very subtle happening. It has never happened like this, so much en-masse, I don’t think so but the time has come! The Blossom Time has come so it is happening in that way and it should happen. But if it happens, you are not going to deny it because it has happened!

There are many psychologists who give reasons. I see people that even if they get it they deny it. (Shri Mataji laughs.) They deny it at the beginning. That’s human beings! Perhaps they think how are they worthy of it, how could they get it? There are many instances. They get it, they do have it but then they loose it. They start doubting about it because it is the Awareness, it is the last energy that thinks, that understands, that has its own things, it has its own protocol. It’s a living energy, integrated energy.

Some people loose it because they have certain problems within them but it comes back again, it works. For example, in the very rush of it, in the first rush of it comes, it hits the Fontanelle bone. The Baptism takes place. It gives you the experience but then again it goes down. If you are sick it caters to your sickness, if there is any other mental problem, it caters to that.

Now here there might be at least 50% people who were physically sick, maybe 25% people who are mentally sick, absolutely somewhere from lunatic asylum, and they are absolutely cured of their problems.

So, what happens? When the Kundalini rises, She integrates all these centres and then She gives the balance. The power that is being exhausted by the Sympathetic is again refilled. So, by that first of all your body, your physical being, your emotional being and your spiritual being is completely soothed.

But then you become Collectively Conscious. Immediately you do. It’s a happening at such a rate that is a real work; you really become something else. Collectively conscious means that you immediately you can start feeling others on the fingers, you start feeling the different centres that are there.

Now, all these I can decode and you can find out for yourself. For example, if somebody is suffering with a, say, with a cold and throat trouble, (inaudible), you ask the person, “Are you suffering from this?” Supposing the spark is here, you ask the person is your father suffering, they will say yes. Many people say how do you know that I have got liver trouble, because there is heat here in My hand. It suggests, is the Kundalini suggests that there is liver.

All these centres, which is accepted by doctors, that the Sympathetic Nervous System is expressed but they do not know what centres are there, how they are expressed, what is the manifestation, all the details they do not know. Certain things they do but they do not from where they come.

So, when you start feeling all these centres you start understanding that what is the problem. So, you not see what dress he’s picked or what personality, or what sort of a job he is coming (from), whether he is a king, queen or a beggar. You are not bothered. What you are bothered about are the centres of the person. So immediately you say, “All right, this is catching, that is catching, that is catching.”

Now, if you give vibrations there from your hand you can fulfil that plan of Kundalini Awakening. It is so simple that even a child of two years can do that.   We have seen that, a child of two years old because if they are born realised, then if they are born with the knowledge of Kundalini, they can do it; two-year-old child can do this. If you put our ten children here and close their eyes and put one person before them and then ask them, “What’s the matter?”, they will raise the same finger. This is the meaning, that something is wrong with his father. His father relationship is not all right. If this is so, the mother relationship, only in the heart, there’s something wrong with the heart chakra.

And it is amazing to see these children, how they work it out. Immediately they will get out the patient and they will work it out. They will say, “Here is the problem, here is the blockage, now see, raise it” and they can cure because they can feel it within themselves. It is a subjective knowledge, as you can feel the smell, say the dirty smell. Human beings can smell; animals cannot smell. You don’t have to tell your child that there is a dirty smell, he immediately puts his hands to his nose and says, “Oh, it’s horrible smell!”

Everybody feels, which is our subjective knowledge. In the same way, this becomes our subjective knowledge. Some of them have to put their hands towards the patient but some of them don’t have to put. They just can do like that.

But, you do not suffer with it. You just see it because you become a witness. Then you call, “Oh, how do you know Mr. So and So,” Like that. You become a third person, you start seeing, “How I behave” and then your colossal ego that is there and, then you say, “Look at this Mr. Ego of mine is trying to suggests me.” And then you also see the possessions that are within you, also see the ideas that have come to you through falsehood, through reading the books that are false. You see all those things so clearly and then you can cleanse it out.

Instead of going into the details and names and things and all that, I would suggest that they have got some, “Have you got or not?” Those who are interested can get it from these people, the names of the chakras and all that. That is that those names are in the Sanskrit language.

But all these centres are expressed or manifested outside as plexuses, in the gross, which we know the names in English language. But, that doesn’t mean that if it is Sanskrit it becomes an Indian stuff, it is not. Because, in those days, in India, people had lot of time and they discovered so they gave it in Sanskrit. If they were Englishmen they would have given in English language. As you have found out something about science you have given it English names. In the same way, whatever they found out in India they have given it Sanskrit names because that was the language available at that time. It is not an Indian stuff, an Indian stuff as such but the findings were in India. Because it was discovered in India one should not, sort of, shut it out.

But there have been also, the other side people those who have had no knowledge but just heard something they tried to make huge big books. I have seen such huge big books and all falsehood. I was amazed. How can they do it? They write about Mandalas and they write about this and they write about that. All kinds of things they have written without even, without even understanding that whatever is written so far has all falsehood. There is no way of knowing how they have written these false things. I just cannot understand because this is after all is subjective knowledge and you can write whatever you please?   Who is going to ask you who is the authority of that?

And all such books naturally find their way to your places because they want money. Wherever is the cash, they go there. First, they went to America, then Germany then to England and to all the places wherever they have cash. Where they can cash it and can get money. And people think, “Oh, that is such a great thing, such a great thing” and buy it and spend such a lot of money. It’s a sad thing that human beings think they can buy everything. They cannot.

Subjective knowledge has to be achieved. Has to manifest itself. You cannot, if you cannot feel what is hot and what is cold. By giving money you cannot feel it. It happens to you because it is within you. It is all built in you. It is like a living computer within you, which is just put to the mains and it just starts working. But if you think you can purchase it, you cannot. You can think about it, you cannot. It is a happening. It is something that happens within you by which your Consciousness becomes a Collective Consciousness. It comes into your Conscious-being the Unconscious.

This is a happening and not a, just a rational working. Any saint, you can say, Kabira Das or it can be said Nanaka, any saint you read, Kahlil Gibran or any saint, whosoever has lived, if you ask him, “How do you do it? How it is?”, He will say, “I cannot say. You see I’ve become dumb.” How do you ask a dumb person what is the taste of the jaggery [made from sugarcane and date palm] of a sugar? How can a dumb person say, “I become dumb”? Because the thing is, it is a happening! It happens within you. You cannot describe it but it just happens within you. You can see it happens.

This is the breakthrough which was historically, was described, from the time of Socrates it started. He said that you have to seek. Everyone has said and today the time has come for it to happen. But as I said, it is a very subtle thing. It is not like, I say, “All right, this is the toothbrush and you have it, brush yourself and you have face sparkling.” It is not like that. It’s not a quick thing but it happens like a jet, no doubt, but it has to settle down.

It takes time to settle down and then you have to know how to do it because the knowledge about yourself also comes into you. You can see your own chakras. You can see this is the chakra catching. You’ll find. Now they will say, “Mother, my Agnya is catching, my this-thing is catching, my Nabhi is catching.” They will come and tell Me.

You yourself start seeing your Self like, if you are in the car, you cannot see the car. Supposing if you get out of the car then you can see it clearly then you can repair it. Sitting in the car you cannot repair. So, when you see your Self, you can repair it. This is the method, which is a very quick method I would say and can be en-masse.

We had another method that people used which is called as Hatha Yoga in which first they thought, “Why not start with the cleansing of it. Start it from the very beginning. The basis and everything, and built it up very nicely and then enlighten your Self.” But it takes too much time. Thousands of years people have spent, from one life to another life they have worked like that building up themselves gradually, keeping themselves aloof from the society.

This Hatha Yoga that, these days you practice is all absolutely rumble-tum. It’s nothing but only all physical side of it, which is very, very imbalanced and wrong but what I was talking about, the Hatha Yoga that they did, in the forest. In the forest they used to go and live a celibate life, completely dedicated life and there they used to achieve this cleansing first of all and then the enlightenment.

But Sahaja Yoga is a system first you achieve it, just get into it and then you cleanse yourself, you understand your Self and cleanse your Self and, it goes up to the roots, it completely changes you. That is why it is a living process.

Supposing something has gone wrong with this building at the foundation, you cannot change it because it is a dead thing. But a tree, if it is spoilt even at the roots, we can change it. In the same way, Sahaja Yoga completely transforms you, then the manifestation of the Spirit starts and the manifestation of Spirit is this, what we call in Sanskrit, what is called as spunNa [sphuraNa] and that in English is ‘throb’. It throbs in the heart.

The throbbing in the heart is called as Anahata, it means it is without percussion. It throbs. That is why it is called as Anahata and that throbbing starts flowing from here. You can feel that pulsation. And with this pulsation you become absolutely hollow and you see the working of the dynamic force and, you are amazed that there are already all kinds of telecommunications and all kinds of tremendous things already built.

You are unnecessarily worried and carrying the load, like sometimes as I say, that people sitting in the aeroplane, they are told not to carry too much load so they put it on their heads. In the same way we are putting the load on our heads and that whole thing falls down, so-call tension, everything goes down.

Now again as I have said many-a-times, again I have to proclaim that cancer is one disease that cannot be cured but for Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga is the only thing that is going to cure cancer and that is the challenge because Sahaja Yoga gives the balance to the Sympathetic. An over activity of the Sympathetic causes it, by any means, which can be due to some infection, can be due to anything. Over activity of the Sympathetic Nervous causes cancer and to neutralise that thing we have to activate the Parasympathetic. If you know how to do it; we have done it.

But for doctors it is very difficult to believe in God! They can believe in their stethoscopes but not in God. One step forward you have to come. One step forward – that there is God. Not there is only God but He has many aspects and He has incarnated many-a-times on this Earth and, He has tried to save us. And He is the one who has given us these, as one of them was Christ who incarnated on this Earth and there are many other incarnations who came on this Earth to give us guidelines and they are all built in us like the milestones, they are within us. They demarcate our different periods of evolution and when it comes to our final mode, they all help us and they are the people who are dominating all this, or are bestowing upon these different centres which are having their energy in. They are all there.

But, if you tell a doctor that, “You have to take the name of Christ if you have to get rid of this problem”, they’ll say, “What? Take the name of Christ?” They can’t believe it. If you say that, “Yes, you have to say the Lord’s Prayer for this otherwise you cannot be all right”, they’ll say, “How can we believe that you have to say the Lord’s Prayer for this, it’s an impossibility!” Then you say that, “I’m sorry then I cannot cure you, you have to take that name otherwise it is impossible.”

If they have to get cured, they have to take their names. That is what is known as Mantra. That is what is known as a chant, that you have to awaken these different deities within you, in your Self. That is only possible if you are authorised, it means you are a Realised Soul and that if and when you are connected with that Divine All Pervading Power. Then only you can do it. Only by saying some mantras you are not going to get there.

Like the other day somebody had a discussion that, “What is wrong within a mantra?” I said there is a science. Anybody gives you a mantra. Anybody can give you; even a donkey can tell you a mantra. Why do you need a guru for it? But, does he understand what’s wrong with you? Does he understand where are the chakras? You cannot give one mantra to somebody because the Kundalini moves. It moves from chakras to chakras. The person, does he know where the Kundalini is? What mantra is he giving you? Say the mantra is given for the lower chakras and the Kundalini is standing there, what is the use? There’s a science. They give one mantra and everybody is chanting that. Maybe that the name that is given to them is not of God but maybe of some devil!

How can you fall for calling God without having any authority about it? You cannot just sit down, “All right, Jesus, come along” and there, “Jesus, oh, let me help the child!” Why should He? Where is your respect for God? How will he come to you?

We expect God to stand, we see all the time giving Him orders. Very demanding we are, “I must have a job, my child must be all right, my wife must be all right, my father must get his property and the other person is having troubling things entering the country, so, God, help him also. And, we are waging a war against another country, so God help me there.”

Poor God must be thinking what sort of these human beings are?

So, it is necessary that we should understand Him in His full way and that you can understand through this knowledge and a rapport is established.

How do you know there is God? How do we say there is God? All right, somebody has said, why should we believe whether there is God or not? Then what happens? As I have said your computer starts working. If you ask, “Is there God?”, immediately your vibrations start, “Yes!” If you ask about XYZ, “Is he a real man, a guru?”, immediately the vibrations stop, stop and you start getting tingling or heat, “Oh God, throw him away!” Automatically it happens.

All the Absolute Truths you can find out through your vibrations as they have been described since long time back. They are described in the Upanishadas, they are described in the Vedas; they are described in the later time when Shankaracharya came in. They are described by Buddha, they are described by Mahavira; they are described by all the people; they are described by Christ, by Mohammed Sahib. In Namaz that Mohammed Sahib taught was nothing else but Kundalini Awakening. Now if you tell the Muslims they’ll cut my throat for it. Absolutely that! He never taught them to fight. And the Sikhs were taught by the same person Nanaka; and Mohammed Sahib and Nanaka they were the same people, we can prove it through Kundalini. They were the same people but the Sikhs and the Muslims are fighting, and what he told them not to drink, they are doing.

So, you see there are so many things like that. It is very confusing. If you go to a church, you see a priest, he is telling one thing and then another thing. You can’t believe. How can there be God? Organized religions give you such a fright; you just don’t understand. Then you go to another place, say, to an Indian temple where they are selling ganja [cannabis]. What? At a temple they are selling ganja? These are not godly people. These are all satanic. They have captured all these places and are selling God. They are not divine. But because they are there that does not mean God does not exist. He exists!

It’s only for us to open out ourselves. It will happen but the truth has to come. But it sounds very fantastic! Absolutely fantastic! And when it happens, it is so fantastic that people just don’t believe in it. But believe in this, that the time has come and that you are the people, the very specially chosen ones. Why do you under-estimate yourself? Maybe you are the people chosen for this by God so you have to have a very calm attitude towards yourself, a very open attitude and a co-operative attitude. If you are not cooperative you see I cannot garland you.

I say, “All right, you are realized.” See, you cannot give a person a false certificate. If my daughter is not realized I cannot help. If she’s not, she’s not! You cannot force somebody. You cannot give a false certificate about it. It has to happen within you and when this happening takes place then there is no doubt about – they do not start doubting.

(End recording-1/2)

HH Shri Mataji Nirmal Devi, Public Meeting No.2, Caxton Hall, London, UK, 1978-10-30_TO2

And, because you see the Sympathetic System is here and here, it passes and it is propelled into your being as vibrations and the Kundalini is invited and She rises spontaneously because I’m an enlightened person, that’s why it happens to you. Tomorrow you will be an enlightened person and then you can do it also. Now all these people are doing. In the same way you can do. You will be amazed! With your finger you can see the Kundalini rising. You will be amazed at yourself and then you say, “Mother, how can it be? How can I have these powers?”

You have these powers! What do you think? You are a Human Being. You are above all the creatures, all the stars, all, everything that is created; you are above that. Have you known, how complicated and how beautiful you are made? Even if you take one eye, you’ll be amazed at how things are done. Such a beautiful thing is created just for a waste of it? Do not underestimate yourself.

I, again and again, tell you because this I have seen is common reaction among you. Even when it happens, they will just run away, after three months they will come, “Mother what to do, we’ve lost all our vibrations.” Don’t do that! You have to get into it. It is a deeper thing and it’s a very, very subtle thing. You have to be attentive about it and it has to be respected. And once it happens, it’s a tremendous thing.

Now, our, these boys who have been with Me and girls who have been with Me, within this short time they know such a lot about it that you see, they find it difficult to talk to others. And whenever people ask for an article or anything, whatever they write, they say, “It’s going on in our heads, we don’t know what we are talking about.”

And that has happened with all the Incarnations, so they crucified them, they murdered them, they poisoned them because everything went over their heads. They couldn’t understand what these people are talking. All of them were tortured.

Perhaps I know their language, in the way that I hope, I think I can talk about it and try to tell you what it is to begin with, and the time has come for you to get it.

Once it is an en-masse phenomena then it will be accepted by everyone and you will understand. Now you will understand once it happens to you. Not by reading but by happening it will, you will immediately know what was it they were talking about.

Now for the last five years I have been talking and the knowledge has been going on and on and every time these people, they say, “Mother why not you say something new?” So, you can imagine such an ocean, such an ocean that you have to know. And by God’s Grace, I hope it will work out for the new people and that they will settle down with it, and will make it as their own.

In Sahaja Yoga, now because you know such a lot about yoga perhaps this may sound a little new to you, these words – Sa-ha-ja – but all the yogas end up at the Union of your Being with your Attention.

For example, you are listening to Me just now and your Attention is inside-out in the sense that you are watching Me outside. But if I say that you take your Attention from outside and put it inside from where you are listening to Me, can you do it? You can’t! This Attention goes outside of the Human Beings and that is the problem that we cannot take our Attention inside. That is the reason why our union with our Self is not established already. And, it has to be established!

If you realise that there is someone within us who is watching us all the time, who is noticing everything that we do; the one who is inside us and the one which looks outside but we cannot go to that personality or that entity or that Being – there is a gap between us and that personality. That personality is called in the various scriptures as Spirit, as Atma. People have talked about it and told that we have to manifest our Spirit means our Attention should become one with that Spirit. It has been said by every scripture. Every one of them has talked about us, that once our Attention meets that Spirit that is we are really ourselves, that Self, then we are reborn and that is the Self Realisation.

Now those who talked about it and told about it are even till today are respected and listened to. And people do not know that if it is true or not but there is one thing that makes them still believe very clearly because whatever they achieve in life, whatever they get in life they do not feel that they have had their fulfilment. They cannot explain why they are born, why they have achieved this Human personality, from amoeba to this personality why they have come up and what is their fulfilment? Unless and until that state-of-mind comes in, we can never be satisfied about it. The dissatisfaction can be expressed or manifested by many other things, which we see in everyday life.

For modern people, say of the Western life, we know there are tensions, there are all kinds of problems as you can call them. Nobody seems to be happy with ones-Self because the Self has not yet manifested. This is a fact! Now this is a fact from the scriptures but we have to also see the scientific part of it because modern man is more sort of, influenced by science than by scriptures. Some of them have even discarded the scriptures saying this is all nonsense, it is all mythical, superstition, we should not believe in it, it is all absolutely false.

So, the time has come for us to see and find out and experiment – whether what they have said is true or false. Whether they tried to befool us or there is truth in it or not! But we must see it scientifically. But the trouble with Human Beings, I have seen, is this: that spiritually when somebody says something they do not question anything about it and just accept it as it is! And because of this kind of hankering and deep search within us, people have committed mistakes, which you will realise gradually when you will experiment with your Self.

Now, as a scientist we have to approach this subject in a very open way, very open-mindedness. A scientist has to keep his mind open because he’s groping in the dark. He doesn’t know what is in this room: he comes in dark conditions, he touches some parts and he says, “This is this, this is this, this is this.” But he is not sure whether it is this or a little more or a little less, how it is integrated, how it is built-in, how it is positioned compared to each other. He has no idea so he keeps his mind absolutely open.

So, first thing we have to do is to keep our minds open. Absolutely open! At this time when I say something you are not to accept Me also but you have not to deny Me. The hypothesis that I put before you, whether it is true or not, is to be verified by you. But you should not build up a barrier because it is a Happening that takes place. And, that Happening will not take place if you have such barriers in your mind. It’s a very Subtle Happening. It’s a very, very Beautiful Happening. But for that Subtle Happening, the atmosphere has to be within yourself such that you are open, absolutely open and you allow yourself to be engulfed into that experiment.

Now this is a hypothesis and this is what I’m going to put forward before you: that the body that we see here is not the end of man, this body is not everything that you know very well. We have got apart from this body, our mental capacities, apart from that we have got our emotional capacities and also we have spiritual capacity otherwise how will we hanker after this search of the unknown? There must be something within us, which makes us go and find what is beyond, what is there.

So, the hypothesis here is – it’s too low for some people, I don’t know if they can see? Raise it. Can you see here? – Now, the hypothesis is like this: that the undercurrents of energies that work in our being are three: one, two and three, and the fourth one is the outcome of the activity of these things. So, we have got four energies within us working.

Now, the one I am saying, whatever we achieved is our Central Nervous System. For example, an amoeba becomes a Human Being, so whatever he has achieved in his evolution is manifested in his Central Nervous System. So, the Human Beings, whatever they have achieved in their evolution is manifested in their Central Nervous System.

But, these three systems that we have got here, you can see them clearly, have got three channels: one, two and three.

Now, the first channel that is here in the Human Beings as I have shown you, this one, is for the existence of Matter, is for the existence of Man. This energy gives you the power to exist and when this energy is withdrawn then the destruction takes place and a person dies. So, this is the energy, which we can call as the Existence of Lower Aspects, which gives us this energy to exist.

Now, when I say God, then immediately you will become unscientific. But just for hypothesis, we do not mind having Him there, you see? So, we can say that this Aspect of Existence, that He has to exist and that aspect of God is expressed in the Human Beings in this way.

Now the other aspects of God which is created by which He has created universes after universes, by which He has created this world and by which He has created all the five elements to create this Earth, and the Air and Sun and all these Stars; which are actually representing our physical being and our mental being.

So this one, is the One, is the Existence, is the Desire to Exist and that’s why this is the emotional side or the emotional energy that exists within us, which sustains our Emotional side. So, the left side is the Emotional side and the right side is our Physical and our Mental capacities.

Now the Central one, the one in the centre here, which you see here clearly, is the one, which is the Evolutionary [process – Parasympathetic canal]. By this third energy we evolved. Why not? The scientists ask themselves, “How do we evolve? How a little amoeba became a human being?” Then the second question should be, “Why?” These two questions, we can answer in Sahaja.

This Evolutionary process has shown here the development of human being, of evolution, as far as it is shown in the picture. Actually, it is even higher as far as the Channel is concerned. But these centres are also created in the Human Being, which you can see are seven in number: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. But these centres are the basic seven centres. There are many more.

Now, these centres are representing the forces on which all these act – this acts into here, this acts into here and this is also acting. These centres are in the Subtle form, are placed, below this are placed and in our Spinal Cord. And you can, when you come for the programs later on, there are so many more I have seen it, you can see the pulsation on these centres when the Kundalini rises.

Now, which is the Kundalini? Is this! Now what is the Kundalini, is here in the pink colour, you can see here. Now what is the Kundalini? Kundalini is a residual force. When the Desire by God, what you call, when the Pingala is created, when a human being becomes a foetus, the remaining energy in that comes our and stays here, into this triangular [bone]. This is the germinating force. This is the one, is the Mother, who gives us the rebirth. This is the instrument God has made within us for our evolution. It has been made. We have been already blessed by God, I call it ‘God’ but you may call Him ‘nature’ or everything whatever suits you. By Him, He has very nicely put all these energies within us and through these energies only we get our evolved.

Now in the gross – this is the subtle form as I have told you that you cannot see, they exist in the spinal cord – but in the gross outside they are expressed as this one, as the Left Sympathetic Nervous System, this as the Right Sympathetic Nervous System and this one as the Parasympathetic Nervous System.

Now the doctors will tell you that they know very, very little about this nervous system, especially they call it Autonomous Nervous System. Now who is this ‘auto’? They do not know, they cannot explain but they are very honest, they said, “We cannot say why this is ‘auto’.” But that’s the best way you can shut up your mind, saying, “This is ‘auto’, works on its own and we cannot explain it.”

Now this central one, of course, the Parasympathetic, they say, “We do not know anything about it, not much about it and it is beyond our control.” Now, what is beyond your control can be understood this way: that when there is an emergency, supposing we start running fast, then these two can come into play. Supposing say, supposing you are running fast, emotionally you are attached to something and you are running fast for that. Both of them will come into play and the heartbeat will increase but the decrease of the heartbeat or the settling back of the heartbeat is only possible through the manifestation of the Parasympathetic. That, we cannot, we cannot do it. It happens spontaneously within itself.

Now the happening that has to take place for our rebirth is that this Kundalini has to rise from here, go through these chakras, these centres, these subtle centres, which are the centres of the energy fields within ourselves and integrate them. Integrate all of them and pass through this place and open them to the subtle energies that are present in the atmosphere, which we call as the All-Pervading Power. This energy rises spontaneously. You cannot force it to rise. There are many here who have seen it pulsating here very much. They have seen also its rising so you can also see after sometime, you will also be able to see. Now, this has to rise.

Now, this energy understands, thinks, coordinates. While it is rising, these are our different planes: physical, emotional and all these. It passes through all these planes and gives us a complete integrated personality first of all. Secondly, it gives us a feeling of hollowness. We become absolutely thoughtless within ourselves. There is no thought, which invades us because when it rises it reduces this.

And this [left and right sympathetic systems], and these are the two places from where you get the thoughts from. This one is the Ego [right side] and you must have heard about him, Mr. Ego sitting on us, it is very great and colossal, and this is the, another side of it [left side], which we call as the Superego.

Now those who are here, psychiatrists know, they must be knowing, this is all because whatever past has been within us, all of our conditionings are here and this is all whatever is our future, and all our dominating nature is there, what we want to dominate. All that is built here.

So, the Ego and the Superego both of them, in childhood, if you remember, they close the Fontanelle bone area in the head. When that area is closed, we become Mr. So, Mr. So and Mr. So. You get separated and this I-ness comes into you.

That is why we call it [Self Realisation] a Baptism. This is the real Baptism, not that any Dick, Tom and Harry taking the baby and saying, “All right, you are Baptised, you are cured.” Baptism is only possible if the person, who is Realised and who knows how to awaken the Kundalini.

So, it is undoubtedly proved that it is a spontaneous happening, a living happening, like a germ coming out of a seed. You cannot force it. You cannot rationalise it. It just works out because it has to be! But a person who is already sort of entitled or you can say a lamp which is enlightened or a candle which is enlightened, can enlighten other lamps. It enlightens according to the lamps they are. It doesn’t give them anything, doesn’t take anything from them but enlightens the power that lies within them.

In the same way a person who is enlightened can do it but not all enlightened people. Because even if their Kundalini has reached this much, they are not that much enlightened to give Realisation because they do not understand what are the problems.

Sometimes the Kundalini may rise or may just get obstructed, may not push through. If you have a liver trouble it won’t push it through. It will just be here and all the time you will find the liver here, the pulsation will be there. If you have some other problem also the Kundalini would be somewhere there, may go down.

Some of you have a funny Kundalini, I have seen which rises up and again comes down. You pull it up and again it comes down, goes on forever and ever with something.

So, you have problems and this Kundalini is the one, which first nourishes and cleanses all your centres. Like when we have, say, a temple, we have to first clean it before putting the deity in it. In the same way this Kundalini rises.

Now for this, what is the scientific proof of this? Scientific proof of this is that you can see with your naked eyes that the pulsation of the Kundalini as it rises. You can see it passing through all this. You can see with your naked eyes. There are many who can say that they have seen and you can feel when it crosses this centre, which is a very important centre, you can feel that a person has become absolutely thoughtlessly aware. When it crosses this point then you feel that the person starts emitting a kind of a cool energy from inside.   Maybe, in the beginning it may be hot, it may be a little tingling; that is a sign that there’s something wrong here and here. So, the signs come on your fingers.

I don’t know if the doctors have found out or not? They find out many things, which these sages have found out long time back. But, I don’t know if they have found out or not that these fingers, all these fingertips and all these are the endings, the nerve endings of the Sympathetic Nervous System. So, on these fingers you can feel the different chakras being hampered or injured or obstructed. You can feel them on your fingers.

When a person who is Realised, he places his hand towards the person who is to be Realised, immediately he will know this is caught up. That means this is the heart, there’s some problem with his mother also and something wrong with his father also. So, when the Kundalini rises it will immediately give sustenance in that part and such a person may find next day that his pace maker is obsolete!

Now I have to tell you also that through this method, I have told you many-a-times, again I am telling you that through only Sahaja Yoga that cancer is going to be cured. There’s no other way out. Whether people like it or not that’s the only way cancer is going to be cured. We have cured cancer and we have shown results even in this country.

But we are not out to cure people. That’s not the job. That’s nor our job and neither we are interested in the thing otherwise we’ll get hundred cancer patients for Me and I’ll be finished. That’s not the point.

The point is we have to create doctors. We have to create the people who are evolved. We have to have people who have achieved their Self Realisation because that is the breakthrough that all of you deserve and you must have it. Without that you can never be happy. You will never feel your fulfilment.

Once this happens and then on your fingers you feel the energy flowing and you feel absolutely peaceful within and, absolutely tranquil, all your sleeping problems will go away, your health problems will go away. You will have good health but apart from that you will feel really near the Divine and the Divine starts flowing through you. Because when it opens from all over the Grace starts flowing and you start seeing it, feeling it within you like a beautiful stream is flowing down. And, the whole thing absolutely dissolves into that stream of joy.

Now the Spirit that I talked of is in the heart here. It’s not shown here but in the left-hand side of the heart, the Spirit resides. But the Spirit here is actually the manifestation of the deity here of Sadashiva, which is the Spirit here. So, when the Kundalini touches here, this is like a seat and from there the Spirit gets enlightened. And once they get Spirit enlightened these vibrations that start flowing from your hand are the vibrations of the manifestation of that Spirit. This is what happens actually, in this Happening of Sahaja Yoga.

Now ‘Sa-ha-ja’ – ‘Sa-ha’ means ‘with’, ‘Ja’ means ‘born’ – it is born with you. It is born with your, means it is your birth right to get this and that it is within you. It’s all built-in. It is all within you and some people are surprised, are amazed that how is it just after Realisation we can start feeling everybody’s chakras and we can start feeling everybody’s Kundalini rising.

Now one thing we must understand as this is the evolutionary process, it does not have to bother about what so-called religions you follow or what so-called countries you belong to or to what so-called races you are.

Supposing some fishes have to evolve, nobody went and saw what sort of shoals they were in. It’s just a chance that you are in England, you could have been in Timbuktu; you could have been anywhere. I mean, God never thought of you, dividing you according to these countries. It’s only the man that has made this mad-maps and things like that. For a person like Me, I don’t understand, I can’t understand why should I carry a passport with Me, like a criminal all the time showing them My number and everything. After all, the whole world is created by one God and why should there be a problem like that?

So, Kundalini is not bothered about that: what race you come from, what things, but it does matter what kind of life you have.

Supposing Hitler comes to Me and says, “Mother you have to give me Realisation otherwise I’ll put you in the gas chamber.” I’ll tell him, “You better put Me because I just cannot”, you see. This is, this is the thing!

So, you cannot demand and ask for it, it has to work out. As it is I have told you, it’s a very Subtle happening and once you get it, you’ll loose it also, specially in the West because in the West they get it very fast. I have seen many people get it just like that (Shri Mataji snaps Her fingers) but they loose it also very fast because of so many problems that they have created for themselves.

Some of the problems are like this: that we are, have been victims about it, that we have organised even God, we have ideas about God. We have ideas about everything. We have organised and tried to organise everything and we have preconceived ideas about the Truth, about everything which you do not know at all.

Once you will get it you will be amazed, you will think that you have never known that there is such a subtle power, all pervading, which works in such a, such a way. Because, as soon as you get your Self Realisation you’ll get into the State of Collective Consciousness. And that is a state, which is described by many psychiatrists and persons like Jung. Whether he was true or not, the time has come for you to see that you become Collectively Conscious. You start feeling the Kundalini of others, you start raising the Kundalini of others and you are amazed that only by one sitting you got it.

But remember that as we have committed lots of mistakes, one of them is guru-shopping. Guru-shopping is a craze and you cannot shop [for] a guru!   That is absolutely to be understood that you cannot pay for this. You cannot pay! It’s insulting. It’s absolutely, I would say, is childish and stupid to think that you can pay for your Realisation.

Anybody who has taken money from you is a sinister fellow no doubt but you are being stupid to pay him; that you think that you can pay. He’s just satisfying your ego.

So, this kind of a thing, especially Americans are really guru-shoppers. I tell you their style is so much, that they have built up a mechanism by which they go on shopping here, here, here, here. Even when they come to Sahaja Yoga, they are just still moving in the same way you see. In the sheer inertia they are ruined. It is difficult to stop.

Then another way I must tell you, your problems, some of them is that, that a mechanism has been built by too much rationality in the West. Too much rationality a mechanism is built that you ascertain everything. You start asserting even when you get vibrations, even when you get your ascent. Even when you start giving Realisation to others, still you try to see, asserting.

Now I must tell you one thing very frankly, this brain of yours is very limited. I’m talking about something unlimited and something very fantastic. You cannot reach there with these limited brains because as I said, that now you have come by car. You had to leave your car outside to come into the hall. In the same way you’ll have to leave this small little brain outside to enter into that subtle area. You cannot do it!   So those who try to ascertain it and to rationalise it will always loose it but those who will experience it more and more, they will go deeper into it. But with rationality you will understand everything. You’ll understand that, “Yes, it is happening!”

For example, we had an example of a gentleman who is a intellectual. You see, they have a very similar people, very big intellectual, very well-read gentleman. He came to Me and he didn’t know you see, he was quite amazed at it, how can it be? So, according to whatever I had told him, the decoding of it, the concepts, I was decoding. When I told him that, “If you get any heat on these inner things, you should know that it’s with your father because this is right hand and here are your parents.” So, he was feeling some heat, he was feeling for his father. Just to see how his condition is, just thought of it. And he started getting burning here. Now this is the centre, is here, and that is throat trouble. So, he telephoned to his father to find out, the father is far out and he telephones there and, he found out that he was sick in bed and had very bad bronchitis. So, he went home (unclear). It’s a fact! It’s not a thing and tales. There have been never tales like this.

But actually, the problem was to understand these people who were such great incarnations and such great personalities was very difficult for people who are not yet Realised.

This is what I realised the day I was born on this Earth – and I knew that this is the problem, that nobody will understand people who are Realised if they themselves are not Realised. And this is the biggest problem!

Now Hatha Yoga for example, now you all must have read about Hatha Yoga. I was amazed that people are doing the physical exercises. Now how can that be yoga, you just tell me? It is just a physical science. ‘Yoga’ means ‘spiritual meeting with the God’. Now it has nothing to do with physical, only the physical part of it. On the contrary if you have done too much of (Hatha) yoga it will stand against you because you have paid too much attention only to your physical being and neglected the other side so there is an imbalance.

But we work it out. You will be amazed all Hatha yogis are, all have a pull on the heart because they have extracted all the energies of the physical side and you have given a strain to the heart. Now, it’s very interesting to know that when you do physical exercises you get heart trouble.

But when you do your emotional exercise too much or you are emotionally attached to someone then you get a brain collapse or you can say a person becomes mad, a lunatic. Just imagine, just the opposing controlling forces are making you crazy.

There are many other such interesting things you will discover and you will be amazed how God has made you so beautiful, just for this, for this special occasion. – You have been born again and again for this occasion only and you have to have it. You have to get it. – If you do not get it the time is coming for the last sorting out. Then nobody is going to talk about Self Realisation, nobody is going to work on you; it will be just sorting out.

And whatever is said in all the scriptures is absolute truth and complete truth and I can verify it for you. Once you get your Realisation, you can see for yourself. So, the time has come for you to be convinced, absolutely, scientifically, and not only just talking.

Hatha Yoga, as you know, ultimately is this but for that they used a method by which they cleansed and the only children from about five years of age were taken for Hatha Yoga. They lived a, absolutely a celibate life; there was ya-ma, nee-ma, tap-ya, ha-ra and you must have heard about all these things. ‘Ishwara-pari-hara’ means ‘you have to establish God’. It is, these deities are there; these are the God’s aspects, which are to be established. All these things were to be done in a complete celibate condition. Apart from that you had to be with a Realised soul who was a guru.

I mean there was never a guru who was accepted who was not a Realised soul. I mean this is only a modern special that anybody, any Dick, Tom and Harry who gets out of the jail, he doesn’t know where to go in the society, runs away as a guru, wears some dress and he’s there, very nicely collecting money from you and then building houses after houses. If you see his private life, it will be worse than you hundred times. This is all nonsense.

Whatever is truth, has to be verified, has to be found out and it must have some sort of a commonness among all. But in these gurus, they have no connection with the scriptures, they have no connection with God, nothing. They are just connected with you through your purse, that’s all. They just want to know how much money you have got.

So, all these guru-shopping also goes against it and there are people I have seen, if you say a word against their gurus, they will kill you. They will get so angry that sometimes I feel they’ll come and murder Me. But if you ask them, “My child, what did your guru give you? Did you get anything out of your guru?” They’ll say, “Yes, we got a lot of peace” and you find all their chakras are wobbling. After three months you’ll find them sitting before you rattling, completely, just like a gentle car, the one who has done this. So many of them are like that. They live in myths.

What you have to get is Collective Consciousness, which is called in the Sanskrit language, Samoohik Chetana, it is written all over.

Now if you have to listen to anyone you go read Adi Shankaracharya, He was the last word, in His book Vivekachudamani. There are so many books, so many books, which have written about this, who have talked about it in India.

But you read tantrikas. These sinister, horrible, sinful people, how can they depict? What is their life? You go and see these tantrikas: they have ten wives, they have fifteen kids, so many, their mistresses. Are these the people who can talk of God and religious things?

So, we have to keep ourselves open and understand that a person who is not even holy and righteous cannot talk of God and of this awakening.

This is the last that has to happen to us because by this we are going to know God and we are going to know ourselves. And that Self is going to tell us all about Me. These vibrations start emitting from your hand.

Now any absolute questions you want to ask, you can ask XYZ. It is like I always say that you are like a computer, all built-in very nicely and beautifully and you just get connected with the mains. Then your machine starts working.

Now you ask any questions, say if you ask the question, “Is there God?”, immediately you will find tremendous vibrations start flowing but if you ask if this guru has anything to do with religion or God, immediately your vibrations will stop. Maybe you might get terrible tingling’s in the hands, like a patient who is suffering from very bad diseases. Anybody who is suffering from a disease also will get the same.

Like in Puna we had some people you see, they said that, they got very angry and I never, people did not tell me they were angry with me. They said, “We’ll not give Her the room because She’s not a Brahmin.” Now, who is a Brahmin? The one who is Realised is a Brahmin. But they said, “She’s not a Brahmin so we will not give Her the hall.” But later on, they hashed it up and I didn’t know.

But while talking in the program only I said, “Among you who are the Brahmins, please come forward.” Just like that I said. Five/six of them came and sat before Me and I said, “All right please put your hands towards Me.” Their hands started shaking like this. I said, “Why are you all hands shaking?” And they got a fright! They said, “Mother, you are the Shakti, that is why our hands are shaking.” I said, “If I am a Shakti everybody’s hands should shake. Why yours are shaking while others are very happy, they are getting cool breeze? Why your hands are shaking so much?” Then there were some other people sitting, I said they are also shaking, their hands. So I said, “Ask them from where are they?” They were from lunatic asylum. So I said, “Now you see, where are you [from], are you Brahmins or lunatic asylum? And they are also from lunatic asylum, so you are in the same boat.” That’s how you can relatively find out.

So, this is how you can find out as to what is the problem is. But for that I have to tell you again that do not, in anyway, condemn yourself. Because the glorious of glorious of things in this world is a Human Being. The highest of the highest that God has created is a Human. The greatest of greatest knowledge in this world is of a Human Being. The most beautiful joyous life that somebody is going to enjoy is the Human Life. So, you are Human Being so, please do not condemn yourself. Because if I start pressing your ego too much, then, “Don’t do like this, don’t do”, then you start crying and weeping and say, “Oh, Mother, we are so bad, how will You cleanse us; we are so horrid, how will it happen?”

I mean, both ways are wrong. We have to be in the centre and you don’t have to worry as to how life or what life you have led or what life you have to have but just stand in the centre, in the present.   In this present time wherever you are, just now you are facing Me, that’s all.

So please do not condemn yourself. That’s a fashion these days among young people especially. They condemn themselves. I’ve seen some people condemning themselves because Britishers were ruling in India. Now they have gone somewhere else. You are very good people. You are born here. Why are you blaming yourself for that and which Britishers have ruled is gone past! There are some people who are weeping I have seen that, because, “Our forefathers had a war” or something like that. I mean all nonsensical things like that. Some people are there who have had a heart, a heartbreak with their fiancé and things, we have some of them with us. All the time they are crying, “We had a problem like this.”

Now, forget it! You are not going to waste your life on one person like that. You must evaluate yourself. You must find out! You are not that useless thing that is going to waste on some small little emotional attachment to something. Know you are very great! Just find out for yourself. Evaluate yourself how great you are!

Your greatness outside has no meaning unless there’s greatness inside. And, just find out! Some people, I have seen, very great people, Presidents, this. My husband’s life is such that I meet all of them you see, and I find sometimes none of them are going to get Realisation. I get a real pain, a concern in my heart and see these people are riding such fast horses what is going to happen to them? When are they going to realise that they, if there is too much of a success on our heads, and you have to come down a little bit to understand Me?

So, there are people of that kind. It is not the outside but the inside success is to be sought. And those who are seekers, Seekers of Truth are not seeking outside. They are seeking inside which has to be granted by God if He has to keep His creation. He’s not going to destroy you.

Another point, which I must tell you about this Kundalini is that, there are books, I have seen such big, big books written down about Kundalini. And as I have sometimes said, they are all rumble-tumble because if you pay any attention to them you would never come to My program. They give such horrid experiences about Kundalini but so far in India, in America and all these places, I must have given realisation to, I don’t know how many, thousands. Not one person had that trouble that is described in these books.

Actually, those people who try to play about with Kundalini without understanding its holiness, it’s the aspect of Motherhood. They try to play with sex and all nonsense. There only such a problem arises that when you bring sex in religion. Sex is for your married life, auspicious thing, man and woman, for human life and not for evolution. You cannot rise through your sex. This is something absurd! We can understand scientifically. Who does more sex than the animals! Are they going to go to God or we are going to go to God? By doing sex, if you are going to go to God that is the easiest thing human beings can do. This is an absurd idea and not only that but it’s extremely insulting that you put your sex on your Mother.

So those gurus, those gurus who try this are really, actually satanic. But those who play into their hands also suffer. And ultimately, you will see that because when the Kundalini rises you will see the results there and you have to correct it. This is a wrong idea!

You have to have a holy and a very righteous attitude towards your Kundalini because She is your Mother. What Freud had said, is all nonsense which has no meaning because he was an absurd man, his mother was an absurd woman, he’s absurd like that! Mostly these people also, psychiatrists, I’ve met very big large number of them. They also have been dealing only with pathology, pathological cases, absolutely absurd cases and they generalise it. I mean, how many of you feel that way about your mother? It is such a nonsense that he has talked and people believe in him. It’s a pathological case. He has never dealt with normal people; he himself was pathological.

So, this is sex plays its own part as far as the husband/wife relationship is concerned and I’m not saying sex is wrong, not at all! On the contrary it is the most sacred thing for husband and wife to indulge into sex, and it is the thing that is being sanctioned, blessed by Collective Consciousness because in all churches, in all temples, in all religions, all people have blessed marriages. Not only that but some of the deities were married; some of the incarnations were married.

So, sex is not to be condemned. Not to be condemned, not at all! On the contrary we must understand its beauty, its sacredness and its importance.

We should also know that through sex you cannot go because you have to become mature and, as children are, they are not conscious of it.

When the Kundalini rises you will realise that, you will really have a feeling as if you are a child. It’s a child-like thing because you are reborn-as-a-child. That’s why Christ has said that you have to be like children if you have to enter into the Kingdom of God. If cyou have to enter into the Kingdom of God we have to be like children when we have come for Kundalini Awakening.

And, it happens automatically because this is the centre here, which is controlling the sex, and it is below the Kundalini. And as soon as the Kundalini rises it closes down and this is the centre, which is the centre of where the Deity of Innocence resides. And this centre, the Innocence Centre we can call it, immediately gives us that Sense of Innocence when the Kundalini is rising.

Many people have lost their innocence in this way.

(End recording 2/2)